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DON'T buy this USB Stick.

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The $450 5G Bioshield is not what it sounds like - Its actually one of the biggest Tech Scams ever. Don't buy it.
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Comments • 18 968

  • Chrisbmxbrandt
    Chrisbmxbrandt 2 years ago +12385

    I can’t believe humanity turned so stupid that scams like this actually exist

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 2 years ago +1183

    after 10 years of devlopment: here's a USB stick that can also block missles

  • Michael Kann
    Michael Kann Year ago +628

    I remember when 4G came out and so many people were over reacting about it at the start. There was so much misinformation. This feels familiar now.

    • Tupapacu
      Tupapacu 4 months ago

      I remember when just owning a cell phone was so bad for your health
      they stopped letting people use cell phones near gas pumps at petrol stations.

    • Josiah Simon Alcantara
      Josiah Simon Alcantara 9 months ago +1

      Alrighty bois who is ready to Do this all again when 6g comes out

    • barricade gaming
      barricade gaming 9 months ago

      yes we know

    • SioxerNikita
      SioxerNikita 10 months ago

      @Michael Kann Actually not even at UV Light or higher, because again it is a dose question.
      5G can be very dangerous, if ... the towers were more powerful and you were very close. I frankly think if you are right next to them it can be dangerous if not shut off.
      Even visible light is dangerous if in high enough doses.

    • br
      br 11 months ago

      @Rider I thought he was Asian

  • David M
    David M Year ago +77

    In all fairness, they must have worked very hard to find USB sticks with as little as 128MB on them.😂

    • Reit- und Wanderkarte
      Reit- und Wanderkarte 3 months ago +3

      Or the scheme is quite old and it takes them a while to sell off their stock. 🙂

    • br
      br 11 months ago +4

      Maybe they filled it with My Little Pony science

  • Naqi does PS4
    Naqi does PS4 Year ago +643

    So, instead of not replying to anything, they're basically saying "It definitely works, but we are the only people in the world who have the tools to show you, but we won't. You'll have to trust us."

    • zShaRik WildCraft
      zShaRik WildCraft Month ago

      @Hamzurger yep.

    • Hamzurger
      Hamzurger Year ago +10

      @Scald (what am I doing lol) actual source : 100% not click bait among us covid peppa pig Clip-Share challenge vaccine bad anti vaccer sussy Baka roblox Minecraft Fortnite sus challenge epic watch till the end

    • BlackCroft666LP
      BlackCroft666LP Year ago +3

      They sound like the goverments worldwide

    • TheScorpion0081
      TheScorpion0081 Year ago +5

      Me: Well, I don't. Pics or it didn't happen.

  • SinnerTheSinful
    SinnerTheSinful 11 months ago +27

    "Man... you don't even have to be good in this world, just gotta put words together in a funny way" - JonTron
    With each passing day this quote becomes more true

    • Hoopa
      Hoopa 4 months ago +1

      What is the world coming to?

  • Ping Palabrica
    Ping Palabrica 2 years ago +4769

    "Escobar is the worst company ever"
    5gBioshield: *"Am I a joke to you?"*

    • Hi there
      Hi there 6 months ago

      @Daz ikr. Also bots am i right?

    • Daz
      Daz 9 months ago

      Is it really so hard for people to come up with jokes? Its really all just copy paste now? So sad.

    • General squirrel
      General squirrel 10 months ago

      Escobar is worse bcs escobar doesn't even send you the product

    • The F.B.I
      The F.B.I Year ago

      you do be spitting facts tho

    • Luca Gamba
      Luca Gamba Year ago

      They might do a collaboration. The Narcoshield

  • Shrouded Hand
    Shrouded Hand 2 years ago +1275

    Im looking for a video that explains how they claim it works. As far as I can tell, they admit that it is just a usb stick, but somehow all the super-secret technology is contained within the sticker... if so, how does plugging in the USB stick help it work? super sketchy but I want to see a detail break-down of the device and its claims. Its all quantum-nano-something-something, way beyond my tiny mind.

    • Nitro8923
      Nitro8923 9 months ago

      Just search each word with google

    • merrystar
      merrystar 11 months ago

      Plasma shield UH nah ♥ never

    • dark_quEEn
      dark_quEEn  11 months ago

      ur VERIFIED

    • Rob Fowler
      Rob Fowler Year ago

      Its all that Bananum Filet technology.

  • Electrick
    Electrick 2 years ago +1152

    4:26 I died laughing 🤣
    "you know the best part !?"
    *That one has more storage*

  • Agrisim Farming
    Agrisim Farming Year ago +12

    My aunt fell for a similar scam but nobody can convince her otherwise, honestly I feel bad for her.

  • CarlosG
    CarlosG Year ago +55

    I think is always good to remind people not to stick in your computer any unknown USB stick, specially as shady as this one.

    • fetchstix™
      fetchstix™ 4 months ago +1

      Yea was just about to say that 🤣

  • Harold Audinwood
    Harold Audinwood 10 months ago +10

    This reminds me of those radiation blocking devices like the sticker, the plug in block of soap, and the clear plastic rod that you showed before. They claimed similar stuff.

    • Randy19
      Randy19 3 months ago

      It's the same scam just with a USB Stick this time.

  • Otniel
    Otniel 2 years ago +4104

    Escobar: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary

    • Pankechi
      Pankechi Month ago

      @Someone stole my hotpocket who stole your hot pocket

    • Hoopa
      Hoopa 4 months ago

      The battle to see who the better scamer is

  • Crimson CS
    Crimson CS Year ago +33

    it is honestly amazing to see that things like this exist and that people really bought them, and think that they work.

  • AeroQC
    AeroQC 2 years ago +240

    "Oh no, it works. Just not in this reality."
    "So then it's useless."
    "No it isn't."
    "But you just said-"
    "You wouldn't possibly understand."
    "I understand that you're crazy."

  • ManneredCheetah
    ManneredCheetah 3 months ago +8

    my grandfather had this saying which applies here. "for every slimy scammer, there are a hundred idiots lining up to get scammed"

  • D
    D Year ago +42

    "Let the buyer beware."
    Since a refund is not likely, load that USB stick with some nasty viruses & send it back to the seller, claiming that you cannot believe what a miracle their product is.
    The results can be left up to the imagination.
    Stay well, friends.

    • zShaRik WildCraft
      zShaRik WildCraft Month ago

      Careful, he’s a hero

    • TheSomethingSandboxer
      TheSomethingSandboxer 8 months ago +1

      @Mj Yeah u can, a couple malicious scripts are like 2 mb at most.

    • Mj
      Mj 9 months ago

      128 mb you cant put anything on there

    • PiecesMissing
      PiecesMissing Year ago +2

      not the best plan when they have your name and address. *edit: even if you fake that stuff to re-send it, now you gotta like, hope they can't reverse look up a serial number off the usb > the package > the shipping info. Big lawsuits ensue for intentional espionage.

  • Lex
    Lex Year ago +7

    I didn't even know about this product until I heard news about several police operations trying to enter into the company's so-called "manufacturing site," because the police considered them to be scammers. It got so bad that after all the controversies, their Distribution Director resigned shortly after. 🤣

  • Jonathan McIntosh
    Jonathan McIntosh 2 years ago +1922

    Mrwhosetheboss: this is the most elaborate scam ever
    Pablo Escobar: *Am I a joke to you?*

    • Hi there
      Hi there 6 months ago

      @BillyBobJoe they never sent the phones though (other than to reviewers)

    • 『Kujo』
      『Kujo』 2 years ago

      Air Cee unless..,?

    • Sum Teng Wong
      Sum Teng Wong 2 years ago

      @parkie he is so honest, I believe one day he will send me my phone. I won't sleep until he gives me, he is good, we worship him in bathroom.

    • Rebus
      Rebus 2 years ago

      Air Cee bruh why...

    • aussie audi r8 lms
      aussie audi r8 lms 2 years ago +1

      Mlm:am i joke to you?
      Don't trust young living

  • BLU nest in RED intel
    BLU nest in RED intel Year ago +590

    "Where have I heard of plasmic shields before? Oh yeah, Star Wars" _That was a nice joke my guy_

  • Charlie Blank
    Charlie Blank Year ago +112

    Also the fact that light is an electromagnetic wave, so therefore when this USB is active then you should be stuck a dark, lightless, void

    • Goldenyellow
      Goldenyellow Year ago +1

      I'm the 69th like here

    • Charlie Blank
      Charlie Blank Year ago +1

      @No one Im not sure if electricity is on the electromagnetic spectrum tho

    • No one
      No one Year ago +1

      yes on the electromagnetic and prismatic spectrum all forms of light and electricity would all die I think

    • the great lumberjack King
      the great lumberjack King Year ago

      @Yoshto mah lol

    • Yoshto mah
      Yoshto mah Year ago +4

      Scp community should take this idea

  • Anna
    Anna Year ago +3

    This just gives me vibes of games I used to play with my sister and friends when we we're kids, and only she and this one other girl could could use the devices related to it and the "thing" in question itself

  • Jesmeralb
    Jesmeralb Year ago +10

    I'm really curious to know how many of those they have sold at that price... incredible.

  • RyanCooper101
    RyanCooper101 Year ago +5

    Honestly surprised you dont get malware or a cryptominer installed when plugging it to your pc. Very brave btw

  • Erick Moreka
    Erick Moreka 2 years ago +3879

    The marketer for that USB is literally me when writing my exam papers 😂😂

    • James Jones
      James Jones 7 months ago

      Quantum nano layer technology lmfao that’s literally the dumbest thing explanation I’ve ever heard This is basically two scientific people trying to see how many dummies are our there lol I wish that they could be arrested for false advertising

    • Jessie Velasco
      Jessie Velasco 10 months ago


    • Uma Philip
      Uma Philip 11 months ago


    • BK_RZ123
      BK_RZ123 11 months ago


    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario Year ago


  • Skylar Mason
    Skylar Mason Year ago +4

    I've went through some of your videos recently. Taking the risks financially you take to inform people in an unbiased and real way, you got my sub dude. I know some stuff is given and some is lent for show purposes, but there's alot of risk regardless. Really digging your stuff and will be watching more

  • Musicalplayz
    Musicalplayz Year ago +54

    I can't stop laughing when boss kept saying the USB stealing from star wars lmao

  • Mr. War Robots
    Mr. War Robots Year ago +2

    the part where people thought lockdown was for installing 5g towers to control you dropped me from my chair to the floor

  • nicola
    nicola Year ago +8

    I’m liking your scam alert videos, keep them coming!

  • Basian
    Basian Year ago

    worst part is that amazon keeps allowing those scams to happen...

  • Gabo Morón
    Gabo Morón 2 years ago +3035

    Daniela: "people around me are laughing more."
    They are laughing at you

    • Judith K
      Judith K 5 months ago


    • Hi there
      Hi there 6 months ago

      That was the joke he made in the video just more subtle

    • Mrittika Murmu
      Mrittika Murmu Year ago

      Thanks for showing me this point of view. It explains a lot

    • f4y3 . ♡
      f4y3 . ♡ Year ago


  • Farhan Chowdhury
    Farhan Chowdhury Year ago +26

    I still crack up whenever I see the video, especially the parts when you plug it into your computer and when you mention the eighteen years part

  • J Fernandez
    J Fernandez 2 years ago +10

    “And you want to know the best part... that one has more storage.” Your reaction and laughter when you said that... priceless! 🤣👍🏻❤️

  • Trooper Gamer
    Trooper Gamer Year ago +12

    7:09 ah yes the floor is made out of floor

  • Philip Alexiou
    Philip Alexiou 2 years ago +4

    I really hope this youtube video helped you recover the costs of the ultimate USB stick , humanity has been waiting for. I laughed so hard. Thank you.

    VARPY GAMER Year ago

    as an electronic engineer it just hurt my soul to see those things

  • Titanic
    Titanic 2 years ago +1618

    "causes reverse aging by 18 years"
    People who are 17 and under: *_guess i'll die_*

  • Slayden Love
    Slayden Love 2 years ago +35

    Karen’s spending 100’s of thousands of dollars on this stuff: IM INEVITABLE

  • DePhoegon Isle
    DePhoegon Isle 2 years ago

    If anyone ever asks you how 'compassion is being weaponized' How companionate are those wonderful people making a device to help others 'feel safer', without doing anything but ... suggesting it might be.

  • Kerem Sengel
    Kerem Sengel 11 months ago

    Dude keep making videos like this ("this/that broke my phone") they are awesome and really fun to watch

  • Abuelo Vinagres
    Abuelo Vinagres 2 years ago +18

    This reminds me a highly popular bracelet sold in Mexico during the eighties and nineties called “Pulsera Óptima”. It was just a tin ring with two little tin balls that made such insane promises.

  • Heather
    Heather 2 months ago

    I love this guy. Truly amazing information

  • Dev.
    Dev. 2 years ago +8335

    "Escobar is the biggest scam ever"
    5gBioshield :- Hold my Quantum oscillation.

  • Super Xiphias
    Super Xiphias Year ago +14

    "Fear not, the Proprietary Holographic Nano Layer Catalyst Technology is here to save us!"
    "I'm sorry what?!"
    I died lol🤣

    • NarenBovga
      NarenBovga Year ago

      Yh its kinda like some random words put together 🤣

  • Person Man Man
    Person Man Man 2 years ago

    I loved the live reenactment skit bit of you getting the package and putting USB in the pc, complete with a backwards roll stunt and cgi force field.
    Also great acting might I add.
    And overall great mini story

  • Jo Li KMC
    Jo Li KMC 4 months ago

    I saw this on a random streamer's highlight video. I'm really glad someone bit the bullet and grabbed one of these to play with. I figured it was similar to the old "pyramid power" and "prism power" things from the 80s and 90s. Or _is_ it? Maybe the USB flash drive just charges the mystic crystal, amplifying it's effects? Oo-er~

  • Aversa AT
    Aversa AT 2 years ago +279

    Growing up watching Star Trek i recognised every term that was mentioned, now i wonder if Bioshield will let me meet captain Janeway.

    • Alright okay
      Alright okay Year ago

      @Mr. Sea Cow well crap

    • a fist
      a fist Year ago

      Unless you meant the whole star trek thing, but that's more of a using the wrong word rather than a spelling mistake

    • noobmaster69
      noobmaster69 Year ago

      It's STAR WARS, S-T-A-R W-A-R-S!

    • a fist
      a fist Year ago

      @Mary Davis Who spelled something wrong, and what did they misspell? If you're talking about the guy who made the original comment, what did they spell wrong? If you think it's "recognised", then you're wrong, it's just another way to spell "recognized", you might not see it much where you live but it's not wrong to use an "s" instead of a "z". And from what I've seen, nobody else in this comment thread has spelled anything wrong (Well, there is one guy, but their comment was made after yours so you couldn't have possibly been calling them out), you might not like their grammar but having weird grammar isn't a spelling mistake.

    • random guy on youtube
      random guy on youtube Year ago


  • Bird
    Bird  Year ago

    I’m more surprised about the fact that people bought a USB killer and got worried when it killed their device

  • Vrîñd
    Vrîñd 2 years ago +2186

    I can literally imagine him wearing shorts below his fancy shirt

    • D3MISE
      D3MISE 7 months ago

      🤣 ikr

    • Tasago
      Tasago 7 months ago

      @Vrîñd u sure?

    • K.Maroon
      K.Maroon 9 months ago


    • Max Stafford
      Max Stafford 10 months ago

      Nah he's litraly not wearing anything under the desk. Mans hanging low

    • Dr. Zulfiqur Ali
      Dr. Zulfiqur Ali 10 months ago

      @Leon Dobbs the most accurate title!

  • Singularity
    Singularity 2 years ago +3

    Thanks for the great business idea. I'll get to work now. 😉😘
    On a side note: I've seen pyramid scheme offering such products (stickers that block harmful radiation from phones) back when I was in college in 2012.

  • josh carr
    josh carr 2 years ago

    Love Aron he's a great reviewer and is super funny

  • N'hyra VIrakah
    N'hyra VIrakah 11 months ago

    Your sass is beautiful, and your informative nature, more so. Thank you for spreading ACTUAL facts.

  • Geoffrey J'zargo
    Geoffrey J'zargo 2 years ago +3

    This device truly does work. I managed to play doom off of mine on my co-workers bathroom fridge and I came away with only minor freezer burns.

  • D4v1d
    D4v1d 4 months ago +1

    Love the reaction when he plugs it in

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet Year ago +1364

    350$ USB Stick: has 128MB Storage
    8$ USB Stick: Has 32GB Storage

    • Hi there
      Hi there 6 months ago

      @الدولة العثمانية Ottoman Empire ☪️ also the guy who said that it was from japan was joking how did you not catch that?

    • DartiK
      DartiK 7 months ago

      Less than a damn cd 😭😭

    • ColdSalt
      ColdSalt 7 months ago

      I got 2 32gb usb sticks nearly 6€ each

    • LinuxLOL
      LinuxLOL 7 months ago

      I bought an SSD for my computer that's like 10 times faster with 512 GB of storage for the equivalent of 70$...

    • Its_Demha
      Its_Demha 8 months ago

      @Ashwatt does everything its fake probably

  • Get Rekt
    Get Rekt 2 years ago +1

    you've made me want to buy a bunch of cheap glass pyramids and sell them as bio shields

  • Zer0pulse
    Zer0pulse 2 years ago +41

    ahhh yes, putting a "Quantum Nano Technology" in any product makes it legit

    • Meow meow J
      Meow meow J Year ago +2

      This phone, has quantum layer technology with layers on top of the quantum technology quantum mechanics, it protects you from quantum entanglement quantum layer layer quantum portal quantum shielding plasma mix you stuff, but thing, this is good thing is protect good

    • ashen
      ashen Year ago +2

      proprietary holographic nano-layer catalyst is where it at

  • ChronicIrony
    ChronicIrony Year ago

    Thank you for spending $450 so I didn't have to! Love the review!

  • Humpy Da Whale
    Humpy Da Whale Year ago

    Honestly when I am reminded there are people on this earth who make stuff like this possible I lose hope in humanity.

  • 2teethPogZa
    2teethPogZa Year ago +1

    “Reverse aging for 18 years”
    Nah man this concept *reduced 18 million brain cells in my brain and aged me 18 years from stress-*

  • Amir I
    Amir I 2 years ago +452

    The people who bought this aren't the brightest. Honestly I'm impressed by the guys who made it for being able to think of this.

    • Parker Wilkins
      Parker Wilkins 2 years ago +1

      @Mashiori he's from the uk

    • A Cornel
      A Cornel 2 years ago +7

      @Mashiori If you're talking about Arun, he's British, not American.

    • Mashiori
      Mashiori 2 years ago +1

      @jokertazzi but he's also American (kappa) (not kappa)

    • Binoy Mathew
      Binoy Mathew 2 years ago +6

      @jokertazzi Don't be daft. He bought it for this video.

    • jokertazzi
      jokertazzi 2 years ago

      Arun bought it

  • OTPulse
    OTPulse 2 years ago +21

    Totally telling my mate about this, he loves his 5G conspiracy theories.

    • br
      br 11 months ago

      Any updates on your mate, mate?

    • Starbruder
      Starbruder Year ago +3

      He will have a lot to laugh about.
      I experienced people laugh more.
      ~ Daniela

  • Davide Mazzetti
    Davide Mazzetti Year ago +6

    I watched this with increasing incredulity. It's so outrageous, that I came to the conclusion that only those who WANT to believe this rubbish would actually believe it.

  • Luckyspec
    Luckyspec 5 months ago

    this would be interesting to test using an energy sensitive individual

  • Fian Jolly
    Fian Jolly 2 years ago +3

    Thank you! This is very interesting. Just to know how so much people would believe in that kind of scheme is just mind blowingly unbelievable

  • Creepinator45
    Creepinator45 4 months ago

    I'm just surprised the usb stick didn't have a virus on it. Or have some capacitors to blow up your computer if they were feeling especially malicious

  • Jude Regorgo
    Jude Regorgo 2 years ago +1342

    Arun: The total capacity maxes out at 128-
    Me: Oh, at least it’s a 128GB USB stick-
    Arun: -megabytes.
    Me: LOL
    Edit: In no way do I think even a 128GB USB justifies the price lol, you can get around 10TB for that price. I just thought (before he said ‘megabytes’) that it would at least have some semblance of functionality lmao

  • Dragonwarrior73
    Dragonwarrior73 2 years ago +20

    this is so funny especially your reactions they’re crisp made my day

  • User 1
    User 1 2 years ago

    Looked at your other vids too, just earned a sub. Love the quality of your videos and the legitimate tech insight lol

  • Mowat Tokonitz
    Mowat Tokonitz Year ago +1

    My friend's parents have a stone marble beside their router that according to them protects against EMF... they even said it makes their wifi worse but it's worth it

  • Brad K
    Brad K 2 years ago +1

    @Mrwhosetheboss it took watching a few of your videos to get me to click the sub button and this was the video that made me do it. Gawd some ppl and their scams need to be locked up and have the key thrown away. Great job and so far I'm really enjoying your channel! Keep up the great job!

  • Sourav Bhattacharya
    Sourav Bhattacharya 7 months ago

    I love you man for what you're doing

  • Mooreas4 2
    Mooreas4 2 2 years ago +688

    Who needs masks and anti bacterial gel when you can have a USB stick

  • Jake Job
    Jake Job 2 years ago +23

    He brought a chemistry textbook for this, that's the dedication here.

    • Sreekar G
      Sreekar G 2 years ago

      The book’s a better shield from 5G than the damn usb stick haha

    • BirdMaster
      BirdMaster 2 years ago

      @Epic B knowledge

    • Epic B
      Epic B 2 years ago +3

      However much the book was it's a much better buy than the 5G shield.

  • VerifiedCitizen
    VerifiedCitizen 2 years ago +1

    I’m subbing because this man just took the biggest risk buying this

  • Spider Floof™
    Spider Floof™ Year ago

    The USB document should have also contained a "Before and After *WEALTH* summary" of consumers.

  • Ben Allan
    Ben Allan 2 years ago +3

    It's almost exactly the same scams that people were running in 1999, going into 2000, playing on fear of The Millennium Bug.
    Though, they didn't use USB, being similarly useless devices that plugged into a parallel port or a printer port.

  • CapeJax
    CapeJax Year ago

    You are the saviour of the internet bro, love your content!

  • Kiran Bahra
    Kiran Bahra 2 years ago +556

    I mean anyone who buys this only has themselves to blame for being so stupid as to believe this scam.

    • Hi there
      Hi there 6 months ago

      @Monke On A Stick??? Rocks???

    • Manchild
      Manchild 2 years ago

      Oath, but these are probs the same people believe that digital waves carry a solid physical virus lol

    • Maik Mugato
      Maik Mugato 2 years ago

      This reminds me at this magnet-rings to install on the gasoline pipe of the car to save gas... But these were cheap. Useless, but cheap.

    • Monke On A Stick
      Monke On A Stick 2 years ago

      Aye, those rocks look cool
      Don’t jump on me that was a joke, what actually goes through peoples heads when speeding 300-500 dollars(I’m an American shut up) on a rock?

    • Black_m1n
      Black_m1n 2 years ago

      Gov of UK: Shit

  • Zomby
    Zomby 2 years ago +21

    4:26 that's probably the most genuine laugh I've heard from mrwhosetheboss🤣

  • Brett Paden
    Brett Paden 2 years ago +3

    Seems legit, I want to get some of that good quantum ultra micro magnetic laser oxidized nano shield tech.

  • Freddis Lettis
    Freddis Lettis Year ago +5

    1:26 The bigger question is why does this person have their computer in the very center of their house.

  • Movie Disprover
    Movie Disprover 2 years ago +6

    Just so y’all know, oscillations is something moving back and forth over and over again, and quantum is just a fancy way of referring to things that are incredibly tiny, such as atoms, and sub-atomic participles like photons. So this quantum oscillation is just them saying that their USB stick makes sub-atomic particles move back and forth really fast. Which does nothing by the way. In fact, that happening is actually really bad. Atoms and sub-atomic particles have to move in a certain way in order to function. For example, photons need to be travelling or they are unable to do anything except emit light from where they are. So if this works, anyone who uses it will be surrounded by light, and everywhere else will be in darkness.

    • Skyrotechnics
      Skyrotechnics  10 months ago +1

      finally, someone who dispenses some facts, but I have to disagree when you said: "...which does nothing...", in fact, when atoms (idk about subatomic particles, you might be right about subatomic particles) oscillate very fast, it becomes hot, which means if this works it creates a scorching field and burn the user

  • Void soul
    Void soul Year ago +13

    as someone who adores science i was so pissed when they used “quantum oscillation” so incorrectly

    • br
      br 11 months ago

      Can you explain what it even means?

    • dmeager
      dmeager Year ago

      @HyperBGY Of course! Have a great day. :)

    • HyperBGY
      HyperBGY Year ago

      @dmeager thank you :)

    • dmeager
      dmeager Year ago

      @HyperBGY Hiya! I just want everyone to know that they are important, that their life matters, that they are here for a reason, and that Jesus Christ loves them with His whole Heart - and that includes YOU!
      God bless. :)

    • HyperBGY
      HyperBGY Year ago

      @dmeager what

  • Rob Wright
    Rob Wright 2 years ago +694

    A product so shady that Escobar Inc is considering buying them.

    • Hi there
      Hi there 6 months ago

      @Tahjay Ulett they dont send products to customers

    • egg
      egg 2 years ago

      error 405, funny found, which should be impossible

    • Tahjay Ulett
      Tahjay Ulett 2 years ago

      Atleast Escobar inc. isn't using fake iPhones and Samsung phones

    • Akshay Satpute
      Akshay Satpute 2 years ago

      Hii can we make frd

    • Alim ZazaZ Music
      Alim ZazaZ Music 2 years ago +1

      Escobar BioShield, $1000 gold USB stick

  • Vaxxed Nezuko
    Vaxxed Nezuko 2 years ago +4

    They already do have 5G protection fields, they're called signal jammers.

    • SomeRandomPlayer
      SomeRandomPlayer 4 months ago

      they would just sell one of those and call it a super bio shield

  • Jamie R
    Jamie R 2 years ago +1

    You have to admire them for fleecing the sheep who would actually believe this would work. It does not matter what you try sell and what outlandish claims you make, there will ALWAYS be someone daft enough to buy it and believe in it.

  • Shatterproof
    Shatterproof 2 months ago +1

    I was thinking of buying a 5G hair dryer, but then I found it just full of hot air

  • Ismoyo Nugroho Tomo
    Ismoyo Nugroho Tomo Year ago +2

    thank you for this vid, you've make me laugh so loud when you plug the usb into you pc. That was blast...

  • Bradley Preshan Pillay

    OMgosh! shot dude for outing products like this & keep it up. big fan of your channel, many thumbs Up!

  • 09shadowjet
    09shadowjet 2 years ago +559

    I bet the creator did that for a job interview
    Interviewer: “Sell me this USB stick”

    • br
      br 11 months ago

      @Ticcing Queer and then searched up "science words"

    • Ticcing Queer
      Ticcing Queer 2 years ago

      Honestly, the idea probably came form a game, and one of the dudes got the words "5g" and "USB-Stick".

    • Michael J. O’Neill
      Michael J. O’Neill 2 years ago


    • The Kod
      The Kod 2 years ago +4


    • ok
      ok 2 years ago +1

      J wish scammers look a their names

  • Grumpy Old Man
    Grumpy Old Man 2 years ago +1

    Wouldn’t something like that shield also block the signals?

  • Julian Bennet
    Julian Bennet 2 years ago +3

    Never ever laughed watching a tech channel video but Boss you made me LMAO.
    On top of that, I had a stomachache reading the comments

  • Luka Martic
    Luka Martic Year ago +1

    There must be quantum drive in that USB or at least you need to install quantum drivers. :)

  • Sri Krishna Chaitanya kolachana

    I remember seeing a video about these containing radioactive materials. probably you should check that too

  • Shashank Singh
    Shashank Singh Year ago

    That's why I was thinking why Arun is looking more joyful today.
    It's due to the USB stick.

  • mzz
    mzz 2 years ago +622

    This man just violated a whole company without any slur words congrats man

    • Fibono Jomano
      Fibono Jomano 2 years ago

      There have been far better ones using wordplay and language. -cough- Ddaeng -cough- but yeah!!! Sorry if I am ruining something

    • One Lonely Egg
      One Lonely Egg 2 years ago

      BlackDragonFilms I like your style

    • Shamu77
      Shamu77 2 years ago

      Ye ye

    • Ferry Tannoto
      Ferry Tannoto 2 years ago


    • Alicatia Beauty
      Alicatia Beauty 2 years ago

      Uh what 😕😴

  • Ken Dawa
    Ken Dawa Year ago

    Thank you for what you do.

  • Garry
    Garry Year ago +1

    You should actually call these 5g company guys over and show them not this usb stick, but the one from AliExpress, of course after you buy it and change the storage and even put a sticker on it. They will say that the AliExpress one is their stick and check the emf with their shady instruments, and say that it works. Busted!

  • un h h gcrxexh jvuvujchcrzwzwzw

    They Still produce flash that small? like I'm more impressed they were even able to make it that small