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Cheap Dinners That Your Bank Account Will Love You For (3 Ideas)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hello there. As students, we can't always afford to grab dinner at a restaurant. Even the cheaper options are still gonna cost you $15 at least. For that purpose, I made some cheap dinners that you can easily do at home with minimal cooking skills, that are gonna make you feel like you're dining at a restaurant. I made a pasta dish, some tacos for taco night, and an ultra-tasty potato pea curry.
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    0:00 Intro
    0:29 Dinner #1
    2:43 Dinner #2
    5:03 Dinner #3

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  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 7 months ago +147

    As an Italian, I kinda liked the "mortar and pestle -> pesto" dad-ish joke, because it's what "pesto" literally means in Italian. Great job buddy, keep going!

  • Ayushi Sri
    Ayushi Sri 5 months ago +39

    Loved all the dishes and the potato pea dish you made is a everyday dish of us Indian during winter. In case you don't know the actual name, it is called "Aloo Matar"

  • Christopher Yeung
    Christopher Yeung Year ago +478

    this channels gonna be big someday

  • Mj King
    Mj King Year ago +70

    Three great recipes. I'm allergic to coconut so in my curries I use milk or yogurt. If you're vegan or plant based lots of great plant based milks and plain yogurts you can sub for coconut milk.

  • Poppy
    Poppy 24 days ago +7

    You could replace the avocado with boiled/steamed peas for a cheaper version of the taco guac. It would change up the flavour a little, but that's not a bad thing 🙂

  • JB
    JB 5 months ago +13

    Just tried dinner #1. It was out of this world. Also an underrated aspect is that it’s very easy to make a single portion.
    Note to self- do not touch face after handling the chili

  • Anika Agarwal
    Anika Agarwal 21 day ago +3

    quick tip, add some tomato while making the onion spice base for the potato and peas! it’s a game changer! we call it “aloo matar” here in india and it’s amazing :) love your videos sm!

    • BM Arpit
      BM Arpit 17 days ago

      Aalo matar ki sabji thi
      5 saal se Roz yahi milta hai

  • angelorso969
    angelorso969 6 months ago +20

    Use cashew nuts instead of pine nuts the flavor is really similar.

  • fardin jaman
    fardin jaman 8 months ago +57

    Bro...you just gained 700k+ subs over 5 months?
    You do realise u're a gem, right?

  • Grahm Beickman
    Grahm Beickman Month ago +8

    I saw this video immediately as it was released, and it popped up on my recommended today. You were celebrating 3000 subscribers here, and now, a few days more than a year later, and you are at 2.68 MILLION. Soon you'll be at 3 million. I just know it. Love the videos and keep up the great work.

  • vio tatar
    vio tatar Year ago +10

    Congrats for 3000! Great job ...keep going💪

  • Naomi Frye
    Naomi Frye 4 months ago

    These look really good. Will definitely try the taco recipe.

  • sachin maurya
    sachin maurya Month ago +2

    Potato pea curry is one of most loved Indian "sabzi" curry for you all. Big W for adding Garam Masala!!

  • Yousef Q
    Yousef Q 22 days ago +2

    As an egyptian i really hate when any food content creator i follow in english uses tortillas because they’re kind of expensive here compared to pita bread like you can probably get 12 or more pita bread loaves for the price of 4 tortillas

    • Jessica Hage
      Jessica Hage 14 days ago

      Corn tortillas in the US and Canada are very cheap because of the proximity to Mexico and the expat communities there. if you're buying wheat tortillas you might as well sub it out for Khoboz because its more or less the same thing, when I go to Lebanon I never buy tortillas because I dont see the point. I have never been able to find authentic corn tortillas in Lebanon im not sure if they have them in egypt, but in my opinion if your option is wheat tortilla or arabic bread, get the arabic bread. ( in the americas it would be more expensive to use pita thats why you see so many tortilla recipes) - a Mexican

    • manicmuffin
      manicmuffin 15 days ago

      If you've got flour, water, baking powder, and 30 minutes, you can make your own flour tortillas incredibly easily and cheaply.

  • Yato
    Yato Month ago

    Tip if you hate koriander: Make the guacamole anyway cause the soap gets pretty much neutralized by the avocado

  • Emili
    Emili Year ago +12

    I love your channel!:)) congrats 3000 subscribers!!✨

  • Joon
    Joon 4 months ago +4

    i cooked this curry and just ate it, i bought the wrong chili and this thing was FATAL i loved it! it burns!

  • Agnes Rita Large
    Agnes Rita Large 4 months ago

    Love your ideas I've shared it with my grandkids thanks for sharing

  • Daniel Niel El
    Daniel Niel El Month ago

    Damn this channel got 2.7million subscribers and this video from just 1y ago was celebrating 3k subscribers
    You deserved this master

  • DaFlavourFace
    DaFlavourFace 2 months ago +10

    holy shit, 3k subscribers just 10 months ago? Right now I read 2,5 mil. Crazy growth there, and well deserved!!

  • Chifir
    Chifir Month ago

    There's a plenty of pines in my native town, i remember when I was a kid I saw pine nuts literally growing near my house. Damn, you could buy pine with nuts less than a dollar :0

  • Allan
    Allan Month ago

    This channel is amazing 😍😍

  • corrupted
    corrupted 8 months ago +3

    5 months later your channel now has over 700k subs! That's crazy dude

  • Radu Suciu
    Radu Suciu Year ago +3

    You’re killing it with those weissman vibes 👏🏼

  • justalurkr
    justalurkr Month ago

    As of this viewing he's at 2.73 million subs. Well done!

  • Koden
    Koden 21 day ago +2

    7:09 "We hit three thousand subscribers!"
    Now sitting at 2.81M, good job!

  • AdeSandr4
    AdeSandr4 4 months ago

    Looks delicious!!!

  • Tinkerqz
    Tinkerqz 21 day ago

    Ate out of pan! Mixed spices in chopping board! "i should have toasted cumin seed before but its fine"! 🤣

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Year ago +1

    this looks so good😮‍💨

  • Sebastián Chala
    Sebastián Chala 6 months ago +1

    The chicken breast spank 😂😂😂

  • xenoqee
    xenoqee 6 months ago +2

    bro love your channel, but hate the situation that my appendicitis was removed not that while ago and I cannot try these meals for a month, but when I'll be able to try it, I'll certainly make them

    • vika r
      vika r 4 months ago

      i had my appendix completely removed and i didn't even know you weren't allowed to eat certain foods for a month

  • David Janssen
    David Janssen 24 days ago

    Is eating straight out of the pan legal or will it leave scratches on it?

    DES1NTERESS3 7 days ago

    Try the "sate marinade" for your chicken.

  • Miria T.
    Miria T. 21 day ago

    It's funny that some people will never sell out their souls even they are poor, meanwhile, some other people could easily corrupt with evil even they have enough money 😂

  • Wøgelson
    Wøgelson 24 days ago +1

    The start of the video: "eating out is expensive"
    Me: *giving that side eye to my gf😏*

  • Emir Grebić
    Emir Grebić Year ago +1

    Looks great

  • Ujai
    Ujai Month ago +1

    3000 subs in February of 2022.
    Almost 3 million in February of 2023.
    Not bad at all.

  • Naomi Frye
    Naomi Frye 4 months ago +2

    From 3K subscribers 9 months ago to 2 million now 😲

  • cinnamon
    cinnamon 9 months ago +1

    my best channel🙌🏻

  • Aye Aye
    Aye Aye Year ago +5

    No cause how do you not have much subscribers the quality of these videos are better than most videos

    • KWOOWK
      KWOOWK  Year ago +3

      That’s the mission🙌🙌

  • Benjaminmus
    Benjaminmus Month ago

    eating out isn’t expensive if u have a date

  • N0z1t
    N0z1t 16 days ago

    6:03 perfectly cut :)

  • Timothy Hu
    Timothy Hu Year ago +1

    made the $1 chickpea meal pinned on your tiktok. shit was good as fuck

  • Chad Dega
    Chad Dega Month ago

    The price of food now....im telling you i watched you on my wife's account...and i had to sub to you for survival...no joke, survival.

  • Yağız Enes Kala
    Yağız Enes Kala 9 months ago +5

    my bank will love that

    KAI VERSE Year ago +6

    Isn't this the dude who reviews American breakfast consist of bacons eggs pancakes
    And rate it 3/10!!!! And calling it boring!!?

  • sunshinemochi
    sunshinemochi 5 months ago +2

    “beaeEaAeEAAaaEEaEeaAAaAns” - KWOOWK 2022

  • Fenny
    Fenny 5 months ago +1

    European josh weissman at home. That potato curry is lush

  • Opinionated AF
    Opinionated AF 2 months ago

    Hahaha this is awesome

  • justalurkr
    justalurkr Month ago +1

    Pastaway? PUN PRIVILEGES REVOKED young man

  • Damian Betlejewski
    Damian Betlejewski 3 months ago

    Duno why but most of food in Eu cost less. Pine nuts cost like 1/2 of price in US.

  • Sachin Tommy
    Sachin Tommy 21 day ago +1

    3000 a year ago to 2 mill now is crazy

  • Julian Aguirre
    Julian Aguirre 7 months ago +1

    This man one avacado for a dollar💀

  • BM Arpit
    BM Arpit 17 days ago

    Bro just taught how to make
    *Aalo matar ki sabji*

  • redkriper
    redkriper 14 days ago

    1.91 for one taco, if 2.76 for 3?

  • jrrne
    jrrne 8 months ago +1

    Wow 5 months ago you had 3k now you have 600k

  • Cutiepie
    Cutiepie 17 days ago

    My guy
    That potato peas dish it's good
    But u added too too many peas
    U should add only a quarter of a cup

  • †TheDarkOne†
    †TheDarkOne† 5 months ago

    Wait are you living in The Netherlands?
    Because I saw the Jumbo logo on the cheese and as far as I know Jumbo is a Dutch only thing🇳🇱

    • †TheDarkOne†
      †TheDarkOne† 5 months ago

      Okay after seeing the rest of the video You do live in the Netherlands 😂👌

  • Best Username Ever
    Best Username Ever 24 days ago

    You do know we can't buy $0.25 worth of expensive cheese right?

  • •{Yar®a}•
    •{Yar®a}• 28 days ago

    RIP basil plant 😔

  • TheRavenKing Six
    TheRavenKing Six 9 months ago

    Where’s the chili ????
    I need chili in my tacos

  • Matthew Humphreys
    Matthew Humphreys 9 months ago +3

    Me and the boyz at 3am lookin for BBBBEEEEAAAANNNNZ

  • Dan F
    Dan F 5 months ago

    why go to school when you are a chef - people would pay 10 bucks for that :)

  • Shadiq Aryasatya
    Shadiq Aryasatya Month ago

    here in 2023, from 300k to 2.27 million, dude :)

  • Heyitsvonage
    Heyitsvonage 5 months ago

    you think I have a lime?!

  • MikexStad
    MikexStad 23 days ago +2

    I'm looking at this now with 2.81M subs

  • Herr Wackler
    Herr Wackler 4 months ago

    chicken breast for 3,50 suuure not here in germany

  • Sara Ibrahim
    Sara Ibrahim 6 months ago

    man cooked alooo matar ki sabzi

  • Madhu Verma
    Madhu Verma Month ago

    alooo matarrrrrrr ki sabziiiiiiiiii dude 🥔🥔🥘🥘

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 6 months ago

    Beans. ❤️

  • Paramango
    Paramango 20 days ago

    Bro that’s cilantro not corriader

  • Claudia Elena Mendoza Cedeno

    Beeeeaannnsss 🎤

  • misterdot
    misterdot 4 months ago


  • DayFalls
    DayFalls Year ago


  • DaimaoZA
    DaimaoZA 18 days ago

    Joshua wiseman from Ohio

  • JZH
    JZH 4 months ago

    Мае боi gот неs 3000 subs🥵🥵🥵

  • Daniel Dandanai
    Daniel Dandanai Month ago

    joshua weissman copycat

  • Leonardo251
    Leonardo251 5 months ago +1

    Do yourself (and my eyes!) a favor: use gloves when handling raw chicken. The part of yourself that wants to survive longer in this planet will be grateful.