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BEHIND THE CREST: USMNT Routs Panama, Takes One Step Closer to Qualification

  • Published on Mar 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Behind the Crest, presented by VW, takes an inside look at the USMNT's 5-1 win against Panama to set up a potential qualification clincher in the final match of World Cup Qualifying at Costa Rica.
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  • Giuseppe Lara
    Giuseppe Lara Year ago +125

    The way Christian said "let's punch our ticket to the world cup." Goosbumps. Determination

    • §aturn
      §aturn Year ago +18

      hes the type of person that doesn't talk much but when he does, everyone listens

    • Oscar A
      Oscar A Year ago +5

      Kobe vibes

    • Robert Seymour
      Robert Seymour Year ago

      @§aturn You mean only Americans listen?

  • catsfan69
    catsfan69 Year ago +79

    Thank you guys for making this! The content creation team does a great job.

  • Cptkarma6
    Cptkarma6 Year ago +27

    Let’s go boys !!!⚽️🇺🇸⚽️🇺🇸
    Good job on the video …. Keep up the great work. MORE PLEASE ! ✌🏻

  • Princess Horng
    Princess Horng 10 months ago +18

    I think I'm falling in love with Captain pulisic from now on 😩❤️

  • generalorhan
    generalorhan Year ago +5

    Was in section 111. Simply sensational atmosphere just like the Orlando City lions.

  • Sara Garcia
    Sara Garcia 6 months ago +1

    Ok I’m really late but this game was QUITE THE WILD ONE. I loved watching the US play it brings me joy in the inside

  • Darvin Lemus
    Darvin Lemus Year ago +13

    One more run tonight guys, let’s get the job done! ☑️

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago +17

    I love that the Panama defender that played Ferreira onside had his hand up claiming he was offsides

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez Year ago +16

    Amazing soccer from these guys in this final round, qualifying for Qatar.

    • Levi
      Levi Year ago +1

      please dont be cringe... it s time to grown up and call it football like the rest of the world

    • rofl_waffl
      rofl_waffl Year ago +3

      @Levi Or you can leave us and our cultural differences alone. Blame the British for creating the word Soccer. You could also just become a mature person who's able to acknowledge that different countries can call the same thing by different names(if anyone needs to grow up here it's you). While you're at it go be mad at Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, and South Africa for not calling it football as well.

  • Julie Yearling
    Julie Yearling Year ago +1

    Great match. Now if they can find that intensity every time they play, they will do well in the WC.

  • Spencer West
    Spencer West Year ago +24

    1:58 great stuff from de la torre. Very promising player

    • T Spot
      T Spot Year ago +8

      I thought he was absolutely impressive.
      He won me over with the way he instantly had CP's back in that scrum.

  • Gang1242
    Gang1242 Year ago +6

    Who remembers "Our Way" from the 2002 world cup? I hope USA soccer does a full scale behind the scenes of the upcoming WC

    • Kobi FC
      Kobi FC Year ago

      I have that on DVD haha

    SOCCERHAUS Year ago +33


  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez Year ago

    Brilliant job for the boys of the red, white, and blue. They are going to the world cup.

  • Soccerboymedia
    Soccerboymedia Year ago

    Congrats, Christian Pulisic and USMNT!

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy Year ago

    I love these videos, great job boys

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy Year ago +6

    Those that are super anti Berhalter need to give credit where it's due...Nations cup, Gold cup, and now qualified for world cup! Not bad

    • Aaron BN
      Aaron BN Year ago +4

      He’s still a bad manager this is bare minimum for talent we have

    • Rodger Murphy
      Rodger Murphy Year ago +2

      @Aaron BN "He's still a bad manager" is not a very convincing argument

    • Piggy!!!
      Piggy!!! Year ago +2

      @Rodger Murphy i disagree, hes won alot and were going back to the world cup now!

  • Mohamuud Mohamed
    Mohamuud Mohamed Year ago

    let’s Go boys tonight 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Manny Martinez
    Manny Martinez Year ago +1

    I was waiting for this one! 🇺🇸

  • Caleb Martinez
    Caleb Martinez Year ago +8

    That perfect dap up 7:14 and another to follow 👌

      D_LOWGAMES Year ago +2

      10/10 contact and sound. Great stuff there by Musah

  • Cory Toews
    Cory Toews Year ago

    Starting a petition to intentionally lose to Costa Rica 4-0. If El Salvador can somehow pull out a win in Azteca, that keeps US in 2nd and would cause Costa Rica to leapfrog Mexico on GD and send Mexico to a playoff.

  • KenDaKingArrives
    KenDaKingArrives Year ago +1

    That's right! Just go for it, guys! Make history against Costa Rica, and don't let us drop to 3rd place!

    • Jeffrey Dahmer
      Jeffrey Dahmer Year ago

      3rd place 😌

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives Year ago

      @Jeffrey Dahmer Yes. They let us down like dumbasses, the coach and the players, I'm still pissed and embarrassed, don't @ me again.😤

    • Jeffrey Dahmer
      Jeffrey Dahmer Year ago

      I'm Costa Rican😌
      We beat USA with our sub 23 team

    • KenDaKingArrives
      KenDaKingArrives Year ago

      @Jeffrey Dahmer Yes, I KNOW. The curse/your home-field advantage lives. I don't want to list reasons why they lost. But we did beat you at home, and played well most of the game so it's even in my book. That's it though. It's over, we have a world cup to focus on now.

    • Jeffrey Dahmer
      Jeffrey Dahmer Year ago +1

      @KenDaKingArrives good luck

  • Jacob Bravo
    Jacob Bravo Year ago +2

    Love this team

  • Mack Vaclaw
    Mack Vaclaw Year ago +1

    Nice video. Thanks for keeping it long

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen Year ago

    Welcome back, Team USA 🇺🇸 Men's Soccer ⚽️ for Qualified Doha 2022 World Cup!

  • Evan Guillen
    Evan Guillen Year ago

    This was awesome!!

  • Gabe Berger
    Gabe Berger Year ago +8

    Play for the win tonight!!

  • McFly13
    McFly13 Year ago +3

    Ready to go tonight.. LETS GOOOO!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!!!

  • Bran Ayala
    Bran Ayala Year ago +3

    Love these videos

  • ホロアニメトHoloAnimate

    This Sucks So Hard, I Wish Panama Will Come Back Qatar 2022, In Yet, Panama Will Missing Qatar 2022 If You Don't Believe Panamanian What Their Said. Besides, I Still Like You Again, and please don't do it again With panama's Loss, respect Panama for it. Love You, And Good Job. 🇺🇲🇵🇦

  • Piggy!!!
    Piggy!!! Year ago

    Pretty much qualified see yall in qatar rep us well!

  • u a b for finding this but alr

    The shirt designs are amazing

  • Anıl Erden
    Anıl Erden Year ago +8

    Go My Beautiful USA and Go My Man Pulisic!!!!😊😇🥰😍🤗 I 💙 My Beautiful USA Men and Women teams always.

  • ابراهيم الابراهيم

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم واتوب اليه عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته

  • Christopher Nava
    Christopher Nava Year ago +2

    Are last world cup qualifying game tonight good luck guys 🇺🇲🙏

    DOING IT Year ago +2

    Tonight Boys 🇺🇲💯💪

  • Marcel Walker
    Marcel Walker 10 months ago

    One man 👀⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🖤

  • Marcel Walker
    Marcel Walker 10 months ago

    Let’s get me on one of these teams 👀👀⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • Maria Leonora
    Maria Leonora 9 months ago


  • RYAN Guilbert
    RYAN Guilbert Year ago

    Great job

  • Xentoro
    Xentoro 10 months ago

    this is great content

    THOEUR THIB Year ago

    Good job

  • Jan Esc
    Jan Esc Year ago

    tonight is THE NIGHT🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago

    Congratulation to usa 🇺🇸❤💙 from iran 🇮🇷💚❤ . 🇮🇷💚❤💙🤝🏼🇺🇸 .

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Year ago

    They definitely did not want to win in Costa Rica...

  • J Lesh
    J Lesh Year ago +1

    Let's book this shit tonight boys!!!!!!!

  • Starbucks
    Starbucks Year ago


  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago


  • Marty D
    Marty D Year ago +1

    let’s get it tonight

  • Strika11
    Strika11 Year ago

    Game Ball goes to the Bishop

  • richard grace
    richard grace Year ago

    Just curious... but does anyone else find it weird that our national team is sponsored by a German company? I mean we couldn't find a u.s company to sponsor the national team? Is just weird to me

    • MaxWalk
      MaxWalk Year ago

      Decime que empresa de USA se interesaría en patrocinar al equipo de fútbol de USA??

  • Warren guardiario

    Go usa go for the gold Qatar 2022

  • Coach Paul Business English & Entreprenership

    Please leave Gregg Berhalter in Costa Rica!!!

  • Hector Solis
    Hector Solis Year ago +8

    First yay!let's go USA!!!

  • Hector Zayas
    Hector Zayas Year ago

    Goal play a huge weakness

  • cesar figueroa
    cesar figueroa Year ago

    Dos a zerro Costa Rica 😝

  • dmoney668
    dmoney668 Year ago

    Panama is money

  • Humberto Tremaria

    "Legohead" pulishit!! 😂 😂 😂

  • Nestor Lopez
    Nestor Lopez Year ago +2

    Lets fucken goooo!!!!! 🇺🇸

  • Soonbluemoon
    Soonbluemoon Year ago +1


  • eberlazting
    eberlazting Year ago

    No slow motion for the worm? subscribed

  • Micah Burton
    Micah Burton Year ago

    Song? @7:18

  • Sangtea Z
    Sangtea Z Year ago


    SAVAGE Year ago

    American Football Team is like the BTS in Grammy's😂😮 Should stick with basketball bro😂 I thought you guys played football with your hands 😂

  • dkn
    dkn Year ago


  • Archer Playz
    Archer Playz Year ago


  • Hey Bro
    Hey Bro Year ago

    Bro why is everybody at the game wearing a rainbow flag!? This is WEIRD no?! You would never see this at any other sporting event.... That's like going to a Laker game and all you see are rainbow flags in the crowd.... One even has rainbow/Ukraine like what does that even mean dawg. What is happening

  • the conservative coconut


  • Fieliep
    Fieliep Year ago

    lmao the coach must be the most uninspiring and worst coaches for a national team... I still hope they make it, but the coach must improve his speeches

  • Ghetto
    Ghetto Year ago +1

    Mexico in the mud

    • cesar figueroa
      cesar figueroa Year ago

      1.- Canada 28
      2-. Mexico 28
      3.- Usa 25
      Dos a zerro Costa Rica 😝

  • turboparadise
    turboparadise Year ago

    Whats up with the rainbow flags everywhere? Flags rainbow wristbands.. whats that got to do with the game?

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez Year ago +2

    Go and beat Costa Rica tonight. Beat them so bad.

  • KaoveYT
    KaoveYT Year ago +1

    Perdió Estados Unidos donde están los que se creen grandes.. 🥶🥶