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The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    Part 2 - • The French Revolution ...
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  • OverSimplified
    OverSimplified  4 years ago +14701

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    • mads
      mads 4 years ago +206

      i love your videos so much omg

    • acez
      acez 4 years ago +114

      I love your stuff man

    • Eddie Miller
      Eddie Miller 4 years ago +70

      You my dude!

    • Johnny Z
      Johnny Z 4 years ago +69


    • John Watha
      John Watha 4 years ago +44

      Was good great video

  • Sam Cohen
    Sam Cohen 3 years ago +1647

    It's amazing how Louis the 16th, one of the "weakest" kings, had such a large impact on history by funding the American Revolution on behalf of the colonies.

    • Emilie Crtn
      Emilie Crtn 3 years ago +136

      He actually wasn't as weak as depicted in general culture. He actually wanted to rule, having grown in the absolute monarchy of divine right. He was opposed to the revolution and tried to betray the nation several times (the King's escape from the Tuileries, Marie Antoinette giving some plans to Austria etc...). So the fact that he was so deeply implied in US history is actually not that surprising.

    • Landry Longacre
      Landry Longacre 3 years ago +21

      Arguably this was the worst mistake he ever made

    • General Rubbish
      General Rubbish 3 years ago +71

      @Landry Longacre I mean, if you're already deep in debt, the last thing you should do is go around financing revolutions just because you're salty about Britain winning the 7 Years War.

    • Landry Longacre
      Landry Longacre 3 years ago +16

      Mário Ďuráč oh that too, but I meant helping them rebel to create the USA because this country was a mistake.

    • General Rubbish
      General Rubbish 3 years ago +7

      @Landry Longacre Oh yeah, no argument there lol. Maybe a second revolution would be in order at this point, just start the country over and try again.

  • Dogymacdogface.
    Dogymacdogface. Year ago +2633

    The fact that he added the old united states flag at 3:45 really shows how much care he puts into these videos. Either that or I'm impressed by simple, easy to do things.

    • Dogymacdogface.
      Dogymacdogface. Year ago +10

      @Teman Nkri same to you

    • Leonard Hughe
      Leonard Hughe Year ago +6

      What was the point of that

    • Dogymacdogface.
      Dogymacdogface. Year ago +44

      @Leonard Hughe You mean to me or Teman Nkri? Because if for me, then I was simply stating that I think the amount of effort that OverSimplified puts into his videos and that everything in his videos seems to be of very high quality is great, and defiantly deserves praise.

    • Luigi/MR L Gaming
      Luigi/MR L Gaming 10 months ago +34

      I think your too easily impressed

  • Gongasoso
    Gongasoso Year ago +10361

    Allegedly, Marat's skin condition was related to celiac disease. So, ironically, his debilitating skin condition would go away if he stopped eating gluten - as in, bread. Exactly what was lacking at the time.

    • Trombone Man
      Trombone Man Year ago +1029

      Wow. That’s so horrible. To think that the cure would have been as simple as just cutting out bread. All his suffering was needless. That’s both funny and sad at the same time.

    • Tate Franklin
      Tate Franklin Year ago +909

      Separating a Frenchman from pastries is like separating Siamese twins, ultimately more trouble than it’s worth, and likely to cause horrific side effects

    • S P
      S P Year ago +105

      @Trombone Man what else would he eat?

    • You're worth your weight in avocados
      You're worth your weight in avocados Year ago +279

      @S P flourless chocolate cake? 😂

    • SquooshyCatboy
      SquooshyCatboy Year ago +293

      @S P
      let him eat cake

  • Jeson Tjowari
    Jeson Tjowari Month ago +289

    Marie Antoinette was actually quite generous.
    1. She donated a lot to charity. There's a letter she sent to her family in Austria that she cared and was concerned about the poor people in France
    2. For "Let them eat cake", it's actually Rosseau who spread that propaganda. He probably referred to Queen Maria-Thérèse, the wife of Louis XIV who lived a century prior.
    3. She actually popularized the simple white dress to women in France.
    *"I was a queen, and you dethroned me. I was a wife, and you killed my husband. I was a mother, and you tore me from my children. Only my blood remains: you are thirsty. Drink it. Hasten to meet it that you may drink it."*
    -Marie Antoinette, 1793

    • Rey_Latifa nelum
      Rey_Latifa nelum Month ago +36

      She donated to charity but was a strict conservative who wanted her family to remain absolute monarchs, so clearly she liked the idea of people venerating her for her « charity » more than actually helping them. She also wanted to raise an army from Austria to invade her « own people », all to keep power. She did not say « let them eat cake » but her actions are the reason why people assume she did.

    • Lendri ''Badger'' Mujina
      Lendri ''Badger'' Mujina 22 days ago +24

      At the very least, she faced her fate with dignity. Her last words were "Pardon me, sir, I didn't mean to do that"... referring not to what she was accused of, but to having accidentally stepped on someone's foot on her way to the guillotine.

    • Anel Begic
      Anel Begic 19 days ago +11

      The same is true for Louis actually. I heard how he was not exactly anti-reformation but rather anti-revolution.
      Granted he did not help his case half the time but history paints him in a much worse light then he actually was.

    • MM2
      MM2 12 days ago +2

      One way I heard it described (I don't know how true it is) is that her famous quote wasn't so much a cruel/uncaring response to the starvation, as it was an ivory-tower liberal ditz's response: If the peasantry lacked bread makings, then simply feed them with cake dough (which was more expensive) to get them through the emergency . Ta-da, problem solved!
      Living in Versailles, where the wealthy ate well, it must have sounded to her like a perfectly reasonable plan. It was a problem of total lack of frame of reference, rather than callousness. (although that was a problem, too)

    • Lendri ''Badger'' Mujina
      Lendri ''Badger'' Mujina 12 days ago

      @MM2 Yeah, that's why I never really had a problem with the quote, despite it not being something she actually said; it was accurate to her attitude and what basically everyone thought of the royal family, that they couldn't comprehend what the problem was.

  • Hadiyah Coleman
    Hadiyah Coleman Year ago +5083

    Actually it was Marie's sister, Caroline Antoinette who said "If they can't have bread, let them eat cake instead!" It just got so twisted because the French were so angry the just hated all royals I believe. Marie actually often donated to the poor and charities
    How did my comment get so popular?

    • Dusty Honey
      Dusty Honey Year ago +175

      She got what was coming for her. She’s the Queen. She’s responsible for her country.

    • always bored
      always bored Year ago +1191

      @Dusty Honey mate shes the queen, yes, but im pretty damn sure all actual menaingful control goes to the king and the king alone

    • badernêra
      badernêra Year ago +39

      Sauce please

    • The Sleepy Archive
      The Sleepy Archive Year ago +349

      @Dusty Honey I get where ya coming from, but idk how much power queens had over government

    • Amiel Patriarca
      Amiel Patriarca Year ago +453

      @Dusty Honey She's a foreigner,how could she have control in France?

  • Sandeep Gill
    Sandeep Gill 9 months ago +2181

    Tax collector: Hello.
    Woman: Hello.
    Tax collector: You responded? There's a tax for that, pay up lady.

    • Kitsuneplayz_YT
      Kitsuneplayz_YT 9 months ago +5


    • Shraga Mildiner
      Shraga Mildiner 8 months ago +19

      And from this we learn: never respond to tax collectors

    • Pon & Con
      Pon & Con 8 months ago +45

      @Shraga Mildiner "Oh, you're not responding to us? There's a tax for that"

    • imtryingmybestok
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    • Chicken
      Chicken 8 months ago +9

      *breaths* oof there’s a tax for that

  • Pr Ammar
    Pr Ammar 3 years ago +7167

    Fun fact, Mozart proposed to marry Antoinette... Imagine if she accepted

    • Julius Nepos
      Julius Nepos 3 years ago +308

      I will search this up

    • Arsene
      Arsene 3 years ago +377

      I learned this from fate go

    • Daemon Ackerman
      Daemon Ackerman 3 years ago +235

      I learned this from the manga Innocent. Don't read it if you're squeamish.

    • Dusty
      Dusty 3 years ago +1060

      Her hair would be a piano

    • Kent Haigh Oneill
      Kent Haigh Oneill 3 years ago +96

      Fun fact, that wasn't a fact, you simply asked "imagine what would have happend"

  • Sam Featherstone
    Sam Featherstone 9 months ago +1344

    It takes significant skill to make the French Revolution funny with merch

    • stUpId kaiju Crazy
      stUpId kaiju Crazy 9 months ago +33

      theres a tax for that

    • stUpId kaiju Crazy
      stUpId kaiju Crazy 9 months ago +14

      Flags are Flags using a device to write that down? There’s a tax for that

    • stUpId kaiju Crazy
      stUpId kaiju Crazy 9 months ago +10

      Flags are Flags giving me more tax than required there’s a tax for that

  • Siddhartha Karn
    Siddhartha Karn Year ago +338

    You are amazing. I am impressed how interestingly you combine humour and satire in explaining such confusing and boring topics.

    • Alicia Renae
      Alicia Renae Year ago +31

      I think this just shows that the topic isn't confusing and boring. It's the teachers.

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant Year ago +1

      @Alicia Renae This Channel here aint called Oversimplified for no Reason - so you may not stop here and want to learn more about History. The Fate of French was covered in the provokingly-titled video
      'Liberty&Freedom are Left-Wing-Ideas' by 'Second Thought'.

    • euryschan
      euryschan 8 months ago

      How is it boring. It may be confusing for you,but boring ?

    • ً
      ً 6 months ago +1

      @euryschan as a highschooler with constant boring history teachers the history topic has just became boring for me lol but with this channel its actually entertaining

    • Seba Seba
      Seba Seba 4 months ago +1

      I'm sorry but if you think that the french revolution is boring you're crazy...
      It's an amazing part of history everything changed with the revolution

  • Connor Petersen
    Connor Petersen 7 months ago +203

    My history teacher just showed this to our class. We all had a blast and we took notes and this and the second part! Love your videos!!

    • cringe_content
      cringe_content 5 months ago +30

      You love his videos? There's a tax for that!

      UNDER・ LOVE 3 months ago +17

      ​@cringe_contentYou commented, yeah, there is a tax for that

    • cringe_content
      cringe_content 3 months ago +10

      @UNDER・ LOVE you replied!? Yep there's a tax for that!

    • Dracule Mihawk
      Dracule Mihawk 3 months ago +11

      ​@cringe_content Your username has "cringe" in it?

    • cringe_content
      cringe_content 3 months ago +10

      There's a tax for that? YEP THERES A TAX FOR THAT!

  • Channel of the Lost
    Channel of the Lost Year ago +370

    Mental note for my upcoming history exam: Locking out the third estate from the building was actually an accident.
    The Estates general scheduled an important meeting on a certain day, but they later postponed the meeting to a few days later. They forgot to tell the representatives of the third estate about the moved meeting and the third estate thought they were locked out on purpose, leading to the events of the Tennis Court Oath.
    Also, the poorest people were not the driving force of the revolution, it was the average more educated of the third estate that actually started the whole thing. I heard lawyers were mostly behind it though, so...┐( ∵ )┌

    • SuphaNinja
      SuphaNinja 10 months ago +8


    • kno
      kno 6 months ago +17

      Not really, that's overemphasized in modern teaching simply to discourage any future revolts. The mobs of peasants certainly existed and necessarily ravaged the higher estates

    • Joshua Slawson
      Joshua Slawson 2 months ago +6

      @kno No, it was completely unnecessary and barbaric. Killing women and children simply because of their affiliation with the first 2 estates. Placing heads upon pikes, summary execution with a kangaroo court.

  • JLD
    JLD 2 months ago +27

    For anyone interested in a little background: Louis XIV introduced a really elaborate form of court etiquette as a way to keep control of his nobles. If they were fighting over who got to hand the King his gloves and who got to help the Queen put on her rouge then they wouldn’t have time to fight with him over important stuff. It sort of worked, and he actually had the longest reign of any monarch (that can be verified), 72 years. His grandson, Louis XV kept the system going, but he was a dilettante who spent his time chasing skirts and moping about his lot in life so the state began to stagnate. He reigned for a long time, almost 59 years. Louis XVI was his grandson and by the time he came to the throne things were in a bad way. France was getting kicked by Britain on the one side and Prussia on the other. It would have taken an extraordinarily strong ruler to turn things around and sadly Louis didn’t qualify.

  • JKaz
    JKaz 4 years ago +14581

    I literally want a video for every single piece of Earth's history. You are amazing.

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer
      Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer 4 years ago +103

      Skyjohn so your one of those people who instead of going out and gaining knowledge on your own you want someone else to learn everything for you and then spend months creating a video to entertain you while teaching you about that period of history.

    • Biggus Diccus
      Biggus Diccus 4 years ago +461

      @Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer hey that's good idea

    • Ninthauto591 (Crazy Penguin)
      Ninthauto591 (Crazy Penguin) 4 years ago +427

      @Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer Some of these pepole don't even know about the topics in the first place. Like i didn't about the three kingdoms and how China was ruled during that time. Also the way Oversimplified persents it brings in an audience that otherwise would not traditonally look up history topics.

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer
      Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer 4 years ago +47

      I never said it was a bad idea also I don’t have a problem with learning from Clip-Share or finding out new things but the way this person worded it made it seem as if he ONLY watches Oversimplified and I think that’s pretty stupid because there is only so much you can learn from one source, and I only want people to be educated.

    • Ninthauto591 (Crazy Penguin)
      Ninthauto591 (Crazy Penguin) 4 years ago +81

      @Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer Very true. If you only see one thing in life, your perspective is limted.

  • Another WoF Artist
    Another WoF Artist Year ago +251

    I love watching your videos so much. They’re my go-to for falling asleep, they’re easy to follow and entertaining. Please never stop making content (unless of course you feel that you need to)

    • miry_
      miry_ Year ago +1

      Mee too

    • ScissorLuv
      ScissorLuv 11 months ago +5

      Falling asleep? Bro😂

    • </iptwo?>
       10 months ago

      60th likt

    • Oxifly
      Oxifly 10 months ago

      @ScissorLuv same tho I do

    • yamman225
      yamman225 7 months ago


  • Just another Person On the Internet

    This video was actually really useful. I have an assignment on The French Revolution, and I just used this video because it helps. So thank you.

    • Avacado
      Avacado 11 months ago +4

      I have that next year :D

  • Samuel Hayden
    Samuel Hayden 3 months ago +35

    Fun fact: the French military during the French Revolution invented “canning” using boiled food stuffs and absolutely airtight glass containers.

  • hartenny
    hartenny Year ago +1492

    "wow. They're not *THAT* desperate."
    Best lines of this whole channel

    • wildcat swim
      wildcat swim Year ago +31

      This video is an assault on Taco Bell crunch wrap supreams

    • ron h
      ron h Year ago +9

      @wildcat swim You sir are an overstuffed stoat! I am here to defend the honor and tastiness of Tao Bell! And apologize as there is no defense for Taco Bell... and you are not a stoat, stuffed or otherwise,,,sorry (no stoats were harmed or offended by this, except those who eat at Taco Bell, but these are already dead and incapable of taking offense).

    • galaxy of miscellaneous stuff
      galaxy of miscellaneous stuff 11 months ago +3

      @wildcat swim I'm with you! I love crunchwraps; and I've never gotten sick from them.

    • ReeseyCup
      ReeseyCup 6 months ago +4

      People pulling into Taco Bell:
      Me: They're THAT desperate

    • Alex Wildner
      Alex Wildner 5 months ago

      ​@wildcat swim and rightfully so!

  • Joyceane
    Joyceane 10 months ago +26

    I have always loves watching history from you. It's so hilarious how you portray historical figures. KEEP IT UP!!!🎉

  • Slime Stack
    Slime Stack 3 years ago +8450

    Tax collector: have you paid your taxes?
    Lady: yep.
    Tax collector: oh, there’s a tax for that

  • The Th3rd Son
    The Th3rd Son Year ago +152

    Oversimplified did a good job at highlighting how King Louis had it fairly difficult. You can see what he was battling, and possibly what set him up for failure, all at the start of this video. He did indeed drop the ball as far as his responsibility as a king, but the situation that was dropped in his lap, and his own kin, made him too weak for his role. The King is an intriguing dude, because the revolution was in part his fault while simultaneously not his fault.
    Btw, I don't think he deserved the weirdo thing at the beginning since he was obviously overloaded. Lol.

    • Alex Duong
      Alex Duong Year ago +27

      I've got to say, Louis seemed like that kind of guy who would make a decent friend, but a terrible leader. I've also got to say his plan to escape France was pretty lousy

    • Just spitting Some facts
      Just spitting Some facts Year ago +9

      Especially the "I hate those parties,it's so awkward". King Louis xvi is a shy guy person and couldn't make eye contact to those who are not close to him.

    • Internasyunalè Mapping
      Internasyunalè Mapping 6 months ago +6

      The King was pretty innocent for the most part, he wasnt at fault but he was. Just like Marie, the deeper you look inside her actual life is extremely depressing.

  • Julia Anne
    Julia Anne Year ago +2770

    Fun Fact: Kings of that time usually had mistresses, who would try to influence them politically, and the people would blame the mistress for any political wrong doings, but since Louis XVI had no mistress everyone blamed Marie Antoinette even though she most likely had no idea how bad it was for the common people.
    Edit: 700 likes! Mom I made it!
    Edit 2: 1.2k. This is my most liked comment EVER!!
    Edit 3: IT’S AT 1.8K!!!!

    • MariaThePotterNut
      MariaThePotterNut Year ago +315

      She really didn't, and when she DID find out (even though they were trying to keep it from her) she actually tried to make things better, like reinstating the- I forget the term rn but basically parliament of the people, and made the peasant class have more representation. But the court did NOT like the idea of less power and tried everything to stop her at every turn, including SO MUCH propaganda made up just because the rebel leaders needed the people to hate the monarchy.

    • Stuff With Soph
      Stuff With Soph Year ago +192

      Misogyny is everywhere in history it's crazy

    • Julia Anne
      Julia Anne Year ago +76

      @Stuff With Soph It really is and it pisses me off.

    • Priti Agarwal
      Priti Agarwal Year ago +96

      Also marie never said the " eat cakes " thing

  • Yudith Acosta
    Yudith Acosta Year ago +19

    3:07 King Louis XV's death 7:24 French baker's death 11:41 BUFF ARC 12:36 French soldier's death 12:56 Governor de Launay's death 16:17 French member number 1's death and French member number 2' death 16:19 French member number 3's death 16:31 French guy's death

  • unsaddleruby8
    unsaddleruby8 Year ago +50

    Fun Fact: King Louis was so out of touch with France that when the Bastille was invaded, in his diary he wrote, "Nothing." And that's it. It was later found out that when he wrote "Nothing" It meant that the day he hunted for animals on the same day as the Bastille Massacre, he found no animals.

  • That Time Stamp Guy
    That Time Stamp Guy 4 months ago +33

    0:23 Nobility Joking
    1:09 Louis XVI has a lot of responsibility.
    1:44 France 🇫🇷 Upper Class, Lower Class Divide.
    2:08 Losing The Seven Years War 1756-1763.
    2:36 The Enlightenment questioning of Monarchy 👑
    3:25 May 1774 Louis XVI crowned 👑
    3:39 Louis XVI. Financed The American Revolution 🇺🇸
    4:05 France grows Poor, Marie Antoinette stays Lavish.
    4:53 Increase Taxes didn’t go well.
    6:34 Peasant uprising vs Tax collectors
    6:42 Anger over inconsistency and inequality.
    6:54 Natural Disasters, The Price of Bread 🥖 went up quickly.
    7:44 The Estates General of 1789
    9:07 2 to 1 Vote 🗳️ puts down The Third Estate.
    9:40 The National Assembly is born.
    10:17 The Jacobin Club wants to REMOVE THE KING 👑
    11:11 Fear -> Anger -> Revolution -> Violence
    11:36 The National Guard is formed. Some French Guard defect and join them as well.
    11:54 Seige of Hotel & Bastille.
    1. Denounce Violence
    2. Support Violence
    13:34 Jean Paul Marat _Friend of the People_ newspaper 📰
    14:25 August Declaration of Rights of Man and of the citizen
    15:05 October 5th 1789 Women’s March

  • I_am_minion
    I_am_minion 2 years ago +8210

    Fun Fact: Antoinette never actually said the famous line "Let them eat cake." She was way too out of touch with the poor people to even consider it

    • Owen Morrissey
      Owen Morrissey 2 years ago +45

      @Sanjana Karthik hell yessir

    • Mikaela Albes
      Mikaela Albes 2 years ago +927

      ​@Sanjana Karthik To be fair, She was already hated when she came to France even when she hasn't even done anything simply because she was Austrian. She was also very much a teenager when she reigned and not properly educated on how to be a queen plus It was pretty much her husband's responsibility to care for the people.

    • • Dreamixx •
      • Dreamixx • 2 years ago +487

      @Sanjana Karthik She was a teenager so you can’t really expect that much from her as a queen and France was in financial ruins before she was even queen so you can’t really blame her. If you saw the affair of the diamond necklace, she’s also got framed for things she hasn’t done.

    • 「 Eclipso 」
      「 Eclipso 」 2 years ago +328

      @• Dreamixx • EXACTLY. She was framed for a lot of things which had lowered her reputation ,not only that considering she wasn’t even French gave the people a better chance to blame everything on her so she was kinda the scapegoat queen.

  • Captain Delta Editz
    Captain Delta Editz Year ago +91

    French Revolution is one of the greatest Revolution . It's was like a really emotional ,action , thriller Real life movie . Oversimplified simply did an absolutely brilliant job doing justice to it.
    My all knowledge of history on this rev goes to you , it's better to learn this was than boring teaching in schools .

    • le whales
      le whales Month ago

      It made France the strongest force in Europe for like 23 years until the unification of Germany

  • fp2z.
    fp2z. Year ago +58

    Let’s all appreciate the time and effort he puts in the making the video ❤️

  • L B
    L B 9 months ago +15

    Oversimplified thank you for these very short and simply videos I watch them all the time but for the first time in my life im watching your videos for SCHOOL a Final!!! Your videos alone got me moved up above like my entire grade in history as I watch them for fun so thank you!!

  • MrKruger88
    MrKruger88 Year ago +13

    These videos must take a RIDICULOUS amount of time, effort and skill to make. I love them so much!!!

  • Beeway
    Beeway 3 days ago +1

    10:06 I love how detailed this is, it even showed that random guy that looked like he was walking, and the people on the right pledging, that guy on the left in a chair..

  • Charlie Wolin
    Charlie Wolin 3 years ago +3567

    Marie Antoinette actually didn’t say “let them eat cake”. That was said by a Spanish princess a century earlier. Marie Antoinette’s last words were actually translated to “I’m sorry sir, I meant not to do it” after she stepped on her executioners foot.

    • Pirate
      Pirate 3 years ago +324

      yeah she also didn't tell people to go to taco bell grats

    • MoxyTheFirst
      MoxyTheFirst 3 years ago +82

      @Pirate r/woosh

    • Brandon Caudill
      Brandon Caudill 3 years ago +453

      I don't think anyone ever thought "let them eat cake" was her last words, as implied here.

    • Aditya Deo
      Aditya Deo 3 years ago +104

      That made me feel bad for her.

    • Edmonton1704
      Edmonton1704 3 years ago +182

      Meh, credit where credit is due, she was kind and gracious in her final moments

  • DarkRoast
    DarkRoast Year ago +269

    Danton: Hey let's calm down and start working on making things better
    Robespierre: Sounds like you're losing your head

  • samiamrg7
    samiamrg7 Year ago +14

    It’s worth noting that most of the revolutionary sentiment was concentrated among the urban Parisians. The rural peasantry was suffering and wished for reform, but they remained loyal to the monarchy throughout much of the revolution. It was the Parisians who were the most radical and who were best positioned to force concessions from the king, what with Versaille being so close to Paris.

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