Halsey - You should be sad

  • Published on Jan 10, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC
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  • purple hearts
    purple hearts 3 hours ago

    country poorrnnn , I loovvee youu , uuhh

  • Akshay kumar
    Akshay kumar 3 hours ago

    Beautiful song

  • Elaine Merrill
    Elaine Merrill 3 hours ago

    This genre, stripper truth rock!

  • rockergirl20
    rockergirl20 3 hours ago


  • Samantha Olah
    Samantha Olah 3 hours ago

    Love, love, love this. Your killing it Halsey x

  • Monika Gautam
    Monika Gautam 4 hours ago

    And I had no warning about who you are...😊

  • Bayan Kilani
    Bayan Kilani 4 hours ago


  • Joshua Dolf Miranda
    Joshua Dolf Miranda 4 hours ago

    Halsey is everything I'm dreaming to be with 😍 she's so talented ❤

  • Karynda Garnica
    Karynda Garnica 4 hours ago

    Why though so much Shania? I actually listened to the songs that Shania sings with the similar outfits and those specific songs I feel somewhat intertwine with what Halsey is feeling and trying to say.

  • Smoked Eel
    Smoked Eel 4 hours ago

    Milli Vanilli syndrom

  • sky is blue
    sky is blue 4 hours ago +1

    harry styles lights up video looks different here

  • Oya Salih
    Oya Salih 4 hours ago


  • Cosmin Briciu
    Cosmin Briciu 4 hours ago

    80% sexual content, 10 country music and 10% white horse...kids have a lot to learn nowadays from these clips.

  • Vince350
    Vince350 5 hours ago

    G-eazy should be sad

  • Natikih-kun :D YT
    Natikih-kun :D YT 5 hours ago

    No puedo creer como bts copero con ella... (NO ES HATE!) y si responderás mi comentario para insultarme o algo así, no lo hagas porque serás totalmente ignoradx

  • CT1010101
    CT1010101 6 hours ago

    She's such a beauty chameleon. She looks like totally different people in this video. The only other person I can think of that does that is Lady Gaga. Super cool.

  • Lilly McDonald
    Lilly McDonald 6 hours ago

    The director said that the first shot should be a butt that's all.

  • Ramy Stone
    Ramy Stone 6 hours ago

    this is embarrassingly pathetic

  • Ahmed Rajon
    Ahmed Rajon 6 hours ago

    soft porn with a good background music

  • neamraven
    neamraven 6 hours ago

    Why is there an orgy in this video? When it has nothing to do with the song, lyrics or feel of the music? You think about that.

  • Crystal Pehrson
    Crystal Pehrson 6 hours ago

    I feel sad that she feels the need to be naked to made a good video and sale her music.

  • Patrick Hanson
    Patrick Hanson 7 hours ago

    Great song, one of her best, like an AWOL video too.

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir 6 hours ago

      I’m lovin all the Shania Twain tribute in there. 💜

  • Cecilia W
    Cecilia W 7 hours ago

    It's like a mix of videos of Britney Spears,Shania Twain,Pink and Lady Gaga... 🤔

  • Paula Ilanna
    Paula Ilanna 7 hours ago

    Thank U for this ❤

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 7 hours ago

    country, pop, rock, and a lil bit of everything nice

  • YENS
    YENS 7 hours ago


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 8 hours ago

    Whose this about?

  • Kayla More
    Kayla More 8 hours ago

    My god, she’s perfect

  • drifty Boiii_458
    drifty Boiii_458 8 hours ago

    Is this country or what
    It looks like country is making a comeback

  • Kara lee w
    Kara lee w 8 hours ago

    Yes girl!!!! Fire

  • Kyky 11
    Kyky 11 8 hours ago +1

    Evan Peters is shook.

  • ThatOnePianoGuy
    ThatOnePianoGuy 8 hours ago

    For those of you wondering, yes, this is a specific genre

    *Soft core porn*

  • Sing Vang
    Sing Vang 8 hours ago

    Gawd dang I'm seriously not sure if she looks better or sounds better....SMOKIN' HOT!

  • D S
    D S 8 hours ago

    What a combination of beauty and talent!!! 👏👏👏. Her lyrics are always so real and relatable.

    LEE LEE 8 hours ago +1

    This song, but dat body doe🔥🔥🔥

  • MarisolLysette
    MarisolLysette 8 hours ago

    I’m lovin all the Shania Twain tribute in there. 💜

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 8 hours ago

    Another Banger from the Super Cool Chic! Fuck the haters! Tell me what other female artist has more skills then her.

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs

    So it’s a... pop country rock?

  • Fouzia Ilyas
    Fouzia Ilyas 8 hours ago

    gonna tell my kids that this was a video song of old town road🤠🐴

  • Lucas Lin
    Lucas Lin 9 hours ago

    the video is like lady gaga's you and i and GUY vibed together

  • Varrera Lamb
    Varrera Lamb 9 hours ago


  • Travys Norman
    Travys Norman 9 hours ago

    Imagine being in a completely new relationship and still talking abt an ex 👀👀😂 im playing LOVE YA HALSEY

  • Dehana Weed
    Dehana Weed 9 hours ago

    Being a women who did "end up having a baby with him" this song hits hard for me .. in the most emotional and positive way ever .. yes we had a child but I raise him everyday so really ... it's almost like you never existed....peace be with you while I raise a beautiful young man.

  • Michelle Brooks
    Michelle Brooks 9 hours ago

    I love this song and every one she made

  • Kay 18
    Kay 18 9 hours ago

    A porn song.

  • Tanisha Rivera
    Tanisha Rivera 9 hours ago

    I dont get the video for the lyrics though.

  • Alex Ribeiro
    Alex Ribeiro 9 hours ago

    Man, she is gorgeous 🤯

  • king joseph
    king joseph 9 hours ago

    Who the hell would like to broke the heart of halsey. C'mon look at her! Shes so f***ng hot.

  • babyunicorn
    babyunicorn 9 hours ago

    damn! she's makin' her genre 😅

  • djmov007
    djmov007 9 hours ago

    No one's pointing out that someone 🤔 I wonder

  • Fishing Nerd
    Fishing Nerd 10 hours ago

    First love always hurt the worst. Halsey is scarred deeply.

  • A Girl
    A Girl 10 hours ago

    I love your songs so much🙌❤... Just I don't know why this video reminds me of Kesha, Cardi B and a little bit of Nicki Minaj tho.

  • goliaboi
    goliaboi 10 hours ago

    Just checking this out after her 9/11 publicity stunt. This song sound and even looks like the most generic pop song. God knows why she has amounted to the success she has. "Why Should I be Sad" by Britney - this is not.

  • adele
    adele 10 hours ago

    Is she imitating Shania Twain videos?

  • Emilio Monney
    Emilio Monney 10 hours ago

    Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light.

  • Georgia Mundy
    Georgia Mundy 10 hours ago

    I’m so fucking confused

  • Joey Woods
    Joey Woods 10 hours ago

    This song is totally about G Easy. She got with him and tried to help him stay off the drugs, but its all about the money, drugs, girls, and cars for him.Hes been trying to get back with her, but she is really far away on tour "I ran so f-ing far that you will never ever touch me again." He is a Gemini who thinks hes awesome "your not half the man you think that you are." She is now glad she didn't have a baby with him. Ouch that really must have hurt him to hear that. But she has no anger or malice towards him, just regret that she tried to take a broken man and put him back together, but then he didn't treat her how she deserved.

  • jintonic07
    jintonic07 10 hours ago

    wow, not impressed with slut show

  • Ashley Bayliss
    Ashley Bayliss 10 hours ago

    Just listened to this like 20x in a row, nbd

  • jomomo79
    jomomo79 10 hours ago

    shes beautiful but this video doesnt fit the song at all