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Here's How Professionals Deep Clean Things

  • Published on Sep 3, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • PRIVATE DIARY ► goo.su/1S4k
    When the dirty stuff becomes clean, it’s somewhat satisfying - we don't know how it works, but today, you will experience it firsthand. Houses, cars and even ships - everything will shine like new today.
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  • #Mind Warehouse
    #Mind Warehouse  Year ago +143

    Thanks for watching!

  • Sureshots 10000
    Sureshots 10000 Year ago +147

    I own a pressure washer and it comes in handy for so many cleaning jobs around the house.

  • William Diaz
    William Diaz Year ago +49

    One of the things I LOVED most was using the pressure washer on my grandparents driveway. They lived on a Eucalyptus lined street and sea cliff hillside in misty foggy Northern California. While everything smells beautiful, the sap gets into the concrete and turns black, looks like funky mold. It can also eventually make the drive slippery. Anyway - point is, my grandfather asked me to pressure wash the driveway, I've never done this before, had no idea what a pressure washer was, must have been, I dont know, 15 years old... HOLY SHIT... That driveway went from the darkest dingiest funky mold looking crust to absolutely bright white Italian marble haha. YUP.... This shit is the best.

    NECRO MANCER Year ago +494

    I wish the pressure washer could deep clean my life

    • M & M Spreading The Word of God
      M & M Spreading The Word of God Year ago +22

      Christ Jesus can deep clean your life. Reach every deep and dark nooch and cranny .✝️🥺❤️ I know you want to purified, cleaned and washed away from everything you’ve been exposed. I know you want a fresh start. You can get it through Jesus Christ, He is waiting for you with open arms.✝️🥺❤️
      Jesus Christ loves you, that’s why He died for you . He wants you to be refreshed, cleansed, purified. God loves you- don’t mind what the world says✝️🥺❤️

    • ★ghosty_studio★
      ★ghosty_studio★ Year ago +7

      @M & M Spreading The Word of God is Jesus homophobic

    • Brandon
      Brandon Year ago +6

      @★ghosty_studio★ well, in the Bible, it explains how marriage is meant for a man and a woman, so if your version of normal is “homophobia”, then yes

    • Satori Jude
      Satori Jude Year ago +1

      God bless, may god make your life better soon!

    • Soa Air
      Soa Air 11 months ago +3

      Honestly same

  • RogerRoo !
    RogerRoo ! 4 months ago +11

    My mother in law cleans under my fridge and around my stove every time she comes to visit. She just can’t sit still. I’m grateful for her.

  • ZReIgN Prewd
    ZReIgN Prewd Year ago +45

    I would clean my whole house if its going to be this satisfying 😌.

    • Matthew Hayes
      Matthew Hayes 4 months ago +2

      Just have to let it get that nasty to see the power washer make it that satisfying 🤣 I just had to break out the power washer to do my driveway. Thanks HOA

  • Li Patrick
    Li Patrick Year ago +214

    Oh god, how did they put all the pieces of the watch back together?
    I could never do that @-@

  • LyricVibes 1437
    LyricVibes 1437 Year ago +39


    • Sabine Schröter
      Sabine Schröter 4 months ago

      Water dries. And clothes can be washed.

    • De.MonA. GrunGe
      De.MonA. GrunGe 4 months ago +2

      dude honestly it made me jaw drop watching that

    • London Morris
      London Morris 2 months ago +3

      literally the comment I was looking for!!! I was so grossed out XD

  • BreUnique
    BreUnique Year ago +81

    Omg I can watch this everyday so satisfying 🤤

  • notconvincedgranny
    notconvincedgranny Year ago +21

    Car detailing is expensive - and worth every penny. And pressure washing is sooooo satisfying.

  • Alice Mae
    Alice Mae Year ago +3

    The sadness of knowing that I can't clean a bathroom mirror without it being dirtier than when I first started 😭😭😭

    • Jay ASMR & more
      Jay ASMR & more Year ago

      Why not?

    • Alice Mae
      Alice Mae Year ago

      I have no idea

    • Jay ASMR & more
      Jay ASMR & more Year ago

      @Alice Mae streaks?

    • Alice Mae
      Alice Mae Year ago

      Sometimes. But the last time I tried to clean the medicine cabinet mirror, I broke it. Not entirely sure how. My friend said she found me passed out with a piece of mirror embedded into my palm.

    • Jay ASMR & more
      Jay ASMR & more Year ago

      @Alice Mae then you are wiping too aggressively

  • Wayard
    Wayard Year ago +3

    We who say that this is so satisfying to watch and must be to do so but people who actually have to do this for living will most probably say " yeah this is not good as it seems like".
    Is there any one who agree?

  • Jesus’ Beloved
    Jesus’ Beloved Year ago +17

    I have one of those ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. Using a cleaner in it, it got pieces I was going to throw out clean as new!

  • Le_Shooty
    Le_Shooty Year ago +12

    They should’ve left the steps as is, the moss looks beautiful and adds such a charming touch

    • Akemii_
      Akemii_ Year ago +1

      Yeah, I was honestly thinking the same. It really gives it a whole new vibe. The moss really looked beautiful

    • Cat
      Cat Year ago +3

      I love it too, but it might become really slippery, especially when it rains. I live in a place where it rains a lot, and things like that become a pain. I still adore both versions, they look beautiful!

    • jaeyoru
      jaeyoru 10 months ago

      i was thinking ab that too, it looked really nice

    • Straw Bubbz
      Straw Bubbz 9 months ago

      thats what i was thinking

    • davelouis
      davelouis 15 days ago

      ​@Cat 😢😮😮😢😢5555555😢😢555😢5555555😢55😢5😢555😮5555555555555😢5😢😢5555555

  • Audrée Maurice
    Audrée Maurice Year ago +2

    It’s oddly satisfying and disgusting at the same time

  • Kris Jakeway
    Kris Jakeway 7 months ago +2

    Guy was bare handed with that gutter fair play

  • Adam & Olive Gray
    Adam & Olive Gray Year ago +2

    The jewelry was not that dirty. The black powder is a polishing powder. That comes off with the sonic bath.

  • French Fries
    French Fries Year ago +13

    The only non-satisfying thing is the guy cleaning the gutter with his LONG SLEEVES DOWN

    • Jay ASMR & more
      Jay ASMR & more Year ago +1

      And no gloves

    • Brain Villella
      Brain Villella Year ago

      Sos so true

    • Mira
      Mira 11 months ago

      I feel the 'vacuuming the rug then dropping the pile of debris back on it to show how clean it is now' part is also rather unsatisfying.

  • Ashley Wyatt
    Ashley Wyatt Year ago +20

    That first video was actually how u clean a grill that u cook on everyday...It literally looks like that everyday that it is cooked on

  • MoonIstheking
    MoonIstheking Year ago +2

    My dad once used a pressure washer for our drive way and I was like "Our driveway used to be white!?"

  • Honour Bailey
    Honour Bailey Year ago +12

    So interesting I love watching cleaning videos

  • Jasper Rose
    Jasper Rose Year ago +8

    This kind of relaxation is the exact reason I got PowerWash Simulator

  • Row dom
    Row dom Year ago +1

    Keep up the great work mate

  • C
    C Year ago +3

    You can do anything and well with the right tools and equipment. All of us are not so fortunate. Gotta make do with what you've got to try to handle the job 🙄🥴

  • Endez1a
    Endez1a Year ago +3

    2:27 I now realise that my old fridge wasn’t broken it just hadn’t been cleaned 💀

  • Madyocre
    Madyocre Year ago +12

    I definitely feel like they’re supposed to rinse off the chemicals after they clean that griddle… squeegee isnt not enough. Neither is a wipe down after

    • Z3R0
      Z3R0 Year ago +1

      Ya I saw a McDonald's version and they did a lot more than what the other people did

    • ⚘️Angela "Legs" Lane ⚘️
      ⚘️Angela "Legs" Lane ⚘️ 4 months ago

      We used soft scrub and ice lol

  • Vietnam Travel Guide

    These ways are quite interesting and useful

  • MrMagdump
    MrMagdump Year ago +1

    For the flat grill, any fastfood joint cook will have that cleaned up. Cause it usually looks worse within 1 day of it being put to use lol

  • Clana1103
    Clana1103 2 months ago

    Wow! These cleans r amazing! 😊❤❤❤

  • Jafari
    Jafari Year ago +1

    Everything fun and games till YOU must clean all those. 😂

  • 5 Minutes of Discovery

    It's interesting, I like such cleanliness

    LISE ET MOI Year ago

    Very clean video!

  • *Bea Is Bi*
    *Bea Is Bi* 3 months ago

    I need my mind to be deep cleaned lol

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Year ago +3

    I totally understand that washing your hands is a thing you can do, but would it kill these people to just wear gloves?

  • BlackKnightGaming
    BlackKnightGaming Year ago +2

    (Me who’s stove doesn’t have a counter around it) I don’t have such weaknesses

  • Shreyas Singh
    Shreyas Singh Year ago +2

    More such videos please

  • JenniferLovesRats

    I bet fixing that watch was a pretty penny!

  • 파이팅 주오
    파이팅 주오 Year ago

    You know the only thing they didn’t clean?
    My mind.

  • Cat The awesome
    Cat The awesome Year ago +2

    3:26 leaf guards can stop leafs from clogging the gutters :)

  • 🎧SPHYNX🎧
    🎧SPHYNX🎧 Year ago +1

    Me after watching this video: “huh, time to get my hose and pressure wash random things outside”.

  • Shady
    Shady Year ago

    This is so relaxing

  • Derpy
    Derpy Year ago

    So satisfying❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • ፈታ ዘና ለፈገግታ

    Good work bro 👍

  • Bassgirl154
    Bassgirl154 Year ago +1

    That device you call steam cleaner is actually a extractor

    • Jenn's Corner 777
      Jenn's Corner 777 4 months ago

      Thank you!!!! Everytime I would look up steamer it wasn't right. Now I know!

  • Plumbobi
    Plumbobi Year ago +2

    Video: "We thought that grill was beyond fixing and doomed for a landfill!"
    Me, who's worked in restaurants for years: "Hahahahahahahaha haha...."

    • Id OFX8
      Id OFX8 4 months ago +1

      If it isn’t rusting out from the bottom and flames aren’t peaking through the cracks of its dented and scratched finish it’s practically brand new! Maybe an exaggeration, but unless as grill is structurally damaged in some way it really is funny to see people think THAT was beyond saving.

  • De.MonA. GrunGe
    De.MonA. GrunGe 4 months ago

    Are we not going to talk about the cutoff at 6:16 It caught me so off guard that I laughed.

  • andrew
    andrew 4 months ago

    "McDonald's where you at?"
    We literally do the same thing with our grills

  • MiMi Free2B
    MiMi Free2B Year ago +3

    😫uh! 😩God bless these cleaning people!
    💕 😍👍👏😭✌😋 💕

  • Grxmlin
    Grxmlin 2 months ago

    Gutter cleaning looks easy but it isn’t you have to carry very heavy ladders to roofs bend over to reach the gutters often cut yourself on them and then carry the ladder back and secure it to your car/truck/ute

  • Adorable 2.0
    Adorable 2.0 Year ago +2

    So satisfying

  • Steward Umayam
    Steward Umayam Year ago +1

    I prefer the stone steps with dirt and weeds cause it gives that nature feeling

  • LadyJoyce0822
    LadyJoyce0822 Year ago +11

    I just want to know what steam cleaner they used on those plushies!

    • jaeyoru
      jaeyoru 10 months ago +1

      did u find out

    • Cancer & Tourmaline
      Cancer & Tourmaline 9 months ago +2

      It’s called an ‘Abyssel’ I think. I have no link for you, so just look up ‘The detail geek’ here in Clip-Share. He has the links for that stuff in his description. Plus his work is very satisfying!

    • ⚘️Angela "Legs" Lane ⚘️
      ⚘️Angela "Legs" Lane ⚘️ 4 months ago

      Bissell spot clean is excellent, about $170.

    • ⚘️Angela "Legs" Lane ⚘️
      ⚘️Angela "Legs" Lane ⚘️ 4 months ago

      @Cancer & Tourmaline I LOVE WATCHING MITCH!!

  • Grayn
    Grayn Year ago +1

    Sir, that is not a arm chair, that's a car seat!!

  • Cerinaya
    Cerinaya Year ago +1

    I want one of those steam cleaners.

    • MiMi Free2B
      MiMi Free2B Year ago

      😒waaa- ?? Like frfr 😑👍

    • Jay ASMR & more
      Jay ASMR & more Year ago

      It’s definitely worth it. Look at some of my Steam videos and shorts, it obliterates dirt much easier and faster than a person can

  • AZ
    AZ Year ago +3

    pressure washers can’t give life to EVERYTHING if it could i wouldn’t have ashes to take care of

  • Baku-toga
    Baku-toga Year ago

    So they have anything that can re-shine and get rid of marks in wood floors?

  • SickGames_ 4U
    SickGames_ 4U 4 months ago

    Ngl I liked the stone steps before being cleaned I just really love that mossy look

  • Skittles
    Skittles Year ago +3

    Who the heck is too old to keep toys?!

  • Cursed F
    Cursed F 4 months ago

    The watch cleaning was awesome

  • pugking
    pugking 9 months ago +1

    Me: see,s a piece of Dust clean. Queen:another one bites the dust

  • garrett prault
    garrett prault Year ago +2

    That panda Express grill is some weak stuff compared to the way my coworker cleans our grill at culvers, literally reflects like a mirror 20minutes after being black

  • Gorilla with internet connection

    The stone steps had a medieval vibe. I don’t care if it’s dirty. Now it looks basic.

  • MoonIstheking
    MoonIstheking Year ago

    "I get it, your too old to keep toys." Wait there's an age limit?

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah Year ago


  • Laffeyette stan
    Laffeyette stan Year ago +1

    The guys with the gutters really made me uncomfortable, THEY DIDNT KNOW WHAT WAS IN THERE, AND THEY STILL WHENT IN WITH BARE HANDS

  • Delilah spiderstep

    Please read: if you have an automatic dog waterer, please clean the top!! It gets gunk buildup and it’s NASTY! The best tools are: Q-tip, paper towels, or a presserized sink. 💥💥💥PLEASE READ!! ITS FOR YOU DOGS OR CATS HEALTH!!!💥💥💥

  • Nikola Logina
    Nikola Logina 9 months ago

    This music is so nostalgic....

  • Dark Rockman
    Dark Rockman Year ago +10

    Dang got here so fast there's only 5 likes including mine. This video made me want to reclean my whole house.

  • Tyrone Frye
    Tyrone Frye Year ago +3

    Bruh dis just shows we can doin anything love how oddly scintillatin dis YTC is respect its entertainment gangsta no cap lol stay safe RIP Richard Donner n Charlie Watts BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  • BoogieRoblox
    BoogieRoblox Year ago

    9:06 that a real DEEP clean 😂🤣

  • Miss Communication

    A few opinions from someone who is not a professional in any cleaning industry whatsoever:
    1. I think the plushies were being washed with an upholstery cleaner. You can hire them from hardware stores and supermarkets.
    2.That person scrubbing the vanity with a metal scratchie is giving their future selves more grief. Scratching the hell out of plastic or porcelain just makes it cling onto grime and stains much easier, and makes it harder to clean in the long run. Better off getting the appropriate cleaner to eat away at the grime, even if it takes a bit of time for layers of grime. Of course the ultimate method is just to never let it get that feral in the first place, even if you can't get into cleaning that often just wiping it over with a wet cloth to get rid of the dust from the week can prevent it ever getting this bad.
    -- Also life hack: have a small squeegee in the shower recess for the tiles and glass. Make part of your shower routine squeegeeing the walls when you finish showering. Flush them with a bit of water first (wash off new soap scum before it dries), do a quick squeegee which helps get all the water to the floor and the drain, preventing mould and keeping the bathroom fresher and less humid. I change my face washer every day, so I use that to wipe off the squeegee of any soap scum that it gets from squeegeeing the walls. --
    -- Bonus lifehack: before you dry off, use your hands to do a rough wipe of the water on your body. It stops your towel from getting soaking wet on one use, which stops it being damp for a long time and getting smelly in only a day. Also it stops the whole bathroom floor from becoming wet when you finish bathing, and in turn keeps your feet dry after you've dried them which prevents the wet-feet-on-carpet that you get at ensuite entrances which stops the gross mouldy underlay and staining you get from wet feet over carpet. --
    4. Vinegar is amazing absolutely use it for rusty stuff. All our tools get a vinegar bath when they get rusty and come up like new. Also great for those wheeled pot stands - the castors seize up without being lubricated, but even then, they rust and fuse. Vinegar soak for a couple of days meant we kept them instead of throwing them out and buying new ones. Also the vinegar looks feral but you can just keep using it for new rusty things and it still works.

  • Game w Jason
    Game w Jason 10 months ago

    Jesus loves you all soo much repent from your sins before it’s too late🥰🥰💗💗💗

  • SharkPik Channel
    SharkPik Channel Year ago +2

    I like this video grand job my friend 👍

  • Ntina Mitr
    Ntina Mitr Year ago

    When u watch car cleaning and u think that the people who cleaned it when they soll be like:let's shine thes baby up

  • Julie Mosby
    Julie Mosby Year ago

    Where can I get the tool cleaning kit?

  • emmYtheGHOST🤡
    emmYtheGHOST🤡 Year ago +7

    3:48 yooo everyone talking about the gitter and stuff being clean...but why he reachin in there with his hoodie sleeve down? Omg I would not want my hoodie getting wet with that water

    • k1348
      k1348 Year ago

      I was thinking the same!!

  • Sarfaraaz Ali
    Sarfaraaz Ali Year ago

    Im watching this as if i would do cleaning

  • angela vara
    angela vara Year ago

    Can't the stove be pulled out then clean all places?

  • Khobo Mi7
    Khobo Mi7 Year ago

    Not so much of deep cleaning 😂😂😂

  • General Britain 77

    I want to clean now!

  • Cookie Pup
    Cookie Pup Year ago

    Okay I’m ganna look under my refrigerator now…

    BFRIZZLE Year ago +1

    What's up with that sink? I've never seen that kind before

  • fino hangouts
    fino hangouts Year ago

    Bruh that ain't no sponge. That's steel wire. (8:22)

  • F40CARZ
    F40CARZ Year ago

    4:48 of course you have to look after it!

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli Month ago

    My mans playing pressure washing simulator irl💀

  • Roperational
    Roperational Year ago +1

    Define, *”professionals”* 😂

  • Cecilia Fine
    Cecilia Fine Year ago

    Before wash
    Me before cleaned:eww
    After cleaned me:👍

  • Vaibhaw Kumar Baraik

    Bro amazing video love from india pls give a heart if possible

  • Kami Art
    Kami Art Year ago

    Wooooow.... Really nice..... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  • SkullCoffee5994
    SkullCoffee5994  11 months ago

    Lol there was an add for pine sol and I’m basically allergic to that stuff

  • Karl Hnedkovsky
    Karl Hnedkovsky Year ago +3

    8:04 This sink is filthy, but just three shots from Kitchen gun...

  • Leax
    Leax Year ago +3

    6:10 For anyone eating right now, enjoy

  • Titan
    Titan Year ago

    Yeah but we can't time lapse clean out room

  • 2.0 jacob
    2.0 jacob Year ago

    The sink is like a ☣ biohazard 🤣

  • Paul Heinen
    Paul Heinen 4 months ago

    5:59 do this to everything and everyone

  • плотоядная россиянка

    2:57 bruh plants want to live literally anywhere except for my house

  • Jonathan Resendiz
    Jonathan Resendiz Year ago +2

    Cool video dude

  • Axel
    Axel 9 months ago

    I would've cleaned the ship propeler and the other ship on land so the dirt wouldn't go back into the sea

  • Mocca
    Mocca Year ago

    I want to say that... You are never to old for plush, OK?

  • Worlds Greatest Bladers

    I thought sewer covers were supposed to be that color