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Building the Quickest Minecraft Houses I can think of...

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Meadnex
    Meadnex 2 years ago +4321

    My personal favorite house to make: step 1: find a cave. step 2: thats it, you live here now

    • PuggyGaming
      PuggyGaming 25 days ago

      My quickest is dig down make a staircase and a trapdoor, boom done, you can decorate or whatever just remember, dig, staircase, trapdoor

    • Andrei Djoulai
      Andrei Djoulai 2 months ago

      Me too. I do this alot!

    • SpamToast10
      SpamToast10 2 months ago


    • Gatt0gamer97
      Gatt0gamer97 3 months ago

      @BadGirlHalo(discount) You are right 👍

    • Black cats are cute!!!
      Black cats are cute!!! 3 months ago

      That’s the definition of me

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez Year ago +1142

    0:30 Mushroom House
    1:20 Treehouse
    2:00 Desert Temple
    5:10 Ice Spike
    7:40 *E v i c t i o n*
    8:05 Ravine

    • Angel Lopez
      Angel Lopez 4 months ago +1

      @Xavian Rivera np

    • Xavian Rivera
      Xavian Rivera 4 months ago +2

      Thx, this was very helpful when I was building these in Minecraft myself

    • Mazen Dude
      Mazen Dude 6 months ago +1

      @knight it means you kick out people out of their house or apartment for them not paying for whatever they are supposed to pay for or if they are doing something that can not be there so then it’s the house of the one that kicks them out, a person that evicts them out is called a Landlord.

    • Mazen Dude
      Mazen Dude 6 months ago +1

      I personally like the treehouse, I’ve always wanted to make a treehouse in Minecraft but I was never able to find a tall enough tree, I’m not that good at making things look generated legit though……

    • amogus
      amogus 9 months ago

      @Katelyn’s Randomness hippity hoppity your house is now *my property*

  • ling ting
    ling ting Year ago +2968

    Man's called a desert temple a mansion when he has a biome sized house in a survival world

  • Toaster Van
    Toaster Van Year ago +1675

    My first ravine “house” was me and my friend falling down into a ravine then not bothering to dig ourselves out until we were fully kitted with full diamond armour and tools

  • lonely potato
    lonely potato Year ago +572

    With the temple, you can perfectly fit a full beacon in the top pyramid.

  • The Tree
    The Tree 3 years ago +3332

    Grain: minimal effort house that you can build in minutes
    Also Grian: so to build this house you need to go to one of the rarest biomes and then get soul sand from the nether

    • Togepi FC
      Togepi FC 4 months ago

      You Said Grain Not Grian

    • Mazen Dude
      Mazen Dude 5 months ago

      @Lanna The weeb what do you mean by Grian Word?

    • Mazen Dude
      Mazen Dude 5 months ago

      @Television deep ocean biome, do you mean coral reefs, I honestly have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    • ordinal
      ordinal 7 months ago

      @Spaghooooot he said one of the rarest

    • business man brute
      business man brute 8 months ago

      @Elytra Pug just craft ladders

  • Forpus
    Forpus Year ago +152

    Grian’s “quickest houses” are better than my 2 year old one

  • qwertui
    qwertui Year ago +179

    I like how when explaining about the roof on the desert temple a raid party spawned

  • Strawberry 6 16 64
    Strawberry 6 16 64 10 months ago +23

    As someone who’s favorite part of Minecraft is building, and experimenting with building, I love this!!

  • Miles
    Miles Year ago +470

    "I know it's a bit much to ask someone to go to the nether at the start of their playthrough..."
    Top Speedrunners, who consistently do it in under 4 minutes:

    • Gatt0gamer97
      Gatt0gamer97 3 months ago

      @friendly neighbourhood uni-onion it tooks me like 10 mins
      (with x-ray)
      And 20 mins without

    • Jeremy Hale
      Jeremy Hale Year ago

      if you can get 4 iron, flint and a lava lake, you can get there in like 2min

    • Youmober
      Youmober Year ago

      @Aryan Sinha yes

    • Shailen M
      Shailen M Year ago +4

      U just need 4 pieces of iron, 1 flint, some dirt, craft 1 flint and steel, craft a bucket, find a lava pool and a water pool, lay out some dirt (portal size), then get some lava in bucket place it down and put water alongside it repeat this method till ur portal shape is done then use flint and steel to light it up and always remember to wear some gold before entering the nether. Easy :)

    • Aryan Sinha
      Aryan Sinha Year ago +5

      @friendly neighbourhood uni-onion If its only going into the nether, with no regard for preperation, all you need to do is get one (1) bucket of water, and a decent sized lava pool. Learn the speedrunners portal (its very easy, like 6 blocks placed) and boom you have yourself a netherportal

  • Ricey Pooie
    Ricey Pooie 3 years ago +13467

    Me: "digs 3 blocks deep, puts a block over my head"

  • Saitenoth
    Saitenoth Year ago +6

    I can see myself making a really cool network of heavily detailed ravine houses. Thanks for the idea!

    MIDNIGHT STAR Year ago +15

    oh god, he mines dirt with a Dimond pickaxe

  • Maria Idrees
    Maria Idrees Year ago +14

    fun fact: the top of desert temple is perfect for full beacon

    • Lazy5830
      Lazy5830 Year ago

      totally didnt know that

  • Ember the Fox
    Ember the Fox 8 days ago

    I'm definitely going with the desert temple when I can. Practical, spacious, and looks pretty good.

  • Aco
    Aco Year ago +2

    I explored a giant area in my world recently. I made over 200 bases in that time, and plotted them all on a map.
    By the end, I actually became a REALLY big fan of just having my bed, crafting table, chest and banner just laying outside. No house at all. It's very satisfying, you all should try it.
    When do you ever truly hide in a house anyway? You can't sleep with mobs nearby.

  • Fadi Salamoun
    Fadi Salamoun Year ago +18

    Grian: creating ladder to get up
    Also Grian: needs to die to go down
    Me: wtf he could've used the frigin' ladder!

  • WinDestruct
    WinDestruct 10 months ago +32

    Grian: **mines dirt with diamond pickaxe**
    Me: **feels pain inside**

  • IV Sparkle X
    IV Sparkle X 3 months ago +1

    You can also use the other type of mushroom and build on top of it and you have more room but it will take slightly longer :)

  • Dionysis
    Dionysis 3 years ago +4804

    Grian: "These are not the prettiest houses these are the quickest houses"
    *transforms desert temple into a 2 floor mansion*

    WILLOW MORGAN 4 months ago +1

    These are some amazing houses I want to make those now

  • Watfordh
    Watfordh Year ago +59

    Grian: take a villagers house and expand it.
    Me: take a villagers house.

    • a mushroom
      a mushroom Year ago

      he didnt say to expand it but okaY!

  • Katous_
    Katous_ Year ago

    These builds are awesome!! Good job!

  • Paddock 9 Minecraft
    Paddock 9 Minecraft 2 months ago

    I absolutely love ravine bases. I just wish ravines still broke through the surface and gave players a dramatic view straight down to y=54.

  • •Emmy Čhäñ•
    •Emmy Čhäñ• Year ago +1

    Those quick houses was really helpful. Thanks a lot! I think I am now in peace😇

  • Dark Wolfie Gaming

    I always made treehouses like that it brings back a lot of memories :')

  • Goyangi
    Goyangi 4 months ago +1

    Theoretically the mushroom one wouldn't be too pleasant because it would smell like mushrooms 24/7
    plus you can make the ravine house more of a secret base

  • JellyBean
    JellyBean 3 months ago

    You can also use the pyramid top as a mold for a beacon because the way it's built once you seal of the part that he sealed off it can perfectly fit a Max Level Beacon, It's actually very interesting

  • wang
    wang 3 years ago +1895

    Grian: *Being Einstein and turning Ice spikes into houses*
    Also Grian: *Takes chests by mining them with diamond pickaxe*

    • wang
      wang 3 years ago

      dhaain legend Hello, sir.

    • ぞあゴAsami
      ぞあゴAsami 3 years ago

      I noticed 😂😂😂

    • •s o u r L e m o n•
      •s o u r L e m o n• 3 years ago +1

      Great cuts down wood in survival and has diamond pickax and axe
      Also grian digs dirt whit pickaxe

    • Jack 'o cano
      Jack 'o cano 3 years ago

      Hello gachaverse

    • WoogaChan
      WoogaChan 3 years ago

      1000th like bayybeeyy

  • Bethiel
    Bethiel 8 months ago

    Thank you for the idea with the desert temple, I really like that build :)

  • Blazing Obsidian Productions

    Pyramid: Exists
    Grian: Let's remove the pyramid part of this 😭

  • Sappo _
    Sappo _ 5 months ago

    While I played the ps3 version, swamps and dark forests generated fairly commonly. So I would find a Grey mushroom and then use a latter to get to the top and then make walls, creating a nice 7 by 7 house in less then 10 minutes

  • Cole Kinzie
    Cole Kinzie Year ago +5

    I remember always making a mushroom house when I was little!

  • semelh sk
    semelh sk 3 years ago +10489

    Grian: *mines dirt with diamond pickaxe*
    My mind: Calm down,calm down

  • NoodlesRmyFavoriteVegetable

    I have a geode house in a lush cave. Some more of my friends live in the cave, too. Made it my secret base so noone could find it that easily. I also made it 500 blocks away from spawn to make it harder to find.

  • AmbercloudAnimates

    my sibling did a ravine house, it was the best house i've ever seen in minecraft, and they put glass instead of wood as the roof and they had a huge skylight. it was truly, truly amazing.

  • Mr.Plague Doctor
    Mr.Plague Doctor Year ago +41

    1:46 as he’s talking about the treehouse being easy. Leave brakes and sapling falls to ground

    • Tails
      Tails Year ago +2

      Yes it is hard for a treehouse

  • Adventures of 2 broz
    Adventures of 2 broz 3 months ago

    Grian is one of a few people who actually build it in survival instead of creative. Props to you

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous  10 months ago

    The mushroom house is the best of the bunch cuz you can make it a super Crazy house if you have enough bonemeal, with ladders everywhere and a storage place with like a 3x3 of mushrooms. It is the most expansion friendly

  • Straight A Playz
    Straight A Playz Year ago +1

    Your great inspiration to small Minecraft tutorial channels. I appreciate it heaps!

  • 🎨Студия_Креатива🎬

    My first ravine house was just a platform with a bunch of fences and carpets at the top and rough stairs.

  • KittyNoodles Gaming
    KittyNoodles Gaming Year ago +1

    the houses in this vid are so eazy and cool to make thank you

  • dragonrykr
    dragonrykr 3 years ago +996

    You didnt say how long it took you to make the Desert Temple house... you only said - I will say it later

    • lalobee
      lalobee 3 years ago +1

      Maybe it's not later yet. ;)

    • Ethan Brennan
      Ethan Brennan 3 years ago +2

      I built it and it took me 5mins

    • DFC
      DFC 3 years ago +4

      Because it took too long for him to build it

    • Saprogeist
      Saprogeist 3 years ago +9

      Yeah, because he's still working on it.

    • Itz G.I.G.
      Itz G.I.G. 3 years ago +4

      @Nicholas Tabatadze look hes already done with the house, those are just examples of ahat you can put on top of it, of course you can always make a second floor

  • Elian Franco
    Elian Franco 11 months ago

    Sometimes I like making little mushroom houses for villagers, but those are so much better

  • paint is funny tastin
    paint is funny tastin 4 months ago

    grian you are a genius, I’ve been playing Minecraft for 7 years now and I’ve never seen a base this simple, it is so interesting to see how you just take a tree, mushroom and desert temple into a base within about 5 minutes, it’s just so cool. Thanks these bases with help me soooooo much

  • Vandana Bhasin
    Vandana Bhasin Year ago

    And another thing I want to add that if you are building the tree house or the ice spike house pls make sure to add a safety feature like just add a trap door so no mob comes in your house

  • The ultimate lifeform of pure concentrated energy

    Fun fact! The pyramid on top of the desert temples is meant to hold a full power beacon while concealing it

  • Landon Wilson
    Landon Wilson 3 years ago +3367

    Grian: *used a diamond pick to mine dirt*
    Shovels: “Am I a joke to you?”

  • Basha’s Wonderful Adventures

    Thank you for showing me how to make a mushroom house cuz I always wanted one so I made one thanks to you😄

  • Everything with Vansh

    I like desert temple house. That was a good idea to replace with stairs

  • Samuel Strobl
    Samuel Strobl Year ago +43

    Grian: "I was able to get a fair amount of seeds!" - actually got 3 seeds...

    • Vorschlaghammer
      Vorschlaghammer Year ago

      I normally stop seed hunting after getting 1 seed. So 3 seeds he is very wealthy in MC.

  • Melony Grant
    Melony Grant 2 months ago

    For the ice spike house you could just use a ladder outside and cover it with blocks and inside

  • Granny Edna
    Granny Edna 3 years ago +451

    Grian: Quick, Effortless houses.
    Also Grian: *Transforms a desert temple*

  • ThePoggestRHYoutuberEver

    For the desert temple you could use the loot room at the bottom as a chest room

  • Jacob Karabinos
    Jacob Karabinos 4 months ago +1

    This helped me out a lot thank for making this video

  • Check bio for Roblox rewards

    This guys pretty funny glad i found your channel man keep up the great content!

  • G Clan assistant
    G Clan assistant Year ago +6

    Mushroom house is good to camp in when you find the mansion

  • koseaflop
    koseaflop 3 years ago +2980

    this video comes out right as I spend twenty hours building a simple house

  • Chicken
    Chicken Year ago +9

    This just saved me 3 days of building a house

    • Karim Anwar
      Karim Anwar Year ago +1

      You can also make a mineshaft into a large ravine house

  • Pure Peels Skin Care

    One fast way is to go to a mountain, find a cave, kill all the mobs and mine the ores, shape it, put down all the comforts and storage, put down some doors then you get a cave house! It also turned out as my starter house!
    P.S, make a staircase or ladder.

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude 3 months ago

    did you know that the top of a desert piramid is the perfect place to fit a beacon? a max beacon fits perfectly in it!

  • jbsmith966
    jbsmith966 7 months ago

    Another quick & easy one when starting out in survival is to just burrow into the side of a hill or mountain, much like a Hobbit hole.

  • Mayapanini
    Mayapanini 3 years ago +248

    I LOVE the mushroom one. It was probably my 1st survival build :)

    • Tøm Lé Püssy
      Tøm Lé Püssy 3 years ago +1

      ikr it looks so adorable

    • Translucenc3 Lol
      Translucenc3 Lol 3 years ago +1

      My little sister made that exact build, using two pre-generated mushrooms.

    • Lord Ham
      Lord Ham 3 years ago


    • DardS8Br
      DardS8Br 3 years ago +3

      My first survival house when mushroom biomes were added was that one but I grew mushroom on mushroom not mushroom next to mushroom.

    • PlagueRatMari
      PlagueRatMari 3 years ago +4

      My first survival build was a dirt hut. It like... Got added rooms. One was cobble. One was wood. It got weird fast.

  • Christina Jacobs
    Christina Jacobs Year ago

    2:14 Grian: quick an easy house does not need a lot of time to prepare
    Also Grian: uses diamond pickaxe

  • meizhu wu
    meizhu wu Year ago

    im actually not a fan of big spaces so the mushroom house is perfect for me, thanks grian

  • xelua
    xelua Year ago +2

    i remember spawning and living in an igloo .. it was amezing

  • Muchbracelet242
    Muchbracelet242 11 months ago

    a way to fix the top of the last house would be to teraform it with some grass or moss also it could serve as a secret house

    SIWEL 3 years ago +2746

    Grian:I'll build something small
    Time:5 minutes
    ...builds a woodland mansion..

  • Tarek El Mouhanto
    Tarek El Mouhanto 2 months ago

    I like the form you gave the desert temple,im going to try it,keep it up grian

  • Rishit Gupta
    Rishit Gupta 8 months ago

    The ravine house is useful if you are in a SMP and you can put dirt in top to cover it

  • Tyler Pechenik
    Tyler Pechenik 8 months ago

    With the Ice Spike house you can make it switch from soulsand to magma therefore you don't need to jump off

  • Akarshak Guha
    Akarshak Guha Year ago +3

    "Just as a courtesy" - a very nice minecraft builder named Grian

  • Bassy Bass Trombone
    Bassy Bass Trombone 3 years ago +477

    “Really quick Mansion”
    _While showing birch wood in a desert._

    • Filoni
      Filoni 3 years ago

      I don’t think Grian plays a massive amount of survival

    • Mr. Pigeon
      Mr. Pigeon 3 years ago +2

      Grian: Really quick mansion
      Every minecraft fighter: has woodland mansion

    • Gläzech
      Gläzech 3 years ago +2

      Lets all become nomads until we stumble upon a birch tree forest

    • Mihai Mihai
      Mihai Mihai 3 years ago

      Yh seems legit

  • Elian Franco
    Elian Franco 11 months ago

    Sometimes I like making little mushroom houses for villagers, and when I spawn in a dark oak forest I also make a mushroom house🍄🍄

  • Danial Karim
    Danial Karim Month ago

    My fav is the desert temple mansion. Although the top is just a roof, the inside is so big you could fit most of the farms you made on top inside of the temple. Althogh rare, its very worth it.

    • Danial Karim
      Danial Karim Month ago

      And its design is amazing and somehow better than almost all my builds.

  • Robloxpandasquad1967

    Years ago, I made a house out of a cave and it went really well and it was old minecraft

  • dismantion
    dismantion 5 months ago

    This is so nostalgic
    I remember as 5 years old i used big trees to cut leaves that are inside and i lived in there
    Also i claimed villagers houses

  • Kobe Kola
    Kobe Kola 3 years ago +6035

    People who havent played minecraft in so long probably had a heart attack when you said *"ice spike biome"*

    • Dimi
      Dimi Year ago

      I didn't play it 4 years

    • 𝚣 𝚒 𝚙 𝚙 𝚢
      𝚣 𝚒 𝚙 𝚙 𝚢 Year ago

      @Goated Kutsal Really!?
      It was here when 2018 existed

    • hannah !!
      hannah !! Year ago +1

      I haven't played in three years (I've saved up enough money to get a PS4 and TV), and Im literally go SO excited to play again-
      And yes I saved up enough to have more money left over to buy Play Station card thingys (I still have $30 left)
      Wait I feel like im bragging now, im so sorry im not

    • FelixGendron44 G
      FelixGendron44 G Year ago


    • Bonbon
      Bonbon Year ago


  • DownhillTHEpro
    DownhillTHEpro Year ago +28

    I was so triggered when he broke the dirt with a diamond pic axe

    • RandomNB
      RandomNB Year ago +1

      Same, but did you notice he filled the sandstone middle roof with smooth sandstone and didn’t fix it, thats the thing that really got me

  • Maggie’s random stuff

    I always like making a 7x7 house with a stair roof.

  • Grumpy Nomad
    Grumpy Nomad 11 months ago +1

    For my first house I find a cave and block it off. I stay there until I have food and iron and then I move to a village. I put all the villagers in a box and burn down their town and build a starter house.

  • Miso Diab
    Miso Diab Year ago

    Can you use the mushroom island? By the way I love your videos!

  • Nottan Ajin
    Nottan Ajin 3 years ago +1452

    Breaks leaves with axe
    Breaks soul sand and dirt with pick
    Immense pain

    • Kunimi :p
      Kunimi :p 2 years ago

      I didn’t have mine craft before but now...............Pain intensifies.

    • jadeUwU
      jadeUwU 2 years ago

      your pfp made it better lmao

    • Howling Claw
      Howling Claw 2 years ago

      your profile is me watching him do all those stuff

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 2 years ago

      I break the wood with the sword...

    • BasicallyRexa
      BasicallyRexa 2 years ago

      *breaks chests with pick*

  • Luke Cordell
    Luke Cordell 10 months ago +1

    Grian: most of the structure is already built
    Tree+mushroom : are we a joke to you

  • randombees
    randombees Year ago +8

    All of this was done in survival
    Also him: goes into creative

  • DiamondSword021
    DiamondSword021 3 months ago

    To be honest, I think me and Grian are some PRETTY good builders.

  • st3arz
    st3arz Year ago

    Thanks so much this helped me so much!😊

  • DJ Music Man
    DJ Music Man Year ago

    Thank you this helped me so much 😁

  • Arcade 2
    Arcade 2 Year ago +1

    Him: sees village
    Also him: takes the time to make ice spiked house

  • Weezing Argonian
    Weezing Argonian Year ago +2

    House underground:
    Expectation: cool, living like a mole
    Reality: cave sounds, AKA eviction notice

  • Andrei Djoulai
    Andrei Djoulai 2 months ago

    Grian you may already know this but you can mine magma blocks with a wooden pickaxe (might only work in java edition)

  • Glasses Voices
    Glasses Voices 3 years ago +3100

    Grian: *Makes House inside leaves*
    Naturally disappearing leaves: I’m about to end this whole mans career

    • Gamer Ghidorah
      Gamer Ghidorah Year ago

      @Master Fish

    • Tiffany Dharma
      Tiffany Dharma 2 years ago

      Actually it is true

    • minecraft gaming
      minecraft gaming 2 years ago

      You pronunce is wrong its :I am about to end this mans whole career

    • pase
      pase 2 years ago

      @PeterCauston that was unnecessary language in the version I play if you break a little bit of the tree it all starts to disappear... if you don't believe me my 6-year-old self cried for hours over this (when I say I cried for hours its an exaggeration seeing as some of you don't have a sense of humor)

    • bhagath pillai
      bhagath pillai 2 years ago

      @glasses voices they are not disappearing , they just break like a normal leaves in minecraft

  • lycos94
    lycos94 Year ago +4

    keep in mind that torches or fires actually melt the ice if you make a house in there

    • Adi Pear Studios
      Adi Pear Studios Year ago

      Or just a bed also it is a small house so u don’t need a light source, just sleep when it gets dark

    • Adi Pear Studios
      Adi Pear Studios Year ago

      Sea lanterns or normal lanterns could work as a light source

  • IronCopper
    IronCopper 10 months ago

    The villager house is legit what I did in my first Minecraft survival world except I added an iron door to prevent the villagers from walking in

  • Warhubnia
    Warhubnia Year ago +1

    Good now I can make my mushroom village thanks Grian

  • #CousinChannel
    #CousinChannel Year ago

    The tree house is also good for hiding stuff

  • yourgrandfather1234
    yourgrandfather1234 3 years ago +879

    The villagers have much better building skills than me ;-;

    • corax
      corax 2 years ago

      I just carry a bed, crafting table and oven with me and sleep wherever I want

    • Alyssah Arcega
      Alyssah Arcega 2 years ago

      Yeah Because They Are NPCs?

    • Trisha Pancio
      Trisha Pancio 2 years ago

      If you just copy a villager house then you can say that you have equal skills to the villager because you built one of their houses

    • I beg you
      I beg you 2 years ago

      i also suck at building, but i'm good in surviving, fighting, exploring...and i hate creative 😂

    • 8bitty
      8bitty 2 years ago

      @edussalas1 *BRO*

  • Tails
    Tails 11 months ago +1

    The reason why he said to collect some magma blocks as well is because Gorillo showed us a way to make a Elevator up and down.

  • Quike.
    Quike. Year ago +1

    The desert temple house was great! Thanks

  • Alesha
    Alesha Year ago

    I'm gonna make the snow house and the snow base you mentioned I really liked your ideas but the high snow tower I'm gonna make it a bit different