Why Can't Anyone Finish These Puzzles? • 11 Products That Will Melt Your Brain

  • These are some of the most difficult (yet still fun) games we've enjoyed playing! Could you handle these challenges?
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    We enjoy more than just crazy candy! The Vat19 crew stays sharp with help from these logic puzzles. Which one of these games would melt your brain?
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  7 months ago +723

    Let's not forget math...which is basically the subject that will melt your brain...
    For more puzzles, try this: clip-share.net/video/LMUgLbrmJYc/video.html

    • Michael Darrow
      Michael Darrow 9 days ago

      @Nathan Castro *incorrect*

    • Lily Kang
      Lily Kang 11 days ago

      Math with maybe not melt my brain because one of my parents are very good at math, say a math champion. I don’t like to talk about this so yeah
      Ok maybe math might melt my brain maybe
      It depends on how hard the math is

    • Busiefurball 39
      Busiefurball 39 26 days ago +1

      Your on 666 likes

    • Jacob Worthing
      Jacob Worthing Month ago

      Im left brained.

    • Jacob Worthing
      Jacob Worthing Month ago

      @Senpai-Kun NO

  • iiplays YT
    iiplays YT 5 hours ago

    13:07 is this is puzzle toy or it’s an animation toy??? Comment and tell me

  • Buster Reee
    Buster Reee Day ago

    Hi vat 19 I’m a big fan for a long long time. Love your videos

  • randombloxburgen

    9:50 what your jenga does when you dont play with the jengas.

  • Heyim Ev
    Heyim Ev 2 days ago

    6:00 we have that in the philippines that is just cheap but not that high quality its just fun and simple

  • Intro maker
    Intro maker 2 days ago

    My brother can complete a 1000 puzzle

  • Nieveicecream10 Gaming

    I learnt about Eesha at school

  • Lennon Doogan
    Lennon Doogan 2 days ago

    I haerd vat 19 . cum

  • 1 sub before 2024?
    1 sub before 2024? 2 days ago

    I did the krypt silver jigsaw puzzle

  • Pug_ God
    Pug_ God 3 days ago

    4:40 me on the toilet 🚽

  • • Liquee •
    • Liquee • 3 days ago


  • Crafts Girl
    Crafts Girl 3 days ago

    12:22 when I finally beat my brother at a game

  • Point Of View
    Point Of View 3 days ago

    Why I am watching this advertisement at 2.00am ?

  • Jake in the Box
    Jake in the Box 4 days ago

    I have gravity maze and a perplexus so that’s cool

  • Emily O
    Emily O 4 days ago

    you can't speck spanish

  • VIC_R02
    VIC_R02 4 days ago

    Did anybody notice the Soviet medal on the first guy?
    (Vat19 I can tell you you’re going to get extra rations of babushka’s potato)

  • Samantha Rosas
    Samantha Rosas 4 days ago

    Where is rubia cube 😂

  • z42e
    z42e 5 days ago

    Lol I have gravity maze and Lazer maze

  • Carbonic Potassium Detection Contraption

    1:03 Falling up with "Time Leaper" in the background

  • memers
    memers 5 days ago

    Asians : am I a joke to you

  • NikoGhosterBite
    NikoGhosterBite 5 days ago

    I just watched this video and I robbed someone and I found this

  • Mr Cookie
    Mr Cookie 5 days ago

    You could just make your own diversion safe..

  • Nathan;;
    Nathan;; 6 days ago

    What’s the point of loosing 3 points if the game ends if you make the words small

  • the dapper Penguins
    the dapper Penguins 6 days ago

    jurasic park joke at 3:21

  • That guy in the group

    I could litterally solve all of these.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 6 days ago

    Mobile game ads:

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu 7 days ago

    Strata sphere looks like the hardest one

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu 7 days ago

    Let's be real the first one is garbage

  • Oliver Tubert-Barrios

    That guy in the tophat: Your pins suck Vat19 you need a pun-ishment LOL

  • Doug Miller
    Doug Miller 7 days ago +1

    0:04 the spaceship is LEGO🤣😂😂

  • Cowerdnerd Despacito

    I just purposely watched an ad

  • Hakan Aydıngöz
    Hakan Aydıngöz 7 days ago

    Does he have a soviet thing on his shirt in the start

  • Vân Khánh Trần
    Vân Khánh Trần 7 days ago

    6:00 Didn't they say there were checkpoints?

  • FairyTale Gacha
    FairyTale Gacha 7 days ago +1

    And we are no Beyoncé! **Has 7.2 Million subscribers**

  • FairyTale Gacha
    FairyTale Gacha 7 days ago +1

    2:08 Eric 😭😭😭😭😭

  • FairyTale Gacha
    FairyTale Gacha 7 days ago +1

    Does the hand that plays come with it or it that extra?

  • To know It all
    To know It all 7 days ago

    Good job

  • Sawyer Evans
    Sawyer Evans 8 days ago

    I love the Konexi one where the hand points everything out 😂

  • Family Pacheco
    Family Pacheco 8 days ago

    9:49 who else saw that was kinda not cool?

  • Sans Biggest fan
    Sans Biggest fan 8 days ago

    What's that laugh man ka ka ka ka ka

  • gaming yeet
    gaming yeet 8 days ago

    Maybe im for the first to find this or not...but
    Did u guys realise in the first ad john has a soviet symbol on his chest?
    i just wanted to let u guys know

  • Sumi Ahmed
    Sumi Ahmed 8 days ago

    *i skipped an add to watch 15 minutes of more ads*

  • lg plays
    lg plays 8 days ago +1


  • xX TheCrappyPotato Xx

    is it just me or does the domino’s intro look like a movie

  • Andrew Animates
    Andrew Animates 9 days ago

    The 36 cube puzzle is a lot like sudoku

  • xp.Wesley
    xp.Wesley 10 days ago

    10:54 Jockstraps lol

  • Foyvhofyty vuko Dkeodnwbrifisbr

    10:50 it says jock strap🤣🤣🤣

  • Gold Wing
    Gold Wing 10 days ago +1

    10:55 so was it supposed to be noticed that he spelled “jockstrap”

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 10 days ago

    Ah yes the Communist Party pin

  • TheKiller HotDog
    TheKiller HotDog 10 days ago

    I clicked on this thinking it wasn’t an add but now that I see it’s an add I’m angery

  • Lol Leagen
    Lol Leagen 10 days ago +1

    I got this when I was 5 that was 2013

  • Safwan Suraini
    Safwan Suraini 10 days ago +1

    This video was a-MAZE-ing, get it?

  • Vlad Theodore Buzdugan

    36 cubes is an easy puzzle

  • Wyatt the Survivalist
    Wyatt the Survivalist 11 days ago

    I have coggy

  • ihatestu61
    ihatestu61 11 days ago

    this video sucks fat cheeks :/

  • Tree Plays
    Tree Plays 11 days ago

    5:00 C’est presque difficile comme d’apprendre une nouvelle langue I think

  • Firepaw 727
    Firepaw 727 11 days ago

    Danny: This maze is way too flat smh

  • Tina Ison
    Tina Ison 11 days ago

    I can do the 36 cube in 10 mins

  • Boggo
    Boggo 11 days ago

    Me: ha ha ha ha ha
    that guy: *queagh queagh queagh queagh queagh*

  • Abbie 51304
    Abbie 51304 12 days ago

    I love the perplexus. My cousin still has one, and I play with it every time I go over

  • UltimateThreatX
    UltimateThreatX 13 days ago

    Ha jarrasic park 1 reference

  • Andres Rueda
    Andres Rueda 13 days ago

    Spanish dude 😎

  • Xavier McArthur
    Xavier McArthur 13 days ago

    why would somebody own SPAM 2:49

  • Alexis Ziegler
    Alexis Ziegler 13 days ago

    The hardest place to find somebody is in plain sight because they can see you and you can not see them

  • Warren San Juan
    Warren San Juan 13 days ago


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
    Aesthetically Pleasing 13 days ago +1

    “Sorry for the delay but there’s a dog sized rat on the tracks.”
    *only in New York*

  • Kai Lester Constantino

    Dinosaur dna in barbasol can makes me think of that scene on the original Jurassic Park

  • SophiePlays GachaAndMore

    Я говорю по-русски, это круто?

  • Stepp Scalese
    Stepp Scalese 14 days ago


  • Stepp Scalese
    Stepp Scalese 14 days ago

    I LOVE VAT19!

  • Jay Russell
    Jay Russell 14 days ago

    4:37 Play pls

  • Jay Russell
    Jay Russell 14 days ago

    Most of these things are solvable or easy or sometimes not even a puzzle... Why the title

  • Fgbgob
    Fgbgob 14 days ago

    5:45 how is a checkpoint going to work?

  • Ink Sack
    Ink Sack 14 days ago

    The ball maze one is just a rip off of Adict a ball

  • InaccurateArcher
    InaccurateArcher 14 days ago +1

    Hey,I think I will buy tho-
    *sees the price*
    Im fine with UNO

  • Cookie Playz
    Cookie Playz 15 days ago

    The 36 cube really doesn’t look that hard. If you want some practice, try out the skyscraper puzzle by mark chubb

  • Carson Elias
    Carson Elias 15 days ago

    I love how the only card they have is for Perplexus Warp

  • 5280z007
    5280z007 15 days ago

    Cops caught on to these things so u gotta camoflauge it... back in the day id stash my shit in a shaviy cream bottle but i had it in a lil hygeine bag... i had the bottle with my good razor, 2 cheap razors a toothbrush and floss.... one time when cops checked my backpack they didnt even bother with my hygiene bag

  • Trey Mixon
    Trey Mixon 15 days ago

    just stopped by to tell Google to go fuck themself

  • ink unis plays
    ink unis plays 15 days ago

    I special die