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The 5 Funniest Frog Moments In Family Guy


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  • Trom-laighe
    Trom-laighe 4 months ago +6202

    Very generous of Kermit to give directions to that kind fellow 😊

    • Tofu
      Tofu 4 months ago +89

      *Pulls out shotgun*
      "No one calls me nice you hear me"
      -Crazy kermit

    • Chickennuggetloveree
      Chickennuggetloveree 4 months ago +31

      Yeah, how generous of him!

    • Random_idiot
      Random_idiot 4 months ago +7

      ​@Tofu 💀

    • Tofu
      Tofu 4 months ago +3

      @Random_idiot what?

    • Salcedo Sarcia
      Salcedo Sarcia 4 months ago +4

      ​@Tofu 💀

  • BlockBender Adventures
    BlockBender Adventures 4 months ago +4358

    Where is the town?
    Yea its back the way u came!💀

  • grove4lifex
    grove4lifex 4 months ago +2716

    imagine your emotional support animal is a frog and getting beaten up by it

    • TimmyCu
      TimmyCu 4 months ago +5

      God I wish I were❤🎉

    • kl0wce
      kl0wce 4 months ago +3

      I like the little peter

  • Nathan411
    Nathan411 4 months ago +1741

    Brian : Kermit the frog???
    Kermit : *àæææææææææææææ*

    • ImANothing
      ImANothing 4 months ago +10

      Hell nah pepe

    • Yama Rama
      Yama Rama 4 months ago +2

      ​@ImANothingit's kermit the frog

    • WolfyRed
      WolfyRed 4 months ago +4

      Kermit the Pepe

    • Tryio
      Tryio  4 months ago +1


    • Tina Bray
      Tina Bray 2 months ago

      ​@Tryio don't use his name

  • Adrianna Gonzales
    Adrianna Gonzales 4 months ago +528

    Kermit Had Enough 💀

  • barnified
    barnified 4 months ago +179

    "what did i ever do to deserve this?"
    so much peter... so much...

    • haha_funny
      haha_funny 4 months ago +7

      "I mean what specifically"

    • ultraonly
      ultraonly 4 months ago +2

      ​@haha_funny he did it to a frog

    • haha_funny
      haha_funny 4 months ago +4

      @ultraonly I was doing a puss in boots last wish reference

    • Prebble Studios
      Prebble Studios 3 months ago +1

      @haha_funny I got that reference
      It also implies
      He knows exactly what he did

  • 1visualfxguy
    1visualfxguy 4 months ago +445

    Seth MacFarlane's Kermit impression sounds better than the guy who officially voices Kermit now!

    • Oncezek
      Oncezek 4 months ago +11

      i mean this is the guy who talks for: peter, tom tucker, brian, quagmire, ted, the mouse from sing, etc.

    • Fiberglass Insulation
      Fiberglass Insulation 4 months ago +3

      Clip-Share asked me to rate your comment 💀

  • メレディス英子
    メレディス英子 4 months ago +35

    Kermit ain't messing around 💀

  • Amit Becher
    Amit Becher 4 months ago +83

    The frogs in africa in all you can eat buffet ☠️☠️☠️

  • Thebighead
    Thebighead 4 months ago +26

    Kermit is the kindest person ever 🔥

  • infinitythe_09
    infinitythe_09 4 months ago +16

    I like that Kermit the frog was generously giving directions

  • Garsge Krusher
    Garsge Krusher 4 months ago +45


  • But Bad Gaming
    But Bad Gaming 3 months ago +12

    Kermit is so generous giving directipns

  • Probably a raccoon
    Probably a raccoon 4 months ago +10

    man, this guy really has family guy moments for everything.

  • SecretDiamond64
    SecretDiamond64 4 months ago +9

    Meanwhile in another universe,
    We saw Frog trying to get a Peter out of the window and we also saw it in reverse.

  • fish
    fish 4 months ago +6

    Man wasn't messing around in that last one💀💀💀

  • [Lorin's_Stuff]
    [Lorin's_Stuff] 3 months ago +19

    In the last one Kermit gave nice directions to the guy then he pulled out his gun as he saw a gator coming near the guys boat.

  • Totally not a bomber
    Totally not a bomber 4 months ago +29

    The last one☠️

  • DRALX20
    DRALX20 4 months ago +5

    I was hoping the scene where we saw Kermit and Ms. Piggy's horribly deformed baby would be here.

  • Nightmares exist
    Nightmares exist 4 months ago +24

    Clip-Share on drugs when it says there's 0 comments

  • Tah Tah
    Tah Tah 3 months ago +3

    Peter knows what he did

  • Oliver Eardley
    Oliver Eardley 4 months ago +1

    My man's pulling out the most random things now for Family guy

  • Wolf 3100
    Wolf 3100 3 months ago +4

    “Yea, its back the way you came! *cocks gun*”
    That statement would solve alot of problems

  • Varga Gergő
    Varga Gergő 4 months ago +1

    Therapist: Kermit from the South doesn't exist.
    Kermit from the South:

    JAVON CARTER VIDEOS 4 months ago +1

    family guy's depiction of Kermit is too accurate. like u can't tell he ain't like that lol

  • Fiery Bacon
    Fiery Bacon 4 months ago +6

    What season and episode is #1

  • Batman comics
    Batman comics 4 months ago +9

    Kermit is racist 😂

  • LucasRocks
    LucasRocks 3 months ago +1

    Kermit is a true American on that last one

  • Sparrows Nest
    Sparrows Nest 3 months ago +1

    Damn, Kermit must have experience in giving directions because there is no way that shotgun is already loaded.

  • Lb sans
    Lb sans 4 months ago +1

    “Yeah it’s back the way you came” *pulls out shotgun* pure gold! 😂

  • Babushka
    Babushka 4 months ago

    Peter is usually a crybaby whenever something is done to him 😂😂😂😂

  • Evan: Combat Evolved
    Evan: Combat Evolved 4 months ago +1

    "Yeah it's back the way you came"
    *Pulls out Remington 870*

  • Connor Pacpaco
    Connor Pacpaco 4 months ago

    “Yeah, it’s back the way you came.” [*pulls out the end of Let Me Do It For You*]
    - No, he was being too generous. He didn’t even shoot the guy.

  • Soviet union · 65 years ago

    Kermit went full American texan mode💀💀💀💀💀

  • Ruthvik N. D
    Ruthvik N. D 4 months ago +3

    Dayum herd life Kermit 😢

  • venom
    venom Month ago +1

    Is it just me or do I find kermit say “yeah it’s back the way you came” and reload a shotgun absolutely hilarious

  • Wolfie Sama
    Wolfie Sama 3 months ago +5

    Didn’t know the Kermit meme was from family guy

  • i’m allergic to people 😣

    “Generously giving directions”
    Not even 5 seconds later: *Kermit pulls out a gun*

  • awakend bahamut
    awakend bahamut 26 days ago

    Civilian: wheres town? Kermit: right back where you came mothafucka🐸

  • RedyMelonPlayGround
    RedyMelonPlayGround 3 months ago +1

    Kermit: somebody talked! No one is SAAAAAAAAAAFE 💀

  • Hiroito Michinomiya Tenno
    Hiroito Michinomiya Tenno 2 months ago +1

    Kermit: *GET BACK TO THE ZOO NEG...*

  • Esteban Garcia
    Esteban Garcia 4 months ago

    Moments where Stewie had a job

  • KeonXD
    KeonXD 3 months ago

    Kermit's cover up name is "deep throat"

  • vgvg
    vgvg Month ago +1

    Kermit the racist frog 😂

  • HollowWatch
    HollowWatch 4 months ago

    Kermit:"When I'm through with you they'll never find your body"

  • apple melon playground
    apple melon playground 4 months ago +1

    "you back to get to town"
    "Yeah its the back where you came"
    "Pulls out a shotgun"
    Me: ah yes giving away very dangerous stuff

  • Splatoon fan who doesn't make videos

    Naww, that ain't Kermit giving directions, that's Constantine.

  • VexToons
    VexToons 3 months ago

    Ain’t nobody talking about Pepe as a baloon

  • FireFame Gamer
    FireFame Gamer 3 months ago

    Brian: Kermit the Frog?
    Kermit: *Somebody talked! No one is SAÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆ ÆÆÆÆFE*

  • ☆ThatRandomFan☆
    ☆ThatRandomFan☆ 3 months ago

    “ generously giving directions “

  • Akira
    Akira 3 months ago

    Kermit really said
    “Hippity hoppity get off my property or you get shottity”

  • Prodigymxc
    Prodigymxc 2 months ago

    "Excuse me, do u know how to get to town?"
    "Yeah it's back the way u came."
    That would've gotten the show canceled today😂

  • Brandon Naquin
    Brandon Naquin 4 months ago

    Bro just got racially profiled by a frog

  • Plague Doctor Gaming
    Plague Doctor Gaming 3 months ago

    Dont worry Kermit only wanted to shoot an Offscreen Aligator

  • BlueStorm
    BlueStorm 3 months ago

    “Generously giving directions” 💀

  • CL SLO Gaming
    CL SLO Gaming 4 months ago

    “Somebody talked! No one is sa-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zeera Cc
    Zeera Cc 3 months ago

    Kirmit is the best guy to ask for direction

  • i hate my life
    i hate my life 3 months ago

    kermits ass NEEDS to get back to the stage💀

  • Daniel Burkart
    Daniel Burkart 4 months ago +2

    The last one 💀💀💀

  • capybara_of honor🐐
    capybara_of honor🐐 3 months ago +2

    Man: do you know where the town is
    The frog: yeah it's back the where you came 🔫

  • Opposition expunged
    Opposition expunged 3 months ago

    Yeah it's back the way you came - Kermit 2023

  • Bunny_bell
    Bunny_bell 4 months ago

    "yeah its the other way you came"
    "Now go or your balls go boom"
    *Loads shot gun"

  • Reina Roja
    Reina Roja 2 months ago

    amphibia x family guy crossover: amphibia guy

  • Bruce Stewart
    Bruce Stewart 3 months ago

    The frog playing pool and the monkeys encircling the frog was the funniest I think

  • A_Frog
    A_Frog 4 months ago +1

    Those are all my cousins, they did not give you permission to make a video of them( but frogs can't legally sue so you're safe... For now)

  • DogLookingBackAtYou
    DogLookingBackAtYou 4 months ago

    The first time I saw Peter attempting to pick up the frog with the box I was crying from laughing so hard

  • Pakyaa OP
    Pakyaa OP 4 months ago +1

    Smi77y approved ✅

  • hot milk
    hot milk 2 months ago

    “generously giving directions”
    also kermit: *pulls out shotgun*

  • Konstantin Naumow
    Konstantin Naumow 4 months ago

    Kermit is an lovely frog 😊😂

  • Kimberley Crossen
    Kimberley Crossen 3 months ago

    “Hey how to get to town”
    “Y E A H I T S T H E W A Y Y O U C A M E (blood)

  • Houssen Thé killer
    Houssen Thé killer 4 months ago

    All you can eat Buffet in Africa 💀

  • Jesus
    Jesus 2 months ago

    I've never trusted a frog that can talk .and that's a tadpole moment .

    24_HOURS_LE_MANS 4 months ago

    Giving directions to heaven💀💀

  • Spleeff
    Spleeff 3 months ago

    Kermit commited violence against someon 💀

  • The two who knock
    The two who knock 3 months ago

    y'all totally forgot about Frogmire fighting with terminator Joe

  • Averagekirayoshikagefan

    Nah but the last clip in Swedish is just 💀

  • King Boo
    King Boo 4 months ago

    Stewie : kermit the frog here

  • ShanzeBlox
    ShanzeBlox 3 months ago

    Generously giving directions:
    Kermit:yeah its back the way u came
    *loads gun*💀

  • Phinalbossbeater
    Phinalbossbeater 4 months ago

    I guess we'll never find the rainbow connection

  • Monkey_VR
    Monkey_VR 4 months ago

    Bro hit the window seal got me dying

  • Solar Whi
    Solar Whi 3 months ago

    they need to put that kermit that always shows his 🥒 on omegle in an episode

  • Mr. Chad
    Mr. Chad 4 months ago

    Black man: excuse me do you know how to get to town?
    Kermit: Yea its back the way you came

  • Calix the Fishkeeper
    Calix the Fishkeeper 4 months ago

    It's back the way you came
    *Proceeds to cock a gun*

  • Samuel Demetro
    Samuel Demetro Month ago

    "hey do you know where to get to town? yeah it's back the way you came" * Loads a gun*

  • Probably a raccoon
    Probably a raccoon 4 months ago

    person giving a eulogy: Does anyone have any words?
    ScreenaddictsYT: Ahem... Top ten funniest Grandmas Funeral moments in family gu-

  • Sawyer Bonewell
    Sawyer Bonewell 7 days ago

    What Jackass gave Kermit the Frog a shotgun

  • Darren V
    Darren V 3 months ago

    honestly number 5 deserves number 1 lol

  • Karie Holbert
    Karie Holbert 2 months ago

    Famous last words said to black father
    :Yeah it's back the way you came

  • Adrianna's world ~!
    Adrianna's world ~! 4 months ago

    "SOMEBODY TALKED NOBODY'S SAFE" -AaaaaaagHHaaahhahahHahah-

  • Kruze Beeson
    Kruze Beeson 3 months ago

    “Politely loads gun”

  • Wild_Mike
    Wild_Mike Month ago

    " generously giving directions" xD

  • All Purpose Ent.
    All Purpose Ent.  3 months ago +1

    Gotta love Kermit 😂

  • Braeden Nelson
    Braeden Nelson 2 months ago

    Kermit on something 😂💀

  • Bandit BDog
    Bandit BDog 4 months ago

    Don’t normally like Family Guy, but those Kermit the Frog ones were pretty funny 😄

  • GreenFlexGaming
    GreenFlexGaming  4 months ago +2

    Next Video: Top 5 Funniest "Top 5 Funniest Things in Family Guy"

  • Ethan Agnas
    Ethan Agnas 2 months ago

    Bro Kermit pulled out a spas 12

  • That One Really Cool Birb

    Guy: do u know the way to town
    Kermit: yea it’s back the way u came (racks shotgun)💀

  • Rip_Katakuri
    Rip_Katakuri 23 days ago

    Guy:Where is the town
    Kermit:it’s back the way you came🔫🔫🔫

  • Zed Boco
    Zed Boco 3 months ago

    Kermit thinks his in minecraft😂

  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya 4 months ago

    "Dombody talk! Nobody's safe! Æææ!!!"