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Build A Raft Battle

  • Published on Oct 24, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Homemade rafts in level 5 rapids.. what could go wrong! Todays battle gets INSANE!
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  • Christopher Gantaifis
    Christopher Gantaifis Year ago +38424

    Garrets looking for his wife’s wedding ring in his backyard

  • Fallon Ulrich
    Fallon Ulrich Year ago +6237

    I love how Ty made fun of everyone for their little mistakes while his boat just collapsed.

  • Mercy kok
    Mercy kok Year ago +1268

    I want to nominate:
    -Ty for ‘best looking boat’ and ‘true captain’
    -coby for ‘rodeo king’ and ‘the doubted but high potential boat’
    -Cory for ‘most comfortable looking boat’ and ‘steersman’
    -Cody for ‘Surfer’ and ‘speedboat’
    -Garret for ‘invisible boat’ and ‘mutineer’

    • Joshua Tremper
      Joshua Tremper Year ago +7

      He's looking for his wife's ring

    • Captain Toad
      Captain Toad Year ago +11

      @Joshua Tremper you copied

      JJ FRENZY Year ago +3

      Cody for cheating.

    • Mey_PlaysYT
      Mey_PlaysYT Year ago +3

      @Joshua Tremper no he isnt it was the top comment that said that not the pinned

    • Millirizzy
      Millirizzy Year ago +2

      Honestly though what they considered to be off the raft for Coby was what Cody did the whole time with his raft

  • Véio Babosa
    Véio Babosa 11 months ago +500

    Funny how in retrospect, Tyler is the king of get crafties but when it comes to building boats, he's the only one to have failed twice

    • preston och
      preston och 3 months ago

      Cody basically made a mat to lay on, HOW IS THAT EVEN A BOAT? Tys was the only real boat

    • EM instinct
      EM instinct 2 months ago +15

      @preston ochecause it’s a raft battle not a boat battle

    • blix [dom]
      blix [dom] Month ago +1

      Jesus loves u

    • blix [dom]
      blix [dom] Month ago +1

      Jesus loves and lives in u all

    • Véio Babosa
      Véio Babosa Month ago +1

      @blix [dom] amen brother

  • Ifti Alam
    Ifti Alam Year ago +2946

    Watching Tyler holding his boat for dear life while it collapses was just hilarious. Hahah

  • Eric J
    Eric J Year ago +58

    It's been a minute to maybe reflect this, but you guys must be so happy you decided to start this channel! I'd love to see a video explaining the story of how it all began honestly

    • Coaster Cloud
      Coaster Cloud Year ago +5

      That video already exists, the dude perfect documentary

    • Eric J
      Eric J Year ago

      Thank you everyone!

    • Clck C
      Clck C Month ago


  • Twi Shorts
    Twi Shorts Year ago +1496

    Garret is definitely at petsmart buying bird seed so that he can grow his own birds!

  • Too Canadian
    Too Canadian Year ago +960

    Okay, Watching Ty'd boat come apart mid race was the funniest thing I've seen in a DP video in a long time lol. He seemed so salty about it too haha.

    • History's Meanings
      History's Meanings Year ago +17

      lol, his comment to cody in the outro is golden! "Next time if i had've built a raft, then i would've had it. Not a big deal."

    • Chris Hernandez
      Chris Hernandez Year ago +15

      Hes always salty if he loses

    • Oh I.C.
      Oh I.C. Year ago +1

      When first ty's bote I saw it I thought it was a cake

    • ash
      ash Year ago +3

      @Oh I.C. go back to school

    • Oh I.C.
      Oh I.C. Year ago

      @ash funny

  • Tyler Kasner
    Tyler Kasner Year ago +395

    It must be nice to do stuff like this everyday.

    • Joe
      Joe Year ago +7

      Yeah but they dont

    • ParrotThePirateGaming
      ParrotThePirateGaming Year ago +1

      Soooo right

    • bolt up31
      bolt up31 Year ago

      @Joe Who knows?

    • Joe
      Joe Year ago +3

      @bolt up31 it’s obvious lol, they barely even have time to make videos lately they are dealing with their own livrs

    • sofia howard
      sofia howard Year ago +1

      @bolt up31 each of their videos are like a month apart though

  • Ginger in a Jacket
    Ginger in a Jacket Year ago +109

    I feel like what Coby needed with his raft was a slightly wider design and a cockpit. Like he overall was pretty top heavy with the design. Maybe a styrofoam cockpit could have given him better control, but honestly he just wasn't beating the Swimmer/Not Swimmer Cody.

    • Ginger in a Jacket
      Ginger in a Jacket Year ago

      Ty could have won if he waterproofed the seams of his boat, change my mind, like a little flex seal on those joints

  • Vademar
    Vademar Year ago +549

    Seeing Tyler's massive ego take a hit after his boat literally falling apart is just perfect

  • 2 great cousins
    2 great cousins 10 months ago +7

    Amazing how many ideas you guys have ❤

  • Tricksters
    Tricksters Year ago +3119

    Garret just doesn't know how to swim

    • Isak Ljungberg
      Isak Ljungberg Year ago +13

      YES 😂

    • 26 Mic
      26 Mic Year ago +3

      U know who else videos entertaining videos are also entertaining? Mine. Hundred percent u will die of laughter bro

    • Knowledge Demon
      Knowledge Demon Year ago +2

      Pin it

    • Turtlesrprettycool
      Turtlesrprettycool Year ago +2

      sun tzu, the art of war

    • jeyhuan
      jeyhuan Year ago +1

      just like coby said what could go wrong?

  • SimonNewChannel
    SimonNewChannel Year ago +46

    Cody’s boat is small, used a few items, but very effective.This raft must be used for people affected by floods and use this as a raft

  • Heidi Evans
    Heidi Evans Year ago +5

    Watching Ty's creation fall apart and the twins not fail is a beautiful thing. I laughed so hard i had to watch it over and over. Think I watched the drowned raft rendition at least 4x 😂😂😂😂

  • prince AR
    prince AR 9 months ago +2

    I love when Cory says Ty’s boat’s structural integrity is strong

  • The rock Johnson
    The rock Johnson Year ago +279

    I love how they try so hard to keep those Styrofoam out of the water but then they go in as a boat it instantly breaks and goes everywhere

    • gooman gooman2
      gooman gooman2 Year ago +1

      is that slimecicle dressed as spiderman?

    • Joshua Tremper
      Joshua Tremper Year ago


    • Kayla Coghil
      Kayla Coghil Year ago


    • Kayla Coghil
      Kayla Coghil Year ago

      You are aware they are on a closed course and not open water right lol

    • panda4247
      panda4247 Year ago +6

      They were thyung to keep the little shavings / saw dust from it away from the water.
      Because that would be impossible to clean.
      The big parts that broke from Ty's ship are ok, they just take them out

  • NIKI
    NIKI 10 months ago +237

    Interestingly, Ty looks like the most skilled in craftsmanship among the other dudes for other stuff but when it comes to building boats his skills are not great.

  • Seth Denker
    Seth Denker Year ago +1348

    Garret is actually still looking for his wife’s wedding ring from medal detecting battle

  • MrSportsGuy
    MrSportsGuy  Year ago +14

    Very entertaining video to watch. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Year ago +3

    the building phase of these challenges is always my favorite :)

  • Monkey832
    Monkey832 Year ago +21

    What I’ve learned from watching DP battles: Don’t ask Ty to build you an aquatic vehicle

  • Polymath Perspective
    Polymath Perspective 11 months ago +6

    One of the reasons Cody did well is because his raft is low to the ground (water) He can take an impact without losing balance. 100% the bigger something is, the easier it is to flip over. I use inflatable kayaks and don’t even place seat in it at sea. I want to be low like a missile and cut through swells and waves head on etc.

  • Broccoli Highkicks
    Broccoli Highkicks Year ago +4188

    Garrett is caring for his cat, Lily, that he got in OT 20. He didn’t want the cat initially, but he has become emotionally attached to her. The two cannot be separated.

  • Matthew Soriano
    Matthew Soriano Year ago +16

    however long dude perfect stay their videos will never get old

  • Sap Lil
    Sap Lil Year ago +22

    let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..❤️🚀🚀👍

  • Marni Marquette
    Marni Marquette 4 months ago +11

    Garrett’s 100% at the house taking care of his kid and looking for his wife.

  • Jamal_King57
    Jamal_King57 Year ago +13

    You guys always make the dangerous things look safe 😁

  • Abhimanyu Shetty
    Abhimanyu Shetty Year ago +6

    It was impressive how fast Sparky calculated Cory's Average 5:30

  • Flex Seal
    Flex Seal Year ago +2234

    We know a thing or two about tape and boats!
    Next time use some Flex Tape ;) FLEX ON! 💪🔛

    • Aspect
      Aspect Year ago +96

      phil swift??????????

    • Lucas_gaming on 60hz
      Lucas_gaming on 60hz Year ago +12


    • Josh T
      Josh T Year ago +27


    • MBK
      MBK Year ago +47


    • ratryox
      ratryox Year ago +15

      let it go bro the meme died 2 years ago

  • Rumong
    Rumong Year ago +14

    Dude Perfect manages to do the things we all wanted to do as kids!
    Well played do perfect, well played 😁

  • Shakespeare Nuketh
    Shakespeare Nuketh 7 months ago

    Man, I was legit actually rooting for Ty on his desperate attempt to keep the boat in one piece... If he hadn't capsized that second time, I honestly think he would have won

  • ScoobyMoto
    ScoobyMoto 10 months ago

    That looked like a really fun challenge!

  • MolokovCasa
    MolokovCasa Year ago +39

    honestly i love you dude perfect, i watch you even when im sick and whenever i can and you changed my life. thank you and a lot of respect

    • Gamble5Dolla
      Gamble5Dolla Year ago +2

      This is a very very nice comment. ❤️

  • Son Of Vergil
    Son Of Vergil 6 months ago +1

    Now we know why DP basketballs were out of stock for so long. Cory took them all for his raft

  • Cole
    Cole Year ago +2498

    Prediction: Gar is at home, still looking for his wife’s wedding ring.

  • Jonah Lange
    Jonah Lange Year ago +14

    I love how there were still pieces of Ty's boat in the water when Cody finished 😂

  • Annos Brzozow
    Annos Brzozow Year ago +9

    Love how you hear Cory yelling “no!” repeatedly as Cody just blows through it

  • gerer
    gerer Year ago +3

    One thing for sure boys, Tyler is very creative in his terms 😂

  • Isabella Dionne Trejo Leon

    Simple and smart raft Cody! Way to go! And as for Garret, I'm pretty sure he had a dentist appointment. Lots of cavities for eating lots of victory candy.

      JJ FRENZY Year ago +1

      Cody didn’t make a raft, he made a boogie board and was always in the water.

    • MasterDoge987
      MasterDoge987 Year ago

      @JJ FRENZY all that matters is that they didn’t let go of or fall off their raft/boogie board, and he did not do either of those things

      JJ FRENZY Year ago

      @MasterDoge987 He literally Couldn't fall off, and the way they chose when you had to restart was when your body hit the water, and Cody was ALWAYS in the water!!!

  • Chi Mukwa Productions
    Chi Mukwa Productions Month ago +1

    I love going back and rewatching these! Best content EVER!!!

  • Tyler Nichols
    Tyler Nichols Year ago +2836

    Garret is still looking for his wife’s wedding ring! 😂

  • Clara
    Clara Year ago +102

    Lol I love how ty had to close the garage door so he wouldn’t get foam in the river but at the end his whole foam boat was in pieces in the river

  • Ashraf Ali
    Ashraf Ali Year ago +3

    Cody's words were on point, we all witnessed the best 20 seconds of dude perfect on camera when ty's boat went to pieces

  • Suzanne Woods
    Suzanne Woods 3 months ago +2

    great videos keep at it

  • Daniel Henderson
    Daniel Henderson Year ago +1

    I loved seeing pieces of Ty's boat still in the water during Cody's run. Lol

  • Micah Mash-up
    Micah Mash-up 7 months ago +1

    It's amazing that dude perfect is such a great channel

  • Brendan Coughlin
    Brendan Coughlin Year ago +460

    Fun fact: Garret is practicing his paintball skills for the next live event 😭😂

  • Shihan Lu
    Shihan Lu Year ago +6

    Tyler's run is one of the funniest moments in this channel haha

  • Dev
    Dev Year ago +7

    They improved there content to very next level just like Hollywood movies 🔥🔥

  • Brelps
    Brelps 5 months ago

    tys boat had potential the only thing i would change is a layer of flex tape on the outside (to prevent water getting inbetween the glue) and make the bottom go to a point not flat (harder to flip because the boat sits lower in the water.

  • Ade Lazuardi
    Ade Lazuardi Year ago +3

    I just watched both camping stereotypes and this video and I was very surprised when Tyler and Sparky said Indonesia, it is very clear that these guys would visit and interested to Indonesia, I'm very proud to be a big fan of u guys, pound it and noggin' from 🇮🇩

    • Faisal Hazami
      Faisal Hazami Year ago

      Mantab bang gua jga kaget doi ngomong Indonesia wkwk

  • Xbox07
    Xbox07 3 months ago +1

    Ty's boat was definitely a glass cannon of sorts... or, a foam one I guess

  • Steezy MTB
    Steezy MTB Year ago +172

    I love it how Coby equips his raft with not one, but two paddles, yet only uses his hands to steer 😅

    • Lova Waterlord
      Lova Waterlord Year ago +1

      Think he use them as plan B😂

    • Martin Hansen
      Martin Hansen Year ago +2

      he's using them as handles

    • Henri
      Henri  Year ago +2

      3:11 you can see how he shows that he was planning to sit upright and hold the paddels so he doesnt fall off, also the paddles are tied to the boat so he couldnt use them to paddle anyways

    • AileDiablo
      AileDiablo Year ago

      All Tya needed is airbags in the sides and back to bounc and balance the boot. It would be better if he can cover the boot with some plastic to move thriw the water somother or added glow on the boot. Also it would be beeter if he made the boot 2× wider and a bit longer. Perhaps a side or 2 side small extended wing balance image of the boot at the center-theird length and fall them with weight equally. A better sharper and smoother tip would hlep.

  • Brier Rose The Merhog
    Brier Rose The Merhog Year ago +166

    Imagine if Garrett is at home on the couch, watching this episode XD

  • CA Omkar Pagadala
    CA Omkar Pagadala Year ago +2

    @ 10:49 to 11:49 just incredible part of the video. Can't stop laughing. Ship got in to pieces. 👌👌👌

  • TheOrangeCheese
    TheOrangeCheese Year ago +4

    Serves Ty right he needs a loss or two every once in a while

  • Polymath Perspective
    Polymath Perspective 11 months ago

    I love how simplicity won this. “Maybe tape?” Haha. That is reality sometimes.

  • Austin Burdick
    Austin Burdick Year ago +524

    Fun fact: Garrett is still shooting the tank trying to actually hit the car this time 😭

  • mordy greenland
    mordy greenland Year ago +29

    Cody is killllling the game this year. He’s won 5 battles out of the 7 in 2021

      JJ FRENZY Year ago

      Well he cheated on this one.

  • Josh Butts
    Josh Butts Year ago

    Cody gracefully swimming past the remains of Tys boat was poetic

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith 9 months ago

    I love how Ty was like “ I just dyed” Sparkly thinks“ THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, WHAT HAVE I DONE!

  • Tanner Michael
    Tanner Michael Year ago +1

    Cody clearly had a massive advantage

  • ChristianCarlstedt
    ChristianCarlstedt Year ago +2

    You really notice how close all these dudes are when you realise how empty the outro looks without the quintessential Garr-Man

  • JustANoob
    JustANoob Year ago +381

    Garrett is currently at home looking for his wedding ring in his backyard 😆😂

  • Your father
    Your father Year ago +3

    I swear garret is that one person who is always gone but always has a great reason for it

  • The Evans Girls
    The Evans Girls 9 months ago +101

    Garrett is probably in Antarctica looking for his wedding ring getting chased by penguins

    • DangerDean
      DangerDean 9 months ago +1

      I thought he found it by the pool

  • James Swarbrigg
    James Swarbrigg Year ago +1

    I can say as a kayaker that the second time ty fell over that is a prime example of what it feels like

  • Gracie Zhao
    Gracie Zhao 4 months ago

    I would actually wanna try this if this was in a water park

  • A Glimpse Inside
    A Glimpse Inside Year ago +5869

    When get crafty becomes a whole episode!!! I dig it!

  • Dhanush gaming
    Dhanush gaming Year ago +1

    Tyler is always unique 🤟🤟

  • KyleDoesRandom155
    KyleDoesRandom155 Year ago +1

    The sequel we all knew we wanted.

  • joe mama
    joe mama Year ago

    I'm sick of having to adjust the volume after every sentence or not watch DP after 10pm, music is insanely loud compared to the voices, its a shame because i end up not watching many of your vids because its simply too late to watch them in my flat, ply tone the tunes volume down, boss content as usual though boys funny AF esp the destruction of the best looking boat there

  • DakshRajPlayzz
    DakshRajPlayzz Year ago +1

    This type of videos from you guys are so amazing

  • {~Miss_Fandomonium~}
    {~Miss_Fandomonium~} 11 months ago

    I like how Tyler is just like making fun of everybody else's boat and saying how tiny everybody else's Boat is and then we look at his and it just collapses

  • marv dubley
    marv dubley Year ago +338

    Garret is still looking for his wives wedding ring in his back yard😂

  • Cool Cousins
    Cool Cousins Year ago +2

    I love these "build a..." Battle. Please do more

  • Quintin Torres
    Quintin Torres Year ago +1

    Garret is either back at home in Texas, or he’s on vacation somewhere else. In the video, you can clearly see the skyline of Oklahoma City, OK in the background. Instead of traveling with the crew up to OKC for filming, Garret likely stayed home or went on a vacation.

  • Neox
    Neox Year ago +1

    So Ty is basically OP at everything except building any kind of vessels

  • Tim Wells
    Tim Wells Year ago

    Great as usual!

  • DefaultSkinProMC
    DefaultSkinProMC Year ago +412

    tyler is the guy who thinks of something extremely creative, nevertheless crazy, and he still succeeds...sometimes

  • AGENT12
    AGENT12 Year ago

    Love it so fun to watch

  • Kk Vaish
    Kk Vaish Year ago +12

    I just can't stop laughing when Tyler's draft got destroyed 😂😂😂

  • Caseyase
    Caseyase Year ago +3

    Hi dudes! I just went to your show the other day! It was amazing! I bought merch and we had a blast! It was really fun! Thanks for coming out to Spokane!

  • CubeZ
    CubeZ 10 months ago

    I love how much these guys get hyped

  • TheDaringPastry1313
    TheDaringPastry1313 Year ago +2

    Rofl, I'm from Oklahoma and didn't realize you guys came here to do a video. Pretty cool for real. These man-made rapids train Olympians as well as firefighters and police for flooding situations that are really hard to simulate. Plus recreational fun too I believe. Firefighters from all around the country come to OKC to train at this facility.

  • William Heng
    William Heng Year ago +2

    Ty: we cant have foam in the river
    About like 10 minutes later
    *Gets foam in the river*
    I also like how in this scene 10:50 Ty tries to remove his shoes to keep them dry, instead of holding on the raft, thats how you know he prepared for the rose case scenario and not the 2nd worse case scenario

  • FireNinja 2108
    FireNinja 2108 Year ago +2

    If Tyler had used some sort of tape to hold it all together he would have one.

  • SilverstarFox
    SilverstarFox Year ago +1

    Ty: "They don't want foam in the river"
    Yeah, well, about that-
    But seriously, though, Ty was a true captain and he for sure made one of the best looking boats on scene, haha

  • Codey Hatch
    Codey Hatch 7 months ago

    I feel like Ty should've used flex seal to waterproof his raft then flex tapped the whole raft for stability

  • Adityesh Chandrayan
    Adityesh Chandrayan Year ago +526

    Garret lost so bad in the build a boat battle that he decided not to participate in this one. He's probably sitting at home feeling pretty happy about his decision.

  • jamessandoval1472

    Garret is definitely looking for gem stones to help him in challenges

    LeGiOn GAMING Year ago +82

    Coby should’ve went inside the barrel and just camp his way to victory!

    • franz& coco
      franz& coco Year ago +2

      he would suffocate due to the lack of oxygen after a while, plus they might leave him without knowing that hes in there

    • jeanette
      jeanette Year ago +8

      @franz& coco what is this comment lol... how would they leave him if it’s for the vid

  • LuV3
    LuV3 3 months ago +3

    As someone who knows class 4 and 5 rapids well. Those were not class 4 or 5, at most they were 3.

  • Andrew Sun
    Andrew Sun 5 months ago

    ty: doesn't want foam in the river
    also ty: entire boat disintegrates in river

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones Year ago +284

    Garrett is still looking for his wife’s wedding ring from the metal detector challenge 😂

  • Gutsy
    Gutsy Year ago

    Cory's speciality is a paddle every time lol

  • specious
    specious Year ago

    Honestly, this looks so fun.

  • Elizheva
    Elizheva 8 months ago +4

    Tyler “they don’t want foam in the river” 1:40
    Tyler 10 mins later 11:14

  • Pomelo
    Pomelo Year ago +2

    Glad to see a spiritual successor to the build a boat one. Refine by favorite video