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LeBron James EXPOSED vs Michael Jordan In GOAT Comparison

  • Published on Feb 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Jordan vs LeBron - The Best GOAT Comparison Reaction | Luka Doncic Fan Can't Believe Michael Jordan Was THAT Much Better Than LeBron James
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  • Marc The Sparc TV
    Marc The Sparc TV  Year ago +134

    Larry Bird Hits Game Winner Over Michael Jordan: clip-share.net/video/qm3SLnRSYyY/video.html

    • Paul Hester
      Paul Hester Year ago +18

      Larry didn't win NCAA championship and was essentially done after 9 years.

    • The Dude
      The Dude Year ago +24

      I like that you give Bird his credit. Shows you actually WATCH the game. My Mt. Rushmore is MJ, Wilt, Bird, Magic...and when people hear Bird...the looks I get are crazy.

    • Missy Skeeter
      Missy Skeeter Year ago +15

      2022 LeBron seems to run out of gas when a closer was needed in Feb/Mar/April:
      Feb 12, loss to Warriors, Lebron misses clutch free throw to end the game: clip-share.net/video/ivds7aJvs2c/video.html
      Feb 16, up by 3 points with a minute left, LeBron throws up a brick, missing from inside the paint : clip-share.net/video/zfnC7K7314I/video.html
      Feb 25 loss to Clippers, down by 1 with 8 seconds left, LeBron has the ball, instead of getting fouled, throws it to Melo for a low percentage shot: clip-share.net/video/gxqloerst0E/video.html
      March 1, against the Mavericks. Afraid he might have to shoot clutch free throws, LeBron throws the ball away: clip-share.net/video/GJmXzCunVTE/video.html
      LeBron shoots an airball from 3-point range to end the game: clip-share.net/video/tnwyy1Sg1ME/video.html
      March 10 against the Rockets,with game tied 120-120, 20 seconds left, LeBron misses a clutch shot in the paint:
      Then LeBron misses clutch free throw.
      Then 5 seconds left game tied, instead of going strong and getting fouled, throws out to Melo.
      March 18, game tied at 105, LeBron stands still instead of protecting the rim against a Barnes drive
      Ten seconds left down by 3 116-113 Westbrook makes the clutch 3 pointer
      2 seconds left in overtime, LeBron once again misses a free throw:
      March 20, against the Wizards,
      1:50 left, down by 1 point, LeBron throws the ball away
      then down by 3 116-119 with 1 minute left,
      LeBron misses a 3-pointer to tie, go.nba.com/h0p34
      The 33 seconds left, LeBron misses another 3 pointer go.nba.com/m2d5i
      March 27, against Pelicans, LeBron had a bad end of the game, 0 points, 0 rebounds 0 assists in the last 4 minutes of the game.
      Down by 1 105-106,(3:41) Lebron misses 3 pointer go.nba.com/kw94c
      Down 105-111 (2 minutes left) Lebron misses 29 footer, then gets drive blocked go.nba.com/50fon
      Down 108-113 (51 secs) Lebron misses 3 pointer go.nba.com/luhmb
      April 2, against Pelicans, LeBron had 0 points last 4 minutes
      Down by 1, at 3:19 LeBron misses 14-foot two point shot
      Tie score, at 2:35, LeBron give Ingram an easy shot clip-share.net/video/tFs3k3VFn_Y/video.html
      Down by 4, at 1:42 LeBron turnover clip-share.net/video/C_EPunDo0Pc/video.html
      Down by 4, at 1:00 LeBron drive blocked by Ingram clip-share.net/video/C_EPunDo0Pc/video.html
      Down by 3, 4.9 second left, shot to tie, Lebron shoots air ball clip-share.net/video/C_EPunDo0Pc/video.html
      LeBron seemed to run out of gas when a closer was needed during crunch time.

    • Rene Chang
      Rene Chang Year ago +10

      Abdul won 6 NBA rings 4 highschool national champs and 3 National college champs prob could have won a 4th if freshman were allowed to play.

    • Jeff Billings-EL
      Jeff Billings-EL Year ago +10


  • Dialectical Monist
    Dialectical Monist Year ago +479

    Anyone who has actually SEEN Jordan play beyond highlight reels, knows the guy was on a completely different level. Both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    • P K
      P K 9 months ago +26

      The hardest accomplishment was to retire for 18months then come back on a full season and 3peat again! No ones ever done that. And leave back on top again!

    • Ruck Ruck
      Ruck Ruck 9 months ago


    • Gregory Lawrence
      Gregory Lawrence 8 months ago +2

      I saw MJ play and yes he scored a lot of pts... But MJ also took a lot of shots to score those pts... MJ wasn't a team player he was a l'm going to get mine player... MJ was box office flashy & athletic but not a winner... MJ was labeled as a glorified scorer but could win... Until Phil J, S Pippen, H Grant H and the triangle offense was installed and S Pippen started controlling the offense setting up the plays... That's what I remember... All these other made up story trying make MJ look like a super hero... I don't remember... Because if MJ was the super hero ppl say he was why didn't he win anything in the 80s.

    • Gregory Lawrence
      Gregory Lawrence 8 months ago

      @Ruck Ruck MJ didn't come back after 18 months and 3 peat... MJ came back and lost to the Shaq & Penny Magic... Then the Bulls went out and added Rodman... Now they had MJ, Pippen, Rodmam, Kukco, Harper plus the other supporting cast the only superteam of the 90s... So it wasn't hard to 3 peat... Name another team in the league in the 90s that had 3 to 4 HOF and all-star players and top 2 HC on 1 team in the 90s...So yes MJ & Bulls went 6-0 in the finals they had a clear advantage... Kinda like the Warriors when KD joined them... So was it really that impressive maybe to some ppl... But not to me... I like seeing fare fights not 4 against 1or 2 when U know what the outcome is going to be...

    • rai bench
      rai bench 8 months ago +11

      @Gregory Lawrence better that than a quitter, Jordan wills his team to win... that's why he's 2x 3-peat team on ONE team...

  • Matt McLeod
    Matt McLeod Year ago +136

    I've always said it's difficult to compare players from different generations but that was a thing of beauty. Really puts into perspective how unbelievable MJ was. #legend

    • Cristian Ivanescu
      Cristian Ivanescu 3 months ago +2

      so unbelieveble that lebron james has better statistics if you compare their 1000 games they had in nba.

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 2 months ago

      ​@Cristian Ivanescu😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

    • pnojazz
      pnojazz Month ago +1

      Uh, did MJ pass Kareem? Nope! Did MJ go to 9 championships, without a team. Chris Bosh and Wade were both hurt in Miami. That’s why Bron returned to Cleveland. Duh!

    • Kyle McKittrick
      Kyle McKittrick Month ago +3

      ​@pnojazzLeBron doesn't hold a candle to the greatness of MJ

  • Mark Langston
    Mark Langston 5 months ago +20

    Here's another stat that wasn't mentioned in the video: Jordan never lost more than 2 games in a row for 8 straight years. I'm not suggesting the Bulls didn't lose more than 2 games but if Jordan was on the floor, which was most of the time since he played all 82 games multiple times, they never lost more than 2 games. That's statistically impossible but Jordan did it.
    Also, let's remember that once Jordan started winning championships no one else got to eat. Like the video said, Jordan and the Bulls WERE the juggernaut team that everyone wanted to beat but couldn't. Meanwhile Dirk, Duncan, Giannis, Leonard and especially KD and Curry have all won chips on LeBron's watch.
    The reality is that LeBron shouldn't be claiming himself to be the GOAT after winning his 3rd chip after 4 losses and one sweep. He's a great player yes, but not the GOAT. Not now, not ever.

  • Red Power
    Red Power 7 months ago +61

    Great comparison video for sure. One topic I don't think they put enough emphasis on was the fact that Jordan played during an era where the game was extremely physical making his accomplishments that much more impressive and Lebron plays in an era where you can barely lay a finger on a player without them calling a foul.

    • Aayan El
      Aayan El 3 months ago +11

      Lebron would have gotten absolutely DESTROYED in Jordan's error. He's a cry baby, flop artist.

    • Creston Burks
      Creston Burks 3 months ago +2

      Right! If LeBron had ever played against the Bad Boy Pistons, they would have made his "flops" legit! :)

    • Kenneth Masters
      Kenneth Masters 3 months ago

      Yes but if he would have played then he wouldn't have played the way he does so it wouldn't be an issue right?

    • MariMari
      MariMari 3 months ago

      ​@Kenneth Masters yup..he will be too far on the GOAT debate, Kobe will be then and other better guys lol😂

    • Your Pal
      Your Pal 2 months ago

      No lies detected, that was an era where you would get clotheslined, elbowed in the face, and put on your back every time you drive for a basket.

  • Samson Javati
    Samson Javati 7 months ago +75

    This is the best analysis of the the Goat debate ever! The fact that MJ maintained the juggernaut that was the Bulls to win the first threepeat before he retired the first time and then came back to lead the Bulls to another threepeat is phenomenal and mind-blowing!!! That right there makes him the undisputed GOAT!! LBJ went to 8 straight Finals and couldn't string together a threepeat, only one back to back not forgetting he lost 6 Finals which cancels him from the Goat debate!! LBJ overtaking KAJ as the highest scorer in NBA history is no big deal, because he is a great player who has played for a very long time and it was expected of him to do so. I'd really like to hear Nick Wright respond to this video!! To answer Nick's question: MJ would be the first pick by the world to face the Aliens!! A movie has already been made about it already - Space Jam 1. LBJ tried to copy MJ (as he's tried to do all his life) with the second movie which flopped!!

    • Gregory Lawrence
      Gregory Lawrence 2 months ago +1

      Don't forget the part that LBJ never played on a team where all he had to do is score... And never played for a top 3 all time grt8 HC Like MJ did for those 6 chips... U MJ fans always bragging about what MJ did... Tell the ppl what MJ did b4 and after he got help & that top 3 HC... Then I'll be impressed

    • Kamren Pedersen
      Kamren Pedersen 2 months ago +1

      ​@gregorylawrence9729 He won the defensive player of the year award the same season he won mvp and the same season he won the scoring title. No other player in nba history has ever accomplished that. He also set the single game playoff point record of 63 points against the Boston celtice with 5 hall of fame player. While averaging 44ppg. And had larry bird call him God disguised as Michael jordan. He also won rookie of the year averaging more points then prime LeBron james and finished 3rd in ppg while in his ROOKIE year. He did all this before he won a single ring. Lebron james is in no way even close to Michael Jordan. Mj had 1 all star teammate throughout his entire career. Rodman averaged only 5ppg and was there for only 3 years. After mj first 3 peat and he retired Pippen took the lead. They had the same exact team that won a 3 peat minus Michael jordan and guess what they lost and when mj came back they won 3 chips IN A ROW for the second time

    • Gregory Lawrence
      Gregory Lawrence 2 months ago

      @Kamren Pedersen U just told a flat out lie H. Grant had left b4 the 1994 season... And tell the ppl did MJ win while scoring those 63 points against the Celtics or did he get swept... And the yr the league give MJ the DPOY... Olajuwon defensive numbers were Superior... The league also give MJ the dunk contest title in 1988 that was in Chicago... The Human Highlight outperformed MJ that yr he should have won the dunk contest... And also tell the ppl why MJ never won anything b4 or after Phil J. & S. Pippen... Now I like MJ but I can't stand liars and ppl that make stuff to fit their narrative🤔🤷🤦

    • Kamren Pedersen
      Kamren Pedersen 2 months ago

      @gregorylawrence9729 so what your saying is Horace grant and mj are the reason they 3 peated which is why when Horace left they couldn't win again. Mj didn't hop from team to team to get rings he waited and was patient and guess what the team that 3 peated basically all drafted by the bulls. Mj, pippen, Horace grant and a few other role players. Lebron needed a super team in Miami with 2 other multiple all Stars. Pippen wasn't an all star until 1990 averaging 16ppg. Mj never had to ring chase to prove how great he is year after year after year, year after year after year

    • Gregory Lawrence
      Gregory Lawrence 2 months ago

      @Kamren Pedersen MJ didn't leave the Bulls because they were the only superteam in the 90s... That's why MJ retired after Phil J. & S. Pippen left after the 98 season... The Grt8 MJ remember what it was like b4 Phil J. & S. Pippen joined the Bulls...

  • Łukasz Mikołajczyk
    Łukasz Mikołajczyk 8 months ago +44

    Let me say this: I was born in Poland in 1985 and no matter when and to whom Michael Jordan is compared, the answer is simple! To anyone, he's out of this world... If you asked me who you wanted to be during my entire high school years, I'm sure MJ was the best basketball player in the world. Times play a big role! Everyone wanted to see him when he played on the field ... Hovering in the air, tongue drawn in, dunks and the most unbelievable chews and one of the most iconic feints during the match against Juta Jazz

  • oacevedo81
    oacevedo81 Year ago +426

    Some additional things to consider...
    7 of the top 10 players in Blocks per game and 8 of the top 10 in Total Blocks played their primes during Jordan's era. He was posterizing some of the greatest rim protectors that ever played. By comparison, there are no top 10 rim protectors in LeBron's era. This is actually quite telling in itself because LeBron gets the majority of his points at the rim with dunks and layups.
    In regards to longevity and TOTAL stats, the players that are CURRENTLY #3 in Points, #1 in Assists, #1 in Steals, #1 in Blocks, #1 in FTA & FTM, played their entire careers against Jordan. He accomplished more than all of them COMBINED!
    Also, MJ is 11-0 in championship play (1 NCAA title, 6 NBA titles, 4 gold medals). Whenever he made it to the final round, he walked away as the champ.

    • Daniel Logan
      Daniel Logan Year ago +11

      Sir, u did well 👏

    • TJ Jasper
      TJ Jasper Year ago +6

      I have to point out while this is a comparison to LBJ and MJ... MJ success is still apart of a team and Bill Russell still had more championships. Also Bill Russell said MJ wouldn't have stood a chance against Wilt. Can't be the GOaT if you can't beat Wilt one on one. All I'm saying stop Disrespecting Wilt.

    • oacevedo81
      oacevedo81 Year ago +44

      @TJ Jasper Basketball is a team game, so a player MUST have BOTH individual AND team success if they want to be in the GOAT debate.
      With regards to Wilt, there was no disrespect for him in my original comment, but if would like to compare MJ vs Wilt, we can... I've debated with others regarding these two, and it never ends well for Wilt because he is the ORIGINAL stat padder. He willingly chose individual accolades and records over team success, and even he admits this in his autobiography. This is why his teams failed more often than not and why he went 2-4 in the Finals. He was known for chasing records, and while Wilt has some of the most ridiculous feats, he also has his fair share of shortcomings. He would put up monster numbers in the regular season, and then get outplayed by guys like Bill Russell and Willis Reed in the playoffs. Wilt is known as one of the greatest scorers ever, and yet, the ONLY time his team had success is when he wasn't the MAIN scorer. It's like Magic only winning rings when he DIDN'T lead his team in assists.

    • TJ Jasper
      TJ Jasper Year ago +2

      @oacevedo81 everyone plays for records and stats. Look at early Mike vs Detroit. He was not dominant nor able to make it to the finals. LBJ made it to how many finals ina row. True his teams did not always do well in the finals but it was clear LBJ was the reason they were there. When he moved to the heat he got a chance to play team basketball. The Heat ownership had a commitment to winning . In Wilts case his owner was just happy to have Wilt which is why he left his original team. Same as LBJ. The comparison in both players LBJ and Wilt being stuck on organizations not committed to winning. To many other factors to consider when talking about team success being factored into the GOAT conversation which is why they should stop.

    • oacevedo81
      oacevedo81 Year ago +37

      @TJ Jasper The problem isn't playing for records or stats... The problem is when a player is willing to sacrifice team success in order for them to chase individual records and stats. Wilt's records often came at the expense of his team's success. As great of a scorer as Wilt was, he never won a ring while leading the league in scoring. Coincidentally, the FIRST time Wilt won a ring was the first year that he did NOT lead the league in scoring. Wilt wasn't even able to lead his own team in scoring when he won his rings - Jordan led the ENTIRE LEAGUE in scoring when he won his rings. The years that Wilt was winning scoring titles, his team had a 22-30 playoff record and only made the Finals 1 time where they lost to the Celtics 1-4. As for him not being on teams that were committed to winning, Wilt played with numerous HOFers like Gail Goodrich, Hal Greer, Nate Thurmond, Jerry West, Chet Walker, and Elgin Baylor. Wilt had ample help on his teams, but he wasn't able to capitalize and convert all his amazing numbers into team success.

  • Joshua Pace
    Joshua Pace Year ago +62

    I'm not a basketball fan (in fact I hate the game, I think it's boring) but whenever Micheal Jordan was playing I couldn't get enough of watching him play the game. He was PHENOMENAL

    • EVOL37
      EVOL37 8 months ago +4

      But you hate it?! Make it Make sense.

    • Leslie Evans
      Leslie Evans 7 months ago +1

      @EVOL37 yeah, I'm not watching anything I hate.

  • So Inspirational
    So Inspirational 9 months ago +27

    LeBum couldn’t even win in 2016 without getting saved by Adam Silver

    • Drew
      Drew 5 months ago +2

      Curry fouled out of 2 games the entire year. Fouled out in 2 games in a best of 7 in the finals. That finals was rigged as all hell.

  • shaylablueangel
    shaylablueangel 8 months ago +35

    Out of all the reaction channels if have watched, that have reacted to this video, you are the first one to say that getting to the top is easy, it’s harder to stay at the top. You sir are 100 percent correct.

  • Svk_ 510
    Svk_ 510 Year ago +33

    “Lebron can’t do play defense AND do this and do that. He can’t do EVERYTHING….” Well Jordan did it all that and that’s why he’s the GOAT

  • Marlon Hugo
    Marlon Hugo 8 months ago +19

    MJ is a TRUE GOAT

  • Aloha Snackbar
    Aloha Snackbar Year ago +521

    "He cant play defense and offense for 82 games..." Well jordan did.

    • God's Child
      God's Child Year ago +28


    • nico baru
      nico baru Year ago +33

      Basketball isn't 1sided. You got to play both. With the same energy. Otherwise you're just trying to increase your offensive stats. And that to me is only 50% of the game...

    • Eric Nitzsche
      Eric Nitzsche Year ago +40

      Jordan did! You never ever saw Jordan just sitting around during regular season letting players get by.

    • Darrel Eddings
      Darrel Eddings Year ago +18

      9 Times.
      The last as a Wizard at age 39.

    • Spencer Hartman
      Spencer Hartman Year ago +2


  • Aldo fs
    Aldo fs 8 months ago +13

    I remember MJ’s time like it was yesterday. I remember everything from his last game and how I felt. When Kobe took over I was annoyed by the comparisons to mj. So was Kobe, Kobe used to say don’t compare me to the best ever. When he passed I realized, I should’ve appreciated someone trying to pick up where Jordan left off. I should’ve understood and appreciated him. We should all appreciate greatest whenever or where ever it is.

    • Aldo fs
      Aldo fs 8 months ago +1

      Everyone should watch old MJ games, especially the 97 Kobe vs Jordan game. Jordan on his way out and young Kob just getting in.

  • Brian Etheridge
    Brian Etheridge 8 months ago +7

    This video just pretty much demolished any doubt I had. Jordan is the goat and no matter who you put on mount Rushmore you have to make room for Kobe. He was an incredible player and person on and off the court. His heart, work ethic and sportsmanship was unbelievable. The great don't have to argue that they are great. They let their career and the people speak for themselves.

  • Jesse Castillo
    Jesse Castillo 7 months ago +4

    Yeah I never get tired of watching this break down. And feel bad for anyone that tries to compare any player to the Goat. Just setting themselves up to be let down. Good job

  • Scott Soriero
    Scott Soriero Year ago +11

    Having watched all of the players mentioned. Michael Jordan is the winningest, most tenacious player I have ever seen. The guy just knew how to win consistently and wanted the ball all the time. He is the GOAT over ALL other athletes in any sport.

  • Blackflame24
    Blackflame24 3 months ago +4

    Sir you are the first LeBron fan to actually watch this with an open mind and truly accept facts. I’m 34, and I had the pleasure to experience Jordan’s career as a kid when he came back to the Bulls for his 2nd threepeat. Everyone where I grew up watched the Chicago Bulls and I joined my school basketball team inspired by him. LeBron is a phenomenal player and it will be a long time before we see another one like him, but Jordan is truly the GOAT. Hands down. If anything, Kobe comes close and can be in the conversation, at least

  • Franklin
    Franklin Year ago +807

    The eye test for me hit home. I grew-up watching Jordan and I grew up watching James since the very beginning of his career. Jordan is definitely the GOAT. It was never a debate for me.

    • jesze cantu
      jesze cantu Year ago +43

      How the hell can you grow up watching Jordan and then still be growing up watching lebron bro yo ass already grown

    • WordWar Iii
      WordWar Iii Year ago +22

      @jesze cantu elementary-higshcool-college while watching the transitions

    • jojo bean
      jojo bean Year ago +8

      Wat u grew up watching mj nd u grew up watching James😂😂

    • TC
      TC Year ago +3

      💯 iykyk

    • Mike Armstrong
      Mike Armstrong Year ago +15

      Facts 💯 Not even worth starting the conversation

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro Year ago +12

    Didn’t need this. But…It is the best explanation on this “non-issue” I’ve seen.
    MJ23 = 🐐

  • txlad78
    txlad78 7 months ago +4

    Him: This is so one sided!!
    The rest of us: WE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YALL!

  • Brootal
    Brootal 3 months ago +1

    When you take into account that Jordan took a whole season off, had to deal with the murder of his father and then fought his way back to winning 3 more championships in a row: the iron resilience and indomitable spirit the man has can’t be denied.

  • Kevin Carson
    Kevin Carson 9 months ago +40

    Jordan sometimes used to hit his free throws with his eyes closed LITERALLY lol that is pure perfection

    • Drew
      Drew 5 months ago +4

      I only know of once, and he was talking trash to Dikembe Mutombo when he did it.

    • KzS_ Guenther_Luetjens
      KzS_ Guenther_Luetjens 4 months ago

      Larry played 3 quarters just with the left hand, because he needed a challenge. And MJ never won a championship as long as Bird was active. So, everybody talking about MJ/LeBron, but nobody about the man, that made a whole team look better and had the highest basketball IQ ever.

    • Drew
      Drew 4 months ago +4

      @KzS_ Guenther_Luetjens This is such a bad argument with very little thought put into it.
      Bird played with 3 HOF’s during that time
      MJ played with… Oakley, on one of the worst teams in the NBA. There’s a bloody reason why they didn’t beat the Celtics ffs.

    • Y.S
      Y.S 4 months ago

      Nah he done that 2 other times as well besides that Mutombo one.

    • Y.S
      Y.S 4 months ago

      @KzS_ Guenther_Luetjens
      MJ did WIN when Larry was active as he retired in 92 👀
      Tho Larry is The Clutchest of All time and probably the greatest shooter as well while arguably being the toughest.

  • Hawk Hawk
    Hawk Hawk 7 months ago +7

    One of my patient was a former NBA player, who played against Michael Jordan in the early 90's. I asked him what would you remember about playing against him and he straight up told me,....man that dude was really really strong and it was impossible to contain him. His forearm was something else.

    • Shawn Leider
      Shawn Leider 6 months ago +1

      That's cool. Micheal has explained hand check and how u could literally steer people with that hand check. I miss the hand check tbh. They Made it was to easy to crossover and score with out thr hand check

    • Glen
      Glen 2 months ago

      Which player was it?

  • 01GTB Daily
    01GTB Daily Year ago +344

    You can’t be the G.O.A.T if you’ve ever walked off the court with 5 minutes left while you’re team was losing. The best of all time would never quit .

    • Larry Chamberlain
      Larry Chamberlain Year ago +28


    • John Campbell
      John Campbell 11 months ago +25

      See The Flu Game for the opposite.

    • Bossman Johnson
      Bossman Johnson 9 months ago +4


    • John Campbell
      John Campbell 9 months ago +37

      @Bossman Johnson He reymtured 3 times, twice after winning championships, and one of those because his father had been murdered. He never quit when the team was down and the clock was ticking. He usually fought for the last shot, win or lose.

    • Odis Roth
      Odis Roth 9 months ago +6

      Well said it's the go hard 180 percent at everything

  • RedRing_Of_Death
    RedRing_Of_Death 3 months ago

    I love to watch someone that grew up that weren’t fortunate enough to be able to watch MJ as a kid. I grew up in Schaumburg. Roughly a half hour outside of Chicago then. Traffic is worse now. MJ was life. To say that he’s my GOAT is an understatement. My dad let me skip school to see a day game and I had the flu. I refused to stay home and threw up 4 times in the parking lot on the way into the stadium. He scored 50. He’s THE goat.

  • JS2879
    JS2879 6 months ago +1

    He was literally “perfection”. The perfect player. Hard to believe what someone would need to be like in order to surpass Jordan.

  • Path
    Path 4 months ago +3

    Using these metrics, which I think are valid (great OP video) I think Magic is higher up on GOAT arguement than Lebron. They were roughly the same size, but Magic had superior handles, passing, shot percentages, and championships, IIRC. Let's also keep in mind that the NBA changed the rules to eliminate the physical play (hard fouls) that dominated the 80's.
    1)Michael Jordan
    2) Magic Johnson
    3) Larry Bird
    These are the 3 most dynamic, dream killing, clutch players I ever saw. Absolute artists in a league that was ready for a fist fight at any time. Youngins don't know lol

  • Curtis Ahenkan
    Curtis Ahenkan 4 months ago +1

    Whoever put this analysis together is a genius! Wow, so in-depth!!

  • mohawkin
    mohawkin 10 months ago +2

    Good job young man for finding definitive information that quantifies what all of us older people actually experienced.

  • Kenneth Zimmermann
    Kenneth Zimmermann Year ago +145

    "You can't play defense every game, every play..." why not? Jordan did.

    • Jamal Evans
      Jamal Evans Year ago +8

      I said the exact same thing

    • Dariusz Kupczyk
      Dariusz Kupczyk Year ago +5


    • Marta Latona
      Marta Latona 11 months ago +6

      Right Jordan played oth offense and defense

    • Up Front
      Up Front 9 months ago +5

      And the biggest sport fool on TV nick wright said that Jordan was never a better defender than Lebron and he was "barely" the 3rd best defender on his own team... and mofos say that Skip Bayless is out of his mind SMH 😂

    • Ken Hood
      Ken Hood 9 months ago

      Because everyone he played against was slower, shorter, less athletic them

  • Citizen
    Citizen Year ago +9

    I absolutely ENJOYED/ LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO hands down haven't EVER heard a more logical explanation and comparison

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    Definitely the best reaction to this comparison. Listened to the stats and wasn't fan boying over one side over the other. It's unarguable that MJ is in fact the G.O.A.T.!!!!

  • Dele O
    Dele O 5 days ago

    You can't explain his brilliance and dominance. Those who lived to see it know why the GOAT debate isn't a debate

  • waunke56
    waunke56 3 months ago

    I do always find it interesting to think about the fact that these stats didn't even exist when Jordan played whereas LeBron is aware of these stats and continues to pursue improving upon them.

  • OneDay
    OneDay 4 months ago +3

    Your closing narration gave me chills bruh.. It’s true, all of the greats in the other sports are considered the Micheal Jordan of their Sport

  • Chris Pringle
    Chris Pringle Year ago +88

    NBA commissioner David Stern once called MJ "the standard by which basketball excellence is measured ", Perfectly explaining how great MJ was. The GOAT without a single doubt. No argument will ever stand up to the facts.

  • Victor Emmanuel Santos

    It has to be MJ, he literally made basketball a global thing... Not to mention that he's era was so physically involved especially under the ring/hoop...

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 10 months ago +3

    Have to say, the end of this video brought tears to my eyes. We love lebron, but sometimes you get what you wish for. When you claim you're the 🐐 you're gonna push back if you aren't the goat. That's what's happening all over YT.

    • Ken Masters
      Ken Masters 14 days ago

      Any man who must say, "I am the King", is no true king.

  • Jon kenneth Manrique
    Jon kenneth Manrique 4 months ago +1

    Watched all his games from '86 to 2002...He is the GOAT..

  • Patrick Overstreet
    Patrick Overstreet Year ago +2

    Really late to this one but as someone starting to get into basketball and looking into all the greats, rules over the years and what not, its not even a real contest. Jordan had to play against some of the best players in the history of the game in the roughest ruleset in the history of the game, they had open fist fights on the court and could damn near throw your ass without getting fouled. Now you cant even hand check people, the game is very strict now compared to when Jordan played and most importantly he has the mindset of a great, respect your opponents for their skill and strive to be the best you can without letting it make your head big. The true GOAT will never declare that they are, its not for them to decide.

  • dbsti 300
    dbsti 300 9 months ago +4

    IMO, Kobe Bryant was the closest to Jordan. Friendly friend off the court, absolute killer and clutch artist on the court.

  • BFreak
    BFreak Year ago +205

    There’s never been a “debate” for those of us who saw Both players in real time.
    It’s not close. Never has been. That’s just the media needing something to talk about.
    LeBron got exposed by Jason Terry of all ppl.
    Jordan’s playoff win/Loss record speaks for itself. And he didn’t have to change teams repeatedly to do it.

    • Mike DiCarlis
      Mike DiCarlis Year ago +11

      if Jordan didnt retire. they win 8 in a row

    • S MW
      S MW Year ago +2

      and a sophomore kawhi

    • Aliou Cisse
      Aliou Cisse Year ago +15

      That's exactly what I've been saying. People /fans who have watched both these guys play knows it's not even close as to who's the GOAT. LeBron can play for the next 20 years and still won't come close to Jordan.

    • Gavin Octavien
      Gavin Octavien Year ago +2


    • Doug
      Doug Year ago

      And those that saw both players in real time also saw some top shelf basketball.

  • Ryan Maravilla
    Ryan Maravilla 9 months ago +3

    I appreciate your honest, genuine commentary and reaction. You entertained me with this video. Thanks.

  • Trizzmatic
    Trizzmatic  3 months ago

    Great reaction! That video was definitely a masterpiece how he broke down those statistics. That was the best break down of the Jordan/Lebron debate I ever saw as well. 💯✌🏾👑

  • Nova
    Nova 3 months ago +1

    When it was mentioned that lebron didn't play as many 80 game seasons or 82 game seasons and he said different era different league he didn't even realize that he was actually speaking in Jordan's favor because Jordan had a much tougher league to play in physically yet he did it more often

  • Darrell Boyd
    Darrell Boyd Year ago +6

    Jordan greatness was recognized worldwide and that's without social media that now a days influence this gens thought process.Jordan was so great he affected the stock market we he turned to basketball.

  • Finance Guy Flies 612AB

    One of the reasons being the juggernaut is difficult is the lack of lottery picks.
    People forget, CLE had 3 #1 overall picks before LeBron came back. They had tons of assets to trade and build around him.

  • Seezor
    Seezor Year ago +38

    Of all or most reacting videos I've seen, I appreciate one thing you've done. You placed yourself small and in the corner and allowed the audience to see what you're seeing larger and on the most of the screen. This is the way a reaction video should be done. And yes. Jordan is the GOAT. Good work. 👍

  • Johnny Nog
    Johnny Nog  7 months ago +1

    Those of us old enough to watch hoops in the 80s & 90s know how different the game is today. Back then when someone approached the rim, he got sent into the 3rd row, or was close lined, or at the very least, knocked down hard. Those were normal fouls back then. Today you'd get ejected & fined. Today's NBA when someone attacks the rim, the defenders step aside & watch. The league today is so soft. Jordan played when it was very physical & he still played in at least 80 games 5 times. LeBron twice! Not to mention MJ revolutionized the sport. Every boy born in the 1970s had a Michael Jordan something. A poster, picture, shoes, card, etc. There was a commercial that had a song saying "I want to be like Mike." And whether you were rich, poor, white, or black, you wanted to be like Mike. We all started wearing baggy shorts & tried immulsting him everyday. When you put together his stats, accomplishments, impact on the game, impact on the world, & money he made for every company who sponsored him...MJ isn't the greatest basketball player in the history of the world.... he's the greatest athlete in the history of world. And it's not even close

  • Guitar Off The Cuff - David S

    Love your reaction and recap. I say the same thing. Every person who watches this vid (fan or not), comes to the same conclusion. It's not like we should be hating on anybody. Subscribed!

  • Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller 8 months ago +2

    The main thing that makes Jordan the goat to me. He never flopped.

  • Nich Hodge
    Nich Hodge 8 months ago

    Staying on top is easier than getting to the top for 2 reasons 1: When your the Champions everyone is out to beat you! 2: When you’ve reached the top some times that hunger & determination you had to get to the top can disappear because you either think “we’re the best so we don’t have to try as hard” or “we’ve achieved our goal and we’ve lost a bit of that fight we need to stay at the top!”

  • brian Lusan
    brian Lusan 8 months ago

    The word "Great" for MJ is not enough.

  • mpound97
    mpound97 Year ago +243

    When Jordan and the Bulls figured out how to win, it was a wrap for the league. When he retired the first time after the 93 season, the rest of the NBA said "He's gone. This is our chance". Houston took advantage of his absence. When MJ had an off-season to get back into basketball shape, and after losing the way they did to Orlando in 95, he wanted revenge. 72-10 with a ring is what occurred. Then 2 more rings after that to claim his title as the goat.

    • Tony Sanders
      Tony Sanders Year ago +20

      This Comment Belongs On Mount Rushmore

    • Edmond Lau
      Edmond Lau Year ago +28

      I believe the 72-10 with a ring chased Shaq out of the east. Shaq knew the Bulls would own the east for as long as Jordan wanted.

    • aLx D
      aLx D Year ago +3

      boom 🤯

    • Gio Torres
      Gio Torres Year ago


    • Dave Ulrich
      Dave Ulrich Year ago +21

      @Edmond Lau Shaq recently admitted as much while also admitting that he feared Jordan. Shaq wanted no part of Jordan during and it showed. In fact, Shaq was swept out of the playoffs when Jordan returned in ‘96 and didn’t win a title until the Bulls version of MJ was gone.

  • Satisfaction
    Satisfaction 3 months ago

    Jordan is the goat.. I remember when he came to play my Kings in late 90’s..I was just a teen at the time, can’t remember the exact date, but I was hella nervous just trying to see him..from pregame shoot around..and then when you see him play live, he’s just flawless, like seeing god!! 😂😂😂 thinking back now, it’s funny but I know I wasn’t the only one feeling that way..the impact Jordan had on people was just ridiculous 😂😂

  • Michael
    Michael 8 months ago +1

    If you notice in the video, in Jordan's games, the opponents are actually playing defense and are trying to stop him from scoring, in Lebron's their just standing there watching and letting him dunk!

  • vultureguy33
    vultureguy33 13 days ago

    Some things not mentioned - MJ was feared by his opponents and would break them mentally in ways they would never recover from. Also MJ's style would translate better to any era. LBJ does a lot more to cheese the game via exploiting the modern ruleset, with what would otherwise be traveling calls and offensive fouls that would limit so much of his production. And the current looser definition of what constitutes an assist.

  • The Zero Line
    The Zero Line 2 months ago

    I loved that Pistons team you were mentioned about being so balance. They were beautiful to watch. I love watching good team play.

  • daniel wilhelm
    daniel wilhelm 7 months ago +1

    You said he can't play defense all 82 games while doing everything else? First, he's never played 80 plus games a season more than twice. Second, why can't he do it? MJ did it all 82 games plus the 10-15 playoff games year after year. MJ went 100% in every facet of the game every game while playing an avg of 38.25 minutes per game.

  • Dennis White
    Dennis White Year ago +844

    The closest NBA player to Jordan was The legendary Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant hands down

    • Nicholas Nordström
      Nicholas Nordström Year ago +30

      Hands down

    • Marcelino Garcia III
      Marcelino Garcia III Year ago +70

      Even Michael Jordan admitted it, Kobe will be his hardest player to beat cos he stole all his moves.

    • SilvaBack
      SilvaBack Year ago +25

      No shit, he imitated everything, and I mean everything Jordan did, lol. If u thought ur the best at what u do based on ur game, what would u think of the person that played exactly like u? Lol.

    • tarisha deloviar
      tarisha deloviar Year ago +6

      The only one who can beat me, is me. - Aomini Daiki --Hands down.

    • Bob Anderson
      Bob Anderson Year ago +33

      Straight facts. Jordan and Kobe are the 2 best to ever do it. Period.

  • Link Cast12
    Link Cast12 2 months ago

    This is the definitive video that summize the greatness of the GOAT... without a shadow of a doubt.

  • mark reyes
    mark reyes 3 months ago

    32:30 I can attest to that. I've watched Jordan's games for the most part of the 90's and he did not change his game even under pressure.

  • FYI_GoodSoul
    FYI_GoodSoul 6 months ago +1

    You are exactly right, LeBron can't do it all for his team but mj did

  • GoTitans27 God Bless America

    This man is spitting straight up facts!

  • Tudor Mocanu
    Tudor Mocanu 6 months ago

    In today's NBA with the current rules, what are your chances of stopping Wilt Chamberlain? Or MJ? I'm afraid that the top 2 would have already been occupied.

  • G Mac
    G Mac Year ago +35

    In Jordan's rookie year, after a game, Larry Bird said "that's not Michael Jordan. That's God disguised as Michael Jordan" those are Larry Legends words about the rookie

    • Kevin Wheesy Southward
      Kevin Wheesy Southward Year ago +4

      It was actually after game 2 of the playoffs in Jordan’s second year. He scored 63 points that night (still the playoff scoring record). He missed like 62 games of the regular season and came back a few weeks before the playoffs. Oh, he also scored 49 pts in game 1 of that series

    • Dominique Jones
      Dominique Jones Year ago +1

      Larry would talk that trash 2 holmes

    • Dominique Jones
      Dominique Jones Year ago +1

      @Kevin Wheesy Southward The organization had 2 keep him off the court. Dude wanted 2 win

    • edmond tanksley
      edmond tanksley 7 months ago

      LeBron James did the same thing

    • edmond tanksley
      edmond tanksley 7 months ago

      His rookie seasons

  • D Storm
    D Storm Year ago +1

    Jordan would have had even more records if he had realized, when young, that he was part of a team instead of his fellow players being (as he put it) in "supporting roles."

  • Chris Bo
    Chris Bo 4 months ago

    This was good. The most important GOAT characteristics laid out and compared. Would be nice if Kobe would be also in there for comparison, clutch and dog attitude was the nearest to MJ (at least for a SG), but not constantly and dominantly enough.

  • Kapado Fernandesh
    Kapado Fernandesh 10 months ago +1

    Damn, this is the best breakdown in the topic and ends the debate

  • CuDeSaMc
    CuDeSaMc Year ago +1

    Here's what people can't quite put their finger on when trying to figure out what he is missing. The reason LeBron is questionable in the GOAT argument is simple. Magic is a legend, but not mentioned in the GOAT argument. MJ is. When LBJ first got in the league, he wasn't compared to MJ. He was compared to Magic because of his ability to see the entire court, passing ability, scoring ability, and ability to get others involved. The one thing that he's missing is what Kobe and Jordan had....that KILLER INSTINCT. When they play, they play like every game matters and is a championship game. Every shot is a possible buzzer beater. They play like the team revolves around them making key baskets. Basically, they were predators on the court and everyone else, including teammates, were simply prey. LeBron has the ability to dominate every play, but lacks the will power to do so. He plays like Magic still. He wants to get everyone else involved and play like a role player instead of a star player. Just like Magic, he can play damn every position on the team and sometimes does. Kobe and Jordan played and mastered their own positions. If LeBron played like the powerful aggressive player that he was physically built to be at all times, he would have more championships than Kobe and Jordan. Then he would be the GOAT. But, as long as he keeps playing like Magic, he's out of the GOAT talk. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. He refuses to take over and dominate. He rather share with others and pass them the ball so that they get hot and start making baskets.

  • Bao Tran
    Bao Tran 8 months ago +1

    I've never seen mj in his bulls days but I'm convinced that he's the goat through highlights

  • Rob Chesley
    Rob Chesley Year ago +266

    It just confirms what I could tell just by the eye test. I think most of us who watched both know how ridiculous this comparison is.

    • Marc The Sparc TV
      Marc The Sparc TV  Year ago +13

      Yeah but i still didn’t know the hall was THAT big

    • GaussGodden
      GaussGodden Year ago +23

      You can go look it up .. Jordans avg FG assist rebound go higher in playoff and higher in the finals and even higher in the finals on fourth quarter.. his game elevated when it is more important. That doesn't apply to most other players

    • Just Me
      Just Me Year ago +18

      And I doubt LeBron would be as dominant if he played back in the 80s&90s Rodman would destroy him

    • aLx D
      aLx D Year ago +13

      that’s how we know this new generation that grew up watching only LBJ is the one who needed to invoke this useless debate like there was something to discuss

    • Gio Torres
      Gio Torres Year ago

      U just RIDICULOUS buddy bud

  • Julian Frost
    Julian Frost Year ago +1

    The most complete players in NBA history were Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. People seem to always overlook Robertson because he didn't play for a big city team but his stats speak for themselves.

  • fernie segura
    fernie segura Year ago

    I would love to see this same depth of comparison with LeBron and Kobe

  • Barry Jowers
    Barry Jowers 7 months ago +1

    Michael Jordan left the game twice for five years. If he hadn't done that, LeBron would still be chasing the scoring record.

  • Richard V
    Richard V 15 days ago

    Can't play defense all game? That is definitely a weakness. I do appreciate your open mindness on this.

  • leerobbo92
    leerobbo92 7 months ago +2

    I've watched a few reactions to this: this is by far my favourite, you cracked me up a few times 😂 subbed!

  • Moriah
    Moriah Year ago +32

    MJ’s basketball intellect and talent was and is still unmatched. Well researched and narrated.

  • Nate Clark
    Nate Clark 8 months ago +1

    My favorite reaction to this video. MJ is the goat hands down

  • Tim Lahan
    Tim Lahan 3 months ago

    Love that you said, "where's Larry bird?". He doesn't get nearly enough credit for what he was to basketball.

  • Keepon Ballin
    Keepon Ballin 3 months ago


  • The American Potato Named Phil

    I wish we still had players as fun as Jordan and Bird and all them

  • Jose Gordillo
    Jose Gordillo 11 months ago +1

    Jordan will always be the GOAT he made everyone around him elevate their game

  • Cornelius Smiff
    Cornelius Smiff Year ago +63

    Jordan had that EXTRA thing that all greats have, the extra 10% as some elite level athletes call it. Jordan had clutch and nerves of steel, but mostly (and this is the most important) a psychotic level of competitiveness that also elevated his team mates.

  • Rick Bateman
    Rick Bateman 3 months ago

    In fairness, I have never heard anyone call Wayne Gretzky the “Michael Jordan” of hockey. In his prime, Gretzky was just like Jordan - he was so much better than anyone else in the league at the time and he was looked on among hockey fans the same way that Jordan was to basketball fans.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 4 months ago

    Michael was a complete player who hated to loose and never quit.

  • OneThousandHomoDJs
    OneThousandHomoDJs 7 months ago +2

    I would loooooove so much to see how the Lakers, Pistons, or Knicks teams that Jordan faced would do against any of LeBron's teams. It would be an impossible thing to see, teams from 1991 or 92 playing a team from another era.

  • B B
    B B 4 months ago

    I think being clutch should be a criteria. In hindsight a year after this video, this last James performance against the Nuggets should end the debate. Jordan/Kobe would have made those shots. Hell Steph Curry has 4 champions and as many accolades just not the longevity as James, shouldn't Curry be part of the contemporary goat discussion? You are correct about those times! So many franchise players that were very talented.

  • hendrix peralta
    hendrix peralta 8 months ago +1

    When the pistons wanted to stop Jordan they sent the whole team "jordan rule".... when the spurs wanted to stop LeBron they sent kahwi. Enough said lol

  • Jordi Lara
    Jordi Lara Year ago +257

    "I didn't know the difference between LeBron and Jordan was this much" --- The power of the media when they want to push a narrative, my friend

    • Jose Ramirez
      Jose Ramirez Year ago +27

      Funny you said that! The media is a tool used to push a narrative. This video proves LeBron isn't even close (statistically) when I saw this video I was even shocked to see how far apart they are, I honestly though LeBron's stats would be alot closer then they are. As I said in my comment, I guarantee Kobe and a few others rank higher then LeBron "statistically" this just proves that other players are more deserving to be in conversation than Lebron. But as u said the media is a powerful tool..

    • aLx D
      aLx D Year ago +2

      lmao, look at you

      xTHEMISTOKLESx Year ago +8

      hell mj was ready for another season but the nba said no because think about how much revenue the other teams would lose just because every fan would be at jordan's games. then after he leaves fans wouldnt be as interested coming to games. so they had to take him down a notch and make him seem human by making him lose ha.

    • redtesta
      redtesta Year ago

      facts yep

  • M Ox
    M Ox 4 months ago

    grateful i got to see all of jordans greatness being 49 years old hell there where times i pulled for opposing teams because he was so dominant

  • Felipe Gutierrez
    Felipe Gutierrez 7 months ago

    Great video; putting stats to every claim. Not to mention charisma, and humility, Jordan for the Win!!!

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 8 months ago

    I agree with you. That was a great breakdown across the board.

  • sneakerhead618
    sneakerhead618 Year ago +1

    Much respect to both but I've got MJ all day!! It's not even close in my eyes...and if anyone came close it was Kobe!! 🙏

  • The Zero Line
    The Zero Line 2 months ago

    Marc The Sparc, IMO this video made you the greatest Clip-Sharer in history. Amazingly, if Jordan’s dad is never murdered and Jerry Krause doesn’t sink the team while they’re still untouchable, you’re looking AT LEAST 8 straight titles. Maybe more.

  • Michael Shea
    Michael Shea Year ago +136

    When Lebron said "That's what made me the greatest player of all time". Prevented him from ever being considered the GOAT.

    • Chris Higgs
      Chris Higgs Year ago +1

      No that don't. Why the hell do u think that's always going to be a debate. Same reason why mj fans always troll lebron.

    • Benjamin K
      Benjamin K Year ago +17

      @Chris Higgs Ain't no debate. Case closed, son. MJ GOAT FOREVER and you're gonna have to just deal with the facts.

    • rashad neal
      rashad neal Year ago +4

      That's a whole fact

    • Chris Higgs
      Chris Higgs Year ago

      @Benjamin K case close for me too. I got LBJ . Now what lol

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price 5 months ago +2

    Like u said.... WINNING IS ALL THAT COUNTS!
    Stats are great but I've seen Jordan sacrifice sets to dish the ball to kukoc or Kerr for game winning shots. JORDAN NEVER HAD AN ABOVE AVERAGE BIG MAN, AND ONLY PIPPEN REALLY, TEAMS COULD DOUBLE AND TRIPLE TEAM JORDAN WITHOUT OFFENSIVE THREATS DOWN LOW.... AND ON AND ON....

  • Maceo Thompson
    Maceo Thompson 3 months ago

    His style of play was sooo beautiful!!! PERFECTION!!!!!