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MK Series EP 5: The Big Sit Down With Mirah & Talan

  • Published on Oct 24, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Mama Meka sits down with Talan and his mom, Ms. FeeFee, to discuss if Mirah and Talan should be allowed to date again.
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Comments • 660

  • VibesWithC
    VibesWithC Year ago +225

    It really broke my heart to see Mirah tear up, she’s growing up and you can’t keep her sheltered her whole life. You treated Jay completely different at the age of 14 than you treat Mirah now and that’s probably why she don’t want to talk to you about things. Let her grow continue to be a parent but don’t control her.

  • J. Small
    J. Small Year ago +391

    I can understand why Mirah closes her relationship off from Kam. It’s been soo many times she has blurted out Mirahs business on camera for jokes and laughs. Your sister should be like your diary.

    • Armani
      Armani Year ago +4

      Who got the picture of what they wasn’t suppose to do.??

    • Raquel💗
      Raquel💗 Year ago +3

      @Armani 11:39

    • jaylene logan
      jaylene logan 2 months ago

      @Armani imbadkid talan

  • FunnyMike
    FunnyMike Year ago +1291


  • kemyaashea
    kemyaashea Year ago +502

    I most definitely love talan mom’s energy

    • kaylaaadabratt
      kaylaaadabratt Year ago +5

      Sameee 🥰 .

    • RyRy
      RyRy Year ago +9

      she’s the sweetest !!🥰

    • King Caro
      King Caro Year ago +1

      You too young to recognize energy still got alot of growing up to do

    • RyRy
      RyRy Year ago +3

      @King Caro you dont know her age tho?😐

    • King Caro
      King Caro Year ago +1

      @RyRy you don't either so whats ur point?

  • Shanti
    Shanti Year ago +801

    I feel like this is her first real relationship, and y'all have to let them evolve in the relationship. Mirah is obviously maturing, so the way she behaves will be different. Whatever happens in the end y'all just need to be by their side without any opinions or judgments.

    • Tyra Ross
      Tyra Ross Year ago +32

      14/15 year old me was sooo immature when it came to dating but doing that helped me learn so much including how to balance myself, friends, family , school, and the relationship that I was in. Mirah is just becoming a real teen and I agree that support is key.

    • Shybrina burns
      Shybrina burns Year ago +2

      No she knows what she doing she did it wit Jerry

    • S S
      S S Year ago +5

      Yesssss !!

    • Erica Johnson
      Erica Johnson Year ago +11

      Yes she was a teenage before that’s why she have 3 kids … it a different way she can go about this because what she going do is make mirah be secretive about stuff because she going feel attack and not support and having the one on one with her

      MK FAMILY  Year ago +86

      Girl everything you said is known already but what I will not do is allow her to ruin her image and reputation taking adult pics at 14 g t f o h who raising y’all I will NOT shut up and be by her side while she do that what????… this is not about her growing and maturing as a teenager that got us here that nothing that’s life

  • Banana Woman
    Banana Woman Year ago +282

    i feel so bad for talan and mirah.She just growing up and they’re going to make mistakes but you can tell he really like her.She mad at talan for something her OWN SON would do and we all know it.

  • Markasia Young
    Markasia Young Year ago +86

    I love Mirah so much💓 I’m 19 & can definitely understand her and why she’s closed in. She’s in high school now, experiencing NEW things! I feel like her family needs to let the changes happen because it’s normal! I’m pretty sure when Kam starts high school she’ll experience some changes too. If Mirah found true happiness in dating Talan, but then her family comes with “oh you’re acting like this” or “you’re acting like that”, that’s only gonna make her more closed in because now she feels misunderstood.

  • londynjamiaa
    londynjamiaa Year ago +146

    Mirah mom was making my skin boil ! literally , like let that girl grow up .. and kam needa learn mirah in highschool she not going to keep doing them childish things and telling everybody her business.. she deserves personal space

  • Shaprise Smith
    Shaprise Smith Year ago +244

    I definitely feel for mirah when she was getting teary eyed 😭 I’ve been there before I know how she’s feeling ❤️I definitely cried with mirah especially with her being so young .

    • Belial
      Belial Year ago +4

      Farhiya Mohamed It’s good to learn early do you’re not blinded when you’re older

    • Sheta Johnson
      Sheta Johnson Year ago +1

      Farhiya Mohamed she young ain’t like they gonna be married

    • Sheta Johnson
      Sheta Johnson Year ago +1

      Farhiya Mohamed they just having fun it’s better they open with their parents ,cuz strict parents raise a sneaky child

    • Kaydre white
      Kaydre white Year ago +1

      Same 😫

  • Michele Williams Holifield

    I love that two parents can come together to solve a situation. I have so much respect for them.

  • Kay .G
    Kay .G Year ago +77

    Aww Mirah🥺 Seeing her so sad made me cry because at that point she definitely felt & understood exactly what her mama was saying & that’s why they definitely needed this sit down so that they can get understanding about the whole situation I don’t feel like anything they said was wrong I feel like it was very well needed & They definitely did what they needed to do as parents their children are getting older & these types of talks are very important at this age as they understand things more & more

    • saayadam.__
      saayadam.__ Year ago +3

      wha was they doin in the picture or video ?

    • lil T
      lil T Year ago

      @saayadam.__ nun of yo Business 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Vars Daniela
    Vars Daniela Year ago +62

    I totally love Talan’s mom energy , mindset and everything !
    Mira u are amazing keep growing
    Kam atitude really not cute we understand her point of view but being disrespectful just ain’t it!!!
    Mira I feel u 😩❤️

  • Zyyy Naquay
    Zyyy Naquay Year ago +55

    Laughing is mirah way of hiding nervousness or embarrassment

  • Life As Nakia
    Life As Nakia Year ago +48

    I can definitely relate to Kam, and it made me emotional listening to her because I too was in that position where I felt like I was losing my sister and wasn’t as close due to relationships especially when we was inseparable before and told each other everything, it’s definitely going to take some time and healing to build that sister bond back up

  • Mb Tez
    Mb Tez Year ago +139

    My skin boils when family tries to interfere with relationships, you can’t control someone feelings, no matter the age, it will cause depression, and tension amongst each other, its not right.

  • Its.Kennedy
    Its.Kennedy Year ago +293

    Kam gotta understand that mirah is in high school and kam is still in middle school. Everyday mirah is changing and getting older. Not everything mirah does, she has to let meka or kam know. That’s apart of privacy that y’all aren’t allowing her to have. Meka saying mirahs taking her relationship too serious is kinda weird cause why won’t you allow talan to be her happiness. I’m sure turtle is hers. There’s no telling if they’ll last whether the break up tmr or get married in the future. Y’all should allow mirah and talan to do them and prosper within themselves and their relationship. HOWEVER I feel like rafeekia(idk the spelling) handled this very well and that she wishes the absolute best for them because she can clearly see that mirah makes talan happy. ANYWAYS, I loved this video

    • S S
      S S Year ago +33

      Well said 💯 and kam know she was wrong for how she acted in this video

    • Mb Tez
      Mb Tez Year ago +31

      It boils my skin when family acts that way, when you get a bf/gf

    • 3timesss
      3timesss Year ago +13

      thank youuuu, mirah don’t have to tell them everything

    • Larenzwife
      Larenzwife Year ago +2


    • World of Dionna
      World of Dionna Year ago +1

      @3timesss fr

  • Jayblixks
    Jayblixks Year ago +85

    I am happy that they moms had a talk and everything went smooth

  • Stacy gurl
    Stacy gurl Year ago +21


  • itskiyahhhhhh_
    itskiyahhhhhh_ Year ago +54

    Talan face when they bring up jerry 😂😂😂😂

  • Ashanti Jones
    Ashanti Jones Year ago +31

    I love how y’all are raising your kids ❤️ I’m so happy y’all are being their parents and not their friends

  • Peppah's Planet
    Peppah's Planet Year ago +10

    This was well done great job mother's . I'm proud of Mirah 💯, even though her decision was focused surrounding the circumstances. She was still mature enough to see it through. This let's you know she developed growth from this ❤️💪🏾

  • joth3r3al3st
    joth3r3al3st Year ago +63

    4:30 that was a funny mother and daughter moment mama Meka said “yeah that’s my girl she know what to do”😂😂

  • Aubrei Watson
    Aubrei Watson Year ago +57

    Seeing her all teary eyed about is the part that just took me out.

  • Beverly Mcclendon
    Beverly Mcclendon Year ago +82

    This was a great and much needed conversation. Thank you MamaMeka and Raffeeiha for sharing.

  • K S
    K S Year ago +18

    I feel like Mirah’s being pulled in so many different directions. I understand Mrs. Meka because she’s her mom and see’s this change firsthand; I understand Kam because she misses her sister. But I feel like the internet, extra opinions, and pressure to be a certain while she’s changing is conflicting and hard for her at this age. Seeing her tear up was so sad, so maybe this space she’s taking is much needed. Sending love you guys’ way✨✨

  • Lola
    Lola Year ago +21

    These babies(kids) will have to go thru things we as adults went thru & even tho we’ve lived & learned & know what to do now. We have to have the patience when they go thru life. We can’t tell them how to feel just be there for them ✨

  • Kaydre white
    Kaydre white Year ago +10

    They relationship is definitely healthy I love it 🥰 they so cute and sweet 😌

  • Jernoris Neal21
    Jernoris Neal21 Year ago +29

    I honestly feel for both of them they’re teens trying to find their way by being more comfortable I hope they work it out and be happy in the end

  • De'Jaylah Henderson
    De'Jaylah Henderson Year ago +2

    This was a refreshing conversation for me! I get where Mel’s and Talan’s mom was coming from and I automatically knew that Talan’s mom did not have any girls! Mel’s was right a 14 year old child should not be too serious about any guy yet! She needs to focus on her goals right now! If the boy is still around afterwards then that’s who she was supposed to be with and they will live happy ever after! Good job ladies ! I think you’re both raising good kids!

  • Daisia’s Channel
    Daisia’s Channel Year ago +63

    i wish i could really talk to Mirah. I literally understand how’s she feel , & also their parents. I went through this exact same thing with my boyfriend when i was 14, & now im 16. & I really wish I would’ve listened to my mom. I had literally cut everyone around me off & nobody else really got any of my attention except him. It was a feeling I couldn’t explain. But lord If I could go back & listen to my mom & his mom. I definitely would

      MK FAMILY  Year ago +28

      It’s called balance baby. It’s a way you just have to go through the motions of learning how to balance boyfriend emotions and family.That way you have no regrets when things don’t work out.

    • Daisia’s Channel
      Daisia’s Channel Year ago +5

      @MK FAMILY ; Yes! I’m glad you’re teaching her now because the depression me & him had when we broken up was sad!

    • Armani
      Armani Year ago +2

      Who got the picture of what they wasn’t suppose to do.??

  • SoprettyToni
    SoprettyToni Year ago +18

    I love this entire conversation. Young teens need to see more of this which you could have a big impact.

  • Kaydre white
    Kaydre white Year ago +37

    Awwww I like how Talan explained why that’s so cute 😫🥰🥰

  • Caribbean_ Doll
    Caribbean_ Doll Year ago +16

    Mirah is growing up. When kam gets older she’ll understand. When you have a sister y’all should be able to be close but in private. Not going to every other family member and telling them her every move.

  • Don’t play
    Don’t play Year ago +7

    who remembers when mirah said I DONT WANT A BOYFRIEND I WANT A'S AND B'S 🤣 i guess she dont stand by that now 💗

  • Tyra Ross
    Tyra Ross Year ago +191

    Ahhh it’s never a good thing when you start telling a child to break up w/ someone. The family just doesnt like her “new behavior”/ “changes” I think Mirah is just becoming a REAL high school teenager. It can be a hard transition for family but you have to let it happen. Mirah may start resenting y’all later own . She can’t be controlled forever. This is how it starts. Breaking up is normal heartbreaks are normal. Let it happen and guide them through the process instead of just forcing your child to end something that they really want. Meka talks about balance at the end of the video but balance is allowing your children to explore themselves. His mistake was expected THEY ARE YOUNG. I don’t think it’s fair to say that they have to just be friends.

      MK FAMILY  Year ago +69

      Children don’t date where I’m from so all this cud be none existent or sneaking around I don’t have to accept a thang but good grades and growth babygirl. That’s the problem with this generation. But I’m trying this new stuff and it my way or no way. I NEVER told her to break up with him she knew what she did was inappropriate and she knew what comes with not being able to handle dating and respecting yourself. Not sure if you know bout that but I want nothing less than a young lady you can be grown when it’s time. And if you watch the video I was more than “fair” on my decision. All of these kids need to slow tf down.
      ~Mama Meka

    • Erica Johnson
      Erica Johnson Year ago +9

      U took the words right out my mouth

    • EMAN B
      EMAN B Year ago +75

      @MK FAMILY lol what about your son jay he be thugging n treating girls horrible have the same energy towards him too

    • Tyra Ross
      Tyra Ross Year ago +18

      @MK FAMILY I understand ma’am.
      I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I was just trying to come from a place of a 23yr old who has experienced this same exact problem.

    • Erica Johnson
      Erica Johnson Year ago +14

      From experience and seeing it that make a child be more sneaky when the parent put a demand on them or it’s they way or no way. It makes a child/ teenage feel like they or they feeling don’t matter so they try to prove or impress you by living life for you and not thyself. Or when she do get the age to be “grown” she go out of control

  • Olivia
    Olivia Year ago +13

    I feel like this sit down needed to happen and that the kids should be thankful that there moms care about there health and well-being. They are just trying to do what is best for there kids and that is all that matters.

  • Dolomakk TV
    Dolomakk TV Year ago +327

    It’s just that mirah wanna have her own life without everybody being in her business so she stay to herself she don’t want jay controlling everything she do and cam asking her what’s going on and want to know everything 🗣🗣but mirah don’t wanna have to choose between her family and her boyfriend 🥱they should think of the relationship in a friend perspective but have a bf & gf status

    • nyah beverly
      nyah beverly Year ago +38

      exactly...i dont think she want them together....she was so hard on mirah and taking this serious but jay can treat gurls wrong...its just a lil kiss

    • Erica Johnson
      Erica Johnson Year ago +10

      Yes it’s like she just want to be free like she probably think her mother let jay do what he want and don’t let them do nothing

    • Dolomakk TV
      Dolomakk TV Year ago +2

      @Erica Johnson something like that

    • nyah beverly
      nyah beverly Year ago +2

      @Dolomakk TV exactly...she wasn't wrong but its just how she was talking to them and the things she was saying was wrong...we all know jay aint no virgin

  • AsDancedBy Lyric
    AsDancedBy Lyric Year ago +23

    I get it. You don’t want her relationship to be her WHOLE world at 14. Family is important. She’ll learn as she grows. We all went through it 🤣😂

  • Ki Ki 🤍
    Ki Ki 🤍 Year ago +8

    Aww I love Talan’s mom 😍

  • J. Small
    J. Small Year ago +19

    Let them learn and grow from their mistakes. They both look like smart kids and they regret the picture. We all have things we’ve done in our childhood that we shouldn’t have. Mama meka, don’t teach mirah to handle situations like that. And don’t make her feel bad because she has feelings for a boy, it’s okay!. To you it’s not that serious, when she reaches your age I’m sure she’ll feel the same way. But you gotta let her make mistakes so she can grow from them.

  • Janet Williams
    Janet Williams Year ago +26

    It’s called the cycle of life moms. My advice is to encourage them to be kids for as long as they can and not to get their feelings involved so soon. Have fun together and don’t involve what they do on social media

  • Umm, Whatever
    Umm, Whatever Year ago +19

    I understand the trying to be protective of Your Daughter thing, but keep the same energy for Your son as well, It’s tacky to allow Jay to have any and everyone running in/out house or car but Mirah is considered “not herself” and “given the side eye” all because she “like” someone. Kam is deff the jealous of My sister type so she’ll display Mirahs business and be a little too blunt and that’s not cute. Jealousy amongst sisters will have You hating Her for nothing or even trying to date the very dude they “claim” to dislike. Meka will never get the openness and trust from Mirah she’s hoping for because she’s controlling and condescending, it’s shameful to be honest.

  • Ja’Mirra
    Ja’Mirra Year ago +7

    Another episode! This episode was so funny , keep up the good work MK fam❤️🔥

  • The Ayeni family
    The Ayeni family Year ago +7

    Mirah face when her mom said jerry name 😂😂😂

  • Keviyah’s Worlddd
    Keviyah’s Worlddd Year ago +18

    I definitely understand both parents point in the situation ❤️

  • Kaydre white
    Kaydre white Year ago +44

    Awww Mirah ain’t want to break up with him cause she really love him 🥺❤️ and ain’t want to see his feelings to be hurt

  • ilovepnd
    ilovepnd Year ago +2

    mirah is suppose to be able to tell kam stuff. it’s crazy that she can’t tell her things because kam tells her secrets just for a couple of laughs

    THE UNIQUE FAM Year ago +19

    Lawd I can’t take these people serious 🤣 it’s the crying ending for me 😂

  • mylifeee
    mylifeee Year ago +179

    kam gotta understand mirah is getting older she not gonna wanna share everything that’s going on with her relationship and mirah remind me of myself a little cause im very closed in and don’t like to tell people a lot, I wish success on mirah and talans relationship

    • Nevalackinx
      Nevalackinx Year ago +3

      It’s her sister and yea I kinda agree

    • Niyah Parker
      Niyah Parker Year ago +1

      They already said that in the video...

    • 3timesss
      3timesss Year ago +6

      thissss , it’s not their relationship it’s talan & mirah relationship

    • mylifeee
      mylifeee Year ago +3

      @Niyah Parker girl move around idc if they did or didn’t , I stated my opinion now let’s keep it moving..

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis Year ago +4

    Awww Mirah Hold You Head Up Everything Going Be Okay But I Hope You And Kam Work Things Outs💯💙

  • LifeasTink
    LifeasTink Year ago +275

    Talen not even the problem it’s obviously that they like each other & that they getting comfortable with each other.

    • K H
      K H Year ago +6


    • S S
      S S Year ago +32

      Right it’s like they blaming talan that mirah changing

    • Afiya Afiya
      Afiya Afiya Year ago +4


    • Armani
      Armani Year ago

      Who got the picture of what they wasn’t suppose to do.??

  • l,Ontreace Stevens
    l,Ontreace Stevens Year ago +9

    They r a cute couple together🤗🥰.. Mirah remind me of Vera … on Alice🤣🤣🤣. Her Boss Mel used to always call her ding bat!🤣🥰🤗

  • Tamyia Washington
    Tamyia Washington Year ago +20

    It broke my heart seeing mirah tearing up about the sister bond thing cause I’m jus used to seeing her happy.

  • shaadybree
    shaadybree Year ago +203

    she can do this with mirah but can’t do it with jay 💀💀💀it’s giving favoritism

    • Kaiunloaded
      Kaiunloaded Year ago +12

      right right but not favorittism bc jay do things like tht but her no thts sad jay about to be grown but no favorite

      THUGLIFE ROB ! Year ago +13

      Aint no damn favortism im pretty sure jay wouldnt wanna do this bs

    • Tamerra Hall
      Tamerra Hall Year ago +14

      jay is a boy tho .. it’s a whole different thing w girls, sadly .

    • shantiii
      shantiii Year ago +18

      @Tamerra Hall can you tell me why? Like I just wanna know why people look at things different when it comes to girls

    • Nyonna
      Nyonna Year ago +5

      jay is way older.

  • Kaydre white
    Kaydre white Year ago +3

    Awwww Kam it’s going to be okay 🥺 she definitely will come back around ❤️ it’s all love still there 💯

  • Michele Williams Holifield

    I loved this video so much great job. I love your parenting skills. I have great respect for you and Ms. Fee Fee.

  • Elayna's channel
    Elayna's channel Year ago +62

    It’s so sad how none of her family can respect her relationship.

  • Jadarriah Banks
    Jadarriah Banks Year ago +17

    I like how respectful Dey both was both parents and Also Talan n Mariah was respectful to 💪🏾

  • Miyahdadon
    Miyahdadon Year ago +9

    She said Jerry everybody looked crazy ash 😭😭

    JM GANG Year ago +53

    Mirah and talan mama spoke nothing but the Truth, Mirah mama wasn't doing to much, she was saying what was right, like she said they was moving to fast, but I get everything both of their mother was coming from.

  • Just Jada Díor
    Just Jada Díor Year ago +15

    And I understood where Mirah's mom was coming from all the way she has a very validated point.

  • l,Ontreace Stevens
    l,Ontreace Stevens Year ago +135

    She’s getting to that age.. that’s what we all did … what they do… a change in life.. that’s all

      TAYLOR SNAAYA Year ago +1

      so what did they do ?

    • Armani
      Armani Year ago +1

      Who got the picture of what they wasn’t suppose to do.??

  • zy’ianaaa 💗 .
    zy’ianaaa 💗 . Year ago +6

    aweee mirah made me cry when she tear up😣, it’s gon be okay keep yo head up boot! i’m da same way tbh .

  • Deshelle Conner
    Deshelle Conner Year ago +3

    IS A MF
    LOVE Y'ALL ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • Ariel Palmer
    Ariel Palmer Year ago +10

    Awwwe Mariah is tearing up broke my heart .

  • hayathashi
    hayathashi Year ago +44

    Awe I was literally about to cry when they said me and kam sister bond is not that close like it use to be cuz she had a boyfriend 😭 I feel bad for kam and everyone maybe that hate that for mirah to act that way

    • Erica Johnson
      Erica Johnson Year ago +14

      But it’s like mirah is the black sheep … it’s like jay do what he want a kam in people eyes is so innocent like y’all need to let that girl live

    • yahnna
      yahnna Year ago

      @Erica Johnson THIS^^^^

      MK FAMILY  Year ago +7

      You weird under everybody comment with your negativity
      and thoughtless opinions.

    • yahnna
      yahnna Year ago +7

      @MK FAMILY all she said was she felt bad? I’m so confused.

    • Anna galaxy
      Anna galaxy Year ago +2

      @yahnna i thinkt they meant Erica Johnson

  • Kaydre white
    Kaydre white Year ago +8

    Talan so sweet and respectful 💯

  • E’Niya Leeshae
    E’Niya Leeshae Year ago +9

    aww mirah got me cryinggg😭

  • TDvids
    TDvids Year ago +7

    I really appreciate this video 👍🏾
    Coming from a mom to a 10 year old son

  • Davodrnique Traylor
    Davodrnique Traylor Year ago +11

    Seeing mirah cry broke my heart 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️‍🩹

  • Kayah Joseph
    Kayah Joseph Year ago +13

    About time we finally seen this video ❤

    • Armani
      Armani Year ago +1

      Who got the picture of what they wasn’t suppose to do.??

  • Keny’e Gray
    Keny’e Gray Year ago +59

    He look like he was finna cry 😭

  • LifeWithEmJ
    LifeWithEmJ Year ago +308

    Mirah just growing up and they don’t want her to pretty much..

  • Zarialenee’
    Zarialenee’ Year ago +34

    I’m so hurt that kam and the others feel that way because I would hate for me to lose my bonds with my family just over a boy that might not be my forever

  • Libra empress
    Libra empress Year ago +75

    The moment everyone has been waiting for…

    • hayathashi
      hayathashi Year ago

      Yes I been waiting

    • nique💜
      nique💜 Year ago


    • Armani
      Armani Year ago

      Who got the picture of what they wasn’t suppose to do.??

    • hayathashi
      hayathashi Year ago

      @Armani mirah and talen were touching each others tongues and kissing it’s a picture not a video I seen on some fans pages

    • Libra empress
      Libra empress Year ago

      @Armani ion knw cs i was tryna find

  • Chynecia Ward
    Chynecia Ward Year ago +8

    Talan and mirah when she said he and jerry 😭😆..! Got me dying

  • ayo f
    ayo f Year ago +11

    keeps the same energy for jay tho he over here having 28 gf and he be “thugging” 💀

  • Me
    Me Year ago +18

    Been waiting on this 😂

  • Kamren Cole
    Kamren Cole Year ago +4

    I love baby girl kam with all my heart but she needa go sit down somewhere ❤️❤️

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    mariah. Year ago +3

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    • Goddess K
      Goddess K Year ago +2

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    My Lovely Lexx Year ago

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