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NBA Unwritten Rule😱

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • NBA Unwritten Rule😱 #shorts
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  • Kiloechovictor
    Kiloechovictor 3 months ago +4208

    "Some rules are made to be bent. Other's are made to be broken."
    -George Washington, 1997

    • Na_sports6
      Na_sports6 3 months ago +162

      1997? Washington died 1799. So idk where u finding that information

    • Juan José Calero De La Torre
      Juan José Calero De La Torre 3 months ago +68


    • wyatt
      wyatt 3 months ago +105

      1997 💀

    • Andrei
      Andrei 3 months ago +72

      Bro washington was alive in 97? Didn't know him and mj must've been tight huh

    • Joe from fortnite
      Joe from fortnite 3 months ago +65

      Yall be acting like he aint joking about the george washington part💀

  • Trappp
    Trappp 3 months ago +2508

    I respect the players that dgaf bout this rule

    • End Zone™
      End Zone™ 3 months ago +8

      315 likes and no comments? Imma fix that

    • Footies_edits
      Footies_edits 3 months ago +7

      What rule? Can someone explain?

    • CDSUQ -quay
      CDSUQ -quay 3 months ago +96

      @Footies_editswhen your up by a reasonable amount say 20-15 points inna 4th you shouldnt really show boat or do a high flyin dunk but in my opinion they should play til the buzzer🤷🏿‍♂️ or if they do a dunk while winning with ni seconds left

    • Og2tone 9o
      Og2tone 9o 3 months ago +75

      ​@CDSUQ -quay if theres time on the clock ill play how ever tf I wanna play these teams crying about showboating are so stupid

    • Justin Kennedy
      Justin Kennedy 3 months ago +16

      Same that’s one of the reasons I like lamelo ball he’ll still fire 3s with like 30 secomds left in a blowout

  • boosifuss plays
    boosifuss plays 3 months ago +2869

    The only unwritten rule broken in here is the defense not doing anything to stop him.

    • Clibothy
      Clibothy 3 months ago +25

      The game was over bro

    • Ja morant12
      Ja morant12 3 months ago +34

      It was a blowout that's why they didn't do any defense

    • Kookie Hughes
      Kookie Hughes 3 months ago +124

      @Clibothyplay until the whistle blows. There’s still time on the clock so the games not over

    • Hien Nguyen
      Hien Nguyen 3 months ago +15

      ​@Kookie Hughes man they lost by 30 pts and just a few seconds left so its already over

    • L3g3ndIIII
      L3g3ndIIII 3 months ago +20

      ​@Hien Nguyenso nothing happens if they score one more

  • Marlin Man
    Marlin Man 3 months ago +711

    KD like “oh no he didnnnnnnnt” 😂

  • Oh-Jay's Emporium
    Oh-Jay's Emporium 3 months ago +1044

    So? Ain't nothing disrespectful. Gotta give fans the worth of their money.

    • Benjy
      Benjy 3 months ago +12

      It‘s disrespectful to Shoot the Ball in the Last seconds of the Game Ehen it‘s allready over

    • monttu
      monttu 3 months ago +67

      @Benjy how so? If I could do that I would?

    • Jaws
      Jaws 3 months ago +10

      @Benjy it wasn’t the last seconds it was just a blowout and it had a few minutes or something left

    • Ctrainishim
      Ctrainishim 3 months ago +43

      @Benjystill some fans paid a bunch of money for seats so nobody cares if someone does that and if they do they can’t take losing

    • BlessedHIM
      BlessedHIM 3 months ago +3

      @Ctrainishim it’s the unwritten rule bro

  • Kuba
    Kuba 3 months ago +85

    a writen rule"play till game is over

    • Noahthegoat
      Noahthegoat 3 months ago +1


    • Clipper
      Clipper 3 months ago

      He could’ve just layed it in or one hand jammed it in or smth, it isn’t practice

    • KBonTop
      KBonTop Month ago


  • Sergio
    Sergio 3 months ago +405

    “Play until the buzzer”

    • Jop
      Jop 3 months ago +1

      Except when your blown out with 5 minutes left to go

    • ChampionJrStudios
      ChampionJrStudios 3 months ago +7

      @Jop idgaf about that rule I’m playing my hardest till the end

    • Adrià Canellas
      Adrià Canellas 3 months ago +2

      ​@Jop so you're sopposed to not do anything for the last 5'?

    • Jop
      Jop 3 months ago

      @Adrià Canellas Did I say anything that your not supposed to do anything for the last 5? No I just said don’t put effort anymore if you know it’s a blowout with an impossible comeback to make with limited time.

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      black and white blood 3 months ago +3

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  • Rell
    Rell 3 months ago +297

    KD like, Damn I DID come to the right team.

    • nightmare
      nightmare 2 months ago

      he left after 3 years

  • StarRBLX
    StarRBLX 3 months ago +710

    Kd reaction is priceless💀💀

    • Helios
      Helios 3 months ago +6

      500 like with zero comments let me fix that😊

    • DifferentNBA
      DifferentNBA 3 months ago +1

      @Helios cringe

    • Deepchocolate
      Deepchocolate 3 months ago +5

      @DifferentNBA but what the og comment said isn’t?

  • Никита Гладкий
    Никита Гладкий 3 months ago +172

    If Kobe was there, he would run all the court and at least tried to Block not Just stand and WATCH. Dunk was fire tho.
    R. I. P Kobe

    • Jacob Sanders
      Jacob Sanders 3 months ago +4

      Bro he would run from the other side of the world to block it

    • potato
      potato 3 months ago +8

      I swear I love Kobe but y’all turn every basketball video into something to do with kobe

    • Kim Nana
      Kim Nana 3 months ago +1

      That's why some like banana and some dont

    • Gg Gh
      Gg Gh 3 months ago +5

      This had nothing to do wit Kobe yo

    • Andrei
      Andrei 3 months ago +5

      Why are you kobedickriders always spouting about him in a video not involving him like bruh

  • Connor Gable
    Connor Gable 3 months ago +36

    Honestly unwritten rules are stupid. The other team should just toughen up

  • zest 10
    zest 10 3 months ago +99

    Bro play in china rn 💀

  • Timo Cruz
    Timo Cruz 3 months ago +105

    soft generation calling it unwritten rule 🥱

    • Mr Splashman
      Mr Splashman 3 months ago +11

      Not soft generation this has been a thing for decades

    • Blake DeJesus
      Blake DeJesus 3 months ago +9

      Bro was probably born in this generation 💀

    • javiercj.e
      javiercj.e 3 months ago +2

      Yall just soft no matter what🤐bein real

    • LöwenKönig
      LöwenKönig 3 months ago +4

      Unwritten rules are childish. If they want it as a rule then the league should write it down.

    • El1teFire
      El1teFire 3 months ago +2

      I don’t think anyone agrees with it

  • Koreyz
    Koreyz 3 months ago +36

    For people who don’t know
    They were up by like 30 points so there was no need to do an insane dunk like that

    • Vince Cruz
      Vince Cruz 3 months ago

      For a player who doesn't get a lot of mins you would try to do something to get playing time

    • Henr Y Settles
      Henr Y Settles 3 months ago +3

      Forget that. Play until the whistle blows.

    • Fritzkrieg
      Fritzkrieg 3 months ago +1

      People paid to be entertained

  • SLW
    SLW 3 months ago +37

    As they say in combat sports : Protect yourselves at all time.

  • Jordan Ramsey
    Jordan Ramsey 3 months ago +1

    “Fuck them rules”
    -Mahatma Gandhi, 2020

  • VoidedWasOut
    VoidedWasOut 3 months ago +36

    curry belike: i wish i could jump :edit: MOM IM FINALLY POPULAR

    • nhkstar
      nhkstar 3 months ago +1

      He can he’s just short

    • Zanarksgood
      Zanarksgood 3 months ago +1

      Curry got a 36 inch vertical what are you talking about

    • frxstyy
      frxstyy 3 months ago +1

      ​@Zanarksgoodhe can't really. dunk

    • Human
      Human 3 months ago

      ​@frxstyy wtf do u mean, he can dunk

    • Zanarksgood
      Zanarksgood 3 months ago

      @frxstyy it’s not about if he can dunk it’s about if he can jump
      Plus he can dunk

  • GoldFish
    GoldFish 3 months ago +56

    My athletic ass when I come off the bench because of a blowout, but can’t can’t remember the plays so I stay on the bench until the last 30 seconds

  • HEATGavin
    HEATGavin 3 months ago +22

    “And that is how I got benched for our whole next game” 😂

    • SRY Hella
      SRY Hella 3 months ago

      Why would u get benched for that u would get rewarded

    • Nikolay V. Egorov
      Nikolay V. Egorov 3 months ago +1

      ​@SRY Hella putting a target on your teams back for no reason doesnt get you rewarded

    • HEATGavin
      HEATGavin 3 months ago

      @SRY Hella Do you know the rule?

  • JD
    JD 3 months ago +41

    Never made sense to me, how is it disrespectful to put the ball through the hoop even if you're up?
    That's the goal of the game to score points. The game wasnt over

    • Ojkœ
      Ojkœ 3 months ago +5

      Bro, if it’s a blow out win you don’t do some flashy dunk you just finish out the game bro

    • Charlie Chow
      Charlie Chow 3 months ago +4

      I say it’s dumb for them to say literally just say scoring on a 10+ game is disrespectful like they expect fans to just sit and watch people just pass the ball for the last 5 minutes of a game. But this is pretty different this is a disrespectful dunk on a blowout game

    • Oh-Jay's Emporium
      Oh-Jay's Emporium 3 months ago +6

      ​@Charlie Chow Nah, ain't nothing disrespectful.

    • V0RT3X_19
      V0RT3X_19 3 months ago +1

      Bro, he literally did a flashy dunk like Ojkœ said, you don’t just do that when your up by 30. (The Warriors were up by 30)

    • Evilegg
      Evilegg 3 months ago

      @V0RT3X_19 trust me bro he doesn’t give a damn

  • Kenny
    Kenny  3 months ago +20

    I love how curry’s reaction like a kid getting suprise❤😂

  • Higher-self
    Higher-self 3 months ago +12

    Game clock still going. 🤷‍♂️ it’s entertainment. Players and fans both enjoy it.

  • Empathetic Psychopath
    Empathetic Psychopath 3 months ago +5

    Game ain’t over til the whistle blows.

  • NBAeditz23
    NBAeditz23 3 months ago +6

    For the ppl who don’t understand in that game the warriors were up by 30 in the last quarter and the unwritten rule is that no one usually goes super flashy when they know they’ve won and it’s 4th quarter

    • Ray Dey
      Ray Dey 2 months ago +1

      Games not over till the buzzer goes off. Play hard like you want the win or don’t but don’t hate on the players that just want to have a good time and look good doing it. Defense should have been awake if they were down 30.

    • HEIDRO
      HEIDRO 2 months ago

      We all know what happened. People who are upset over it are just ridiculous and sore losers.

  • Pyrolicous
    Pyrolicous 3 months ago +9

    “Keep on playing to the game is over”

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 3 months ago +5

    Bro had to get his career alley hoops higher he needed the mvp points 😂

  • SANDRA Mccullough
    SANDRA Mccullough 3 months ago +3

    Coach and team says play hard and aggressive till the buzzer end, plus ppl pay hella money to watch them perform

  • Him Productions
    Him Productions 18 days ago

    KD covered his mouth like someone cussed really bad 😂

  • DrOctowiz
    DrOctowiz 3 months ago +2

    I'm starting to think there are more unwritten rules than written ones in NBA 😂

  • Charles S
    Charles S 3 months ago +4

    Casually ignoring the fact that there were two whole minutes left in the game. The unwritten rule is for when there is so little time that there is no shot clock

  • Taweb
    Taweb 3 months ago +4

    Legend says they are still waiting for the full clip to play

    • claus
      claus 3 months ago +2

      it showed up after like 4 seconds. is your attention span that low?

    • Taweb
      Taweb 3 months ago

      Yes i cant handle that kind of tourtur

  • kgagagagamer
    kgagagagamer 2 months ago

    Legend has it he got traded the next game

  • Timeless Motivation
    Timeless Motivation 3 months ago

    As long as there's no buzzer, the game must go on.

  • Go20 Naruto
    Go20 Naruto 3 months ago +5

    And then after that he got scolded by his coach 💀

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson 3 months ago +30

    Bro kd was in complete shock

  • alicia russell
    alicia russell 3 months ago +1

    He became Shaq mid game

    BLAZEDITS🔥 3 months ago +5

    why do steph and kd both look like kids when some stranger says a bad word💀😂

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 3 months ago +6

    "If it is an unwritten rule then it is not a rule, but a mere reminder."

    • Shingen Ozumi
      Shingen Ozumi Month ago

      Sportsmanship and Morals. It's not about being legitimate and/or following the rule book.

    • Blue Berry
      Blue Berry Month ago

      @Shingen Ozumi Then nothing was wrong in there. It's not as if he punched someone or did an actual illegal move. It might be an unsportsmanlike move for some, but it has nothing to do with morals lmao. Sports are competition, if they don't want the other team to score then they have to play defense. Simple as that.
      It's not a rule, so it's a fair game.

    • MrNeon
      MrNeon 8 days ago

      @Shingen Ozumi sportsmanship is playing the game with all you have not fucking walk in the park.

  • GrInDinGkidwOrlD
    GrInDinGkidwOrlD 3 months ago +6

    Curry is like “Is this really happening?”

  • Ihateithere
    Ihateithere 3 months ago

    90s kids: SELF PASS! MY BALL.

  • OL’ Cow Catcher
    OL’ Cow Catcher 3 months ago +2

    Got a rebound and two pretty smart thinking

  • MellyOWOWI
    MellyOWOWI 10 days ago

    Bell left them all speechless

  • Beba Gordon
    Beba Gordon 2 months ago

    The unwritten rule is that you can't dunk if you are winning the game by like 30

    LOD D. OMNISCIENT 3 months ago +18

    so I can't have fun in the game cuz it will hurt your feelings? lol if you're hurt just be good enough to beat me next time

    • Clipper
      Clipper 3 months ago +1

      It’s disrespectful, someone sounds like they don’t play sports. No sportsmanship🚨🚨

      LOD D. OMNISCIENT 3 months ago +4

      @Clipper lol pitying your opponents when they don't have an handicap is sportsmanship? Y'all have really gone as far as changing meanings to words.

    • Jolly_Prodzz
      Jolly_Prodzz 3 months ago

      Steve Kerr told him they don’t do that in games they already won 😂

    • Jaleel
      Jaleel 3 months ago

      Spit bruv, people payed for it so he just giving them they money's worth 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Nigel Cicero
    Nigel Cicero 3 months ago

    If you don't want him stunting on you then stop him 🤷‍♀️

  • The First Echlon
    The First Echlon 3 months ago

    Last time i checked, there’s 48 minutes in an nba game

  • Leaf
    Leaf 3 months ago +1

    Now bro is playing in china 💀💀

  • Luke Hoelzle
    Luke Hoelzle 3 months ago

    The score doesn't end the game the buzzer does

  • OJ_playz
    OJ_playz 3 months ago +4

    Bro teleported to 2016 dunk contest💀

  • Sabrina Hendrickson
    Sabrina Hendrickson 3 months ago

    Why tf did the ref through him out

  • Seth Martinez
    Seth Martinez 3 months ago

    For the people that don’t understand is that they were up by 30

  • Phantom Zone
    Phantom Zone 3 months ago

    Unwritten rules are just a way to justify disrespect.

  • NightFallYT
    NightFallYT 3 months ago

    KD and Stephs reaction:😳😱😨

  • Kyle Diffusion
    Kyle Diffusion 3 months ago

    Jordan Bell another youngin that Draymond ruined cause he was afraid of losing his minutes

  • gymbro Corbyn
    gymbro Corbyn 3 months ago +9

    It was like when we were younger tryna make a dunk contest on our mini hoops

  • Campbellford colts
    Campbellford colts 3 months ago

    God Damn man it’s not the dunk contest Maybe he will save the dunk contest

  • Harley
    Harley 3 months ago

    So many unwritten rules these days. Like we don't play defense any more.

  • Wyatt Nylund
    Wyatt Nylund 3 months ago

    For y’all that don’t know the unwritten rule is don’t do a flashy when your losing by a long shot

  • Sumfuhnny
    Sumfuhnny 3 months ago +3

    Yuh got a signed Jordan Bell jersey

  • Curtis L
    Curtis L 3 months ago

    He should have thrown it off the backboard, go up, then just coast out of bounds casually lol

  • Thunder Fan
    Thunder Fan 3 months ago +1

    I saw this and it was a fast break and stood and did a drill lay up not disrpect and the enemy team tried to fight him but Zion does a 360 windmill and the suns just cry

  • meowk
    meowk 3 months ago

    Rules are maid to be brooken!!

  • Sam_tam
    Sam_tam 2 months ago +1

    Bro did the double tap IRL

  • LemonSoup
    LemonSoup 3 months ago

    If T-Mac dropped 13 in 35 you can drop 30 in 120

  • GreazyCheezy
    GreazyCheezy Month ago

    curry's eyes look so lit up lol

  • Devjeet Singh
    Devjeet Singh 3 months ago

    Btw if u didn’t understand, Durant and curry are shocked because they are up by so much and their teammate did a disrespectful dunk

  • cam
    cam 3 months ago

    It’s sad when the losing team has a chance to take a shot before the clock runs out and they give the ball to the refs. Just take a shot

  • Mvtrixx
    Mvtrixx 3 months ago

    Honestly probably doesnt regret it, he got shouted at a bit and went down in history 🤷‍♂️

  • ger.m.a.n giant16
    ger.m.a.n giant16 3 months ago +1

    This unwritten rule is bullcrap.
    Once your ahead you can do what you want. One of the only unwritten rules I agree with is to not intentionally try to Injure a player

  • Strawnight_TV
    Strawnight_TV 3 months ago

    if you were wondering this guys name is jordan bell

  • RGYT
    RGYT 3 months ago

    People saying they dont care about the rule probably dont know what "sportsmanship" is.

  • Kurosan007
    Kurosan007 3 months ago

    Some of those guys at the stands paid to see some highlights. I say give them the highlights they came for. I don't care if the home team gets their feelings hurt.

  • ntsHERO
    ntsHERO 3 months ago

    If GD posted this instead he'd be revered as a god by the simpleton hype stans

  • Yesssirr
    Yesssirr 3 months ago

    If opponents still trying to score dont matter what the score is im 360 windmill that bih

  • Lawman05k
    Lawman05k 3 months ago +32

    Wa wa if you don’t like it play some defense then

  • Roderick Sasu
    Roderick Sasu 3 months ago

    For those who think that player is right for doing that consider this. The losing team will remember this and use that as motivation to kick your ass the next time you come back. No sense giving ammo for your opponents to use.

  • Zag
    Zag 3 months ago

    bro violated the nba law

  • Pepe the Chad
    Pepe the Chad 3 months ago +1

    Swaggy P had that Dawg in im

  • fred tacang
    fred tacang 2 months ago

    New generation. Back to the '80s, no 'running down the clock' sh1t

  • Jacob Sheldon
    Jacob Sheldon 3 months ago +1

    Bro everybody was froze and KD and steph curry were speechless 🏀🏀🏀🏀😮

  • roboxbedwarsforlife
    roboxbedwarsforlife 2 months ago

    KD was like 🫢

  • 2Blk2SeeMe
    2Blk2SeeMe 3 months ago +1

    Thats jordan bell, his brother was my coach for basketball great dude and coach

  • Jonas Palma
    Jonas Palma 3 months ago

    Kd be like was I supposed to see that

  • Anoire TAFSOUT
    Anoire TAFSOUT 3 months ago

    Kerr: you were not able to do that

  • Monkey76
    Monkey76 3 months ago +11

    For everyone who doesn’t under stand so the warriors were by like 35 or somthing. Like that in the 4th quarter with a minute left so the opponent lost and it’s is super disrespectful to do somthing like that when the game is already over
    Edit: jeez 7 likes this is my most liked comment

    • Raegan Gottsch
      Raegan Gottsch 3 months ago +6

      i don’t think it’s disrespectful, just don’t be losing if you don’t want your feelings hurt 🤷‍♂️

    • Noahthegoat
      Noahthegoat 3 months ago +3

      i was told to play to the buzzer/whistle 🤷‍♂️

    • Clipper
      Clipper 3 months ago +1

      @Noahthegoat it’s not practice, don’t self alley oop when you in a serious game

      WREFMAN 3 months ago +1

      Under stand

  • Aiden Lobegeier
    Aiden Lobegeier 3 months ago +4

    Currys face made it 😂

  • Cuya Gen
    Cuya Gen 3 months ago

    If it's an unwritten rule, then it means that it's not necessarily to be followed

  • Tony Bakens
    Tony Bakens 3 months ago

    I love when this happens, f*ck this rule 🤣

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago

    Its like in MMA.. even if the oponnent is unconscious and the ref is not stepping in, keep punching. 😅😅

  • Delmer Balantin
    Delmer Balantin 3 months ago

    They are there to play and score, why do you hinder them on doing it? It’s their will and free to do it. Fuck that unwritten rule. Just saying.

  • Tim Jackson
    Tim Jackson 3 months ago

    I get the unspoken rule part......But that shit was hard

  • Ayo Chill
    Ayo Chill 3 months ago +1

    KD during the moment:”gosh damn😮”

  • Aaron Reyes
    Aaron Reyes 3 months ago

    Step curry was all happy for the warriors

  • PSIundertale
    PSIundertale 3 months ago

    Man was laughing cuz he knew he was bouta get benched (joke)

  • Freddy Fox 500
    Freddy Fox 500 3 months ago

    Let the young buck show off his hops

  • Paul Heaphy
    Paul Heaphy 3 months ago

    Perfect situation! No big deal. Nice dunk,no?

  • Cheraphim Goku
    Cheraphim Goku 3 months ago +1

    bro just took a whole ass journey and thought we wouldn't notice 💀

  • Ajme
    Ajme Month ago

    I wonder why he’s not on the team anymore 😂

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle 3 months ago

    The fans paid for their tickets, might as well continue the show. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 19 Million
    19 Million 3 months ago

    It was just youthful exuberance.