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The Mystery of the Druids: A Bizarre Adventure Game

  • Published on Sep 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Most people know The Mystery of the Druids from the screaming face meme cover. That's barely scratching the surface of this insane adventure game
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    Twitter: Lord_Mandalore
    Additional excellent music provided by: @BenLevin and @JusticeCow
    Music visuals provided by: Felix Wenko "Xilefenko" and David Garb "Sam"
    Intro animation by: @Extellus
    Moral support and nightmares provided by Haruspex and Lowry fans
    #MysteryoftheDruids #TheMysteryoftheDruids #Druids #Lowry
    00:00 - Intro
    1:22 - An Opening Cutscene
    3:37 - Mystery Begins
    12:20 - Halligan Tries to Make a Phone Call
    18:13 - On the Path of Druids
    22:33 - The Salt Arc
    28:15 - The Amulet's Fallout
    36:46 - The Deus Ex Neo Druids
    43:00 - The Melanie Arc
    47:58 - Struggle Continues
    54:00 - Return to the Past Now
    01:05:06 - Grand Finale
    01:10:15 - The Mystery of the Droods
    1:12:36 - Credits
    1:14:07 - It's Not Over
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  • MandaloreGaming
    MandaloreGaming  2 years ago +4251

    Druids on GOG - gog.la/Lowry
    THE LIST - docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_K3ziSxT9zcUUGCddS4sF1uNJTWHSbOwB1CQX2Rx4Uo
    I was starting to doubt parts of this game happened but at least I'll have permanent evidence now.

    • The Hobo King
      The Hobo King 2 years ago +67

      I was just fucken waching some of your vids the fuck

    • Fugu_
      Fugu_ 2 years ago +41

      robbing hobos will do that

    • no no
      no no 2 years ago +8

      Poor thing

    • Tura
      Tura 2 years ago +8

      That's not a deal, that's a punishment

    • Luca Ballarati
      Luca Ballarati 2 years ago +8

      The Druids are finally upon us! I'm going to savour this later.

  • AnimeUproar
    AnimeUproar 2 years ago +7217

    Halligan is the postmodern Odysseus.

    • Grid
      Grid 2 years ago +200

      No... Halligan is somehow worse. Hahahahaha

    • concerned patient
      concerned patient 2 years ago +41

      *eye roll*

    • NerveDamage
      NerveDamage 2 years ago +18


    • Francisco GPC
      Francisco GPC 2 years ago +58

      @NerveDamage Watch a summary of the Odyssey

    • Mmyees
      Mmyees 2 years ago +241

      The beggar is Polyphemus and the salt arc is Circe's island

  • Franklin Barnes
    Franklin Barnes 8 months ago +978

    Halligan and Melanie's relationship makes a billion times more sense when you realize that because of his deal with Serstan, she's technically a puzzle item

    • boiyado
      boiyado 4 days ago +2

      I mean…Halligan probably cares more about his puzzle items than actual people.

  • Marwan Sobhy
    Marwan Sobhy Year ago +7204

    You start off the game wondering why everyone hates Halligan and you end it wondering how Melanie doesn't

    • Cold Station 12
      Cold Station 12 10 months ago +846

      Perhaps her ex was worse and he seems sane in comparison

    • Psychoangel
      Psychoangel 10 months ago +846

      @Cold Station 12 that... Is a frightening thought.

    • zach welle
      zach welle 9 months ago +360

      She didn't have a puzzle item

    • Leonardo Rossi
      Leonardo Rossi 9 months ago +242

      How? Through the magic of the Druids!

  • Elizabest
    Elizabest Year ago +6872

    Halligan is the only character I’ve seen and confidently say that he would survive in Pathologic

    • Keller Harris
      Keller Harris Year ago +995

      He's basically if the Bachelor dropped out of college to become a cop

    • Galedex
      Galedex Year ago +1354

      You should ask the real question: Would Pathologic survive Halligan?

    • Aronero
      Aronero Year ago +418

      @Galedex no

    • Landry Longacre
      Landry Longacre Year ago +573

      @Galedex he would destroy that world for pitza money

    • Mrkabrat
      Mrkabrat Year ago +523

      @Galedex The amount of poisoned hobbos and skeletonized bodies would skyrocket

  • Bezel
    Bezel Year ago +4105

    Melanie: I was married to an abusive and crazy husband, but you seem alright and we should go on a date.
    Halligan: *Stabs her.*

    • Roadent1241
      Roadent1241 Year ago +253

      "You stabbed me you barsterd."
      "It was to save the wooooorrrrrrld, Melanie."

    • Chandra Pandhita
      Chandra Pandhita 10 months ago +181

      It's not a crime if you resurrect her later, apparently.

    • ultimateninjaboi
      ultimateninjaboi 10 months ago +47

      @Chandra Pandhita i mean, she technically didnt fully die, so she can probably choose not to press charges. So you're not wrong. XP

    • Good Person
      Good Person 10 months ago +100

      it's actually pretty funny that he can actually stab himself and the result is still pretty much the same

    • GoredonTheDestroyer
      GoredonTheDestroyer 10 months ago +12

      @ultimateninjaboi At that point it's just assault, right?

  • Spencer S
    Spencer S 10 months ago +2010

    The best part of Halligan stabbing Melanie is that he tells her he's going to go get help, and only after she asks him not to leave her does he seem to realize he can just use his newfound druid magic instead. He lives so much in the moment that he literally stabbed his prospective girlfriend in the stomach with absolutely no plan in mind of how to prevent her from dying. What an incredible character.

    • Jackson B
      Jackson B 8 months ago +293

      Not to mention by the logic of the vow he could have just stabbed himself instead but of course he didn’t because he’s Halligan. I honestly wonder how much of his characterization was intentional and how much of it is just weird/sloppy writing lol

    • MegamanXfan21xx
      MegamanXfan21xx 8 months ago +169

      @Jackson B Or not even stab. If all it took was one of them being harmed, he could have just made a small cut.

    • Liar Judas 666
      Liar Judas 666 4 months ago +95

      I think Mandalore really got it in one saying Halligan has the mind of an insect, I busted up at that

    • Goth Crayon
      Goth Crayon 26 days ago +2

      There are also a lot more incredible characters, I daresay a disproportionate amount, on death row.
      Twenty years ago, I would have also said something to the effect of "great characters who are unlikely to have prospective girlfriends," but a lot of seriously jacked-up stuff has become the norm' over the past half a decade.

    • BenRangel
      BenRangel 24 days ago +2

      @Jackson B I thin 1:11:17 answers that. "No matter how illegal, corrupt or immoral"

  • NomadicDuck
    NomadicDuck 2 years ago +7331

    Halligan didn’t ask her out for pizza to actually go on a date, he needed someone to pay the Pizza Tab

    • Nicky Laraiso
      Nicky Laraiso 2 years ago +277

      That could be a twist ending.

    • Danieke
      Danieke 2 years ago +88

      @Marijan Karaula That's technically how you will say it in Italian: /pitsa/

    • Guy of Minimal Importance
      Guy of Minimal Importance 2 years ago +180

      I was really expecting some cheesy ending scene where they show up at the place and he gets kicked out because he never payed his tab.

    • ChillDude
      ChillDude 2 years ago +34


    THEFRISKIESTDINGO Year ago +5114

    Halligan is such a well-developed character that when he stabbed Melanie I thought "makes perfect sense."

    • Nionivek
      Nionivek 10 months ago +709

      I have to agree. He does crazy things but never does the idea that he is breaking character occur to me. Heck even when he is just casually eating human flesh pre-mind control.

    • Rezlov
      Rezlov 10 months ago +239

      It's so messed up that it's honestly a pretty tame thing for him to do.

  • GalaxyCamerata
    GalaxyCamerata 6 months ago +820

    Halligan's behavior makes perfect sense considering he goes through 28 cigs a day.
    His brain is so full of nicotine that there's no room for empathy, shame or regret.

    • Romano
      Romano 5 months ago +65

      Honestly at this point I just want to know the logistics of how he smokes so many cigs a day. Like they take a bit of time to get through, does he do like 2 at once or something?!

    • Sea Logic
      Sea Logic 5 months ago +89

      By my math, smoking 28 cigarettes a day should take about 2 1/2 hours. It must be all this man does in his spare time. I can only imagine the smell on that jacket.

    • Romano
      Romano 5 months ago +38

      @Sea Logic Even just walking in to a room with that thing will make it smell like a smoker was living in it.

    • Turtle ofPride
      Turtle ofPride 5 months ago +13

      I was a two pack a day for a bit so it's not that hard for me to believe.

    • Romano
      Romano 5 months ago +7

      @Turtle ofPride >2 pack a day
      Alright, how'd you do it? Please, I am genuinely curious as to how you managed to go through so many.

  • JerryTC
    JerryTC 11 months ago +858

    im gonna be honest
    people joke halligan is a terrible person to have on your side, which is true
    but your enemy literally cannot in anyway predict him, he is a force of nature itself, you cant plan around him, you cant hide from something you dont understand
    hes a pricey asset, but a useful one

    • Mike Spike
      Mike Spike 11 months ago +56

      Thats true - be random and your enemy is too confused to plan an attack!

    • ColdHawk
      ColdHawk 9 months ago +53

      It’s like a new alignment: lawful chaotic

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 8 months ago +87

      @ColdHawk halligan is not lawful. he's chaotic chaotic

    • Apollo Rainer
      Apollo Rainer 7 months ago +64

      he's not a hero - he's a cosmic horror to the villains

    • Romantic Outlaw
      Romantic Outlaw 6 months ago +49

      he's a terrible ally but a terrifying foe

  • Ephemera
    Ephemera 8 months ago +814

    The forensics guy casually accepting that Halligan wouldn't know what grass is kills me every fucking time

    • One Doomed Spacemarine
      One Doomed Spacemarine 2 months ago +36

      Could have been snark on his behalf, but that works just as well.

    • wot wott
      wot wott 18 days ago +11

      ​@One Doomed SpacemarineI mean, he did think the forensics guy has a great job because he's a cabinet away from medical alcohol

  • Resistive
    Resistive Year ago +2475

    I'm here because the queen is gone and somehow Halligan might have a hand in this

    • Roadent1241
      Roadent1241 Year ago +92

      Ah, that makes sense......

    • LostStarzOfTheSky
      LostStarzOfTheSky Year ago +293

      He needed her iv bag

    • Marijan Karaula
      Marijan Karaula 9 months ago +188

      He needed her dinner fork to repair his jeep so that he can fly over the cliff towards the druid fortress and lockpick the castle gates with it.

    • bTarczy
      bTarczy 8 months ago +62


    • Robert Jones
      Robert Jones 8 months ago +98

      Check if somebody's issued an arrest warrant for King Charles.

  • MrDirzel
    MrDirzel 2 years ago +4287

    Halligan is such a fascinating character. Morally dubious, not a hero, not an anti-hero, just a bad person completing a task.

    • Someone ___
      Someone ___ 2 years ago +221

      The villain saving the day lol

    • drugMATE
      drugMATE 2 years ago +605

      @Someone ___ Wouldn't really call him a villain. He doesn't have any villainous goals in mind, he just wants to solve the crime in the most psychotic way possible.

    • Serech
      Serech 2 years ago +306

      True chaotic neutral

    • Loopy Loon
      Loopy Loon 2 years ago +329

      @drugMATE I'd say he's the alpha villain, actually, think about it, he could've sold Melanie down the river to remain a neo-druid, but he opted to use time travel & a grammatical loophole in the application of a celtic curse to ensure that he not only got the girl but is now the last ordained drood, thus allowing him great power that he doesn't have to share with Sinclair & his brethren, as soon as he figures out that magic missile spell that'll be the end for Lowry & Miller.

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade Year ago +3974

    Okay, as an English person, a police detective in the 90's/00's issuing an arrest warrant for Prince Charles for the murder of Princess Diana, then going, "It was just a prank, bro," has an energy that foreshadows Halligan's character *perfectly.*

    • Roadent1241
      Roadent1241 Year ago +157

      As a Brit who was born in the 90's and doesn't know what's real and what's rumours about the Royal Family, heck I can barely keep track of who's who really, how close was/is Halligan to whatever truth has been revealed?
      Also shame we'll never see her glorious shades of green again.

    • Roadent1241
      Roadent1241 11 months ago +34

      @Helghast Stalker That doesn't answer my question but that much I knew, thanks XD

    • Roadent1241
      Roadent1241 11 months ago +32

      @SomeAmountOfBees Ah, right, yes. I remember hearing stuff about Di and Charles on the car radio when I was very little before That happened and mum just going "well just divorce him then!!".
      And I almost consider my parents old fashioned given there's a 40-year gap between me and them XD Didn't think they'd think of that as an option.

  • LordOfSquirrels
    LordOfSquirrels 11 months ago +1253

    Ya know, in a bizarre way, Disco Elysium is the perfect spiritual successor to Mystery of the Druids

    • MacKenzie Chandler Dunnavant
      MacKenzie Chandler Dunnavant 9 months ago +283

      You just KNOW Jean Vicquemare levitates in his chair.

    • fuzzytransmissionman
      fuzzytransmissionman 9 months ago +319

      Reaction Speed(Success: Medium): "Wait, the Bank of England...?"
      Encyclopedia(Success: Trivial): "The Bank of England is the central clearing branch, Lowry, you can't draw money from there."

    • NecktieFox
      NecktieFox 8 months ago +197

      Espirite De Corps (Faliure: Impossible) Try to understand just what in the name of disco is wrong with Detective Halligan.
      Your mind warps and contorts into new, untested shapes. The primordial lurking within squirms away like Commodore Red down your throat in the face of such chaos. Your brow gains a new wrinkle and sweat beads on your forehead as you invent a new form of hangover from just trying to understand him. But eventually, the self-evident fact smacks you hard in the face.
      Inland Empire: This man is an unhinged lunatic.
      Empathy: Agreed.
      You have learned nothing. But you do feel more afraid of the world, which from a certain point of view is almost the same thing.
      Reaction Speed (Success: Trivial):Detective Halligan has begun to look speculatively at your wallet, you and the Lieutenant have to leave NOW.

    • Rafael 'Fig' Figueiredo
      Rafael 'Fig' Figueiredo 7 months ago +45

      Oh my god I'm turning into an DE head and this just exploded my brain

  • luca iacobucci
    luca iacobucci Year ago +1526

    As a British person, I can't articulate just how well this game nails our atmosphere; aesthetically unappealing, mundane but utterly spiteful people ect. But unintentionally it fits into our history of poor presentation regarding film/tv, but simultaneously creating a compelling atmosphere with deceptively clever writing.

    • Braw Lives
      Braw Lives 7 months ago +8

      Big Edge of Darkness vibes tbh

    • seven polar
      seven polar 6 months ago +69

      When I saw the office, it was a really surreal experience, it felt like being taken back in time.
      The offices I worked at looked exactly the same, polished flat floors floors that were always very cold, that weird bubble textured walls that were dirtier at the bottom than the top and those box folders that always hurt your hand when taking paper in and out.
      The graphic artist should really be commended on their realism and ability to exactly replicate the look and feel of a room.

    • H cc
      H cc 5 months ago +40

      And what do you know, it depicted a stabbing

    • Abbie O'Connell
      Abbie O'Connell 4 months ago +19

      Not to mention the late 90s/early 2000s obsession with the Royal Family and the bureaucracy of big, public institutions. It's SO British.

    • Jono793
      Jono793 Month ago +1

      Agreed. This game has the vibe of the police dramas which were all over UK television in the 90s: A Touch of Frost, Inspector Morse etc.
      Like one of those, if the protagonist was a beetle person with no concept of human empathy 😅

  • NicolasG
    NicolasG Year ago +652

    49:19 I love this Hallington moment. He is so peculiarly psychologically disturbed as to understand how idiotic it would be for someone to do what he did and just stand around waiting, yet insane enough to think that in itself is a sufficient defense against the overwhelming clarity that it was him, to the extent that he doesn’t even bother to come up with any explanation as to why everything is pointing back at him.

    • Michael Tan
      Michael Tan 10 months ago +128

      And it WORKED, the old man just went “Alright. I’d better get back to work now”

    • tiacat11
      tiacat11 2 months ago +33

      And the funniest thing of all is that he could have just shown his badge and told him he's a cop and he heard a car alarm going off and he chased off the actual car jacker. But instead he just starts gaslighting the guy??? Funny as hell, in a "what the fuck" way.

    • Jaccob Bailey
      Jaccob Bailey 23 days ago +8

      @tiacat11lol honestly, I was so wrapped up in halligans bs that I didn’t even think abt that. He decided to go for the much more insane answer and yet I was like “yep, makes perfect sense. Halligan would definitely do that, and there’s no more sane answer here”

  • Based Heterophobe
    Based Heterophobe Year ago +598

    I like how the game protagonist is straight up sociopath yet the voice acting makes him so likeable lol

  • Griffen Messick
    Griffen Messick 2 years ago +3260

    So Halligan may be an amoral sociopath, but from an outside perspective, he’s a super detective. He solved a murder case that’s been going on for months in the span of a few hours using basically nothing but a bone and some burnt grass.
    It’s no wonder Sinclair is afraid of his investigation, he’s basically Sherlock Holmes if Sherlock Holmes were about 60% more unhinged.

    • MachineMan1992
      MachineMan1992 Year ago +530

      He kicked the cocaine habit, but the damage was already done.

    • Rattles
      Rattles Year ago +402

      Halligan is truly the best detective they have. Until Lowry deigns to stop levitating and rule the world.

    • Griffen Messick
      Griffen Messick Year ago +434

      @Rattles idk, Lowry put an innocent man in jail and got that man killed. He may have transcended humanity but he’s a lousy detective.

    • La Creatura
      La Creatura Year ago +217

      @Rattles Lowry may be a superchad. But he's still a pretty subpar detective.

    • Timothy McLean
      Timothy McLean Year ago +215

      To be fair to Lowry, we only see him in the context of the _one_ case where the detective being as loony as Halligan and equally prone to conspiratorial tangents is helpful. He probably does better on ordinary cases.

  • naw
    naw Year ago +912

    The fact that the chief asks for "sensible" results, and then Halligan asks Lowry for a "sensible" answer with so much emphasis on the word tells me he absolutely had to go lookup the definition first.

    • Spencer
      Spencer 8 months ago +71

      I can’t describe to you how hard that made me laugh

    • Ise no Kami
      Ise no Kami 3 months ago +35

      I figured that was implying Lowry doesn’t provide sensible results either. Which he doesn’t, remember that case file full of nonsense.
      In their own ways, both Halligan and Lowry are headaches for the chief, and a menace to England.

    • Jokubas Razas
      Jokubas Razas 3 months ago +15

      @Ise no Kami now i want a sequel starring lowry

    • bullno1
      bullno1 6 days ago +2

      Don't slander my man like that. He even knows what the central bank of England is.

  • Barokai Rein
    Barokai Rein 11 months ago +450

    I love it how Melanie goes like "You were acting like a madman!" after Halligan tried to kill her.
    As if that's not Halligan's default.

    • LegalAssassin
      LegalAssassin 4 months ago +19

      TBF, she doesn’t know him that well at that point.

    • bullno1
      bullno1 6 days ago

      She had a psycho ex-husband at 18. Her standard is pretty low.

  • Miki Baumgart
    Miki Baumgart 10 months ago +208

    My favourite part of this video is how Halligan says "I've been *investigating*!" Like he's genuinely really pleased with himself and is legitimately expecting praise from the Chief.

    • Christopher Smith
      Christopher Smith 10 months ago +56

      I just love the way the Chief is furious with Halligan for not having some kind of breakthrough on the case when he has had it for like, 6 hours

  • Bitta Bants
    Bitta Bants Year ago +503

    "If you have something he needs for a puzzle, your life is over."
    Regardless of the number of times I watch this video, that line always sends me lmao

  • Mooseshovel
    Mooseshovel 11 months ago +253

    As an Austrian i can confirm Pitza is the german way to pronounce Pizza. Hes basically switching to German for that one word, which is honestly strange yet funny

    • Diana Grey
      Diana Grey 3 months ago +8

      he’s singularly quirked up, funny tidbit

    • One Doomed Spacemarine
      One Doomed Spacemarine 2 months ago +7

      Pitza is how you pronounce it in Italian as well, so it's the "canon" name, so to say.

    • Griff
      Griff 2 months ago +1

      @One Doomed Spacemarine isn't it "pee-tza"

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 3 days ago

      Actually the Oxford English Dictionary (the British version as opposed to the American one) lists "pitsa" as a valid pronunciation of "pizza".

  • ultimateninjaboi
    ultimateninjaboi Year ago +4263

    I love how the conceit of Halligan as a character is literally just "acts like an adventure game character, but with real world consequences."

    • Hazukichan X
      Hazukichan X 8 months ago +245

      Adventure Games should really be more accurately relabelled "Sociopathy Simulators", or perhaps "Kleptomania-'Em-Ups". In some cases, I suppose, "Ludicrous Guesswork Bonanzas". But a lot of the time, especially with the "modern(ish) setting, plausible protagonist" ones, it very often boils down to "Who the frick would actually behave like that? Put a spider in some guy's tea so he'll crash his fucking truck?! Steal the candy from the baby to distract a seagull so you can take a ring from its nest for a wax imprint?"

    • KopperNeoman
      KopperNeoman 7 months ago +84

      I like how Quest for Glory is one of the most sane adventure games out there because it's also an RPG.
      There's kleptomania, but you have to be a thief and not get caught.

    • Simon T55
      Simon T55 6 months ago +95

      I think I read somewhere that that's basically what happened. They weren't sure if they wanted this to be a more comedic or a more serious type of Adventure game....and so they ended up with this amazing hybrid that is Halligan 😆

    • Value ___?
      Value ___? 3 months ago +6

      look up Deponia :)

    • Julio cbp
      Julio cbp 2 months ago +6

      So… Sterling Archer?

  • killjoy
    killjoy 6 months ago +128

    Ok but someone being slowly eaten alive by their limbs being methodically slivered away a bit at a time while they scream and cry is legit horrifying

    • killjoy
      killjoy 6 months ago +14

      @Passing Rando aw man, it's one thing to be eaten alive but to not even taste good? That's too much :(

  • ActionFilmTherapie
    ActionFilmTherapie 11 months ago +561

    12:51 "Have you tried working?"
    I almost choked on my cereal from laughter when I heard that, holy shit.

  • Shannihilator
    Shannihilator Year ago +232

    "you don't seem to be aware of the situation you are in, lord sinclair" - halligan, not realising the super rich guy whos home he broke into w/ the gun pointed at his head is about to keep him prisoner

    • CegeRoles
      CegeRoles 3 months ago +45

      Hey, from a certain perspective, he's right. Sinclair had no idea what he was getting into with Halligan.

    • Thiện
      Thiện 25 days ago +7

      This is Halligan we are talking about, nobody have any idea abouy any situation with him in it, and the danger that come with just being near this man.

  • Flux Umia
    Flux Umia 10 months ago +260

    I want to see the prequal to the where you play Lowry and we find out that he actually solved a mystery involving wizards and gained magical powers too, then a final third game where the Chief is revealed to be the mastermind knowing full well that those two idiots were destined for what they did and they end up stopping some kind of lovecraftian end of the world scenario.

  • Real Wolfingen
    Real Wolfingen 2 years ago +8967

    Considering Halligans regular diet, real human flesh is probably the healthiest thing he has eaten in months.

    • Wight24
      Wight24 2 years ago +136


    • Roboshi
      Roboshi 2 years ago +576

      considering some of the pizza places I've seen it won't be the first bit of dubious meat he's eaten

    • theanimefan00
      theanimefan00 2 years ago +41

      The likes are 666 at the moment. I wanted to leave it like that

    • Deathtobunny1
      Deathtobunny1 2 years ago +324

      > implying Halligans pizza isn't already topped with human flesh

    • Blackieswain
      Blackieswain 2 years ago +24

      Unless it was an American

  • Juno
    Juno Year ago +390

    During the salt arc when the fisherman mentions the cat my forst thought was that halligan was going to kill it 😐

    • liamzakhaev
      liamzakhaev 11 months ago +124

      don't worry, it was halligan's first thought as well.

  • tommy karrick
    tommy karrick 10 months ago +169

    I still love the fact that you take the guy’s fishing pole for one second just to scrape some salt off the side of a boat that’s only about 3 paces away and yet you just never give it back
    I feel like some adventure games would have followed with a quick little animation of the guy sneakily putting it back in its place, but that’s just not Halligan’s style.

    • Liar Judas 666
      Liar Judas 666 4 months ago +39

      he tricked that guy out of his fancy fishing pole fair and square, it's Halligan's now

    • Gabriel Ferreira
      Gabriel Ferreira 4 months ago +29

      Halligan stole a co-worker's scarf and took it to France. He still has that fishing pole to this day and takes his children fishing with it.

    • tommy karrick
      tommy karrick 4 months ago +39

      @Gabriel Ferreira the only reason Halligan had children was because he needed them to solve a fishing puzzle

    • The One and Only Michael McCormick
      The One and Only Michael McCormick Month ago +6

      Considering Halligan’s a cop, I can at least respect the gumption it takes to convolutedly steal something in secret, and not steal things the way cops USUALLY do.

    • bullno1
      bullno1 6 days ago

      @The One and Only Michael McCormick He has no jurisdiction in France.

  • KeeblerElvesYaoi
    KeeblerElvesYaoi 10 months ago +114

    I find Halligan strangely endearing. He was just made wrong, he can't help what he is.

    • KnightGamer724
      KnightGamer724 3 months ago +14

      Built incorrectly.

    • Songbird
      Songbird Month ago +12

      ​@KnightGamer724 he's built different (derogatory)

  • Jay S
    Jay S Year ago +232

    The voice acting and dialogue are... Actually really good, in this game.

  • 헤모르
    헤모르 Year ago +242

    31:20 I'm genuinely curious if Halligan is defending himself or just forgot about the beggar or not even aware of what he had done.

  • Be N S O N
    Be N S O N 2 years ago +4390

    I love the idea of the druids brainwashing and recruiting Halligan, but quickly regretting it after realizing just how unpleasant he is to be around.

    • joshua kim
      joshua kim 2 years ago +589

      Druids: "Muahahaha! Halligan is now under our control!"
      *42 seconds later*
      Druids: "Holy shit, how do we undo the mind control spell?! This guy is fucking nuts even for our standards!"

    • Doug
      Doug 2 years ago +391

      He ate HOW many pizzas!?
      I also feel like he would end getting them in trouble - he would drug the homeless man again to steal his hat because he can't find his own hat, and all the droods would get arrested...
      Like that Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion

    • kindbudkudos
      kindbudkudos 2 years ago +54

      @Doug its pitzas

    • Der Fzgrld
      Der Fzgrld 2 years ago +49

      @kindbudkudos *Pizzen ;)
      For clarity: Thats the correct GERMAN plural for the word and, as Mandalore pointed out already, in german the word is pronounced the way Halligon does.

    • kindbudkudos
      kindbudkudos 2 years ago +4

      @Der Fzgrld lol. my b. i was shooting for pronunciation. im not literate in zeet german.

  • ArvelDreth
    ArvelDreth 8 months ago +93

    Thinking back on it, the drone strike doesn't seem as out of place when you remember that Sinclair mentioned he had a general of the British Army at his disposal.

  • Chandra Pandhita
    Chandra Pandhita 11 months ago +374

    8:26 "He's got books?! They probably just for show, to impress the ladies."
    I don't think he needs books for that, mate. The way he's floating on his chair is impressive enough 😂

    • Andres Sotil
      Andres Sotil 5 months ago +24

      That requires amazing core strenghth. He probably has a six pack

    • Erin Allen
      Erin Allen 4 months ago +17

      You know what they say, women love winners

    • Zyri Antel
      Zyri Antel 4 months ago +19

      Man’s got himself held up by nothing but his ankles

    • thediam0nddrag0n
      thediam0nddrag0n 4 months ago +10

      He's not floating. He has impressive leg strength

  • amy gilette
    amy gilette Year ago +420

    Brent Halligan killed the queen with his druid powers

  • Gifted Fox
    Gifted Fox 4 months ago +63

    When Halligan is at dinner and the first thing he gets told is that they are eating human flesh, I thought how funny it would be if he just kept eating... Well, the game did not disappoint because that is what this insane man does.

  • John Thomason
    John Thomason Year ago +415

    Alright, I'm at the point where Halligan drinks straight ethanol, and I have to ask: is Disco Elysium just a spiritual successor to The Mystery of The Druids? Are Halligan and Harry just the same person, reincarnated into different bodies?

    • DudeBro
      DudeBro 10 months ago +81

      There’s not nearly enough communism in the game for that to be true.

    • fuzzytransmissionman
      fuzzytransmissionman 9 months ago +64

      Halligan doesn't have HALF the charm and not even an EIGHTH the style of Harry Du Bois.

    • Garrett Byrd
      Garrett Byrd 8 months ago +47

      Harry Du Bois? I only know of a Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau

    • Kat DuBrey
      Kat DuBrey 6 months ago +27

      @Garrett Byrd exCUSE me are you trying to refer to Tequila Sunset?

  • Andrés of the Dead
    Andrés of the Dead 2 years ago +7759

    The fact that Halligan knows you can't draw money from the bank of England but doesn't really know what medical ethanol is makes me think he actually went there to get money

    • madquack64
      madquack64 Year ago +553

      Him being drunk the whole time would explain a lot

    • WeNeedALadder
      WeNeedALadder Year ago +745

      He definitely only knows because he's tried.

    • Craig Fisher
      Craig Fisher Year ago +562

      Halligan probably has a lot to say about central banks and "fiat currency." But you'd have to get some pitza and beer with him to hear about it.

    • vizthex
      vizthex Year ago +23

      lol yup

    • Hrodebert
      Hrodebert Year ago +169

      Medical ethanol is the same substance that is in your beer - ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH). What makes it 'medical' is just the purity and strength. Why Halligan passes out from just a sip is yet another mystery.

  • Mog - My Own Best Friend
    Mog - My Own Best Friend 5 months ago +135

    In all fairness, his mother could actually be worse than Brent, so much so that even he knows to avoid her

  • vtipoman
    vtipoman 6 months ago +46

    There's a non-zero chance Halligan dies after drinking the medical alcohol, and the rest of the game is a hallucination created as his brain shuts down. Just tell me the forensics guy doesn't sound straight up evil in the cutscene (14:25), and that the entire department wouldn't be liable to believe Halligan really did find it reasonable to have a go at their supply of ethanol.

  • Nautilus59
    Nautilus59 9 months ago +183

    I like how at the end Halligan's gut instinct was to stab Melanie when he could've stabbed himself for the same effect

    • SparkSparkle
      SparkSparkle 4 months ago +32

      You very well know Halligan wouldn't do that

    • LostApotheosis
      LostApotheosis 2 months ago +25

      He also stabbed her right in the gut instead of like, the shoulder or something. Went straight for arguably one of the worst places to be stabbed.

    • Bananawithaknife
      Bananawithaknife Month ago +8

      He doesn't even need to stab anybody. Considering the vow was "Nothing will happen", pricking his finger or cutting his palm could have probably worked just as well. But then again, I don't know how "the magic of the druids" even work.

  • Zotjad
    Zotjad 6 months ago +145

    This game needs a spinoff following a new hire at Scotland Yard who never ends up in the same building at the same time as Halligan, and you just hear about him from the other characters and find his pizza boxes and alien magazines and you have to piece together what this being is.

    • Brother Sothoth-n'gha-kadishtuor-hrii
      Brother Sothoth-n'gha-kadishtuor-hrii Month ago +7

      And then it turns out you ARE Halligan, in a big Fight Club esque twist

    • tommy karrick
      tommy karrick 23 days ago +5

      When you start to realize your case has a supernatural twist to it, you have to track down Halligan and ask him some questions. You find him passed out on a bench at Al’s Pizza Palace, and the only way to wake him up is with a whiff of Apple Schnapps (his favorite)

  • Goth Crayon
    Goth Crayon 28 days ago +26

    I love how the guy is just ceaselessly howling in pain (in Dolby Surround!) as his meats are being slowly flenced from the bone, but just lays there while being served up like premium deli meats... No straps, no chains, the only thing keeping him on that table is basically just the awkward embarrassment of getting up and interrupting their dinner plans.

    • bullno1
      bullno1 6 days ago +1

      It's the magic of the droods

    • Theblekedet
      Theblekedet 5 days ago

      I can relate to him tbh

  • Allthenamesaretaken
    Allthenamesaretaken 2 years ago +3846

    My favorite thing is that there's only two detectives in Scotland Yard, but both of them are terrible.

    • Drink Bourbon
      Drink Bourbon 2 years ago +572

      @cibo To be fair he did attempted murder in two occasions, messed with the time space continuum, illegally break in a suspect's house messing out the whole investigation, partake in cannibalism, committed arson against multiple people, framed an innocent man of thievery, destroyed historical buildings, desecrated evidence while disrespecting someone's grave. I'm even surprised he still had a job by the beginning of the game

    • valletas
      valletas 2 years ago +105

      @Drink Bourbon well he still saved the world i guess

    • Drink Bourbon
      Drink Bourbon 2 years ago +189

      @valletas yes he did. While being a terrible detective

    • valletas
      valletas 2 years ago +93

      @Drink Bourbon i disagree because by the end he isnt even a detective anynore he is out of a job

    • Hobo Knight
      Hobo Knight 2 years ago +82

      @Drink Bourbon so he's perfect FBI material

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +159

    I was watching Mandalore while falling asleep and then woke up to Neo-Druids screeching at midnight and had no idea wtf was going on lol

    • Boogie Thug Rose
      Boogie Thug Rose 11 months ago +12

      happened to me once as well!

    • HartianX
      HartianX 5 months ago +1

      Hate when that happens.

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 3 days ago

      That would be so terrifying to wake up to, my God 😂

  • Crowleys Angels
    Crowleys Angels Year ago +242

    Halligan's quest for answers from the royal family has finally come to an end

  • no
    no Year ago +104

    I kind of like that Halligan throwing salt at the castle works in the salt arc. Actually clever, because he becomes a drood later. And they don't give a fuck about time.

  • CrispyAndToasty
    CrispyAndToasty 9 months ago +85

    I think that the presentation of Lowry's ... mysticality ... is perfect. Halligan is an alien conspiracy fan, he clearly views Lowry as an alien, aloof and unknowable. And it perfectly represents the charisma chasm that separates them.

  • Vaiva Marija
    Vaiva Marija 5 months ago +82

    Halligan and lowry have the energy of a couple whos been married and divorced witch each other at least 5 times

  • TheDracoChick
    TheDracoChick 2 years ago +6754

    This is so batshit insane, that I seriously thought for a moment there that the ending song was part of the actual game.

    • shose cor
      shose cor 2 years ago +755

      It wasnt?

    • Carmen Rose
      Carmen Rose 2 years ago +204

      Me too, LOL.

    • Flash Gordons Themesong
      Flash Gordons Themesong 2 years ago +688

      I thought the same thing until Blake opened the door and Mandalore's helmet was in front of the computer, so about halfway through the song.

    • NotEnoughSound
      NotEnoughSound 2 years ago +79

      I thought so too until i saw the Mandalor office in the video lol

    • Stefanus Bayu
      Stefanus Bayu 2 years ago +52

      Guys, not the army of predator drones flying?

  • Mayor of the Galaxy
    Mayor of the Galaxy 11 months ago +60

    I swear: They designed this whole game to become a giant meme to then develop a cult following and so far... *_It's working great!_*

  • David E
    David E Year ago +224

    Can we appreciate how there are only two murder detectives in scotland yard?

    • Phoebe5448
      Phoebe5448 7 months ago +17

      Ikr. I knew the police were always recruiting, but this is ridiculous.

    • Ise no Kami
      Ise no Kami 3 months ago +3

      And that they’re both terrible?

    • One Doomed Spacemarine
      One Doomed Spacemarine 2 months ago +3

      @Ise no Kami I mean, Halligan managed to actually solve this completely nonsensical murder case.

    • Ise no Kami
      Ise no Kami 2 months ago

      @One Doomed Spacemarine During which he poisoned and stole from a beggar, stole multiple things and used them however he pleased, got an innocent old man in trouble with the library, and stabbed his own love interest. Oh, he saved the world, but aside from that, everyone he met is worse off for it. Save for those that are dead, depending on how you look at it.

  • Seven Clovers
    Seven Clovers Year ago +67

    I love the idea this is halligans third game in universe and the last two we never see are why he’s so crazy. I know it’s just a fan theory but it’s pretty funny.

  • Reece Van Gameren
    Reece Van Gameren Year ago +181

    Has any one checked up on Halligan? hes probably not taking it too well that the Queen died.

  • Giga
    Giga Year ago +125

    Halligan photocopying his face is just perfection

  • DomG
    DomG 2 years ago +2182

    I love a protagonist whose actions are so divorced from reality that when he gets mind-controlled into eating human flesh and murdering the woman he likes the audience honestly can't tell if there's anything out of the ordinary.

    • Padmanabhan Vaidyanathan
      Padmanabhan Vaidyanathan 2 years ago +269

      I don't think he was being mind controlled, he seemed entirely unconcerned, which is more his usual self.

    • Marley
      Marley 2 years ago +236

      @Padmanabhan Vaidyanathan I'm convinced he knew it was human flesh and was trying to scam them but the food caused mind control

    • ZackWester
      ZackWester 2 years ago +11

      @Marley feels like it.

    • sagapulastation
      sagapulastation 2 years ago +15

      @Padmanabhan Vaidyanathan i think he was also playing along to not be killed or smth

    • Be N S O N
      Be N S O N 2 years ago +67

      @Padmanabhan Vaidyanathan I like to think he wasn’t being mind controlled, he just was happy to have friends.
      Friends that he can mooch off for pizza money later.

  • Ionut Badea
    Ionut Badea 6 months ago +35

    Halligan could have stabbed himself at the end there because the vow was to not to hurt the both of them. He actively chose to stab Melanie.

  • HolyApplebutter
    HolyApplebutter 3 months ago +14

    Would just like to point out to everyone that the fishing rod is worth 800 francs. To Americans watching, that's an almost $900 fishing rod Halligan yoinks like a goblin.

  • Signum Magnum
    Signum Magnum Year ago +131

    34:31 I love how Lowry has to routinely chase Halligan off with loud and dominant language.

  • o k
    o k Year ago +115

    first time i watched this i was completely stoned and it genuinely scared the absolute shit out of me. the absurd narcissistic apathy of halligan and his crimes, the unexpected ultraviolence of the druids, the general surreality of the entire game world, it just wrecked me. now i watch it while making dinner. but still, this game is messed up

    • One Doomed Spacemarine
      One Doomed Spacemarine 2 months ago +1

      I guess he's actually quite terrifying when you're in a state of mind to regard him completely straight and serious.

  • Romantic Outlaw
    Romantic Outlaw 6 months ago +26

    I like how halligan took one sip of the medical ethanol, lost consciousness, and then immediately decided to dose a homeless man with it for pocket change

  • angbandsbane
    angbandsbane Year ago +545

    So Halligan wins because the exact words of the oath he makes Serstan swear are "Nothing will happen to her" not "I won't do anything to her." And from how quickly Serstan swore it, he seems not to have even considered the possibility of Halligan himself voiding the oath.
    Good grief, evil is only defeated because our hero's moral compass is warped beyond even the villains' comprehension. Wonder if that was intentional.

    • maxasync:183
      maxasync:183 Year ago +38

      It's weird where they draw the line with technicality. If you think about it serstans oath is broken pretty much the moment he makes it because Melanie is breathing, the cells in her body are moving and replicating, basically something is happening to her all the time.
      I think the best option for serstan was to promise that nothing will happen to her *once he let's her go* and then kill her while still touching her.

    • HipHopRepair
      HipHopRepair 5 months ago +11

      Imagine how weird it would‘ve been, if Halligans plan failed:
      „Wtf!!! Why did you stab me?!“
      „relax…I tried something, but it didn’t work“

  • Joshua Sweetvale
    Joshua Sweetvale Month ago +7

    Halligan the kleptomaniac sociopath detective is _genuinely interesting._

  • Clueless Anon
    Clueless Anon Year ago +52

    Among many, MANY excellent subtitles by Mandy, I think my favorite is calling Blake's bizarre voice change "Capt. Blakebeard."

  • Jadriam
    Jadriam Year ago +81

    I'm still reeling over how he even became a police officer, much less how he manages to be alive on a diet of seemingly just pizza and whatever gets left unattended in bottles he can reach.

  • Reason
    Reason Year ago +43

    Halligan is by far one of the most unique protagonists in a video game

  • Matthew Overcash
    Matthew Overcash 10 months ago +58

    "The first time playing it, I felt like I was being poisoned, but I liked it a lot!" Physical re-release with that quote on the box. Put the song at the end with the video as the credits as well.

  • Zachary Heine
    Zachary Heine Year ago +6195

    The police chief desperately begging Halligan to tell him that he didn't seriously poison a homeless man to steal his change really elevates this for me

    • Richard G
      Richard G Year ago +799

      I was really hoping Halligan would say "any clues as to his whereabouts?" when told the chief was looking for a "detective Halligan" who works in his department.

    • ItMadeMeSignUp
      ItMadeMeSignUp Year ago +240

      I love the operatic music in the background during that scene...it absolutely nails the tone.

    • Arse Cheeks
      Arse Cheeks Year ago +399

      his suffering is so human, you want to believe the best in your fellow man, but deep down you know they’re animals.

    • Ultimate Eye
      Ultimate Eye Year ago +594

      For real. The chief sounds like an asshole antagonistic character but by a few hours into the game it becomes clear he's just *utterly tired* of Halligan's nonsense.

    • D Matthews
      D Matthews Year ago +403

      @Ultimate Eye you kinda get that vibe from most of the people in the office. At first you think they’re just a bunch of a-holes, then you realize they’ve got every reason to hate Halligan

  • nugsboodlepoo
    nugsboodlepoo Year ago +86

    Halligan is like the George Castanza of adventure game protagonists. Except instead of pushing children and old people out of the way to escape a burning building, he's shanking Melanie to save his own ass and poisoning homeless people to rob them to make a pay phone call.

  • Denzel Wright
    Denzel Wright 4 months ago +34

    36:03 I love this. Lowry is just so fed up. He doesn't say anything witty, he just wants Hallagan to go away lmao

  • kow row
    kow row 10 months ago +73

    Watching this for the 60th-ish time, and I’m just noticing “pizza” gets said normally later on
    It’s the mystery of the druids!

  • KarmaWalker
    KarmaWalker Year ago +140

    I have watched this video multiple times over the multiple months since I've found it.
    And the Discord beep at 53:05 has never, ever, failed to fool me into thinking I got a message.

  • Jordan Harrell
    Jordan Harrell 10 months ago +64

    Between the trenchcoat, the grumpiness, the acting like an alien badly imitating a human, and the stabbing people, I just assumed Halligan was Castiel.

  • whade62000
    whade62000 2 years ago +3561

    Melanie's case is really tragic considering her whole backstory is that she is trying to move on from a crazy abusive ex and she's hoping that change to come from Halligan of all people.

    • ColdHawk
      ColdHawk 2 years ago +879

      You know, now that you mention it, that is insanely true-to-life. It has to be one of the most subtle and congruent pieces of story-telling logic I have seen in a video game supporting character. It explains an awful lot, like her fairly low-key reaction to being smacked around. The only way that an intelligent, brave, accomplished, attractive woman like Melanie would have any romantic involvement with an inherently untrustworthy, somewhat hapless, selfish and self-serving, amoral, slovenly, chad like Hallagan is that she comes from a background of abuse. With that one detail of her past we can understand that she must have grown up in an abusive environment, which affected her development in such a way that she cannot distinguish warning signs in a man who expresses interest in her. For Melanie, abuse and love have been entangled in the chaos of her early upbringing resulting in what will be a string of bad choices in relationships as an adult. Being slapped around by Hallagan, who then says it wasn’t his fault, probably strikes a chord deep in her limbic brain, manifesting as an unconscious attraction, a feeling of familiarity as if they were “meant to be together.” Annnd then he stabs her in the abdomen.

    • Rafael 'Fig' Figueiredo
      Rafael 'Fig' Figueiredo 2 years ago +71

      Dam bro

    • DoctorBaldhead
      DoctorBaldhead 2 years ago +463

      With all of the things that the game tried and failed to get right I wasn't expecting the tragic cycle of abuse to be one of the things they succeeded in getting across.

    • grill
      grill 2 years ago +53

      @ColdHawk strong projection bro

    • NicolasG
      NicolasG 2 years ago +210

      I like to think of his not deflecting this time when she confronts him about his obsession with pizza and office untidiness (compared to how defensive he got when his other co-worker brought it up) as a small hint of his growth.

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star Year ago +66

    Halligan wakes his girlfriend up, just to tell her he's going to sleep.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson Year ago +40

    After watching this video with closed captions on, I have to applaud whoever decided to put emoticons at the end of (almost) every sentence; it makes the dialogue in-game feel that much more entertaining, especially when paired with the surprisingly human voice acting.

  • Gabriel Temsah
    Gabriel Temsah Year ago +86

    I've started pronouncing pizza the same way Halligan does as a joke, but now I have become the joke and can't say the word normally anymore.

  • HolyApplebutter
    HolyApplebutter 3 months ago +5

    31:20 The way Halligan asks what time
    the police chief got those calls legitimately makes me fear he's going to hunt those people down for snitching.

  • Bezel
    Bezel Year ago +38

    "Halligan runs like there's something wrong with him."
    You repeat yourself.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 years ago +3190

    “This is grass Halligan!” made me laugh out loud. Like, he’s clearly incompetent, but forensics thinking he’s so stupid he literally just brought them grass is hilarious

    • Herpy Depth
      Herpy Depth Year ago +127

      It’s like when your cat brings you a dead rat. Halligan is like that but he thinks the dead rat is key evidence in a murder investigation

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago +71

      @Balding Sasquatch
      And that's not even the stupidest thing he did on his visit. He was apparently suffering from alcohol withdrawal as he took a swig of medical alcohol!

    • ManOutofTime913
      ManOutofTime913 7 months ago +32

      To be fair, Halligan can explain the grass was burnt only under the bones and Chris' explanation is that the bones got hot in the sun. Between that, recommending a close friend who is currently out of the country, and giving him medical alcohol, Chris is about as good a forensic expert as Halligan is a detective

    • Simon T55
      Simon T55 6 months ago +21

      @ManOutofTime913 Though that last one felt like he was actually trying to get Halligan killed (judging by him suddenly starting to laugh creepily during that scene)

  • Akemus
    Akemus Year ago +31

    I loved every minute of this video. Lowry's voice acting was superb. How Halligan was written is amazing. I won't be forgetting this protagonist any time soon. Excellent video thanks a lot
    Edit: special thanks to the one who subtitled this video. It made it even funnier with the emojis

  • Average British Nerd
    Average British Nerd 8 months ago +18

    I have to watch this every few months. I must've seen it at least 8 times by now, but it never fails to make me laugh. Mandalore's delivery is just so on point, and the game is so batshit insane, it's genius. Though the developer might be German, they really 'get' being British and living in Britain. It's the sort of madness you'd expect from a British crime drama in the early 2000s.

  • Unrequited
    Unrequited Year ago +28

    This is such a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed, I gasped, I cried, I wtf'd, I snorted and chortled. This whole playthrough is 40% intentional/unintentional humor from the game, and 60% fantastic humorous commentary from MandaloreGaming.

  • Tacitus
    Tacitus 7 months ago +21

    I think this would make an utterly awesome and hilarious mini-series. Keep in the borderline sociopathy. I want to see the two heroes leaving a man in a wheelchair to get druid drone-stuck in his own home and then acting and talking next scene as if nothing happened. And the main male protagonist poisoning a homeless man to steal what little coins he has so he can phone call a former borderline child-bride to talk to her about vaporised skeletons.

    • D Matthews
      D Matthews 7 months ago +2

      This sounds like an Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode where the gang tries to be detectives.

    • Tacitus
      Tacitus 7 months ago +2

      @D Matthews Yeah, that'd be apt lol.

  • Hoople Bogart
    Hoople Bogart Year ago +50

    Whoever does the subtitles is an amazing person and I think I love them.

  • Duncan Cole
    Duncan Cole Year ago +4509

    The way Halligan is your classic adventure game character (steals everything he can, does messed up shit to steal more stuff etc) but everyone actually notices this behaviour is pretty great and the unexpectedly solid voice acting really helps.

    • D Matthews
      D Matthews Year ago +548

      I saw a comment that said you could actually see MoD as a deconstruction of adventure games in a way. Like you said, Halligan acts like a typical protagonist and everyone calls him out being because of it. The hilarity of the hobo and the druids both calling the police on him is especially great.

    • Talisguy
      Talisguy Year ago +289

      @D Matthews He also seems like he could be a parody of Fox Mulder. Like Mulder, he's a criminal investigator who's alienated his colleagues due to his fringe beliefs and weird behaviour, sent to investigate a bizarre serial killer who turns out to be supernatural.
      ...Except Halligan is usually wrong about his cases having paranormal elements, unlike Mulder, who's almost always right (because The X-Files would be very boring if every weird serial killer they were sent after turned out to be a regular human,) and despite actually solving this case in an impressively short amount of time if you think about it (the game only seems to take place over the course of about a week,) no amount of maverick detective work in the world can overcome the terrible reputation he's picked up thanks to his constant bullshit.

    • ApplesPapples
      ApplesPapples Year ago +34

      Do adventure game protagonists routinely go around drugging people?

    • D Matthews
      D Matthews Year ago +138

      @ApplesPapples no, but they’ll typically do some dubious or questionable stuff to get what they need or bypass obstacles and then forget about it just as fast. What makes TMoD stand out is that people actually notice the stuff the protagonist does and reacts pretty realistically

    • C.
      C. Year ago +112

      also they kinda solve my problem with the unrealistic aspect of the convoluted ploys your average adventure game protagonist will devise to get stuff they could simply buy somewhere... by establishing him as a broke man lmao

  • ActionFilmTherapie
    ActionFilmTherapie 11 months ago +34

    But I do have to say: the intro with the droods spontaneously bursting into flame is kind of metal.

    • Collin McLean
      Collin McLean 9 months ago +3

      Dude Celtic myths take metal to a whole new meaning. The Irish hero Cu Chulainn tied himself to a rock with his one intestines so he could fight after being cut open...
      And the queen Macha beat a horse in a foot race while pregnant, gave birth to twins, and then cursed the men of Ireland to feel labor pains...
      And another queen was killed by cheese...
      They're so bonkers...

  • RibLemons
    RibLemons 10 months ago +75

    "If you have something he needs for a puzzle your life is over"

  • naveart
    naveart Year ago +38

    My theory is that halligan is an adventure game protagonist but everyone else is a real human it explains his lack of empathy and some stuff like his massive pizza tab his history of loosing or breaking items he borrows and why he has jannets scarf their loose threads from previous adventure games

      ASTARTES Month ago

      Do you think Halligan is not a real? I know at last one person in real life, that very similar.

    • naveart
      naveart Month ago

      ​@ASTARTES sort of. im imagining if an adventure game protagonist fell through a worm hole and had to exist in the real world.

  • Jordan Forbes
    Jordan Forbes 11 months ago +24

    The art direction in this game is unironically fantastic. The color choices and compositions are unbelievable. If this was a movie it would be studied in film school and I'm not even remotely joking.

  • Orcawiccawind
    Orcawiccawind Year ago +28

    Holy shit the voice acting is phenomenal compared to my expectations

  • The GEnious Gamer
    The GEnious Gamer 2 years ago +3891

    A thing that makes adventure games unrealistic is how the protagonist will devise incredibly convoluted ploys to get everyday items they could just buy from the store. Mystery of the Druids solves this by establishing early on that the protagonist is so hard up he will murder a homeless man for pennies

  • The Companion Cube
    The Companion Cube 25 days ago +5

    I regularly come back to this video. The charm is just off the charts

  • 5Oblivion
    5Oblivion 14 days ago +2

    Halligan asking a homeless man why he hasn't just "tried working" in a completely nonchalant & matter-of-fact way is indescribably hilarious

  • pajamawolfie
    pajamawolfie 5 months ago +16

    Maybe Halligan could blow up the castle with salt because he was a drood the whole time. When they said "you're eating human flesh", he didn't react.