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Beating Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by Skipping Vital Gyms

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • RTGame
    RTGame  2 months ago +1172

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    • Sw33t_S4cch4r1n3🎀🍮
      Sw33t_S4cch4r1n3🎀🍮 2 months ago


    • True JimJam
      True JimJam 2 months ago

      sad to see the entirety of wales wasn't slaughtered for a sheep this time, would have made good fertilizer to sell

    • Jared Nelson
      Jared Nelson 2 months ago

      Mareep was my first shiny lol I found him 45 mins into day one. I couldn't be happier.

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago

      Love the game but I'd use a hoodie longer than play the game probably

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago

      If only I didn't blow my spending money on Violet :/

  • CJCroen1393
    CJCroen1393 2 months ago +5054

    Throughout every one of these things, I picture poor Pepper being the Only Sane Man of the team, since he's the only one who's not disobeying Lettuce.

    • Slugintub2
      Slugintub2 25 days ago

      @vaspeter2600 he caught it at level 20 something

    • MicusIII
      MicusIII 2 months ago

      Pepper and evolved wooper boi were the only two obeying him.

    • saffalilac
      saffalilac 2 months ago +2

      Troper sighted

    • Short Herald
      Short Herald 2 months ago +5

      Also I noticed in the last episode he was using a bitter herb what lower friendship and makes them Les lilly to obay I know in other game with enough friendship you can kinda bypass the lvl cap by a far bit if you have good friendship with them

    • 16BitKamek
      16BitKamek 2 months ago +8

      @Justice I wish I knew this earlier. I rushed to do the gyms right before the next cap because I thought I had to or they would disobey.

  • ASquared
    ASquared 2 months ago +1243

    The thing I’m worried about is that if he keeps avoiding gyms he’ll eventually only have the gyms left to do.

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago +9

      There's still the 4 Ruin mons

    • Phat Phungus
      Phat Phungus 2 months ago +31

      He has to do all shiny pokedex now

    • Bomberthegreat
      Bomberthegreat 2 months ago +20

      After watching the VOD he's going to be fine honestly.

    • Mortagon
      Mortagon 2 months ago +93

      @Inquisitor Thomas cant enter that without finishing gyms and e4

    • Inquisitor Thomas
      Inquisitor Thomas 2 months ago +71

      Well technically there’s still area 0 but he’ll definitely be over leveled for the area.

  • Samuel Grimwood
    Samuel Grimwood 2 months ago +2789

    I'm impressed by Skeledirges design as the fire looks somewhat like hair, thus they somehow managed to make a reptile look like it's balding.

    • 27 rats in a trenchcoat
      27 rats in a trenchcoat 2 months ago +3

      When I first saw it it reminded me of a clown. Just the white face and placement of the red "hair"

    • Sammy Fox
      Sammy Fox 2 months ago +3

      it looks like a clown
      a balding, firey clown

    • Clockwork King
      Clockwork King 2 months ago +5

      @Aerius Astrum fuecoco and crocolor feel a lot more focused and coherent. I like crocolor but just too much going on.

    • 16BitKamek
      16BitKamek 2 months ago +5

      @Aerius Astrum And I love Skeledirge all the same

    • Aerius Astrum
      Aerius Astrum 2 months ago +19

      Skeledirge looks like six designers went into a room with completely different ideas and reached an extremely awkward compromise after a violent debate. It's a fire breathing crocodile, clown, candy skull, electric clarinet, Bird, mic stand, ghost, skeleton singer.

  • Hackstr
    Hackstr 2 months ago +3807

    I know he's holding it off as long as possible but if he never does the gyms he'll never see the craziest final boss in pokemon and that makes me sad

    • Honk Honk
      Honk Honk 2 months ago +2

      You should go to his stream archive channel on Clip-Share, great uncut content

    • Pokemon5Life
      Pokemon5Life 2 months ago

      @-finleymorris04- Well he could always complete the pokedex

    • Plazmatic
      Plazmatic 2 months ago +4

      Maybe I am biased but coming off Zolo, but new final boss is mid

    • diveblock
      diveblock 2 months ago +1

      @IslamSaysAllah! weird I kept heard them being called wufus? Or something like that

    • Drew Simon
      Drew Simon 2 months ago +3

      Tbh, the [Redacted] boss fight is not very difficult in scarlet because you only need steel water and maybe fire to be super effective killing all of them.

  • myn3meisjo3
    myn3meisjo3 2 months ago +1347

    can’t wait to see him beat the whole game without doing any gyms

    • Anoobwithashirt
      Anoobwithashirt 2 months ago

      Like thats possible

    • Conor Neal
      Conor Neal 2 months ago +14

      Only if it was possible

    • Cloudyman
      Cloudyman 2 months ago +34

      He did 2 already so barely any is a better way to say it

  • Neycore
    Neycore 2 months ago +1680

    I love how the kaneshiro palace theme begins playing once the shiny hunt begins. We can never escape Daneshiro, even outside of persona.

  • gferrol118
    gferrol118 2 months ago +797

    I really wanna see how that guy who's reviewed Dan's nuzlocks would react to Dan purposefully not getting the gym badges so none of his team obeys

    • Hey
      Hey 2 months ago +7

      @The Salty Ralts literally just the stereotype of the disdainful gay man

    • The Salty Ralts
      The Salty Ralts 2 months ago +29

      That guy is Jan, AKA Pokémon Challenges. He's known for reviewing nuzlockes, for better or for worse. He's also that guy who beat the Emerald Kaizo nuzlocke on his 151st attempt.

    • Bruce Cipher
      Bruce Cipher 2 months ago +84

      @Cloudyman new challenge >:)

    • Cloudyman
      Cloudyman 2 months ago +96

      Sadly he wont he only reacts to pokemon challenges like nuzlockes and such

  • Rue Uchiha
    Rue Uchiha 2 months ago +331

    Its a commonly known fact that your shiny odds are drastically increased if you have exactly 2 gym badges

    • techno156
      techno156 2 months ago +37

      With the quality of the game's code being what it is, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was a bug that meant that gym badges correlated to shiny rate, or something along those lines.

  • Tasorius
    Tasorius 2 months ago +327

    "It's weird that people in the past believed in magic". Meanwhile there are fairy pokemon and psychic pokemon that can use telekinesis and float without wings. There is no reason for them not to believe in what they see every day.

    • Tasorius
      Tasorius 2 months ago

      @Jonathan Pilcher I wish I would see one again.

    • Tasorius
      Tasorius 2 months ago

      @Olliekay Rules that are really arbitrary and don't mean much.

    • Olliekay
      Olliekay 2 months ago +5

      @Tasorius I assume magic is basically shit that goes against whatever rules that govern the Pokémon universe, maybe they're attainable considering literally god exists but maybe people used to believe in some other type of traditional magic or some shit

    • Tasorius
      Tasorius 2 months ago +3

      @Olliekay So what they call magic must be really insane, given what Pokemon can do.
      Then again the main definition of magic refers to a specific power, rather than something incomprehensible or impossible. That later meaning is a lesser definition.

    • Jonathan Pilcher
      Jonathan Pilcher 2 months ago +1

      @Tasorius I believe in em too, I had my own experience when I heard scratching on the wall then literally had my bed shaken, freaky stuff

  • MarukoMyon
    MarukoMyon 2 months ago +577

    The absolute length RT went just to not do the third gym is astonishing. RT really just dissolved an anti-bullying group and cured a friend's doggo before getting his third gym badge

    • AliciaYPhoenix
      AliciaYPhoenix 2 months ago +11

      I did the same. The difference: all my pokemon were caught at lvl 10 and below then evolved and heavily leveled, so my team actually obeyed. Will state that I avoided it because the rival made me mad.

    • Rena Kunisaki
      Rena Kunisaki 2 months ago +26

      @techno156 he'll go back in time to un-do the first two gyms

    • techno156
      techno156 2 months ago +32

      Next he's going to create a time machine and visit the past before even going near the third gym.

  • Billah
    Billah 2 months ago +13

    My wife got a shiny Mareep in the first 2 hours of the game she had no idea what a shiny was until she called me over and asked "Why is this a different color then the others?" I nearly spit out my drink.

  • Rokechi Kan
    Rokechi Kan 2 months ago +831

    In this episode, RT finishes Starfall Road, and instead of finally doing to gym challenge, begins looking for an old friend.

    • Predatorsoul
      Predatorsoul 2 months ago +51

      @Dan nah they are just voices in RT's head but nobody else can hear them even through telepathy.

    • Dan
      Dan 2 months ago +23

      @Predatorsoulis twitch chat the antagonist?

    • Predatorsoul
      Predatorsoul 2 months ago +69

      Lol sounds like the description for an episode of the RT anime

  • Nguyen
    Nguyen 2 months ago +503

    "Taffy, no!" and "Pretzel, no!" are now my favourite quotes of this playthrough

  • TheGalaxyCollector
    TheGalaxyCollector 2 months ago +503

    ‘Imagine if you walk in here early, this guy would obliterate you’
    Me on my first playthrough with a level 15 fuecoco getting lost and suddenly getting smacked with a level 56 krookodile: 🧍‍♂️

    • purplejellytotPJT
      purplejellytotPJT 20 days ago

      @ChaoticTeal I'm sorry what??? For real, you can run from TRAINERS NOW???

    • Firedemon72
      Firedemon72 Month ago

      @ChaoticTeal HUH???

    • The Swapper
      The Swapper Month ago +6

      @ChaoticTeal WAIT YOU CAN WHAT????

    • ChaoticTeal
      ChaoticTeal 2 months ago +6

      Yeah, that was the battle where I learned you can run from trainers now... Poor Sprigatito didn't stand a chance

    • TrickyNick
      TrickyNick 2 months ago +22

      I just barely managed to beat his Krookodile with my level 9 Spewpa and level 15 Wooper spamming protect so he'd hit himself in confusion from Thrash after Moxie boosting from wiping my entire team

  • Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition

    I’m just busy finding cliffs that make my Revavroom drive into outer space and it’s a blast
    There is NOTHING better than telling your friends to gather around a specific spot so you can demonstrate a BLJ that allows you all to access a busted TM way too early

    • joel
      joel 2 months ago +15

      Revaroom use bounce

    • David Hower
      David Hower 2 months ago +98

      Koraidon can move backwards in the air. So if you turn him around and try to jump up a cliff you’d normally slide down, you can instead land for long enough to jump again.

    • anthropologyace
      anthropologyace 2 months ago +24

      wait what??? please elaborate i’d love to do this lol

    • Nicholas Phelps
      Nicholas Phelps 2 months ago +31

      wait wHAT

  • The Corrupt Guy
    The Corrupt Guy 2 months ago +27

    By the way, RT, pretzel has a special ribbon, just check his summary to equip it. Its the Ex-Titan ribbon, implying that it's the same one you murdered by stupid means before!

    • The Corrupt Guy
      The Corrupt Guy 2 months ago +7

      Plus when you send it out it would say 'Pretzel the ex-titan' which is pretty cool

  • marvelousspatuletail
    marvelousspatuletail 2 months ago +77

    I’m so bad at names I genuinely didn’t even realize that Penny and Cassiopeia were supposed to be “different people”. I just thought it was obvious that the nerdy kid you save from Team Star bullies was the hacker who wants you to take them down.

    • Midnight Capricorn
      Midnight Capricorn Month ago +9

      @saffalilac Plus, there's the fact that Cassiopeia is the name of a constellation, which is made up of multiple stars... a team of stars, you might say.

    • saffalilac
      saffalilac 2 months ago +22

      There’s also this distinction between Cassiopeia and the “big boss.” Hmmm, the Team Star folks had a sixth friend, and Cassiopeia over here is acting all sad after each battle?! Could they be related?!?

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams 2 months ago +283

    The snail Pokemons cry is literally "scribe" and it was sealed with some tablets. Neat.

    • AςeDaniaMMX
      AςeDaniaMMX 2 months ago +5

      Shocked he didn’t make a subscribe joke when it just said “scriiibe”

      ANGELINA PEDROZA 2 months ago +17

      "' i'm trapped in a snail's body '" written in snail slime on the ground {this is a quote}

  • Glenn Griffon
    Glenn Griffon 2 months ago +73

    March 2023, everything else in the game is done. Dan finally decides to get the third gym badge, another 40% of the game suddenly opens up.

    • Inquisitor Thomas
      Inquisitor Thomas 2 months ago +22

      Dan: “Oh look, Scarlet and Violet got an expansion with another 400 Pokémon.

  • noémie maurice
    noémie maurice 2 months ago +35

    Now that I'm done with the game I can say this : this is a fuckin masterpiece and it's a fuckin crime that it was pushed to come out too fast. The graphical bugs really ruined its reputation and it's incredibly sad cuz the writing is incredible. I finaly did the final boss and I'm amazed. I caught the secret legendaries and I adore their design. I can't say it enough but I *adore* the character design. This game is to me, 2nd place in storyline alone after Black and White. If they hadn't crammed it for Christmas this could have been the best.

    • TheWanderingMist null
      TheWanderingMist null Month ago

      @Joe Marais It _is_ rushed, you half-wit. GameFreak doesn't decide the release schedule because they can't. They have to do tons of merchandising contract work which sets an absolute limit on a deadline for the game's release.

    • noémie maurice
      noémie maurice 2 months ago +6

      @Joe Marais Here's the thing : The game is great. My point is that it could have been better. The majority of it is awesome. Graphics is the only lacking thing (and maybe difficulty) but everything else is awesome. Polish is what gets sacked when the game is rushed and polish is what it needs. My point was that it is a good game but that the presentation made people think it was worse then it is.

    • Joe Marais
      Joe Marais 2 months ago +1

      It wasn't "Rushed", game freak just blows at making 3D games and will never put in the money and resources to make good games cause y'all still buy them with the same tired "this game would be great if the majority of it wasn't terrible, so its a great game"

    • Naked Statue
      Naked Statue 2 months ago +6

      That's how I feel with a lot of the 3D pkm games :/ Potential, but ultimately not good enough bc of rushed release date.

  • That Zeno Guy
    That Zeno Guy 2 months ago +202

    Imagine being sent off to an individual study and being the sole reason the course needs to be reworked.

    • Masterofdoots
      Masterofdoots 2 months ago +29

      He will never, he will find a way to bust into the Pokemon league so that he can become champion without ever getting the third gym bad

  • Wisecat studioz
    Wisecat studioz 2 months ago +20

    Fun fact, before the day 1 patch it didn't check whether or not you had all 8 gym badges and you could just go right in

  • Eir Kire
    Eir Kire 2 months ago +112

    Him avoiding doing the third gym is akin to someone procrastinating doing homework. “Welp, I should do dishes before doing Homework. Oh, looks like I need to take out the trash! Oh no! Looks like it’s already bedtime, time to stay up binging Netflix.”

    CRAB BOILER 2 months ago +49

    Imagine having to search for a shiny Mareep and not just finding one within 3 hours of the game releasing in your time zone by pure chance
    His name is Sparkles and I love him

  • Hilo Takenaka
    Hilo Takenaka 2 months ago +67

    The funniest part about his aversion for gym badges in this game is that supposedly, gym badge amount increases the shiny chance rate

  • H K
    H K 2 months ago +126

    The persona music at the end is a metaphor for how much a player has to grind for a shiny, much like in how in Persona there is a definitely intended in-game strat of grinding mementos for a level 67 Black Frost.

    • Arshad Zahid
      Arshad Zahid 2 months ago

      @Abby Collins Take Over - Persona 5 Royal

    • Abby Collins
      Abby Collins 2 months ago +2

      What is the song called? I’ve been trying to find out since it’s such a banger.

    • Arshad Zahid
      Arshad Zahid 2 months ago +3

      Would be more accurate if there were DLC legendaries that just shouldn't even exist

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz 2 months ago +15

      FOR REAL?!

  • SilverDragonJay
    SilverDragonJay 2 months ago +158

    its going to be weird when (or if) RT actually has badges and Taffy listens to him consistently.

  • Viktor Toldi
    Viktor Toldi 2 months ago +4

    I love how people are losing ther mind over the fact that he won't do the gym battles

  • StickMaster500
    StickMaster500 2 months ago +586

    The fact that you can beat the Path of Legends and Starfall Street stories, go up to the Pokémon League to go for an interview and able to get the Legendary Quartet plus shiny hunt for a Shiny Mareep all with just 2 Gym Badges shows how wild this amazing game is despite all the performance issues!

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago +1

      @Vivil2 I remember a promo showing an egg was found in the basket but I know nothing else rn lol. In any case, it's fine to criticise what you don't enjoy about games. Nothing is perfect and without feedback no one can move forward. Now what people do with said feedback is a different story 😅

    • Vivil2
      Vivil2 2 months ago

      @Haze Here I haven't done any of the classes. Are you suggesting that breeding is done in picnics, not daycares, cause I legit searched everywhere for one, and thought I was losing my mind.
      Edit I caved and looked it up... there is no daycare... it is tied to the picnic mechanic.
      Also for everyone here, i don't have a problem with the game overall. I actually like it alot, but this gym badge thing is a serious issue that shouldn't have been in the game, in fact they could probably change it in a patch (not that they're going to)

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago +2

      @Vivil2 all I know is it has something to do with picnics. I intend to get all the gym badges someday then learn how to get eggs in one of the classes in school. Most likely from the Home Ec class with mr. Daddy

    • Vivil2
      Vivil2 2 months ago

      @Haze Here yeah I found them eventually but expecting people to do all that to circumvent an arbitrary restriction is still absurd.
      Also I still cant find the daycare. So I still can't breed even if I wanted to. I might have to look it up after I finish the post game.

    • Vivil2
      Vivil2 2 months ago

      @Ribbon they can still make it harder, to catch without the badges, but also you get TMs from each gym, and the pokemarts and other shops sell more stuff to you based on badges.
      These are already in the game. Do you need more?
      Maybe get a boost to exp gain for pokemon below a certain level so you can catch up stragglers.

  • Aron Dencker
    Aron Dencker 2 months ago +309

    glad to see that dan hasn't left his holding the stream hostage ways behind

  • CEO of tortellini
    CEO of tortellini 2 months ago +22

    RT goes from beating the game with pokemon that dont listen to him, to beating the game with ONLY a shiny mareep. This is content overload

  • dylandragon
    dylandragon 2 months ago +76

    RT will complete the Pokedex (as much as possible), complete all the classes, and then take a year long break from the game, then maybe do the fucking gyms

  • BarrenWanderers
    BarrenWanderers 2 months ago +188

    [BREAKING NEWS] Irishman who hates Gyms trains an elite team of disobedient Pokémon whilst completing the Pokédex!

  • H K
    H K 2 months ago +196

    I must applaud the dedication to avoiding the gyms

  • Sanmer
    Sanmer 2 months ago +147

    RT's unwarranted hatred of Atticus brings me so much joy

    • Atticus Moore
      Atticus Moore 2 months ago +1

      @CyberneticSquid it was my original username

    • CyberneticSquid
      CyberneticSquid 2 months ago

      @Atticus Moore Are you named Atticus by any chance

    • Jonathan Pilcher
      Jonathan Pilcher 2 months ago +7

      It's especially funny bc that's kinda intended, the team star leaders were all bullied for one reason or another and you can actually recognize those reasons

    • SuperCharged5 -
      SuperCharged5 - 2 months ago

      @AςeDaniaMMX lmao

    • AςeDaniaMMX
      AςeDaniaMMX 2 months ago +6

      This might be the funniest comment/reply triple combo I’ve seen

  • Darth Vader but way shittier

    RTGame losing 20 Ultra Balls while attempting to catch a mossy snail is hilarious.

  • Thomeaus
    Thomeaus 2 months ago +20

    RT has so much PTSD from dying in the first gym he will do anything to avoid them 🤣

  • Porcupine
    Porcupine 2 months ago +92

    8:53 Literally me. I walked into there and got murdered by that Krookodile right at the start of my adventure

  • Indumati PNGTuber
    Indumati PNGTuber Month ago +1

    Thank u for showing the shiny hunt method.

  • Some Random Skyrim Guy
    Some Random Skyrim Guy 2 months ago +206

    Can’t wait for more two gym’s gameplay

  • Cornbread
    Cornbread Month ago +5

    fun fact, you can catch the legendaries (20:01) with quick balls. I threw one as a joke at the one in the Groundblight Shrine and was very surprised to see I caught it 💀

  • Dragonoid9810
    Dragonoid9810 2 months ago +17

    All I'm saying is, getting literally everything the game allows you to before fighting the 3rd gym is a viable perfectionist method 😂

  • Lowlife 13
    Lowlife 13 2 months ago +20

    I am a time traveler. I am here to tell you that RT still only has 2 gym badges.

  • Koro27
    Koro27 2 months ago +59

    One of my favorite things from this series is that every time he says "Martini" it sounds like he's saying RT which makes him talk to himself

  • Courtney-Evelyn Thompson
    Courtney-Evelyn Thompson 2 months ago +5

    this man finished all of the titans, finished all of the team star bases, did a few classes at the academy, found one of the four treasures of ruin, and found two shinies all before doing the third badge. at this rate he'll have the whole damn pokedex before another gym badge.

  • TS_Mind_Swept
    TS_Mind_Swept 2 months ago +1

    The stall going to the 3rd gym strat LUL

  • Marshtomp8
    Marshtomp8 Month ago +1

    I love how he used Persona 5 music for the shiny hunt.

  • ThalkorthePyromaniac
    ThalkorthePyromaniac 2 months ago +9

    Love every Pokémon vid you make. They’re all so fun💖 Also, found a full odds shiny Orthworm in my game right as this video ended, so thanks for sharing the shiny luck✨

  • CiaoBellaBee
    CiaoBellaBee 2 months ago +11

    8:43 “imagine you just walk in here early”
    Aka me at level 15, taking a wrong turn out of the town.

  • Arische Setmses
    Arische Setmses Month ago

    5:09 Does that mean the director and all the teachers are going to hand in their resignation papers again?

  • Grease King
    Grease King 2 months ago +5

    I like how persona ost made its way into the videos after he experienced the game, its full of bangers

  • Dante
    Dante 2 months ago +5

    I’m a massive fan of the persona series so to hear rt use the music and play royal makes me happy, futabas palace theme is one of my favourites as well as new world fool In 4 and some of the amala network themes in the parent series SMT

  • Margueriteuh
    Margueriteuh 2 months ago +25

    Imagine, you just came back again and again and again and again to the pokemon league until they let you try it just because they're sick to see you asking lmao

  • Crows_and-Ghosts
    Crows_and-Ghosts 2 months ago +59

    Can't wait to see him beat gym 3 :D

    • Longcx724
      Longcx724 2 months ago +6

      We have bad news for you.

  • Salamanda550
    Salamanda550 2 months ago +7

    You say Penny's Theme is clearly what Toby Fox worked on, but there are so many themes in this game that I can really feel his impact on and it's wonderful.

  • Galactic -Hamster
    Galactic -Hamster 2 months ago +27

    7:15 Penny's story is literally just Catch Me If You Can but the Pokemon league is the FBI

  • Kazzy_Lmao
    Kazzy_Lmao 2 months ago +26

    Fairly soon RT's gonna manage to find a way to get to the final boss before fighting the 3rd gym

  • riot
    riot 2 months ago +27

    rt's stubbornness to avoid the gyms is honestly astounding

  • SirMaximusOwnage
    SirMaximusOwnage Month ago

    The "RT method" is simply save scumming. It's existed in gaming since the oldest games. XD

  • Dante Glory
    Dante Glory 2 months ago +12

    I was really hoping the shiny would show up just for dan to accidentally auto battle it to death.

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago +4

      @Dante Glory we get enough pain from the performance issues. No more please

    • Dante Glory
      Dante Glory 2 months ago +4

      @Haze Here That makes sense but it's also sad cause that stops many amazing clipable moments from happening.

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago +3

      Iirc you can't autobattle shinies

  • Espinas
    Espinas 2 months ago +5

    Taffy is a freaking antihero I swear

  • Banat Republic
    Banat Republic 2 months ago +20

    RT is a gamer, he doesn't go to gyms 😎😎😎

  • Big Brother Xellos
    Big Brother Xellos 2 months ago +8

    I'm surprised the chat hasn't immediately used his tendency to not do what they want against him.

  • Kenji Bacha
    Kenji Bacha 2 months ago +3

    If I had a nickel for every time RTGame enacted a genocide on sheep like creatures in an attempt to find a unique variant of said sheep-like creatures through brute force within a single area and with little to no optimization, I would have two nickels...
    Which isn't a lot but its weird that it happened twice.

  • Matty Fern
    Matty Fern 2 months ago +14

    Haven’t finished the video but I was going into this hopeful it would be the gyms finally but RT found a way to avoid hitting the gym still

  • JustRechtsclick
    JustRechtsclick 2 months ago +15

    I lowkey want to see just how long he can delay doing the 3rd gym

  • Cobalt360Degrees
    Cobalt360Degrees 2 months ago +2

    Awwww Mareep was just camera shy!!
    She couldn't stomach appearing in front of the entire chat but made sure to drop by after the stream wrapped up ♥

  • Honestly Accurate
    Honestly Accurate 2 months ago +37

    "Verily is thy long-hidden countenance a sight for sore eyes, my lady."
    "THE WORST."

  • CD8
    CD8 2 months ago +5

    Wo-Chien's cry is 'Scribe' and he looks JUST LIKE Magnificus the scribe of magics from inscription. Coincidence? Reference? or some other reference? I need to know.

  • EspEonage
    EspEonage 2 months ago +2

    I found a random shiny Mareep before my first badge while looking for Eevee, I then used him for the entire game and now he's level 100 and properly EV trained

  • Ardsam
    Ardsam 2 months ago +7

    The history teachers hair just spasms the entire time

  • Junkszy
    Junkszy 2 months ago +14

    So is Daniel's goal to drive his editor insane. Because i think it working.
    You can see their madness and fatigue in the editing.

  • Groxcima
    Groxcima 2 months ago +6

    I never thought I'd be so excited to see a game being beaten literally backwards

  • James Derrick
    James Derrick 2 months ago +29

    You may not be playing as Game Freak intended, but you're playing as God intended.

  • Toreole
    Toreole 2 months ago +8

    True RT moment to say „thats all for today“ just to keep grinding the game off stream. Lord bless you mr rumbletumble

  • masam
    masam 2 months ago +5

    I just gotta say, i love that rt is incorporting persona music into his stuff now, it's superb 👌

  • 123phi123
    123phi123 2 months ago +8

    Hoping to see you raise the stakes this episode

  • The Cronq
    The Cronq 2 months ago +9

    Dan you should get your team to level 100 before taking on the gyms

  • Hero Wither
    Hero Wither 2 months ago +3

    The way Garchomp flies makes sense, when you remember it's a plane.

  • ABJ
    ABJ 2 months ago +8

    I kinda how powerful yet unreliable Dan's team is, it makes boss fights actually loseable and it feels cool when NPCs are reaching a climax and the actually do have a fighting chance. Most pokemon often feels like whatever story is irrelevant because big numbers and rock paper scissors rules and no one ever actually stands a chance.

    • Bengal404
      Bengal404 11 hours ago +1

      It's kinda like a glass cannon team, but instead of 'walking attack stat, paper-thin defense', it's 'every turn there's like a 50% chance that the cannon says 'fuck you' and explodes broken glass into your face'. It's hilarious and I love it

    • Abby Collins
      Abby Collins 2 months ago +1


  • bluehax6
    bluehax6 2 months ago +4

    can't wait until speedruns actually skip all the gyms and rt is finally proven right in his playthrough choices

  • Beanie
    Beanie 2 months ago +15

    Penny's theme goes SO HARD!

  • Jay C.
    Jay C. 2 months ago +3

    The Legendary Four are the best pokemon in this game hands down. My favorite is the ice one c:

  • Anna Wong
    Anna Wong 2 months ago +1

    I remember when in my first run I unlocked the climbing ability with lvl 30 Pokémon and found a gar chomp at the crater.. man carried me all the way

  • Kanos
    Kanos 2 months ago +2

    40 Years later: "I sit down with my grand children. We watch the final episode of One Peace.After that I open Clip-Share. RT uploaded a new Pokemon video, this time he does crazy sandwich combos. He still hasn't gotten the third gym badge."

  • August
    August 2 months ago +1

    I love how RT plays OST from other games he played in the background, it's always so nice to hear those songs 😊

  • Raymond Bjørgen
    Raymond Bjørgen 2 months ago +19

    Cant wait two something years for the nex playthrough of the next pokemon game!

    • Galaxy Cat
      Galaxy Cat 2 months ago

      And then you beat it first try and watch as they descend into madness wondering what just happened

  • Nick Birnie
    Nick Birnie 2 months ago +3

    Pokemon always has good soundtracks, but I stand by Scarlet and Violet really went that extra mile
    It's kinda weird seeing such reputable musicians/artists like Ed sheeran and Toby Fox officially partnering with pokemon - but I'll be damned if they didn't nail it music wise

  • Marco Ghi
    Marco Ghi 2 months ago +2

    I am so happy other people played the game this way too :)

  • Jayden Davis
    Jayden Davis 2 months ago +9

    Next title is: Playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but we finally beat the third gym

  • metametang
    metametang 2 months ago +3

    love the usage of the dungeon themes, especially price being the theme of Daneshiro now.

  • Katrina Payne
    Katrina Payne 2 months ago +8

    Every "Irish Lads" video Dan has been part of--has been training for this run

  • rupert1491
    rupert1491 2 months ago +2

    "They finally made a dolphin pokemon"
    Lanturn: am I a joke to you

    • lizard1255
      lizard1255 Month ago +1

      Lanturn is an anglerfish, hence ya know, the light on its head. No clue why you think it's a dolphin

  • HPfan295
    HPfan295 Month ago +2

    I just got Violet. The first Mareep I caught was Shiny, and I immediately named it RT Candy.
    I know this means that I'll never find another Shiny.
    Worth it.

  • Nathan Ford
    Nathan Ford 2 months ago +32

    This makes me wanna get the game myself while i wait for a pokemon black and white remake.

    • missingno miner
      missingno miner 2 months ago +2

      @Sadistic Insomnia To be fair, that's a switch thing, there have been reports of the switch having occasional crash issues since day one. Gamefreak just made it much worse through their inability to optimize their game being taken to new levels.

    • Haze Here
      Haze Here 2 months ago

      @Inquisitor Thomas same here and I got mine around the time Piranha Plant got into Smash

    • SlenderWolf109
      SlenderWolf109 2 months ago +2

      I hear emulators run smoother than switch

    • Owl Recluse
      Owl Recluse 2 months ago +3

      @Sadistic Insomniaare you fast traveling at all? Apparently there’s some sorta memory leak but restarting the game and fast traveling helps. I haven’t had any crashes because I fast travel periodically.

    • Inquisitor Thomas
      Inquisitor Thomas 2 months ago +3

      @Sadistic Insomnia I personally haven’t experienced any crashes during my run, but my Switch is also less than a year old, so maybe my system is just fresher or is more robust.

  • Nathan Congdon
    Nathan Congdon 2 months ago +3

    Gotta love RT incorporating P5 music into his videos now. They’re all serious bops

  • Samuel Ray the weird content guy

    13:49 I like this actually even though its a glorified tutorial it can really teach people about theese games mew mechanics or something like sandwhiches

  • Wonkatar
    Wonkatar 2 months ago +1

    love that you caught the shiny Mareep and so excited to be hearing the persona music in the background, love the music!

  • Jack Beattie
    Jack Beattie 2 months ago +2

    I would be exited to see some gym progression in the next vid but I have a feeling that isn't happening anytime soon.