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The 𝙃𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙞 Game that Broke 4Chan

  • Published on Oct 28, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Weegeepie

    I’m so happy this video is blowing up

  • Jonathan McKaye

    Connor reading “I was prepared to fap but not prepared to feel” made me spit my water 💀

  • польская некорова

    There is a really similar but still inspiring story about a novel "everlasting summer" , it also was made by a group of independent people who managed to produce the most popular novel in eastern Europe

  • Михаил Гур

    Hey, Gigguk. Thanks for the telling about the incredible story of development of Katawa Shoujo. It's really fascinating. And it makes me remember about another non-Japanese indie game, which is also a dating simulator with some elements of eroge. This game is called Everlasting Summer. This game also have its origins from an imageboard website, though it's not 4chan. I hope that there's at least some information about the creation of Everlasting Summer in English, because it's also a really interesting story. There may be some similarities with the development of Katawa Shoujo. I really want to see a video about the game. By the way, Everlasting Summer is available on Steam in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese.

  • Hikki Samurai

    It would be interesting to hear your opinion on the Russian visual novel "Everlasting Summer", which has a similar history of development, was developed in parallel with the katawa shoujo and was released two years after the katawa shoujo.

  • Berni.exe
    Berni.exe  +618

    "it's not hentai if it makes you cry"

  • PrizMatex

    Literally binged watch an entire gameplay with every routes of Katawa Shoujo due to leaving my PC on autoplay.

  • Erik Holbik

    Can we take a moment to also appreciate that this video itself has some S tier editing?

  • Demogorgon White

    Dear Gigguk.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Hello from Russia. Thank you so much for this wonderful video, and for the fact that now it is quite possible thanks to you Katawa Shojo will be able to expand his community very well, it's just a pity that this impeccable story never saw the light in the steam, it would be nice to somehow reach out to the remnants of the development team and beg by some miracle to release the game in steam, it would further expand our community and give unforgettable feelings to thousands of people :)

  • NN&N
    NN&N  +21


  • Gedeon Ilic

    that fuckn piano roll, that main menu theme

  • DAD5Draco
    DAD5Draco  +13

    Garnt giving us a history lesson? It's time to get a weeb degree in 4channing.

  • Cryptid_CatDr6G0n

    The part about downloading RAR files for fan translations of light novel games made me age 10 years older lol. All I can think is the days where I would have my Notepad application open as I played those games on my PC


    In Russia, there is a project similar in history, called Everlasting Summer. Also born on imageboards and went through 9 circles of production hell, he came out and became dearly loved by domestic fans.

  • Hamlette🪐

    Goddamn! Katawa Shoujo!? It's been so long since I last played that VN. It was a story that I really enjoyed. Honestly, I downloaded it expecting it was just a low quality game with shitty story but boy was I wrong. Hanako is still my favorite character to this day

  • Astranoth

    Anyone working on projects at work with any kind of team knows how much problems or difficulties can occur during that, even with a team, that works well together. Especially with completely new projects. As we can see here as well.

  • Oldpier
    Oldpier  +205

    RIP Raide, director and main artist of Katawa Shoujo. Passed away too soon, 2 years ago.

  • MoonGalleon22

    Honestly I think the cleverest part of the story is the fact that your protagonist is also disabled. A big part of Hisao's character development is that he has to learn radical acceptance of himself as a disabled man, and in the process, he's able to better relate to the girls as people; he accepts that they're disabled, and it means he can realise that their personal problems have little to do with their disabilities themselves.

  • Kiss Shot

    such a masterpiece. lilly best girl!