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2026 FIFA World Cup Venue Reactions: Who’s Going to Host the Final? | SOTU PODCAST

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Alexi Lalas and David Mosse Kick off the podcast with a look at the USMNT game vs. El Salvador and take a deep dive of where this leaves the national team ahead of Qatar. Then we look at how Costa Rica qualified to the 2022 World Cup and why we’re happy to see another CONCACAF team in the tournament. Later we breakdown England’s historic loss against Hungary and the rest of the action in the UEFA Nations League. We also covered Mane’s move to Bayern, Pogba’s return to Juve, and the rest of the transfers in Europe. The guys answered your questions about 2026 World Cup venues, MLS’s Apple TV deal, and if the 1994 USA denim jerseys are ever coming back in #AskAlexi. Finally Alexi ends the show with his One for the Road about his travels to Zurich Switzerland and the FIFA Next 90 program.
    What We’ve Been Watching:
    Mosse’s Picks: Severance, Peaky Blinders, The Offer, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, The French Connection, The Godfather
    Alexi’s Picks: Bad Words, This is Where I Leave You
    (0:00) TV Show/Movie Roundup
    (4:59) USMNT vs. El Salvador
    (25:34) Costa Rica Qualifies to the World Cup
    (28:55) England's Big Collapse vs. Hungary
    (35:32) Mane, Pogba, and More Summer Transfers
    (42:49) 2026 WC Venues/MLS's Apple TV deal/1994 Denim Jerseys
    (01:14:32) FIFA Next 90 Program
    Listen to the podcast: sprtspod.fox/sotu
    #FOXSoccer #WorldCup #FIFA
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    2026 FIFA World Cup Venue Reactions: Who’s Going to Host the Final? | SOTU PODCAST
    • 2026 FIFA World C...
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Comments • 81

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  9 months ago +3

    Who is your pick to win the 2022 World Cup?

  • d'Rivm Wempozv
    d'Rivm Wempozv 9 months ago +23

    If FIFA wants to show off: SOFI
    If FIFA wants classical nostalgia: AZTECA

    • Giovani
      Giovani Day ago

      i guess they will send final to met life stadium

    • Isac Valencia
      Isac Valencia 9 months ago +1

      @Luis lmao so true no one is talking about raiders stadium🤣🤣🤣

    • Luis
      Luis 9 months ago +3

      Angel Solis lmaooo who’s talking about the raiders stadium bro lol azteca ain’t getting it

    • Isac Valencia
      Isac Valencia 9 months ago +4

      I want Aztec but Lowkey US might host the final

    • Luis
      Luis 9 months ago +5

      New history in another stadium baby!!

  • Greg Perez
    Greg Perez 9 months ago +13

    If we are talking pure football history than it has to be Azteca stadium in Mexico for the world cup final.
    It would be glorious.

    • Johnny Chegne
      Johnny Chegne 9 months ago

      @Valk Storm, I appreciate your opinion. However, if you don’t think FIFA does things for money, you are naive. Take care and good bye.

    • Valk Storm
      Valk Storm 9 months ago

      @Johnny Chegne also I don't think fifa wouldn't want it to be about money more like history they did the same for Russia they didn't use there best stadium that was expensive same goes for Brazil

    • Valk Storm
      Valk Storm 9 months ago

      @Johnny Chegne no one would care tho about the stadium especially half of the usa pitch is turf and the last time that soccer stars did they didn't like it so the finals would be a horrible experience for players

  • Maharaja Ramzan
    Maharaja Ramzan 9 months ago +7

    I'm excited for a match up here in Seattle it's gonna be magical

  • injest100
    injest100 9 months ago +5

    Atlanta makes a lot of sense. Open or closed stadium 🏟 for the final plus it’s a wide pitch.

  • Phillip Suchicital
    Phillip Suchicital 9 months ago

    What do you think of Sacramento's run into the US Open Cup semifinal and their current form in this year's USL so far?

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 9 months ago

    The Offer is Brilliant!

  • freshtea
    freshtea 9 months ago +8

    it’ll most likely be at the SoFi

  • Jonathan Deitch
    Jonathan Deitch 9 months ago +4

    Who hosts the final is an interesting guess ...
    SoFi and ATT are actually narrower pitches than Mercedes-Benz.
    Do you go for that hundred thousand people, or the 77+ yd wide pitch?

    • XX2 Media
      XX2 Media 9 months ago

      @Jonathan Deitch and while that was remarkable forethought by Atlanta United owner Arthur Blank in respects to the club, it certainly didn’t help them for attendance purposes.
      There is a reason AT&T Stadium is considered “The Cathedral of Modern Sport”. While MBS is sexier, AT&T has similar amenities with a much larger capacity and a more preferable time zone to cater to European TV audiences.
      It just makes sense to have the Final in Arlington over Atlanta or any other city in the United States. Logistics, capacity, hotel accommodation, prior FIFA history, and relentless commitment from the Dallas Sports Commission make Dallas the crown jewel of FIFA’s 2026 global spectacle.

    • Jonathan Deitch
      Jonathan Deitch 9 months ago

      @rantanamo to some extent, yes. They can reach FIFA standard widths.
      MBS is actually rather wide at 77yds, it was built that way to accommodate the fast attacking soccer that Atlanta United intended to field

    • rantanamo
      rantanamo 9 months ago

      ATT addressed pitch size and capacity in their bid. That's why they are in talks for the final.

  • Robert Meadows
    Robert Meadows 9 months ago +5

    LA or Atlanta will probably host the final

  • Juan Carlos Huaylla
    Juan Carlos Huaylla 9 months ago +10

    FIFA Most likely decision: New York on Metlife because is the capital of the world and the most well-known city out of the three countries
    FIFA if it wants to show off: Los Angeles and SOFI Stadium
    FIFA if it wants to surprise people: Toronto..BMO field
    FIFA if it wants to relive the past: Mexico city Azteca stadium

    • Alexander Granados
      Alexander Granados 9 months ago

      Toronto's BMO field has no capacity to host the final.

    • WolfyEfren10
      WolfyEfren10 9 months ago

      @Juan Carlos Huaylla oh ok my bad lol I honestly thought u were saying that New York is the capital 🤣🤣🤣

    • Juan Carlos Huaylla
      Juan Carlos Huaylla 9 months ago

      @WolfyEfren10 i don't think anyone said capital of the USA in the conversation. But I know since I live in DC. 😂😂

    • WolfyEfren10
      WolfyEfren10 9 months ago

      My guy you do know New York is not the capital of the United States right. it’s actually Washington DC 🤣🤣🤣

    • rahmad gerpol
      rahmad gerpol 9 months ago

      @ٌRasheed el Akhlaqsiz UN headquarter man!!!!

  • Bali- B
    Bali- B 9 months ago +2

    If the Final ain’t in the Azteca ima be mad asf

    • GDO
      GDO 7 months ago +1

      You’re gonna be mad then

    • Luis Murillo
      Luis Murillo 9 months ago

      It needs to be expanded again to 100,000 capacity if it wants to sway its chances

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani 9 months ago +1


  • Emo Princess
    Emo Princess 9 months ago

    October Ends - Play Time next reaction 👌🏻

  • Bayern Munich
    Bayern Munich 9 months ago +7


  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani 9 months ago


  • Michael Clayton
    Michael Clayton 9 months ago

    Only one game in Florida SMH

  • Hollow4O1
    Hollow4O1 8 months ago

    MetLife or AT&T Stadium for the final.

  • 90srock dude
    90srock dude 9 months ago

    Mexico 2026

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani 9 months ago


  • Luna Swagcore
    Luna Swagcore 9 months ago

    Here's a suggestion for you. Play Time by October Ends 👈

  • Salvador Mejia
    Salvador Mejia 9 months ago

    Peaky Blinders and The Offer are W series

  • Orlando Silva Gutierrez
    Orlando Silva Gutierrez 9 months ago +3

    ATT stadium

  • JUNiOR
    JUNiOR 9 months ago

    It better not be in cali lol

  • Kevin Bowen
    Kevin Bowen 9 months ago +1

    What has Jesus Ferreira really done to earn the job?

    • max Maxie
      max Maxie 9 months ago

      He has missed few clear cut chances which we expect him to convert some day. As we talk about other striker they dont even come close to those missing chance of Ferreira.

  • TuvingtonD
    TuvingtonD 9 months ago +4

    It'll probably be SoFi 🏟

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 9 months ago +2

    NYC baby

    HREDD 9 months ago