German Special Forces 2018 / Deutsche Spezialkräfte

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Music : Johari-Twenty One Pilots "Fairly Local" ► Metal Cover
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  • Sirena Tracas
    Sirena Tracas Month ago


  • Dominik_2104
    Dominik_2104 7 months ago +2


  • Trevor Newton
    Trevor Newton 11 months ago +1

    Respect ✊ from America!!!!

    WORLD WAR 3 Year ago +2


  • X
    X Year ago +2

    Respect from indonesia

  • GloryTurkish
    GloryTurkish Year ago +2

    Germany Power 💪 From Turkey 🇩🇪🇹🇷

  • SoccerBetreuer
    SoccerBetreuer Year ago

    M-E-G-A-S-T-A-R-K-E T-R-U-P-P-E 👍👍👍👍👍
    ..würd' die am liebsten mal alle der reihe nach auf meinen
    schultern tragen ..und nach 'nem anstrengenden tag
    ihre gestressten füße massieren...……….

  • Umirzak Умирзак

    Good 👍😜
    Respect from 📍Kazakhstan


    Another great video of German Special Forces. Respect from Brazil. I love this Nation.

  • Johannes Hnrs
    Johannes Hnrs Year ago

    Germany has very good soldiers but weapons like shit. Look at the g36. Why no hk416

    • Johannes Hnrs
      Johannes Hnrs Year ago

      @Ark Spielkind123 yeah i know and i live in germany but speak english that anybody can understand me

    • Ark Spielkind123
      Ark Spielkind123 Year ago +1

      The Bundeswehr want to replace the g 36 into the hk 433
      sorry because of my english😂

  • Tom Cooper
    Tom Cooper Year ago

    Nec aspera terrent ..
    Hugs to all brothers.

  • Fazedout Brayden
    Fazedout Brayden Year ago +4

    Respect from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧🇩🇪. I hope together we can finally sort out our problems in Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Qazaq 1996
    Qazaq 1996 Year ago +4

    This is Germany 👍😉
    Respect from Kazakhstan

  • MatrixSpyware
    MatrixSpyware Year ago +2

    Nice! Wo habt ihr das Bildmaterial her?

  • AzoneZon 321
    AzoneZon 321 Year ago +1

    Nice Vid and great units. These guys are probably very angry because the G36 rifle has a bad reputation and I see in the film that the German government did nothing about it.

    • Blackshield
      Blackshield 6 months ago

      @Alec Well, you are wrong. This are indeed mostly specialised and special forces. Some Clips are from the KSK but most from the EGB´s. And, also wrong. The KSK still uses the G36 but also other HK weapons. They can choose what fits them the best.

    • AzoneZon 321
      AzoneZon 321 Year ago

      Thanks for the answer

    • Alec
      Alec Year ago

      AzoneZon 321 On this Video you can't See special forces. In the Video is only the normal german Army. specialforces already User Other weapon often the MP5 Or the Hk416

    • AzoneZon 321
      AzoneZon 321 Year ago

      Yes I know but SOF this is not all army . All SOFs in the world have a secret budget. If SOF trusts HK616, they just buy it. The German government interferes a lot And he doesn't listen to soldiers, I think so. Politicians should not choose weapons for special units. It is not a shame if German SOF would use a different weapon if this weapon is better, because it is SOF. This is my opinion

    • Alec
      Alec Year ago

      AzoneZon 321 Not right. The G36 is beeing swaped with the HK416 but to change every weapon it costs money and time

  • LithuanianPatriot
    LithuanianPatriot Year ago +5

    Support and respect deuchland from Lithuania, Lithuanians love nato countries.

  • Tobias Wick
    Tobias Wick Year ago +2

    Yes KSK are the best 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
    But what is the name of the intro song??

  • Baltazar
    Baltazar Year ago +13

    Respect from turkey🇹🇷🇩🇪

  • Gonzalo Ferreyra
    Gonzalo Ferreyra Year ago

    name song intro?

  • Islam? Nein Danke
    Islam? Nein Danke Year ago +9

    Stabil 👍 Germany..Italy..France...against the world

    • Islam? Nein Danke
      Islam? Nein Danke Year ago

      SuperGeronimo999 fuck usa! Imperialism! No good for the world the USA forget her European decent

    • SuperGeronimo999
      SuperGeronimo999 Year ago +1

      No chance. Its all about the US, Russia and Asia.

  • Rick-Leon 111
    Rick-Leon 111 Year ago +6

    Great Video💪🇩🇪

  • Harry Aucott
    Harry Aucott Year ago

    Nice when is FBI coming out

  • Liquid Oxygen
    Liquid Oxygen Year ago +1

    If only these Germans were allowed to actually protect their country!

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  • J.a Lete
    J.a Lete Year ago +3

    Excelente video

  • bear grills
    bear grills Year ago

    Just GSG9

  • bear grills
    bear grills Year ago

    Suck clip man!!!

  • Asghar prince
    Asghar prince Year ago +5

    I lov jurman Army
    Respect from pakistan
    Jurman and pakistan brother

  • Special Forces Videos

    Great video :)

  • bigcatwar
    bigcatwar Year ago +1

    попортили Немцы кремлинов в Украйне :)

  • Maks_wan
    Maks_wan Year ago +26

    Respect from Ukraine 🇺🇦🇩🇪

  • Cleo nadeau
    Cleo nadeau Year ago +4

    Un grand respect pour les forces spéciales Allemande.Très beau clip merci...

  • Strike Eagle
    Strike Eagle Year ago +4

    Love it,Spesial Force is The Best, Good Awesome Music And Respect From Indonesia🇮🇩🇩🇪

  • The Average Gatsby
    The Average Gatsby Year ago +28

    That Flecktarn camo is just scrumptious.
    The Germans are next level on engineering and fashion.
    Sehr gutt, Deutschland.

    • Tavish
      Tavish 2 months ago

      @AzoneZon 321 the rifle is totally fine ! the media just made it look worse and worse ! the rifle is comparable to an m4

    • F. Kr3ios
      F. Kr3ios 7 months ago

      The Average Gatsby you are right.

    • SuperGeronimo999
      SuperGeronimo999 Year ago

      This isn't the regular G36K variant, but the G36C (commando) variant... they can also choose between this or the HK416 and many more.

    • marlon_lf
      marlon_lf Year ago

      Complete bullshit! It was a hoax made up to stop arms selling by the government. Look it up, the G36 ist german engineering at its finest and the proof is its worldwide use and reputation. Dont believe the made up crap.

    • AzoneZon 321
      AzoneZon 321 Year ago

      All SOFs around the world have a special budget. Probably it is not a problem for German SOF to change weapons if G36 has a defect of overheating in real combat. Maybe Politicians and the German corporation interferes a lot and they do not listen to soldiers

  • T.F.G
    T.F.G Year ago +3

    Love it!!

  • Aggelos Mpourdos
    Aggelos Mpourdos Year ago +2

    Do a video about Greek special forces

  • Wolf Hauzer317
    Wolf Hauzer317 Year ago +29

    "Deutschland ist fur immer!" 🇺🇸💖🇩🇪....PS to the people of Germany : Please get Angela Merkel out of office, She clearly is no longer fit to lead your country.

    • Chandler Murphy
      Chandler Murphy 6 months ago

      The Night Drifter Oh look, an American trying to manipulate and interfere in another Countries politics yet again. Nothing new there. Wir Sind mit Merkel.

    • Kaan Akcay
      Kaan Akcay 10 months ago

      Do you have a degree in international politcs/politcs in germany? If not you should hesitate from such statements.

      JORGE LUIS DE OLIVEIRA Year ago +3

      Germans needs react against mass muslims immigration. Salutes from Brazil.

    • Fabulous SLOTH
      Fabulous SLOTH Year ago +4

      night drifter 377 will do. Just wait for the next elections brother.

  • _ N_B_S _
    _ N_B_S _ Year ago +5

    Классное видео!👍👍💪💪

  • Y Arch Spectrum
    Y Arch Spectrum Year ago +6

    Awesome video guys! I was born there. My dad was in the United States Army & stationed in Germany 🇩🇪 where he was on border patrol. Back when the country was divided amongst east and west. My mom came over from the states while she was pregnant with me 🙂. I hope one day to see where I was born, since I don’t remember a thing about it. I was around 8 months old when we went back home. I love the selected music selection for this clip! Very very nicely executed, troops 👍🇺🇸❤️

    • Nico Smith
      Nico Smith Year ago

      Germany and USA, brothers forever! 🇩🇪🇺🇸

    • Y Arch Spectrum
      Y Arch Spectrum Year ago +1

      Hamster Backe - In Wurzberg

    • Hamster Backe
      Hamster Backe Year ago

      Y Arch Spectrum
      In Which City she was pregnant?

  • _Lazarus 530_
    _Lazarus 530_ Year ago +15

    Respect from Italy 👍 Germany

  • Caliber Productions
    Caliber Productions Year ago +8

    Start of the video and already sensed it was badass. Great vid bro.

  • giug gamer
    giug gamer Year ago +6

    What's the name of the video introduction song?

  • jejj kess
    jejj kess Year ago +8

    Deutschland out of world cup yet 😂

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