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Testing More Clickbait Soap "Hacks" Live

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Safiya & Tyler
    Safiya & Tyler  Year ago +1946

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! our livestream has finally been freed from 5-minute-crafts copyright jail! so sorry for the long delay -- hope you guys enjoy it! also, pls leave us a like and/or comment if you feel so inclined -- it could help us rebound this stream since it got no views or comments for like 48 hours 😫 thanks again & we'll see you guys next week! xoxo, saf

  • Drew Losey
    Drew Losey Year ago +3067

    Next time Carly does a practice test of making something you should reveal her end product at the end of the stream so that we get to see how she did too

  • boredtothemaximum
    boredtothemaximum Year ago +960

    Carly gives off patiently panicking babysitter vibes to me whenever one of these two hold sharp or hot objects

  • Lily Mousley
    Lily Mousley Year ago +3295

    Safiya: "Irish spring"
    Kermit: *heavy breathing*

    • Rhia Bayer
      Rhia Bayer Year ago +2

      when crusty walked in all i could think of was that he's kermit 2.0

    • Kat Angel
      Kat Angel Year ago +2

      😭 Jennaaa and her nasty boii

    • kaylee.kristina
      kaylee.kristina Year ago +1

      cermets need irish spring to survive day

    • Chastyn Minton
      Chastyn Minton Year ago +7

      DINK FAM IN THE COMMENTS ❤️ i hope you all watch juliens twitch streams :)

    • Stéphane Schmalen
      Stéphane Schmalen Year ago +8

      *heavy whining

  • Apexartnerd
    Apexartnerd Year ago +1974

    ‘Are you and Tyler dating’
    Ah, so you’re new here then. Welcome to chaos.

    • Catcat Attack
      Catcat Attack 4 months ago

      So edgy wow

    • ReyOfMoonLight
      ReyOfMoonLight Year ago +1

      me watching later like:
      was this before or after the wedding......oh she grabbed his waist i'll go with after

    • Richa Khaskalam
      Richa Khaskalam Year ago

      They are married already about a year ago!!🙄😅

    • Selena7067
      Selena7067 Year ago +4


    • Aswatha
      Aswatha Year ago

      Time stamp?

  • cheeseca
    cheeseca Year ago +1626

    i wasnt able to make it to the live, and im so glad you guys were able to dispute that false copyright claim!

  • 218SerenaH
    218SerenaH Year ago +1318

    This is called Fair-use. H3 fought and won a legal battle on fair-use, specifically in youtube videos. 5-min Crafts has NO right to not allow you to show their videos in your video. You are reacting to it and creating new content. That's 100% within fair-use. Stupid that they did that to you, don't let them push you around though. Make it clear that this is within fair-use and you're willing to retaliate if they want to push you on it.

    • TheHighestKaliber
      TheHighestKaliber 3 months ago

      @IndeChan secondly as you said reacting to a hack video is not generally protected under fair use. Especially if people are showing the majority of the video then yes it does basically serve as a reupload. However reacting to a hack and then "trying" that hack is now very different. The added attempt at "trying" the hack can push the video into fair use. Most often into the realm of commentary/reviewing the hack which is the same area of fair use that protects things like lets plays. As you try it you comment on the quality, ease of the hack, the instructional aspect of the video, etc... that can very easily be argued as fair use. Particularly if they end up changing the hack recipe and creating a new improved version of the hack. Even if the hack is nit improved upon then the positive review if the hack would actually benefit the original uploader as it would be exposing them favorably to a new audience.

    • kelly naz
      kelly naz Year ago +4

      @IndeChan goodness 😬

    • IndeChan
      IndeChan Year ago +1

      @kelly naz you're the one who's arguing with a point I never made, so you chill the fuck out. Somebody said it was comparable to h3 case and I pointed out that they're not the same. That's it. Get a life omg

    • kelly naz
      kelly naz Year ago +4

      @IndeChan it gave it as an example of yet another thing 5 minute crafts has done. I can see why that could be seen as a comparison but to me it was laying out another example of their shitty behaviour. It never once actually stated that it was the SAME thing. Similar maybe, but not the same. Also the concept of comparions isnt even trying to necessarily say things are the same. They are trying to draw SIMILARITIES. so please chill tf out.

    • IndeChan
      IndeChan Year ago +1

      @kelly naz literally the first comment compared this situation to the h3 lawsuit

  • Darla G
    Darla G Year ago +935

    Tyler is a literal encyclopedia of references and I have no idea how he remembers so much. This was a fun stream, thanks for hanging out with us!
    P.S. shoutout to our fave Australian shadowless vampire queen with at least 2 brain cells, you’re the real mvp!

  • Marlene Rees
    Marlene Rees Year ago +696

    This week on stream, Safiya starts her first Clip-Share beef.
    With her own husband

  • Candi Bell
    Candi Bell Year ago +368

    I love seeing how kind and loving they are to each other. From Tyler saying "Alright sweetie, watch your fingers" to the loving way Saf looks at and gently reaches out often to Tyler. Seeing a healthy and adoring couple is so amazing to see and a good model for their younger viewers.

    • Eli’s Living Room Adventures
      Eli’s Living Room Adventures Year ago +6

      Really refreshing to see

    • Hannah
      Hannah Year ago +11

      I also loved when he called her Safi-cake. So cute!

    • Kate
      Kate Year ago +31

      Yeah I also kind of like that they get along so platonically as well, they don’t need to have their hands on each other constantly. They’re just enjoying each other’s company

    • xiaoflowers
      xiaoflowers Year ago +48

      with so many toxic relationships in media nowadays with all the young tiktok and youtube stars constantly going in and out of relationships and trying to destroy each other, it's really nice to know that saf and ty sometimes do reach that same audience and are showing what a healthy relationship looks like. i've seen people refer to saf and ty as "soulmates" but i think it's more that people aren't used to seeing two people be in a relationship and still so gentle and considerate of each other. they perfectly bounce off of each other keeping their own personalities alive while also creating such a perfect mixed version of themselves. i truly think saf's videos wouldn't be what they are today without ty, he brings out the best in her. relationships like that are rare nowadays and that's really sad.

  • Heather Olson
    Heather Olson Year ago +776

    "I'm not a very linear storyteller, is what I've noticed over the years. I kinda ramble and run out of steam." Me too, Tyler. Me too

    • Sam Talks Too Much
      Sam Talks Too Much Year ago

      My adhd brain agrees

    • DeAnn Pillatzki
      DeAnn Pillatzki Year ago

      I felt that, glad I’m not alone

    • Lisa Henry
      Lisa Henry Year ago +6

      Have you seen the image comparing how people tell a story? At the top it's like "how other people tell a story" then a simple flowchart of start of story, middle of story, end of story then "how I tell a story" and it's a huge mess like start of story, oh wait I should give you this backstory, tangent about backstory, getting back on with original story, irrelevant details, apologies for how long it's taking and how bad at storytelling you are, end of story, 'and that's it' with an awkward silence.

    • Kristin Bagani
      Kristin Bagani Year ago +8

      Me too. If I tell a impromptu story, I go off on so many tangents and can’t remember where I started in the end. 😂

  • Musical Fanatics
    Musical Fanatics Year ago +230

    Carly is the babysitter watching two children do crafts 😭

  • Giddy Haze
    Giddy Haze Year ago +561

    Tyler's panicked breathing as he realizes Saf took some of his soap shavings is so funny

    • Sierrah Whiskey
      Sierrah Whiskey Year ago +2

      @Mar V @1:01:08 ish for Tyler panicking, no idea where the other bit about sweatpants is anymore tho lol somewhere around there I think

    • Mar V
      Mar V Year ago +2

      Time stamp?

    • Sierrah Whiskey
      Sierrah Whiskey Year ago +4

      Holy moly this part and when Tyler forgot what sweat pants are I am watching them over and crying

    • Yesenia Aranda
      Yesenia Aranda Year ago +5

      I replayed this over and over

  • Rosie W
    Rosie W Year ago +311

    I can’t be the only person that think both Tyler and Safiya are incredibly intelligent

    • Trisha Surangana
      Trisha Surangana Year ago

      @dizzy Learn to read properly before commenting, dizzy weirdo. -_-

    • Tasmeena M
      Tasmeena M Year ago +4

      @dizzy I’d be quite embarrassed if I was a bully and that was the best put down I could come up with. 😂 No, I just meant that it’s apparent that they’re very smart.

    • Bjorn Nielsen
      Bjorn Nielsen Year ago +1

      @dizzy "bullying"?

    • Doro Parker
      Doro Parker Year ago

      Well, they are just normal people with creative ideas.
      Or so I think.
      I think a lot of youtubers are incredible simple.
      I can't watch stupid guys doing stupid things but some like it, no matter if they are intelligent students or not.

    • Psychadelic Potato
      Psychadelic Potato Year ago

      @dizzy thats not what they meant

  • dee!
    dee! Year ago +158

    5-minute Crafts are so scared people trying out their hacks to find out that it's bogus that they kept copyrighting everyone, huh. People already know that they're a questionable company anyway.

  • katilia16
    katilia16 Year ago +396

    Dear 5 minute crafts: they literally gave you so much credit please chill! Also I’m enjoying your crafting style live streams. Can’t wait for another round of Geoguessr too!

    • Miss B
      Miss B Year ago +2

      I think they do it to see if they are smack talking them.

  • Nell Bell
    Nell Bell Year ago +288

    It must be so overwhelming to have cameras and lights on, live chat with lots of opinions and to try and do a craft for the first time while trying to talk and be entertaining. Y’all impressive.

  • Levente Mucsi
    Levente Mucsi Year ago +566

    Saf: We should try weird food combos
    My mind, for some reason: *Packing peanuts with candlewax*

    • Brittany
      Brittany Year ago +1

      That just reminded me of a time as a kid that I made candles with by pour wax over ice cubes lol. So thanks for unearthing that memory

    • Calvin Clark
      Calvin Clark Year ago +8

      I mean, some packing peanuts are edible, and we know saf isn't opposed to eating candles.

    • J F
      J F Year ago +9

      Tbf, candle wax is absolutely not off the menu for them lmao. So, it's in the realm of possibility. 😂

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Year ago +19

      Try the organic alternative: Organic popcorn with organic bees wax. Each has been successfully substituted.

    • NeRethil Wolfsson
      NeRethil Wolfsson Year ago +26

      I had the tiniest moment of confusion until I realized... Yes. This is valid.

  • Masabah Saeed
    Masabah Saeed Year ago +387

    The irish spring soap gave me major kermit's soap bed flashbacks 😂

    • kelly naz
      kelly naz Year ago +1

      Omg jenna making a soap bed stop XD

    • Keziah Schuler
      Keziah Schuler Year ago +6

      And the soap foot!

    • Zoey
      Zoey Year ago +9

      Yeah I think of the an cermet when Irish spring comes into play

  • 25mamata
    25mamata Year ago +422

    Tyler was amazing in this stream. I am glad the bully Tyler thing is gone from chat. Saf was delightful of course. Thanks for that awesome stream!

    • Bjorn Nielsen
      Bjorn Nielsen Year ago

      @Giu Alonso what word

    • Anni Carlsson
      Anni Carlsson Year ago +4

      @Giu Alonso and people need to realize that words means different in different countries amd different languages. That are names in this world that means quite bad things in other countries amd that is something people must accept

    • kelly naz
      kelly naz Year ago +12

      Why were people bullying...its deffo the younger new audience bc damn if you've seen them both through the years, you know that they're both amazing people

    • Sheryl Z
      Sheryl Z Year ago +8

      I agree. I think people are trying to be funny and play up the "in" jokes, but they are just unpleasant and should be ignored.

    • Monique F
      Monique F Year ago +19

      @Giu Alonso every shirt he wore people made fun of.

  • Chantelle Fieldhouse
    Chantelle Fieldhouse Year ago +75

    I’d love a joint live between Simply, BEYN, Saf and Tyler doing the same crafts or activities in their respective homes

  • Ashley Sullivan
    Ashley Sullivan Year ago +91

    Tyler seems way more comfortable on camera this week, also all his pet names for Saf are adorable

  • Mallika Khullar
    Mallika Khullar Year ago +187

    Tyler and Safiya both have an infinite storehouse of references!

    • Mallika Khullar
      Mallika Khullar Year ago +2

      @peachy haha true, especially obscure pre-2015 references 😂

  • Nell Bell
    Nell Bell Year ago +135

    I’m just over here thinking about my first introduction to Saf & Tyler at Lady like and feeling grateful that you are both still around making videos that I can enjoy!

  • TheBirb
    TheBirb Year ago +139

    "Are we dating or is it hotdogs?" -Safiya 2021

    • Mary H
      Mary H Year ago +12

      This has to be the name of her first neutral lipstick line if she ever makes her own lipstick brand 😂

  • Susanna Sutton
    Susanna Sutton Year ago +54

    I was in CVS the other day and saw that Hostess has candles... like Twinkie, Ding-Dong, and Fruit Pie. These need to be bad scienced.

  • Bread Fish
    Bread Fish Year ago +84

    Since Carly tries all of these beforehand, you should do a comparison after the reveal of hers vs theirs

  • Wambui Kimani
    Wambui Kimani Year ago +8

    I don't understand how I can't watch a lot of 2 hour movies because I get bored halfway but I can sit and watch Saf and Ty for two hours with no problems whatsoever.

  • k.allen
    k.allen Year ago +229

    Dude I wanna see Saf with red tipped hair. Like a deep burgundy red.

    • Flying Dolphin 101
      Flying Dolphin 101 Year ago

      @Inked Catharsis HEX GIRLS!! I forgot they existed lol

    • Ashley Shelley
      Ashley Shelley Year ago

      @Kristin Bagani yessir ❤️🙌

    • Kristin Bagani
      Kristin Bagani Year ago +3

      I’d wanna see her with mermaid hair.

    • k.allen
      k.allen Year ago

      @Miss B definitely possible lol

    • Miss B
      Miss B Year ago +1

      Pretty sure she's had this colour before

  • Anwesha Mukherjee
    Anwesha Mukherjee Year ago +58

    Can't believe I just watched this married couple cut soap for 2 hours.

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission Year ago +64

    I'm glad they seem more relaxed
    Edit: watermelon and mustard sounds horrifying 😂😂😭😭

    • InuitInua
      InuitInua Year ago +3

      I'll stick with watermelon and salt.

  • Krystaleena B
    Krystaleena B Year ago +86

    I would love to see yall collab with Katie from royalty soaps!

    • kpfluger15
      kpfluger15 Year ago +11

      Katie teaching fish baggie soap. I would absolutely love that. (Or literally anything honestly). Their personalities would mesh so well together!

  • Harmony M
    Harmony M Year ago +120

    Is anyone gonna mention the "alright sweetie, watch your fingers' from Tyler? 😭🥰😭

  • Aizza Marin
    Aizza Marin Year ago +54

    I enjoyed hearing Tyler's input more during this video, I feel like he talked more than usual 😂

  • Erin Fiat
    Erin Fiat Year ago +168

    Safiya- Try cucamelons. They are pretty tiny, they look like little watermelons and taste like cucumbers. :)

  • Hannah Kirouac
    Hannah Kirouac Year ago +34

    I totally understand the compulsive stress lying for entertainment value. I’m here for it Tyler!

  • Button
    Button Year ago +47

    Honestly as a woman my husband and son always have their body wash in there so I just use the men's stuff.
    And I think Irish spring was Kermit's favorite soap, didn't Jenna make a bed out of Irish spring?

  • Raven WillowHart
    Raven WillowHart Year ago +76

    Loved Safiya's take on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. *sigh* I just wish my students would be that insightful about the real motivation in "To His Coy Mistress." They keep giving it such noble intentions when well....there were players in the 17th century.

    • kelly naz
      kelly naz Year ago +2

      Lord our English class went off about it tbh. Bitched hard about the guy, but maybe that was because top set was mostly feminist women and we were like a big fuck you haha

    • Elora Hildebrand
      Elora Hildebrand Year ago +13

      TBF, sometimes it's just reluctance to read sexual themes into something in front of your classmates, in case you're wrong and become the weird sex person. I remember our English teacher acting us to interpret Xanadu and the long, drawn-out, awkward pause before I said, "Impregnation?"

  • Joshua’s HAUS
    Joshua’s HAUS Year ago +76

    Instead of Tyler buying Saf shower organizers, he should just glue magnets to all of her shampoo bottles and stuff and just stick them all over the shower! Problem solved!

    • Fabio Galletti
      Fabio Galletti Year ago

      Tyler gonna drink a lor of beers to do that! ;-)

  • Dani Brooks
    Dani Brooks Year ago +5

    Tyler's "it looks like an evil mojito" comment just made me realize how grateful I am that these live streams give us so much pure unfiltered Tyler content. He's a weird dude and I love it

  • Felicia Saldana
    Felicia Saldana Year ago +56

    Safiya, we saw your closet organization video. We all know you’re not short of shirts 🤣

    • Kristin Bagani
      Kristin Bagani Year ago +1

      Maybe Saf is close to laundry day. 😆

    • Sushree Shashwata
      Sushree Shashwata Year ago +3

      I just watched that video again few days back and she has clothes. Also, I recognised the dress she wore in her recent huge hat photo on instagram in that video and few other tops/shirts😂

    • Emily Grace
      Emily Grace Year ago +1

      Literally thought about this!

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire Year ago +20

    I'm loving Tyler XD
    "Irish soap is my go to... No it isn't."
    "Wow! That is serrated!" *smooth knife*
    His brain is on one XD

    • Kieran Campire
      Kieran Campire Year ago +1

      "My first pour was sh*t"
      He's doing great XD

  • Siena Reynolds
    Siena Reynolds Year ago +7

    i feel like theyre funnier and more comfortable when they look at the chat less like in this stream

  • Sarah Jayne
    Sarah Jayne Year ago +117

    I can never make the live streams but I always watch them when they’re uploaded! Sorry you guys had a delay because 5 Minute Crafts came for you lol

  • KLRW94
    KLRW94 Year ago +21

    At the end of every stream, my cheeks always hurts because I realize that I've been subconsciously smiling for 2hours straight

  • RealLife Kat
    RealLife Kat Year ago +4

    I don't know how else to put this, but I think the *vibes* of Rachel Maksy, Safia, and Tyler would fit so well if they ever went crafting together.

    • Puffer Fish
      Puffer Fish Year ago +1

      I am picturing complete memery and chaos.
      ....this needs to happen.

  • Storm Bishoukun
    Storm Bishoukun Year ago +233

    "That first pour was shit- [look of horror] uh, I mean."

    • Ash
      Ash Year ago +3

      Well fuuu- I mean look how fun this is haha hah ha 😀

    • Emma Hufnagel
      Emma Hufnagel Year ago +21

      Me when I'm near children lmao

  • Judi
    Judi Year ago +53

    A few days late but why is no one talking about how Tyler goes "don't worry about that bby cake" At 1:35:34 Like thats sooo cute😭😭

  • Not Wednesday
    Not Wednesday Year ago +122

    Mondo never contained any hemp and it's actually still sold in Dollar Tree. There is a completely unrelated adult drink powder brand named Mondo that does have hemp oil and CBD.

    • kpfluger15
      kpfluger15 Year ago +7

      It's possible that he got confused and Mandela'ed them together lol. I totally would 😂

    • Calvin Clark
      Calvin Clark Year ago +2

      Mondo is great Imo the bottles are great and they taste better than the Kool aid bursts.

    • Sushree Shashwata
      Sushree Shashwata Year ago

      Liking this coz a lot of people are confused in the comments 😂

    • Alyssa Stutes personal
      Alyssa Stutes personal Year ago +1

      I remember Mondo as well. No idea about the hemp part.

    • Friendly Trash Pile
      Friendly Trash Pile Year ago +7

      And walmart!!! That shit was my childhood. But the hemp mention did confuse me lol so thanks for that info.

  • Vanessa Rae
    Vanessa Rae Year ago +7

    Y'alls energy was so great in this video (and in every video). The both of you seemed less stressed than normal.

  • amsayyy
    amsayyy Year ago +64

    48:24 Tyler calling safiya "sweetie" is the cutest shit I've ever heard

  • Nikole Finger
    Nikole Finger Year ago +17

    I liked Tyler before, but after making that Jurassic Park reference, knowing Mr. Arnold's name, and explaining it like some highly important scientific fact that will help someone be enlightened in life has made me appreciate him even more.

    • Nikole Finger
      Nikole Finger Year ago

      @Kieran Campire That sounds pretty cool.

    • Kieran Campire
      Kieran Campire Year ago +1

      Hey JP fan!!!!!!
      I wore a (non JP/JW themed) dino shirt when i went to get my vaccination and multiple people complimented it and told me their favourite pre-historic creatures, i was so happy :')

  • Amanda Courchesne
    Amanda Courchesne Year ago +14

    For the watermelon hack they might have used Jelly Soap. Yes it does exist

  • Monica Ramirez
    Monica Ramirez Year ago +8

    I loved this whole steam! Makes me realized these hacks are extremely time consuming

  • Lizzie Cottrell
    Lizzie Cottrell Year ago +8

    For the crystal one you could put the shavings in a fine mesh bag and use them that way! You could definitely remelt them down, but if the colors all mix together it might not look cute 😅

  • C M
    C M Year ago +34

    19:57 Safiya's face when she's considering whether or not Kirby is actually a blimp...❤️

  • Thais Arvelos
    Thais Arvelos Year ago +41

    I want a version of the soap cutter for vegetables, you know what I mean?! Instead of a knife, a guillotine for food

    • Joy Elizabeth
      Joy Elizabeth Year ago +4

      There's some awesome veggie guillotines out there! Barry Lewis has loads of kitchen gadget testing videos n has tested a few over the years, most did really well but gotta be careful bc they are super sharp.

    • Thais Arvelos
      Thais Arvelos Year ago

      @Hood High Priestess awesome! I was able to find it online in my original language with the names that translate to 'pasta cutter' or 'spatula scraper' :D

    • Hood High Priestess
      Hood High Priestess Year ago +7

      It's called a bench cutter

  • Laura Walkendorf
    Laura Walkendorf Year ago +48

    ok but the little “alright sweetie, watch your fingers” at 48:22 was so wholesome 🥺

  • Busy bee
    Busy bee Year ago +215

    omgg when tyler called saf a sweetie my heart melted aahh🥺🥺🥺✨✨😭😭😭 they are soo cute

    • Ashley Shelley
      Ashley Shelley Year ago +3

      @Jen thank you!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🎇

    • Jen
      Jen Year ago +4

      @Gabi Lima 1:35:32!!

    • Gabi Lima
      Gabi Lima Year ago +5

      When did he call her babycake? I need the timestamp 🥺🥺

    • Jen
      Jen Year ago +31

      and babycake 🥺🥺🥺

  • Nass J
    Nass J Year ago +47

    As an idea now that you guys are into crafting, you could test the not another crap craft kit. Although some stuff requires more than half an hour to set or bake, so not sure how easy would it be to work with on a live

    • Ivy Garcia
      Ivy Garcia Year ago +3

      @Nass J I know what you mean! Even though we saw Sika use the kit, she's been surrounded by crafting and so she has that exposure. Seeing Saf and Tyler try it would be cool

    • Nass J
      Nass J Year ago +3

      @Ivy Garcia oh good idea! I'd really love to see them try the kit. I see crafters try it, but they are experts or at least have good proven abilities, while my abilities are more amateur aficionado so, Saf and Ty would be great for testing it

    • Ivy Garcia
      Ivy Garcia Year ago +2

      I think it could work. They will can show themselves casting the figure just to show what it looks like. And then they can bring an already hardened figured into frame to unmold etc

  • Jenny G
    Jenny G Year ago +14

    I love when you can see “Tyler where are you going with this??” in Safiya’s eyes.

  • Jennifer Bowles
    Jennifer Bowles Year ago +17

    I think a pancake art steam would be cool!

  • deadpoolgrl
    deadpoolgrl Year ago +4

    As wonderfully chaotic as these streams are, I'm still very impressed at how well produced they are. I am definitely going to catch next week's stream live!

  • queengeek105
    queengeek105 Year ago +48

    Tyler: You don't think people will say hey you stole this
    Safiya: They will
    Oh if only past you knew that foreshadowing

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander Year ago +20

    These guys need to buy one of those frozen ice cream roll thingys. That'd be a fun video.

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago +13

    Tyler - what 90s kid doesn't know what Mondo is?!
    Also, every time he calls Safiya a pet name it's so cute. She's really lucky to have him and vice versa

  • ImNotMadImAlice
    ImNotMadImAlice Year ago +14

    1:10:40 Funny story, I believe my dad did *technically* fail a drug test once because he ate a salad with Creamy Poppyseed salad dressing the night before. But it was a super miniscule amount, so they were able to determine it was actually poppy seeds and that my dad wasn't lying to hide any hard drug usage. 😂

  • ShadowT5
    ShadowT5 Year ago +6

    Was really disappointed to see the copyright claim when I tried to watch this because I got into you guys through your soap videos, and you guys got me into soap making videos in general. So glad you got the video back up.

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago +32

    This was such a fun stream! Loved how the geode soap turned out.

  • Samantha Orbin
    Samantha Orbin Year ago +39

    Safiya’s little eye roll when Tyler started his Mondo reference monologue sent me lololol

  • xangs
    xangs Year ago +45

    Re: Soap shirt + melting lipstick shirt
    I often wear the same outfits when I'm doing particular activities. It will happen accidentally once and then my brain has a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" moment.

  • Evan Leeds
    Evan Leeds Year ago +8

    I love getting to know y'all unfiltered! Clip-Share Creators sometimes seem otherwordly but these live streams showcase a new side where we get to see that y'all really are regular people (albeit very fun and knowledgable of random-ass references) 😊💕

  • xangs
    xangs Year ago +6

    I also enjoy Tyler's appreciation of excess soap is based on the fact that he just knows another occasion will come across where there will be melted candle wax in the house at some point.

  • TheShauNanigans
    TheShauNanigans Year ago +4

    Finally Tyler is in the thumbnail! This should happen every live stream. The channel does have both of your names and he's in every "episode". It just makes sense to put him in the thumbnail as well.

    • TheShauNanigans
      TheShauNanigans Year ago

      @Mary H You are right. I just looked. That's my bad. I hadn't paid attention in a while it seems.

    • Mary H
      Mary H Year ago +1

      He's been in several thumbnails now!

  • Cela Lauren
    Cela Lauren Year ago +3

    Tyler is king of telling great stories that have no destination

  • Marie
    Marie Year ago +10

    I experienced intense discomfort with the shot glass being so off centre.. 😅 How did nobody look at it and think to centre it?! There's like 4 people in that room!
    They came out so cute though and now I want to buy an ungodly amount of soap

  • art-and-a-half
    art-and-a-half Year ago +4

    I love the chill vibes of these streams-it almost feels like we're getting an insight into how you guys record regular videos (but more interactive!)

  • Fiona M
    Fiona M Year ago +14

    “It’s like the fruit cups you get as a child. A little pear, a little mango” …a little raw chicken 😂

    • Fiona M
      Fiona M Year ago +1

      I know but with Tyler comparing it to raw chicken before that’s all I could think about!

    • Puffer Fish
      Puffer Fish Year ago

      Google papayas, it also looks like that! Makes it a lot less gross lmao

  • XxzyzixionAlchemy
    XxzyzixionAlchemy Year ago +26

    The dad vibes when Tyler took the cup with the watermelon rind and tried to open it

  • Mandy M
    Mandy M Year ago +36

    "Does it air fry?" would be good content

  • kCherry
    kCherry Year ago +4

    I am loving these streams, I watch them in 20mins increments with my breakfast each morning. 🌄
    One suggestion, maybe consider giving Carly a "soft" mic; what she says if often critical to the stream ( or funny) and she's not always easy to hear behind the camera.
    Keep up the great work, y'all!!! 🥰

  • Lunna Garcia
    Lunna Garcia Year ago +19

    seeing Tyler wearing a plain shirt and thinking, aw no shirt of the day, then Tyler turning around 😂

  • NeRethil Wolfsson
    NeRethil Wolfsson Year ago +22

    1:44:25 Oh yes Tyler, there are definitely a number of "soaps" that are gelatin or other jellies. Looking intently at the gems hack.

  • Jo Lowry
    Jo Lowry Year ago +4

    I haven't ever gotten to a livestream, but I love coming back to them to see them! Thank you guys for being so creative, fun, and wonderfully hilarious! I enjoy the references, Carly's input, and long-ness of the streams!

  • Kiara C.
    Kiara C. Year ago +4

    Tyler calling Safiya “sweetie” at 23:36 stopping her from saying the same thing over again in such a fond way

  • MacKenzie Matheny
    MacKenzie Matheny Year ago +10

    i am the person who excitedly remembers mondo with tyler! my dollar trees sell it if tyler needs a sip of nostalgia. also saf pronounced my last name correctly, which is a rare occurrence. thanks saf!

  • Mariya Dan Thomas
    Mariya Dan Thomas 7 months ago +1

    my favorite part of these streams is seeing how they reassure each other... it's such a small thing that shows the love in their relationship

  • Fabio Galletti
    Fabio Galletti Year ago +74

    Carly: the disembodied voice of wisdom and knowledge with her at least two braincells.

    • Anna Pettit
      Anna Pettit Year ago +3

      Honestly thank god for Carly she keeps everything from going off the rails 10/10 disembodied voice

  • Katie Church
    Katie Church Year ago +3

    Yes!! Please do Katie’s soap!! That would be awesome!! Also you should follow her Royal Academy videos where she teaches you to make soap.

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    Hannah Castor Year ago +50

    Tyler was doing squirts not drops in that poor green soap 😂😂😂

    • Brittany
      Brittany Year ago +2

      Aggressive squirts, 😂😂

  • teraphIl1000
    teraphIl1000 Year ago +8

    I'm glad this stream is finally available, I had fun watching it!

  • Ree Bee
    Ree Bee Year ago +43

    Somebody has probably already said ... But microwaves aren't dangerous at all unless they are faulty

  • MissPiece22
    MissPiece22 Year ago +20

    I feel so bad that ypu guys got "craft blocked". Glad it's up now!! Love you guys ❤

  • Cayde Price
    Cayde Price Year ago +13

    if y’all don’t want to put in the effort of doing a whole soundboard, you could get one of those “no” buttons from staples/amazon!
    people usually use two-part silicone for homemade molds. the brand i’ve seen used the most is “Amazing Mold Putty” which you can get from Michael’s or Amazon (:

  • dsdqwefqwed
    dsdqwefqwed Year ago +2

    Hahaha I love how pleasant Tylers personality is. He really helps Saf shine!

  • Chloe Jane
    Chloe Jane Year ago +5

    Can never watch live because of the time difference (UK), so I'm very thankful you can keep the stream up! These videos are my fav Clip-Share videos to watch

  • Rogena Marie Anderson

    My ALL time favorite Clip-Share couple 💕 the way y'all feed off each other is goal's ❤️😎. BTW would love to see y'all do a live, recreating Tyler's sushi bazooka!! Epic...

  • A C
    A C Year ago +4

    1:42:50 that was so cute, especially how they laughed afterwards 😅

  • Hali G
    Hali G Year ago +5

    I don't know why Safiya and Tyler making soap is so relaxing

  • Lucky42
    Lucky42 Year ago +18

    You should do a Bride of Frankenstein moment for Halloween -- but with elements of several costumes, for a true Frankencostume.