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What Can I Draw With JUST A MOUSE?

  • Published on Sep 20, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • In this video I attempt to draw a creepy video game level in Photoshop with just a mouse! I had a blast, and hope you enjoy it!
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Comments • 225

  • Thomas Brush

    ► Learn Game Dev (Get 25% off with code LETSGAMEDEV):

    LOLHACKER Year ago +124

    His mouse drawing is better than my digital drawing

  • babotso
    babotso Year ago +99

    This is absolutely stunning i never thought id watch someone draw but this was really relaxing to watch, it gave me bob ross vibes. You should make more drawing videos every once in a while if you enjoy making it

  • Cemdeniz
    Cemdeniz Year ago +33

    I was avoiding learning photoshop because that I don't have a drawing tablet but this video made me force myself to learn thank you Thomas!

  • Walt
    Walt Year ago +3

    This was amazing dude! Stunning artwork, and big proof that there is no excuses at the time to create.

  • Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis

    This was amazing. Calming and relaxing yet strangely impressive

  • Rohan Nowell
    Rohan Nowell Year ago +1

    I love that this is in real-time. Thanks Thomas, your videos are so helpful.

  • Matthew
    Matthew Year ago +17

    Bob Ross 2020 Edition, you should really make more of these.

  • ShadowdanceII
    ShadowdanceII Year ago +1

    Definitely got the Bob Ross feel from this video, my son and I are using your video tutorials to build a game together. Thank you for the content!

  • KiwiGalaxyDev
    KiwiGalaxyDev Year ago

    Really Awesome! Love the relaxing style!

  • AtymTima Games
    AtymTima Games Year ago +6

    This is something I would watch instead of lofi music; thank you for the best content for the game art!

  • Amedeo Bonanno

    For crying out loud... this was so therapeutic to watch :D. Thank you for your amazing content!

  • Erik Dózsa
    Erik Dózsa Year ago +1

    I always wanted you to create such a detailed tutorial of your digital painting approach. I'm following your process now and the first 13 minutes of the video took me about 40 mins :D Thanks, man!

  • slg wb
    slg wb Year ago

    i really like your monochromatic style of art,

  • Mow 'Z Touch
    Mow 'Z Touch Year ago

    Beyond the art, that is awesome, that video was very interesting, just watching the creation process. Thanks man ! I like your work !

  • Abdullah Abdelaty

    What a wonderful episode sir, we need more episodes like this. Thank you.

  • Red Haired Studio

    You deserve more than a Million for drawing this absolutely Beautiful piece of art with just a mouse at that as well 💯

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago +3

    omg this was 1hr long! It didn't felt like that. Im surprised to see that this quality artwork can be done in just 1 hr. Thank you thomas for everything! Thx4Existing <3

  • pacusz
    pacusz Year ago

    Wow, I have just tried this technique and my image looks amazing. Thanks!

  • BedHedDraws
    BedHedDraws Year ago

    This video was just AWESOME! Great tips, awesome skills, and the end piece just looked SO GOOD! Super inspired to start drawing now, awesome job Thomas, keep it up!