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Why Is Resident Evil 4 Remake SO AWESOME?! (2023)

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Leon Sex Appeal Kennedy has returned to fight ganados and chew bubblegum, and he's all out of gum. In what ways has Capcom improved on the RE4 formula? And how have they screwed parts of it up? Despite being a masterpiece of gameplay, the story is not as impressive...
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    Why Is Resident Evil 4 A MASTERPIECE?! (2005) ► • Why Is Resident Evil 4...
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    ___TIME STAMPS___
    Opening Montage - 0:00
    Introduction - 1:15
    Return to the Village + Graphics - 4:33
    Fan Service - 8:18
    Gameplay Changes - 11:40
    QTE’s, Knives & Parries - 13:18
    AI & Glitches - 17:05
    Level Design & Cut Content - 19:53
    Customization & Treasure - 21:59
    Why the Story is BAD - 23:27
    Cinematography & Voice Acting - 30:43
    Why the Story is AWESOME - 35:31
    Conclusion - 40:15
    Intro Song - • Resident Evil 4 Wesker...
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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man  5 months ago +468

    Play Enlisted for FREE on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5: playen.link/theactman2023
    Follow the link to download the game and get your exclusive bonus now. See you in battle!
    Leon Sex Appeal Kennedy has returned to fight ganados and chew bubblegum, and he's all out of gum. In what ways has Capcom improved on the RE4 formula? And how have they screwed parts of it up? Despite being a masterpiece of gameplay, the story is not as impressive...

  • Xyrolinx
    Xyrolinx 5 months ago +3581

    I think the first 5 seconds perfectly encapsulate all that is Resident Evil.

    • The Act Man
      The Act Man  5 months ago +667

      It's all you need tbh

    • AbuMO72MED
      AbuMO72MED 5 months ago +89

      the first 5 seconds made me hit the like button straight away (which I usually don't)😂

    • ThatOneNerd
      ThatOneNerd 5 months ago +19

      ​@The Act Manthank you, bro

    • Tommie Dragon
      Tommie Dragon 5 months ago +7

      Full agreement

    • XxExtreme
      XxExtreme 5 months ago +6

      100% facts ! i was content .

  • Austen Thomsen
    Austen Thomsen 5 months ago +656

    Ashley not being absolutely useless was a welcome change too. I was so happy when she was throwing the lanterns to freeze the knights

    • Hachely D_I
      Hachely D_I 5 months ago +9

      You can leave Ashley in the hallway before in og RE4, this is a non issue. You clearly didn’t play it

    • William Cronshaw
      William Cronshaw 4 months ago +15

      I don't understand this as I find her far worse in this version. I never even bothered using her armor in the original but here I always do. Character wise she's better but in game she's far worse because she is always following you whereas you could have her stay in a safe spot in the og version.

    • Camolot
      Camolot 4 months ago +57

      ​@Hachely D_I you clearly did not read his comment

    • Harry Vue Media
      Harry Vue Media 4 months ago +6

      Austen Thomsen, you clearly have not play the Original RE4. Ashely was never useless, just annoying. She helped a lot more in the O-RE4 than she did in RE4-R. But this is capcom's fault for taking out some of her major roles in the game such as the truck chase scene.

  • Justin Snyder
    Justin Snyder 5 months ago +226

    My two biggest complaints were them leaving out the part where Leon shoots the bell while falling down the well and pissing Salazar off, and the melting face when the bugs spit acid you and kill you. They still do it in the remake, but it doesn't show Leon's face actually melting, which was brutal in the original.

    • Alex Banman
      Alex Banman 5 months ago +23

      Yeah same here with shooting the bell lmao, huge missed opportunity as well considering you CAN shoot the little speakers that he talks to you through the castle and whilst it still stops him mid-dialogue, he just laughs instead lol, was hoping he'd get all pissy.

    • JooJ S.
      JooJ S. 2 months ago

      ​@Alex Banmanlol, i always shot it every time i found it and hoped he would get pissed

    • Night Fall-88
      Night Fall-88 2 months ago

      I miss the minethrower and two-routes after the cabin.

  • mdbigboi191
    mdbigboi191 5 months ago +1020

    I really like that leon often pulls out his guns, doing press checks, readying his weapons. Keeps you on edge as we've been conditioned that when a game does this, there's enemies nearby. Great way to add tension.

    • The Meme Who Cried Boi
      The Meme Who Cried Boi 5 months ago +93

      I like the change from Leon holding handguns next to his head like a super tacticool spy to the low ready position by the holster, and the developers accounting for +1 in the chamber. I never thought Resident Evil would ever have realistic firearm handling, but it's a subtle detail that makes Leon actually feel like a trained agent

    • mdbigboi191
      mdbigboi191 5 months ago +34

      @The Meme Who Cried Boi yeah, it's a legit strategy now to leave one in the chamber now for a faster reload. They did a good job with this remake.

    • Copperscale
      Copperscale 5 months ago +4

      really wish he wouldn't holster the gun on his own, adds more time having to unholster then aim and often gets me hit

    • Snail The Lost Cow
      Snail The Lost Cow 5 months ago +3

      @Copperscale Probably because he's more of a melee build. Parry first shoot later lol

    • Cameron McKelvey
      Cameron McKelvey 4 months ago +2

      I love cycling through the weapons on the D-pad to watch him press check

  • A Tiny Bard
    A Tiny Bard 4 months ago +166

    My fav Ashley interactions gameplay wise are when you return to the meeting hall in the castle, if you cross the chandeliers and activate the emblem on the opposite side for the door without hitting the first one, Ashley will run over and activate it for you. If you leap down to get the treasure without creating the ladder shortcut - which would seriously mess you up if you were alone. Ashley will also drop the ladder for you. She's just the best.

      A MAN OF THE SEA 2 months ago +1

      Iron Maiden and the bridge, I thank her for that one too.

  • Daniel DeVito
    Daniel DeVito 5 months ago +135

    Luis is one of the best parts about the remake. They were able to me him even more likeable, making his death even more painful.

    • Reaper
      Reaper 5 months ago

      I hated his VA though that may be more of a familiarity thing and a small price to pay.

    • ISetYourFaceOnFire
      ISetYourFaceOnFire 2 months ago +3

      @Reaper The voice acting across the board for the remake was absolute downgrade. The bingo line was a clear indication of this.

    • tee hee
      tee hee 2 months ago +18

      @ISetYourFaceOnFire Hard disagree. The bingo line was delivered fine imo, the only characters who have questionable voice acting to me are Krauser and Ada (but are still tolerable). Ashley and Luis feel upgraded in their voices imo, they sound way more real. While RE4 Leon cannot be replaced, RE4R Leon's voice works perfectly for the Leon they wrote.

    • M K
      M K 2 months ago


  • Ethan Eggeman
    Ethan Eggeman 5 months ago +1392

    The addition of Luis envisioning himself as Don Quixote adds a layer of tragedy to his character. He feels responsible for the Las Plagas infection; he wants to be the hero and save the world, because in his mind it is the only way he can make up for what he's done. And even though Saddler and Salazar were eventually defeated, Luis unfortunately never got to see that. He never knew whether Leon won.

    • Skadi
      Skadi 5 months ago +115

      Its very cool that Luis and Leon fight two giants just like Don Quixote

    • Mr. IG
      Mr. IG 5 months ago +56

      Nah dont worry, he was cheering on Leon from Heaven.

    • kato
      kato 5 months ago +2

      That is already implied in the original no?

    • DIO
      DIO 5 months ago +52

      ​@kato Nah, the original character was just kinda Leon's bro from the start. He literally never gets mentioned again after he dies in the OG game

    • kato
      kato 5 months ago +5

      @DIO someone doesn't read the documents or played separate ways. Or perhaps doesn't even play the OG.

  • Max Plays Games & More
    Max Plays Games & More 4 months ago +68

    I always was mad at Leon for being so stupid with Ada in the original. In this one he pushes her away because he feels that he cannot trust her with good reason. Instead they make the romantic tension between him and Ashley much more prevalent. I prefer this change. It feels much more realistic and makes a lot more sense. It emphasizes the classic Knight rescuing a Princess story foundation.

    • thousandyoung
      thousandyoung 4 months ago

      Isn't that what all Progressive Media hate these Days? XD

    • Max Plays Games & More
      Max Plays Games & More 4 months ago +15

      @thousandyoung Exactly. It’s brilliant. Ashley is actually feminine and Leon is actually Masculine. It’s brilliant. I am doing a third playthrough using mods to make Ashley dressed like a Princess and Leon wears actual Shining armor and I replaced his knife with a sword. Using mods I increased its range so it’s like an actual sword now. I am basically doing a modded knife only run now. It’s really challenging though

    • Kimia Pouya
      Kimia Pouya 3 months ago +8

      Honestly I like this change too and I love this time Leon is just very nice to Ashley and serious to anybody else unlike the og but the thing is in the ogre2 which the Leon B Ada and Leon seperated very tragic which Ada sacrifice herself to save him and never use his feelings to obtain the g virus she got it from Sherry's pendant but that shit re2r ruined almost evey character and it makes much more sense to distrust ada

    • Kenny Powers
      Kenny Powers 3 months ago +2

      @thousandyoungnah it usually republicans that hate this stuff

    • tee hee
      tee hee 2 months ago +7

      I like how the remake tackled Ashleys relationship with him, she's clearly developing feelings for him as the game progresses while Leon keeps it professional and politely rejects her at the end. A much better change compared to Ashley randomly trying to f*ck at the end of the game (don't blame her tho).

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 5 months ago +83

    I kinda understand why they had the other verdugo disappear since it adds some mystery to the story that can be resolved through separate ways. I always enjoyed that game mode but the boss fights were all just reused assets with saddlers grunting being his only piece of dialogue. Hopefully the new one will be more polished with a unique verdugo/saddler fight.

    • Master
      Master 4 months ago +3

      I think they’re going to replace the Krauser fight with the Verdugo

    • Definitely not Ainz Ooal Gown
      Definitely not Ainz Ooal Gown 4 months ago +3

      Interesting enough uncovering some documents reveal that the Verdugo is also called the U3 so I would think that after Ada beats the second Verdugo it would mutate into a creature similar to the OG U3. Like the documents are from the scientist who worked for Salazar who experimented on the Housemaid and turned her into Salazar’s right hand, The Verdugo, it ended with him saying that he calls it the U3 and Salazar needs a left hand to assist him. My assumption is that he turned himself into it and the missing Verdugo will mutate into the OG U3.

    • Karatebat
      Karatebat 10 days ago

      Yup, they certainly answered that question about the other "Verdugo's" disappearance in Separate Ways.

  • Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town

    About Ada and Leon, I think it makes sense for them to be more distant with the revised story. They both changed, people keep talking about how Leon is portrayed well to have been actually affected by the events of RE2 but no one seems to remember that,,,,, Ada was also there???????? And it makes sense that she too would be affected???????? It would make sense that meeting Leon would affect her personality, and maybe the GUILT of using Leon would make it so that she no longer feels comfortable flirting with him because it would obviously *immediately* make it seem like she is once again only trying to use him. Maybe she wants to distance herself from who she was back then? Or, it only applies to Leon, she cares about him so she doesn't want to hurt him any more than necessary.

    • tee hee
      tee hee 2 months ago +20

      Yeah their relationship in this game feels way more real.

    • The Crazy Gmod Cube
      The Crazy Gmod Cube Month ago

      It makes sense for Leon to change, but Ada? Not feeling guilt whatsoever is literally the core of her personality. *(SPOILERS)* In OG RE2, she flirted with a researcher solely to spy on Umbrella and didn't hesitate to point a gun at Leon the second he found out she was a spy, despite the bond they built up throughout the game. In OG RE4, you can tell Ada cares about Leon and saves him a few times, but in the end she still pointed a gun at him to retrieve the Las Plagas sample, abandoned him on the island and put him in danger by self-destructing that same island. Why? Because she had a mission to accomplish.
      Keep in mind that Ada was already an experienced spy in RE2 while Leon was just a rookie cop. Sure, she cares about Leon, but she doesn't let that get in the way of her mission and she feels no remorse from manipulating people to reach her ends. That's what makes her good at her job.

    • Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town
      Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town Month ago

      @The Crazy Gmod Cube..... But that doesn't apply to the remakes....... And not even so much the original games either........
      The point is that Leon is someone so pure and altruistic that it makes even Ada doubt her actions. We see this especially well in the end of RE4 remake, she offers Leon a spot in the helicopter, AND after leaving she asks Wesker what he wants with the amber and then tells the pilot to change course because she no longer wants to fulfill her job. Not to mention even in the og RE4 she literally risks her life and position by going against Krauser in order to save Leon, she actively goes against Wesker's orders to protect him, to keep Leon alive. We see just how uncomfortable she gets when Wesker tells her to kill Leon! Also I am just,,,,,,, I'm convinced her aiming her gun at Leon was pure bluff, she would not have gone through with it. If she was such a cut-throat spy she would have just killed him, not risk that he for example destroys the sample rather than hand it to her.
      I don't remember enough about og RE2 to say anything about that, but I'm pretty sure a lot of the nuance to her actions was lost in technological limitations with poorer sound quality and lack of facial animation. In RE2 remake tho we also see her lower her gun, she doesn't WANT to hurt Leon. And even in og I argue that her not killing Leon is already a sign of hesitation, not hesitating would be straight up killing him. Raising the gun, self preservation, seeing if Leon is going to do something. Shooting him, killing him, that's what a spy should do after their cover is blown, but she doesn't do that.

    • The Crazy Gmod Cube
      The Crazy Gmod Cube Month ago

      @Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town I'm aware she doesn't want to kill Leon. Like I said, she does care about him, but she doesn't abandon her mission over it. Krauser was different because she couldn't convince Wesker to not kill Leon, so she had no choice but to put Krauser down without Wesker's knowledge. She still completed her mission at the end despite almost jinxing it over Leon.
      The goal of pointing her gun at Leon wasn't to kill him but to get him to give her the sample. It was a bluff like you said. She still loves Leon, but she had a job to do.
      At the end of Leon A she doesn't hesitate to force Leon at gunpoint to give her the G virus sample. She did try to distance Leon from the labs so he doesn't find out about her and the sample prior to this, and she did lower her gun because she couldn't bring herself to actually shoot him. She clearly didn't want to do this, but she did it anyway, threatening Leon to get what she wants. She loves Leon, but she does manipulate or threaten him if he gets in the way of the mission. This is also proven in Leon B when she kisses and helps Leon at the very end because in that scenario Leon doesn't know about her being a spy, so there was no need to threaten him then.
      As for your concerns about RE2's technical limitations, the sound quality and lack of facial animations didn't get in the way of presenting Ada's character. The voice acting was enough to show what kind of character she is. When you see Ada for the first time, she sounds cold and the song that plays gives her a mysterious vibe. When she's injured, she sounds more emotional and tells Leon to leave her in order to save himself. However, when Leon has the sample and she raises her gun at him, we're back to cold and even angry Ada. Then, Ada gets shot, falls over the railing and is grabbed by Leon. Now it's back to emotional Ada. No facial animations, no 48000 hz sound quality.
      In OG RE4, she doesn't show signs of remorse when she forces Leon to give her the Las Plagas sample. She teases him with a "Sorry Leon" and runs off with the sample. Although this is a polar opposite of the OG RE2 gunpoint where she clearly felt bad for threatening Leon. So either she hardened since Raccoon City or it was a retcon on the writers' part.
      My point is that even though OG Ada clearly loves Leon, she's not above manipulating or threatening him in order to complete the mission. That's what I mean by lack of guilt. It doesn't seem so rampant in the RE4 remake, but at least there's a small hint of manipulation when she called Leon "predictable" in one cutscene. I don't know much about RE2 remake Ada since I haven't made it this far in the game yet, but seeing a video titled "Resident Evil 2 Remake - Ada Wong Betrays Leon" popping up in my recommended shows that she still has no problem stabbing Leon in the back when it's necessary.

  • Zen_77
    Zen_77 5 months ago +31

    31:55 They cut every single conversation between Krauser and Ada in the Remake because Remake Krauser isn't working for Wesker. In the original RE4, Ada and Krauser were cooperating (to a certain point) because both of them were working for Wesker to obtain the Las Plagas sample from Saddler. In the Remake, only Ada is working for Wesker; Krauser was working for Saddler from the start of the game, so it makes sense that Remake Ada and Remake Krauser never speak to each other or even encounter one another.

    • Martín Turelli
      Martín Turelli 4 days ago

      No, Krauser first worked for Wesker to gather evidence that Saddler's crossier could control The Plagas. Krauser had to infiltrate Los Iluminados and work for Saddler, kidnapping Ashley as part of the deal. The issue was that he had become obsessed with The Plagas and had injected himself with one. Wesker decided to send Ada in case Krauser betrayed him and to obtain a sample of The Plagas from Luis because he was slow in completing his mission. Finally, Ada killed Krauser and sent a fake sample of Las Plagas to Wesker, who obtained it from Krauser's corpse.

  • BucklingSwashes
    BucklingSwashes 5 months ago +23

    I really like the changes to Ada, personally. She feels more like someone who's trapped in a bad relationship and is being forced to do things she disagrees with, but at this point she's so embedded in that life that she sees absolutely no way out of it. It may not be as entertaining on a surface level, but I think there's some added depth to her performance that makes you feel for her. She acts "robotic" because she has to be in order to hide her regret (which you DO hear in her voice).
    Definitely agreed that the backlash against her voice actress is infuriating. I don't know why people insist on being so awful.

    • David G
      David G 5 months ago

      Honestly it sounds to me like her audio is being recorded by a 10 year old mic. It’s unfortunate that it seems like the audio team either ran out of time with the va or just said “good enough” and move on

    • Sparda G
      Sparda G Month ago +2

      You don’t, it’s just that the actress can’t act at all.
      And she left a post about white Privelege and self inserted herself into Ada so she deserved it
      Original Ada is so much better. Confident, seductive, badass

  • Darius-Euthyphro
    Darius-Euthyphro 5 months ago +701

    I personally loved what they did with Chief Mendez. He has this tragic backstory being a chief that taught kids math and English; dining with different familie each night to hear their concerns and advice; befriending Luis after his grandfather asked him to kill him after he got infected, all of which ends tragically when he just becomes a pawn to saddler. The original Mendez is gone, and what we see, is just a shell of him being controlled by the plaga. It’s sad.

    • Ned Pickles
      Ned Pickles 5 months ago +117

      I agree. I don't disagree with Act Man about Salazar and Saddler (although I think they changed the whole "anti-American" shtick into Saddler being more genuine about the plagas hivemind bringing peace which I don't think was bad either) but it's interesting that he would have preferred Mendez to be the basically giant nothing he was in the original game rather than a villain with an actual backstory that informs how he acts and speaks in the game. It's not Shakespeare but it does at least give you something. Seeing all the newly added backstory for the villagers in general makes you feel even worse when you get to the credits and all the pictures of the village in better times.

    • TheBadWolf
      TheBadWolf 5 months ago +12

      ​@Ned Pickles he was more menacing in the original, specially with the severe consequences speech

    • Darius-Euthyphro
      Darius-Euthyphro 5 months ago +81

      @TheBadWolf I think he comes across as more menacing here due to the contrast between who he was, and who he currently is.
      Plus, from Luis’ perspective, all these great people he grew up with are now just mindless shells. The logs you read I’m the village, and the chiefs manor, shed a lot of light on this. It’s really cool.

    • LG HD TV-
      LG HD TV- 5 months ago +3

      Wait theres lore in this game?

    • Vincent Mokujin
      Vincent Mokujin 5 months ago +7

      ​@Ned Pickles What I have a problem with is the inconsistency. In the original it was apparent that Mendez basically sold out his fellow villagers for power. In this one you have several documents showing how caring he was towards everyone and now suddenly he is on board with the whole thing?! Just like that? And it is stated that like in the original he has the control plaga which means he retains his free will. I'm not saying you can't do tragic villains (although it's becoming more and more cliche and I much more prefer just a great evil for evils sake bad guy) but having a guy caring about his flock and then suddenly being a-ok with this whole parasite thing is jarringly inconsistent. Maybe there has been a story behind it. Maybe Saddler really did manage to corrupt him but it's never shown and that's what pisses me off about it. Say what you will about the simplicity of the original but it worked. And it was a joy to fight him too because it felt like you were avenging the innocent villagers in some way.

  • Officer Tom
    Officer Tom 5 months ago +40

    I also noticed that they actually throw more enemies in your way on Hardcore and Professional difficulty. For example, after the Salazar boss fight when you ride the elevator down there are two Armaduras waiting to surprise you in that hallway where the Merchant is and where you find the boat for the Island.

    • Cameron McKelvey
      Cameron McKelvey 4 months ago +11

      Oh yeah. On hardcore mode, when you fight the big wolf sub boss. There’s a bull head ganado with the hammer there. And 2-3 other regular ganados. That is a problem area in chapter 5. When I watched a stream on normal difficulty it was JUST the wolf!

  • Toe Ray
    Toe Ray 4 months ago +73

    One of my favorite parts is the reason Ashley can't shoot Leon is because she's got a stovepipe. Someone on the team actually did their research for how guns can get jammed. Leon gets the gun back and clears the jam.
    Maybe I'm in the minority but I like Saddler's portrayal in Remake. I wish we did see more of him like you said. His model is freaky looking now and he does more than just cackle at you. His smile is weird and unnerving. I hate the "modern audiences" garbage too but the original came out in a time when anti-American/anti-Western religious terrorism was on the fore of everyone's mind. Sadder using a fictional cult to pursue his political ends (there's notes about this in the original too) fits with that period without specifically targeting Muslims or Branch Davidians or whoever.

    • Harry Vue Media
      Harry Vue Media 4 months ago +9

      Saddler was portrayed very well in the Remake. Just that it would have been better to introduce him to Leon at the church rather than so late in the game. The O-RE4 got it right by bringing him in and out throughout the story while the Remake only brings him in at the last location.

    • Wance Lemuel
      Wance Lemuel 4 months ago +3

      Not a stovepipe. The gun jammed because she is limpwristing it which caused a failure to feed. You can see in the cutscene that the slide didnt go fully forward.

    • tee hee
      tee hee 2 months ago +1

      @Harry Vue Media Yeah he came in so late in the game it was a little underwhelming. I always thought his introduction in the original was awkward but it came at the right time. Saddler in the remake feels shoehorned in at the end.

    • Harry Vue Media
      Harry Vue Media 2 months ago

      @tee hee It did feel awkward but better to introduce Sadler earlier than later. All we have to go on by is the village talking about him and worshipping his portraits. He would have been a great villain getting more screen time throughout the series taunting Leon and Ashely. Likely when RE4 gets another remake in the next 30 years, they will fix his role,

  • shlirby
    shlirby 5 months ago +17

    I think most of the cut parts were to help with pacing. Especially since a lot of people say the island is the worst part of the original and I agree that it definitely has the most sloppy pacing in the original.
    That being said I do miss the big car ride, lava tower room, and chaingun room. I do understand why they cut it tho

  • Kilo Champion
    Kilo Champion 2 months ago +13

    I didn’t think it was possible to improve upon perfection, but this remake somehow did that (beat the original a few days ago for the first time, and now playing the new one. I really do think I appreciate it a lot more because of my experience with the classic)

  • Ganja Cat
    Ganja Cat 5 months ago +10

    I loved the banter between Leon and Ashley as you’re moving throughout the game. It really feels like they care about each other and are trying their best to work as team considering the crazy circumstances.

  • Gushner Tubes
    Gushner Tubes 5 months ago +932

    The ability to move around and shoot while parrying really makes Leon feel like so much more of a badass

    • Christopher Regan
      Christopher Regan 5 months ago +37

      Definitely. It's like they took the mechanics and features of Resident Evil 6, in this case for Leon's campaign, but implemented them in a relatively more reasonable manner.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 5 months ago +8

      it makes it less intense IMO, in turn being easier for the player.

    • golly gosh
      golly gosh 5 months ago +27

      It really makes you feel like Leon Kennedy

    • Improtant Fude
      Improtant Fude 5 months ago +43

      @Tyler they fixed that by making the game more difficult. It still retains the tension through other things, and it’s honestly harder than the original, while making it more smooth and fun to play.

    • Lemmy
      Lemmy 5 months ago +9

      @Tyler ?

  • Celtic
    Celtic 5 months ago +43

    I sure as hell hope that everyone at Capcom are well aware of what they achieved with this game. Pure perfection.

    • VentusLionheart
      VentusLionheart 28 days ago

      *Almost pure perfection! They took out one of my favorite boss fights!

  • パピコ
    パピコ 5 months ago +27

    Another cut part you didn't mention was the radio tower scene in the original RE4. Granted, I think it was optional, but it still made sense because it eventually led to Mike finding where Leon is.

    • Reizoko
      Reizoko 2 months ago +2

      True, but then again I think Mike mentions Hunnigan requesting it to evac Leon and Ashley this time around

    • パピコ
      パピコ 2 months ago

      @Reizoko But how did Hunnigan know about Leon's exact location in the island? Their transmission got cut off way back in the castle section.

    • El Bandito
      El Bandito 2 months ago +3

      @パピコ They followed the sounds of gunfire and explosions. ;)

  • T F
    T F 5 months ago +62

    It’s so so perfect, also the first encounter with the blind guy in the castle was so much scarier and well done in the remake. The chains making noise. The gameplay had real tension it was insane

    • Scent of a Waifu
      Scent of a Waifu 5 months ago +3

      You have bad taste. Anyone who says this is a 10/10 game let alone remake is high or just extremely clouded by nostalgia or hype. I'm a die hard re fan as well love the nu re too.

    • Yousef Mohamed Abdul Moniem
      Yousef Mohamed Abdul Moniem 5 months ago +21

      @Scent of a Waifu 💀 you're talking to yourself buddy

      Void (CHANNEL DISCONTINUED) 5 months ago +10

      @Scent of a Waifu "yes because people CANNOT have opinions on the internet yes guys listen to me 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡"

    • MahNamJeff
      MahNamJeff 5 months ago +10

      @Scent of a Waifu I never played the og RE4 and this remake was my first exposure to it.
      its a top 5 game for me

    • CACADemon
      CACADemon 4 months ago +7

      @Scent of a Waifu I can smell the stink off of this guy’s username

  • Eerie
    Eerie Month ago +2

    While I do kinda miss some of the original but now cut areas, i feel that the majority of the areas that were cut were very over the top and unrealistic. So with their removal, comes a much more grounded experience which i think is probably for the best.
    Also with the changes to charactets and Villains, again i feel the campy feel was dropped for a more realistic rendition of their original selves. However, apart from Ada, if you read all of the files you learn more about each characters background. Luis originally coming from the village, leaving when his grandfather died, working at umbrella and coming back and eventually wanting to right his wrongs. Méndez is still threatening, however he used to be a paternal figure to the village as well as a leader, he cared for his people, he took pictures to capture every aspect of his village and it's growth, which he was so proud of, now under saddlers control he is nothing but a puppet. Same for Ramon being sick and twisted. You can learn a lot about Saddlers family from environmental storytelling on the island.
    And also losing face to face interactions works here, because they aren't flashbacks to Saddler, but messages he's sending out through the almost hivemind conscious of the ganados that he controls. Since Leon is infected he sees the messages that Saddler sends to his people and as the game progresses each vision/message, becomes clearer and less fuzzy as Leon becomes more infected.

  • Splitzerx
    Splitzerx 5 months ago +52

    I feel with some of the changes they made, it tried to put you in Leon’s shoes a lot more, like Leon wouldn’t know that Salazar sent Verdugo 1 after him because he’s absent from that little dialect and that’s why Verdugo 1 comes seemingly out of nowhere and the same can be said for the hook with Del Lago and the Villager with Luis. I agree with the cut content stuff because if you ask me the more cut content in the game = more game which I’d prefer, especially because Verdugo 2 disappears

    • Rogue
      Rogue 5 months ago +12

      Also the game not telling you beforehand that Verdugo comes for you makes the encounter more surprising. They are just different setups, both work well.

    • Nate The Scot
      Nate The Scot 5 months ago +1

      "the more cut content in the game = more game"
      Uh... that's not how that works.
      That's not how any of that works ever.

    • Splitzerx
      Splitzerx 5 months ago

      @Rogue agreed

    • Splitzerx
      Splitzerx 5 months ago

      @Nate The Scot well yeah it does, if there’s more of the cut content that got cut gets added to the game, it means there’s more of a game to play

  • Hadendotexe
    Hadendotexe 5 months ago +596

    32:22 For the part about Ada not talking to Krauser, in the remake the story was changed for Krauser with the fact that he isnt working for Wesker anymore. He found Los Illuminados on his own on a hunt for power after Operarion Javier and isnt an inside man for Wesker

    • astonmartini
      astonmartini 5 months ago +51

      That almost just makes Krauser more one dimensional only looking for power instead of a double crosser for Wesker

    • Hadendotexe
      Hadendotexe 5 months ago +167

      @astonmartini Your not wrong, but he was meant to be a foil for Leon in the remake. After Operation Javier Krauser saw the power of POW's and Bioweapons so he went searching for a way to obtain that power by using said bioweapons/POW's, Leon on the other hand saw the same things but instead of wanting to embrace the power he worked to find a way to fight it and trained using his own strength to overcome the odds instead of using a cheat to get stronger. Their final fight is a fight between Student and Teacher as well as a fight of Morals. One person cheated to get their strength while the other worked for it

      IM BAROUD 5 months ago +15

      ​@Hadendotexe "BOW" not "POW"

    • dragon ball fan who can't read
      dragon ball fan who can't read 5 months ago +31

      ​@Hadendotexe that's a great way to put it. But Operation Javier is also different and retconned in a way where Krauser was there with his group of men over just it being Leon and Krauser there and finding Manuela. I find it more sad on the older operation javier that Krauser was injured from being imapled by Manuela's mutated mother and he felt helpless. Of course in his mind when he speaks to himself and tells leon to help him. Of course he becomes corrupted slowly after seeing how powerful manuela and javier are with the virus.
      The og quote of "we're merely two sides of the same coin" hits different too after playing darkside chronicles. Its just more me though, i preferred when Leon and Krauser were old squadmates and Krauser calling him Comrade over them being a student and teacher relationship. Even if it makes more sense on Leon's knife skills being good and krauser being fleshed out more (because obviously when RE4 OG came out, no one knew Krauser and darkside chronicles didnt come until 4 years later)

    • JellyJman
      JellyJman 5 months ago +3

      Yeah they genuinely don’t know one another anymore. They also changed the Operation Javier storyline now but I guess it really didn’t matter too much tbh lol

  • Matt
    Matt 4 months ago +9

    That first encounter with Iron-Maiden, 10/10. Because in the old game the IM was a complete separate monster from regenerators. It caught me completely off guard.

  • Cass-Man-Killer
    Cass-Man-Killer 5 months ago +3

    I absolutely enjoyed this game so much. Everything from the original has been advanced supremely. Better than the RE2 remake? In different ways yes- I don’t usually preorder new releases since the half are just rinse and repeats but this was something I couldn’t resist as I adore the original so much. As soon as it arrived- what a fresh breathe of fresh air, a game that is what I wanted, what us fans wanted. Seeing luis die was a shock since I expected Salazar to do it but no- it was krauser, that scene alone in a way was much worse than the original as they made it seem he’d make it (which is a shame) krausers new appearance, Ada’s- I’ll admit seeing her for the first time while my girlfriend was watching had me in a tricky situation 😅 I admit the voice isn’t good, although it still has that sensual seduction, not as much but if her actor was given the right direction she’d definitely be a new desire for many fans. Ashley is incredible and less of a headache, no health and knowledge- not just a dumb blonde bimbo. Everything else is incredible a solid 10/10 krausers death- impactful. Highly, I hope they do the remake of the resident evil chronicles again. Lastly as an Englishman I can say- Salazar looks a lot like Margaret thatcher

  • Crazy Eyes
    Crazy Eyes 5 months ago +6

    I believe the AI treating doors as thresholds is intentional. It was also the case in RE2Make, because in RE2 original each door was a loading screen so the AI wasn't supposed to be able to follow you through them. There are still specific doors that can be busted through by zombies, but most of them are barriers that keep them away. It's gamey but the RE team has never shied away from sacrificing immersion for the sake of making sure the gameplay is not frustrating.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 5 months ago +3

    I was okay with them changing Krauser's backstory to make him a mentor for Leon. It creates more of a history between them that the original didn't have since krauser's character was never introduced before RE4. I also like that they reference Operation Javier, (even if they did ret-con it a little).
    But I hate that they made him just another lackey for saddler, that's a step down in my opinion. I feel like he had more ambition in the original by trying to retrieve the sample and restore umbrella.

  • Luke Zuccaro
    Luke Zuccaro 5 months ago +33

    Act Man basically pointed out my only major gripes with the remake. Certain scenes that build context and tension were gone. Certain action sequences and bosses were cut, and the villains besides Krauser were downgraded and pushed to the side for no real reason. Also most of the iconic dialogue between Leon and the villains were cut because the calls between them were CUT. If they had just one extra year to just fill out these voided areas of the game then I would have no complaints when it comes to the story.

    • James W
      James W 5 months ago


    • No One
      No One 5 months ago +21

      The story make much more sense now with the available material to read in the game.

    • L Mul
      L Mul 5 months ago +1

      Definitely would have wanted the radio smack talk to remain.
      Bits I didn't miss were U3 or the elevator section. To me, they were very forgettable. But that might just be me.

    • Nate The Scot
      Nate The Scot 5 months ago +6

      One of my favourite parts of the original is when leon straight up just throws his knife into Ramon's hand whilst he's monologuing lmao. Absolute chad.

    • Legend of Khaos
      Legend of Khaos 2 months ago +2

      Some parts were removed due to it being more serious, which makes sense. Although I do miss a lot of it. The video calls were so cheesy but I loved them, but makes total sense why they didn’t include it.

  • Ethan Starbuck
    Ethan Starbuck 5 months ago +613

    I’m past the honeymoon phase, and honestly I think I’m ready to call it my new favorite game of all time, surpassing Halo 2. I’ve already beaten the game twice, and it’s rare for me to play a game twice, let alone within a month, especially when it’s 10+ hours! 10/10 for me

    • The Act Man
      The Act Man  5 months ago +185

      Oh man that is some high praise!

    • Ethan Starbuck
      Ethan Starbuck 5 months ago +86

      @The Act Man it deserves it. It’s been so long since a game just tried to be fun! Sucks you didn’t enjoy the story as much, but I’m glad you still had fun as well!

    • Jose Dorsaith
      Jose Dorsaith 5 months ago +3

      I finished a Professional run a few days ago and agree with your points

    • The Sleeper
      The Sleeper 5 months ago +5

      It took me 80 hours to beat Elden Ring my first time, and I've played through it 5+ times now. Some games are just special!

    • khululy p
      khululy p 5 months ago +6

      @Jose Dorsaith Maybe it's my age, but professional even on NG+ is rough.

  • Henry3K
    Henry3K Month ago

    I actually like the changes they made to the villains. The final boss battle with Saddler is tense and grandiose. Salazar has a more interesting boss fight with more mobility, they did a good job at making him unlikable and hated by everyone he is just a sad, spoiled brat. Mendez has more interesting back story with the village he once lead. I like how mendez is always tossing leon around and doesnt talk much.

  • Last Pringle
    Last Pringle Month ago

    I dont think minor details are necessary in games, they definitely add quality, but they're mostly style points for the game
    And I like the the little detail of Leon checking that his gun is chambered when you take any gun out, and the plus one in the chamber mechanic with pistols

  • Scott
    Scott 5 months ago +3

    This remake is the first video game I’ve played in the 25 years I’ve been playing video games where I actually felt the experience was up to par with a classic novel or epic film like the LotR trilogy. I consider it one of the greatest video games ever made.

  • Paydurt
    Paydurt 21 day ago

    I actually found hardcore easy and everything I remembered from RE4 carried over flawlessly. I freaked when there was a professional option and achievements like completing the cabin without barricading anything.

  • The Algerian
    The Algerian 4 months ago +9

    31:19 You can so clearly see that he comes out of behind of a drape a split second before attacking. And even without that, the scene is FAR better in the Remake than the original where the guy just happens to aim exactly for the chains between Leon and Luis.

  • PA-san
    PA-san 5 months ago +848

    Ashley smirk when Leon says "the girls just fine with me" is genuinely so cute and heartwarming lol. Glad you noticed it!

    • パピコ
      パピコ 5 months ago +21

      wow I didn't realize the double meaning Leon's comment had lol

    • Lars the Martian
      Lars the Martian 5 months ago +52

      Leon: The girl's just fine with me

    • PA-san
      PA-san 5 months ago +10

      Honestly. Same.

    • McJACK
      McJACK  5 months ago +27

      Sis really said 😏

    • Norwegian Blue
      Norwegian Blue 5 months ago +26

      I like the twinge of jealousy from Ashley when Leon tells her that Ada isn't the kind of girl to "roll over that easy".

  • Mlaura Írisbr
    Mlaura Írisbr 3 months ago +5

    really well done video! nice touch to have leon himself reviewing his game! Since i played the first game multiple times i feel like i get some of the problems you have but there are things i disagree, like the radio calls i think it makes sense they dont make an appearence, they showed presence sure but didnt really make sense in my view for them to call leon and keep telling their plans. Another thing is saddler, i think its more menacing and/or mysterious, you see him because of your connection with this terrible parasite, the villains and common enemies mention him, ask for help from him, so he feels like that big bad boss of all thats trying to stop and kill you. There are some other things i disagree, like the slow motion cutscenes i honestly think its better without it, but opinions are opinions, and this is just a nice video to watch and listen to made by a fan, gotta respect that.

    SL4PSH0CK 5 months ago +3

    Love how it stay true to the original as Capcom mentioned. It still is the campy action flick but this remake brought the "horror" in the survival horror genre with it's atmosphere

  • Jet 27
    Jet 27 5 months ago +32

    14:46 Took the words right outta my mouth, man! It's crazy how the game that popularized QTEs in the first place is still TO THIS DAY the one that did them the best.

    • J R
      J R 5 months ago +3

      That's what happens when you have a master like Shinji Mikami at the helm of a project.

    • Yoh's Channel
      Yoh's Channel 5 months ago +1

      Well... The Yakuza series in my opinion is the one with the best QTEs

    • Hachely D_I
      Hachely D_I 5 months ago +1

      NOO,RE4 og messed up QTEs on Pro diff

  • Jake Stone
    Jake Stone 5 months ago +5

    I’m just so glad that this game is actually really good and most people are actually happy and satisfied ❤️
    Also 37:44 had me dying 💀

      Void (CHANNEL DISCONTINUED) 5 months ago +3

      yeah alot of people are happy with the game but elitist original re4 fans are bashing ANYONE who thinks the remake is good and it pisses me off
      why cant y'all neckbeards just let people on the internet have opinions bruh i swear to god

    • Legend of Khaos
      Legend of Khaos 2 months ago +2

      @Void (CHANNEL DISCONTINUED)I loved re4 og and think this is fantastic. Even better.

      Void (CHANNEL DISCONTINUED) 2 months ago +1

      @Legend of Khaos good on u for being able to enjoy both takes on re4 :)

    • Martín Turelli
      Martín Turelli 4 days ago

      ​@Void (CHANNEL DISCONTINUED) Maybe it's because all the opinions that indicate that this game is better than the OG are wrong. They have no real arguments nor do they demonstrate knowledge about video games. They just like it and nothing else without being able to give a real and correct opinion.

  • Nick Zacek
    Nick Zacek 5 months ago +253

    I’m really glad you enjoyed Nick Apostolides’s voice acting for Leon! It’s so wholesome to see that Nick is such a fan of the original RE4 too. Pays off great here

    • The Speaker
      The Speaker 5 months ago +25

      He's so good as Leon that sometimes i felt like i had an actual flashback to the og, Nick's deliveries are fucking pinpoint

    • Burstein von Knackerthrasher
      Burstein von Knackerthrasher 5 months ago +3

      @The Speaker For the first few hours, until I got curious and looked it up, I genuinely thought it was the same VA as the original - what a baller

    • timmy
      timmy 5 months ago +2

      @Burstein von Knackerthrasher Exact same thing happened with me haha, I assumed they must have brought back the same voice actor, but I looked it up and was surprised to find out they're different people.

    • Huwhite Death
      Huwhite Death 5 months ago +1

      Well, he tried his best, but none of the performances are really good.

    • Grilled Leeks
      Grilled Leeks 5 months ago +9

      @Huwhite Death nah you just have no idea what good voice acting is

  • Nick Duracell
    Nick Duracell 5 months ago +5

    Great game and great remake, this games deserves infinite replays... Very good video, love this AND your original RE 4 review!

  • Brandon Mack
    Brandon Mack 5 months ago +4

    I realize its no 'all sins are forgiven' pass, but I do feel like once Separate Ways comes out, another look should be given to the full package (especially since I am fairly certain it will be free when they do). Particularly, the background scenes between Krauser and Ada, as well as knowing what happened with U-III/Verdugo 2. That's the only reason I could think of cutting those scenes and some other locations out, purely to reserve them to lengthen Separate Ways as a possible nod to the dual campaigns of 1 and 2.

  • Ben Renner
    Ben Renner 5 months ago +12

    Ada is detached and melancholic, it has nothing to do with lazy work. If people don’t like the portrayal then fine whatever, but the idea that acting with PASSION makes it good acting is detrimental to voice acting.

    • tee hee
      tee hee 2 months ago +1

      It's not just the flat delivery tbh, her writing is also mediocre. Even with better voice acting, she would still feel detached in this game because of how little she has to do with the main story. She's just randomly there doing her thing, if they had kept some more of her scenes with Leon in this game from the original, she would fit better.

  • Neoshenlong
    Neoshenlong 4 months ago +4

    I don't know man, I think the story is a lot better than it was before. I agree there is a loss in the removal of radio conversations, but the story itself, the narrative arc they put us through, is a lot, a lot, a lot better. The whole thing with Leon trying to save somebody, just one person, for once... man, that hits hard.

  • Youngdose
    Youngdose 5 months ago +4

    I think the first week playing was definitely fun and exciting felt like I had a new Netflix series to come home to every few chapter playing it

  • Man of Many Masks
    Man of Many Masks 5 months ago +248

    Unless I’m mistaken Krauser only ever calls Leon rookie until the very end. To me this is him showing Leon that he no longer sees him as a lesser man and accepting that he was outmatched. He doesn’t whine about his “promised” future where he would be all powerful but instead dies with dignity, somewhat proud of Leon for beating him

  • Tomiply
    Tomiply 5 months ago +2

    I thought the Salazar boss fight was way better in the remake than in the original. He was actually a threat this time around.
    20:54 Oh, and that was my least favourite part of the original, so I don't mind at all.
    I definitely agree when it comes to the cut out radio convos with Salazar and Saddler though.
    26:26 I always thought it was more that he got annoyed, but he didn't want to show it to much, so it's just an awkward laugh instead.
    I for sure prefer Luis' death in the remake though. It always felt so jarring and out of place in the original. Rushed and almost random, even if it gave you a reason to hate Saddler.

    • Reaper
      Reaper 5 months ago

      yeah the problem with all the OG resis were bosses. even re4 with over the shoulder Mendez was the best boss. This time round though Salazar was alot better

  • Donika691
    Donika691 4 months ago +1

    In regards to the death scenes, it makes sense that they removed Luis killing you if you shot him, as in this gameplay it's rather easy to accidentally shoot him in the chaos of battle.

  • Karl Thorsten
    Karl Thorsten 5 months ago +5

    It is so awesome because the merchant is there to help us.
    But I do hope the remake gets slightly re-remade to restore more of the fun interactions between the characters. Make it fit more into the style of the remake, but still. They deserve more presence.

  • Dane?
    Dane? 4 months ago +1

    I found a little easter egg throughout the remake with Salazar. At 29:00 you mention they got rid of that which i didnt like but in the remake, in the times he does talk to you, if you can see the megaphone its coming out of, you can shoot it and he'll stop all of his dialoge and laugh. Its 100% tied to that.

  • arcturus64
    arcturus64 5 months ago +5

    I feel like the setups were part of an 'older' version of horror similar to old horror movies where due to a lack of budget, most movies would show the creature interract with stuff enough so they'd always feel uncomfortably close to the protagonist but without being shown. In RE4Make it feels like it bases its horror aspect more in video game horror which resides mostly in jumpscares or stuff happening too fast for you to see or understand what is happening.
    Also Ada's changes are imo due to how they portrayed her in RE2Make which is sad as I really don't like how she was portrayed in that game either.

  • Eden
    Eden 5 months ago +469

    That's because they changed Krauser's role in the story. He's no longer working for Wesker and acting as a pawn for him, but now he reached Los Iluminados by himself after Operation Javier. Him talking to Ada would make no sense and I'm glad they decided that the story is more important than fan service because this change makes Krauser a much better character

    • Cristian Lopez
      Cristian Lopez 5 months ago +86

      And if anything... Saddler does end up killing Luis. He just doesn't do it personally. Krauser takes care of it.

    • Scent of a Waifu
      Scent of a Waifu 5 months ago +7

      Bro the story is literally worst in remake.

    • Eden
      Eden 5 months ago +82

      @Scent of a Waifu no it's not lol

    • Headass
      Headass 5 months ago +46

      @Scent of a Waifu bad bait

    • Andrew Rogers
      Andrew Rogers 4 months ago +9

      Yeah, I think Act Man assumed the plot was the same with minor differences, despite their being genuinely major ones throughout the story

  • Gravity Jedi
    Gravity Jedi 5 months ago +1

    The fact that the striker charm adds 8% move speed really let's me know the devs played and we're aware of the original. Used to be that goofy exploit you could do to go Mach 5 using the striker in OG

  • Samurai Games
    Samurai Games 2 months ago

    Krauser, luis and ashley were the biggest improvements from the remake, krauser went from a complete stranger who nobody knew and just came out of nowhere and had no serious story and just working for wesker for no reason, to this absolutely badass knife master who actually has a tragic and good story and his story, dialagues and tension with leon is so damn good, his boss fight is perfection. Luis went from an unknown side character who just died and we were like: oh no he died, anyway let's continue to one of the most tragic and good re characters which had a huge difference, and then ashley is obvious, her chemistry with leon, and she is actually helpful, sweet, nice and not annoying, the biggest downgrade was definitely ada and salazar for me, Salazar's boss fight was definitely better, one of my favorites, but overall his character was better in the og, I really loved ada, I had no problem with her voice actor, but still she was better in the original.

  • Revy Revolver
    Revy Revolver 5 months ago +2

    The cutscene in 31:20, its definitely not better in OG, for one i'm pretty sure the Ganado that appear suddenly is just a guard keeping watch outside the door and heard all the commotion happening, went to look, see they're trying to escape and attacked them. Meanwhile in the OG, why was this random axe man coming towards them with the sole purpose of killing them RIGHT AFTER they injected Leon with the Plaga? It doesn't make sense, like the devs put Leon and Luis in this situation and didn't how to get them out so they make this random Ganado go to them to kill them just so he can set them free. At least in the Remake Leon and Luis were actively trying to escape and that's what cause the ganado to appear.

  • Parallel Za Warudo
    Parallel Za Warudo 2 months ago

    There are certain things that I agree with you on such as the build up to Verdugo, and the cheesy dialogue at times. But there are things I disagree with such as the characters, I'd say there were certain things done better with characters such as Salazar being framed always high somewhere. Certain characters like Krauser in RE4(OG) and RE4 RE are different people basically. Also remember Remake games are basically a different continuity at this point. Though I don't care for U3 at all, I can get other certain cut content.
    A Video as always

    ITS SIRWAN 5 months ago +218

    The Resident Evil 4 remake features several smart choices that help it feel true to the original, but also shapes the adventure into something that overall feels more cohesive, modern, and thrilling than ever. It’s a stellar example of how to revitalise a classic

  • Lørd Particle
    Lørd Particle 4 months ago +1

    I am loving this game. One of my biggest complaints with the original is that it's too easy. This remake has been kicking my ass and I love it. I'm currently stuck at the house where you fight a large number of ganados with Luis. I just need to remember to start partying
    Also if you're one of those people who is sad that you can't look up Ashley's skirt anymore, there's pr0n for that

  • Officer Tom
    Officer Tom 5 months ago

    I thought that Luis was going to be annoying in the remake but to me he was actually funny and also helpful for Leon and Ashley which he was in the original too.

  • Tural Memmedov
    Tural Memmedov 5 months ago +1

    The exploit of the door thing was in RE village too. And actually it was not only a door but imaginary line on open area almost. Enemies just stopped and turned around and walked away. Killed so much of them like that. :D

    MRSIRLANCE 5 months ago +3

    i like the more dark nature of this version tbh i like that leon sounds and seems more serious especially after all he’s been through

  • David Guerrero Espinoza

    I love new Ashley, almost gave me a heart attack when she wouldn't let go of the bridge with the regenerator

  • W R A T H
    W R A T H 5 months ago +354

    Regarding Leon almost stabbing Ada during their first encounter; I was under the impression that they both knew what they were doing and it was like a cheesy "dance" of sorts. I've seen the same thing happen in movies between spies who have history. They both predict the other's movements and attack patterns because they know eachother so well and I think that's what they were going for.

    • Legate Lanius
      Legate Lanius 5 months ago +45

      uh...pretty dangerous dance lol. i just got done with the original and it wasn't nearly as dangerous as that was. also it's a shame they cut out leons line during that fight
      ada: "put your hands where i can see them"
      leon: "sorry, but following a woman's lead just isn't my style" (proceeds to disarm ada)

    • bombomos
      bombomos 5 months ago +25

      Yeah the encounter in the first game is a lot better. They don't have a dance. They have a check & mate

    • Ma76eM
      Ma76eM 5 months ago +7

      Yeah but...they don't know each other well.

    • Demo_
      Demo_ 5 months ago +7

      I think you're reading in too much

      JUST GUNSOLID 5 months ago +3

      I like that this dance, Leon's like "I'm not fucking around anymore" and probably would be okay if he's just plugging her with a K-Bar. Overall Leon's attitude to Ada looks and feels better as in the end, he denies her ride.
      But that said, getting in with a person who at least tried to kill you once is kinda hot.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 months ago

    Unlocking the striker shotgun charm that increases movement speed was such an awesome Easter egg it just made me so happy

  • Killuminati 7
    Killuminati 7 4 months ago +1

    I also like how they made Leon a lot more tacticool, reminiscing of John Wick

  • Eternal Warrior
    Eternal Warrior 5 months ago +1

    The new enemy AI caught me off guard, those Ganados kicked my ass in the first playthrough 😂

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 3 months ago

    Started the game in hardcore mode.
    I had to load and repeated every chapter to have more ammo.
    RED handgun is very powerful with the upgrade.

  • korduroy
    korduroy 5 months ago

    I agree with your points about the villains not getting enough screen time however I believe those scenes of Saddler were meant to be visions of Saddler speaking through the Plaga and not a flashback

  • BlackStrey
    BlackStrey 5 months ago +519

    Luiz death being called "just as good as in the original" is an insult. Luiz in og re4 is just there. He is there for the house fight and then to die 5 meters before you find Ashley with barely any impact.. In the remake they embrace the b movie flair fully and it results in Luiz death actually resonating with me. The Idea that he did not live long enough to actually make a difference from his works with umbrella having mostly regrets at the end is one of the deeper and genuine moments in the entire series.

    • John Leeka
      John Leeka 5 months ago +136

      Fr. Luis is 1000 times a better character in the remake.
      Leon saying “you were a fine knight don quiote.” Is super heavy and his character is pretty much improved in everyway

    • FireDan
      FireDan 5 months ago +76

      Dude just riding on nostalgia with re4, when he can not admit even that that Luis is better in remake like other things in remake sre better

    • Greg Renox
      Greg Renox 5 months ago +58

      Yeah. Everyone has their preference and their like, but Act Man vision of Luis kinda weird. Luis in Original is so mysterious and even his pass is really foggy and unconclusive, and when Luis dies by Saddler in Original, the fact that Leon expresive to Luis death, is over dramatic to say the least, this guy just came and go and then dissapear Halfway of the gane and die instantly. While we got Luis in Remake where his character is more brazen and intresting, the fact that his background and his guilt of turning the entire Village that he knows into a Hive Mind broke him. The fact that he rejects Ada instally for Redemption by helping Aslhey and Leon too remove Plaga is such a Heroic moment, a banter we have in the mine and in the shooting range really flash the bond between Leon trauma and hatred towards Umbrella in Racoon City incidents and Luis former allegiance too Umbrella and Los Illuminados to try and repair his mistake is a great combination of characters. Even Leon respect him and thanked him after the Plaga is removed. Luis is tragic character, his vision too redeem himself is shattered, but not in vain, because of him Ashley and Leon have a second chance and Ada as cold blooded as she is, realize how dangerous Plaga is and broke any deals with Wesker.

    • Fajararsy_Saiga
      Fajararsy_Saiga 5 months ago +2

      ​@Greg Renox well he did said that it was because nostalgia moment.

    • L16htW4rr10r
      L16htW4rr10r 5 months ago +40

      The one time I had to absolutely and utterly disagree with Actman. He can't disrespect my boy Luis like that

  • Crumbling Haven
    Crumbling Haven 4 months ago +2

    I really hope they remake 5 and 6 so that we can get the co-op and hopefully a story that I can decipher without a video essay for 6

  • Jose Suokas
    Jose Suokas 5 months ago +2

    cant believe you didnt talk about the part where you play as ashley. that was pretty fun.

  • LegendaryDanPlayz
    LegendaryDanPlayz 2 months ago

    as someone who plays RE4R on the pc and a firm lover of being the abusive step father who abuses bugs i can confirm the rarity of getting these bugs is like 0.1% even more rarer of Ada giving Leon a conversation about their relationship situation

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 5 months ago +4

    I've yet to beat any of the RE games but every time a new one comes out I'm oddly invested in the general reception it gets

  • Ssj4 NG
    Ssj4 NG 4 months ago +1

    I really think this is a masterpiece not just awsome. Not to say The Act Man is wrong and I do agree with his points on the villians, I do think Salazar should've been treated better and more to do, and should've seen Saddler doing more things, aside from the hive mind visions. However I think the story is definitely stronger than it's 2005 counter part. It's campy, funny and good action B movie story but the remake's seems to make more sense to me. But overall great video can't wait to see more!

    • Harry Vue Media
      Harry Vue Media 4 months ago

      The O-RE4 is still far better. I do like the changes they did with RE4-R but the Original set the standards way too high. I was hoping for capcom to go beyond those expectations which they did with teh graphics but not the storyline or game interaction wise. Hopefully in the next 20 years when RE4 gets remake again, we can see a complete version.

    • Kenny Powers
      Kenny Powers 3 months ago +1

      @Harry Vue Medianah the old one loses just cause it’s 720p 30fps lol. And it plays terribly. The new one is MUCH better

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas 5 months ago +94

    I *love* some of the story changes :
    1. Luis seeing himself as Don Quiote is a pretty genius change cause , keep in mind, that's a story of a foolish (and possibly mentally ill?) old man trying to obsessively hold on to fantasies of heroism and knighthood.
    Meaning that Luis, although he genuinely wanted to fix his mistake, knew deep down that what he was doing was a fool's errand and that he wasn't the hero of the story.
    2. Krauser having a motivation of his own, entirely separate from Wekser does give him more agency as a character.
    3. The added lore bits on both Mendez and Salazar are *great*
    We learn that the former was a self-educated, wise village leader who brought about a small golden age by opening them to the outside world, that and his connection to Luis makes his fall that much more tragic. Him becoming a mindless puppet of the Plaga, completely devoid of the intelligence and care he used to have makes his fate damn sad
    Hell,even very late into his assimilation, all he could write about in his journal was the suffering the villagers were going through and how they were being sent away to be used in horrible experiments
    And for Salazar we learned that he was *always* mocked for his stature and while he had always been a spitefull, sadistic little shit; this *does* give us some insight on the circumstances of *how* he turned out the way he did.
    And throughout his boss fight, he basically projects onto Leon, insulting him with probably the same remarks that he heard people call him and/or he thinks about himself
    4. Saddler is an *interesting* change though, as I have no clue if its better than the original or not. The original was a blatant villain and he was honest about it. He wanted to control the entire world mind, body and soul for his own ambitions. He was a fun villain and that was perfectly okay for the tone the original was going for.
    Remake Saddler though *genuinely* seems to believe that he was doing the world a favor. That the Plaga were a gift in comparison to the war, suffering and aimless cruelty of the world. Obviously, he was unhinged. But it does ask the question of where Saddler ends and the Plaga parasyte begins.
    Is he just another meatpuppet for the hive mind? Does *he* have control over it? Or are the two fused together on such a fundimental level that there's no difference anymore?
    We'll never *really* know...

    • J1985R
      J1985R 4 months ago +7

      Saddler’s change is honestly a great change. In the original, he was your typical mustache twirling villain of the week type. In the remake, he is a religious nutcase that is honestly unsettling and imposing. The truth is in real life, there are people like Saddler who are so consumed by their beliefs and dedication to forcing their view of morality on people which is what he wants to do as he sees himself as a savior and not the bad guy.

    • Yoh's Channel
      Yoh's Channel 2 months ago

      @J1985R Tbh, i think it makes him really less memorable since the religious nutcase is already a far more cliche type of villain.

  • Joshua Fussell
    Joshua Fussell 5 months ago +4

    To me I think I can look at Re4 a little differently than others as I played it way later than when it originally came out.
    My take aways:
    Most of the cut content looks like it was done due to the fact it was either too cheesy from the original or it is the work of them having new areas for ada to explore and progress through for the separate ways dlc as a nice change of pace or surprise. Instead of you playing through the game in the background watching Leon they might go a more of her actions help Leon indirectly approach as she is setting things up in different areas of the world that wasn’t present in the base game.
    In terms of the voice acting/dialogue:
    Ashley it’s obvious they made her act more shy and less like a spoiled brat. I don’t mind it just some lines come off a little cringe or like she is trying to hard. Gave me chick flick dialogue vibes.
    Leon loved his voice actor in re2 Remake and he killed it here as well. No problems with changes to Leons overall character as his character changes are based off the remake and not the original.
    Louis I loved this change of character and I actually like his character way more. He basically got the Carlos treatment and I’m all for it.
    Ada all I’m gonna say is they made the wrong choice in changing voice actors from the one they used in re2 remake. Its jarring at best and horrendous at worst.
    In terms of gameplay 10/10 no complaints. They added much needed changes to the inventory management and combat. The side quest are a fun addition to new play throughs as it gives you something to do after you beat the game.
    Lastly I like to add by saying it may not be what everyone wanted but it is solid enough to stand next to the original just like the RE2 remake was for the original. I can see me playing Re1 remake, Re2, Re2 Remake, Re3, Re3 remake (even if others hate it), Re4, & Re4 Remake all in rotation with no complaints as they are the best games in the series.

  • TheMachine
    TheMachine Month ago

    Dont know if it was in the original, but i love how ashley says "watch out!" somtimes when enemies are behind you or about to hit you.

  • Taz FCUM
    Taz FCUM 5 months ago

    The fact that my favourite 2 games have been remade makes 2023 the absolute BOMB! DEAD SPACE & RE4 Of course! ❤

  • P_2_D_2
    P_2_D_2 5 months ago +1

    This is why I love Capcom's remakes. The differ enough that you can go back to the originals when you have the itch for it!

  • Kyle Denton
    Kyle Denton 2 months ago

    Living with an RE fanatic I can say this game could never have lived up to the teenage nostalgia and reverence but to me, as someone who only started playing the RE games after meeting someone who loves them, I think they did a masterful job. Yes it's less campy, yes it's got less of the original in it but i feel like they took a better modern approach, if they had not they would be getting cringe review bombs. The original may have been the first to do a lot of things but it is still an RE game, which means it was pretty niche back in it's time, today gaming is a lot bigger as in there are just exponentially (magnitudes more) people playing and as many more being critics when they should probably still be sucking on that baby bottle. I think this remade did the best it could have possibly done to appeal to both new and old crowds. Believe me, i'm a 38 yo man and I miss some of the old games style and attitudes but i also know that i'm not old and not the target demographic anymore and this game was STILL fun.
    P.S. @TheActMan you ended on a negative and said "that's why this remake is so awesome", come on buddy, I know you meant the awesome part is all the accumulated things you LIKED in the game but it doesn't come off that way. lol

  • k'nil infinite
    k'nil infinite 5 months ago +181

    Well the thing is, in the remake it isn’t just the scenes being cut but parts of the story have indeed changed. Not in small ways either, in the remake Krauser doesn’t work for wesker, luis isn’t just a scientist but he also was a villager when he was younger, Ada and Leon haven’t met together since raccoon city. And possibly a lot of other changes, hopefully this explains some missing scenes.

    • Andrew Rogers
      Andrew Rogers 5 months ago +4

      Krauser isn’t fully confirmed not to work for Wesker in this game. We should wait for separate ways to know for sure.

    • k'nil infinite
      k'nil infinite 5 months ago +14

      @Andrew Rogers I know, but I feel like it's more likely. Due to how little interaction if any between krauser and ada. Only time will tell

    • The tale of the Nine Tailed K drama lover
      The tale of the Nine Tailed K drama lover 5 months ago +14

      I think it is sorta confirmed because Krauser says Los Illuminados(LI) saved him(fixed his hand) not Wesker. I guess you can say who directed him towards LI in the first place then yeah we don’t know that yet. Also operation Javier was changed so we don’t know if Krauser got to know about Wesker there like he does in the original operation Javier.

    • Snail The Lost Cow
      Snail The Lost Cow 5 months ago +2

      Luis is the same as the OG though. The remake just made it more clearly by actually showing his past trace living as one of the villagers. The OG was more cryptic about it. The actual change is he's a scientist working for umbrella, making the remake had more connection to the past entries compared to the OG

  • Faqar AHKF
    Faqar AHKF 5 months ago +3

    1:10 Leon's synchronized clap with the audio is masterpiece by itself.

  • Brian
    Brian 4 months ago

    Leon is a badass in both. Krauser and Ada's being mercenaries for the same power hungry employer and thus not really friends was only magnified by their lack of communication (for the sake of secrecy between each other, perhaps) in the remake. Of course, that is conjecture. Their contention between each other was palpable in the original. In the remake they are separate entities perhaps for the sake of a renewed sense of connection between Leon and Krauser. NGL, I miss the old Ada and I agree that the seductiveness would have been a golden addition to the remake.

  • Rudi MC
    Rudi MC 5 months ago

    RE 4 is the best one in my opinion!
    However the fact that they added in at the beginning that you can shoot the bell to skip the first part.
    If you are skipping the first part you might aswell skip playing the whole game. This sets you up for whats to come & once youve got past it you are rewarded with a sense of achievement by defeating all the villagers. The game lets you know your in for a hell of a ride!

  • Kris B
    Kris B 4 months ago

    I just finished the remake a couple days ago. I thought it was excellent in so many ways but I agree with you on its shortcomings. The downgrade in cinematography in the cutscenes really stands out to me. In the original RE4, when you are in Mendez's house and he grabs you, Leon fires his gun and it hits the painting of Saddler in his forehead (a foreshadowing to Leon taking Saddler down in the end). That shot is absent from the remake. It's the little touches like that that I really wish were in the remake. Overall though, a very good remake and I love both games pretty equally.

  • JEM1004
    JEM1004 5 months ago +126

    I love what they did with Louis' character, giving him a more active role. The Don Quixote reference as his send-off was the chef's kiss

  • Metalftw
    Metalftw 5 months ago

    12:45 oh yeah I chose Hardcore to start with. Wow, did Capcom REALLY bait us with how hard it would be initially 😂 I love both of these games, but there’s quite a few things I like more in the remake that, honestly, make going back to the original now a little difficult (but that’s of right now, it might change slightly as time goes on)

  • YinPay Official
    YinPay Official 4 months ago

    I beat Crouser on my first try, I was so happy because fighting him was like fighting my brother's in a fighting game. Rivals, and then we finally saw where I stood after all this time.

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago

    Watching a walkthrough of RE4 remake was actually my first experience of RE4 lol. I had never seen OG RE4

  • Nick L
    Nick L 4 months ago

    Kelly ur videos always put a smile on my face
    Im glad i could revisit some of them today in the impossibly infinityly shit and unproductive mood ive been in 😄

  • DonArceus
    DonArceus 5 months ago

    The AI is pretty fun sometimes I was doing a pacifist run and just passing through enemies and this ganado got out of his area and followed me around like Ashley I named him mark and he traveled with me until I got to the farm door and he ran away all the way back to the church area

  • SplendidCoffee0
    SplendidCoffee0 5 months ago +140

    Chainsaw wielding Shrek needs to be canonized in RE lore.

  • TheDeconstructivist
    TheDeconstructivist 4 months ago

    Though they cut things from RE4R, I feel like the pacing is so dang perfect, I can't really complain about those cuts. Here are my biggest gripes:
    1.) Ada's VO and reduced chemistry with Leon.
    2.) That when Salazar dies, it just fades to black without making his death more explicit. It gives that climactic moment a weird, unsatisfying vibe.
    3.) That shooting the "microphones" interrupts, but doesn't annoy, Salazar.

  • Real time Entertainment

    20:40 Castle Sewers where you fight the Novistadors is still in the Remake. After Salazar's servant drops you in the hell hole, you would expect to face the Verdugo but no you have to defeat some Novistadors to progress. Funny also how people were saying the Novistadors were cut but they are still there. Favourite enemies personally because they are so cool. I mean they literally camouflage, quite well in the remake too.

  • Max555
    Max555 5 months ago

    I think it's more of Leon, being smarter and don't want be blinded by feelings on Ada, he knows Ada is up for something, so there's a distrust, this connects more from RE2 Remake Leon, but let's be real, the original RE2 Leon to RE4 Leon is such a drastic transition, it's like he's a totally different person from original RE2 when he interact with Ada

  • NamFlashb4cks
    NamFlashb4cks 5 months ago

    I was sad about the loss of the whole crane minigame/dump truck section and the removal of the “overtime” line at the end, but other than that the game was a 10/10

  • TheOnlyGuermo
    TheOnlyGuermo 5 months ago

    The worst thing about the remake is it brings back the name "El Gigante" it means "the giant" but i have heard so many reviewers refer to it as "the El Gigante" the the giant. Even my brother called it that and we are native Spanish speakers, it hits a particular brain worm form me.