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Eating A $10,000 Golden Steak (24k Gold)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  4 years ago +159402

    subscribe and i'll get you a golden steak

    • Owen Taylor
      Owen Taylor 6 days ago

      i never got my golden steak

    • Ari
      Ari 20 days ago

      Ok I subscribed where is my steak?

    • SSpectRR
      SSpectRR 4 months ago +1

      where is my golden 🥩

    • EJ Rose
      EJ Rose 4 months ago

      0:34 i aM LoGaN pAuL

    • Qusai
      Qusai 5 months ago

      yes if you have a problem to ship it to asia

  • Tamaki Simp!
    Tamaki Simp! 3 years ago +4122

    Restaurant: nobody will buy my golden steak
    Mr beast: hold my chandler

  • Pratishtha Bajracharya
    Pratishtha Bajracharya 5 months ago +590

    I love how Chandler easily ate those bugs but almost died when he tried pickles

  • Olya Fasihi
    Olya Fasihi 3 months ago +581

    Chris is having the best time at the last restaurant. He’s getting fed and chandler got a smiley face and Chris got a heart I think… and Jimmy got nothing 😊

    • CaptainCountryball
      CaptainCountryball Day ago

      @NicoEdgy Ik bro

    • Jenn Luu
      Jenn Luu Month ago

      @SomeRandomNerd lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • TYlolex
      TYlolex Month ago

      @SomeRandomNerd at least the bill was made with love

    • Eja4
      Eja4 Month ago +2

      yet he paid for it XD

    • NicoEdgy
      NicoEdgy 2 months ago +8

      Jimmy reminds me of Chris McLean from Total Drama Island

  • deluxquaterpound
    deluxquaterpound 4 days ago +4

    Dude I'll eat all of that !

  • HeartfairyStar
    HeartfairyStar 10 months ago +378

    I'm glad you and the crew splurge on yourselves. Don't forget, even though you devote yourselves to helping others even if it's in weird ways, you should treat yourselves and your family 🤗

  • Alexia Villa
    Alexia Villa 24 days ago +26

    Omg I LOVE these food videos! Me and my family are foodies and LOVE trying different foods! Being invited would be literally the best thing ever! I am subscribed to ALL of the channels!

  • T R
    T R 3 years ago +3668

    People say Chandler doesn’t win challenges but he technically wins money here

  • Snowfursings
    Snowfursings Year ago +354

    Dude the sheer excitement on the orange haired guys face when they got the golden tamahawk is just so wholesome lol

  • Manuel Stampfer
    Manuel Stampfer 3 months ago +131

    I'm honestly surprised how disgusted they were for something as good as octopus or liver and how easy it was for them to eat a grasshopper or a prawn's head.

    • ExøticJadeyyyシ
      ExøticJadeyyyシ Month ago +1

      @Sertyman everything is good with grilled poptatoes. Duh.

    • CZ
      CZ Month ago

      @Sertyman it may be an acquired taste but we didnt have octopuses where i grew up

    • Sertyman
      Sertyman Month ago +8

      @CZ In my country, octopuses are very common and they are very delicious if they are grilled with potatoes.

    • snoma
      snoma Month ago +1

      @CZ octopus isn't bad. It just isn't regular meat

    • CZ
      CZ Month ago +1

      Nah, octopus and foie gras are disgusting

  • Atom Boy
    Atom Boy Month ago +12

    That $10,000 golden steak looks delicious!

    • Ramin Nuri
      Ramin Nuri 3 days ago

      eating in nusr-et and nusret's from turkey

  • Dammit Jim
    Dammit Jim Year ago +368

    Jimmy is pure gold. He loves to make people happy. Those who criticize him are just haters. Don't listen to them, please. Jimmy exemplifies goodness. Best Clip-Sharer around!!!

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 11 days ago

      @Taco pizza sandwich so yea I don't really see constructive criticism

    • Taco pizza sandwich
      Taco pizza sandwich  11 days ago

      @Tim Ohara if it isn’t right and doesn’t make sense at all, it isn’t constructive criticism

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 11 days ago

      @Taco pizza sandwich i barly see it to mister beast and very rarly is it right

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 11 days ago

      nah bruh cant wait till he challenges all the haters and people who want money 💀💀

    • Taco pizza sandwich
      Taco pizza sandwich  3 months ago +1

      Constructive criticism exists

  • Banyu Secanting
    Banyu Secanting 26 days ago +11

    Beast is humble and friendly 👍👍🥳

  • Hopen
    Hopen 3 years ago +5386

    I love how camera friendly those chefs and waiters were

  • Imprezz Pressley
    Imprezz Pressley 3 months ago +73

    Chandler: able to eat crickets and grasshoppers
    Also Chandler: refuses to eat pickles

  • Carri247
    Carri247 Year ago +221

    These videos always remind me of what else I have to experience in this lifetime.

    • Berserker
      Berserker 6 months ago +3

      Why would you want to experience this lol... even if I had millions I doubt I would spend it on this

    • Johnson Tan
      Johnson Tan Year ago +2

      what you won't experience ahaha

    • Mal_da_beast_ 10
      Mal_da_beast_ 10 Year ago +21

      These remind me off what I won’t experience lol

  • Stance Jerez
    Stance Jerez Month ago +11

    No lo puedo creer es increíble ❤

  • SUPERB 123
    SUPERB 123 7 months ago +49

    El doblaje es perfecto como siempre, felicidades MrBeast en Español✅👍

  • slendermanlgc
    slendermanlgc Month ago +32

    this man has a power we all wish we had

  • Nerdy
    Nerdy 3 years ago +3833

    Chandler will eat crickets for $1,000 but won’t stay in sand for $50,000 +

    • TGLF 5331
      TGLF 5331 7 months ago

      @・darling・ No

    • ・darling・
      ・darling・ 7 months ago

      I prefer die then eat insects

    • Yusufmaster
      Yusufmaster 7 months ago

      They are grasshoppers 👁👄👁

    • TGLF 5331
      TGLF 5331 7 months ago

      @poweafeplays friendly fire 😈😈😈😈😈

  • Vincent Cao
    Vincent Cao 2 months ago +159

    I love how the bad food is digested with delight by my parents

  • mythic killer
    mythic killer Year ago +16

    i wish i would be there i love tasting it looks so good

  • Edilson Lemos
    Edilson Lemos Month ago +4

    Gosto dos teus vídeos 😊

  • Kernel
    Kernel Year ago +58

    MrBeast deserves the best of the best after doing all the kind hearted charities and giveaways

  • 24 Gonzalo Hernández

    @MrBeast este comentario no se si lo veas pero me gustaria que vinieras a probar la comida poblana es muy rica te encantarta

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 3 years ago +1408

    Chandler doesn’t always win but he can win money by eating something disgusting.

    • yeah about that
      yeah about that 2 months ago +1

      Wise words, Michael Jackson

    • Rovaxtions
      Rovaxtions Year ago

      @Armanvir kang hes good at basketball lol

    • HA TAT
      HA TAT 3 years ago +1

      Stãr Light nah-...

    • ?your basic weeb¿
      ?your basic weeb¿ 3 years ago

      Omg that’s why he’s single

    • Aisha Abdi
      Aisha Abdi 3 years ago +1

      he hates pickles but he ate that stuff!!! 🤢

  • uwu
    uwu Month ago +12

    Los pulpos acá en chile son una delicia 💗 y es algo normalmente común, si vas a un muelle te lo venden, hasta hay empanadas de eso :3

  • Anish Verma
    Anish Verma 5 months ago +49

    Mr Beast is so humble ❤️
    Down to earth man

  • Иван Воробьев

    Спасибо за прекрасные ролики!

  • Aidan
    Aidan 7 months ago +91

    Chris is just explaining how salt tastes good 😂😂

  • Taylor Little
    Taylor Little 8 days ago

    The fact that Mr beast was second to only Canelo with the golden tomahawk Is so crazy!

  • Dill Pixel
    Dill Pixel 2 years ago +2034

    Chandler: *eats raw octopus and cochroches*
    Also Chandler: *afraid of pickles*

    • Leonardoneta Gamer
      Leonardoneta Gamer 7 months ago

      Octopus is delicious

    • itzKaty♡
      itzKaty♡ 7 months ago

      @STRAWBERRY PLAYS yeah btw

    • Bxnkai
      Bxnkai 7 months ago

      @Hey ItsArtt Same

    • syl
      syl 8 months ago

      octopus is delicious there's no reason to be afraid of it

    • JacobH_Gamez
      JacobH_Gamez 8 months ago


  • Dhamon
    Dhamon Year ago +89

    The way they fed Chris I died so hard. 🤣

  • jadee
    jadee Year ago +4

    You always made my day even better

  • RolodexPlayz
    RolodexPlayz 29 days ago +6

    4 years later the gang is still killing it

  • Maribel
    Maribel Year ago +271

    It´s funnny to see to Mr Beast eating different kind of dishes while I´m eating just rice and bean soup HAHAHA

    • Lelouch
      Lelouch 10 months ago

      I only eat rice and sardines

    • Alejandro Alvarez
      Alejandro Alvarez Year ago

      @Your soap pump I can't even afford water

    • Anwz Dewan
      Anwz Dewan Year ago

      @Carl Johnson CJ busta straight busta

    • James curl reyes
      James curl reyes Year ago

      @Carl Johnson ok

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson Year ago +2

      @Burger🍔 the guy is lying, can't afford a cheap proper meal but can afford an internet?

  • 멍
     27 days ago +4

    Fried shrimp head and octopus are always given when you go to a sushi restaurant in Korea. It's practically my daily life. That's how delicious it is.

  • FunStuff4U
    FunStuff4U 4 years ago +2400

    What about playing monopoly with real money?

  • Teodosio
    Teodosio Year ago +22

    chandler bro has always these kinds of unexpected funny movements & words, i love you bro! lmao

  • VEE
    VEE 3 months ago +164

    My love for Octopus is on a nother level.

  • • 【 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐧 † 】

    This is really crazy😂amazing

  • Zack Playz
    Zack Playz Year ago +3

    Love your videos bro 😎. Keep up the good work

    • Zack Playz
      Zack Playz Year ago

      @ReałitY ŘěâŁm my opinion, keep your dirty mind to yourself

  • مرشملو
    مرشملو Month ago

    You are amazing, Mr. Best

  • Klevis Doga
    Klevis Doga 4 years ago +160

    so much respect. bought a random family a gold tomahawk and tipped $5000. kindest way to spend money.

  • AceCracked
    AceCracked Year ago +17

    Jimmy is so respectful compared to the boys

  • joshyzz
    joshyzz Year ago +16

    Jimmy’s face when he ate the beef filet 🤣

  • Аметист.
    Аметист. Month ago +3

    Mr. Beast настолько гений, что делает видео для всей аудитории мира

    • Аметист.
      Аметист. 27 days ago

      @тик так я подумал - "А где русский коммент?" - и написал😈

    • тик так
      тик так 28 days ago +1

      Ого здесь есть русский комент.

  • Angel ramz
    Angel ramz 2 months ago

    El chef que les prepara es como escuchar hablar a Loid Forger 😂😁🤩

  • Jason Meyers
    Jason Meyers Month ago

    I'll eat just about anything!

  • Bubba
    Bubba 3 years ago +3209

    Jimmy: Chandler, if you breathe, I'll give you $50,000
    Chandler: *suffocates*

  • Banana man
    Banana man 6 months ago +3

    I want more of these videos, these are my personal favorite videos

  • Cedric
    Cedric 9 months ago +42

    This makes me so hungry 🤤

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 8 months ago

      @Hashir Mirza speak English

    • lllIII
      lllIII 8 months ago +1

      Cedric the octopus crickets & grasshopper make hungry lol

    • Hashir Mirza
      Hashir Mirza 9 months ago

      My mom no gib food😭😭😭

  • kirito jg
    kirito jg Month ago

    Sou teu fã 😃😃😍

  • Mika Ellah Tabada
    Mika Ellah Tabada Year ago +15

    watching mr beast's videos is better than netflix and chill. gives me break from all these problems and stress

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 8 months ago

      @Caroline Roznovsky yes because mr beast won't die but Disney+ will die soon

    • Caroline Roznovsky
      Caroline Roznovsky 10 months ago

      Is it better than Disney+?

  • Gamestriker
    Gamestriker Month ago +4


  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 3 years ago +2077

    Goes to expensive restaurant

  • Kween SouthernKween
    Kween SouthernKween Year ago +4

    That looks soooo good

  • f18hornete etenroh81f

    omg !! that gold steak looked bliss !!

    MEMO ARMAS Month ago +3


    DRACOLINA Year ago +92

    I still wonder how Chandler was able to eat insects and a whole dang peice of octopus 💀💀💀

      DRACOLINA 8 months ago +1

      @Jake Mitchell ok sir

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 8 months ago +1


      MEABIGDOG MEHAVEADOG 11 months ago +2

      wut u mean?
      octopus is good
      so is shrimp
      the goose liver isnt so bad
      most of the dishes they called bad a continent called asia enjoy
      only thing i havnt tried yet is the century egg
      i dont understand why the pretty much let a egg get pickled for several weeks tho

    • Dana Chapman
      Dana Chapman 11 months ago +2

      Lol I can eat it lol 😆

    • shai⭐️
      shai⭐️ Year ago +1

      with a good mindset🤣🤣

  • Mao Mountain
    Mao Mountain 18 days ago

    I hope you can come here in the Philippines 😢 Help those in need specially those living in the streets 😊 blessed you always and your family and the whole Mr. beast production ❤

  • Hi I’m Carley
    Hi I’m Carley 3 years ago +742

    Mr beast : buys food
    Also Mr beast: pays people to eat the food

  • Nicolena Petitti
    Nicolena Petitti 2 months ago +1

    I wish I had that golden steak!

  • HSY
    HSY 5 months ago

    Chandler always loses at everything,but when he is really decided to do something,he just does it

  • JMotivation - conseils et psychologie

    Waouh, c'est incroyable ❤️❤️🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵

  • cokfarm1 kingdom
    cokfarm1 kingdom Year ago +19

    I am so proud of you Chandler!!! That's the way to do it!!!

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 8 months ago

      @Dan Ben too***

    • Dan Ben
      Dan Ben 10 months ago

      and he's still good

    • Dan Ben
      Dan Ben 10 months ago

      But he's still funny

    • Dan Ben
      Dan Ben 10 months ago

      Chandler eats bugs but he is to of a wimp to eat a pickle

  • Laura Catarina
    Laura Catarina Month ago

    bro, look at mr beast's face watching how a golden steak is prepared

  • Effortastic
    Effortastic 4 years ago +1465

    Meanwhile I get 5 dollar meals. xD

  • Maximus_Q11 _
    Maximus_Q11 _ Year ago +22

    I love how much jimmy bets on because he has that money as loose change 🤣

  • Flame of the Phoenix
    Flame of the Phoenix Year ago +13

    Lord have mercy for Chandler 🤣

  • kino five
    kino five Month ago +2

    jajajaja como me hicieron reir

  • Jackyyy💗
    Jackyyy💗 10 months ago +9

    I wonder how jimmy is so kind too give so much money too them. He’s so kind hearted

  • Yapma Yanarız
    Yapma Yanarız 27 days ago +1

    It feels so good for this guy to do something with Turkish in it.

  • DoritosKing
    DoritosKing 3 years ago +788

    Jimmy: Chandler, there’s a challenge.
    Chandler: NOOOOOOO
    Jimmy: It involves food.
    Chandler: Approves

    • Rat
      Rat 3 years ago +1

      There is 666 likes! Now 667 mwhahaha.

    • Matthew Y
      Matthew Y 3 years ago +2

      @Edward damn was gonna say that

    • Edward
      Edward 3 years ago +2

      Jimmy: it also includes pickles
      Chandler: Nevermind

    • Zack Caraballo
      Zack Caraballo 3 years ago +1

      Y u bully chandler

    • Fod
      Fod 3 years ago +2

      Get some help.

  • -John-
    -John- 6 months ago

    I would eat everything for free man, thats some good stuff there.

  • kijitsu9
    kijitsu9 Year ago +8

    Those Carolina reaper rolls actually sound amazing.

  • rafaodopao007yt
    rafaodopao007yt  21 day ago +1

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no Brasil o Chandler falou puta merda quando comeu a pimenta 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chara #god
    Chara #god 2 months ago +1

    This man spent more in one meal than I do in one year.

  • Absqii All
    Absqii All 4 days ago

    I want that golden steak

  • Raptoraide
    Raptoraide 4 years ago +2916

    watching this while eating $1 chips

  • ismail hayyan
    ismail hayyan 7 months ago +2

    Chandler can eat crickets but still terrified by pickles lol

  • Rosa Michel
    Rosa Michel 11 months ago +2

    It looks so good!

  • Danis Zakiev
    Danis Zakiev Month ago

    Я бы съел всё это, только дайте денег...

  • Daniel Mozca
    Daniel Mozca Year ago +16

    Garret to Chandler: “ew you’re nasty!!!”
    *Also Garret: **4:39*

  • Chillium Productions

    anyone else just come and watch the whole series of theses types of videos while there eating or is it just me

  • Willyg02
    Willyg02 Year ago +2730

    It’s funny that chandler could eat all those bugs but still be terrified of a pickle lol

  • Belinda Weatherall
    Belinda Weatherall Year ago +3


  • LBO
    LBO 8 months ago +3

    Tbh, I would've eaten all of those things that Jimmy was paying his friends for lol

  • luqman ahmed
    luqman ahmed Month ago +2

    Chandler is so funny BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jitendra Kumar
    Jitendra Kumar Year ago

    You guys are incredible...

  • Ravan Jimmy
    Ravan Jimmy 7 days ago

    Chandler's face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hugo Lavin
    Hugo Lavin 4 years ago +454

    Chandler ate three cockroaches but refuses to eat a pickle lmao

  • android 227
    android 227 4 months ago

    Man id cook for you for free just to show you the Wonder of medieval food

  • Anime Simp
    Anime Simp Year ago +9

    lmao I love how grossed out they were to eat the octopus and shrimp heads and those are some of my favourite foods

    • Chung
      Chung Year ago

      Same 😂

  • A-n-gełX çrāý
    A-n-gełX çrāý 6 days ago

    Ahora que lo pienso lo que dijo Chandler es verdad ¿Soy un unicornio si hago popo de oro?

  • lampatan
    lampatan 5 months ago +4

    i think the employees think that chris is the one paying for all of it thats why they take care of him alot

  • Will Armendariz
    Will Armendariz Month ago

    You're making me so hungry

  • Positive_ Sea
    Positive_ Sea 4 years ago +717

    I love how chandler can eat bugs and gross food but he can’t win ONE keep your hand Challenge

    • iOS-Toxic
      iOS-Toxic 4 years ago +2

      Winter_ Shark agreed

    • Megan Wow
      Megan Wow 4 years ago +4

      It's because the guy backing the car out tricked him

    • crotstunsun
      crotstunsun 4 years ago +3

      And also he was lucky enough to guess money in a cup 3 times in a row

    • Positive_ Sea
      Positive_ Sea 4 years ago +2

      Sid The Soviet Kid I’m going to edit that in

      MELCHORVDS 4 years ago +2


  • Prior
    Prior Year ago +8

    Just seeing those staffs well dressed already makes my wallet cry 😂

  • Jay S
    Jay S 3 months ago +23

    Chandler is a boss taking those crickets!!

    • Léopold 🤬
      Léopold 🤬 6 hours ago

      @Witchyqvfxc’est truquant

    • Witchyqvfx
      Witchyqvfx 3 months ago +1

      I don’t really think they’re real. Why would they feed they’re best friend crickets for money imao😅

    • Hazem Kamal
      Hazem Kamal 3 months ago +2

      But he won’t eat a pickle?