• Want to see how world rallycross will be in the next years? Look at this video including action, onboard & impressions from a test I did with the Smart EQ ForTwo e-cup machine in Maggiora, Italy.
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  • Yahbulani צ'ארלס
    Yahbulani צ'ארלס 10 days ago

    Sounds like a Plane taking off

  • selai morin
    selai morin 3 months ago

    Shit. So gay. So boring. What the fuck!!

  • Jamie Jamster
    Jamie Jamster Year ago +3

    This looks so boring. No excitement at all, if anything its pretty depressing actually.
    It wouldn't surprise me if rallycross suffered hard from the unneeded switch to electric.

    • Douwe Huysmans
      Douwe Huysmans Month ago

      Drifting with maximum torq tho?

    • Phenix
      Phenix 5 months ago

      @Shark Bait I've watched some. Formula E, and pretty quickly gave up again, as even normal Formula 1 is boring to me. Sure I'd still have a blast driving that myself, but the only time I'd watch this, is, when I need to catch some sleep.
      Lets have a look at it objectively.
      Why do cinemas install big sound systems with rather big subwoofers? Because sound - especially the one you can feel - is a huge part of an experience. It speaks to one part of your senses. Thats a fact. Now you may say you don't need it. Thats fine and great for you, but thats an opinion. Now you can say you can enjoy a race just as much with EV and that may be completely true, but thats an subjective viewpoint. On the other hand if you say it is just the same, then thats incorrect and thats a fact again.
      Now while I truly think its great for you that you can live without engine sound, don't you think it's a bit unfair to dismiss the subjective thoughts of a huge group just because you don't share the same ones? You gotta understand the people like me that let out their frustration on videos like this, because a big part of our passion is being taken from us. While for you it's easy to say "It's just fine" because you don't subjectively share the passion in the same way.
      I hope you don't take offense in this opinion from the frustrated man that I am, just sharing my standpoint while letting off some steam. Cheers

    • Phenix
      Phenix 5 months ago

      @Shark Bait I know for sure that I and a huge lot of other people will not go there anymore. Very simple comparison for me: I go to hillclimb races, and sometimes theres unmodified, but still extremely fast street spec cars as "ahead cars" these cars usually only pack very muffled sound. And even though they fly by, it's incredibly boring to watch. Especially in sports like rally and hillclimb where you usually only see a tiny portion of the track, the sound that you can feel throughout your body is what pretty much makes the entire experience.
      Even as of yet the cars are too fast to really see much of them, they don't need to be any faster - they need to pack the goosebumptriggering emotion that simply only comes with a machine that brings the full package.
      Lets be real. EV or probably some other kind of alternative energy supply will be the future of mobility, no denying that. And truly, I'm glad if the personal transport becomes more environmentally friendly.
      But there is no denying that with the end of the sound of a gasoline car, there will die a lot of what makes the sport great today.
      If you still can enjoy it: good for you, for me, its the end of motorsport as spectator.
      I'd probably still love racing in EV, but I wont go watch races anymore.

    • Shark Bait
      Shark Bait 5 months ago

      @Phenix It really doesn't need to be. It will simply sound more like a sports event than a "traditional" race. You still have the cheering crowds, tire squeal, announcers, etc. The cars also aren't entirely silent - just watch Formula E. The atmosphere will change but will still be exciting.

    • Reuben Sandwich
      Reuben Sandwich 5 months ago +1

      Let's be honest: making this one a gas car would've made no difference. In fact, it would be slower.