ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘AURORA’ Official MV (Performance ver.)

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • Optimistic Mio
    Optimistic Mio 12 hours ago


  • Eliza Nebab
    Eliza Nebab 19 hours ago +2


  • AutumnLeaves
    AutumnLeaves Day ago +2

    To be honest, Aurora was a song that didn't really catch my attention at first listen, but it grew on me and now it's still one of my favourite Ateez songs. It holds such a special meaning, and whenever I hear it I just feel so at ease, it really is a beautiful song even though it took me a while to realize it

    ДЖЕНИ КИМ Day ago +1

    I love you soo💙💙💙💙💙

    ДЖЕНИ КИМ Day ago +1

    ATEEZ ARE BEST💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • 彡Romy;;
    彡Romy;; 2 days ago

    aurora necesita mucho más reconocimiento, es alta joya ♡

  • Johnny Love
    Johnny Love 2 days ago

    Future super stars!!!

  • edel mamu
    edel mamu 2 days ago +2

    This song hits different at 3am in the morning

  • Callista Zara Aurelia
    Callista Zara Aurelia 3 days ago +1

    When you guys first watched this MV, you feel familiar about the place. Why? Because this place is also where GFRIEND filmed "Navillera". You guys probably knew about that

  • straykidsuh
    straykidsuh 3 days ago

    mejor mv mejor canción chau una joyita

  • chiffmonkey
    chiffmonkey 3 days ago +1

    "Aurora" aka "Meanwhile in Hongjoong's eye..."

  • Ciel Mor
    Ciel Mor 3 days ago

    I just want to say that the quality of the song is EXCELLENT cause whenever I put songs in my phone the sound it's slightly like "interfered". Aurora sounds perfectly soft 💘

  • Leonadeu Multifandom

    Iam new Atiny~! New Atiny here~!

  • Noelia Davalos
    Noelia Davalos 4 days ago


  • Nicoll
    Nicoll 4 days ago

    Who’s back after the lightstick release!!!! 😎😎

  • Shoog Mölang
    Shoog Mölang 4 days ago +1

    cause you will regret it one day, I guarantee ya
    So please Stan them and shower them with love, they are hard working babies they deserve it 🥺♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • khaoula lasri
    khaoula lasri 5 days ago +1

    i see that no one is here except me haha everybody is stick to answer

  • Ateez_ NCT
    Ateez_ NCT 5 days ago +1

    من هنا بعد answer??
    Arab atiny

  • Skyler Cookies
    Skyler Cookies 6 days ago +2

    If you like K-Pop, then ATEEZ is definitely the group for you. ❤

    AE SHIE LA EDWARD 6 days ago

    Here again in January 2020. Keep they are all visual.

  • nctiddy
    nctiddy 6 days ago

    so I recently got into ateez and I just found the time to watch their older music videos and I’m literally in love with this? the song is beautiful but along with the music video it’s perfection and I also can’t believe I didn t know yunho sang my favorite part I thought he rapped and was the main dancer but he also sings like an angel??????

  • Sarcastic-kitten 1
    Sarcastic-kitten 1 6 days ago

    This is really beginning to piss me off. When tf isYeosang going to start getting more lines??? How is he a vocalist if he has no lines??? It bothers me that while everyone else gets a million verses, he only gets like one. He's not even my bias (Stan Seonghwa guys) but I can understand why his stans are getting so pressed about this. If he's a member of the group, give him lines and stop throwing him to the back of basically every MV. I could barely even spot him in "Answer" MV and at this point KQ just needs to step their shit up.
    He's just as talented as the other members and should be treated as such.
    "Eight makes one team" not 7 and tbh at one point, I forgot Yeosang was even a member of ATEEZ to begin with. It amazes me that he had more lines pre debut than he does now and I see a lot of people complaining about this issue so please KQ tell me what the hell it is that we have to do for you to listen. #JusticeforYeosang #GiveYeosanglines

  • Michelle Raymundo
    Michelle Raymundo 7 days ago +2

    i know people say that no one is perfect...but um.... LITERAL PERFECTION

  • lydkass 02
    lydkass 02 7 days ago

    Hello Atiny! V0ting for Ateez is not finished, you still can v0te *Seoul Music Award* :)
    Here a weblink where you could see Ateez's schedule with broadcasts and concerts :D

  • Infi Nity
    Infi Nity 7 days ago +2

    This is so underrated tbh

  • disod skdkdi
    disod skdkdi 7 days ago


  • Burienla Pongen
    Burienla Pongen 8 days ago

    I really love this mv

  • Victoria Florentino Gonzaga

    I have to watch this video al least once a day to feel good, their power oh my god

  • esme grande
    esme grande 8 days ago

    literally such a pretty music video for a pretty song 😍

  • Arpana Barua
    Arpana Barua 8 days ago +1

    For new atinys this was composed by the leader of ateez HONGJOONG the one with red hair

  • Arpana Barua
    Arpana Barua 8 days ago +2

    This needs more views and likes

  • Harz Elle
    Harz Elle 8 days ago +2


  • Priscila Devina P.
    Priscila Devina P. 9 days ago +3

    This official ATEEZ's MV got 2nd lowest views, but their street performance in NY got higher views
    Let's watch their original MVs too!
    This song is composed and written by Hongjoong himself, so let's give big handclaps for him!!!

  • indiana peace and love

    5M go atiny we can do it 💕

  • Carly Pelins
    Carly Pelins 9 days ago

    I just fell in love with Hoonjong and Mingi🥰🥰🥰

  • Jasmine Caswell
    Jasmine Caswell 9 days ago

    Ateez or bts

  • Mary Neira
    Mary Neira 9 days ago +1

    está canción merece más recomiendo 🥺

  • honey
    honey 9 days ago

    Hongjoong is so gorgeous wtf

  • Chrysanthemum Alexander
    Chrysanthemum Alexander 13 days ago +1

    1:56 don’t mind me I keep fangirling over San’s voice😂

  • Harini Bhashyam
    Harini Bhashyam 13 days ago +1

    1:06 My favourite part
    Jongho and MIngi's voices
    1:49 Hongjoong's voice seems to attract me a lot in this part

  • LucY Emii
    LucY Emii 14 days ago +1

    Es magnífica 💗

  • ayleen castillo
    ayleen castillo 15 days ago +2

    Aurora merece más reconocimiento, es arte❤️✊🏻

  • Jocelyn Ruiz
    Jocelyn Ruiz 15 days ago

    No mmes con razón su éxito

    ATEEZ PERFORMANCE IDOL 15 days ago +2

    Atiny please download Idol champ app and vote for ATEEZ-ANSWER.TQ.

    • Starfire Kwang
      Starfire Kwang 9 days ago

      I did that
      But is that prevoting or just a poll?

  • Ji Oroked
    Ji Oroked 15 days ago

    Mingi 💗فديتك يا قمر

  • Mochi Girl Living in the Sugaverse

    Aurora, Queen, you deserved better. A win.

  • mklbln
    mklbln 16 days ago

    where was this mv shot?

  • S I L V I A G A L V I S
    S I L V I A G A L V I S 16 days ago +1


  • Callista Zara Aurelia
    Callista Zara Aurelia 16 days ago +2

    The really magical thing is that, if you look really closely at each of the ATEEZ members close-ups, which are their visuals, you can see that their eyes are super sparkling, which means that they see the aurora. And I think it's like when they saw me got superpowers because of the aurora

  • K- Dab
    K- Dab 17 days ago +3

    Who's still here even after answer?

  • Hira Fujisaki
    Hira Fujisaki 17 days ago +1

    I just realize the intro of Aurora by Ateez and the intro of Paradise by TST is kinda similar
    And i love both♥

    • Fae Vynn
      Fae Vynn 10 days ago

      i think it is just the amount of beat but they are very different...i actually just found tsts’ paradise not even like two weeks ago? i absolutely LOvE it...both paradise and aurora were so underrated it was a crime!!!! :)

  • Vivo Vivo
    Vivo Vivo 17 days ago +2

    Kim hongjoong i love you 💛💕 -From your future aurora-💛

  • Kimmyree _
    Kimmyree _ 17 days ago +4

    Damn this song is so underrated! People better know about this masterpiece!

  • i'm sunflower
    i'm sunflower 17 days ago

    может я и не права, но хореография в конце немного похожа на SEVENTEEN - Don't Wanna Cry.

  • kpop uwu
    kpop uwu 18 days ago +1


  • Frida Bravo
    Frida Bravo 18 days ago +1

    Sub español porfa 💜💜💜🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Зарина Турлина

    омг, я арми и муму, но эти парни нечто, желаю им мировой славы и признания, знаю только Сана, но все мальчики крутые, пусть все получится у них)

  • AZHAR dzaky
    AZHAR dzaky 18 days ago +3

    How many people like ATEEZ?

  • chu anh
    chu anh 18 days ago +1

    all so pretty

  • Lee Na
    Lee Na 19 days ago +1

    This song is great! I hope they are more popular