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Daemon Targaryen || See What I've Become (HOTD)

  • Published on Nov 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • "You cannot live your life in fear, or you will forsake the best parts of it"
    House of the Dragon has done an amazing job in season one, especially with such high expectations. I think we can all agree that Daemon is an amazing character and definitely the most entertaining in the show. I just had to make an edit/tribute on him. This one is a bit on the longer side and includes three different songs for different parts of the season. I'm a bit late compared to all of the other edits but I hope you all enjoy it regardless! Give it a like if you watched it all!
    Headphones and full HD quality recommended!
    1: Zack Hemsey - See what I've become
    2: Audiomachine - Kneel before the crown
    3: Audiomachine - Deceit and Betrayal
    0:00 - See What I've Become
    3:54 - Kneel Before The Crown
    6:24 - Deceit and Betrayal
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  • Dylan Hogan
    Dylan Hogan  Month ago +3

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  • Vít Sobotka
    Vít Sobotka 4 months ago +354

    What an excellent and complex character Daemon is. Underappreciated younger brother going to extreme lenghts to be noticed, respected and feared. All he does is a sort of overcompensation to prove himself.

    • zmk
      zmk 26 days ago

      Daemon and matt smith are amazing bro.

    • Vít Sobotka
      Vít Sobotka 3 months ago +3

      @VanessaLore What you said about elevating other actors is definitely true. I was impressed how great Milly Alcock was, especially given her age, with him and so was Emma. He will definitely be considered as the best actor next season.

    • VanessaLore
      VanessaLore 3 months ago +5

      @Vít Sobotka That’s okay, I totally get it. He had a great arc and he’s a terrific actor. Daemon is a great part and hopefully he’ll be here awhile. And he’s probably the character that has the most tribute videos at the moment, lol. Paddy got way more screen time than Matt did, but he only has the one season. I just hope people don’t take Matt for granted. He electrifies every scene, at least for me. Emma and past directors have talked about how creative he is and how he elevates other actors he works with. A lot of us have been waiting for him to get the recognition he deserves. I don’t know why, I don’t know him personally, lol. Maybe it’s because so many actors are just assholes, or he’s my fav Doctor. The great thing is that Paddy is also getting the recognition he deserves and so maybe it will work out for both of them.

    • Vít Sobotka
      Vít Sobotka 3 months ago +2

      @VanessaLore those 2 were definitely the highlights, but I Gotta give it to Paddy, but its Very close tbh

    • VanessaLore
      VanessaLore 3 months ago +2

      What’s sad is that because everyone is all gaga over Paddy and the scene Matt made great, Matt comes in 2nd. I do love Paddy, and I know he was more than just that scene, but Matt doesn’t deserve to ever come in second again.

  • Daniel Velazquez medina
    Daniel Velazquez medina 4 months ago +239

    Daemon is how a Targaryen looks like. A real dragon

    • PopCookie
      PopCookie Month ago


    • Fayaz Creations
      Fayaz Creations Month ago +2

      You should say Matt Smith instead.

    • PopCookie
      PopCookie 2 months ago +6

      @Bratanello YES. YES MAKE HIM GERALT

    • Bratanello
      Bratanello 3 months ago +9

      he could be the new witcher

  • Pasta
    Pasta 3 months ago +78

    He is the example of a true Targaryen. he is cruel, violent, brave, evil, lover, a brother, a husband and most of all the one with scariest personality that defines Targaryen the best

  • Gershom Tan
    Gershom Tan 4 months ago +96

    Daemon's relationship with Laena was actually touching to watch.

  • Abdulrahman Elramli
    Abdulrahman Elramli 4 months ago +397

    Dreams didn't make us kings... Dragons did

    • BD barma
      BD barma 2 months ago

      @Colin how without dragon they cant win that is practical way

    • yass5505
      yass5505 3 months ago +4

      Dreams didn't make us Kings..... Daemon did

    • King Nguyen
      King Nguyen 3 months ago +1

      He ain't lie with that statement lol without dragons aegon would've been crush by the 6 kingdom

    • Jared Meadows
      Jared Meadows 4 months ago +1

      @Ambrosia Canelo yeah but she wasn’t a king was she and also didn’t conquer anything so the dreams didn’t make them kings whatsoever

    • David Gomes
      David Gomes 4 months ago +1

      @Blaze Blade 🤔
      If the conquest *was* the dream they worked to fulfill. Then yes.
      If they simply invaded a continent for kicks and giggles *coz' they could.* Then no.
      In the latter case: yes, the dragons motivated the conquest.
      Weirdly enough, given the Targaryen's oversized ego, both scenarios are possible.
      Hope that helps.

  • А Султан
    А Султан 3 months ago +39

    Say whatever. Matt is a perfect portrayal of Daemon, so hott, charismatic, powerful.

  • Melissa Willow
    Melissa Willow 3 months ago +28

    He does questionable things but Daemon is my comfort character 😭

  • Anthony Prado
    Anthony Prado 4 months ago +42

    Caraxes, Daemons dragon, is sinister in appearance where as Syrax, Rhaenyras dragon, radiates an angelic presence

  • K.S Edits
    K.S Edits 4 months ago +127

    This is so good oml. This deserves way more hype literally might be the best I’ve seen

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +3

      That comment means a lot to me, Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Puspita Das
    Puspita Das 4 months ago +53

    I love the first meeting of Daemon and Rhaenyra in the series.

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 2 months ago +10

    When Otto said that Daemon was impulsive and violent but then the grandson he had ended up being more dangerous and scared me a lot

  • Елена Кузова
    Елена Кузова 4 months ago +73

    I was waiting for someone to do an edit of him with this song..... It did not disappoint!

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +2

      Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

  • Echelon Girl
    Echelon Girl 4 months ago +45

    Best Targaryen hands down. Despite the poor writing and the cuts they made to butcher his character, he became iconic like in the book, and is defenitely the best character in the Show. Take this Ryan. I can't wait to see him fighting battles against the Greens with Jace and Nettles. I'm also curious to see how they will adapt their relationship. Great video! Looking forward to see S2 just for him.

  • Enzo Coc
    Enzo Coc 4 months ago +38

    It was an excellent edit, one of the best i have seen on daemond, you deserve far more views

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +1

      Comments like these mean a lot more than all those views would, thanks so much!

  • Nigel Philip
    Nigel Philip 3 months ago +38

    daemon is a human with a dragon mentality

    • sehoon kim
      sehoon kim 28 days ago

      correction he's a dragon in human skin

  • Kevin Ashley
    Kevin Ashley 3 months ago +18

    So far Daemon is my favorite character

  • Yeivel Carolina Jerez
    Yeivel Carolina Jerez 4 months ago +16

    Matt Smith eres el mejor, gracias por darnos esa exquisita interpretación del príncipe canalla, alias Daemon papucho 😂😂❤️‍🔥💙

  • Gaby Green
    Gaby Green 2 months ago +8

    This edit is so good! Well done!

  • Captain Peaky Flowers
    Captain Peaky Flowers 4 months ago +13

    Definitely the best edit I’ve seen of him.

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • Miriam Popa
    Miriam Popa 3 months ago +8

    I couldn't imagine Matt Smith anymore...with another face or charisma...then like Daemon Targaryen!⚜🤍⚜

  • Marinel Delatado
    Marinel Delatado 2 months ago +4


    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  2 months ago

      Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it 😅

  • Dive Deep
    Dive Deep 4 months ago +8

    I'll share to many of my friends as I can, this edit is awesome man, I loved it so much, you deserve so much more views

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +1

      Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I'm glad that you liked it!

  • Empyrean
    Empyrean 4 months ago +33

    Hail Daemon the Dragon!

  • Awa Melvine
    Awa Melvine 2 months ago +5

    I love Daemon's speeches. He has a high-pitched voice which is supposed to be cute for a commander of the city watch, but I still find it somewhat awe-inspiring!

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +2

    Sad to see Caraxes and Vhagar flying happily together knowing that then they will fight but they had their nice moment when Laena was alive

  • moonlockets
    moonlockets 3 months ago +3

    this is incredible. the editing the music...perfection!

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  3 months ago

      Thank you so much! Really glad you liked it :)

  • zmk
    zmk 24 days ago

    bro congrats on the edit. Its just perfect thank you ! Daemon is my fav character probably in all series.

  • Precious Ogujiofor
    Precious Ogujiofor Month ago +2

    Crazy theory please no one should take it too seriously! 🙏
    Sorry for the long notes!
    But what if Daemon secretly was the one who orchestrated this dance of the dragon and everyone was just playing In game he made, that's why the black and the green leaders suffers enomerous losses and Daemon Line actually lives on! Non of Aegon line nor his siblings lives and non of Rhaenyra's either except the ones she has with DAEMON( which might be his niceness or a way to show his fondness to her) because literally everyone who pushed him to 11th in line dies and him also as a way to clear suspicion(NB: his body isn't even found after the fight with Aemond, and the show gives us a scene with laenor ; who everyone believes is Dead) what if his alive secretly watching his plan happening as he wants it, as he knows he won(Aegon also mysteriously poisoned to death as the main threat in his son's way) 😲😲
    Thanks for the patience and reading my crazy thoughts!

    • Stevo Staple
      Stevo Staple Month ago

      lol Otto is the one who starts it bro

  • Matin
    Matin 4 months ago +4

    Dreams didn't make us kings... Dragons did!
    Just try to imagine King Bobby B's reaction to this quote :))))

  • xDWelchx
    xDWelchx 2 months ago +3

    Absolutely gorgeous video! Thank you! Keep ‘em coming!😊

  • Arya🐈♥
    Arya🐈♥ 3 months ago +3

    Perfect tribute❤️

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  3 months ago +1

      Thank you, glad you liked it :)

  • semsem Sara
    semsem Sara 3 months ago +3

    Omg!! What a video !! What an edit!! The best one so far !! I'm speechless literally.. I loved every second of it. Keep going

  • Vargr
    Vargr 4 months ago +11

    "The Heir for a day" "We must all mourn in our own way" oooh the rhymes.

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago

      Had to get the rhyme in there lol.

  • Necrothep
    Necrothep 3 months ago +2

    I was expecting a linking park song there but this was way more better. I got real chills

  • Dervila O' Sullivan
    Dervila O' Sullivan 3 months ago +3

    What an amazing video!!! Great work, thank you!!

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  3 months ago

      Thanks so much for the comment, I appreciate it! :)

  • Yanina Briela
    Yanina Briela Month ago

    Daemon es un verdadero Dragon ❤

  • Diana Robison
    Diana Robison 3 months ago +3

    This is fire 🔥 I love it ! Thank you

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  3 months ago

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

  • Maxwell Berger
    Maxwell Berger Month ago

    Daemon is playing the game of thrones so well. Even if he is in love with her, he is on track

  • Koitus36
    Koitus36 3 months ago +2

    Best Character in both series!

  • PrometheanShows
    PrometheanShows 4 months ago +10

    Deamon is an unrepentant asshole,....and I love him for it

  • Melie Flynn-Hayes
    Melie Flynn-Hayes 2 months ago +3

    Both dragon and dream can make you kings.

  • Paradise.. ..  🍻
    Paradise.. .. 🍻 2 months ago +3

    Season 1 is all about Daemon Tagarean 💖

  • Kohana Kvitka
    Kohana Kvitka 4 months ago +14

    guys, we have three weeks less to wait for season 2, congratulations

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +2

      I'm glad you're looking at it that way lol

  • Demor Robinson
    Demor Robinson 11 days ago

    Amazing video amazing edits your absolutely amazing keep going

  • Charlie
    Charlie 4 months ago +2

    Flipping Awesome Tribute 🎊🔥🐲⚔️🤘

  • wozzlepop
    wozzlepop 4 months ago +1

    This could not be more perfect except if perhaps at the end he lays with a woman and asks her name and she says "Alice.." and he says "Lovely name. But?"
    EDIT: Also strong Richard III vibes obvously, hehe...

  • Şamil Özil
    Şamil Özil 4 months ago +9

    Wow absolutely stuning 🤩

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +1

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked it:)

  • ANJU
    ANJU 4 months ago +3

    Omg !! This is the best edit of him : )

  • Alin Family
    Alin Family 4 months ago +5

    0:39 goosebumps 💙

  • Mini Grande
    Mini Grande 3 months ago

    My personal feeling is the whole Westoros universe is based upon British history.The last two seasons of GOT just went so "Hollywood".Have you noticed not one American actor the whole HOTD has a very English production feel to it

  • Christopher Doran
    Christopher Doran 4 months ago +1

    Amazing editing, bravo.

  • Cody Atkins
    Cody Atkins 4 months ago +7

    Here 🗡️ add this to your collection.

  • Morrigen Wright
    Morrigen Wright 3 months ago +1

    Dang dude, you killed it.

  • sylvia osgood
    sylvia osgood 4 months ago +2

    Excellent !!

  • Lᴜɪ́s
    Lᴜɪ́s  3 months ago +1

    The gods give just as the gods take away.

  • Taco Ina Hole
    Taco Ina Hole 4 months ago +1

    Sick edit! Inspiration also what’s the song?

  • VanessaLore
    VanessaLore 3 months ago +2

    I loved the choice of music, great job! So many choose such bad music, I can’t even watch it

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  3 months ago +1

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

  • Mister Farooqui
    Mister Farooqui 4 months ago +2

    No doubt he is a fierce man!

  • Jarin
    Jarin 4 months ago +8

    The Battle Above the God's Eye will be the best scene in television history. (Don't Google it :))

  • rosana figueroa
    rosana figueroa Month ago

    A Targaryen always walk on the edge

  • Дашка СолАнд
    Дашка СолАнд 4 months ago +2

    Деймон это 😻😻😻

  • Dany waerter
    Dany waerter Month ago +1

    For me is this his best performance! Morbius was shit, but daemon in this role he is absolutly amazing!

  • Marecki Es
    Marecki Es 4 months ago +1


  • J4vURmywUMCcsCnm Cyberpunk-Music

    The reason why I did not watch Game of Throwns was, that when a corpo mate told me about "Hodor" I asked him, if it meant hold the door and he laughed until some time later he came up silently and a bit scared asking me how I knew.
    I shook my head and went to get another beer.
    The signs of God are everyhwere. #gangwars to come. Une nuveau Renessaince!!! ...par votre sang...petit

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 2 months ago +2

    I love Daemon, he is attractive and not nasty

  • Doctor Ahmad
    Doctor Ahmad 4 months ago +2

    Wawoooo man I must say you are a great the one who made this video

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    The hero of the show and the only man that can destroy a certain guy in particular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Running with scissors
    Running with scissors 4 months ago +5

    really good edits

    • Running with scissors
      Running with scissors 4 months ago +1

      @Dylan Hogan They aren't just tight, but you avoid the common mistake of the backtrack blowing out the voices :)

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +1

      I'm glad you liked them! I appreciate the comment

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali 3 months ago +2

    I will speak of my brother as i wish , you will not .
    Daemon targaryan is the true meaning of loyalty , to his brother and raneyra .

  • Onyeka Ojinaka
    Onyeka Ojinaka 3 months ago

    I started watching because of him

  • Aldana Vaccarone
    Aldana Vaccarone 4 months ago +1


  • Marija Mikic
    Marija Mikic 4 months ago +2

    whats the symphonie called playing at 4:10min ? great edit btw!

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +2

      Kneel before the crown! Thanks :)

  • Flot
    Flot 4 months ago +1

    good job

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    My favorite character of the show , i thought it was Aemond but now no way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eleonoire La Renard🦊
    Eleonoire La Renard🦊 2 months ago +2

    The house of Dragon's is a resistant house

  • Tryboss291
    Tryboss291 2 months ago +2


  • radd_4l
    radd_4l 2 months ago +2

    Bruv sounds like Niklaus from the originals

  • Pain
    Pain 4 months ago +2

    ahhh it seems so good but i only justr started watching game of thrones, in got i probably likle the series most when its showing us tyrion 🤷🏻‍♂ anyway this show loks sooo good cant wait im basically s6 so not to far away then ill start this

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +1

      Enjoy the rest of the show! I loved Tyrion too, always interesting when he was on screen. You'll enjoy hotd, especially Daemon imo!

  • myic90
    myic90 3 months ago +1

    When did Erling Haaland take a break to play Daemon?

  • BeautifulDisaster
    BeautifulDisaster 2 months ago +2

    i wasnt a big daemon fan the first few episodes but i love rhaenyra and hate the hightowers!!

  • Aurore H
    Aurore H 4 months ago +1


  • Aiden Willis
    Aiden Willis 4 months ago +1

    Viserys would die if they actually fought

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 3 months ago +1

    Brilliant actor despise the awful show and producers

  • James Rideout
    James Rideout Month ago

    God bless

  • Bassem
    Bassem 4 months ago +2

    Great video but Where's the dance compilation at?💓💓

    • Bassem
      Bassem 4 months ago +1

      @Dylan Hogan god bless you ❤️❤️

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +1

      Thanks! Just enjoying these type of edits at the moment, I'll come back to them soon hopefully

  • bj alEGGS
    bj alEGGS Month ago +1

    i tried to hate him but i am so attracted to this sexy dude

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    Now the streets are a disaster , i am sure they miss him

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    TEAM BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanielGeorge Zlateff
    DanielGeorge Zlateff 4 months ago

    I have met Medusa Kali several lesser women goddesses
    The gods here suck ass
    What else do I do

  • D' leh
    D' leh 4 months ago

    Peasant level editing.

  • Ana Clarisa Arrosio
    Ana Clarisa Arrosio 3 months ago +1

    I loved that he could marry Rhaenyra but Laena was a very good wife

  • Flekzy YT
    Flekzy YT 2 months ago

    Hmm exyo uhtrata

  • ĮSlaM ĮY
    ĮSlaM ĮY 4 months ago

    You ruined it with the music

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +3

      @Hajnal Aur Perfect explanation! Thanks so much for the comment, I really appreciate it. 100% agree with your last comment, I think that's the amazing thing about how different all fan edits are. You can watch so many on the same character and come out feeling different each time.

    • Hajnal Aur
      Hajnal Aur 4 months ago +8

      And here I am, just about to comment on how amazing the songs/music selection was... It is the scene selection, the editing, and the music that makes each one of them different than the original and each other. None of them will be similar to the original or to the other Fan video, it's watching the same story with different eyes that invoke different emotions within you...

    • Dylan Hogan
      Dylan Hogan  4 months ago +8

      Fan videos are literally based around the music and edit lol otherwise it would just be a compilation

  • Anthony Prado
    Anthony Prado 4 months ago

    Caraxes, Daemons dragon, is sinister in appearance where as Syrax, Rhaenyras dragon, radiates an angelic presence