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Deion Sanders, Allen Iverson & Derek Jeter: GQ Hall of Fame Opulence 2/11/23

  • Published on Feb 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Yababy Farva
    Yababy Farva 3 months ago +240

    Buck knows when to mute that audio when certain things are being said. I appreciate that. He is his brother AND his father's keeper. 👏🏿

    • A Cr
      A Cr 3 months ago +9

      Stay on point 👉🏾

    • HammDid
      HammDid 3 months ago +1

      Who is Buck

    • Yababy Farva
      Yababy Farva 3 months ago +7

      @HammDid Bucky, Deion Jr. 🙄

  • Mars Vee
    Mars Vee 3 months ago +315

    Bucky’s attitude and work ethic is going to take him very far in his career and in life. This man does not lean on nepotism for anything. It’s all earned. Love to see it!

    • Dallis Avalos
      Dallis Avalos 3 months ago +9

      Let’s be real why wouldn’t you record when your prime times son you get a all access pass to be around all the time to hold a camera , salute you doing a good job lil deon oh say can you see lol

    • Anisha618
      Anisha618 3 months ago +5

      @Dallis Avalos a lot of people do not capitalize on legacy and certainly not always in the right or best ways. He's also talented. And he didn't have to do what he does. And by saying all he does is hold a camera is the most backhanded compliment I ever heard. You sound petty. Thanks for the views.

    • Dallis Avalos
      Dallis Avalos 3 months ago +1

      @Anisha618 I hear you what your saying but you watch the same ishh I watch so I just call it how I see it , tell me if you say he’s so talented would you be tuned into anything he does if he didn’t have his camera attached to everything his dad does behind the scenes ? Is he a celeb/mogul or just the son of a celeb/mogul he gives us these scenes of him flashing his clothes which is cool but the only reason we are watching it is cause of who ? Him or his dad

    • Anisha618
      Anisha618 3 months ago +2

      @Dallis Avalos sending you healing energy, be well.

    • Dallis Avalos
      Dallis Avalos 3 months ago

      @Anisha618 god bless 🙏🏽

  • FreshPrinceOfPoblado
    FreshPrinceOfPoblado 3 months ago +305

    This videos make me feel like I’m apart of the family. Wishing continued blessings to the Sanders family

  • The G.I.R.L.S. Club Inc.
    The G.I.R.L.S. Club Inc. 3 months ago +27

    Bucky is so humble, it's a joy to watch him grow on his own terms. His mindset and work ethic will take him far. Every time his dad shouts him out, you can tell that he's proud of the man that Deion Jr. is becoming

  • Sir Nice
    Sir Nice 3 months ago +166

    He has done a fantastic job raising his children.

    • Michelle Wright
      Michelle Wright 3 months ago +1

      His children understand the assignment. Honor thy parents ❤️

  • ScarySouf
    ScarySouf 3 months ago +784

    Coach please get some rest. I know “work don’t stop because we sleep” but we need you healthy so you can lead these young men the WHOLE SEASON. Praying for you.

    • Eric Kelly
      Eric Kelly 3 months ago +16


    • a b
      a b 3 months ago +4

      He’d rather do a world tour about himself than help 😮😮

    • Treyology3
      Treyology3 3 months ago +29

      Forreal!!! I felt that he needs to rest!!! I’m an athlete and rest is #1 period!!! Recover and rejuvenate

    • Otech88
      Otech88 3 months ago +30

      @a b you don’t think he goes to the Super Bowl every year?

    • Mighty
      Mighty 3 months ago +43

      @a b well he was invited to be in the GQ sports hall of fame. what are you talking about?

  • Thea Dumas aka P.T.
    Thea Dumas aka P.T. 3 months ago +72

    Jr., thank you for showing the younger generations how you are there to work for Coach Prime/Prime Time (even though he’s your dad). Thank you for letting the people know that it’s not about you and who you can meet and the photo opportunities for yourself. You are not only doing a great job but you too are training others like your dad. Keep up the great work! 🎉

  • J Brown
    J Brown 3 months ago +479

    Deion Jr got the right mindset. Know when to grind know when to shine

    • Y Simmons-Berry
      Y Simmons-Berry 3 months ago +12

      And to know your assignment

    • Jimmy G
      Jimmy G 3 months ago +3

      Great Job JR. Use those blessings to advantage. Keep putting the work and I'm sure one day your son or daughter will be your + one

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      Nonono. It’s not about HIM!!!!!! Stop this BS. Bucky puts the camera on him. As if he’s important. He is not. He apparently went to college. SMU. And he learned to speak like he’s from the hood. This guy has never even been close to the hood! He has been privileged all his life. He’s a son of a wealthy and successful athlete. Please explain if I’m wrong.

    • Chris vaslin
      Chris vaslin 3 months ago +10

      @ELP LLC sound like a hater to me

    • Antoine Moore
      Antoine Moore 3 months ago +1

      I caught it too! That man is about family first shining. He getting his Dad and brothers out there but imma say this….Bucky got talent behind that camera and as a Producer. Blessing up for them bruh.

  • The Law firm of Chance & Pettigrew

    It's crazy how all Deion's sons look like him at different stages of his life...

    • Y Simmons-Berry
      Y Simmons-Berry 3 months ago +3


    • Eddie Mac
      Eddie Mac 3 months ago +9

      The oldest doesn’t..shilo and sheduer definitely do!

    • Roncia St Clair
      Roncia St Clair 3 months ago +38

      Bucky is Young Prime when he played baseball go back and look at the pictures fact!!!

    • Love Spell
      Love Spell 3 months ago +2


    • Lou Brolic
      Lou Brolic 3 months ago +2

      What would you expect? He is their dad

    RAL AMI 3 months ago +304

    Have a lot of Respect for you Bucky. Keep being a example we don’t see too often.

    • Jermaine Thomas
      Jermaine Thomas 3 months ago +8

      Amen: Unity. A conduit between the generations. Passing the torch to the youth.

    • Sirene Johnson
      Sirene Johnson 3 months ago +3

      Ear plugs love!!!!!

    • John Capital
      John Capital 3 months ago +1

      Big facts lead the way!

    • Y Simmons-Berry
      Y Simmons-Berry 3 months ago +5

      You can tell Bucky is learning from the best. Coach Prime shows his players and his children what the benefits of having a good work ethic looks like on a daily basis

    • Eric Palmer
      Eric Palmer 3 months ago +1

      100% agree ...He gets it !!

  • Dsynjan Zieljavan
    Dsynjan Zieljavan 3 months ago +67

    Before the Sanders family got to Colorado, I only really knew about Coach Prime…Prime Time…Neon Deion…but now I know the Sanders family and I am so impressed with how everyone has that drive. That desire to be excellent and that passion to exceed with their talents and where God is leading them. Deion Jr should be proud of how he conducts his business and how he represents his brand because it’s clearly coming from a real place of trying to be the very best at what he does, and I gotta tell you, Well Off Media is top shelf content. I see you Deion Jr. You’re out making a name for yourself. Your dad may have gotten you the invite, but you are putting in the work to be your own brand and your own fame. You are earning your place and I’m excited to watch it.

    • Lisa Kelly
      Lisa Kelly 3 months ago +4

      Deion Jr was interviewed by a reporter from the Associated Press. The Sanders are practically royalty.

    • lani
      lani 3 months ago

      i know i would , y’all give comments this inspiring every post i’m hella confused y’all must be friends or sum

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      @Lisa KellyNonono. Deion is royalty. The rest are wannabes and hanger-ons

  • J. Cooper
    J. Cooper 3 months ago +78

    Hey little bro, I really appreciate what you were saying when you said that you were not invited to the event and that you were there to support your dad and work. That is a very humbling approach if you keep that winning attitude you will go very far in life. I also admire the level of respect that you have for your dad by referring to him as sir, you may not understand it now, but that will have so many other young people looking up to you and understanding how to respect your elders and to be professional in life. I appreciate what you and Darius do and I wish you two young brothers much success, God Bless!!!

  • nia39
    nia39 3 months ago +108

    That's what is all about TEAM SANDERS- Coach Prime, Deiondra, Deion Jr. ( media man) Shilo, Shedeur and Shelomi...working together anything is possible with God and hard work. Wishing Team Sanders nothing but SUCCESS. 🙏🏾💞

  • Eric Palmer
    Eric Palmer 3 months ago +44

    Deion Jr ...You sir are a man everyone your age should strive to be ! Your dad & mother have done an amazingly good job raising all you guys ! As a 60 yr old white dude , I can say I still have hope in our young people ...Much respect young fellow !

  • tysauce1
    tysauce1 3 months ago +378

    LOVE that attitude! " I ain't stupid...they ain't invite me, I'm here because of him. I'm here to work..."

    • Michael Rodgers
      Michael Rodgers 3 months ago +39

      Exactly I love his attitude the complete opposite of untitled.

    • Adewale Adedotun
      Adewale Adedotun 3 months ago +12

      That’s a punchline there bro!!

    • Natalie Taylor
      Natalie Taylor 3 months ago +14

      And that's why Jr will be reaping the benefits soon! He knows work has to go in first! I just love his work ethic! ❤️

    • Patrice Martin
      Patrice Martin 3 months ago +13

      That's for the people who believe he doesn't work for real. Awesome mindset!!! Well Off Forever

    • Drea Drea
      Drea Drea 3 months ago +7

      Now people can. Stop being ignorant saying Bucky clout chasing

  • jeanpe1040
    jeanpe1040 3 months ago +40

    This was absolutely phenomenal! I loved watching all the greats in one place! Coach Prime is loved and admired by so many people!! I'm glad Tracy was there to support him! That ensemble Coach had on at the GQ event was on point!! What was Chad doing - he could have dressed a little better! Sam looked good too! I wish Shilo was there! I can see him now imitating his Dad's swag! Thanks Bucky!!!!

  • Flonnie Anderson
    Flonnie Anderson 3 months ago +58

    Bucky you are changing the Sports Entertainment game. Kudos King...your work ethic and humility is next level!

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      Ha that’s a joke. Bucky is now making this channel about him. He is irrelevant. He is not a celebrity. He went to SMU. I don’t know if he graduated. He tries to speak and sound like he’s from the hood. He’s never even close to the hood. He’s been a privileged kid all his life

    • Mighty
      Mighty 3 months ago +3

      @ELP LLC and you are???

    • The G.I.R.L.S. Club Inc.
      The G.I.R.L.S. Club Inc. 3 months ago +5

      @ELP LLC yet you're here watching his videos.

    • InspireOne
      InspireOne 3 months ago

      Is being a privileged kid all of his life supposed to be a bad thing?? Please enlighten me. The things people will write/say….. SMH! Make it make sense!

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      @The G.I.R.L.S. Club Inc.I’m watching Prime. Not his son Bucky

  • W2tymes
    W2tymes 3 months ago +13

    Deion and Ochocinco have been my favorite players. Love seeing their interactions every time. I always seem to want to know what's said when it's edited out 😂

  • agentspex
    agentspex 3 months ago +193

    “I’ didn’t come out here to be his son. I came here to work.” …”If other people can’t shine with you, what’s the point?” 😮‍💨🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • L. Anissa
    L. Anissa 3 months ago +17

    Deion, Jr and Darius you guys are amazing! Keep grinding and shining young Kings. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • CutFromADifferentCloth
    CutFromADifferentCloth 3 months ago +100

    This is already an amazing year for Coach Prime and this is just the beginning, Wow!
    Thank You Bucky for giving us the opp0rtunity to watch this wh0le thing play out! It's so interesting and fun to watch!

    BRIQWALL 3 months ago +43

    Man, I love how Jr moves and how he put things in perspective. Love your hustle, bro.

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      Totally disagree. Bucky makes a lot of these videos about himself instead of his father And Colorado football

    • Regular Randy
      Regular Randy 3 months ago +3

      @ELP LLC sounds a lot like hating... especially since you are making it your business to come on his channel and spew negativity under multiple comments... What is your goal? That was rhetorical. Stay safe, take care, and have a great Navy day ✌🏾

    • Melissa Porter
      Melissa Porter 3 months ago +1

      @Regular Randy Yep he is upset that he is a LLC yet nobody knows who he is.These negative comments aren't about Bucky.They are about himself.

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 3 months ago +92

    Its so dope how deion brings the whole family out an how respected y'all are but you don't get that much respect being a bad guy you get that being a god loving respectable guy

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 3 months ago +37

    So proud of Bucky. Deion is just as proud of him as jr is proud of dad. Love how Brittany hold you down and your support of her.

  • Yvonne H
    Yvonne H 3 months ago +18

    Thank you Bucky for showing the journey of greatness and the hard work involved. Blessings to the family that you have invited us into. We are here for you and your family. Coach Prime, we embrace you and send hugs. Rest up when you can. We need you.👏🙌🙏🏽

  • KBR641
    KBR641 3 months ago +21

    Jr. Is a real dude. Can't even label him" that Deion's son". He is simply a stand alone man.

  • Gloria Joseph
    Gloria Joseph 3 months ago +22

    Thanks for bring us along to these events. I felt that I was actually there with you guys and I had a blast. Continue to do the awesome work you are doing Deion jr…keep grinding! Please remind Coach Prime to rest and take care of himself from time to time…God bless🤗🙌🏾💞

  • Simone Charles
    Simone Charles 3 months ago +20

    I love that with Coach Prime he involves the entire family in everything he does.

  • Don
    Don 3 months ago +51

    Deion try using a leading angle when documenting the products. Use about a 70° to 60° angle and you can slide/pan forwards or backwards.
    I used to do a lot these types of events for brands.
    What I described above is just filling the frame using a dynamic angle. Works very well for montages and intros. Also grab people with the products (sponsors) in hand whenever possible.
    It's what you'll see in commercials typically. Straight on shots, I left those for the big objects most times.
    A great angle and shot is, low, run time maybe 1min. Focus on say that glass Doritos display and blur the background shooting wide open.
    It's ambiance, so the social activity is going on but the sponsors are the focus, similar to how the NFL before commercial break, they'll have the football field in the background, pan, and you have player's, fans and the stadium as the backdrop fully blurred at f2.8 (they have greater distance). You'll use F1.2 or F1.8 being so close.
    Living the content, you guys are doing a wonderful job, seriously man great work 👍🏾

  • drethadude
    drethadude 3 months ago +17

    the fact that ai and people arguin about him speak so much about his greatness easily the greatest athlete

  • staylokey
    staylokey 3 months ago +13

    It’s great to see the family grind 💪🏾

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 3 months ago +28

    Jr, gotta respect the fact that you know what it is, know your lane and purpose all while focusing on the business at hand and supporting and taking your father in the process. You keep working like you're working, and the personal invites will come when it's your time. Trust, they'll know who you are as an individual and brand, your work ethic, dedication and loyalty cause Coach introduces and acknowledges you every chance he gets....and I love it! The support it real!
    Coach said, get the drip from head to toe son😂😂 Coach was clean tho!
    I've always loved Coach and Ocho's relationship. They are hilarious together.
    Thanks for the weekend highlights Jr. Now make sure Coach gets some rest cause we can't have him sick or back in the hospital for any reason...hell, we got business to handle!🏈🏆

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S 3 months ago +36

    Yo, take care of pops man.......and stay grinding. Thanks for bringing us the content we would never get to see.... can't wait to see what you bring during football season .......

  • ScarySouf
    ScarySouf 3 months ago +71

    Lining up at the GQ Hall of Fame is a Hall of Fame moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cheryl L. Mckoy
    Cheryl L. Mckoy 3 months ago +43

    Thanks for sharing. I’d been waiting on this. We love #CoachPrime and the family ❤. Thanks Darius and everyone helping. Get some rest #WeComin. Great job everyone! You guys have a good head on your shoulders.

  • Shandria
    Shandria 3 months ago +40

    Congrats Coach Prime! GQ HOF
    Great job DSJ and Darius! Thanks for sharing.

  • Deidra Lawrence
    Deidra Lawrence 3 months ago +16

    Coach fit was the bomb. Deon Jr, i just love what you are doing. I look for your content every morning and night. Take care of your Dad. I need some well off gear. Keep grinding. I am sooo proud for you.

  • pamela allen
    pamela allen 3 months ago +11

    This was a great video. We had VIP access thanks so much. You work so hard & are so humble.

    • Carla Greene
      Carla Greene 3 months ago

      Very humble...his kids are not entitled at all...they all work very hard, even Shilo is working hard to graduate JSU so he can join the CU team...you guys had a great example of work ethic in your Dad..you cant help but be successful, sending prayers!

  • Kari Byers
    Kari Byers 3 months ago +18

    Great insight to what we don’t get to see. Also just WoW .. to see a father enjoy his kids and life honestly , truly and purely enjoy it. An extreme rarity. You can feel the energy and it is a pleasure to watch, you actually get emotional and mental positivity in all aspects . Great man and father you have .

    • Y Simmons-Berry
      Y Simmons-Berry 3 months ago +3

      Coach Prime shows how much he relies on Bucky and how much he appreciates him too

  • T nice
    T nice 3 months ago +57

    Much respect Jr. Just yall grind is so great..
    DFW stand up!!

  • Kids Connect:Reading
    Kids Connect:Reading 3 months ago +146

    “Earn your keep”… “I’m a plus 1”his mind is in the right place❤

  • Lisa McCrady
    Lisa McCrady 3 months ago +5

    These young men were so respectful when we met him and took pictures with them. Solid young men and thanks for including us in your recording of the day (minute 10:23 at Zipps in Phoenix). Much love from Nashville, Memphis and Jackson Tn and Chicago)❤

  • Alton Rogers
    Alton Rogers 3 months ago +3

    I’m glad Junior understood the assignment… his positive attitude will take him along ways in life!!!

  • Willie Grant
    Willie Grant 3 months ago +52

    I SEE NOTHING BUT 'MAD RESPECT' in EVERY ROOM Coach Prime enters...
    Jr. Your a Blessed Man to be in Sich presence of EXCELLENCE!!💪🏿🔥💯

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft 3 months ago +41

    It feels different when you’ve earned it! 💯… showing it off ain’t showing off, it’s Motivation for those who understand what it took to get there!🗣️

    VALERIE 3 months ago +40

    Shout out to Bucky, of course. I like the part when you said ...if you look good, then the people around you should always look good. That is gold!!👊🏽💯

    • Shoshana Sadeh
      Shoshana Sadeh 3 months ago

      Just make sure they have REAL Love and Respect and you're not being PLAYED.

  • Ian Walter
    Ian Walter 3 months ago +14

    Bucky. Your work ethic, your demeanor, your outlook, your humor...bedrock solid. In my rodeo days, we had a term for cowboys who shined in all weathers and never shied away from any adversity and who never stopped working.
    Rawhide wrapped around steel.
    Your old man is incomparable in his greatness. But you are truly coming into your own. Rock solid.

  • Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson 3 months ago +36

    Thanks for putting in the work. Your content is amazing. Pops needs to rest a little and keep healthy. Get him back to Boulder and get some rest.

  • Ray Scott
    Ray Scott 3 months ago +6

    I love the motivation, we’re not here to play, we’re here to work. Thanks for these videos man frfr we need this, raw and uncut

  • Cdub
    Cdub 3 months ago +45

    Pointing out a nervous Ochocino was hilarious. 🤣

  • Danny D2M
    Danny D2M 3 months ago +51

    Wow! The lifestyle of the rich and famous!! I see it has its downsides, a hotel room right beside the stage lol call that the no sleep suite 😂. Seeing all them greats together in one room can’t help but smile and feel accomplished! AI said “that’s my Deion”! 😂 Such great content! One of a kind!! All I gotta say is…LONG LIVE WELL OFF!! 🔥💯

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry 3 months ago +18

    This is great! When does anyone in this family sleep. Greatness personified.

  • Annie Rice
    Annie Rice 3 months ago +4

    So proud of you Bucky. Take care of your dad. I am loving what you are doing. I wish you many blessings. Praying for a winning season🙏🏼🙌🏾👏🏽👏🏽

  • PAPER Route Jones
    PAPER Route Jones 3 months ago +13

    Respect to u Bucky !!! “I’m not here to be his son, I’m here to work” you are a amazing son for this mindset king. Never forget you are a star in your own right. 🙌🏾

  • Allen
    Allen 3 months ago +12

    Thank you for including us in this journey, your story, your father story is a story of hope and inspiration. Big ups to the lives you touch and continue to touch cause in the end, these are the things that turns boys to men and women too.

  • mscheryl2000
    mscheryl2000 3 months ago +7

    Well off media is the FIRST video that I watch EVERY morning when I log on to my computer at work. I love your work. You're doing an excellent job documenting Coach Prime and your family. Thank you for all that you and your family are doing. You make my day everyday!

  • Arné the Designer
    Arné the Designer 3 months ago +24

    Bucky, you’re a legend in your own right. Love to see yall working and having fun. I hope Coach feels better soon❤

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Bucky is now a legend. His father is a legend and deserves that credential.

    • julie sutherland
      julie sutherland 3 months ago

      HE Needs His Leg & Foot Massage For His Circulation & Pain Issue.
      He's Diabetic With A (Family) History of Blood Clots, & Surgery Last Year.
      He Saud In A Recent Video, The Massages Are Needed Several Times A Day (Every Few Hours). Probably For The Rest of His Life.
      Deion Didn't Like (Wanted) Using Pain Meds, B4 His 2 Surgeries.
      At The University, There Are Sports Trainers & Doctors Near.
      I Am Not Sure If Anyone Is There With Him Now.
      Except An Asst Moving The Footballs Along To Sign For The Media, Auction, or Business.

    • Arné the Designer
      Arné the Designer 3 months ago

      @ELP LLC 😂 you need a hug buddy

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      @julie sutherlandyou are speaking about Prime? I’m speaking about JR

    • ELP LLC
      ELP LLC 3 months ago

      @Arné the Designeryou are funny. Probably so. But the whole thing with Junior is his banter. This should be about his father and Colorado football. It’s not about him. Frankly, the way he speaks is not authentic, it’s fake and disingenuous.

  • Ms Martin
    Ms Martin 3 months ago +5

    Wow, what a treat to see all the sports legends still being "Blessed". I think Coach Prime is shining a different type of brightness in his career now. Love to see it! Continous Blessings!!

  • Briana Thomas
    Briana Thomas 3 months ago +2

    Loved every moment of this episode. It was great seeing CP getting some rest. DJ I loved the part about you not being invited. At the end of it all EVERYTHING should be earned, and nothing handed to you. Just as your dad earned his flowers, your hard work will pay off because you are earning it. Much respect to you and Darius.

  • Debora Miller
    Debora Miller 3 months ago +16

    Proud of the job Jr is doing 🙌 Congrats Coach Prime!

  • Gather and Share
    Gather and Share 3 months ago +24

    I waited up in hopes of seeing a video tonight and per usual, it's worth the wait! Thanks for providing great insight and please know that we're rooting for you, PERIOD! DTown Up, baby!

  • MsAngel0812
    MsAngel0812 3 months ago +2

    Thank You Deion Jr., Darius & Neely for sharing the content. You'll a Team extraordinary. One thing for sure Coach Prime is respected and admired by Greatest from all Sports not just Football alone. Just seeing everyone elated to be in His presence is a lesson for the Staff & Team to see who their Leader's character embodies. A masterclass in forging Lifelong Relationships.

  • Ali Vialdores
    Ali Vialdores 3 months ago +1

    Every time I see one of these personal videos of Deion, it becomes ever so clear why he was and is so great......it's way beyond just athletic ability. The man is a grinder!!!!!

  • Diontrell Brommings
    Diontrell Brommings 3 months ago +19

    Love all the guys here, their careers, Deion, Pac Man Jones, Ocho Cinco, my homeboy is a Yankee fan and Iverson was my idol growing up. This is so cook

  • Easton Riley
    Easton Riley 3 months ago +22

    This video was fire from beginning to the end I was there wit y’all and I didn’t leave the house it felt good tho thanks Bucky

  • dsteinberg11
    dsteinberg11 3 months ago +3

    Great work Deion Jr! As always love what you guys are doing!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Bobbi
    Bobbi 3 months ago +15

    Looks fun but extremely exhausting….thank you for sharing!

    • Melissa Porter
      Melissa Porter 3 months ago

      Right especially doing it on a regular basis.

  • plyingod
    plyingod 3 months ago +23

    When he talked about him being their bc of his Dad. Showed he has a great perspective on life. Bubble on the humble.

  • Eric Robinson
    Eric Robinson 3 months ago

    The moves your Dad makes are remarkable and motivating! I know what you all are doing is game-changing! Love and opportunity for everyone willing to work for it. Keep gaining growing and opening doors!

  • Von Shep
    Von Shep 3 months ago +5

    Beautiful event! Congratulations to Deion! Love it!!🤎🤎🤎🤎

  • Rodney Freeman
    Rodney Freeman 3 months ago +3

    Love that mindset and honesty Deion Jr. And by the way…Don’t let nobody play you - they would do the *same* if they were in your position and take advantage of your pops’ legendary status. That’s what everyone should aspire to do is…set the stage for their offspring.
    The key is to take the baton and run with that joint towards GREATNESS.

  • Victoria W
    Victoria W 3 months ago +1

    Bucky, actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story. Fantastic work ethic and such a positive attitude. I'm ❤️ loving it!

  • Debra Pinnock
    Debra Pinnock 3 months ago +6

    I like how he points out & with pride, “ that’s my son.”

  • The Westy Cowboy
    The Westy Cowboy 3 months ago +5

    You're a hard working crew! Thank you for all the hard work! The result is ALWAYS wonderful content. God bless you all and keep hard charging!... :)

  • Hd Watts
    Hd Watts 3 months ago +3

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