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Ohio State Fan Angry Rant Reaction! Michigan Destroys Ohio State! Ohio State is SOFT!! Full Game!

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Michigan whoops Ohio St 45-23!
    Fire Ryan Day? I think so!
    Original Video: • #3 Michigan v #2 ...
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  • Kodak_Zack13
    Kodak_Zack13 6 months ago +307

    As a Michigan fan I respect you brotha for coming on here and telling it how it is and not making excuses after a tough loss, much respect

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 6 months ago

      Much respect.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 6 months ago +2

      Yeah brother you got the best take on the game that I ever seen you better than these professional so-called analysts

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 6 months ago

      Keep up the good work man for real.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 6 months ago

      And I'm a full blooded Michigan fan. Go Blue!

    • Daniel Mocorro
      Daniel Mocorro 5 months ago +3

      Thats the thing though, the Michigan teams that Day faces are so much better than the Michigan teams that Meyer faced

  • MGoBacon
    MGoBacon 6 months ago +274

    As a Michigan guy, I want to show you respect. I know damn well after the 2018 and 2019 losses I would not have been willing to watch back film at all, much less within 24 hours in front of a camera on Clip-Share. I really enjoyed your passion. Props to you man. (And Go Blue!)

    • Nique Dennis
      Nique Dennis  6 months ago +31

      Haha thanks bro, good luck moving forward 🙏🏽

    • What's James Up 2?
      What's James Up 2? 6 months ago +2

      That's nice, may be you guys can hang out or get coffee sometime haha. GO BLUE!

    • Stew Bedazzle
      Stew Bedazzle 6 months ago +2

      @What's James Up 2? This guy's bitter cause no one wants to be his friend. Maybe he's divorced lol I thought your team won but you are still mad? Confusing.

    • Dawne Scheidler
      Dawne Scheidler 6 months ago +2

      And until we can beat the SEC..... They have it better than us..... HAIL!

    • Renzy Playz
      Renzy Playz 6 months ago +2

      I went to a swim meet for my brother who goes to Michigan and the Ohio state kids were actually nice when they saw that we were Michigan fans

  • David Bo
    David Bo 6 months ago +130

    Welcome to the rivalry. Us Michigan fans have been feeling your pain for years. What you're feeling is proof that this rivalry is the best in college football. Two undefeated, top 5 teams who hate each other....one of them had to lose. Love the passion and in spite of the anger, you are being a great sport. Respect

    • Michigan Football And Hockey 〽️🏈🏒
      Michigan Football And Hockey 〽️🏈🏒 6 months ago +8

      EXACTLY!! OSU fans have been too spoiled!

    • Scott Scottsdale
      Scott Scottsdale 6 months ago +2

      Truth: I was at a gas station in MI in 2008 and heard RichRod’s brother on the phone saying the same thing. MI had it too easy in the past.

    • Gen X
      Gen X 6 months ago

      And yet Michigan is still DOMINATING Ohio State for Overall Wins ALL TIME. LOL!!!!!!!

    • Bryan Karst
      Bryan Karst 6 months ago +1

      @Michigan Football And Hockey 〽️🏈🏒 17-3 will do that.

  • 301
    301 6 months ago +311

    We cant lose forever like yall couldnt win forever....i remember being young in the 90s and thought it would last forever lol

    • Rick Burgess
      Rick Burgess 6 months ago +13

      We got our next John Copper and i am damn happy to see it!

    • Landon Marimpietri
      Landon Marimpietri 6 months ago +6

      shit this comment just humbled me real quick

    • THE SPOT
      THE SPOT 6 months ago +2

      It's not that we can take a lost but the stay stupid play calling and stupid mistakes I can't deal with that

    • Darby Wright
      Darby Wright 6 months ago +21

      But they don't want to count the 90's. This rivalry has been going on for a hundred years, but they only want to count 20. And after 2 years, they are "sick of losing". 🤣🤣🤣They may not win again for a minute.

    • Michael Glenn
      Michael Glenn 6 months ago +4

      I don't they would keep day long enough to go 2 and 11 against michigan like Cooper did

  • slimj091
    slimj091 6 months ago +78

    "Bruh.. you don't know how embarrassing it is to lose two years in a row"
    Me as a life long Michigan fan: Wut?

    • Patrick Cannady
      Patrick Cannady 5 months ago +3

      😊😅😅 Michigan fan since 1980. The departure of Lloyd Carr was seriously bungled. It is my sincere hope that the next coaching transition, whenever it happens, will be handled much better.

    • Max Peck
      Max Peck 5 months ago +1

      @Patrick CannadyAgree 100%

  • iLLesT
    iLLesT 6 months ago +28

    As a Michigan fan, I can honestly say I enjoyed every second of this video for we had to deal with it for a decade. But with that also being said way to say it how it is. There are no excuses, and if you're a fan of either team you know that no other game in the season matters but this one. (They obviously all matter), but this one is the one that truly leaves a mark. It's like Urban said, this rivalry is a way of life, and honestly there is absolutely no other way to put it.

  • 2LiterFoxBody
    2LiterFoxBody 6 months ago +19

    "You talk about the best offense in college football -- you can't even score 30 points against a team with a pulse!"
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2022 Ohio State Football Season in one line. What an abomination of a game. I'm 2:30 in and you clearly put more into this than the team did. Props to TTUN for seizing the opportunity and utterly destroying us, too, btw. Tough team.

  • Justin Courtney
    Justin Courtney 6 months ago +57

    Bro I'm a Michigan fan, and mad respect for you in this video. You were spot on and respected Michigan. Keep your head up, we went through this for years.

    • Butch Jones
      Butch Jones 6 months ago +3

      Respect Brother! I lived thru the John Cooper years so I totally understand how things were for you guys. It won’t be popular among my fellow Buckeyes but I really want to see you guys with the whole damn natty if we don’t make it. I hate the SEC more than anything.

    • Steve
      Steve 6 months ago

      @Butch Jones agreed man ..I always pull for the Big ten.

  • Perturbed Sun
    Perturbed Sun 6 months ago +41

    Props to you bro. I’m a Michigan alumni, booster, and fan and no way in hades I’d be on camera less than 24 hours after our 2019 loss breaking it down. Good luck in the Rose Bowl it’s still a good season at 11-1 (I know that’s cope but it’s exactly what I was prepping to say if we lost).

    • What's James Up 2?
      What's James Up 2? 6 months ago

      Nice sediments, NOT! **** ohio.

    • Designed Kulture
      Designed Kulture 6 months ago +1

      why dont mich fans go celebrate with a mich youtuber instead of spreading hate everywhere, fricken cowards man

    • Edward F
      Edward F 6 months ago +1

      @Designed Kulture Oh man. You definitely didn't see all the OSU fans descending on Michigan videos that had 0 to do with OSU the past few years. Michigan Michigan State video? More comments from OSU fans than anyone. Michigan Penn State? Same thing. Any video that had a Michigan loss? It was a sea of scarlet. You must be young and can only recall the past 10-20 years. Suck it up. No one wins forever. Even Bama fans forget how bad they were before Saban.

    • Drew Jacob
      Drew Jacob 5 months ago

      Good luck in the Rose Bowl he said…hehehe ..Sneaky lil Buckeyes back to life my friend! Here we goooooo. Georgia thinks there guna rollll….Sorry Charley this ain’t TCU, this is THE Ohio Sate Buckeyes! When you get a second lease on life, you have a different view, a different will power takes over…Cancer survivor here, I can relate! We CAN compete with Georgia and we WILL compete with Georgia. One game at a time but could you imagine the build up to a re-match with the team up north for the whole shebang… Ooooooo Boy. We can do it..but will we do it.. we shall see

  • G-Unit
    G-Unit 6 months ago +20

    Now you know how Michigan fans have felt for the last decade prior.

    • Artem Lutsenko
      Artem Lutsenko 6 months ago +1

      Real shit we've been watching like this for years bro. Feels like 2019 but we're the winning side.

    • Jonas Turklbach
      Jonas Turklbach 5 months ago

      We hadn't beat Ohio in Columbus since 2000. Chill bro lol

  • Missionary_J
    Missionary_J 6 months ago +9

    I know how this feels. As a Michigan Alum I was so tired of losing to OSU year after year. Don't give up on
    Day; we were calling for Harbaugh's head just a few years ago. Good game and we'll see you next year!

  • Johnny Chan
    Johnny Chan 6 months ago +6

    As a Michigan fan I can relate to the disappointment and frustration from years ago! This is the nature of rivalry games and it can really suck at times especially when the team is losing. I agree we outcoached you guys and it’s sad to see great program like yours falling short. Hopefully next year both programs will be great as well before THE game!

  • Matt A
    Matt A 6 months ago +8

    Embarrassing as hell to lose to Michigan like this two years in a row. Their team didn’t even have to make more than one lengthy drive, they had like four 50+ yard scores. That’s insane.

  • Doug Hula
    Doug Hula 6 months ago +6

    As a Michigan fan all my life (I'm 47), we suffered a lot of humiliation in recent years. We were hearing it wasn't even a rivalry anymore. I'm glad we are back. Last year was pretty sweet, and this year is looking good too. See you in Ann Arbor next year!

  • foxboy72006
    foxboy72006 6 months ago +9

    Mad props to you man! You're not making excuses like every other OSU fan! You're accepting the loss! Michigan clearly wanted it more and you have more class than many others!!! Respect from this Michigan fan!!!

    • foxboy72006
      foxboy72006 6 months ago

      @M Workman33 You're absolutely right!!! I misworded my comment, I meant many OSU fans. But yeah some Michigan fans are the same way. I can get like that sometimes. But no either way some of these idiots need to wake up and realize neither team is invincible!!

    • M Workman33
      M Workman33 6 months ago

      @foxboy72006 absolutely, man. I mean, I feel it's a lot of college football fans, really. Congrats on the win. I hope we get you next year.

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago

      Hell, OSU has far more respect from me than Michigan State does after that fiasco they pulled this season. Jumping one dude with ten men (cowardly and un-Spartanlike). At least when Mich-OSU have a fight, it's squad vs squad! None of that jumping crap that thugs do.
      I know, Sparty, you think talking shit is deserving of assault (that's why I don't respect you). Better keep those MSU players from going pro, they would never handle the shit talking on that level.

  • Robert Donaldson
    Robert Donaldson 6 months ago +14

    Michigan here. We feel your pain. We do. I think EVERY OSU coach should have to watch this video from start to finish. This guy was absolutely right about many many things here. I could not believe that your defensive coordinator stayed in man to man while getting torched the whole game. Even on those late Edward's runs, those were to an empty (or near empty) backfield. What good did man to man do you in the pass or the run? LOVE your passion!

    • Stew Bedazzle
      Stew Bedazzle 6 months ago

      Thank you for a respectful comment. The passion is real. Not many understand

    • foxboy72006
      foxboy72006 6 months ago +2

      Shit I remember when we kept making the same mistakes when we lost to OSU for nearly 10 straight years!!! No Defense and our Offense couldn't score points!!! God it was a nightmare!!! 2 straight wins at least eases the pain for now!

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago

      @Stew Bedazzle It's real for us too up here.

  • Dejon Parker
    Dejon Parker 6 months ago +27

    I loved seeing a buckeye fan like this. Brings me so much joy as a wolverine fan. It cracks me up your ready to get rid of the coach already lmaoo

    • KobraThaDon
      KobraThaDon 6 months ago

      What's the record 2-8 stop it

    • Dejon Parker
      Dejon Parker 6 months ago +3

      @KobraThaDon what record are you talking about? If it's not the overall record or the current streak. Then I have no clue what your talking about.

    • Justin Wilson
      Justin Wilson 5 months ago +4

      All time series record, 60-51-6 Michigan leads.

    • Dejon Parker
      Dejon Parker 5 months ago

      Buckeye fans hoping and praying watching the usc game Saturday lol

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago +3

      @KobraThaDon Act like a man. The real record is actually 60-51-6, Michigan on top for 118 years. Stop it.

  • Brad Strouse
    Brad Strouse 6 months ago +23

    It was Beautiful to watch wasn’t it. I could watch Edwards run for those 2 touchdowns thru that buck defense over and over.

  • WhatisLife
    WhatisLife 6 months ago +8

    Respect man. People from Michigan know your pain. Hell, I'm 27 and all I've ever know my entire life has been losing to OSU, especially this past decade. Respect out to you and your team. Everybody up here wanted Harbaugh gone after the first few years and know we all praising him. Who knows what next year will bring. No matter what, this is and always will be the GREATEST rivalry in college football.

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago +1

      I'm 37 and still remember what it was like to see Michigan dominate OSU. But OSU spent their money and time well and created one hell of a program whereas our program just started falling apart for the longest time. Terrible choices all around on the squad, especially finding a coach that actually fits. So long as we don't get another Hoke I'm happy. That dude never should have donned the M.

    • Willie Thomas
      Willie Thomas 5 months ago +1

      I know I am 50 and I grew up thinking why is it a rivalry if we win every year?! Honestly Notre Dame and Michigan State put up better fight. But then in the very early 2000s thing changed and changed dramatically and it will change again.

  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed 6 months ago +8

    Man I am a huge Michigan fan I can totally remember when I felt this pain from the years of OSU dominating Michigan proud of the executed game plan from Michigan Wolverine staff and the heart of our players it is awesome to see this game back as a rivalry again go blue and good luck on the rest of OSU season maybe we will see ya in play offs but usc has to lose

  • Nick Talerico
    Nick Talerico 5 months ago +1

    Respect the hell out of this as a Michigan fan, not making any excuses for the loss, great attitude towards everything

  • Robert Tisch
    Robert Tisch 6 months ago +42

    Nique, let me give you a little recent history.
    I’m a Michigan fan (all my 68 years).
    Harbaugh was hated by many just two short years ago! Many of us screamed for his head, including me.
    Now, everyone loves the guy, and rightfully so. He had a very rough start though at U of M.
    Don’t hate Day. Give him at least another year or two! Hell, you guys are 11-1! Tens of college programs would love that record. He’s a great coach, and he deserves to be given a chance to “right the ship”.
    You guys just had a sloppy 2nd half, and have lots of things to work on. Day knows what they are.

    • Jimmy Baker
      Jimmy Baker 6 months ago +1

      I been saying this for the longest, especially after last year, when got back to forum, is our recruits, years ago, we've had a slew of talent that came through, but it got bad some years back, when Tressel became the coach, he got tons of recruits, when Michigan had gotten in that comfort zone, because we always got good talent, so we've had over a twenty year droit, but since Jim started getting top tier talent, we'd rise up and then fall, because we stop aiming for top tier high schoolers, but Ohio State never stopped, but it's back to where we were years ago, it took things to happen, for Harbaugh to really go way out recruiting, he knew he had to, to compete with Ohio State, so we honestly fixing to start back up the way it use to be, even when Jim Harbaugh was our quarterback in the mid 80s, we were winning big time football games, I don't see Michigan falling for to Ohio State anytime soon, so these are the top tier players that we always needed, and honestly it's not gonna get any better, for Ohio State, because they gonna start facing, top tier players, when they start facing this new and approve Michigan football team, and that's what he's gonna keep doing, he brought back that mentality, that the wolverines had, even before Jim Harbaugh reached Michigan , and played football, and was your quarterback, so the every year beating us, is no major factor anymore, because he matches every player, Ohio State has, buckeyes that's not good!!

    • Darby Wright
      Darby Wright 6 months ago +3

      That's a good perspective. Their coach is 11-1 and they want him gone. CJ Stroud was in the press conference near tears yesterday like he didn't have an amazing season. They don't know how to lose.

    • Justin Edse
      Justin Edse 6 months ago +1

      His play calling has been suspect all season. If he loses the bowl game or loses to Michigan next year he's gone immediately. This isn't some project or time to learn.

    • Django Unchained
      Django Unchained 6 months ago

      @Justin Edse thank you he's dropped the bag these are games you CANT lose , he's lost big games

      RICKEY CHAVARRIA JR. 6 months ago

      Yes Ohio state doesn’t know how to lose in this way homie ….that’s the problem we are the bet the r team with better players and simply out coached ….they are not tough enough at all this is Ohio state and we are built on toughness . So when we see weak shit like that we arnt gonna take it well ….we could handle a close rivalry game with the better team winning ….but Ohio state controlled the entire first half and the coaches made no adjustment knowing Michigan woukd switch it up ….they lost these boys this game

  • Daniel Allen Butler
    Daniel Allen Butler 6 months ago +4

    Not trying to rub salt in the wound, my friend. Much respect to you for openly saying (5:05), "We lost to a better team." It takes a real man to refuse to make excuses. Nique, you're a stand-up guy!

  • Terry Walton
    Terry Walton 6 months ago +12

    As a michigan fan I know this hurts bro but..Mathis like the best reaction video ever...Hella laughs 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂

  • Jay Cannon
    Jay Cannon 6 months ago +21

    As a Michigan fan I usually love to come in and smash and talk sh*t on these ohio state videos after the big Michigan win but I can’t here. I feel your pain too much, i know that feeling and I love the passion and honesty. Some of these videos are just excuse making machines, but you’re honest about it. I appreciate that. I know every year up til a few years back I would always call out Michigan fans making excuses (except in 2016 when we got jobbed on that non-1st down by JT Barrett). But thanks for your passion and honest assessment. You and I are very similar people on the other sides of the fence so to speak.

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago +5

      His passion is there for sure. I can’t feel for him though. We put up with this stuff for 15 years.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 6 months ago +1

      Right there with ya Adam. We've taken wayyy too many beatdowns at their hands this century. Karmas finally coming back around 😈😤😁

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago +1

      True, he's respectful and loves the game as much as we do. Gotta respect that.

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago +1

      @Adam Also true.

  • Kevin Alexander
    Kevin Alexander 6 months ago +4

    Love your passion, and honestly, that’s what makes THIS game THE GAME!
    I’ve been watching this game for 50+ years and had the same reaction when M loses.
    I love this game and hope it never changes, some of my best memories.

  • Joel Jimenez
    Joel Jimenez 6 months ago +3

    I hopped on hoping to get a giggle out of watching you melt down. But I seen my feelings in you, as a Michigan fan it’s been too damn long. So much damn pain. Go Blue always, but nothing but love to you.

  • Jackson Wenning
    Jackson Wenning 6 months ago +1

    This is exactly how Michigan fans felt for the past decade, respect

  • Number1DetroitSportsFan
    Number1DetroitSportsFan 6 months ago +31

    When are you ohio fans going to realize that Ryan Day is NOT Urban Meyer!

    • Emanuel Turner
      Emanuel Turner 6 months ago

      You are right Sir I knew that When Ubran retired How ever Rayan only made it from Ubran leftovers the bonus for Day was Fields iam a buckeye fan but Good Job Blue

    • troy mash
      troy mash 6 months ago +5

      A lot of us have known for two years lol. And CJ is a flat out physical coward. He never uses his legs cuz he is scared out there. Soft soft soft team. Period.

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago +2

      That’s why he’s Mr. 3rd base.

    • Designed Kulture
      Designed Kulture 6 months ago

      why dont mich fans go celebrate with a mich youtuber instead of spreading hate everywhere, fricken cowards man

    • 〽️ichigan 🟡🔵
      〽️ichigan 🟡🔵 6 months ago +1

      @Designed Kulture Lol how are we cowards?

  • RedBone25
    RedBone25 6 months ago +11

    We dominated the 90's, y'all dominated all of the 2000's til last year, it's our time again my boi, buckle up Buckeye...GO BLUE!!! 💙💛💙💛

  • youngarnold4
    youngarnold4 5 months ago +2

    As a Michigan fan I have waited 20 years for them to finally step up and get on Ohio States level. They have been out coaching and recruiting us for years.

  • kevin daniel
    kevin daniel 5 months ago +2

    Your critiques young man were spot-on! I am a 62 year old Michigan man, and there were a lot of play selections from OSU that shocked me (they were running the ball well; when they ran instead of passed). That punt on 4th & 4!!! No safety help over the top deep; personal foul was surprising too, as that is very unusual for any Buckeye team I've watched for decades. Good video.

  • darkhellion990
    darkhellion990 6 months ago +2

    As a Michigan fan, kudos for putting this video up. It has been rough from 2007-2019, pendulum swings happen.

  • Randy Hansen
    Randy Hansen 6 months ago +2

    I feel you man. I'm a UM fan and in the 90s it seemed like we would never lose to OSU again, and then you guys got Tressel and that was the end of the fun.

  • John Hobart
    John Hobart 6 months ago +22

    Holy shit!😂 I’m a Michigan guy-went to U of M..and I fkn love this guy. New subscriber😂 best reaction on the internet

  • RonT333
    RonT333 6 months ago +5

    It is "heart" like this that makes this rivalry the best in all of sports. I feel ya', I feel ya'.

  • Raiiin with Three Eyes
    Raiiin with Three Eyes 6 months ago +4

    I found this video while looking for Sports Commentators eating crow about the game, but I am so glad that I found this!
    You sir are the best of this sport!
    Angry but not salty!

  • dubvr6nos
    dubvr6nos 6 months ago +17

    Just look at the game!! Would ya look at it? Would you just look at that. Bro the sound inserts have me rollin. That being said...as a Michigan fan this sucks to say, but Blake being hurt this game might have helped us. If he was healthy I don't think thise passes would have happened, because Michigan is to stubborn and would have tried to run the whole game.

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago +3

      Yeah but it would have worked out too. Osu defense was wore out in the 2nd half and got bullied again. Those passes were beautiful though.

    • Doernbecher
      Doernbecher 6 months ago +2

      @Adam nah as an osu fan once corum was out n yall started throwing bombs I knew Corum being injure was a blessing in disguise n was praying that y’all would at least run the ball more💀 cause I think every osu fan knows that most of our DBs are way too garbage for us to be running man the whole game..at least if y’all had Corum we’d expect n at least be ready for the run I mean yall been running the ball like 80% of the time against osu n that’s why y’all barely win

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago +1

      @Doernbecher yeah you may be right about that. I was thinking that after the game too. What would JJ have done had corum been getting the ball? I think they were preparing for it all week in case he couldn’t go.

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago

      @Doernbecher Man, you sound just like I did. I was always upset because Michigan seemed to want to run against seemingly impregnable defensive lines. And OSU has had a very impressive defensive squad for a long long while. As a Wolverine myself, I kind of wish OSU hadn't gassed out like they did. The Game is always better when it's not one-sided.

  • Silver Wolverine
    Silver Wolverine 6 months ago +7

    I enjoyed watching every second of this video... This is real! Please keep Ryan Day.. Go Blue!!

  • schildress0467
    schildress0467 6 months ago +2

    As a Huge Michigan Fan, we said the same thing about Harbaugh. Ohio State has no defense & we knew it. Big ups to you for this video😂😂

  • Team Jesus
    Team Jesus 6 months ago +4

    You definitely touched on one of the two topics that i said upon the completion of the Big Game. Ryan Day got out coached BIG TIME. He knows how to stand around and look tough/dominate against schools with less talent. Make him Coach of weaker schools and no one would even know who he is. They brought him in after Urban, promoted & pumped him up, and basically brainwashed the fans to jump on his bandwagon.
    The second topic I realized that you never touched on & the reason i stopped buying Buckeye merchandise a few years ago is that karma has caught up with the racist staff. I am not by any means racist…i have been close with many good brown skinned guys and girls over the years. I don’t even feel right stereotyping as “Black” because the skin tone is clearly brown. Anyway, for the past 20 years it is extremely rare for them to allow a white Quarterback take a snap. They want these running style quarterbacks that get smashed at the next level. Stroud can’t do much of anything other than come out with his pretty boy hairstyle. Total garbage and got exposed l!! Look at how they played Joe Burrows. They made that man ride the bench. Super Bowl talent of a Quarterback and tried to make him ride the bench.
    Great video! You definitely do better analyzing than most supposed “experts” do. Take care Brother! 😇✝️

  • Ian Heydecke
    Ian Heydecke 6 months ago +2

    As a Michigan man, I respect you where you're coming from. You killed us for years but it feels to return a favor

  • Sabrina Perlongo
    Sabrina Perlongo 6 months ago +3

    We feel your pain! It’s not time for a change. Our coach lost his first 5 games against you . If we had the same attitude as you Mr Jim would have been gone 3 years ago. To high of expectations can cost you in the long run! A coach with a 90% winning record one of the best in college.

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke 5 months ago +1

    I have been watching reaction videos for the past few days , laughing my ass off.. Your video is the first one I just kept my mouth shut and listened … I have felt your pain for years now man.. Much respect for you man…. See you next year , Go Blue!!!

  • Dwaine Cobb Jr
    Dwaine Cobb Jr 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for being as real as it gets, I'm from Michigan. Just wanted to say. I respect you and that level of pain.

  • Bid Hope
    Bid Hope 6 months ago +3

    So much talent at OSU. CJ is unbelieveibly accurate - Harrison catches everything. But it's Ryan Day and the players I think have had it so good for so long that they don't know how to stay focused when things get tight. They have been better than everyone for so long that they don't know what to do when more evenly matched. Michigan has great players as well and they are just mentally tougher.

  • _Saucyam _
    _Saucyam _ 6 months ago +1

    As a Michigan fan I felt like we had a big chance to win even with corum out bc edwards is great too. It was looking bad in the first quarter but I remembered we are a second half team that learns from mistakes. A few big plays gave me hope but when I really felt confident in us winning is when the camera panned to the osu bench when Michigan was on offense driving down the field and the osu players were laughing and joking around after a big Michigan play as if they didn’t care about the game. There were no Michigan players joking around it was all business. Then the second half happened and osu was struggling and Michigan played one of the best second half’s I’ve ever seen.

  • Jesse Haffner
    Jesse Haffner 6 months ago +10

    Listen man, as a huge Michigan fan myself, i remember saying somethin similar to you after Lloyd Carr's last loss against OSU back in 2007. I was like, "Are fuckin kiddin me, 3 in a ROW!!!! We got Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Arrington, Manningham, and Matthews and you could barely put up 13 or something????!" (Of course both Hart and Hene were hurt bad going into the game and played like shit, but still). And sure, we didn't get blown out back to back games, but it was the 3rd straight, so we forced him out. Then what happened? Rich-Rod, Hoke, and then the first half decade of Harbaugh - we were fuckin terrible. Michigan routinely did as good or even better than OSU recruiting wise, but once we got rid of Carr our recruiting took a nose dive and hasn't gotten back to where it was since, even now it still isn't at the same level it was under Carr. Day's offense is great, you just need to develop your backs and use them more often man. They were picking up chunks of yardage the first 3 quarters of the game, and your d did great in that first half. True, Blake wasn't playing - so it wasn't quite as impressive, but it was still pretty damn good. They just gave up some big plays and then allowed that to crush their spirit. All im saying is, don't get too down and overreact the way Michigan did back in the day, it may be more than a decade and a half until you get back to where you are now. It's only been two in a row, it sucks no doubt - but imagine dropping close to ten in a row or once in close to 20 years for fuck's sake! So yeah, it could be worse.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 6 months ago

      This 🎯

    • SaintsRobbed
      SaintsRobbed 6 months ago +1

      You are 100% right. I'm trying to tell Buckeye fans that if we fire Day, we may fall to the level of mediocrity similar to past Michigan teams and Texas. Day can beat Michigan. He's done it before and for awhile on Saturday we had a chance to ice it.

    • Jesse Haffner
      Jesse Haffner 5 months ago

      @SaintsRobbed So true! I know Michigan has been pretty damn successful offensively the past two seasons, but absolutely despise conservative power-rushing centric offenses and would kill in order to get an offensive system Day has t OSU. I think does need to tweak it a bit, make it more like Stoops' and Reilly's Oklahoma or OK-State's version of th air-raid offenses, that is a pass-first offense first and foremost, but still make sure to have a well utilized rushing attack as well. I mean remember back when Jason White put up all those crazy numbers and even won the Heisman, while simultaneously Adrian Peterson was still putting 150+ yards on the ground and was arguably the most well-rounded and best all-around RB in college football history who had a couple of Heisman worthy seasons for the Sooners despite it being a pass-first offense. A few years after that they had DiMarco Murray, who ended up being another good pro RB who put up impressive numbers while at Oklahoma.
      Not to mention the fact that just because you lose a game - doesn't mean that you fucked up or did poorly. At the end of the day,, while Day has lost 2 in a row - u got to keep in mind that he's faced two Michigan teams that are immensely better than anything Meyer went up against. If he lost to the Michigan team of th covid season, or say 2016's team, then yeah that'd be unacceptable. But he lost two two great Michigan teams, and if it weren't for 5 big plays, OSU was right there with Michigan, so he and his coaching staff had to have done something right.
      You wanna an example of a coach/coordinator who actually was entirely inept and totally responsible for his unit under-delivering,, look no further than Don Brown - Michigan's d-coordinator during Harbaugh' first 5 seasons at Michigan. Back then Michigan's defense a couple of seasons were one of the few units since Carr was coaching - where Michigan's personnel were as good or even better than Ohio State's. And yet, Brown was so inept that our singular advantage Michigan arguably had over OSU - it not only didn't produce any real tangible outcomes on the field against OSU those years, but his defense schemes were in fact so terrible that even with some great players - our defense ended up being the reason we lost those games! We had studs like Rayshawn Geary, Devon Bush, Winovich, and Jabrill Peppers all on the same team and yet they would still get lit up by Haskins and then Fields.!, but cuz Brown's idiotic defensive scheme was hyper-aggressive, with tons of blitzing and relying on man-2-man coverage for our dbs. This is great when going up against teams with lesser talent, but if you have a equally talented o-line, great wr's, and a phenomenal passing qb - (which OSU had every one of those seasons), your able to absolutely torch a team running that system, which is exactly what OSU did even with the ridiculous levels of talent back then. Thank god we got rid of that hack. So anyways, - while Day has lost two in a row to Michigan, neither he nor any of his assistant coaches were the primary reason they did. Michigan were simply the better team on those two days. And he certainly doesn't have the sort of negative impact on his team the way Michigan's Don Brown did.

  • What's James Up 2?
    What's James Up 2? 6 months ago +9

    Every rant and tear is priceless. It's like Christmas and the crying and the whinnying keeps giving me smiles. GO BLUE! ohio flags at half staff today.

  • BigManCorde
    BigManCorde 6 months ago +3

    As a fellow but lifelong buckeye fan, this was tough

  • Fk45
    Fk45 6 months ago +4

    Michigan fan here, but I gotta give it up for this dude's passion.

  • saw3v1
    saw3v1 6 months ago +1

    It's the worst when the team you love makes changes and the same $*** happens and in the back of your mind you suspected the same thing would happen again, you just didn't want to believe it. Great video, very entertaining, very real because as fans , we have all been there at one point or another. Go Blue

  • B C
    B C 5 months ago +1

    Like my other fellow Blue fans here, mad respect for coming on and giving credit where it’s due. Ultimately you guys don’t have a talent problem… you have a coaching problem. Your whole defensive game plan was to stop the run. When you started getting torched through the air your coach was incapable of adjusting. Day got out coached plain and simple. That being said I hope he stays. Go Blue!

  • Tyler2k
    Tyler2k 6 months ago +8

    i wish michigan could consistently look like this, even without corum everyone showed up today, i still think Georgia is in its own class this year, but it shows everyone we’re here to compete even when everyone doubts us

    • David Raja Ruzicka
      David Raja Ruzicka 6 months ago

      Georgia is not invincible this year. 16-6 to Kentucky. Darn near lost a game to Mizzou. They aren't invincible.

    • David Raja Ruzicka
      David Raja Ruzicka 6 months ago

      Hell, not even a class of their own.

    • Tennisplayer54
      Tennisplayer54 6 months ago

      @David Raja Ruzicka only team that has the talent to beat them is Alabama but Alabama has garbage coordinators and playcalling and gets too many penalties

    • David Raja Ruzicka
      David Raja Ruzicka 6 months ago

      @Tennisplayer54 Talent doesn't always equate to W. Look at Texas A&M versus App State. Or Michigan beating OSU. Or Utah beating USC. I genuinely believe talent can only carry so much, but them coaching and development take over.

  • Josh Stipes
    Josh Stipes 6 months ago +1

    From a Michigan fan, Ohio State is a great team. It just wasn’t your day. Much respect!

  • Det FanMan
    Det FanMan 6 months ago +8

    I simply can't believe the bucks only scored 3 points in the 2nd... JJ McCarthy has the best game by a UM qb ever in the shoe, and the most lopsided win since 1956... just wild how OSU simply didn't show up

    • MoneyIsSilver
      MoneyIsSilver 6 months ago +4

      poor coaching

    • onionbreath002
      onionbreath002 6 months ago +5

      I think it started with the deep balls. Ohio State was loaded up to stop the run, but their secondary is weak on a good day. It doesn't matter how much JJ McCarthy can't throw (and credit to him, he played well today), when you leave people *that* wide open, you're gonna get burned.
      Ohio State got frustrated after getting burned again to open the 2nd half, had a frustrating drive derailed by a stupid, stupid penalty, and then just overcompensated, which let Michigan ram an 8 minute drive down their throats that was death by a thousand cuts.
      After that, drive, you could see the fight just leave the OSU players. When the offense was only able to put up 3 points after a good defensive stand, the dam just broke.

    • Det FanMan
      Det FanMan 6 months ago +1

      @onionbreath002 well said, no notes

    • Justin Edse
      Justin Edse 6 months ago

      McCarthy didn't do anything special either. His guys were wide open.

  • SB
    SB 6 months ago +3

    Respect bro! I'm a big Michigan fan and my brother is a big Ohio State fan and I told him the last 2 years that these were the softest Ohio state teams I've seen in years. They instilled zero fear into me and stroud just doesn't scare you like Troy Smith, Terrell Pryor, Fields hell even Braxton Miller.

    • Doernbecher
      Doernbecher 6 months ago +1

      As an osu fan I can honestly see that ur def right about the fear factor u can tell teams of ur rival are good when u are very much aware of the damage they can do to ur team I lowkey felt that way this year cause we were so mediocre I also felt that way in 2018 but that game suprised the hell out of me lol..but yea Stroud ever since he’s been qb we’ve been rlly soft indeed😔

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago

      No kidding about Terrell Pryor. I was actually rooting for him as a player to make it pro. Dude was on the fast track to legendary status. But we all saw how mediocre he got after that money touched his hands. Even looking at his pro-level statistics makes me cringe. GO BLUE!

  • Riffy Rick
    Riffy Rick 5 months ago +1

    It's refreshing to see a football fan that's not delusional about their favorite teams and players. And, it's comedy gold 😀

  • Michael Jasso
    Michael Jasso 5 months ago +2

    Michigan fan, subscribing bc you keep it real, and I respect that. Keep up the videos!

  • Tim Choi
    Tim Choi 6 months ago +4

    Did Ryan Day just hire Joe Woods to be his DC for this game? 😂😂😂😂

  • sixate
    sixate 6 months ago +1

    This stuff come around eventually. Been a Michigan fan since High School, loved the Fab 5. Had a lot of fun in the 90's, but it never lasts. Who knows how long this run will last for my Wolverines, but I've never seen OSU play so scared confused and timid with no heart. This may not be an easy fix.

  • timomomomo
    timomomomo 5 months ago +2

    Well done. Michigan fans been feeling like this for decades so they get it. But some of your fellow OSU fans need to watch this and take notes.

    SWLION 6 months ago +1

    Michigan alumnus here, total respect for you to be able to relive this. Ohio State is a tremendous football power, and they have owned my Wolverines for a long time. I’m sure the buckeyes will bounce back.

  • R GoBlue
    R GoBlue Month ago

    The Ohio State team, coaches, and staff need to watch this man's video. As a Michigan fan, much respect to you.

  • wolverine Baller
    wolverine Baller 6 months ago +5

    Bro it came down to discipline. Day can’t coach those young guys. But your spot on.

    BillBERRY SPORTS 6 months ago +6

    Hey Bro, Michigan man here! I watched your entire game breakdown. Up until a couple of years ago, I had felt the exact same way. I agree with much of your assessment about Day and the Defense. One thing that Michigan has been able to do is wear down the Defensive Line in the second half. I saw that happen here. OSU has a proud tradition and I love THE Game. There's nothing like it in any sport. I'd love to do a Live Stream with you man. I think we'd have fun with it.

  • Jamestube 8439
    Jamestube 8439 6 months ago

    I feel your pain dude, I live in the state up north but I can say I am a Buckeye fan because I have family that went to the school. I am a dedicated Buckeye Fanatic and I tell you that game just sucked especially the 2nd half, they definitely were the better team this time, but you're right, it's time for a change if the Buckeyes want to have a shot at a Big10 title at the very least next year. I feel the pain, but mad respect for everything you said, Go Bucks.

    TOP TIER PODCAST SPORTS 5 months ago +2

    Appreciate how real you kept it. We got yall the last 2 but I know yall will be back next season. Let's keep that rivalry going. I shouted you out on my recap btw. Salute but #GoBlue

    • Nique Dennis
      Nique Dennis  5 months ago

      We might see this season haha, I’ll check you out man thanks 🙏🏽

  • Nick Brushaber
    Nick Brushaber 6 months ago +1

    As a Michigan fan I’m familiar with the pain I see in your eyes for the better part of 20 years.

  • Schofrenzy
    Schofrenzy 6 months ago +2

    As a Michigan guy I’d say respect I don’t actually hate Ohio state but the rivalry is back man , Good luck next year 🫡

  • john martin
    john martin 6 months ago +9

    Love it as a diehard Michigan fan bro I c u know your team like I know mine and we love them win or lose!! Go Blue tho bro!!

  • Joshua LaPointe
    Joshua LaPointe 6 months ago +4

    Die hard wolverine fan here. Loved your analysis. I've been saying the same thing about adjustments the last ten years on our end. Lol

  • Erik D
    Erik D 5 months ago +2

    No worries, as a Michigan fan we’ve lost to you all more than twice in a row. That’s why these wins have felt good. Go Blue!

  • Greg Schrag
    Greg Schrag 6 months ago +1

    I'm a Michigan man through and through born and raised here... believe me I feel your pain I've dealt with it for many years, but I am a little older and I also seen many great years it goes up and down just believing in your team and things will come around, but right now we own your ass🙂✌️❤

  • Joe O
    Joe O 6 months ago +4

    Dude that was entertaining to watch, you should be on ESPN lol. Michigan fan here by the way.

  • Gavin McPherson
    Gavin McPherson 5 months ago +1

    As a Michigan fan gotta give it to ya bud y’all had a great year y’all made it to the playoffs

  • Tommy B
    Tommy B 6 months ago +3

    This guy is the best arm chair quarterback I’ve ever seen, someone needs to recruit him!!!!!

    • Elishava Rivka
      Elishava Rivka 5 months ago

      I agree. Would do better than who they have now.

  • Cameron W
    Cameron W 6 months ago +1

    Youngblood we’ve been where you are.
    I was raised on this rivalry during the Cooper years. I know the expectations of beating OsU feeling it’s a birthright, only to have two decades of heartbreak.
    We feel your pain. It gets better. Things always find a balance. I know OSU will be back sooner or later. It’s great to have a rivalry again. Don’t get to down enjoy the rivalry at its highs and lows. Cause the day you break through is the best day to be a fan.
    Much respect to you for the vid. Good luck next year. Always look forward to The Game

  • Charles Ross
    Charles Ross 5 months ago +2

    The problem is that the Buckeye's and fans are so used to the team rolling over everybody since coached by Tressell and Urban Myers and think coach Day would continue that run, but during that Covid year Michigan brought in that winning recipe and shocked the world!

  • Tracy Payne
    Tracy Payne 6 months ago +5

    As a Michigan fan, I respect your take on the game. Honestly, I'm just thrilled that we made this a rivalry again. The game sucked when Michigan was down under these other coaches and we wondered if we would ever be on top again. You guys still out-recruit us but you really have to figure out the toughness issue. Good luck.

  • Kevin Miles
    Kevin Miles 5 months ago +1

    Full respect to you Bro! Although, I am laughing it's not because OSU lost, its knowing exactly how you feel the many times we were defeated and it wasn't just two years in a row. GO BLUE!

  • Matt Lundy
    Matt Lundy 6 months ago +6

    As a Michigan alum I know exactly how humiliating this is

    • Slade Anderson
      Slade Anderson 6 months ago +2

      Yup, that 2018 game still haunts me

    • foxboy72006
      foxboy72006 6 months ago +1

      Please don't remind me.... I was at the Big House a few years ago when I witnessed the ass beating we got.... I couldn't bear it!! I left my seat halfway through the 4th Quarter. We got embarrassed!!! I felt embarrassed to be in that stadium!!! I couldn't take it! I've been to the Big House twice when we got our ass beat by OSU..... those games still hurt....

  • Beach Rat
    Beach Rat 6 months ago +3

    Ryan Day and OSU got exposed. The coaches were out coached and the players were out played. Ryan Day can't handle equal or better competition consistently. Beating up on chumps gets the inflated rankings and then the bottom falls out when serious competition comes coming. It was a total beat down but you're spot on with you're analysis and props for taking the L the way you have.

  • Matthew Lyons
    Matthew Lyons 6 months ago

    I’m a MICHIGAN fan but man, this video was great. The raw emotions was great to see. You’re really good at this. Keep doing vids and you’ll get noticed. Subscribed.

  • R N
    R N 6 months ago

    Another Michigan fan here, but i gotta say that your analysis and points were spot on. Really enjoyed the vid. You seem to have a great grasp of the situation.

  • rick smith
    rick smith 6 months ago +2

    I respect this man right here and he will be the only one I truly do actually respect

  • UnCommon Sense
    UnCommon Sense 6 months ago +5

    If you can’t take it after 2 imagine what 10 felt like?

    • Trevor J
      Trevor J 5 months ago

      They never beat us ten in a row. Michigan still holds the record of 9 consecutive victories (1901-1909). Ohio State got to 8 consecutive victories but then we beat them in the ninth one.

    • UnCommon Sense
      UnCommon Sense 5 months ago

      @Trevor J I am aware of all of this but add in the Covid year and it was 9 years since the last time we had beaten OSU. We won in the tenth year.

  • Kyle stephenson
    Kyle stephenson 5 months ago +1

    I fucking love this. Thanks for your honesty, but now you know how us Michigan fans have felt for pretty much the last 2 decades. And just so you know, I don't think we've gotten better than you, I think we've just finally gotten on the same level. The rivalry is back 100%.

  • Jonathan Baldridge
    Jonathan Baldridge 6 months ago +5

    If I could give this 1 million likes, I would. Bravo!

  • JP Vlogs
    JP Vlogs  6 months ago

    As a buckeye fan from Michigan I feel the pain bro 😭 it’s been such a iffy season against inferior teams that it made me question our toughness at times, and Ryan Days play calling is mediocre at best just hoping the best for next season ✊🏽

    • Artem Lutsenko
      Artem Lutsenko 6 months ago

      Yall need a new coach bruh, someone whos actually a decent coach and isnt making high school level calls, especially at the goal line. I'm a broncos fan and it felt like watching say the broncos if they went against like the eagles or some shit rn. Once yall get a better coach and run your defense the team could prolly take #1 or #2 easily next season.

  • Dustin Schalk
    Dustin Schalk 6 months ago +1

    After dealing with heartbreak for the last 20 years I’m so happy and to 90 % of the buckeyes (that I have encountered) I wanna rub it in ha. We have had salt rubbed in our wounds . But at the end of the day there are fans like you who I genuinely offer condolences too. Just a guy rooting for his team and not making excuses . Respect . It’s a rivalry so I wouldn’t trade places with u obviously ha. But as someone below me said these things are cycles it always comes around. Maybe Michigan can stay in top spot for a decade ..or maybe we lose again next year who knows . But we have genuinely felt your pain and I hope you deal with it better than I did 😂

  • Will Grant
    Will Grant 6 months ago +2

    Michigan fan here. You're ability to analyze the game so impartially is impressive. Lol Jim "Jones" Knowles.

  • Sunociva
    Sunociva 6 months ago +1

    Michigan fan here. I won't lie, I was scared after that first TD, but from then on it was questionable call after dumb mistake the entire 2nd half. See you next year. Props on the instant reaction and not blaming anything other than the issues on the OSU staff and players on the field.

  • Paul S.
    Paul S. 6 months ago +4

    I'm a UGA fan, but this is the realist shit I've ever heard.

  • t z
    t z 5 months ago +1

    😂😂😂this how I’ve felt my whole life bruh. At least we got the rivalry back

  • Chase
    Chase 5 months ago

    Appreciate the reaction. As a Michigan fan I'm happy we have some fight these days. Not super thrilled yall got into the playoff, im not delusional to think we would just easily win again both teams are talented and just like most games 1 or 2 plays can happen and cost ya lol but I think you guys have a chance if you get a healthy RB and possibly Jaxon back idk what's all up with him but having him with Harrison and ebuka not many teams have 3 solid DBs. I wish we had 1 true #1 wr, it should be Xavier Worthy but they jacked that up. A top notch WR would actually make them dangerous. It would be absolutely crazy if we had a rematch in the title game but we have to actually win a playoff game lmao. We historically struggle with Running QBs at least the 25 yrs iv been watching. We haven't really faced a real running QB this year so I pray we can figure that out.

  • Ahmed Diallo
    Ahmed Diallo 5 months ago +1

    Mad respect for you bruh. I bleed that Blue, so not feeling sorry for you. Much respect for the video and the emotions.

  • Kora Anderson
    Kora Anderson 6 months ago +2

    I am a Michigander a Wolverine. I have been screaming just like you every year we would lose to OSU. I am full of you come to Michigan for this game and if you can't win you have to go. But I will say I felt your pain for many years. It's about time the Wolverines won 2 in a row. Now let's bring home a title and then get ready for OSU on Nov 25, 2023. Go Blue

  • themandownthehall
    themandownthehall 22 days ago

    "Playmakers make plays when plays need to be made" one of the best "winners" statements I've ever heard. Right there with "A true champion overcomes". Well said

  • Midwest Audits
    Midwest Audits 6 months ago

    As a Michigan fan, much respect to u, my guy. Comin' on here and ranting off nothing but love to the team u love most. And most important, respecting those who beat u. To be fair, I never expect to beat OSU. In my generation, y'all beat us 15 of 16 yrs and the one season we beat y'all before last before '04 and '19, y'all had an interim coach and went 6-6. I thought the streak would never end, but this rivalry is dominated generation by generation. But once again, my guy, much respect!