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Ruud van Nistelrooy's 25 Questions with Gary Neville | Overlap Xtra

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • My old teammate and Dutch goalscoring legend Ruud van Nistelrooy takes on my questions on The Overlap, brought to you by SkyBet.
    Ruud managed 25 goals in his golden boot winning season in 2002/03 at Manchester United, so it felt like a fitting tribute to pick 25 questions for him on our walk in Eindhoven where he manages PSV.
    We chat about his best ever goal, manager and pre match meal; as well as music, parties and the hardest defender he's faced in his career.
    The full interview is out next week, make sure to subscribe now and turn notifications on, if you like.
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Comments • 1 970

  • Sky Bet
    Sky Bet 2 months ago +1616

    Joaquin or Roy Keane? 😂

    • Séverine_SD
      Séverine_SD 2 months ago +34

      No word of a lie, that part had me slowly falling off my chair laughing - *HILARIOUS* 😩😩😩

    • Arun Pandey
      Arun Pandey 2 months ago +25

      Gary is one of a kind hahah

    • Arpit Kulshreshtha
      Arpit Kulshreshtha 2 months ago +9

      well...Joaquin is an alphabetical combo of Keane and his favorite word "Job"!

    • Matthew McRowan
      Matthew McRowan 2 months ago +20

      I just imagined Spaniard version of Roy

    • Séverine_SD
      Séverine_SD 2 months ago +4

      @Matthew McRowan 🤣🤣🤣🙈

  • Chris Silvester
    Chris Silvester 2 months ago +1852

    150 goals in 219 appearances for United. Says it all really. He was a phenomenal goalscorer absolutely ruthless

    • Afrobossi
      Afrobossi 2 months ago +62

      Ruudless indeed

    • Michael
      Michael 2 months ago +20

      Would have been our all time top scorer if he stayed

    • ChazzyRS
      ChazzyRS 2 months ago +22

      one of the best poachers ever to play the game tbh - coming from an arsenal fan

    • T-T10
      T-T10 2 months ago +14

      Fully agree mate with gritted teeth 😬 he was world class i say that an I'm a Liverpool fan

    • Zoe Whajah
      Zoe Whajah 2 months ago +8

      Especially the defenders he played against at that time.Rude is just exceptional

  • David Davies
    David Davies 2 months ago +441

    Sounds like he's really chilled and philosophical about how it ended at United. Picking Sir Alex and Ronaldo without skipping a beat. Absolute legend.

    • sbtopjosh
      sbtopjosh 2 months ago +23

      That's maturity

    • Charles
      Charles 2 months ago +10

      I think he just wants to save his image by saying that. When asked if he prefers Ronaldo or Messi, he said : "I always says Ronaldo because I have a past with him". He implies he doesn't mean Ronaldo is better than Messi. Hiding his true thought is no proof of a respectful person.

    • Sean Fray
      Sean Fray Month ago

      sir alex really rated ruud so i guess the feeling was mutual. pretty sure he picked up a seriously bad injury and sir alex still wanted him.

    • David Davies
      David Davies Month ago +3

      @Sean Fray He did. Think it was a knee injury that kept him out for months, if not a whole season. But Sir Alex waited to see how he'd recover and then signed him. The problems came later. Sir Alex showed him the door because of his apparent behaviour towards Ronaldo, who was obviously United's new golden boy. How be left United played on Ruud's mind for a few years and he eventually rang Sir Alex to apologise and that simple act fixed their relationship.

    • Kevin Greetham
      Kevin Greetham Month ago +1

      What a nonsense comment. You think to deep man

  • Ken flo
    Ken flo 2 months ago +261

    Loved Ruud. I remember his bad knee injury before signing for Utd, Fergie rang him almost daily for a year until he got fit again, then signed him. That paid off as Ruud loved him for it. A real goal-scorer in any era.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago +6

      Theres that video of him going down in agony if i remember correctly. Not a lot of players come back from that type of knee injury either. Great player.

    • Michael Majek
      Michael Majek Month ago

      You just reminded me of that injury. I remember that. What a legend Ruud was.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 2 months ago +688

    Huge respect to Ruud. He often gets forgotten in greatest striker debates. He was the quintessential number 9. An absolute menace in and around the penalty area. From a Newcastle fan.

    • 89kilemal
      89kilemal 2 months ago +24

      Cheers for letting us know you're a Newcastle fan.

    • Gage Felstead
      Gage Felstead 2 months ago +2

      I don't think this is true, I really don't. I've never seen a Premier league greatest debate without him being mentioned.

    • Michael Fellner
      Michael Fellner 2 months ago +5

      @Gage Felstead shearer, cantona, henry, cristiano, drogba .. there are so many who get mentioned instead / more often then ruud .. i do think there have certainly been overall better ones BUT ruud was definetly a beast. im from germany and when he signed for hamburg it was a huge deal here ( same with raul for schalke ). i know so many people who just started watching hamburg games or atleast highlights because of him and he delivered well. great awareness and instincts, great finishing with heavy strikes. and man this interview definetly made me a bigger fan of him, seems like such a cool guy.

    • Nad K
      Nad K 2 months ago

      ​@89kilemal 😂😂😂😂

    • Gage Felstead
      Gage Felstead 2 months ago +1

      @Michael Fellner Maybe it's just with me living in the Uk then bud. I don't think I've ever watched one video about premier league greats/strikers without Van Nistelrooy being included & spoke about. Incredible player, and hopefully has a very successful managerial career

  • Czer Ruiz
    Czer Ruiz Month ago +24

    RM fan here. Yes he wasn't at RM as long as he was with MU, but he's an RM legend to me. After R9 but before KB9, he surely was one of the best No.9 RM ever had.

  • the dishonest jeff sokol
    the dishonest jeff sokol 2 months ago +337

    My favourite ever striker. People forget that "Van Nistelrooy or Henry" was a genuine debate and then he went to Madrid and won them their first league title in years, brilliant player

    • lexa
      lexa 2 months ago +18

      it was a half debate because henry was clear by a mile but van nistelrooy was a great finisher, and tbf did beat him to the golden boot in 1 season at least

    • RevZman
      RevZman 2 months ago +15

      As a teenage United fan at the time I always knew I was deluding myself by putting him in Henry's level. Very good striker, Ruud, but a level below Henry

    • Jake
      Jake 2 months ago +1

      Lol 😂😂

    • Kit Jerubaina
      Kit Jerubaina 2 months ago +9

      It was a genuine debate *ONLY* for United fans

    • Lucas
      Lucas Month ago +1

      The Brazilian Ronaldo and Henry were the only strikers better than v. Nistelrooy during his time at United

  • Larry Sellers
    Larry Sellers 2 months ago +579

    The fact that United waited a year on an injured striker said all we needed to know about how much they rated this guy. He didn’t disappoint.

    • M
      M 2 months ago +10

      I remember seeing it on the news as a young Gooner thinking “wow he has a huge injury. The video is nasty. But Fergie still wants him!.” Fergie knew

    • Gary Dowdall
      Gary Dowdall 2 months ago +5

      Fergie did make a couple bad signings alright but more times than not he nailed it, ruud is in his top 3 signings for me

    •  2 months ago

      although he did ..

    • Gary Dowdall
      Gary Dowdall 2 months ago +1

      No mate, he most certainly did NOT disappoint, he missed a peno big deal

    • Gavaldo
      Gavaldo 2 months ago

      Was a strange video when he got injured tho, looked staged

  • Yash Bhatt
    Yash Bhatt 23 days ago +2

    When he mentioned the AC Milan back four, I got chills. Even the best players in the world today backed by Pep's tactics would be miserable vs that back four 🤕

  • Corummo
    Corummo 2 months ago +30

    AC Milan fans always loved Dutch players. Huge respect for Ruud, the striker who gathered and extended the Marco Van Basten's legacy. 🙌

    • FEK 80
      FEK 80 Month ago +5

      Van Basten was the most complete striker though...a level above Ruud...

  • Judes Arsenal Birthday
    Judes Arsenal Birthday 2 months ago +236

    As I die hard Arsenal fan of 35 years .. I have a huge respect watching this .. for the years of fierce battles and rivalry, it almost feel like watching family

    • Alexander Lane
      Alexander Lane 2 months ago +9

      Yeah Gooner here these guys had passion and fight incredible matches against these guys

    • Colin Geddes
      Colin Geddes 2 months ago +1

      For a 4, 5 year period at man utd he was absolutely lethal in front of goal. Great player and good guy.

    • Kirko Bangz
      Kirko Bangz 2 months ago +4

      Judes I echo every bit of this comment

    • Zaahir Jappie
      Zaahir Jappie 2 months ago +6

      those were the days hey...from a UTD fan!! Thee best PL rivalry.

    • Ahmed Hussein
      Ahmed Hussein 2 months ago +7

      Yea Idk why this is making me happy, I really thought I hated this guy haha

  • Erik Andreas Nymoen
    Erik Andreas Nymoen 2 months ago +14

    Funny how people forget how he had a formidable career at Real Madrid after United. Him and Raul formed a formidabel striking partnership beating prime Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Deco etc for the La Liga title

  • G L
    G L 2 months ago +74

    His all around play is criminally underrated. He was so good with his back to goal, bringing others in to play and relieving pressure.
    Adored him as a red. The fact everyone else hated him so much only made me love him more.

  • Carl McGrath
    Carl McGrath 2 months ago +574

    RVN was the definition of clinical. What a striker

    • Colonel Kurtz
      Colonel Kurtz 2 months ago +4

      he was very clinical, I'm a Liverpool fan and I truely don't feel United have had a striker at Ruud's level since he left? Elite

    • T F
      T F 2 months ago

      Not as good as Mo Salah

    • baidewey
      baidewey 2 months ago +2

      ​@Colonel Kurtz RVP

    • Pleasant Ville
      Pleasant Ville 2 months ago +5

      ​@T F Quite different players mate. Salah has performed at a very high level for years now, and can't be ignored. RVN was deadly, but needed the service a bit more than Salah, who has the ability to create for himself. Both great players, but in different ways.👍

    • José García
      José García 2 months ago +1

      In my opinion RVN and Romario are the definition of Elite Level Finishers what players they were

  • John Gotti
    John Gotti 2 months ago +15

    These top Dutch players have a certain classy, humble way about them.. I.e. bergkamp, rvp, rvn, stam etc. full respect

  • Rahman Hussain
    Rahman Hussain 2 months ago +11

    What an absolute legend. People forget how good Ruud actually was. He has to be one of the best ever strikers United and the Premier League ever

  • Kenny Tan
    Kenny Tan 2 months ago +16

    The player who made me fell in love with football. Thank you Ruud for all the memories. Legend.

  • khaledelamin
    khaledelamin Month ago +5

    underrated Ruud. Netherlands created so many wonderful strikers at that moment like Ruud, Makaay, Kluivert, Hasselbaink, Hoijdonk and so on. Ruud was smth different.

    • Carlos Simancas
      Carlos Simancas Month ago +1

      nobody underrated him. He was a super striker in a time of wonderful strikers. Maybe he was not as good as Ronaldo Nazario or Henry, but he was a phenomenal player at the same level than Schevchenko, Crespo or Vieri

  • Matthew Benjamin
    Matthew Benjamin 2 months ago +76

    Tears in my eyes, man. Ruud is a legend.

  • MK Kabz
    MK Kabz 2 months ago +308

    one of the greatest strikers in the PL, 4 out of the 5 seasons he scored 20 league goals or more. Fantastic striker and excellent career

    • Ibrahim’77
      Ibrahim’77 2 months ago +3

      What about Mo Salah then?

    • Lee Patrick
      Lee Patrick 2 months ago +19

      @Ibrahim’77 What's your point ?

    • Dan
      Dan 2 months ago +9

      How about Salah scoring 20+ in 6 seasons in a row? Levels beyond this chap using YOUR logic may i add ;)

    • Paul Manchip
      Paul Manchip 2 months ago +16

      ​@Ibrahim’77 🙄 "one of"

    • PrynceJ ☆
      PrynceJ ☆ 2 months ago +20

      Even on youtube the twitter meme about liverpool fans is proven true 😂

  • Arjun Satheesh
    Arjun Satheesh 2 months ago +2

    Ruud picking Cristiano Ronaldo and appreciating his penalty skills is really a treat when you know that Ronaldo has said that during his early days at United, Ruud had shouted at him for showboating with the ball on the wing when he should be passing (to the striker - Ruud) or scoring. There is an interview out there where CR7 has said that this made him reflect on his play style and change for the better.

  • Stewart Grindlay
    Stewart Grindlay 2 months ago +9

    Great person.
    Met him in Manchester airport. Had all the time in the world to sign autographs.
    I was the only one to go up and ask him and he laughed and he came over to our group and signed the rest.

  • Frankie Fish
    Frankie Fish 2 months ago +57

    What a class act. So talented, top professional, role model. Seems like a really nice bloke too. We miss you Ruud! Come back to England and manage Bristol Rovers 👍🏻👍🏻

  • D C
    D C 6 days ago

    Was gutted when he was pushed out. Phenomenal player who had so many more years at united. Guaranteed goal machine. Should never have let go of him.

  • Danny Keogh
    Danny Keogh 2 months ago +10

    What an unbelievable striker. My dad’s all time hero is Denis Law, and he says Ruud was the closest we’ve ever had to replicating him, and for Dave to say that is a testament to just how good Ruud was. More than a goal every other game for United (and Real), I’d argue that he could have been our all time scorer had he stayed a few more years. RUUUUUUDDDDDD

  • Navers Kay
    Navers Kay 2 months ago +546

    It is crazy how the ONLY goal he scored outside the box was against Charlton Athletic. Every other goal was inside the box, a real definition of a poacher. There was no better day in FPL when you had Henry AND Van Nistelrooy as your strikers. Mega.

    • Ibrahim’77
      Ibrahim’77 2 months ago +11

      Like Haaland now

    •  2 months ago

      was charlton though 😊

    • Daniel Forsyth
      Daniel Forsyth 2 months ago +29

      People forget that he also dribbled from inside his own half line past 4 defenders to score the goal he mentions against Fulham

    • Muscular Klaus
      Muscular Klaus 2 months ago +5

      ​@we were decent back then mate, bit harsh.

  • I
    I Month ago +6

    One of my favourite United players growing up. How did we not win more trophies during his time at the club?

  • Asimo
    Asimo 2 months ago +10

    Top class player! And the players he mentioned and played with, gives me goosebumps. You don't get that these days

  • Nick Gillen
    Nick Gillen 2 months ago +27

    Elite player. Truly elite. Never gets talked about among the PL greats but he is up there.

  • McGacks
    McGacks 2 months ago +5

    Legend, we should have won so much more with him at United. Cool guy.

  • Uchenna Martin
    Uchenna Martin Month ago +4

    Talk about "the loved enemy". Loved everything about this man, even in a United shirt. Even followed up on his transfer to Man UTD. Watched almost every international game he played, even friendlies. Followed him at Madrid (had some love for them already before though), then slightly at Malaga. Was very glad for that pen miss against us in that infamous moment (had quite some mixed feelings that day though, to be honest). Loved him then, even more now ( listening to him talk........ heavenly. God bless you, "Ruud Boy" (as I and my guys used to call him then).

  • jaytee444444
    jaytee444444 2 months ago +228

    As a Liverpool fan is pains me to admit... but I was extremely jealous of Utd have this goal monster. What a fantastic player he was.

    • S K
      S K 2 months ago +2

      Tbf you lot had torres and Suarez

    • jaytee444444
      jaytee444444 2 months ago +4

      @S K We did... But that was after Ruud left Utd. At that time we had Cisse and Baros. Torres didn't sign for us until 07 and I think RVN left for Madrid the year before.

    • James Thomas
      James Thomas 2 months ago +2

      ​@jaytee444444 Did you not see Fowler at Liverpool? He was a very similar player

    • jaytee444444
      jaytee444444 2 months ago +8

      @James Thomas Did I not see Fowler? Fowler is God! Of course I saw him. I also saw Rush, Aldridge, Dalglish, Barnes and Beardsley. What's your point?
      That doesn't take away what a special player RVN was and I along with the majority of other LFC fans would have loved him at Anfield.

    • Trudon
      Trudon 2 months ago +1

      I love rvn and I support liverpool. Rivalry is set aside for greatness.

  • Chris Jee
    Chris Jee Month ago +1

    When he started speaking about that AC Milan line, I got instant flashbacks. What a defence that was, must've been absolutely terrifying.

  • Kenny C
    Kenny C Month ago +2

    Watching these 2 legends walking casually, chatting with fun, bringing up throwbacks is quit enjoyable 😊

  • Christopher Kyle
    Christopher Kyle 2 months ago +16

    Favourite United player of all time. Almost guaranteed a goal every time he played. Monster! ❤

  • samson bahari
    samson bahari 2 months ago +7

    Indeed one of the greatest striker in history of football

  • Blue Llua
    Blue Llua 2 months ago +149

    That Milan defence/team was outrageous. Jaap Stam is so underrated in the sense that people often bring up Maldini and Nesta. But Jaap was also so essential for that Milan team and before that for United.

    • John Munro
      John Munro 2 months ago +11

      Sir Alex has admitted that moving him on when he did was a huge mistake. I think he might even have said it was his biggest regret as a manager. The man was incredible.

    • neXib
      neXib 2 months ago +16

      I'm pretty sure Ronaldo has nightmares about Cafu chewing gum and grinning on that wing. I've never seen anyone totally mute Ronaldo like Cafu did, and he was probably way into his 30s at that point.

    • naville
      naville 2 months ago

      Didnt win much though! Super Copa Italiana literally the smallest trophy to win during that defence period. AC Milan's defence was stacked on paper but didnt get results as in major trophies. Plus they were involved in Calcipoli during that period in Seria A and Coppa Italia.

    • Orion Games
      Orion Games 2 months ago +3

      Cafu stam nesta maldini
      C'mon man put some respect on cafus name

    • Richard
      Richard 2 months ago

      ​@naville lol wut😅

  • Mileee
    Mileee Month ago +4

    Ruud was proper goalscorer. Massive respect for this guy

  • Sandeep Govindan
    Sandeep Govindan 2 months ago +19

    The world doesnt create strikers like this anymore.. What a player he was.. Scoring consistently wherever he goes.

    • S. -
      S. - 2 months ago +2

      Some weird looking kid from Norway seems to be doing pretty well lately

    • Sandeep Govindan
      Sandeep Govindan 2 months ago +1

      @S. - haha.. people call him cheat code... let's wait and watch if he can be as consistent

  • EnglishViking
    EnglishViking 2 months ago +32

    What a gentleman and a United legend. I will always remember as a kid seeing that celebration on his knees at the Stretford End. Pure passion, and lethal goalscorer

  • Hendrian Rheza
    Hendrian Rheza Month ago +4

    The man who made me fell in love with United. His rivalry with Henry for EPL golden boot was nice to watch

  • frank akoto
    frank akoto 2 months ago +2

    This man made me love football. Really appreciate what you’ve done for the game. Hala Madrid.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 2 months ago +314

    I was in the stadium when he scored that unreal half way line run goal against Fulham, in 2003. My most cherished live football memory; thank you Ruud.

    • T F
      T F 2 months ago +1

      Was never as good as Mo Salah

    • Lauren Combs
      Lauren Combs 2 months ago +2

      ​@T F for chelsea or liverfool😅😂😂 ruud only got red running through him

    • Bob socks
      Bob socks 2 months ago +7

      @T F 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Joseph Hayes
      Joseph Hayes 2 months ago

      Me too! My one and only time eseeing the boys live.. that’s the only goal I can remember from that day, even though we won 3-1 ? 4-1??

    • neXib
      neXib 2 months ago +1

      Gotta love those special occasions. I was at White Hart Lane when we beat Spurs 4-0, van der Sar got injured with all subs used and John O'Shea saved 1 on 1 with Robbie Keane. We made such a ruccus in the first half that we got denied beer at half time, probably wise decision looking back. Loved that game, we never paused singing, whenever a song stopped we sang the calypso.

  • JR
    JR 2 months ago +8

    Love the respect he had for Stam, such a great player

  • A S
    A S 2 months ago +14

    My childhood hero my love for United he was responsible for, my legend, my hero my icon! Ruud Van Nistelrooy! ❤

  • Karthik Nistelrooy
    Karthik Nistelrooy 24 days ago +2

    It would really be harsh if I don’t comment after being a greatest Ruud Van nistelrooy fan..what a phenom he was..Love from India ❤

  • RockLobster
    RockLobster 2 months ago +3

    Love to see Ruud still has love for Madrid 💟 We Real fans still remember him fondly

  • Dark soul ,,,
    Dark soul ,,, 2 months ago +19

    What a legend ❤️
    My respect for him as a Cristiano fan after this interview 📈📈📈

    • Manjunath Prasad CV
      Manjunath Prasad CV 2 months ago +8

      he did ronaldo dirty by saying chose him coz he has played with him lol

  • Colonel Kurtz
    Colonel Kurtz 2 months ago +84

    I thought he left united after a falling out with Ronaldo etc, had that impression he would have been bitter against both Ronaldo and Fergie, but it really isn't the case, he speaks VERY highly of the both of them and holds respect too. What a great guy, comes across very grounded and pleasant

    • Jiraiya
      Jiraiya 2 months ago +10

      no matter which club he leaves, he conducts himself gracefully, not like these conts out now

    • Scott123
      Scott123 2 months ago +20

      He has class. No Piers Morgan interview for Ruud.

    • Anusha Jain
      Anusha Jain 2 months ago +3

      ​@Scott123 no disrespect and lack of empathy during a tough personal time for rudd aswell

    • “You Big Dork”
      “You Big Dork” 2 months ago +4

      I noticed that too especially since he picked ronaldo to take the penalty of his life

    • Peter Gillon
      Peter Gillon 2 months ago

      Agreed. Rumours at the time were he wanted Ronnie to cross to him, and Ronnie wanted to shoot. There was a fight between the 2 at Carrington , and Fergie had to choose to keep one and sell one. He sold Ruud, and kept Ronnie.

  • JB79
    JB79 2 months ago +5

    Loved van Nistelrooy, always gave 100% on the pitch for United. Wish him all the best at PSV.

  • O G
    O G 2 months ago +8

    one of the best players to have ever worn the real madrid jersey! loved how he played for us and goal scoring record was great too, unfortunate with alot of injuries

  • Abdirisak Awes
    Abdirisak Awes Month ago +3

    Ruud Van Nistelrooy: What a legend!

  • Mystraker
    Mystraker 2 months ago +4

    I still feel so blessed to have seen him play live (and you too Gary) when United came to Seattle in 2003. He scored a typical goal that day: taking the ball on the turn with a center-back draped all over him, but he was too quick and strong. One touch to turn and one to fire home at the near post. Bang. One of my favorite childhood memories.

  • Dano F. Smith
    Dano F. Smith 2 months ago +2

    My favorite striker of all time. I'm glad he shared the story with his grandfather, it really makes alot of sense when you remember how Ruud played, not much flash, just hard work and determination.
    It really sucks he missed out on the 2010 WC, that generation was so close to finally winning, with Sneijder, Robben, V. Persie, and co. I feel like Ruud could have added that little extra finishing touch that the Netherlands needed against Spain.

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago +1937

    IMO This lad would have destroyed all Premiership goal scoring records if he hadn't moved to Madrid.
    EDIT IMO Haaland is the greatest striker that's ever played in the Premiership.

    • Abdulkadir Adow
      Abdulkadir Adow 2 months ago +138

      Ronaldo came and took his shine. CR7 wasn't always supplying him and when he took offense, everyone sided with the future of the club. He ended up moving to real madrid. Then when kaka and ronaldo came, he forced a move again. I believe he had such a huge ego around that time but who could blame him when he was such an elite striker. He seems to have learned from that moment. Quite surprised with how humble he comes off here. Great player

    • Navers Kay
      Navers Kay 2 months ago +45

      @Abdulkadir Adow, wasn't just him as well. It was Rooney as well, if you read SAF's autobiography. He wanted to make Rooney the main man, so this came at RVN's expense, as he thrived off a 4-5-1 formation.

    • M17CH
      M17CH 2 months ago +72

      If he wasn't injured he would have been at United a year early too if I remember.

    • GIBBO4182
      GIBBO4182 2 months ago +17

      There are quite a few players with better goal ratios than him

    • J haych
      J haych 2 months ago +2

      ​@GIBBO4182 played in a front 2 though

  • Geeky Stuff
    Geeky Stuff 2 months ago +4

    What a player!! I love him! Just imagine his goalscoring record if he'd have stayed longer.

  • Ex Cop
    Ex Cop Month ago +2

    Dude is so calm and cheerful. Absolute juggernaut of a striker, loved him!

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 2 months ago +3

    Favourite memory of him was that celebration after scoring against Arsenal after missing the penalty previously. What a striker he was, and that Vodafone kit is still my favourite

  • Ahmad Sairally
    Ahmad Sairally 2 months ago +4

    What a wonderful player he was! He will always be fondly remembered as one of the greatest strikers of the beautiful game. Ruuuuuuuud :)

  • Syed Faisal Mahboob
    Syed Faisal Mahboob 2 months ago +3

    My absolute favorite striker growing up. What a man! Legend!

  • Casual Fox
    Casual Fox 2 months ago +127

    Kids these days will never understand how good Ruud was.

    • Titin IUPAC name
      Titin IUPAC name 2 months ago +3

      Previous Generation saw Van Basten, the one before saw Muller. This one sees Haaland, so everyone had a similar player in their era.

    • Paul Coopmans
      Paul Coopmans Month ago +1

      Kids have youtube !

    • 11-inch
      11-inch Month ago

      @Titin IUPAC name Bro just put Haaland in the same sentence as Van Basten and Gerd Muller

    • Titin IUPAC name
      Titin IUPAC name Month ago +1

      @11-inch Yeah, same role on the pitch is the centre of conversation, not legacy or records.

    • The wanderer with Gungnir
      The wanderer with Gungnir Month ago

      @11-inch if he continues like he is doing he will be a legend of the game too. Dortmund and now city. I hate to see it as a utd fan

  • braderley
    braderley 2 months ago +1

    It really comes across on camera how genuine Ruud is. Loved watching him at United

  • Speakeasy Ray
    Speakeasy Ray 2 months ago +2

    Much respect from a Chelsea fan. The man is a legend.

  • Shugor Choudhury
    Shugor Choudhury 2 months ago +41

    As a Liverpool fan this interview was a joy to watch. I love watching Gary and Jamie as football pundits…..who’d have thought it ?

    • Kevin Jenkins
      Kevin Jenkins 2 months ago +4

      People often criticise both, but I have to admit, them too are always honest and refer back to different situations in their own careers very well. I'm also a big fan of Roy Keane, Micah Richards and Ian Wright as pundits. Where as people like Keown, Jenas etc are awful imo.

  • Clark piggott
    Clark piggott 2 months ago +78

    Rudd was simply ruthless and I was gutted when he left us… But he went Madrid and won 2 leagues, proving he still had it, despite some doubters. Easily one of the best to ever wear the red shirt. Legend. Ruuuuuuuud!
    Great content!

  • Mohamed I’m ard Bruce lee

    I can remember when he was the Haaland of his time, utd legend, always remembered, bless you Ruud , what a striker, he could score just by looking at the ball.

  • Ehsan Kanan
    Ehsan Kanan Month ago +1

    Wonderful striker and human being, Ruud is.

  • Jay Turley
    Jay Turley Month ago +1

    Unbelievable striker. And a gentleman. Proud to see that's he become a great manager.

  • Lee Hargreaves
    Lee Hargreaves Month ago

    Absolutely clinical. Like Haarland in that he had just one thing on his mind, getting the ball into the net in any way possible. Quality.

  • Brad
    Brad 2 months ago +3

    One of the best pure strikers of all time.

  • Peter
    Peter 2 months ago +83

    As an Arsenal adoring Henry there was still a big fascination with RVN. What a machine

    • Gooner_Duke
      Gooner_Duke 2 months ago +5

      very different players. But rvn was a very clinical striker, classic poacher. I guess similar to Haaland today ish... can't think of any one else like him playing in the PL today

    • Devon Haigh
      Devon Haigh Month ago

      That makes me so happy to here an arsenal fan admitting to someone elses quality

    • Gooner_Duke
      Gooner_Duke Month ago +1

      @Devon Haigh haha well it does happen. I think us older gunners, are pretty fair. Having been a season ticket holder, during that great rivalry of Sir Alex and Wenger, **now**, not then of course, I know what great players/sides utd had under Sir Alex.
      I actually defended Paul Scholes ! From young Chelsea and City fans in a football content channel chat the other day. They were saying he was overrated🤦‍♂ No clue some of these fans.
      Don't get me wrong, I always want to beat you guys and banter is a part of football culture. But I and some other Arsenal fans, do try to be fair.

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 2 months ago +3

    We loved him in Madrid, great player and the ultimate pro and likeable player.

  • marco bryant
    marco bryant Month ago

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    Vinny Patel 2 months ago +2

    Amazing striker and finisher from an LFC fan. This man was the real deal.....deadly!

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    Topeng Koe 2 months ago

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  • Ali Muzzaman
    Ali Muzzaman 2 months ago +4

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    Great episode. Love this show from the start ❤

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    thomas james 2 months ago +48

    So glad you did this with Ruud. As a United fan growing up in the 2000s he was my favourite footballer.

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    Chris King Month ago +1

    I remember his signing like it was yesterday. I remember it initially fell through at United and expected him to not perform as well as he did. He became a favourite at United. What a player he has.

  • Tony H.
    Tony H. 2 months ago

    Absolute legend at United who is often very easily forgotten! Suffered a little with Fergie tinkering with formations for Europe ! Often playing him alone up front! Amazing goal scorer!

  • Creg :D
    Creg :D 2 months ago +2

    Ruud was my favourite player growing up, some of the angles he scored from was unbelievable

  • Nthn Hbsn
    Nthn Hbsn 2 months ago +5

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    • pol pol
      pol pol Month ago

      my thoughts exactly

  • Amal Amarasingha
    Amal Amarasingha 2 months ago +2

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    Glody Mabassa 2 months ago +53

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  • Heathen
    Heathen Month ago

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  • Fazrul Yusof
    Fazrul Yusof 2 months ago +1

    Was there to witness his first 2 unofficial goals as a United player in a friendly against my country Malaysia in 2001. I still have a few jerseys with his name on the back so yeah, he's one of my favourite Utd strikers. What a legend!

  • “You Big Dork”
    “You Big Dork” 2 months ago +5

    It was a joy to live through that era of Arsenal v Man United with Ruud & Gary in the thick of it classic premier league moments

  • BenKurton
    BenKurton Month ago

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  • Beakbreaker42
    Beakbreaker42 2 months ago +2

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  • Indra Setiawan
    Indra Setiawan 2 months ago +16

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    Richard Adima 2 months ago +8

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  • How To InTechZo
    How To InTechZo 2 months ago +1

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    Mark Lester Month ago

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  • Invisible Forest
    Invisible Forest 2 months ago

    Ruud was an absolute goal machine for us at Utd, I remember him and Thierry battling it out for the golden boot and it was incredible to watch. We could use some of that right now, I reckon Ruud has still got it 😅

  • Bruce Steve
    Bruce Steve 2 months ago

    As a Fulham fan I’ll never forget that goal he scored against us, he was an unreal player

  • Irish Bro
    Irish Bro 2 months ago +57

    I loved watching the type of striker he became at Real Madrid, even with the doubters after the United fall out. He was 30 and had some amazing moments, both goals and assists. My favourite player ever.

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    Marco Antonio Month ago

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  • Tumusiime Fred
    Tumusiime Fred Month ago

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    Whitson 2 months ago

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  • Pee Slev
    Pee Slev 2 months ago

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