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Netherlands vs. United States Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Round of 16

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  2 months ago +3965

    It's still called soccer btw 😤😤😤

  • Sam Humpherys
    Sam Humpherys 2 months ago +1917

    As an American, this is tough to watch, but the truth is we were just outplayed. Congratulations to the Netherlands. All the best to your team for the rest of the World Cup.

    • Omniknight
      Omniknight Month ago

      The Dutch made very bad careless defensive mistakes in this football match, that any good team would score on. I'am pretty sure they can't away with that against Argentina.

    • Soren P
      Soren P Month ago

      No shame to losing to Holland

    • Not Founder
      Not Founder Month ago

      I feel like we actually controlled the game quite well, it was even in terms of possession and shots it just came down to bad defense and not taking advantage of our chances. It seems like USA’s defense is always great in the group stage and then falls apart.

    • Alexito Pipito
      Alexito Pipito Month ago

      @P Gurung the best , up their with the Germans . Amazing football

    • Alexito Pipito
      Alexito Pipito Month ago

      @GreaterSociety should’ve bet on the Dutch

  • Mike Hydrusko
    Mike Hydrusko 2 months ago +874

    The most frustrating thing about this loss was on basic defensive concepts. You don’t have to play for AC Milan to know how to follow your marks, communicate amongst your teammates and scan the field for open runners. Van Gaal let his team hang back and go on great counters that stretched the defensive positioning and allowed them to make crosses to runners making diagonal runs.

    • Salis Eduardo
      Salis Eduardo Month ago

      We will pay back to it 4🇧🇷x0

    • Chris Saldivar
      Chris Saldivar Month ago

      @Mike Hydrusko doubt it you wouldn’t be thinking that way

    • Mike Hydrusko
      Mike Hydrusko Month ago

      @Chris Saldivar I actually did. Varsity in both high school and college, bro.

    • hubby
      hubby Month ago

      @Chris Saldivar thank god

    • Chris Saldivar
      Chris Saldivar Month ago

      says the american who never played football

  • K MA
    K MA 2 months ago +60

    Absolutely beautiful work by the Dutch defense. Multiple times, the keeper committed, but the ball was still in play and the defensemen came through with a clear. And that one goal the US got was a pure luck shot. The shots they had on goal weren't quite up to par. I'm American and I'd love to have seen them advance, but they were not the better team on the field this day. Good run for the men, however. It's much more than the USMNT has been able to do for many world cups now. Build on that! Heads high, until the women's team (yes, that's real) and the IRS come for their chunk of what you earned =/

    • BarebackBarbarians FC
      BarebackBarbarians FC Month ago

      They mists seen a whole in u as defense in tape cuz all 3 goals were exactly the same and they exploited it in the box

  • Pure rel
    Pure rel 2 months ago +5

    Well played Netherlands, a really hard loss for United States fans. Hopefully 2026 will be better, U.S. need a striker who can actually score.

  • fatmanur
    fatmanur 2 months ago +5

    Netherlands looked so calm the whole game. I think a few Netherlands players left the pitch, made some phone calls, went to go get something to eat, came back and scored the next two goals.

  • love2CUsmile
    love2CUsmile Month ago +1

    Honestly, I didn’t expect US men to make it this far in the tournament.

  • Kelvin Mamba
    Kelvin Mamba 2 months ago +1

    Big congratulations USA, tbh u guys passed my expectations. Hopefully we do more next WC. Our security team still remain at the WC, so we’re not out completely. God bless America 💙❤️🇺🇸

  • Matthew Feig
    Matthew Feig Month ago

    The goal at the end of the first half was killer. The US had a lot of possession in the attacking third and were starting to look more dangerous with it. Down 1-0 at half, I would have felt pretty good about our chances to tie it up. But the Dutch put together one good movement and made the pass and finish look so easy.

  • Jon Lauer
    Jon Lauer 2 months ago +2

    Well done fellas. Congrats on making it this far, and best of luck in the future.

  • DrO80
    DrO80 2 months ago +1527

    Netherlands looked so calm the whole game. I think a few Netherlands players left the pitch, made some phone calls, went to go get something to eat, came back and scored the next two goals.

    • Ig
      Ig Month ago

      @TK Frankie De Jong is not their best midfielder, Denzel Dumfries is their best midfielder.

    • Sean Matthew King
      Sean Matthew King Month ago

      Netherlands got pretty lucky. They gave up more chances than the US did. The difference is the US didn't finish their chances.

    • Eris Shyti
      Eris Shyti Month ago

      against argentina they will call their driver to come pick them up to the airport

    • Jo Dom
      Jo Dom Month ago

      🤣🤣🤣 Right!!!

    • S Y
      S Y Month ago


  • Mark Baker
    Mark Baker 2 months ago +63

    So proud of our boys I know they gave it everything they had I’ll never forget them I hope to see them back in 2026 I know we can win it all some day

    • Bcuniverse
      Bcuniverse Month ago

      @Raul Navarro Its true tho, its a rarity for us to even lose in a sport we actually care ab

    • Walker1444
      Walker1444 Month ago

      @Riley 1955 ay we won the World Series in 2016 😤

    • Mark Baker
      Mark Baker Month ago +1

      @Raul Navarro wdym

    • Raul Navarro
      Raul Navarro Month ago

      @Mark Baker lol classic deflect when truth hurts

    • Sean Wheale
      Sean Wheale Month ago +2

      Those guys wide opened shows we didn’t have enough passion in this game!

  • Potato7642
    Potato7642 2 months ago +9

    Oranje always plays so smoothly. They're truly a machine. Could see them making top 3, still think France will take it though.

    • Shuvari
      Shuvari 2 months ago

      God I really hope England shuts them down if/when they beat Poland. Two WC wins in a row should be illegal 😂

    • Ed Rios
      Ed Rios 2 months ago

      I don't think they will beat Argentina. Argentina has better players. We will see

    • Naraendra Reddy
      Naraendra Reddy 2 months ago +1

      I don't want France to win again lol

  • Wisco9er
    Wisco9er 2 months ago +22

    DeJong and Dumfries were absolutely phenomenal. Controlled the game.

    • Wisco9er
      Wisco9er Month ago

      @CD yeh

    • CD
      CD Month ago

      @Wisco9er well see how he fares with messi..

    • Wisco9er
      Wisco9er Month ago

      @CD yeah but you didn't mention it lol. Stop it

    • CD
      CD Month ago

      @Wisco9er still top tier..

    • Wisco9er
      Wisco9er Month ago +1

      @CD nah he plays for Ajax now

  • Chrundle T. Great
    Chrundle T. Great 2 months ago +7

    Holland always has an amazing team and they are so clinical with their passing and crossing. Well played.

    • cesar barraza
      cesar barraza Month ago

      @My DNA Profiles or not qualifying to the World Cup

    • My DNA Profiles
      My DNA Profiles Month ago

      And they also have a history of choking in championship games. Correct?

    • CD
      CD Month ago

      @Ron B i agree, dest or mckennie couldnt complete anything to save their life… holding foward was too scare to come get the ball… lol

    • John F. Kennedy
      John F. Kennedy 2 months ago

      @Ron B agreed

    • Ron B
      Ron B 2 months ago +6

      Holland is a well-coached and disciplined team that plays like a cohesive unit. The 'States' team is scattered because they are poorly coached.
      Today the 'States' team looked like a bunch of high school players against the Netherlands national team. I have seen them play better in the past, but today they looked absolutely unprepared to take on a world class team and for Pulisic to miss that early and easy opportunity, set the tone and tempo for the rest of the game - way too sloppy and anemic effort throughout the game.
      The Dutch team took their foot off the gas long before the end of the game, or else it could have been a rout. They are saving their energy for the next game, and they have a lot more left in the tank. The U.S. 'schoolboys' have a long way to go and they for sure need a new and real coach like the Dutch have in Louis Van Gaal.

  • Sean Tran
    Sean Tran 2 months ago +1997

    The US’s marking for all 3 goals conceded was absolutely woeful….

    • Kyle Johnson
      Kyle Johnson Month ago

      @Near Lai so was all the other Olympic sports before we came storming in

    • Kyle Johnson
      Kyle Johnson Month ago

      @N we had to go and protect the world from Russia, China , and Iran…we would love to play games…but we have a duty to preform.

    • Near Lai
      Near Lai 2 months ago

      @Kyle JohnsonDude, the three greatest players of all time (Messi, Maradona and Pele) are not even above (5 ft 8 in). Futbal is a different animal.

    • phoenixjim0527
      phoenixjim0527 2 months ago +1

      0:53 Around 40m, Memphis beats USA #4; passes and moves; runs 40m, with #4 just jogging along behind; then blasts in an easy shot within the 18. Who the f*k is #4? What is he thinking 9 mins into the game?
      1:57 Look at that American defender #2, hands on hips, ball watching, oblivious to Daly Blind’s run. High school players know better than that.
      4:15 #5 for USA, playing like in school again, no idea the goal scorer (his man) is wide open behind him.
      What the frick?! 😠

    • Deonte
      Deonte 2 months ago +1

      @HylandWeb, Ream is fine. The marking issues were the fullbacks. Second goal was 100% on Dest and third goal was 100% on Robinson

  • Nick Dudek
    Nick Dudek 2 months ago +6

    Terrible defending and shape. Thank you to the USMNT for fighting hard and never giving up. I hope they learn from this and grow for future competitions and 2026 💪🏻💯⚽️

    • Mr Kilo-G
      Mr Kilo-G Month ago

      USMNT needs more skilled players in the national time

  • Pierre
    Pierre 2 months ago

    Technical skill and first touch made the difference. Look at that beautiful setup from the midfield for the first Dutch goal where six passes were first touch as well as the goal -- compare that with Wright's chance that should have been a relatively easy goal, but that bad first touch squandered it. The US does not yet have the depth to make such a play at such a pace. The argument you hear a lot that you need the "best athletes" to play the game is completely besides the point. First and foremost you need that skill and somehow it's not practiced enough, perhaps even *because* there's too much emphasis on raw track and field numbers.

  • K & K Clips
    K & K Clips Month ago +7

    I was starting to get hopeful after we scored, but the other goal for the Netherlands was the nail in the coffin. Great game played by the Netherlands 🇳🇱 there is always 2026! 😅

  • craig rivet
    craig rivet 2 months ago

    Usmnt did so well man im so suprised, they definitely have potential for future world cups keep this team together and develop and find a more refined coach 🥹🥹🥹🇺🇸

  • Abraham Avila
    Abraham Avila 2 months ago +610

    Netherlands literally played against 5 traffic cones on defense (It really sucks saying this as a U.S. fan)

    • Chehan Bathina
      Chehan Bathina 2 months ago

      @Abraham Avila if blind was actually blind he could've still crossed it to him, that's how much space Dumfries was in

    • Arteson
      Arteson 2 months ago

      @GreaterSociety … NEVER bet on those losers!

    • H R
      H R 2 months ago

      They did not field the best, they never do. Will be the same next time around… hope they can the coach… No backbone!

    • Tyler Winston
      Tyler Winston 2 months ago

      @China Virus keep crying

    • Erich L
      Erich L 2 months ago +1


  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    Our best chances came when we had players in the box forcing the Dutch to actually make decisions, which was very rare given Berhalter's wishy-washy tactics. We need a top quality coach to get the most out of this young side before 2026.

  • Agent47
    Agent47 2 months ago +1

    I wanted America to win, but I have to give credit to Netherlands here, their defense is insane.

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan 2 months ago

    Congrats to the Dutch. Great game. Depay and Dumfries where to much.
    As a USA fan. Adjustments needed to be made but Berhalter did nothing. We had our chances before Wright's goal but ultimately the Dutch finished their chances and we didn't.

  • Jenson Antony
    Jenson Antony 2 months ago

    Both of Ned assists were insane and on point

  • Calvin Campbell
    Calvin Campbell 2 months ago +135

    We can still take some positives from this game. The US definitely need to improve marking for crosses into the box, but I'm proud of our effort today. Onward boys!

    • Claudio Gomes
      Claudio Gomes 2 months ago +1

      @Dexter Westin they agreed out of fear of being called sexist, homophobic, transphobic and even maybe racist, I mean why not!

    • Dexter Westin
      Dexter Westin 2 months ago +1

      @Claudio Gomes As much as I can't stand that whiny, complaining, perpetual victim, drama queen the USMNT agreed to the bargaining agreement that will bring so many $ for the women's team.

    • Keep your  Hammer and sickle
      Keep your Hammer and sickle  2 months ago

      You mean the same team that lost to a group of 15 year olds. That team??? How many of those disasters would make the men’s team?? None. None would make good high school boys team, let alone a nation team.

    • DrO80
      DrO80 2 months ago +1

      At first I was like why does the women's team want half the money??? Then I saw todays game. Half sounds about right.

    • KidShaoKahn 🔧
      KidShaoKahn 🔧 2 months ago

      @Kyle Johnsonor Steven Seagal!!!

  • tenidas io
    tenidas io Month ago


  • Leon Gorani
    Leon Gorani 2 months ago

    3 pretty good goals and 1 extremely lucky hit that ended up being a goal 😅

  • William Parra
    William Parra 2 months ago

    Love the Netherlands. I hope they get their first World Cup. USA made it farther than other Conmenbol teams, and that is all I can say.

  • richard galid
    richard galid 2 months ago

    The US team needed more experience playing against different types/style and tactics . They will be better in 4 yrs(I hope!). They couldn't cope with Holland deliberately slowing the pace of the game and keeping the US in from of them. The defense on the flanks were very much to be desired and thus the lost.

  • De’Andre Brown
    De’Andre Brown 2 months ago +85

    Our marking was really bad today but the real consistent issue is our finishing. We don’t have a clinical player, and all our shots are right at the keeper

    • Ryan Eglitis
      Ryan Eglitis Month ago

      @ABRAHAM JOHNSON The problem was the opposite - they didn't have anyone ready to score. They just tried to dribble and pass everything in. Nobody was looking for the net.

      ABRAHAM JOHNSON 2 months ago

      Everyone wants to score. Selfish play

    • Brandon Webb
      Brandon Webb 2 months ago +1

      @Ron B Pulisic’s opportunity wasn’t easy; the goalkeeper shut down the angles pretty quickly. New to football?

    • Ron B
      Ron B 2 months ago +1

      Today the 'States' team looked like a bunch of high school players against the Netherlands national team. I have seen them play better in the past, but today they looked absolutely unprepared to take on a world class team and for Pulisic to miss that early and easy opportunity, set the tone and tempo for the rest of the game - way too sloppy and anemic effort throughout the game. The Dutch team took their foot off the gas long before the end of the game, or else it could have been a rout. They are saving their energy for the next game and they have a lot more left in the tank. The U.S. 'schoolboys' have a long way to go and they for sure need a new and real coach.

    • Ryan Eglitis
      Ryan Eglitis 2 months ago +6

      Yeah, no goal sense. Also some pretty poor play on defense today. Our only goal was basically a fluke - 99/100 times the keeper grabs that or it goes over/wide.

  • haboab0216
    haboab0216 2 months ago

    Great play Netherlands in second half they felt little relaxed knowing they are safe but they picked up paying more attention scored third goal .. Hard luck USA.. Nice play Netherlands

  • Anamauwa Dimgba
    Anamauwa Dimgba Month ago

    These 5 mins highlights are way better than those 12 mins highlights 🔥

  • Peremalfait
    Peremalfait 2 months ago +3

    Making it out of group play isn't enough anymore, and 2026 feels like a long ways away after already having waited 8 years for another chance at the world cup only to go out like this.

    • Shuvari
      Shuvari 2 months ago +1

      I mean at least you’re not Italy. Failing in the group stage in 2010 and 2014 and not even qualifying for 2018 and 2022.

  • Jay Luna
    Jay Luna Month ago +1

    USA has really come a long way 💪🏻

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 2 months ago +314

    I’m from America but I’ve traveled to Netherlands quite a few times, nicest people I’ve ever met, been cool to see the progression of US’ team in the past 10 years and great job to Netherlands 🇺🇸🇳🇱

    • N
      N 2 months ago

      Bye yanks good knowin ya 😂

    • LiveFree
      LiveFree 2 months ago +1

      @Imer Sarmiento and only one call themselves American, you know them well who they are.

    • Justin F.
      Justin F. 2 months ago +1

      @AB u got issues my man

    • Austin Owens
      Austin Owens 2 months ago

      For every other country this means EVERYTHING for them, for the USA, it’s week 13 tmrw

    • koorush
      koorush 2 months ago +1

      Uncle sam is furious

  • BRAd From The Valley

    The strength on the ball in the midfield was pretty obvious as the Dutch won balls when they needed to and controlled the game pretty well. USA has good passing and movement but lacks a bit in the size department. The fullbacks were decent this tournament, but USA lacked a real stopper in the center back. They did well to fight back into it to make it 2-1 but it seems to take them too many opportunities to get a goal, whereas the Dutch scored on their first attempt.

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone Month ago +1

    1:58 10 US players in the box, all "ball watching" (look at the direction they're facing) disappointing defensive play from US, hats off to the Dutch for exposing our lack of defensive coordination.

  • jems
    jems 2 months ago +10

    My favorite part of the game was when the Dutch kept on scoring , and after that the US players would look at each other and blame each other lol

    • Ron B
      Ron B 2 months ago +1

      Today the 'States' team looked like a bunch of high school players against the Netherlands national team. I have seen them play better in the past, but today they looked absolutely unprepared to take on a world class team and for Pulisic to miss that early and easy opportunity, set the tone and tempo for the rest of the game - way too sloppy and anemic effort throughout the game. The Dutch team took their foot off the gas long before the end of the game, or else it could have been a rout. They are saving their energy for the next game and they have a lot more left in the tank. The U.S. 'schoolboys' have a long way to go and they for sure need a new and real coach like the Dutch team has.

    • Angel
      Angel 2 months ago

      😂 👊🏼

  • J G
    J G 2 months ago +2

    I thought we looked good against England but the lapses in the US defense were just awful today. 🇳🇱 🇺🇸

    • omgDavidGlasper
      omgDavidGlasper 2 months ago

      We played perfect vs. England. We looked the the best team in the world.

  • 9B17
    9B17 2 months ago +351

    4:03 this goal is not just amazing. It is miracle.

    • DangerDan
      DangerDan 26 days ago

      @Night Owl Always lol

    • Awsumsauz
      Awsumsauz Month ago

      too little too late 😔

    • Duking Productions
      Duking Productions Month ago +1

      How about that pass ... no one talks about

    • The Humanity
      The Humanity Month ago

      Nah, it's basically what happens when a team has the professional ability to set up numerous great chances, but lack the ability to finish. One of those set ups is just finally gonna go in despite the team's weakness.

    • BigZ
      BigZ Month ago

      Miracle on elm street

  • Nur Tez
    Nur Tez 2 months ago +1

    The US’s marking for all 3 goals conceded was absolutely woeful….

  • msg36093
    msg36093 2 months ago +1

    Gosh. The dutch just completely outclassed us. That was like pro vs AAA baseball. Lucky we got one goal, tbh.

  • Omar Zavaleta
    Omar Zavaleta 2 months ago

    Very good for the USA. Made so much progress over the decades. Definitely need to work on finishing, but USA is going onto the right direction

  • William Sampson
    William Sampson Month ago

    I think there are 3 major areas the U.S.A needs to improve.
    1: Defense. Too often the defense robotically retreats to an assigned position. They just run to a spot without being aware of players making runs into open space. The defense is frequently dismantled from a simple run.
    In Ultimate Frisbee I learned you want to guard the person with the disc, guard a receiver, or take away a passing lane. I think these goals could be applied to pretty much any team sport. A defender must be doing one of these 3 things in order to make a positive contribution.
    2: First touch: Too often the ball is not smoothly controlled when a player receives a pass. This really hampers attacks because it leads to missed opportunities for the next pass and allows the defense time to recover. The technical ability of the top European and South American teams to receive a pass or pass instantly is a major factor in their success.
    3: No composure in the final third. There were a lot of wild off balance crosses and shots throughout the tournament.
    Turner was very good in goal and the energy and activity from box to box was very good.

  • mburi
    mburi 2 months ago +1193

    This game really serves as a lesson to our US team on what adjustments are needed in defenses and taking advantage of opportunities to get more goals. Very Proud of our young team and there is always 2026. Congratulations to the Netherlands on a great win.

    • Ed
      Ed 7 days ago

      Eh, I’m American but this team is pretty underwhelming. Holland didn’t have to do anything special to beat us, pretty much just counter and cut back the ball in the box. Yes, Holland have great players and have always been a world class footballing country, but they made the US team look amateur without trying to be creative. Argentina would’ve washed us worse if we advanced somehow.
      I know this team has time to improve but none of these players are stand out. Belgium didn’t win any silverware let alone a WC with Hazard, KDB, Lukaku and Verthonghen. Holland has always had elite players, never won a WC. I don’t see this “young” team getting past the quarter finals, that’s being generous.

    • Z NH
      Z NH Month ago

      @Pdiallo then based on what you said USA managed to make round 16 as well it did not advance to quarters. And Mexican is still way better than USA cuz they beat Germany in 2018 and advanced to round 16. Look what teams that USA had in group stage? England is a only team that could be considered as a “strong team” but still it is a joke. And stop using USA is not a football nation as an excuse. You guys just suck at it even you are trying to play football.

    • Pdiallo
      Pdiallo Month ago

      @Z NH My point is Mexico being a looser in the world soccer stage . Mexico never made it to quarter in 2018. They were sent home in round of 16 by Brazil. Check your facts. The entire Mexican population is in soccer .. all the energy , bragging and the talk ,Mexico always underachieves. Soccer is not in the top 4 sports in USA. Usa is not a soccer nation but the team managed to make it to quarters .

    • Z NH
      Z NH Month ago

      @Pdiallo lol Mexico football is way better than USA. They beat Germany and advanced to the quarter final in 2018 World Cup. And what do you had in your group stage? Oh Iran and wales and Pengland. Just face it USA is a joke when we talking about the real football

    • The Humanity
      The Humanity Month ago

      @Lucar Firstly, every team at the Cup qualified and deserved to be there (except Qatar). Secondly, Welsh wasn't the US's biggest challenge, that was arguably England, who they tied. The Welsh scored on the US at the close of the game on a free kick by their star player. Perhaps you should at least watch the highlights before you run your mouth.

  • Ash
    Ash 2 months ago

    The Dutch took care of business. They outplayed & outclassed the US, especially on defense. Decent run for the Americans but their young team has much room to grow. The progress is there but it’s slow & inconsistent at times. It’s a learning experience that the US can use when they host the next time. But this day belonged to the Dutch. Congratulations to the Netherlands 🇳🇱 for a well earned victory! 👏⚽️

  • Samathan
    Samathan 2 months ago +27

    The comment section of every other highlights video has been "so proud of them!" and "they should hold their heads high!" but everyone here is just ragging on the U.S. I'm still super proud of how far this young team came.

    • Ben"Bucket"Simmons25
      Ben"Bucket"Simmons25 2 months ago

      @de9#838 Plus the others got what they wished. More USA fans would of been killed by now. So it's safe to say Netherlands was better off winning because it's dangerous if USA win because they would other world countries wouldn't like that and take it very personally

    • Ben"Bucket"Simmons25
      Ben"Bucket"Simmons25 2 months ago

      @de9#838 Or are u saying that because they are American and not European?

    • de9#838
      de9#838 2 months ago

      why should the usa team be congratulated? like, we dont do this nonsense with the medals we don't get from the Olympics. we instantly forget the losers and move on. and its pretty funny because there's always this thing with the USA people saying how boring American soccer is, yet they freakin lost on the world stage! usa needs to eat some warm humble pie.

    • A current name 🦅
      A current name 🦅 2 months ago +1

      The truth has to be said

    • Olk
      Olk 2 months ago +1

      Same, they are so young and they will get more experience in the next 4 years.

  • Adamson Emmanuel
    Adamson Emmanuel 2 months ago

    Big shoutout to our boyz for trying so hard. I know our team is the only team with youngest players who are still new to the game. I have a strong feeling that in the next 5-10 years, the US will have a strong football/soccer team.

  • Lazy Fingers
    Lazy Fingers 2 months ago +4

    This happens when you call it " soccer" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • OB
    OB 2 months ago +1

    Let's be honest. US went as far as we really expected. They only could make beyond this phase if they encountered a very weak opposition. The Dutch has been OK, their team so far has been way bellow the expectation we have for them.

  • Sergio Román
    Sergio Román 2 months ago

    Great team, maybe a European coach could help to improve the defensive tactics.

  • griffen banik
    griffen banik 2 months ago +1

    The us had more possession, more shots and looked better moving forward except their finishing wasn’t good enough and their defending was to relaxed poor result for them but good on the Netherlands for exposing the us weaknesses

  • Ron B
    Ron B 2 months ago +1

    Today the 'States' team looked like a bunch of high school players against the Netherlands national team. I have seen them play better in the past, but today they looked absolutely unprepared to take on a world class team and for Pulisic to miss that early and easy opportunity, set the tone and tempo for the rest of the game - way too sloppy and anemic effort throughout the game.
    The Dutch team took their foot off the gas long before the end of the game, or else it could have been a rout. They are saving their energy for the next game, and they have a lot more left in the tank. The U.S. 'schoolboys' have a long way to go and they for sure need a new and real coach like the Dutch have in Louis Van Gaal.

  • J K
    J K 2 months ago +14

    Well played by Netherlands. Proud of the team's effort. They did great, but Berhalter's gotta go. I feel like they could have done better in their play in group stage, and in this game, and I blame Berhalter for bad decisions going all the way back to when he began as the coach for why they didn't reach their full potential.

    • Juan Wick
      Juan Wick 2 months ago +1

      and what's his beef with Gio Reyna? The dude he started stunk it up.

  • payamismyname
    payamismyname 2 months ago

    USA goal by Wright at 4:03 was amazing though. Miniscule window for error.

  • Mateo Gamez
    Mateo Gamez 2 months ago +1

    Defense deff slept on this game, all goals inside the box, 4 defenders and they all just looked lost.

  • Khondamir Boliev
    Khondamir Boliev 2 months ago

    With all the respects to Adams, he's the one who we all can blame on the first goal. He looked and saw Depay running in the middle of the field, and didn't speed up. He was just jugging back. If he'd have run with him, he could've blocked that pass.

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 2 months ago +1

    1. The Netherlands (Dutch) looked so calm and secure and assured about themselves, they made this seem like a mini-Euro or "training" contest by their standards, historically and currently.
    2. The U.S., while fielding an international squad of players "with much potential," still showed they are, perhaps, light years away (still) from competing against the world's best nations at the world's tournament.
    3. Dear FOX and FOX Soccer, please, I am BEGGING you, for the love of the Almighty (sign of the cross), hire, train and assign Commentators who don't make a World Cup Round of 16 matchup of this caliber sound like a MLS-playoff game with "incredible (potential) biased." Please.

  • Daze Yare Yare
    Daze Yare Yare 2 months ago +224

    The finishing is already a problem for the U.S. since the start of World Cup, now we have to pay for it, but still that was a good game for both team ❤

    • Juan Wick
      Juan Wick 2 months ago

      ​@i never laughnot with Harry Maguire on the pitch!

    • Crokka Doodledoo
      Crokka Doodledoo 2 months ago +1

      true we no longer have clutch strikers. the goal was a total fluke. and only scored 3 goals in 4 games and gave up 5.

    • TK
      TK 2 months ago

      your midfield was outplayed by Frankie De Jong 😂.

    • Accent Bwoy
      Accent Bwoy 2 months ago +1

      Bye usa back to yall playing soccer instead of FOOTBALL. Finally I dnt have to hear about yall again

    • Karl Tanner
      Karl Tanner 2 months ago +1

      @Larry Nester That's no true

  • Salim Hameedzada
    Salim Hameedzada 2 months ago +12

    We should learn from this and make sure we prepare an organize team for 2026. I saw every time Netherland scored our players throw their hands in the air and saying "not my fault" they have a lot to work on and the good thing is that we have time for it.

    • Brushy Lake
      Brushy Lake Month ago

      We've got a bunch of young guys who were coddled stars in their youth and never learned to sacrifice themselves for a team. I saw the U.S. defenders make more plays in the attack than they ever did in defence. Get a bunch of tough dudes on defence that are more concerned with tackling and defensive shape than runs forward and you'd accomplish more.

    • Petey Power
      Petey Power Month ago

      lol.. hopefully no other nations are preparing too

    • de9#838
      de9#838 2 months ago +1

      eat that warm humble pie, usa

    • Ron B
      Ron B 2 months ago +4

      Today the 'States' team looked like a bunch of high school players against the Netherlands national team. I have seen them play better in the past, but today they looked absolutely unprepared to take on a world class team and for Pulisic to miss that early and easy opportunity, set the tone and tempo for the rest of the game - way too sloppy and anemic effort throughout the game. The Dutch team took their foot off the gas long before the end of the game, or else it could have been a rout. They are saving their energy for the next game and they have a lot more left in the tank. The U.S. 'schoolboys' have a long way to go and they for sure need a new and real coach.

  • Julie H
    Julie H 2 months ago

    It is hard to see the U.S. players so down on themselves after this game. They represented their country in the World Cup and truly have nothing to hang their heads about. It is hard not to win everything but when you think of all the little kids all over America who didn't even make their community team or maybe got cut from a team they wanted to be on, it is really an honor to represent your country in the World Cup and obviously not one very many people can claim. They should feel proud of their efforts here and continue to use their influence to inspire young kids all over America who can only dream of being on the international stage.

  • Corné van Straten
    Corné van Straten Month ago +67

    As a Dutchman living in the USA, I'm proud of the Americans, and how you turned this into a real thriller. Y'all had so much possession and actually gave us quite a few scares. I was not confident in the win until the 3-1 was scored. Very well played. Zero shame in this loss.

    • Nelsen Griffith
      Nelsen Griffith 19 days ago

      as an american, i have a lot of shame for this loss, the netherlands are fantastic and a clear favorite but the BASIC defending principles were completely ignored by the USA. the dutch walked those goals in

    • Kenneth Biebighauser
      Kenneth Biebighauser Month ago +2

      I'm proud of the Dutch!!US most overyhyped BORING TEAM in World Cup history ..TINY NETHERLANDS DISSECTED THIS NO goal stiff of a team;!!! GO ORANGE GO NETHERLANDS !!!

  • motafarraghe
    motafarraghe 2 months ago

    US had several opportunities to make goals, a good goal making was missing in this game

  • Nershon Kamara
    Nershon Kamara 2 months ago +7538

    Netherlands scored the same type of goal 3 times and there was no adjustment to counter that after the first goal 🤦‍♂️

    • Luis Flores
      Luis Flores 26 days ago

      Can't adjust players who missed their assignment to cover.

    • Tila Tuinstra
      Tila Tuinstra Month ago

      @CD yeah 100%

    • PREJAY 4C
      PREJAY 4C Month ago

      Shut up you mad cause you lost lmao

    • CD
      CD Month ago +1

      @Salis Eduardo neymar will score!

    • Salis Eduardo
      Salis Eduardo Month ago

      @CD welcome 🇧🇷 welcome 🇧🇷

  • AndroidMessi10
    AndroidMessi10 2 months ago +1

    That Haji Wright goal was so nasty 😂

  • KingJ_Da1st
    KingJ_Da1st 2 months ago

    Ive never played a comp game of soccer in my life and i could tell how poorly and carelessly the US was playing defense

  • Starscream
    Starscream 2 months ago +14

    I didn't expect this US team to get this far. They were so young, they looked like teens playing grown men. You couldn't tell them that, these guys fought hard. They played England tough to a draw and had chances to win. England's one of the best teams in the tournament. They beat Iran when they had to, that's a ton of pressure for a young team. I'm sure Iran would've loved to have been responsible for knocking the US out. Then, they give the Dutch a fight. That Dutch team looks solid, they had to work to get that W.
    There's much to look forward to if your a fan of team USA. This young team, most of these player's haven't hit there prime yet. Add a few more pieces like a true #9 striker to go with Pulisic and a big man that can be a serious threat on corner kicks, you'll have something. I know that kind of talent doesn't grow on trees but if they can find it, get ready. This team could make some real noise in 2026

  • Aidan Tran
    Aidan Tran 2 months ago +2

    Berhalter’s gamble on Haji Wright failed. He was terrible when he’s played. Pepi or Pefok would have been way more clinical and given more to the team.

    CALVINBREWTONGAMES 2 months ago +81

    I am enjoying my first work cup so far the atmosphere of this game was amazing⚽️ Netherlands had a good game plan for USA

    • MutDD
      MutDD 2 months ago

      @Lupe Ramos PARTISAN BELGRADO!!!????

    • Lupe Ramos
      Lupe Ramos 2 months ago

      @WILLIAM GREY Red Star used to have an amazing team with great games against teams like Bayern and Milan. Even won the European Cup right before Yugoslavia broke apart.

    • Mister Vulgar
      Mister Vulgar 2 months ago

      @Jon Allen lol so what? Everybody does something for the first time at some point

      WILLIAM GREY 2 months ago

      @Lupe Ramos red star vs partizan

    • Jon Allen
      Jon Allen 2 months ago

      Lol first? Causal

  • Slumy
    Slumy 2 months ago +6

    my heart is filled with joy my spirit is enraged with love, thank you Netherlands for bouncing these oppressors from this world cup

    • screamingpalm
      screamingpalm Month ago

      The OG's of capitalist oppression took down the modern day rulers.

  • You Blue That One
    You Blue That One Month ago +1

    Pulisic had a gimme goal 2 minutes in. Would’ve change the whole game!!! 😡

  • Edgar L
    Edgar L 2 months ago +3

    "I believe that we will win 🤡" "its call soccer🤡" lmaooo more like "land of the free" cause all the goals they got scored on where free af haha!

  • Tony Arana
    Tony Arana Month ago

    It shows that there are levels to this game!!

  • David B
    David B 2 months ago +9

    Yeah , sadly the skill gap the US has between the other teams is still large , I said this cup would be a good example for them and the next cup is the one to look for after there are more mature and experienced.

  • Gabriel 2018
    Gabriel 2018 2 months ago

    2:20 What was the goalkeeper waiting for to jump and block the ball??... come on man!

  • Rahim Mahmadkulov
    Rahim Mahmadkulov 2 months ago

    throughout the entire tournament the US team looked pretty solid, still don't get it, how to let them score 3 identical goals, simply got outplayed by Dutch's tactic. the best is yet to come

  • Clint Torres
    Clint Torres 2 months ago +1

    This was like men against boys. Looked effortless for Holland.

  • Andrew Clearfield
    Andrew Clearfield Month ago

    1st goal Tyler Adams completely falls asleep, then dest falls asleep on the second, and Robinson on the 3rd - what a shame to give up any goals let alone three in a World Cup knockout because players just inexplicably turned off

  • Lalopiloto13 123
    Lalopiloto13 123 2 months ago +88

    Hard defeat. Our inexperience at the World Cup showed with this young squad. We’ve got 4 years to get better

    • Clark griswold
      Clark griswold 2 months ago

      The fans are part of the team lol. Delusion.

    • rangers94ism
      rangers94ism 2 months ago

      @Tom Well, how about Italy? They haven't even been to the World Cup in the last 2 events. The US can and will improve. They are better than the last time and I think that they will be even better next time.

    • Phon Seng
      Phon Seng 2 months ago +1

      you need to be like the french and the dutch. you wanna win you have 99% black players with 1 white dude just to look european thats how you win

    • Luminous Kiwi 🥝
      Luminous Kiwi 🥝 2 months ago +17

      @DarkJrk you don’t use “we” when talking about your team? That’s called a lack of passion.

    • E BM
      E BM 2 months ago +4

      @DarkJrk u thought u did something 😭😭🥱🥱

  • Crag Nosliw
    Crag Nosliw 2 months ago

    US created enough chances to score at least 3. The finishing need to be more clinical

  • Diego
    Diego Month ago +1

    US had some of the worst defending from a national team I've seen in a while

  • BigZ
    BigZ 2 months ago

    0:36 that should have been easy goal considering the hype pulsic is getting he had alot of time to place that ball on his weaker right foot and go left. If I was a pro striker I would do as much research as possible on my rivals keeper I'd even to try to see if bijlow,pasveer, noppert have leaked out there domimat hand. Keeper always dives to his dominant hand side when they are 1v1 with forward especially in first 5min there nerves are everywhere. They way USA played today ball watching first half yeah we can stick with "SAHKER"

  • Vp3 Bay Bay!!!
    Vp3 Bay Bay!!! 2 months ago +1

    Would be sooooooooo awesome if we had some ' Grown-ups ' playing in this world cup! Maybe in 4 years they'll grow up and play like men.

  • Nakari
    Nakari 2 months ago +44

    Well done Netherlands! Look forward to a re-match in 2026! 🇺🇸❤️🇳🇱

    • Top Strika
      Top Strika 2 months ago +5


  • Cam O'Connor
    Cam O'Connor 2 months ago

    Never been more proud to be a Manchester United fan

  • Drippy
    Drippy 2 months ago

    Why is nobody covering a man, that last goal the entire back line had no clue he was out of everybody's sight ready to receive

  • Nicolo DiCara
    Nicolo DiCara 2 months ago

    Usa had a good run, at this level there is no room for errors,Nederland has more experienced players, used to play in strong leagues and the european tournaments, the manager also has been around and successful, american team is young and talented, they have a bright future.Good luck to Nederland, I would like to see a new name as world champion and have a feeling it might just happen

  • Nima Nasiri
    Nima Nasiri Month ago

    Holland just played as they should and are expected. I used to be avid fan of Patrick Kluivert and Dennis Bergkamp.

  • Owan Mah
    Owan Mah 2 months ago

    US literally conceded the same goal 3 times, they can’t seem to defend a simple ball into the box.

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M 2 months ago

    USA had many great chances...just fell short. we need to keep our pace up and keep on trying! it was a great exciting run. sad to see us leave. see you at 2026!

  • Shaheem Jackson
    Shaheem Jackson 2 months ago

    Netherlands were always favorites to go through, but that 3rd goal man. What on earth was Robinson doing?!?! Ughhh, it's soo frustrating 😤. He caused us a potential push for an equalizer man.

  • Legend
    Legend 2 months ago

    Good game by the USA, we are much stronger then we were few years back. Next world cup it gonna be even better.

  • omgDavidGlasper
    omgDavidGlasper 2 months ago

    Tyler Adams just jogging on the first goal from Memphis. He sees him running ahead of him, but still decides to jog and lag behind.

  • R81DEric3275
    R81DEric3275 2 months ago

    I competitive soccer in the 80s. In the early 90s leading up to the 94 WC it was said that the USA's goal was to win the WC by 2010. Well, it hasn't happened, and it's 2022, and we aren't close. (I say this with respect) We try hard.
    What we are missing is "hunger." Soccer in the U.S. is a middle-class sport. "Soccer mom's driving the kids around in their SUV's." Soccer in most if not all other countries is a "poor-mans' sport" Players have to/want to succeed so they might have a better life. A lot of players come from the streets. Here in the U.S. we are driven around in our 40K+ SUVs. Take a look at baseball, poor players from Puerto Rico, and the Domincan Republic are taking over. They have a "Hunger" for the game.

  • AC
    AC 2 months ago +1

    I remember these commentators said the US were favorite to reach the final

  • Edward W.
    Edward W. 2 months ago +2

    US Mens soccer team is not a top notch team, at least they past the group stage.
    Their defense was disastrous

  • Danielito
    Danielito 2 months ago +3

    First goal Pulisic missed could have changed the whole game. They didn’t stand a chance after first half

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria 2 months ago +2

    Easily could’ve been 4-1 in US favor if we scored all those easy goals like you want to win not like a pick up game. Cmon guys the energy wasn’t here I hope this is a lesson for the books

  • Nitro_001 Newman
    Nitro_001 Newman Month ago

    I’ve notice the Dutch players are very good at defending the goal when the goalkeeper is out, otherwise we would of had 2 more goals. Also terrible marking by our players on all 3 goals, especially the third one. We gave them a freebie. Our inexperience really showed in this game, but we did a great job attacking, and created plenty of chances. Still need that striker to bury some of these. If we can find a striker, add more depth, and get better on set pieces, I feel we got a legitimate shot at being champions in the next World Cup.