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10 Gadgets to Make You a Better Bassist (Or NOT?)

  • Published on May 7, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Do these bass gadgets improve your playing, or is it just marketing B.S.? I put them to the test - no sponsors, no punches pulled.
    Practice setup tips from the BassBuzz forum - forum.bassbuzz.com/t/going-am...
    Wanna know how I rated all these bass gadgets? Then watch the video, silly. It’d be soooo boring to just write them here. Here are some quick descriptions of what they do:
    Creative Tunings Spider Capo - allows you to selectively capo individual strings, giving you a lot more customizable tunings than a standard capo.
    TC Electronic Aeon String Sustainer - Modeled after the EBow, the Aeon sends out a small magnetic field that makes the string vibrate. (translation - it’s magic)
    Guitar Triller - multi-surface string striker that you can use to get a bunch of interesting sounds, very different tone than fingers or a pick.
    Vox amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amp - plugs directly into your bass, so you can easily practice with headphones, no amp required so you don’t annoy the neighbors or wake up your family.
    Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Practice Amp - a tiny tiny amp that you can carry around easily. Don’t buy without watching my no-holds-barred review. 👿
    TC Electronic Unitune Clip - A bass-friendly clip-on tuner with strobe or needle display.
    Korg TM50 - A classic Korg tuner/metronome combo, with backlight, pitch generator, and standard metronome controls. Current gen is the TM60, I’ve had this TM50 around for a few years.
    Gruv Gear Fretwrap - straps onto your bass neck to keep your strings from ringing when you’re not playing them. (and some other muting functions)
    Gruv Gear Fump - a muting device you slide over the strings next to the bridge, giving you a pseudo palm-muted, old school tone
    Hipshot XTender Drop Tuner - this bass gadget is a replacement for your normal tuner. With the flick of this switch lets you drop your E string down to a lower note and back on the fly. (anywhere from Eb to a low B)
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    👉 My full beginner bass course: yeah.bassbuzz.com/gadgets
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  • BassBuzz
    BassBuzz  3 years ago +367

    What’s your favorite bass gadget or accessory? 🎸

    • old_ confusion6
      old_ confusion6 3 years ago +24

      mine is the bass guitar or tuner

    • GrungeGarden
      GrungeGarden 3 years ago +29

      The bass

    • Shaggy Motionless
      Shaggy Motionless 3 years ago +11

      It says this comment was made 3 weeks ago

    • Mr. Beast
      Mr. Beast 3 years ago +11

      Dude advertise your channel, dude this content and quality needs more recognition and subs

    • old_ confusion6
      old_ confusion6 3 years ago +5

      i couldnt live without the tuner or bass

  • Francesco Bignardi
    Francesco Bignardi 3 years ago +356

    The bass community needed and deserved a channel like this. Helpful, simple, nice, funny. Thank you dude, you deserve all the success you achieved.

  • John D
    John D 2 years ago +215

    That Vox plug actually has 9 drum tracks if you hold the power button when changing beats. That tool is amazing

    • Smucky
      Smucky 2 years ago +1

      Was looking to buy one and wasn't aware of that, thanks for commenting this!

    • Whyatt Mackee
      Whyatt Mackee Year ago

      Yeah I noticed that too

    • emo sings
      emo sings Year ago +1

      I have that vox plug and it really helps when you live in an apartment

    • Max O'Connor
      Max O'Connor Year ago +1

      I have one and use it when I feel like playing at 2 in the morning

    • Nert
      Nert 11 months ago +1

      Yeah it’s nice but it’s very flimsy and breaks quickly if you are not very careful

  • PM Music
    PM Music 2 years ago +34

    The Blackstar is much improved by adding the extension cab. I've used it at open air "acoustic only" gigs and it's just enough to get my upright bass over the din of the acoustic guitars.

    • Shuruff904💤
      Shuruff904💤 Year ago

      I shouldve never pawned mine.....but I caught covid, and I'm still paying on my Stingray just to keep it mine...
      I hate my life 🙃

  • Der Nicolas
    Der Nicolas 3 years ago +2967

    my top bass gadget that makes me a better bassist: nail clipper.

    • E B
      E B 3 years ago +57


    • Joyce Sanders
      Joyce Sanders 3 years ago +56

      ..makes sense...as a bass/classical guitar player,..I use my nails...hey, it works for mE..

    • foreversecond
      foreversecond 3 years ago +67

      unless you're Steve Harris

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +219


    • Kenson Wesley
      Kenson Wesley 3 years ago +1


  • James Howen
    James Howen 3 years ago +111

    My mom got me a Squier PJ bass for my birthday yesterday so now I'm practicing, love her so much. I've always thought that you don't need a super expensive instrument to get started

    • Alex Gilbert
      Alex Gilbert 2 years ago +3

      How are you doing now 3 months after?😀😀

    • James Howen
      James Howen 2 years ago +8

      @Alex Gilbert Mostly just playing simple stuff like Blink-182

    • Alex Gilbert
      Alex Gilbert 2 years ago +3

      @James Howen Love that! That's cool man!

    • Morten
      Morten 2 years ago +10

      You don't need expensive, period.
      But it's nice to have some decent quality in the long run.
      There's a lot of very good quality for little money today though

    • Kenneth Chou
      Kenneth Chou 2 years ago +7

      Yeah, the quality kind of peaks at $1000. Stuff above that is more speciality or self indulgence.

  • Dan
    Dan 3 years ago +547

    dude you're killing it in the bass teaching game!

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +41

      Thanks Dan!

    • munchin
      munchin 2 years ago +11

      Agreed, I've been playing off and on for 16 years and I've never been able to play any Primus. This guy taught me sufficient enough slap skills this very morning in 20 minutes to learn my name is mud. Thank you and keep up the good work

  • Anya W
    Anya W 3 years ago +531

    I have the Vox Amplug and it is pretty decent and convenient, especially for the price. Plus my family don't have to hear my noob bass playing which is a big win

    • Cole LaRoche
      Cole LaRoche 3 years ago +4

      You should get one

    • Doge
      Doge 3 years ago +18

      I got my first bass and picked up the Bass Vox. I use it with my Audiotechnica ATH-M50x and its a dream to pracitce with.
      I also hook it up through a 3.5mm male to male (Aux) to my 2.1 ch sound bar in my living room from which I can use my 150W Subwoofer for my bass.
      I dont think im getting a big Bass Amp anytime soon with the Vox!

    • Anya W
      Anya W 3 years ago

      Edgar Fernando it is really great. Only thing is the amount of batteries you go through, but using rechargeable ones helps

    • tuskintuskin
      tuskintuskin 3 years ago +8

      The Amplugs it is what I take with me when I go shopping for used instruments. It's an easy way to quickly check if the electronics are working, if you can't use an amplifier. Plus the noob playing thing :D

    • Sebastian James
      Sebastian James 2 years ago

      its honestly one of my best purchases ever

  • Tre Scott
    Tre Scott 3 years ago +21

    Fun fact:
    The Amplug actually has more than 3 drum patterns, including a metronome. If I remember correctly, they’re located in the 3 default beats. Each default beat is a mode, for lack of a better term, with 2 other beats. For example, the metronome is the third beat of mode 3 (the last default beat). To get there, click the beat button until you get the third default beat. Next, hold down the beat button and press the power button twice. I hope this is helpful.

  • eff ess
    eff ess 3 years ago +46

    The String Sustainer generates some very interesting sounds when used with a fretless bass

    • Nicholas Pretzel
      Nicholas Pretzel 2 years ago +10

      I can imagine, but as Josh says, how much use is that in a band situation? I would have thought it'd be more for solo work, but if you can make it work, hats off to you.

    • snow
      snow Year ago

      @Nicholas Pretzel it would be cool for drummer + bassist duo.

  • Cellar Studio Productions
    Cellar Studio Productions 3 years ago +60

    The Fret Wrap is commonly used in metal (djent especially) for heavily distorted guitar and bass tones. When placed on the headstock it stops the overtones the string ends produce from ringing out whenever you're muting while playing very staccato rhythms. And considering that is a "GET IT!" in my books. Just helps with keeping the mix clean.

    • Leon Lenz
      Leon Lenz 3 years ago +5

      Cellar Studio Productions I can only agree. I always use it behind the nut, even when I’m practicing, just because it’s so much nicer if you don’t hear the string ends ringing. #1 guitar/bass gadget for me.

  • Jesse Simpson
    Jesse Simpson Year ago

    I found the JOYO MA-10B 10W Mini Bass Amp to be a nice little practice amp to move from room to room in the house. I also found Bluetooth transmitters and receivers reduce hum and noise considerably and give you a lot more freedom to move around.

  • PureJadeKid
    PureJadeKid 3 years ago +217

    I love that you play a Squier bass Josh. All about skill and practice, not about the instrument necessarily. Thanks for teaching us all so much! (It is OK to have and use a great instrument, but you need to practice anyway.)

    • McDoink
      McDoink 3 years ago +14

      Also it’s a classic vibe series which is one of the best squires ever made

    • Ro Lux
      Ro Lux 3 years ago +8

      The Squier Classic Vibe Series are top notch instruments!
      In fact I sold my MIA Precision Bass and bought the Classic Vibe 60s Precision Bass, because I liked it so much and after my standard setup (polishing the frets, rounding the fretboard edges, adjusting the neck and lowering the strings etc.) it played just like, if not better than the MIA Bass.
      The only thing I wasn’t totally impressed with, was the pickup, I exchanged it for the Custom Shop 62 Precision Bass Pickup.
      But this is a mod I was considering for the MIA Bass to, since I wanted a more vintage tone.
      With the freed money I got a nice tube amp!

    • Emmanuel Bueno
      Emmanuel Bueno 2 years ago +2

      Lol, for most people the vintage modified or classic vibe squires are already expensive and very well made.

    • Arlo Lambdin
      Arlo Lambdin 2 years ago

      Squier makes some good basses. I had a Jazz by them, and although not as good as the Fender Jazz I bought (and sold :( ) later, it was a great bass and I continued playing it even while I had the Fender.

    • Shirtless Henry Rollins 420
      Shirtless Henry Rollins 420 2 years ago +4

      @Emmanuel Bueno they had a big price increase recently, they used to be 330-350$, now most are 450. At the old prices buying one was borderline theft, they’re so good. I guess Fender finally realized it.

  • Tunahan
    Tunahan 3 years ago +365

    josh is like the bass equavalent of a box of chocolate you'll never know what you're gonna get

      JETJOOBOY 3 years ago +3

      Unless you look at the insert that tells you what each chocolate is....
      Or watch this video?

    • Steve Achelis
      Steve Achelis 3 years ago +4

      Gunna get quality.

    • lewqitz
      lewqitz 2 years ago +1

      Kong Guan jars. If you know you know.

  • McOuroboros Burger
    McOuroboros Burger 3 years ago

    Korg Pitchblack Pro, GA Custom, Pitchblack Custom, or Sledgehammer pro have got to be some of the nearest looking tuners and offer pretty good functionality.
    Unitunes and Polytunes are also good tuners as well.

  • John Miller
    John Miller Month ago

    The Vox amp also works with guitar - it's been great for late-night apartment practice. You can also run the headphone out to a Bluetooth speaker or the aux input of a full-size amp.

  • Justin Eden
    Justin Eden 3 years ago +13

    I personally use the Vox Amplug. I combined it with a bluetooth to aux receiver to have backing tracks play through the headphones and still be able to walk around as I play.
    Also those Calyton picks are life!

    • Shelsight
      Shelsight 3 years ago +1

      Hey, can you explain this more? Sounds great... :)

  • Contra Bajo
    Contra Bajo 3 years ago +2

    Josh, love your BassBuzz vids!!! There are actually 9 rhythms in the Amplug, 3 different rhythms for each genre, but to get them you must hold down the RHYTHM button as you press the ON button, the instructions are clearer on the owner's manual, keep up your great tutorials, I am very inspired by them😊

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +1

      Thanks Musashi! Yes, I blew it on the Vox, apparently reading the manual is too complicated for this bass player. :)

    • Contra Bajo
      Contra Bajo 3 years ago

      No worries, when I first read it on the manual my mind was blown, it is pretty easy to miss it, actually I did the first days🤣 Yeah, our bass players minds, well that's because we are too busy grooving. And also thank you for your lessons, you may have missed that little detail but I wish I had half of your bass powers and skills to teach, see ya on your next lesson😎

  • flame ward
    flame ward 2 years ago +554

    me: doesn't own a bass
    also me: *_binges every single BassBuzz video_*

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  2 years ago +176

      Sounds like you need to buy a bass Maria :)

    • Drew Gooden III
      Drew Gooden III 2 years ago +15

      Time to buy!

    • FKMDC 7306
      FKMDC 7306 2 years ago +26

      Easiest way is get a box, a circle hole in the center, and 4 rubber bands

    • maybekaitlin
      maybekaitlin 2 years ago +27

      some more positive peer pressure: get a bass! gET A BASS!! GET A BASS!!!!!!! 🥳

    • Ollie Wales
      Ollie Wales 2 years ago +9

      Get a bass!! Squier affinity basses are amazing starters, up to you which one you go for. Personally I'd go 4 string jazz

  • Aesthetically Obese
    Aesthetically Obese Year ago +12

    I have the Fly 3 bass amp and love it. I don't know why you had any issues with the tone because I got nothing but compliments. If it's dimed it is going get a shitty sound, and that can be any bass amp. For an added bonus, adding the second speaker improves the sound immensely. Then there is the added value is the headphone output and the aux input. All I need is this unit, an aux cable, my headphones, and it's perfectly suited for private practice.

    • The Erectus
      The Erectus Year ago

      I have to agree. For $75 it’s fine. It’s what I take out on my back porch so I don’t get my neighbors mad or early morning jams that don’t wake the kids up. And it fits in my gig bag!

    • Aesthetically Obese
      Aesthetically Obese Year ago

      @The Erectus mine was $59. I got the second speaker a year later for $39.

    • The Erectus
      The Erectus Year ago

      @Aesthetically Obese nice! I ordered from the wrong website.

    • Aesthetically Obese
      Aesthetically Obese Year ago

      @The Erectus Sam Ash had them.

  • Nick Vosper
    Nick Vosper 3 years ago

    For an excellent, portable practice amp, the Mark Bass 801 MicroMark is hard to beat. I use it for small gigs with a fretless and an upright - sounds great and i can lift it with a finger!

  • sharepix
    sharepix 2 years ago

    I have the Blackstar mini amp and it's quite decent actually. I always use it with headphones. With compression turned on it yields very deep bass. The built-in speaker isn't really designed for bass feel, but you always can plug it to a bigger speaker.

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  2 years ago

      Agree, works fine as a headphone amp, but the speaker sucked! Might as well just get a Vox amPlug at that point, unless of course you already have a Blackstar!

  • Thomas Fioriglio
    Thomas Fioriglio 3 years ago

    Good video. Different than all the typical method ones. Honest opinions and practicality of use. I have the D-tuner and Vox Amp and agree, both are a must.

  • Jef Girdler
    Jef Girdler 3 years ago

    I highly suggest the Blackstar Fly3 to anyone. It sounds great and you just will not find a smaller amp that does more. And I was actually able to modify mine with a cabinet output and it'll run a 6x10. Kinda wild.

    • Jef Girdler
      Jef Girdler 3 years ago

      Aaaaand you hated it. Try the Joyo MA-10B. Same concept. Better out-of-the-box performance. It's also cheaper than the Blackstar.

  • Ety Ramone
    Ety Ramone 3 years ago

    Nice and honest review, thanks! The new fender rumble series seems a lot better than the old rumble 15w that I had in my beginner pack. The vox amplug was like incredibly better in comparison. A lot of useful tips I wish I knew at the time in your video all in all !

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Year ago +3

    A pick I've fallen in love with is one made by the company Purple Plectrums. They are fairly expensive, but feel awesome in your hand(no more slippery/dropped picks due to sweat!) They are kind of unusual, because they are absolutely massive (the grip part is almost as wide as my thumb, and the entire pick is about a third of my palm), but this means they don't really flex as much, so you don't get as much of that "twang" noise that can sound kind of gross on bass. It sounds like a "smoother" pick noise, sort of like a blend between finger noise and pick noise.
    It's also way easier to play, since you have more leverage and better control over the point. I've even messed around with using the sides or even the back of the pick, they produce a sound almost identical to finger noise, and sound absolutely awesome as a striker for slap bass, though I haven't actually tried to use it that way in any songs (hard to slap and pluck if you are using a pick for it).
    They make some special ones that have jewels inlaid into them, or other fancy stuff, I just got their regular version (best as I can tell the various versions are practically identical sound-wise, just different shapes/decorations). Check them out, I've fallen in love with mine! Plus it's always funny when a guitar player does a double-take staring at a pick large enough to be dangerous when thrown!

  • Time Wobblers
    Time Wobblers 2 years ago

    Regarding practicing gear with play along tracks vs the bass output -> Im using bone conductivity earphones (as Aeropex for instance) along with VOX amplug. Works great :)

  • Flo Chartingham
    Flo Chartingham 2 years ago

    I like the idea of the Spider Capo. I did the math and it would take 14 different capos for each of the arrangements for a four string instrument. Which someone might want to consider if they wanted to use a string selective capo. I always like Hartke and would be willing to gamble $110 on the Hartke HD15 1x6.5" 15-watt Bass Combo Amp.

  • v12cat
    v12cat 2 years ago

    Brilliant channel!! Great tuition style without laboring or repeating every point 10 times!! I've wanted to learn bass for years. Bought a Squire 20th anniversary P-Bass recently and just received a Vox Amplug2 on the back of your video..It's excellent!!

  • Michael Cho
    Michael Cho 2 years ago

    Hey BassBuzz, love your videos! Would love a video on acoustic bass(more acoustic guitar than upright). I love the sounds coming from Steve Swallow's bass, Aram Bedrosian's work, and Alice in Chains' Nutshell. I really like their woody feel. Keep it up!

  • Kich
    Kich 3 years ago

    Regarding muting devices, I have two Nordymutes from Nordstrand. I read reviews about the Fump online and I saw too much talk about it not being that reliable. I had been using a block/piece of foam (having two on hand) to do the muting for a few years whenever I've needed it. Then one day I somehow came across Nordymute (most likely through Talkbass or NoTreble - some site like that) and I decided to jump on it buying two mutes from Nordstrand. I really like these mutes! They're a top loading mute system (over the top of the strings) and the muting material they use is a nice rubbery foam (maybe like weather strips?). The dimensions of the mute make it portable too (not to mention that they're sturdy) and also the dimensions allow you to cover more "muting space" (the mutes are thin which means you can slide them up and down more to cover more specific points). Another thing that I like about this top loading method is that all the strings are muted equally - this is something that I've had a problem with when using blocks of foam. A good point to mention too is that I suppose these mutes look a tad more elegant than a piece of foam - not that there can be anything wrong with that but there is something nicer about the sophisticated design of the Nordymutes with the wood attached to the foam material.
    A couple downsides to note with the nordymutes is that you have to buy them to a specific string spacing (I have two that are 16.5mm with a 5 string setup) and if I remember correctly they are a little pricey too (putting shipping price on top). Also, if someone has the tools available they could probably copy this design and create their own mutes based on this. Although, with all of what I've said, I think the Nordymutes are worth it personally but I do acknowledge that my main two basses are the same string spacing *and* 5 string whereas if I had basses with different string spacings I imagine it could be a little annoying - would still buy more mutes though!

  • Dávid Dolnics
    Dávid Dolnics 3 years ago +10

    Hey Josh, this was a honest and useful review, I also dig Amplug, and your channel! I was wondering, what could have gone wrong with your Fly 3 bass. Either the unit is defect or you were having too high expectations (which I doubt) If my settings still sound weird on your gear, it may need a repair. Try using gain at tops 50% both clean and drive channels, the volume knob will be more forgiving (you most likely will not need more than that). For me, compression did not work well (it took the effect too long to enter) so I dropped it. I had no issue with sub octave at max (passive jazz pickups, active EQ, it endured a slight bass lift). Practicing in a room with a guitarist would sound audible if your friend doesn't crank it all up, but along a drummer it obviously would not deliver. Buzzing can be caused by some unstable components, not necessarily the electronics: try to remove rear cover if you don't use any batteries and check if the plastic feet are intact, it happened to me that because of these slight instabilities the thing went buzzing and I thought the speaker was damaged, nope :) the guys at the local guitar store laughed their asses off when I returned it for repairs like "help me please I fried the thing" , so did I after one drop of superglue solved the issue. I am not a smart man. But am I a good bassist? Also no. Cheers anyways!

    • Keith Collyer
      Keith Collyer 2 years ago +3

      Seconded. I bought mine after trying a couple of other small amps and I'm amazed at how good something so small can be. Yeah, you aren't going to get the thump in the chest, but that's the low volume. BUT I have heard of other people getting results like Josh's, and it seems there have been some quality issues.

    • Aaron Webb
      Aaron Webb 2 years ago +1

      I can't speak to the bass unit (yet) but the guitar Fly 3 is an awesome little thing, and I think it's great it's a bluetooth speaker so I can run backing tracks through it while I practice. I was going to grab one for my bassist so we could busk together without him needing to invest in an acoustic bass.
      It's also good for picnics!

  • j w
    j w 2 years ago +1

    I actually love the roland bass micro cube. Its incredibly diverse and I see what you mean about lacking bottom end but for what it is I think its the best gadget for what it does

  • Scooter Wood
    Scooter Wood 3 years ago +2

    Hopefully no one else already mentioned this, but the Vox amplug has 9 drum beats! When you click the drum machine button for the first beat, click it again but hold it, then click the on/off button to switch to the second variation of the first beat. There's even a "metronome" option on the third variation of the third beat!

  • Alok Pandurangi
    Alok Pandurangi 3 years ago +1

    The vox amplug is great! Josh mentioned three beats, but there are actually 9 (or 12). Getting there involves simultaneously pressing two buttons. Whole thing is quite noisy though, and runs on AAA batteries. Would be nice if they had a usb charging option.

  • Pablo Montero
    Pablo Montero Year ago

    The Unitune also has a strobe tuning mode with a reading precision of just 0.02 cents, almost up there with the Peterson!

  • 222arceus
    222arceus Year ago

    I'd RECOMMEND using the fret wrap/foam/whatever you have BEHIND the nut too, tames a lot of overtones, super useful with thicker string gauges, especially in a recording situation. Cheers!

  • Perry Born
    Perry Born 3 years ago +73

    If you've got a Fender Rumble amp it's got a headphone jack and an aux jack, and if you're just practicing in an apartment it works great, just hook up your headphones and run a metronome or a drum machine through the AUX port and go to town, everything will route through the headphones, and you can change the volume of your bass and track separately. Really helpful if you've got the amp

    • Noel Kunz
      Noel Kunz 3 years ago +1

      I am going to try this with my Rumble thanks for the tip!

    • Perry Born
      Perry Born 3 years ago +1

      @Noel Kunz no problem! Just make sure you've got a decent set of headphones, and when you're about to run the aux through it, make sure the volume on the device that's going to be providing the sound starts looow, cause it gets loud quick. I hook my laptop into it fairly often, and I usually leave the volume on it around 8-12.
      Have fun!

    • Ace 1
      Ace 1 2 years ago

      This is how I practice at home but the amp is heavy, and the vox plug would be better.

    • Wayne Green
      Wayne Green 2 months ago

      @Ace 1 I switched out the Chinese-made Eminence 12 in my Rumble 100, and installed the Eminence S2012. My Rumble now weighs 18 lbs...very easy to move.

  • teleespantoso
    teleespantoso 2 years ago

    Very cool!
    The plugamp actually carries 9 rythm patterns, i recently discovered this. It also got three gain settings if holding the power button, and you'll get another led light color. Convenient for your active basses.

  • RG
    RG 4 months ago

    I'm using the Blackstar Bass Fly 3 as a tone into a Sheffield 15 and it sounds great. This is my choice.

  • Cody & Brooke Hanson
    Cody & Brooke Hanson 2 years ago

    Good honest reviews! Dont let sponsers ruine you. Subbed

  • CK's channel.
    CK's channel. 2 years ago

    I really like the Vox AmPlug. It's most definitely not without its limitations, but as far as a simple, affordable, very portable, very effective headphones-based practice amp goes, it's probably the BEST option on the market........ Also, if you happen to have a badass subwoofer setup in a vehicle, and a good long aux cable, you can plug your bass into the car/truck, and blast the windshield out!! :O

  • toughnoggin2
    toughnoggin2 3 years ago

    The Vox Amplug 2 has more than three drum beats. It actually has 8 beats and a metronome. Each of the three basic beats can be changed by Holding the rhythm button (next to scroll wheels) and press then the power button at the same time to cycle through. It will cycle through three rhythms for each basic rhythm.

  • Hippolyte Duclerc
    Hippolyte Duclerc 3 years ago +5

    I bought my first bass a few daysago, it is also my first instrument, I decided to spend an extra 50€ on the bass and get a cheaper amp, got the Blackstar Fly 3, and I love it. Of course I can't compare it to anything else, and I also know it's very limited, but it's perfect for me to train during the lockdown...

    • ToonyFox
      ToonyFox 3 years ago

      Same! I got a bass ukulele and the blackstar fly and i love it too! Yea its not really blasting a bass that shakes the house but it can do good and if anybody needs a better bass you can plug the fly into a bigger speaker

  • Arlo Lambdin
    Arlo Lambdin 2 years ago +1

    I have always been a fan of the felt picks, not that I use them often, but I think they give a better tone over a normal pick, but give all the advantages of a pick.

  • T3L3cast3r
    T3L3cast3r 2 years ago

    The Vox Amplug is something that I use really often. Combined with a good set of headphones, it works like a charm. By the way, it has 9 drum beats, not 3. So it is even better :)

  • statikreg
    statikreg 2 years ago

    My version of a hipshot tuner is just to tune my whole bass 1 full step down 100% of the time. To turn it off, I simply don't use the extended notes. The only thing it limits, is being able to play in the key of E with the open low string. So far, I haven't personally run into anything I can't translate to my tuning, but I'm sure some exists.

  • segazora
    segazora 3 years ago

    i'm a guitar player mostly but the bass setting on the Yamaha thR10 works great for me, it's basically a PA with a bunch of preamps rather than a guitar amp so the bass setting on it handles bass frequencies pretty well. it doesn't really do anything special unless you want to use the built in effects but it's great to put pedals infront of.

  • Stout Lager
    Stout Lager Year ago

    Those Vox headphone amps are great. I found myself using it more than my normal amp just out of convenience. The tone I'd rate as good enough for practice. Not going to do recordings with it but it's not for that anyway. Back to convenience, it's important to practice with an amp vs unplugged as the amp will pick up any ugly overtones you may be letting ring out from poor muting technique.

  • Sengiera
    Sengiera 2 years ago +4

    Thank you so much for the VOX thingy, I was on a $250 budget but I didn’t wanna buy an amp yet, it really came in handy, thanks dude your awesome😎 +1 follower🤙🏿

  • Rachel Brooker
    Rachel Brooker 2 years ago

    Just bought and started playing my first bass a month ago (a 60s Mustang Fender-Squier in surf green), and I'm loving your tutorials! Thanks so much for uploading, I'll be watching them all, already getting used to the pinky on the strings, which I never thought would happen :) Now subscribed

  • Gustav Ryden
    Gustav Ryden 3 years ago +1

    I can recommend Daddario PW-CT-12 as an alternative for a clip-on tuner.
    It's smaller than your thumb and registers very well (the low B-string usually needs a few attempts to register, but I just use the 12th fret harmonic instead and it works brilliant). I have permanently one of these on each of my basses, even when putting them in a case I don't have to remove the tuner.

  • dukkedusse
    dukkedusse 9 months ago

    the trick with Unitune is to check the first and second harmonic as well because it works mechanically... you'll notice that when the open string is "in tune", you still have some correction space on the first two harmonics! Checked it with the Peterson as well - works bang-on!

  • blessedhypocrite
    blessedhypocrite 3 years ago

    I went to an open mic night and saw this dude playing bass, and drop tuning mid song without one of those gadgets. I do not know how the hell he did it so well, but he jumped so well between E and D it was wild.

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +1

      That's impressive! I imagine it just takes a lot of practice, muscle memory, and remembering how many turns you went to get to D, and then doing the same amount to get back.

  • Eloliasos _
    Eloliasos _ 3 years ago +4

    i have the backstar fly 3 and with the extra speaker i sounds really good and is more than enough to fill my room with sound and if you want to feel the bass you shouldn't have bought a practise amp to begin with. the whole point is that its small and doesn't rumble so it's suitable for apartments

  • Kyle Wadley
    Kyle Wadley 2 years ago +1

    I use a Korg GA Custom for a tuner for guitar and bass. I have never gone below its range and have found it to be very accurate.
    It also has a very cool display

  • Ryan Yanez
    Ryan Yanez 3 years ago

    I have a Fump and if you slide it in from the G string side (upside down), it works great! And yes it stays in.

  • Jeffrey Flint
    Jeffrey Flint 3 years ago +1

    Awesome review! I’m just getting back into playing after 30+ years away and your reviews have been key to helping select my kit.

  • April Kurtz
    April Kurtz Year ago

    Mine is my Spark practice amp. Tone is good, bass is way decent and it has a couple of 3" speakers. There is a line out and you can choose from a good selection of IR's that come with the amp, and more are available to be downloaded. Your brand of amp and the sound it makes can be chosen from an app. It weighs 22 lbs, a nice break from my SVT, which weighs at least four times that. I really like it.

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis 3 years ago

    I got a VOX AP2,a couple days ago (now that the music shop is open again!) I think something important that needs to be said is there's different types,there's one specific to bass,but there's also lead,metal,and classic rock,they all have their specific functions,like I ended up getting the classic rock amp,the store didn't have any bass ones,the sales dude said it's the next best one for bass and it is awesome,I didn't get drunk beats in mine, instead there's 3 gain levels,which give me some killer distortion tones,but yes,their awesome,I just wanted people to know a bit more about them,oh and be careful using them with active bass,they feedback real easy on active bass,I changed modes and about blew my eardrum out,lol

  • Marcelo Kuroi
    Marcelo Kuroi 3 years ago +33

    Victor got it from his guitar player brother (they're all geniuses). It's in some rig rundown here in youtube.
    I have the blackstar mini amp and it's true all you say, its distortion is preposterous. But I use it with great headphones and plugging in my phone, so I can play over songs, drum loops and drum machine app. In that way, it is superior to the vox plug.
    I also have the polytune and it's the best thing ever.

    • Joyce Sanders
      Joyce Sanders 3 years ago +1

      ..geniuses who've taken over Nashville...is a good time for Music.

    • Damien Scanlon
      Damien Scanlon 3 years ago +1

      I also have the Blackstar mini amp. And while it's not great for low end or trying to play with other musicians, it's headphone jack works fine and is superior to those Vox headphone amps just because I don't have to keep buying batteries and you can get some okay compression with it.

  • Billy Tai
    Billy Tai 3 years ago +1

    Love the VOX Bass AmpPlug (AP2-BS) with built in drum machine. I highly recommend it for practicing. I usually play it with my iPhone or iPad plugged into the aux. I did buy the mini AP2-CAB but I almost never use it for same reason as your review on the mini amp. It just sounds way better just using a good pair of headphones. There are also settings to compensate for active and passive basses.👍

  • Matthew Whittingham
    Matthew Whittingham 11 months ago

    I've got a little 10W Ashdown Tourbus practise amp, it actually sounds lovely and full in the room! No distortion. EQ is pretty limited but that's what active bases are for right 😂

  • Mark Daniels
    Mark Daniels 3 years ago

    The Hipshot Xtender is just superb. I saw Billy Sheehan with one in the late 80s so had to have one!! It's so useful though. I have a Yamaha BB714BS with really cool black chrome hardware, but Hipshot didn't have a Xtender in the same finish. However, they did offer to fit the mechanism to my tuner if I sent it to them. I'm just a normal bassist, I dont have a deal with them or anything. I can't fault their customer service!!
    p.s. It still feels weird calling them Xtender for years they were the D-Tuner. However, that name just limited what it could do, so Xtender does describe it better!!

  • jepatawaran
    jepatawaran 2 years ago

    I like your videos. It teaches me new things. I'm new to bass and i'm originally a guitar player, but having you in YT doing these kinds of videos helped many people a lot. Thanks!

  • Gareth Harrison
    Gareth Harrison 3 years ago

    I have both the amplug and fump and agree that the amplug is by far one of the best practice solutions around and the fump has an uneven tone

  • Finfondler
    Finfondler 3 years ago +7

    I picked up one of those Vox headphone amps and it's made playing bass around the house so much easier. I can literally play all night long while my partner is asleep hahaha

  • Lester Falcon
    Lester Falcon Year ago

    Fly 3 Cass is so much better with the extension cab. Would be good to give your impression of that if you get the chance. You can also plug headphones into it, like the Vox you reviewed, But I agree why don't they make a bass specific one (as it's just a fly3 gutar cab with a mini bass amp.} A Fly6 for example with a similar volume to the fly3+extension. Ditto looper as a practice gadget, encourages listening to yourself, playing chords at makes that sustainer a more interesting option. Victor got the hairbands from his brother Regi. Which ties nicely into your channel as Regi plays his trusty Squier.

  • Telecasters anonymous
    Telecasters anonymous 2 years ago +1

    I’ve got the vox bass practice plug in thing. It’s also got an aux port to pipe in music to play too. It’s helped me greatly since I got my bass and started learning a 2 months ago

  • Kev Mac
    Kev Mac 3 years ago

    Phil Jones Double Four is a killer portable, lightweight fantastic sounding tiny amp, about the size of a shoe box.Loud enough for a Coffee House gig.A little pricey but it does all (no fx) you need.I love it and use mine all the time.

  • francine bacone
    francine bacone 3 years ago

    A good tip for the clip on tuners is to clip it near the string you are tuning, especially on guitar. I've noticed that they tend to be less responsive if you clip it on near (say) the G string while you're trying to tune the E string - as you did here.

  • Ye Olde Foxeh
    Ye Olde Foxeh 2 years ago

    There is also the VOX Amphones which is basically the Amplug in a very good quality headphone. Does the same but you only need to pop it on and go ahead. Also it works with ALL basses while you cannot plug the Amplug into many due to design like Ibanez SRs where it doesn't fit into the hole. Oh, and the Fender Rumble LT25 which is AWESOME.

  • Matt Weber
    Matt Weber 3 years ago +15

    The guitar triller is similiar to Funk Fingers (see Tony Levin). For a lesson in the XTender Drop Tuner see Micheal Manring, specifically his song The Enormous Room with 14 different tunings. My son bought me a Vox AC 30 amPlug by mistake & it sounds great on bass. It has an awsome overdrive tone with my Ibanez Artcore semi-hollow.

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +2

      Yes, Manring is the king of changing tunings in a song! Amazing.

  • Oliver Kucharovič
    Oliver Kucharovič 2 years ago

    fretwrap is very helpful in studio and recordings. if you playing 5string bass or playing some speed solos, no need to worry about muting. for me is must in studio/recordings :) nice video !

  • Ryan Medd
    Ryan Medd 2 years ago

    I use the blackstar fly 3 GUITAR amp for my bass and me and my grandfather (who has been playing for about 60 years) both think it sounds great through there. It handles bass really well too.

  • cactustactics
    cactustactics 3 years ago

    Keeping it real Josh!
    I think the Aeon's probably best for less rhythmic stuff - it's the same with an ebow on guitar, you can't guarantee when it kicks in (lots of gain helps it spring into action though) so you either need to do all your articulation with slides and slurs once it's sustaining, or just accept a slower attack or long droning soundscapes
    Can you get a decent bowed double bass sound out of it? Or y'know... something vaguely like it anyway! Maybe on the neck pickup, sustainer over the fretboard a little, bending notes to get that imperfect fretting technique... or throw on the distortion and play some of the rowdier Rasputina covers

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +1

      Totally agree. It's cool for less rhythmic stuff. And yeah, I think it has some similarity to an upright bass bowed sound.

  • Fuu Max
    Fuu Max 3 years ago

    Interesting! I have the little blackstar amp and i've found it to be quite decent... I do plug it in to the wall tho, with just the battery i sometimes get that weird cutting out...
    And i use the amp for showing a person something or practicing without annoying my neighbours, for that it works really well!

  • MaxiBASSE38 IsHere
    MaxiBASSE38 IsHere 3 years ago

    Well detailed and well explained video.
    I discovered accessories.
    Thank you ! 🎸🎸🎸

  • Red Scorpion 6
    Red Scorpion 6 3 years ago +4

    The Vox is a must have item. It allows quiet practice, not just for others, but eliminated outside distractions for you. The built in drum tracks are a huge plus when practicing.
    Everyone should use it. It should be issued with each bass purchase

  • Javito Cuebas
    Javito Cuebas 2 years ago

    idk if anyone already mentioned this but the fump might work a little better if you put it from the G to E since the tighter side would be on the thinner string. Having the E string on the joint side might make it open more towards the G string. It might still be worse than foam but I don't own one to try it out.

  • christopher crowson
    christopher crowson 2 years ago

    BassMute is a switchable string dampener that doesn't require modifications to install. Scott's Bass Lessons featured it in one of his videos.

  • mhlevy
    mhlevy 3 years ago +2

    Just a couple of notes on 2 of the gadgets. The first being the sustainer. It's definitely not something used that often, though in some cases I have heard them sound quite a bit like a bowed bass or cello (fretless bass with tapewound strings.) But it's really not for "traditional" bass parts. On the other hand, for an example of a non-traditional bass player, there's Michael Manring, and his song "Adhan," in which he uses 2 ebows on his Zon Hyperbass, which has both detunable tuners AND bridge - in another song, "The Enormous Room," he switches the detuners more than 60 times. The second item is the striker. Years ago when Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta were playing in Peter Gabriel's band, Peter asked Jerry to strike the strings with his drum sticks while Tony fingered the notes for a really percussive sound. Shortly after, Tony and his tech came up with "Funk Fingers," which Tony eventually sold on his web site, and I actually bought a set of the originals. I was never able to get a good sound from them, but they're interesting, and Tony is great with them. They were also a big help to him in getting a "Chris Squire-like" sound when he played and toured with ABWH when they played Yes songs, since he said he wasn't comfortable playing with a pick.

  • 2222 Ben
    2222 Ben 2 years ago

    I have the black star mini amps and use them as sick pc speakers and tbh he’s right about the bass not sounding great on it but it still works fine at quiet volumes I love it tbh

  • John Brock
    John Brock 3 years ago

    I have a 25W Hartke practice amp that sounds great. It doesn't have wall-shaking bass, obviously, but I'm more than happy with the low end it's capable of producing for its size.

  • Yanina Ayala Herrera
    Yanina Ayala Herrera 3 years ago +33

    Top use of FOTC 🤣
    I bought the Vox headphone amp and it is one of the best purchases I ever made. It feels a bit flimsy but I've had it for years and it didn't break and I'm usually someone who breaks everything
    I use them with some Skullcandy earphones. It has an aux entry so is quite useful. It has drum tracks, basic ones but it's there.
    Eats up batteries like crazy but I always have a spare of rechargeable AAA ready for it.

    • BassBuzz
      BassBuzz  3 years ago +7

      Same here, had it for years and no breaks. Works great with Skullcandy for me too!

    • Jose
      Jose 2 years ago +1

      used the vox aswell, mostly so i wouldnt disturb flatmates but i recently got a palmer pocket bass amp pedal, recommend it a ton. It has a lot more room to control tone

  • MrMusicguyma
    MrMusicguyma 3 years ago

    Good idea for a video, helpful and straightforward, as a sometime bassist, I apprciate it. It seems most of the gadgets might be useful in recording, but not so practical for live band playing.

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark 5 months ago

    Blackstar Unity Bass U30 - Great small practice amp with decent low-end. The U60 will is solid enough to gig at smaller venues.

  • Patrick Losiniecki
    Patrick Losiniecki 3 years ago

    In the defense of the fret wrap, I personally use mine to mute the extra string above the nut to keep it from ringing in the studio. The muting is just a bonus

  • D K
    D K 3 years ago

    A Fender Frontman 25b will shake your house. For such a small bass amp it is very impressive. I am yet to try but I think it could be used in a band situation. Granted you would need a guitarist who uses medium-sized amps because if you're trying to keep up with some 100 watts high gain tube head and a 4x12 you probably won't be heard. But if your guitarist is using a 1x12 or 2x12 set up either combo or head and cab I think that would be fantastic.

  • Room 34 / Scott Anderson

    I feel like a standard capo is a good thing to have in your gig bag but especially for bass it's not something you need often. My band occasionally plays the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," and I use a capo on my bass at the 3rd fret so I can have a C drone while I noodle on high notes under the sax solos. (Yeah… sax solos. That's how we roll.) The guitar triller made me think of Tony Levin's Funk Fingers.

  • HAVOK404YT
    HAVOK404YT 2 years ago +3

    I don't see anything wrong with the blackstar fly 3 bass, try plugging it in to the B1on and plug in speaker to your mini amp.👍😉

  • Grizelda
    Grizelda 2 years ago

    I love the Vox headphone amp. It actually has 9 drumbeats. Hold the beat selection button while pressing the power button and it will cycle through more beats.

  • AnarKie
    AnarKie 3 years ago

    You mentioned the Rumble 40 is the best cheaper amp you've tried, but I'd recommend the Vox Pathfinder 10B, awesome little amp I've been using for nearly a year

  • Sebastian James
    Sebastian James 2 years ago +1

    One of the greatest things I've bought for my bass was the Vox amplug headphone amp, not only does it have a great sound, you can take it anywhere and you can play your bass silently, you can also use an aux cable to plug it into any speaker so it essentially doubles as a mini amp.
    Later in the video you say you hate travel amps because they lack bottom end, but if you just plug the Vox amplug into a decent bassy portable speaker, you have a pretty sweet setup that's better than any crappy little travel amp..

  • Smucky
    Smucky 2 years ago

    Bought the UniTune clip a few days ago, I highly recommend it even if you're not gigging because it's so much faster to tune with than with your phone.

  • Federico Villarroel
    Federico Villarroel 3 years ago

    Thanks for this videos Josh, I think you're a great teacher dude. Keep it up!!

  • ayden
    ayden 3 years ago +11

    I have the vox amplug and I find it really convenient when I want to practice at night 😁

  • Nicholas Pretzel
    Nicholas Pretzel 2 years ago

    Great video, thank you. I'm not a bassist, I'm a drummer (sorry) but I thought you were spot on. I played in a band with a bassist who had a detuner and it made such a difference, even though his only dropped down a tone to the D. For what it's worth, I thought your playing was pretty cool too.

  • Karen Basset
    Karen Basset Year ago

    Regarding the Vox Amplug, you forgot a very important feature, the aux input! You can connect the amplug to your ipod, phone or computer headphone output and mix it with your bass and hear it all through your headphones. I use mine all the time to practice late at night so I don't bother anyone in the house. It also has 3 different gain/amp settings as well.

  • Csanád Sajó
    Csanád Sajó 3 years ago

    That Vox amp actually has got 8 built-in drumbeats + a metronome. You just need to use multiple buttons to get them.
    Really cool gadget, I also use it