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Mk was straight CHILLEN on defense. 🍿🍿

  • Published on Feb 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • In and out in and out 😂😂

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  • Private Acc

    Idk if gio is doing it for content or he’s just delusional…. You can’t be pulling 12 half court shots and go 1-25 . 20 of them were air balls and side of back boards lmaooo

  • Kail Can Cook

    Ah yes doing basic dribbling moves and shuffling your feet a bunch of times. Killer handles G

  • John Pliskin

    I love how he never even tries to go around the defender 😂

  • Yessir
    Yessir  +776

    Watching him dribble actually hurts. How you gonna pull all these moves and literally go nowhere but backwards???

    ITZDOXY  +7

    "In and out"It barely went in💀

  • B.E.B. LLC

    “Legend has it as hella travels when you fast slide your foot like that he JS”

  • Djhint
    Djhint  +3

    It honestly amazes me why y’all thought it was a good idea to put this scrub in hoh creator league.

  • Sahill Sekhon

    This is a literal 2k sweat irl, idk how he doesn’t have Cheeto dust on his clothes it’s beyond me.

  • Suspicious-Peter

    Bruh goo be like

  • Gloriyah Boregah

    “In and out” u lucky it hit the rim bro

  • Evbot 1337

    Hope he gets better soon, fetal alcohol syndrome is tough to deal with

  • Motivation Clips

    When your crush, comes to gym class late

  • Stayniel Herbayn

    This man playing basketball like he’s got early Parkinson’s disease. 😂

  • BlueCircuitMLP

    MK is all like keep dancing for me little boy 😂

  • Neish Neish

    Idk if I’ve ever seen him make a shot after his “footwork”

  • Kolby Ervin

    I know he has ro run through at least 2 pairs of shoes every game

  • Varrik Legg

    Me and my dirty middle school mind when he said "In and out." The only thing going through my mind was, "That's what she said."

  • LLJahseh XXXTentacion Onfroy

    All those moves for a miss im dead😭

  • J_Quan
    J_Quan  +181

    This dude is hilarious, man tires himself out dribbling in the same spot on throws up a prayer😭

  • LVSkinny

    Some 2k shit 😭 damn playmaking shot