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Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package

  • Published on May 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Nexstar's Basil John reports.
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Comments • 3 934

  • robert mace
    robert mace 14 days ago +119

    Thank you Rand Paul, at least someone in Washington has some common sense

    • arc arcon
      arc arcon 12 days ago +1

      I wish yall learned the deal more honestly, its not 40b we could use anymore really. Its straight up 95% already paid and in use by the us or reserved assets, you can ask urself do we really need that equipment after leaving afghanistan and having gear already in iraq, vs a nation destroying expensive russian shit and kicking its ass.

    • Tiny Barlow
      Tiny Barlow 14 days ago +3

      Thank both of you for standing up for us

    • Narrow Pather
      Narrow Pather 14 days ago +6

      And cares about them shafting "We The People".

    JENNI JENNI 15 days ago +90

    40B??!! They’re out of their minds. They refuse to help Americans, but would send billions to another country..what a joke.

    • Charles Oliver
      Charles Oliver 14 days ago

      @ZahrDalsk according to what. Not the census demographics, so must be by some B.S. representation you heard from some political propaganda. Research and come back with the actual figures.

    • Marilyn Hadley
      Marilyn Hadley 14 days ago

      Well said

  • Louis Nealon
    Louis Nealon 15 days ago +331

    They can always find the money when they want to EXCEPT when it comes to providing Americans with a proper (one payor) health insurance system.

    • Flavio
      Flavio 5 days ago

      @Fossil Draws For the same reason that Americans can cry about Russia's wars with Ukraine. Because I can call out moronic policies wether they effect me or not.

    • Fossil Draws
      Fossil Draws 5 days ago

      @Flavio so you replied to a comment about american politicas, on a video about American politics... as an Italian. What do you care what my country spends our money on?

    • Flavio
      Flavio 5 days ago

      @Fossil Draws I'm not a republican (not even an American for that matter actually, I'm from Italy, another country that is spending a lot on Ukraine). I'm only talking about myself and other people I've talked to that oppose all this money going to Ukraine. Besides your point doesn't really mean much, since when I talk about infrastructure, I'm not saying that any bill about infrastructure should be passed, so there's that.

  • Bert Lamar
    Bert Lamar 14 days ago +43

    Thank you Senator Paul, for wanting to know where this money is being spent. Our Congress is great a hiding things in their bills and wanting quick passages.

    • Robert Tucker
      Robert Tucker 13 days ago


    • Sick Faux
      Sick Faux 13 days ago +2

      goes to the defense contractors they own stock in

  • zak ortega
    zak ortega 15 days ago +115

    Why aren't we asking "how are we going to pay for it?" We ask if any time we the people of the country ask for anything.

    • arc arcon
      arc arcon 12 days ago

      Heres a simple response, its already paid for. Its 40b not really in cash anymore just 40b in military equipment they wanna donate. Maybe some money is involved but barely if its arms. Majority would already have been funded by the massive us budget and people really think were handing over 40b in cash in a day, if we did our economy wouldnt be the best.

    • Luciferms
      Luciferms 14 days ago

      Putin bot, Zak is such a disgrace.
      Be a patriot

    • Henry Lafontaine
      Henry Lafontaine 14 days ago +1

      Why are we not just paying out the same as the other countries? That is the first question that needs to be answered.

  • donlee37
    donlee37 15 days ago +267

    Something is wrong when we should just accept $40B being spent without a breakdown of where it is going.

    • donlee37
      donlee37 14 days ago +1

      @The Arrow I’m not saying don’t help but they need to oversee the spending of the money and be more transparent

    • donlee37
      donlee37 14 days ago +1

      @Pandorae Eris yeah I’m sure none of it will go into the politicians friends pockets.

    • The Arrow
      The Arrow 15 days ago +1

      The international threat USA is dealing with and you only care about domestic, but if we let countries like Ukraine and Taiwan fall in hands of our enemies, that would damage USA immensely, Ukraine provides most wheat for the world, has tons of natural resources in black sea that Russia wants to take over which would mean if Russia has access to all of that, USA and Eruope will be even more dependant on Russians in future.
      Taiwan provides 92% of the world's semiconductor chips that US military uses as well (neither US or China have achieved this technology compared to Taiwan), Taiwan's economy is also very very important to US. If we lose access to Taiwan, then that would mean ALL OF OUR advanced military tech will be dependant on China.
      You have to be VERY simple headed to not understand the global threat America has been under, please stay away from geopolitics if you have zero comprehension of it. If America doesn't show support for their allies, then many of our current allies will open more ties with China and Russia in return giving them more power and cutting us off from international power.

  • Vern Sutcliffe
    Vern Sutcliffe 15 days ago +123

    When your own government is taking enough of your tax money to be able to send $40 billion to another country, then you're paying too damned much in taxes.

    • Jon Doc
      Jon Doc 14 days ago

      @Charles Oliver well that’s good ….. and I agree lol my bad .

    • Zamora Dolores
      Zamora Dolores 14 days ago

      You are right ! .

    • Womandela72
      Womandela72 14 days ago

      They're just printing money...it doesnt come from tax coffers...it just means more debt to the international bankers.

  • BlazinHot 6
    BlazinHot 6 15 days ago +42

    Why would anyone be against appointing an Inspector General to catalog and inventory such a large amount of money and lethal weapons? It's immoral to NOT have accounting oversight on this.

    • Robbin Perers
      Robbin Perers 15 days ago +4

      @Kameron Jones ohhh yes we did and no it was not. Rewriting a narrative are you? At 83 billion and now 40 billion what do you consider older? And how much of it is not usable in combat today?
      What was our savings on this gear and equipment that did not have to be re-contracted? Since I know for a fact it is quality gear and equipment (on both giveaways) you should go there fully armed and tell just one of them to pull the stuff off. I trust you are confident in the gear "you would wear to this discussion" to come back alivs? Let us hear some real insider info. on this.
      There has to be a line of BS you are relying upon with this or is your last name in line with the first Usay?...Uday.
      Tell me something...how does 2" manilla rope feel?
      How does the Tomahawk we gave you taste for breakfast?
      I know you have the straight scoop on this 123 billion. You just have too.

    • Kameron Jones
      Kameron Jones 15 days ago

      @Casper S. We didn't loose anything in Afghanistan most of that was older stuff the Afghanistan army had.

    • BlazinHot 6
      BlazinHot 6 15 days ago +1

      @Casper S. I agree with you. But do take some solace in that the weapons we are giving Ukraine are from older stockpiles, and needed to be used or demolished at some point. We hadnt purchased a Javelin or a Stinger in almost 20 years, because neither had any use in our middle eastern conflicts.

  • Rick Harvilla
    Rick Harvilla 15 days ago +57

    We have a moral and ethical responsibility to our own country!!

    • Getsmore Cookies
      Getsmore Cookies 15 days ago

      Appalling these comments.

    • JPGringo
      JPGringo 15 days ago +1

      “We” means Capitol Hill and their donors. Once they open the safe, the money grab is on.

  • -[ S O F F Y] 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With

    I feel Ukraine's pain and my heart goes out them deeply but 40 billion is alot to give all at once yall are so fast to give 40 billion but give us the American people a hard time with relieve funds during the state of emergency covid pandemic it took weeks even months of fighting amongst each other to approve stimulus packages for assistance it wasn't fair at all but other countries besides the US can receive millions to billions in relieve funds with no problem ijs

  • some one
    some one 16 days ago +117

    You should ask the American People what they want to do with their money 👍

    • The Shield
      The Shield 7 days ago

      @Naftul Zvi the war is not ending soon don't bring your hopes up.

    • Naftul Zvi
      Naftul Zvi 15 days ago +1

      They probably want to stop paying $5 a gallon for gasoline so maybe we should want this insane war to end sooner rather then later.

    • Michael Babcock
      Michael Babcock 15 days ago +1

      They do. They are called elections.

  • C. Laney
    C. Laney 15 days ago +65

    Los Angeles homeless need a 40B package, it looks like a war zone out here

  • Tallacus
    Tallacus 14 days ago +53

    $40 Billion that should be spent on OUR people

    • Wilmingtonsown
      Wilmingtonsown 14 days ago +1

      @Jimmy Corlzer you get public schools, free mail service, library’s that’s also socialism but carry on

    • C G
      C G 14 days ago +4

      I agree. We don't need to send $40 billion dollars to the Ukraine. We have already sent way too much to them. Thank you Senator Rand Paul and the other senator who agreed with you. This country, the USA, needs more politicians like you two, in office. God bless and keep working for America.

  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Finally !!! Thank God someone finally open there eyes and said NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We are suffering here in America!!! Damn help us !!!

  • Born Again7
    Born Again7 16 days ago +113

    We also have a moral obligation to the American citizens of this country too. Can you imagine what $40 BILLION dollars could do to help people buy groceries, pay for gas, pay bills, and rent? It's great that we as a country want to help other countries and I can guarantee that the majority of people here think that way. We HAVE to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

    • jack Elder
      jack Elder 13 days ago

      @Ed Dav yes its an excuse there's always a problem it's a forever goal to solve. Government needs to address multiple issues simultaneously not just specific ones you care for.

    • Robert Tucker
      Robert Tucker 13 days ago


    • Ed Dav
      Ed Dav 13 days ago

      @jack Elder hope you feel better. By saying, “we have problem here” is not an excuse it is a fact that is why it is stated so much.

    • Beastmuncher
      Beastmuncher  14 days ago

      @Chilkat River I don’t see the problem when they take our taxes and do whatever the hell they want with them anyways

    • jack Elder
      jack Elder 15 days ago +1

      I'm sick of people saying "we've got problems here" as an excuse to refuse aid to others. 40 billion will do an immense amount of good for ukraine military but will barely affect anything just giving it to Americans in the hopes of change. It would be burned through in a week

  • Patthana Sayaraj
    Patthana Sayaraj 15 days ago +229

    There's nothing wrong with asking for a receipt of purchase if the money isn't yours to spend freely, to begin with.

    • Lauri N
      Lauri N 14 days ago

      A bot stole your comment :(

  • Sweetface Lola 💞
    Sweetface Lola 💞 16 days ago +49

    Thank God for Rand Paul! Common sense prevailed!!

    • Diaz Castro
      Diaz Castro 15 days ago

      you wont be able tp say those words when russia occupies ur home . do u think russia and ukraine are just playing a drama .

    • Oscar Rincon
      Oscar Rincon 16 days ago +1

      Yeeeeeaaaa kinda lol. I think common sense barely made it to shore but a win is a win I guess.

  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Smart man in Congress , finally there's hope.

  • Joe s
    Joe s 16 days ago +23

    We need to stop taking care of other countries

    • The Shield
      The Shield 7 days ago +1

      U.S Government should stop being a baby sitter

  • Identifying Me
    Identifying Me 15 days ago +17

    Good for you Rand!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Slots 3000
    Slots 3000 15 days ago +164

    I proudly quote Sen. Rand Paul, “My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation,” he said, adding, “We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.” Rand Paul is simply honoring his taken oath as a United States Senator - can more?

    • Finding my religion
      Finding my religion 2 days ago

      @NotANazi Everyday. Europe allows US military to have bases on European soil. The US air force can land ad refuel at European airbases.The US marines train with the best of Europe's specialized units to learn from them.

    • NotANazi
      NotANazi 2 days ago

      @Finding my religion again? When’s the first time Europe helped America?

    • Finding my religion
      Finding my religion 13 days ago

      @Mary Jones yes they have

  • Nini Simone
    Nini Simone 16 days ago +95

    We have a moral obligation to AMERICA

    • No Sheizer
      No Sheizer 14 days ago

      @Expletive Deleted why be so obtuse with a reference from a TV series that sucked. 🤷🏽‍♂

    • Expletive Deleted
      Expletive Deleted 14 days ago

      @No Sheizer I don't suppose, if you didn't get it, you could have googled it?

    • No Sheizer
      No Sheizer 14 days ago

      @Expletive Deleted "blow up one sun"? 🤷🏽‍♂

    • Amy
      Amy 15 days ago

      @No Sheizer At least he put his foot down bout that 40 billion dollar UK package. Saves Americans alot of Tax Dollars that we can't Afford.

  • Clima-XL
    Clima-XL 13 days ago +18

    Great to hear, there is still is an politician with common sense in America. !!! Keep on the good work senator Paul 🙏🙏🙏

  • Daniel Bull Runner Lamb
    Daniel Bull Runner Lamb 16 days ago +120

    500 million aid to U.S. farmers and 40 Billion to Ukraine that's why we need to stop paying taxes.

    • joshlete
      joshlete 15 days ago

      @bambesfresser someone said something I didn't hear, so it must be nonsense. Is that how your logic works?

    • What is Real?
      What is Real? 15 days ago

      @bambesfresser I'm not trying to be pugnacious but most of what we don't want to happen in Ukraine and much of what you noted is an inevitability save for a counter offensive that involves more than just Ukraine forces. Worse is in store in my opinion. With two unyielding sides, this is going to continue along the path of a dark.

    • Falcon
      Falcon 15 days ago


    • bambesfresser
      bambesfresser 15 days ago +1

      @Jim It B I thought those farmers were all self supporting, rugged individuals. At least, that's the common theme. I should note that weapons system delivered to Ukraine also go into the US economy as those weapons are predominantly produced here.

  • Albert S
    Albert S 14 days ago +38

    "we can not save ukraine by dooming the US economy" these are the best words spoken by a republican I ever heard. "Always aid to the relief of your fellow man but not at the expense of your own" Inflation is out of control and people are being pushed into poverty. We need to wake up. After this year Im switching from Democrat to Independent and only vote for representatives that has our country first in mind. We are sending Billions already meanwhile we have and economy thats crumbling......invest in home first.

  • Tina Abend
    Tina Abend 14 days ago +14

    Thankyou Rand Paul! Now if we could just get other senators to listen to his wisdom! 40 billion! That's crazy!!

  • Shamar Levinloyd
    Shamar Levinloyd 16 days ago +139

    Rand Paul is the only politician I know right now willing to save taxpayers' money by taking action. They're literally passing these bills like it was charities. Throwing money doesn't always solve problems.

    • 9nu0yed
      9nu0yed 15 days ago

      So how is this "saving" taxpayer money, exactly? Do you know the GDP of the USA? I'd rather funnel my taxpayer's money into helping a country actively defend themselves from a massive threat, thanks.
      You and Paul deserve each other.

    • Notitas Del dia
      Notitas Del dia 15 days ago

      How exactly is he saving money, what bill has he introduced to protect the America tax payers??

    • Siska Ricis
      Siska Ricis 15 days ago

      18+ Content Aneska-Jk.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    • Ed Dav
      Ed Dav 15 days ago

      @N. Walker what facts over fiction? Enlighten us with you opinion

  • BigD888123
    BigD888123 15 days ago +56

    God bless rand Paul. Look at our economy and tell me it's a good idea to send another country 40B large.

  • Andy Molina
    Andy Molina 14 days ago +16

    Helping others at the expense of our children by burdening them with higher taxes is just INSANITY!

  • CierraSagacious
    CierraSagacious 16 days ago +44

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Rand Paul. I never thought I'd say that. Finally a politician that puts America first.

    • bambesfresser
      bambesfresser 16 days ago

      @CierraSagacious Hitler would have given you a warm embrace for your kind words.

    • Fluid Cloud
      Fluid Cloud 16 days ago

      @CierraSagacious so chamberlain and his "peace" after munich conference never taught you well

    • CierraSagacious
      CierraSagacious 16 days ago +5

      @terry7893Russia is not going to attack any NATO countries. Urkaine is the only one at Russia's mercy. I feel like the sacrifice of Urkaine is more preferable than a nuclear World War 3.

  • Nits Helton
    Nits Helton 16 days ago +46

    No we should not send this much money to anyone else OUR COUNTRY AND OUR people need for this money to be spent on our country

    • Damiania626
      Damiania626 15 days ago

      It's not all in money it's weapons as well

    • Stilyconda99
      Stilyconda99 15 days ago

      @Nessa just pretend it is coming out of the military budget

  • Philo McMasters
    Philo McMasters 16 days ago +29

    I don’t think I am a democrat anymore… put me in the independent category…

    • Criminal Fun
      Criminal Fun 15 days ago

      You're still responsible for everything you voted for. Your war, your gas prices, your food shortages.

    • Dustin Gervais
      Dustin Gervais 15 days ago +4

      Welcome to sanity. What changed your mind?

  • Vince H
    Vince H 16 days ago +69

    How much has the EU and UK contributed to their own security?

    • Narrow Pather
      Narrow Pather 14 days ago

      They're not tossing out billions like we are....Remember, this 40 billion is in addition to the other billions. This is beginning to feel like another transfer of wealth.

    • Sim Mack
      Sim Mack 14 days ago


    • Expletive Deleted
      Expletive Deleted 15 days ago +3

      The real question is how much have they paid Hunter...

    • NO NAME
      NO NAME 15 days ago

      @Colton Conner For a supposed British guy, your English is appalling.

    • Colton Conner
      Colton Conner 15 days ago

      @Andre Blanco of course I am been donating since it’s started we on this war together if we want to be in it or not Ukraine must win at all cost

  • Jeffrey Schwarz
    Jeffrey Schwarz 16 days ago +25

    Forty plus billion? Is Schumer out of his ever loving mind? Let Schumer contribute if he desires, but he works for me and I'm voting him out come next election.

    • Narrow Pather
      Narrow Pather 14 days ago

      On top of the Billions we've already given them.

    • Robert Swickard
      Robert Swickard 14 days ago


    • Mary Jones
      Mary Jones 14 days ago

      @Jeffrey Schwarz: wise decision.

  • Ricky Rygg
    Ricky Rygg 16 days ago +46

    Rand did the right thing, anyone putting Ukraine first over America will not get a vote from me

    • Genay Stevens
      Genay Stevens 12 days ago +1

      Or me.

    • MONK
      MONK 16 days ago

      I guess we know who wouldn't have saved the jews.

    • MONK
      MONK 16 days ago

      Still dusting Hitlers portrait on your wall.

  • Narrow Pather
    Narrow Pather 14 days ago +11

    Thank you..... "We The People" have needs that our tax dollars can fulfill! Our Veterans, Schools, Teachers, Seniors, Children, Disabled, Unemployed due to C19, those with hospital bills that are about to send them into bankruptcy for the same reason, Nurses, Minimum wage workers, Mortgage holders, Renters, Small businesses, Farmers, Truckers, Infrastructure...We have Billions to toss to others but seemingly nothing for ourselves. All we get is the responsibility of the repayment for the debts incurred at the behest of other countries, none of the benefits. .We're in an abusive relationship and masking the cuts, breaks, and bruises! If we borrow money from the bank the first thing they want to know is how we're going to spend it, and they want collateral!

    • Rebecca House
      Rebecca House 12 days ago

      Speak for yourself we the people don't agree with you I don't

  • 25Lychee
    25Lychee 15 days ago +43

    Have you ever tried to help someone from drowning and they start pushing your head down under the water forcing you to drown a lil bit?
    Yeh, thats the vibe this situation is giving.

  • Decent into boredom
    Decent into boredom 16 days ago +44

    Good for him. Block that shit. He’s 100 percent right.

    • Decent into boredom
      Decent into boredom 15 days ago

      @Fight Davenport his job is to represent Americans. Looking at the comments he’s representing us.

    • Fight Davenport
      Fight Davenport 15 days ago

      He isn't right though! He's ignoring what the majority of the people wanted. His job is not to decide for us what decisions to make or what we should spent on. It is up to the people. His job is to represent the majoriy of his constituents. He is not doing that. He is toying with peopels lives. He's the only douche blocking it when all of that can be solved later.

    • Guillermo Ramos
      Guillermo Ramos 15 days ago

      Block that shit 💯 pct right

  • jp is me
    jp is me 15 days ago +25

    Great for Sen. Rand. True Americans are sick of money being laundried.

  • fab welder one
    fab welder one 15 days ago +23

    Keep blocking it. We’re broke and can’t afford it. We need it here at home. You go mr.paul

    • fab welder one
      fab welder one 15 days ago

      @The Arrow are you serious? the patriots are the only ones who care about this country. Can you honestly say, with everything he’s done that Biden has Americans best interest in mind. Be honest

    • Brian Johnson
      Brian Johnson 15 days ago +3

      @Fight Davenport in your opinion

  • Ryisz
    Ryisz 14 days ago +35

    He’s completely right too, no point in helping if it means your economy will collapse before a resolution happens anyway.

  • Rich Pornsak
    Rich Pornsak 16 days ago +26

    Rand Paul has a couple of new fans in this household!

  • Nick Nat
    Nick Nat 14 days ago +37

    Finally !!! Thank God someone finally open there eyes and said NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We are suffering here in America!!! Damn help us !!!

  • Jason Castle
    Jason Castle 16 days ago +159

    I like how this guy talks down to him with “junior senator”.

    • Standard Commenter
      Standard Commenter 14 days ago

      It is the correct form of addressing the respective senator from Kentucky, anyhow the attitude displayed by Sen. Paul is just apathic to the national security concern

    • Mi 💋
      Mi 💋 15 days ago

      18+ Content Cloveer.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos..

    • Geoplanet Jane
      Geoplanet Jane 15 days ago

      @Mary Jones what’s wrong with that?

  • Daniel Bradford
    Daniel Bradford 16 days ago +215

    National shortage of infant formula.
    Gasoline at $5 a gallon.
    A dozen eggs at $4.
    Congress: Let's ship a bunch of money to Ukraine.

  • LPP
    LPP 15 days ago +84

    40 billion dollars is, on average, roughly 300$ from every tax payer in the US. Would you be willing to give 300$ to the government to be sent to Ukraine? Maybe you would, but is it right for the government to force you?

    • Just Fun
      Just Fun 14 days ago

      @GodSlayer they weren’t being invaded by Russia then

      EDDIE BRAVO 14 days ago +1

      yes I will gladly pay $300 to fight against Putin. Freedom comes with a price. Most Americans supports the aid.

    • wagingus
      wagingus 14 days ago

      hello vizloid :-)

    • N Solo
      N Solo 14 days ago +1

      @Elizabeth H Your comment has been reduced to a shadow as it does not show up in the actual thread. That is what happens when you challenge the desired narrative.
      That said, I wholeheartedly agree with you, ma'am.

  • real guy
    real guy 16 days ago +59

    It's like someone feeding random strangers while his family is at home starving!!!

  • coreynj
    coreynj 15 days ago +31

    Why don't we put that $40bil towards affordable (or free) healthcare, education, better rehab systems, more affordable housing, and more things that our country currently has a desperate need for?

    • William Lindsley
      William Lindsley 15 days ago

      @No Sheizer No we care, which is why we want government money and regulations out of Healthcare.

    • William Lindsley
      William Lindsley 15 days ago

      I would prefer neither, but your idea is still better than sending 40B to Ukraine.

  • omnidentalstudio
    omnidentalstudio 16 days ago +71


    • Michael Jones
      Michael Jones 13 days ago

      @Narrow Pather I repeat: It takes more work than money to help homeless people. Too many of you think we can just throw money at the problem and it will go away. I wish I could take all of you to the homeless shelter at which I volunteer to see how little money it takes and how much work. IF your really care, go volunteer. You will be welcomed with open arms!

    • Saul Jules
      Saul Jules 14 days ago +1

      @Narrow Pather , I’m coming from to Haiti , and also I’m an American citizen , I was believed America didn’t have any problem, because lot of Haitians diaspora , who live in US . When , they go to visiting their parents and friends , the way they wear nice clothes, necklaces , watches , shoes etc ..They make , you to thinking America is a paradis on the earth , but when you come .You see things differently. I already think , American 🇺🇸 gouvernement is care about American people . I have so many years , I keep learning about American politics and I can see, there are lot of corruptions everywhere in the system . I always ask myself . Why American gouvernement is not helping their country first , before they go to help out other nations . I’m so sorry , if I make any mistake , cause I’m not born here .

    • Narrow Pather
      Narrow Pather 14 days ago +1

      @Michael Jones The majority of our homeless and disabled veterans are war veterans. The government helped them get where they are, we can help them get their lives back together and the medical help they need! This isn't the government's money they're tossing all over the world, it's the tax dollars of We The People. We have to repay that debt. Who feeds the neighbors family while their own family starves to death!

  • Kristina TK
    Kristina TK 15 days ago +23

    ASK THE ?'s FOLKS ...what else IS IN the bill and who is paying for it (the US tax payers ea paycheck) The USA is lacking the ability to FEED its own American babies (major formula shortages) Heartbreakering what's happening in Ukraine which I well understand on a personal level. Why is our media turning against us citizens ? 😔

    • Brian Korth
      Brian Korth 14 days ago

      @matt newrocki meet our new Russian propagandist Matt everyone

  • Lipan Taza
    Lipan Taza 16 days ago +31

    Thank you so, so, so much Senator Paul!

    • Lipan Taza
      Lipan Taza 14 days ago

      @Fight Davenport lol, protesting! I work almost 90 hours a week! Do you spend time working, paying taxes? If so, you would agree that it is not fair, and so far we have no representation over sent aid. We can't keep sending billions in aid without knowing where the aid is actually going.

    • Fight Davenport
      Fight Davenport 15 days ago

      Did you spend time protesting and writing letters to your public officials to get this aid passed? Unanimous vote shouldn't have a 1 man blockage unless he's not representing his people. It's unlikely his constituents felt opposite of the rest fo us. It's not fair and it's not representation or democracy.

  • William Ruiz
    William Ruiz 16 days ago +137

    Thank you so much. Is it ridiculous to send that much money. We have so many of our own veterans here in the United States that desperately need help. We cannot be the worlds savior all of the time..

    • Shannon Donahue
      Shannon Donahue 13 days ago

      @Ivet Laru I never believed that load of shite. I protested against it. I wrote to my Congressman multiple times. I still believe the US invasion of Iraq was about a personal issue with Saddam and Bush. Chaney made millions of dollars due to his connection with Haliburton. I believe reparations are due to the people of Iraq. We can not change what happened but we can do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again.

  • Oscar Libertini
    Oscar Libertini 15 days ago +19

    We Americans need the help thank you so much Mr Paul

    • Aname
      Aname 15 days ago +1

      Seriously… if was on the wealthy side of things I’d really just campaign for this man year round.. Someone with common sense is in government.

  • Aname
    Aname 15 days ago +87

    Imagine having homelessness ppl in your country and you’re sending 40billion to another country.
    Imagine having ppl that lost their jobs over the last few years as a result of covid and you’re sending 40 Billion to another country.
    *Imagine your country having any sort of problems* that can be addressed through implementing any form of assistance that will in turn not only employ ppl but also provide the tools and resources to assist the citizens to become self empowered but instead chooses to send 40 billion to another country.
    Biden needs to go out of office, retired perhaps!!! Idk..

    • Naftul Zvi
      Naftul Zvi 15 days ago

      @realistic one Because of Covid......

    • Naftul Zvi
      Naftul Zvi 15 days ago +1

      The US unemployment rate is at 50-60 year lows right now, what are you talking about? Why are you pretending like the US hasn't spent an abhorrent amount of money on itself the last few years? Just in Covid relief it's over half a trillion dollars since 2020.

  • Rhondabahamas
    Rhondabahamas 16 days ago +23

    These are the things the American population need to stand together against. It doesn't matter the color of your skin, rich or poor. This should stay in the USA and assist with those who are desperately in need

    • jack Elder
      jack Elder 15 days ago

      @Vigil Ante B

    • halokiller711
      halokiller711 15 days ago

      @Vigil Ante C - He is right

    • Vigil Ante
      Vigil Ante 16 days ago +1

      Select A if you think this person is a Putinbot. Select B if you think he's just a moron. Vote now!
      (This is well under 1% of what Iraq and Afghanistan cost us, with a far far greater long term benefit. Allowing Russia to start shit in East Europe unopposed would be catastrophic for the world economy, including America.)

  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Krishna Chaitanya 8 days ago +2

    He should run for president of the United States he has some common sense ❤️

  • Britney! 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Why the hell are we trying to send that much money to another country when ours is already in shambles? We need to start worrying about our country a little bit more

  • Barbara Smelser
    Barbara Smelser 16 days ago +24

    You go Senator Rand Paul

  • the goat
    the goat 15 days ago +43

    Shout out to this guy a true American hero

  • craig nelson
    craig nelson 16 days ago +19

    And what about Americans and and freaking debt. Who's coming to our aid ?No one

    • Shannon Donahue
      Shannon Donahue 15 days ago

      We don't need aid. We just need to police our taxation regulation and laws. Corporations need to pay their fair share. Multimillionaires need to pay more in personal taxes than school teachers. We need to do away with making exceptions for wealthy. It's the people who made them rich

  • Mark Waldenberger
    Mark Waldenberger 16 days ago +54

    It would be nice if they would do something for our own people for a change. Billions they said they did not have to help Americans suddenly they came up with for Ukraine. I am all for helping Ukraine but not at the expense of the American People.

    • Tommy Hawks
      Tommy Hawks 15 days ago

      @7X I don't fall for anything. I look at the evidence and I follow the evidence. I accept the evidence and I don't cast out any evidence simply because I disagree with what the evidence is telling me. As long as the evidence is testable and verifiable, I will accept it for what it is. It is evidence.

    • 7X
      7X 16 days ago +5

      @Tommy Hawks bro stop it I respect that u aren't a fool. Every lies that broadcast and supported by this administration u fall for it?

    • Tommy Hawks
      Tommy Hawks 16 days ago +1

      Helping to prevent Russia from attacking free nations IS helping America!

  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Why aren't we asking "how are we going to pay for it?" We ask if any time we the people of the country ask for anything.

  • Morgan Sterne
    Morgan Sterne 16 days ago +12

    Good on Rand Paul.

  • Laureano Ali
    Laureano Ali 13 days ago +2

    This bill goes to show that we can easily get monthly stimulus

  • promontorium
    promontorium 15 days ago +31

    Even if I ultimately disagree with Paul on this, $40 billion should probably have a vote on record or I can't take our government seriously anymore.

    • Siska Ricis
      Siska Ricis 15 days ago

      18+ Content Aneska-Jk.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    • Rak Onehunnit
      Rak Onehunnit 15 days ago

      @bambesfresser thats good enough theyll come up with something till then

    • Paulie Walnuts
      Paulie Walnuts 15 days ago

      We need to focus on America and Americans. Not kick back deals for Democrats

    • Hòmè Ďeçoŕè
      Hòmè Ďeçoŕè 15 days ago

      The legend of Curtains.pics
      NICETOWN is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • bambesfresser
      bambesfresser 15 days ago

      The vote would have been by unanimous consent. The only thing he is doing is postponing it for a week.

  • Uniparty Mouse
    Uniparty Mouse 16 days ago +77

    Takes them over 6 months to decide on a stimulus check to help the American people and only two weeks to send another country over $40 billion.

    • nwoka
      nwoka 15 days ago +1

      @Horizon Eyes Countries get invaded everyday b

    • Siska Ricis
      Siska Ricis 15 days ago

      18+ Content Aneska-Jk.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

  • A Towner’s Moments
    A Towner’s Moments 16 days ago +26

    Thank you Rand Paul for standing up for America 🇺🇸!!!!!!!!

    • i4sdf6 C5m3
      i4sdf6 C5m3 15 days ago +2


  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    He’s completely right too, no point in helping if it means your economy will collapse before a resolution happens anyway.

  • Britney! 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Why the hell are we trying to send that much money to another country when ours is already in shambles? We need to start worrying about our country a little bit more

    • Random Videos
      Random Videos 14 days ago

      @ZahrDalsk Even if we spend a lot on welfare, sending over 5% of that welfare amount without careful consideration in an extremely irresponsible move. I'm not saying that we shouldn't support Ukraine, but there needs to be more time to actually send useful resources and also save costs for the US (the country isn't a non-profit or aid organization and neither do we have any actual contractual or such obligation to support Ukraine)

    • ZahrDalsk
      ZahrDalsk 14 days ago +1

      "That much money" ? Have you looked at how much the US spends on welfare? $40 billion is pocket change in comparison.

  • Jan Cook
    Jan Cook 16 days ago +44

    Thank you Senator for standing up for America's problems. I don't have a problem with helping Ukraine but the President is spending money that we don't have. Pure and simple.

    • John M
      John M 16 days ago +4

      Does some of that money find it’s way back to FJB son somehow?

  • Sóstenes R Ibarra
    Sóstenes R Ibarra 16 days ago +43

    I think that aiding others is good but we also have issues in the homeland, I’m a disabled American just in SSDI and don’t get enough of money not thousands just hundreds every month.

  • Warren Marse
    Warren Marse 16 days ago +38

    Thank you Rand Paul. You are absolutely right. Keep up the great services for our struggling economy

    • Robert Tucker
      Robert Tucker 13 days ago

      YEA RAND PAul on the independent party for president.....

  • Henry Lafontaine
    Henry Lafontaine 14 days ago +3

    Thank God for Senator Paul!

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy 8 days ago


  • Phil
    Phil 16 days ago +110

    Make sure that the big guy gets 10%

  • Farhan Keddah
    Farhan Keddah 16 days ago +39

    Thank you senador Rand Paul, we need to focus on AID THE AMERICAN ECONOMY FIRST.

    • RB M
      RB M 16 days ago

      Farhan Keddah If the government cut back on the unchecked spending then there would be less inflation.

  • Zachary Lewis
    Zachary Lewis 16 days ago +88

    Its a terrible position to be put into. Morally Americans feel they must aid Ukraine but at the same time. Why is it when its military funding its easily brought up and wanted. Yet when its for things that Americans need. Its an uphill battle in Washington. Politicians need to get their priorities straight.

    • Danny Smithson
      Danny Smithson 15 days ago

      @Stilyconda99 none, he’s just been brainwashed.

    • Steve L
      Steve L 15 days ago

      @Zachary Lewis your out of your mind if you think Russia is hurting economically. Especially when we literally just gave them trillions.

    • Minh Nguyen
      Minh Nguyen 15 days ago

      @Zachary Lewis You got a point there. How long this war would last we might not know.

    • Zachary Lewis
      Zachary Lewis 15 days ago

      @Minh Nguyen No its working, Russia is just barely propping it up. Its bound to pop the further this war continues. If EU can finally push towards the oil embargo on Russia then Russia is going to bleed money. The fact that its forcing countries to pay in roubles for gas says a lot.

  • Sharon- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    "we can not save ukraine by dooming the US economy" these are the best words spoken by a republican I ever heard. "Always aid to the relief of your fellow man but not at the expense of your own" Inflation is out of control and people are being pushed into poverty. We need to wake up. After this year Im switching from Democrat to Independent and only vote for representatives that has our country first in mind. We are sending Billions already meanwhile we have and economy thats crumbling......invest in home first.

    • Mr Wagner
      Mr Wagner 14 days ago

      Rand Paul is an Independent, not a Republican, My sweet 😉

  • T00Nyce17
    T00Nyce17 15 days ago +33

    We don’t have morale obligations we have zero obligation to do anything for any country. Use 40 billion for this country. I don’t care if it’s for a Republican desire or a democrat desire at this point just do it for Americans for the love of god.

  • MrClassicalMusic1
    MrClassicalMusic1 16 days ago +45

    Let's send $40 billion to Ukraine when you can't even find baby formula here in America. I agree 100% with Rand Paul.

  • Southern Man
    Southern Man 16 days ago +48

    Way to go Mr. Paul! If Ukraine gets this money it will go into the pockets of politicians.

    • EL CID
      EL CID 15 days ago

      @Southern Man Ukraine is European and Christian not Muslim , different mind set . we trusted THE Afghan Military to act like Us . they quit as soon as we got out .

    • EL CID
      EL CID 15 days ago

      @Southern Man SAYS YOU .

    • Southern Man
      Southern Man 15 days ago

      @EL CID Think again. Ukraine is not just getting military support. There is money involved in this package too. Again I say that will go into the pockets of politicians.

    • Harold Mcguire
      Harold Mcguire 16 days ago

      looks like its drones, food, helmets, medicines, military gear...

  • Rochester Josh
    Rochester Josh 15 days ago +25

    Chuck you have a moral obligation to help your own people first.

    • Luciferms
      Luciferms 14 days ago

      @MSS432 Putin bot

    • MSS432
      MSS432 15 days ago

      Chucky has the same ethnic background as the president and the primer minister of Ukraine 🇺🇦.. I’ll let you do the research wonderful members of the audience.. so this express “aid” is a failure of moral conduct

  • Roger Whitten
    Roger Whitten 15 days ago +13

    The big problem is " where is the money really going ". I feel that we are already helping them with weapons but I don't think we should our economy to another country.

    • Womandela72
      Womandela72 14 days ago

      Its all money laundering...so sad.

  • N Sweetpea
    N Sweetpea 16 days ago +54

    Thank you Senator Rand Paul. You did the best thing standing up and showing your support for Americans. GOD bless you

    • Fight Davenport
      Fight Davenport 15 days ago +1

      He has a moral obligation to represent the people. We requested better military aid for Ukraine and we demanded no more delays! Hundreds of people collected signatures, mailed letters to the representatives, we pestered with phone calls. We did our job. We won a 100% vote. The people spoke. This should not have happened. How can the people exercise their power if the representatives refuse to listen to a 100% agreement? He disregarded what we decided. He chose to delay it one more week for a different agenda. During the delay, people will die unless they hold an emergency meeting and vote again. When the aid is packaged and shipped they will get a packing slip. Documentation is handled. He isn't throwing a blockade over concern of accountibility. He is another motivation. And It's a damn shame.

    • Michael Mazowiecki
      Michael Mazowiecki 16 days ago

      Putin troll?

    • Horizon Eyes
      Horizon Eyes 16 days ago

      I mean…. I wouldn’t call voting against something that has the overwhelming support of citizens, ‚supporting Americans‘. Maybe supporting Russians but y‘know

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu 12 days ago

    THANK YOU RAND PAUL. At least we have one Republican in the Senate who understands they are there to represent the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES

  • Lee Z
    Lee Z 16 days ago +17

    Thank god. Somebody that stands for America

  • Hello There
    Hello There 15 days ago +12

    Thank you senator Paul

  • Brandon Elliott
    Brandon Elliott 16 days ago +42

    I don’t know sending 40 billion to a country hunter was doing business with seems risky.

    • popi bob
      popi bob 15 days ago

      @Fight Davenport Goods cost money fool. Thats my point. Nothin is free. You missed what i was saying completely. Lol

    • Fight Davenport
      Fight Davenport 15 days ago

      @popi bob He means it ain't money, it's goods and that is different. You can't use goods like you can use cash. Cash is risky but goods are fine. Everything has a risk but not enough risk to prevent Ukraine from having it. We won the majority vote. Doesn't matter if he has a point it wasn't his place to decide for us what we wanted. This is important to us.

    • Amy
      Amy 15 days ago

      At least some1 has clear enough thinking to Block this bill n not pass it. 40 Billion is a high price to put the USA in debt even more? Besides 1 video claimed that the guns(weapons shipped 2 UK, ended up in Russia instead?).

    • Jason Rist
      Jason Rist 15 days ago

      don't worry, never you mind. the big guy will get his cut

    • popi bob
      popi bob 16 days ago

      @EL CID Just to makd sure, is that 40 billion in paper clips? Or 40 billion gallons? Or is it 40 billion dollars worth of aid?

  • 𝕮𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖓
    𝕮𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖓 15 days ago +22

    I'm glad it's blocked. We need help right here at home. Who's helping us?

    • Naftul Zvi
      Naftul Zvi 15 days ago

      Not the Republicans, maybe educate yourself on how your own country functions. Like how in any way would this aid package have any impact on any other spending the US would provide to itself? Spoiler: it wouldn't have any impact.

  • Jamie Tobin
    Jamie Tobin 15 days ago +17

    Good, we have given enough. Our country is in a disastrous state of being and enough is enough

  • UdhayaSankar Kannan
    UdhayaSankar Kannan 15 days ago +21

    I support and agree with Rand Paul. Every single penny need to be accountable and need the receipt how they spend it.

      BELIEVE in JESUS 15 days ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      ““Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:25‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Galileo Galilei
    Galileo Galilei 16 days ago +24

    Why don't you just get all the politicians that voted yes to donate their net worths to Ukraine? I'm sure you will get a big bundle of cash from Mitch, Nancy, Schumer all the others who voted yes instead of coming after the taxpayer dime without our consent.

  • Natalya Poklonskaya🇷🇺

    40 BILLIONS 🤔🙄

    • Johnathan Saegal
      Johnathan Saegal 16 days ago +1

      How about learn from history?
      The US failed to aid the UK soon enough in 1914 and again in 1940 and where did that lead us? Do you only think about yourself? Do you not understand the ramifications of Russia gaining any territory from Ukraine? Wake up, please!

    • Leslie Wheeler
      Leslie Wheeler 16 days ago


  • Junk Mail
    Junk Mail 15 days ago +16

    It’s crazy that Twitter was purchased for more than it cost to aid Ukraine.

    • Billy Doe
      Billy Doe 15 days ago

      But the money is buy the right things and the money to give the wrong things. It’s differently.

    • Craig Ster
      Craig Ster 15 days ago

      This is only one of countless already, the $40B is just this weeks..

  • Da Big Italian Williams
    Da Big Italian Williams 14 days ago +22

    I feel Ukraine's pain and my heart goes out them deeply but 40 billion is alot to give all at once yall are so fast to give 40 billion but give us the American people a hard time with relieve funds during the state of emergency covid pandemic it took weeks even months of fighting amongst each other to approve stimulus packages for assistance it wasn't fair at all but other countries besides the US can receive millions to billions in relieve funds with no problem ijs 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😯😯

    • Longhairlover
      Longhairlover 14 days ago +1


    • corn pop
      corn pop 14 days ago +3

      Esp. seeing as just last week they got 30 Billion Dollars

  • Owen Story
    Owen Story 2 days ago

    God bless you Rand Paul!!!

  • Marvin Franklin
    Marvin Franklin 16 days ago +10

    Thank god for Paul!

  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Smart man in Congress , finally there's hope.

  • Opdragon806
    Opdragon806 14 days ago +3

    I feel like the same thing is going to happen to Vietnams capital. The U.S. gives up, then the capitalists take the rest.

  • Daniel Z. Zegibe
    Daniel Z. Zegibe 16 days ago +13

    They spent too much already. How do we even know what's actually going on over there?

  • Bryant Gill
    Bryant Gill 15 days ago +14

    I agree 100% with Rand Paul,, we can't bail out Ukraine when we have enough trouble in our own Country, America is not a bank for other Countries...