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Buying 3 Cheap, Broken Luxury Cars (Especially A TESLA) Was Our Dumbest Idea EVER | Car Trek S6E3

  • Published on Dec 21, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    In the third episode of Car Trek series 6, AutoTempest takes a backseat to a new sponsor, Ticket Clinic, who instructs the guys to buy three cheap luxury cars. Ed, unsurprisingly shows up in a clapped-out yet extremely clean Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG. Freddy brings his million-mile Lexus LS400 that he bought from The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah for one dollar, and Tyler brings down the house (and the budget) with a 2013 Tesla Model S P85. They then have to find out what's wrong with them by subjecting them to an inspection by the Car Wizard.
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Comments • 2 654

  • Tavarish
    Tavarish  Year ago +142

    Series 6, Episode 1►clip-share.net/video/TrTZgv3s4A0/video.html
    Series 6, Episode 2►clip-share.net/video/hppd9apHqfM/video.html
    Series 6, Episode 3►clip-share.net/video/7dVVbyTurt8/video.html
    Series 6, Episode 4 ►clip-share.net/video/Suhj7SJuEbM/video.html

    • tonye teme
      tonye teme Year ago +4

      You guys have definitely come into your own and are more natural together. Love the content. Keep it up. 👏

    • Austin
      Austin Year ago +1

      You bringing up the cost of the tesla when your build cost of that supra was double the entire budget.... hilarious.

    • 77 Zrod
      77 Zrod Year ago +2

      Hey Ed, did you bust your chin open at an early age? I did and have the same half grey chin beard you do??? Lol

    • Oh Billy
      Oh Billy Year ago +1

      Wow it sus?

  • VINwiki
    VINwiki Year ago +1592

    Despicable levels of cheating here. Despicable I say.

    • Jack Dog
      Jack Dog Year ago +17

      Ed, you guys should do a fan series where you let the fans come and drive with you guys and do challenged

    • Jack Dog
      Jack Dog Year ago +3


    • DarkRaptor99
      DarkRaptor99 Year ago +29

      I think we need a VIN wiki episode on Car Trek cheating!

    • The Build Room
      The Build Room Year ago +21

      Creative interpretation of rules is the backbone of motorsports. Think of it this way, you taught them both well!

    • peterdevreter
      peterdevreter Year ago

      Love it

  • zollotech
    zollotech Year ago +533

    Loving the series this season. Good stuff

    • Shahroz Ali Jafri
      Shahroz Ali Jafri Year ago +9

      Didn’t knew you were into cars😳

    • Joe McDonough
      Joe McDonough Year ago +3

      Me too, you can tell the cast is getting more comfortable compared to the previous seasons. Makes sense too, first season of Top Gear was good, but not great also.

    • Sam Yadav06
      Sam Yadav06 Year ago +2

      You helped me a lot in buying a iphone and features of iPad 2,3 years ago! 👏🏻

  • TxGMguy82
    TxGMguy82 Year ago +1203

    Ed cracked me up when the said “That’s the second most popular car in California next to a UHaul truck!” Love it

    • Burnt Nougat
      Burnt Nougat Year ago +62

      That was a GOLD remark. A not so subtle snide joke at the sorry state of California. Plus 100 respect to Mr Bolian

    • TexSquirrel
      TexSquirrel Year ago +14

      “The only car more popular in the state of California than a U-Haul truck.” 5:08

    • Tyler Cady
      Tyler Cady Year ago +15

      @Ilkka Jaakola and who can't, are sitting here wishing they can

    • Banned by Commie YouTube 5 times b4 this
      Banned by Commie YouTube 5 times b4 this Year ago +16

      Let’s pray they vote differently once they reach their destination in their Uhaul.

  • Gabriel Barnecett
    Gabriel Barnecett Year ago +142

    “Freddy you bought a car that was engineered by people still working up the courage to try flavored water” No idea how Ed comed up with these but keep them coming lmao

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Year ago +2

      Such a great show. Love these guys. Keep up the great work

  • Owen Moon
    Owen Moon Year ago +643

    Imagine Ed being the only person who followed car trek budget rules lmao

    • Icky
      Icky Year ago +13

      there is still one more car to go lol

    • Maik Mugato
      Maik Mugato Year ago +7

      To this point, i'm shocked beyond the borders of human imagination

  • Yazid Benchafi
    Yazid Benchafi 11 months ago +12

    Now this could be the next TOP GEAR, great chemistry between the hosts, awesome content, original ideas and most importantly dad jokes.

  • J Woo
    J Woo Year ago +115

    Tyler’s internet browser being stuck on xvideos most underrated part of the video 😂

  • Elwin_T Justice
    Elwin_T Justice Year ago +271

    "The number of error lights in this car is about as reassuring as blood in your stool" literally made me laugh out loud!!

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Year ago

      34:58 I love how Hoovie has slowly been losing his cool as the Car Treks go on.😂

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Year ago

      I feel like everyone knew the luxury Japanese sedan was going to be an ls400

  • Enterprisinghobo
    Enterprisinghobo Year ago +59

    Tavarish dropping truth bombs about Elon Musk! Nothing but a hype man.

    • wicked
      wicked 10 months ago +2

      Well said by tavarish

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart Year ago +74

    First off, love the show. I know it’s kinda fun and funny when the “rules” are broken but it’s been multiple times over 2 seasons that it’s not even been close with the target price. Enthusiast watching the show like myself like to see what deals are out there from experts like you guys, not 30k Tesla’s or 100k Ferraris. 3 cars under 30k is an awesome idea and so far, oddly enough Ed is the only one that’s managed that.

  • Andre R
    Andre R Year ago +533

    The ls400 is literally my dream car 😂, as Ed and Hoovie go "nobody dreams bout that car" and I was like mannnnn

    • SirGhost 143
      SirGhost 143 Year ago +33

      Same. I got two of them I like em so much.

    • S3NDP13
      S3NDP13 Year ago +32

      Bruh I felt so hurt hearing that.

    • Andre R
      Andre R Year ago +19

      @S3NDP13 me too. I was like wowww... that car is my wallpaper I want that and a 2nd gen Tundra

    • Akhilesh Murukan
      Akhilesh Murukan Year ago +16

      For some it is still cool to shit on japanese cars as soulless, boring, blah blah.

    • 350z Lover
      350z Lover Year ago +16

      @S3NDP13 I wouldn't be hurt. I know tons of people that dream about driving a Lexus. It is a very respected brand. Some guys just only love European vehicles.

  • Piano Fry
    Piano Fry Year ago +39

    34:58 I love how Hoovie has slowly been losing his cool as the Car Treks go on.😂

  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage Year ago +1277

    Looks like I forgot to clear my browser history. How embarrassing!

    • X3R0D3D
      X3R0D3D Year ago +112

      ah hahaha "software update issue" indeed

    • SpokaneUrbanExplorations
      SpokaneUrbanExplorations Year ago +12


    • houseboy221
      houseboy221 Year ago +15

      Its a yolk! Lol I love it

    • Harv72b
      Harv72b Year ago +75

      It's not a Model X, you need svideos.

    • Pinche Sancho019
      Pinche Sancho019 Year ago +27

      Pointless trying to mute yourself when swearing in the end. It was really funny though.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tclans
    Tclans Year ago +221

    Let’s just appreciate how much the Wizard has grown on camera.
    Quite the enjoyable character to have in these videos!

    • Old Moose Mittens
      Old Moose Mittens Year ago +7

      They need to write him some lines ! Every time someone would say something, he just repeated what they said. LoL

  • John McHugh
    John McHugh Year ago +252

    When I found Car Trek: “what kind of BS Top Gear knock off is this”
    6 seasons deep: “is the new Car Trek episode up yet?!”
    Who else loves this show and can’t stop watching?

    • Todd Robertson
      Todd Robertson Year ago +15

      I think the good thing is they admit it. It’s they love top gear and want to make their homage and they are doing an amazing job 😊 it makes me miss top gear a little less

    • Maik Mugato
      Maik Mugato Year ago +1

      The most curious thing is that i knew all three youtubers before i knew cartrek, and i'm living in germany

    • Tony Wellington
      Tony Wellington Year ago +1

      “homage”? it’s a blatant rip off

    • Maik Mugato
      Maik Mugato Year ago +3

      @Tony Wellington and it's way better than the later top gear ever was

    • Tim smith13
      Tim smith13 Year ago

      @Todd Robertson top gear is still on mate it’s just not half as good as the jezza Hammond may version

  • Toyota4Life
    Toyota4Life Year ago +25

    I love that Tavarish always goes the Toyota \ Lexus route.
    Respect dude 🙏🏽

  • thesledgehammerblog
    thesledgehammerblog Year ago +90

    After seeing the sportscars I was expecting the "luxury" cars to be complete basket cases.
    After seeing the sportscars and the "luxury" cars I'm expecting the off-roaders to all be Power Wheels.

  • Simon
    Simon Year ago +38

    M113s are damn reliable, especially these na ones, the entire car will fall apart, but the engine will keep going, no matter what

    • Man ne
      Man ne Year ago +5

      Abc is really only reason to not buy one of those amg ones.

  • The Questionable Garage
    The Questionable Garage Year ago +2302

    You have no idea how hot 5 rolls of aluminum foil is as clothing.

    • John East
      John East Year ago +32

      Worth it

    • Marcelo Benjamin
      Marcelo Benjamin Year ago +91

      Jared once again proving to be the MVP of the Clip-Share automotive community. Thanks man, your sacrifice on that hot suit won't be forgotten!!

    • Wayne Smith
      Wayne Smith Year ago +18

      They don't pay you enough to put up with this stuff.

    • Dude
      Dude Year ago +10

      Didn’t know Bot can write Clip-Share comment

    • True Dego
      True Dego Year ago +26

      Thank you Jared. My wife, 2 kids, and I had to pause the video we were all laughing so hard. The Tin-Foil Stig!

  • GripRep
    GripRep Year ago +58

    A running and driving ls400 for $1 is my ultimate dream car. A 720s has nothing on that car when that Lexus is putting out at least 170horses per dollar

  • vlad str
    vlad str Year ago +7

    I love how tyler bought a car for the luxury sedan category that's neither sedan or luxury😂

  • Zachary R Henderson
    Zachary R Henderson Year ago +75

    24:41 look at Tyler’s screen in his Tesla😂😂

    • Spencer Jones
      Spencer Jones Year ago +7

      Looks like a real concern when there is no self-driving mode on that year..

    • Brandon Cartagena
      Brandon Cartagena 11 months ago +1

      Omg on such a "nice" car. A shame. I should've expected better but no. 3G Internet? Truly sad, you'd at least expect 4G.

    • Zachary Robinson
      Zachary Robinson 4 months ago


  • Mopar daddy
    Mopar daddy Year ago +21

    Let’s just point out that Ed always has the shoes on point

    • Adrian Denson
      Adrian Denson Year ago

      And the quick and straightforward burn for his boys choices

  • True 5.0
    True 5.0 Year ago +2

    My god the wizard is next level he’s tested so many fluids he can tell the difference between oil, power steering fluid, and coolant all by taste

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards Year ago +575

    $40,000 spent on a $30,000 budget and only 2/3 the way through? Sounds like every car build ever.

    • François Caron
      François Caron Year ago +11

      Maybe Tyler can convince someone to pay him to take away their car! 😁

    • K C
      K C Year ago +8

      A sub $1,000 off road beater was easy to find a few years ago. Curious what he pulled off.

    • phil towle
      phil towle Year ago +5

      @K C No surprise, its his jurassic park jeep. Another car not bought for the series.

    • theAlphapackwolf
      theAlphapackwolf Year ago +9

      I mean the supra was 60 some thousand so...

    • DudePlayinADude
      DudePlayinADude Year ago

      @theAlphapackwolf worth that now. At least it fit the budget when it was bought.

  • Abby Jo
    Abby Jo Year ago +8

    I now look forward to every CarTrek episode just as much as the next episode of The Grand Tour. Freddie, Ed, and Tyler are the only group (other than TGT boys) to make this automotive enthusiast get excited when notified of a new episode being dropped. I can't wait to see the next episode! Keep up the great work, guys!

  • alex jackson
    alex jackson Year ago +18

    Might be my favorite season so far. Couldn’t have come at a better time, can’t get back to the garage, or drive, for at least another week or two due to surgery recovery. Thanks for the distraction!!

  • Sankalp Patankar
    Sankalp Patankar Year ago +7

    This is my first CAR TREK episode and man I am loving it. It just reminds me of the golden days of old TOP GEAR. Great work guys

  • Jose Antonio Villarroel Fuentes

    34:55 first time I’ve ever heard Tyler swear in ANY video and it sounds so genuine I love it

  • Bobby McGowen
    Bobby McGowen 8 months ago +1

    YES!!! you guys are awesome! I've seen the comparison before, and I'm sure you guys get it a lot, but this is 100% the version of American Top Gear that we all wanted! It come through clearly that you are occasionally paying homage to the classic BBC Top Gear in your rapport and challenge concepts. Love it, and hope you keep doing challenges like this!

  • Alberto Suella
    Alberto Suella Year ago +845

    Tyler: "I'm driving in absolute silence. I can hear myself thinking"
    The silence must be deafening.

    • Jacob Rzeszewski
      Jacob Rzeszewski Year ago +8

      Yeah, I could hear his thinking too. It was nothing.

    • corzahazard
      corzahazard Year ago +2

      Internet Browser: sorry we can't load that site while you're driving

  • Csaba Józó
    Csaba Józó Year ago +8

    CarTrek makes me so damn happy, thats for making the series, it scratches a horrible itch thats was left behind by lack of TopGear and the infrequent release of Grand Tour

  • Joe Doing Random
    Joe Doing Random Year ago +32

    "The only car more popular in the state of California than a U-haul truck". You guys got me hooked now!

  • Ian Kusapali
    Ian Kusapali Year ago +13

    Ed made car trek exciting, the concept of the challenge was awesome but too much "rule bending" if the rules were followed through out it would have been more exciting
    But I love you guys , your awesome!!

  • A. M.
    A. M. Year ago +19

    Ed's laughter when Wizard is telling them the cost of repairs for each cars... eeeeepic!

  • mychemicalbromance
    mychemicalbromance Year ago +14

    I genuinely couldn’t tell if Tyler’s reaction to the yoke was genuine or scripted, by the er phrasing it seemed natural lmao

  • Ed Bolian
    Ed Bolian Year ago +1276

    You just can't beat a depreciated AMG car!

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish  Year ago +708

      You don't have to beat it. You just wait until its owner runs out of money repairing it.

    • Aqib
      Aqib Year ago +43

      @Tavarish Which happens very rearly

    • Argin Herapetian
      Argin Herapetian Year ago +71

      BMW M division has entered the chat

    • pete b
      pete b Year ago +32

      @Tavarish Savage.

    • L Marcotte
      L Marcotte Year ago +6

      Save it for the episodes ed

  • jasond
    jasond Year ago +1

    This is such a good season. I hope I get to watch these for years to come. Absolutely classic, thank you guys

  • Sultan Qasim Khan
    Sultan Qasim Khan Year ago +32

    Regarding the ABC suspension, I would just replace the one leaking strut, all the accumulators (including pulsation damper), the ABC filter, and inspect the ABC hoses for any chafing or damage in the transmission tunnel area. This should be doable for around $3000 USD by an independent mechanic, $2500 if you use a reman ABC strut from Arnott. Spend another $800 or so parts and labour doing valve cover gaskets, motor mounts, and transmission mount. The W220 should then be good to go for under $4k.
    You don’t need to replace everything on ABC if one part fails, it’s only an issue where continuing to drive with faulty parts can cause other parts to fail. You don’t need to replace the pump if it’s pumping fine and not making noise or leaking. You don’t need to replace struts if they’re damping fine and not leaking. Accumulators are an inexpensive wear item, so I would replace those, and a bad accumulator would be the cause of the warning light over bumps.
    I’ve owned two ABC-equipped CL classes, and love the suspension system. It handles way better than Airmatic. It’s not too bad to maintain either if you understand the system, keep on top of preventative maintenance, and fix little issues before they become big ones.

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo Year ago +1

      Yeah, $4k to fix the suspension alone. That doesn't cover the litany of other problems.

    • Sultan Qasim Khan
      Sultan Qasim Khan Year ago +2

      @Little Jackalo No, I said $2500-3000 to fix the suspension depending on whether you use a new or aftermarket rebuilt strut to replace the leaking one. Valve cover gaskets, motor mounts, and the transmission mount are all simple repairs with relatively inexpensive parts, so I estimated an independent mechanic should be able to fix those around $800. Even if you need to replace a suspension bushing or two, the necessary repairs for the car to be reliable and comfortable transportation can be done for under $4k US. The M113 engine and 722.6 (5G-tronic) transmission are very reliable units. As for gizmos like massage seats and soft close doors, I don’t know if they work in this car, but the car will transport you just fine even if they’re broken.

    • Netherlands031
      Netherlands031 Year ago +1

      Yeah or throw out the ABC parts and put in simple coil springs

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    Having a mech evaluate each car with the show hosts is a crazy unique idea that once you see it you wonder why no other car show has done it! Great stuff!

  • StrikeforceTireGuy#1
    StrikeforceTireGuy#1 Year ago +13

    And let's leave it to a tesla to take the entire budget to even make it on the show. Good job hoovie

  • Mk3 Vr666
    Mk3 Vr666 Year ago

    I love Ed's enthusiasm when it comes to his terrible cars. Makes me want to be more positive

  • ShoelessJP
    ShoelessJP Year ago +304

    CarTrek is all I wanted for Christmas this year, and I'm so happy we have it!

    • graphicsgod
      graphicsgod Year ago +2

      Best gift I'm getting this year!! Otherwise it's just coal.. 😓😓

    • TermlessGHM
      TermlessGHM Year ago +3

      Merry Xmas!

    • KingTheProtogen
      KingTheProtogen Year ago +4


    • HashMaster
      HashMaster Year ago

      Even more thankful he edits and uploads when he could be spending all of his time with family

  • Robert Lonski
    Robert Lonski Year ago

    Another outstanding Christmas Car Trek, thanks to AutoTempest and Freddy, Tyler, and Ed -- You 3-guys rule Auto Clip-Share

  • deaks25
    deaks25 Year ago +11

    "What a vessel of brooding, existential dispair..." I LOVE Ed's one-liners!

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Year ago

      M113s are damn reliable, especially these na ones, the entire car will fall apart, but the engine will keep going, no matter what

  • Nate Lindquist
    Nate Lindquist Year ago +15

    I LITERALLY dream of owning an LS400. No joke lol I want to manual swap it and turbo it. I love the 1UZ engine

  • Pete
    Pete Year ago +3

    The production the editing the camera work is just phenenomal we really are getting tv quality production for free on Clip-Share thank you car trek

  • Carlos Clivilles
    Carlos Clivilles Year ago +10

    I've always loved the looks of the '99 - '02 AMG S55. I used to really like the 1st gen LS400, too.

  • Gene Machene
    Gene Machene Year ago +171

    Hoovie went through the first 3 stages of grief in about 10 seconds when he saw that yoke, 😂😂

    • omar arce
      omar arce Year ago +28

      That fuck you guys had me dying

    • Hernan Aguilar Jr
      Hernan Aguilar Jr Year ago +2

      @omar arce that sounded personal 😂😭

    • omar arce
      omar arce Year ago +13

      @Hernan Aguilar Jr was the first time i ever heard him cuss someone out 😂

    • ducttapeanddreams
      ducttapeanddreams Year ago +5

      I am surprised Autotempest didn't step in on that one, that is hella unsafe (also, fuck the Yoke on Teslas)

  • Adithyan Bharat
    Adithyan Bharat Year ago +1

    This show is getting better and better!!

  • Deon Urlanda
    Deon Urlanda Year ago +6

    Love to see wizard and jarred build a car together someday 🙌

  • Carlos Reyna
    Carlos Reyna Year ago

    You guys are killin’ it! Take it from a top gear and grand tour fan. After patiently waiting for Carnage e Trois, their last special. I can tell you Car Trek is way more engaging to watch. Happy holidays everyone!

  • Bish
    Bish Year ago +5

    Such a great show. Love these guys. Keep up the great work

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith Year ago +4

    Ed's honesty about how broken the S55 is just made my day. "Ed, Do they all work? and I would answer 'No they do not.'". HA

  • KJ
    KJ Year ago +236

    Nothing like an early Christmas present in the form of Car Trek!

  • Daniel Bernasconi
    Daniel Bernasconi Year ago +2

    Ed at 12:25, “The number of error lights on this cars dash is just about as reassuring as some blood in your stool” had me laughing so hard.

  • The Highlander Reviewer

    When Ed said “Freddy, you brought a car that was made for people still working up the courage to try flavored water”4:40
    I busted into tears laughing, that’s such a roast if I’ve ever heard one!🤣🤣🤣

  • Catfish Corner
    Catfish Corner Year ago +2

    I’m really loving this season of Car Treck! But damm Freddy what you and the Wizard did to Tyler’s Tesla was downright dirty!🤦🐟

  • SubieDooWhereRU
    SubieDooWhereRU Year ago

    Tavarish and Ed giving Tyler crap because of "overspending" is pretty ironic considering this is the first episode Ed didn't stretch math, and Freddy literally brought his own car not even participating in the challenge of buying a car to compete. If you ask me, it's about time Tyler gets a pass!

  • Limo Matt
    Limo Matt 5 months ago +6

    Thank you for showing me that you cannot get 3 cars on AutoTempest for 30k.

  • christdragon
    christdragon Year ago +91

    This is exactly what American Top Gear should have been. This is a great episode. I like what Tavarish was thinking with the Tesla mod at the end. I'm very excited to see how this turns out. Thanks.

    • Lyubomir Milev
      Lyubomir Milev Year ago +2

      Actually a cheap copy of the British Top Gear… I mean with the old presenters. Way too much talking, trying to be funny but really it’s not working. This is my first episode I’m watching so maybe they started to do that recently. Let’s give them a time. I’m sure they will come up with something original. The world desperately needs a new good car show.

    • Mexican Spec
      Mexican Spec Year ago +3

      Those guys didn't have the chemistry these guys do. It all seemed so forced.

    • TheBajamin
      TheBajamin Year ago +1

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    Sean Year ago +11

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      I had the idea of a winter series with a 15-20k budget where you buy and build a car, someone could get a new car “for free” on trade in, someone else could get a hooptie subaru, and someone else can get a rusty truck

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    • TheSovietVorona
      TheSovietVorona Year ago

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    • Calen Emmons
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    • Raymond Rumsey
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    • xiukn8
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    • Ed Barton, Esq. CPA
      Ed Barton, Esq. CPA Year ago +40

      I was going to say the same thing. This would have been a great series if they actually had to go buy the cars instead of pulling them out of their garages, buying them from friends, and saying "well, I get it for $1". Next we will see Riptide Blue back... And use the darn sponsor - Autotempest - to find the darn things. C'mon guys...

    • Torque n' Beans
      Torque n' Beans Year ago +15

      To be fair, when Top Gear did a budget challenge they never stayed within budget. They said they did, but they blew past it every time

    • Christian Lemon
      Christian Lemon Year ago +14

      I agree. I'm entertained, and I watch the episodes, but busting the budget isn't funny any more. This would be farrrrr better if they stayed in budget. Sure, maybe harder to film. It might impact the script, as the cheaper cars would be more likely to break and cause real, unscripted problems, but it would be better content.
      This trope will get tired fast, and they'll lose us eventually.

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish  Year ago +35

      @Ed Barton, Esq. CPA I got my Supra from AutoTempest. You can see it in the reveal I did a few years ago. All of us, other than my Lexus which was personally given to me, have used AutoTempest for purchasing and finding cars.

    • Tavarish
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