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Hermitcraft Grian and Scar AFK Scenes Side by Side Comparison

  • Published on Oct 15, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • @ririarevenna2853

    "Scar being like "I've fallen out of my wheel cfhair partially; I need some assistence," has the same vibes as "I've fallen and I can't get up."

  • @WariWahab
    @WariWahab Year ago +802

    Nice work syncing the two!

  • @potatoiisan

    "I've fallen out of my wheelchair partially"

  • @project4061
    @project4061 Year ago +575

    For some reason, the echo of voices makes it even better to me!

  • @lilyyrose55

    This will forever be the greatest moment in all of hermitcraft. The determination of Scar to finish the prank, his amazing song, and just the way Grian says 'Scar, what are you doing?' Will forever make me laugh

  • @nonreligionist

    No matter how many times I've watched this, it doesn't lose entertainment value

  • @liaracochran7879

    This was the moment that had me sub to scar. Was too dang funny.

  • @chaotictiredfox
    @chaotictiredfox Year ago +184

    This has given me so much drawing inspiration for these two! xD

  • @nerdyunicorns1013
    @nerdyunicorns1013 Year ago +104

    This never gets old lol

  • @lotmyle5465

    I really enjoyed this. I check the channel for more HermitCraft side by sides and was sad to find they only have the one video.

  • @gamedokter
    @gamedokter Year ago +57

    I was hoping someone made something like this!

  • @cole4636
    @cole4636  +25

    It sounds like I’m watching this in a movie theater and I love it

  • @haydensavard1075

    i wonder how long it would take if all of herit craft was put side by side so we see all pov it would be lng but entertaining anyway great video

  • @OmegaQuinn

    Omg it’s been over a year since these videos. It feels like it’s barely been a few months

  • @flower-hope-galaxy3866

    Grian seems perfectly fine but scar sounds like he has an echo, or that there’s two of them at once

  • @yourlocalbee6241

    theyre so chaotic and silly i live laugh and love them both so much

  • @user-io9xi4vh5y
    @user-io9xi4vh5y Year ago +23

    This deserves more views! Good job tho

  • @shadeshift1268
    @shadeshift1268 Year ago +67

    Scar sounds like an android lol

  • @mitchellmoffitt-neich7455

    That was well done

  • @LJK4546b
    @LJK4546b  +41