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Muhammad Ali Funeral | Billy Crystal Imitates Ali

  • Published on Jun 9, 2016 veröffentlicht

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  • Annie Battaglia
    Annie Battaglia 2 months ago +63

    What a magnificent eulogy to your friend Billy….You taught us all a lesson here in dignity…. Thank you Billy for that speech directly from your heart….Love you so much Billy Crystal

    • Sue Coughlin
      Sue Coughlin 6 days ago

      At that funeral for Mohammed Ali-- people of all different races--religions--sitting next to each other--laughing together--so why can’t we do this in our everyday life--I don’t care who you are-- how you pray--we are all the creation of God--and that’s it--he made us equal--how he still loves us through all our faults--who knows--so however you say Go in peace to love and serve the Lord--how about we try it--Mohammed Ali you were the greatest--you said what you meant and you meant what you said

  • frabber
    frabber Month ago +38

    One of the greatest speeches of our times.

  • Vernon Spady
    Vernon Spady Month ago +18

    The most beautiful eulogy I've ever heard.

  • Harry Chong
    Harry Chong 2 months ago +27

    Such a gracious man Billy Christal is. To eulogize his wonderful friend Muhammad Ali.

  • vic m
    vic m Year ago +948

    This is the best, most genuine, heartwarming eulogy I have ever heard. Kudos Billy Crystal

    • Julius  Zeus
      Julius Zeus  2 months ago

      Let’s do it

    • Roderick Freeman
      Roderick Freeman 3 months ago

      Oh yeah probably had a heart of gold that's good mold one of the greatest sweetest man in the world he's gone but not forgotten amen and

    • Ante Stanic
      Ante Stanic 3 months ago

      @Everett Donowho an Idiot :=O

    • Everett Donowho
      Everett Donowho 3 months ago

      @Ante Stanic I’m

    • Paul Gardner
      Paul Gardner 3 months ago


  • Jean Kroeber
    Jean Kroeber Month ago +4

    All the reasons why I love 💕 Billy Crystal...what a Mensch!

  • Danny Tadlock
    Danny Tadlock Month ago +2

    He was the greatest ❤️ 🙌

  • Rolando Sarabia
    Rolando Sarabia 6 months ago +270

    I just don't get tired of listening to this great speech. One of the most beautiful eulogies I have ever heard. You can tell he wrote it, and meant every word expressed. A true friendship, between two great individuals!

    • Gary Clough
      Gary Clough 2 months ago

      @Vision821 K n

    • Ems
      Ems 3 months ago

      On my fourth listen 😂👍🏼💪🏽💪🏽

    • Duchess Debra
      Duchess Debra 5 months ago +2

      Isn't it wonderful to hear a Man show admiration for another Man out of Love & Respect?? I give Billy Crystal a million accolades for his touching tribute to Muhammad Ali -- a great Man!
      Thank you Brother w/ Love⚘
      DD 🕊

    • Rolando Sarabia
      Rolando Sarabia 6 months ago

      @Vision821 K why be an arse?

    • Vision821 K
      Vision821 K 6 months ago +1

      yes because you know either of them.

  • Thousand Yard Stare
    Thousand Yard Stare Year ago +270

    This has to be one of the most amazing tributes ever given .... Not just for a boxing legend, but for a man whom refused to let anyone stand in his of way being true to himself... First and foremost.

    • Julius  Zeus
      Julius Zeus  2 months ago


    • Toney Walker
      Toney Walker 2 months ago +1

      So so true

    • Mark Ladenheim
      Mark Ladenheim 3 months ago +3

      Ali wasn't education smart but you can tell how bright he was by his whip sharp sense of humor. Meeting the Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos he actually said, "I saw your wife. You're not as dumb as you look."
      To be able to pull that off and make a ruthless tyrant laugh - that's brilliant.

  • The Earl14
    The Earl14 6 months ago +136

    One of the best speeches I've ever heard. Every person on this planet needs to listen to this eulogy. It resonates on what is wrong in the world. Being Jewish myself I've been exposed many times to prejudice, but never could figure out why others resort to it. Billy Crystal's words spoke volumes on how we all should act towards one another. Muhammed Ali's greatness is not only being the best boxer of all time, but someone who was stripped of his heavyweight title and then became one of the most revered humanitarians ever.

    • ligerpride
      ligerpride 8 days ago

      Ah yes, because its always the jews who are so familiar with prejudice.....this never happens to....for example, the white man. It never happens to certain professions either.....for example, police officers.

    • KristieAliceSeits
      KristieAliceSeits 3 months ago +1


    • DJK 2816
      DJK 2816 4 months ago

      Pfffffftttttt. Please be serious.

    • Bill Petersen
      Bill Petersen 5 months ago +1

      @Sosua Pimp He seemed self serving to me. Not interested in the greater good.

    • Sosua Pimp
      Sosua Pimp 5 months ago

      @Bill Petersen sometimes you have to be divisive. People need to be told what they need to hear,instead of told what they want to hear

  • Carol Druhan
    Carol Druhan 2 months ago +2

    Just beautiful.

  • Bill Rich
    Bill Rich Month ago +53

    4 years later: They say a man is not supposed to cry. I don't think there will ever be a better Eulogy. He deserved it.

    • Username
      Username 10 days ago

      This was great but Michael Jordan’s speech at Kobe’s memorial had me crying

    • David Scales
      David Scales 20 days ago

      I've never met a man who didn't cry.

    • Soxruleyanksdrool
      Soxruleyanksdrool Month ago

      ...but these tears I can't hold inside
      Loosing you would end my life you see
      'cause you mean that much to me

  • Old Mountain Biker
    Old Mountain Biker Year ago +173

    Such a fantastic tribute. I was in college when I first saw Ali. I couldn’t stop laughing. But his stand against the war made Ali my hero.

    • Old Mountain Biker
      Old Mountain Biker 3 months ago

      @Brandon Cooke When do you think the 26th amendment was ratified lowering the voting age to 18. Ali was protesting all the kids abducted to. Vietnam without the right to vote.

    • Old Mountain Biker
      Old Mountain Biker 3 months ago

      @ss2k10 Agree

    • Fastt Ed
      Fastt Ed 3 months ago

      A-lye was a coward. Glad you HID in college.

    • RAK62
      RAK62 5 months ago

      @Brandon Cooke well...this speech was a little bit about self promoting Billy too..😂 RIP Muhammad Ali the greatest of all.

    • Brandon Cooke
      Brandon Cooke 6 months ago +1

      @ss2k10 umm... did not have the right to vote? When do you think the 15th Amendment was passed? Or, when do you think Muhammad Ali lived? Because one of your dates is REALLY far off.

  • Sergeant Masson
    Sergeant Masson Year ago +22

    I've watched this many times and it still brings tears. 1979, I had a backstage 35 minute conversation with Ali at the LA Forum for his retirement party TV broadcast. The conversation was supposed to be about a production prop I had made for the show. Ali didn't care about that. He wanted to talk about my personal history and some of his own. That night, I met the Ali the person that he really was. I now wish that I had recorded that conversation. Ali was an amazing person on the inside as well.

  • Amy Wantland
    Amy Wantland 8 months ago +10

    Beautiful eulogy. He was a Legend! My Late Father in law would tell us stories of when he watched him training in Louisville as then Cassius Clay. He said back then he could feel from Ali's fierce energy he would be The Greatest. And he was and always will be. RIP Mohammed Ali

    • trevorjennings72Gmail.
      trevorjennings72Gmail. 5 months ago

      Hello Amy, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??

  • Glen Townsend
    Glen Townsend 5 months ago +45

    One of the greatest speeches I have ever heard. Absolutely perfect, and from the heart. Well done Billy!

  • Ebukah Joseph
    Ebukah Joseph 3 years ago +1957

    Don't know how many times I've watched this piece... Still watching.
    Well done Billy.
    Ali the greatest

    • Julius  Zeus
      Julius Zeus  2 months ago

      Oh boy I loved it

    • David Dombal
      David Dombal 2 months ago

      @Serge TY t TY

    • Berta
      Berta 2 months ago

      SUPER ⭐ Mohammed

    • Naph's Blind Wisdom
      Naph's Blind Wisdom 4 months ago


    • Cookie Monster
      Cookie Monster 5 months ago

      Oh yes

  • dunes 424
    dunes 424 Month ago +9

    Greatest boxer ever, I'm sorry to see him go so young, what a great ambassador for sports and mankind

  • ying things
    ying things 6 months ago +45

    Best eulogy I have ever heard, and still as powerful as the day it was first spoken.

  • Nicholas Kumburis
    Nicholas Kumburis 3 months ago +10

    His words are wonderfully crafted. His heart, humor, and passion was on full display.

  • Christine Pratt
    Christine Pratt Year ago +76

    Having just finished watching Ken Burns documentary on Ali, this moved me to tears. I can remember watching Ali fight in the 60 Olympics with my Dad. My Dad said, “ This kid is going to be the greatest boxer of all times! You mark my words!” My Dad died in 64 but for some reason those words I always remembered and he was right! Whenever I would watch Ali box I would think, “ Dad, your right, he will always be the greatest!” And he was not only as a boxer but as a man.

    • Brenda Thomas
      Brenda Thomas 4 months ago +2

      I will never forget him coming to My School Booker T Washington in 66.….He was A Great Human Being....Help me to be Black and PROUD

  • Mike Horne
    Mike Horne Year ago +717

    I was in tears, not of laughter, but in the way Billy Crystal spoke, it spoke volumes about Muhammad Ali,it also spoke volumes about Billy Crystal,they were truly brothers. Absolute oratory perfection.

  • Mike Weaver
    Mike Weaver 6 months ago +30

    That was the most eloquent tribute I have ever witnessed. The most beautiful love filled, heartfelt tribute demonstrating the real power of honest real love. ❤️

  • Alkira K
    Alkira K 3 months ago +8

    What a wonderful tribute. I never knew just how close Ali and Billy were 🙏❤️

  • Mary W
    Mary W 2 months ago +7

    I remember seeing Mr Ali walking through the DFW airport being trailed by a gaggle of kids all wanting autographs. This lovely man took time to sign each and every child’s paper. The other thing I noticed was the expression of joy on Mr. Ali’s face. What an American treasure.

    • J G
      J G Month ago +1

      I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1990. He shook my hand and gave me an autograph. As we were shaking hands my mind immediately thought about how many people that hand knocked out and how many important people around the world also shook it.

  • palden oshoe
    palden oshoe 8 months ago +17

    ☀️🙏🏻I can’t stop watching this truly amazing and touching speech by Bill for the greatest fighter for his ability to remain calm and somber with his every fight. He never was mean to any fighter. ☀️🙏🏻

  • Tunde Kuforiji
    Tunde Kuforiji 3 years ago +1487

    Even in 2020 he is still the greatest of them all rest in peace.

    • Jon Burrows
      Jon Burrows 3 months ago

      @Phillip Shosie Rocky Marciano was never a Muslim.

    • Phillip Shosie
      Phillip Shosie 3 months ago

      Ali was a great fighter. "The Greatest", He turned Muslim and practiced the Islamic religion, but he was not Arabic. Crystal, a decendant of white khazar European Russ-Turks, is not Jewish. They both adopted their religion, and pose under an ethnicity they were not born from.
      An Islamic Arab (or Muslim) would never sit at a table with someone pretending to be a jew of Judaism.
      Does this not surprise you?

    • TheLegend27
      TheLegend27 4 months ago

      @Jon Burrows how am I racist? I told you to respect his name only and I didn't talk about Rocky why you're bringing him to the conversation! To be fair I feel you are the racist & islamphopic person cuz u r hating on black Muslim for no reason.

    • Jon Burrows
      Jon Burrows 4 months ago

      @TheLegend27 No, I'm realist. YOu're the hater. Clays a draft dodger and Rocky Marciano is by facts and record, the GOAT. Nice try though, RACIST

    • TheLegend27
      TheLegend27 4 months ago

      @Jon Burrows ok so you're just a hater lol

  • EyeGlassTV
    EyeGlassTV 6 months ago +20

    Great speech! So moving, so tender. I felt transfixed to the days of Ali in his prime.
    Thank you for refreshing great memories.

  • Earl Putnal
    Earl Putnal Year ago +40

    Loving and still my deepest condolences to the best heavyweight and humanitarian of all time. RIP Muhammad Ali. Amen.

  • Soldier
    Soldier 5 months ago +35

    "I'll never run there again" Simple but powerful statement.

    • Username
      Username 5 months ago +2

      “And he didn’t”. Ali 🐐

  • Michael Lamon
    Michael Lamon 8 days ago +2

    Even after all these years this still chokes me up. I seriously don't think anyone could've done it better!!! He certainly deserved it!!! Rest in Peace Champ!!!

  • sema navidi
    sema navidi Year ago +32

    The absolute best speech ever. Thank you Billy.

  • Sue Davis
    Sue Davis Year ago +19

    When I need to feel better about the world and my place in it, I watch this. Billy Crystal and Ali are both the greatest.

  • James
    James 3 months ago +7

    Billy is so eloquent, he conjures images with his beautiful words like a brilliant artist with paint to canvas. Ali was and will always be the greatest.

  • JPL82
    JPL82 Month ago

    Amazing speach

  • Bill Powell
    Bill Powell 4 years ago +644

    Our fourth grade class was on a field trip in NYC in the seventies and someone spotted Ali walking on the sidewalk next to the bus. We all began waving and shouting at him and he came on to our bus!! He was amazing and told us all to stay in school and study hard. Really a kind, wonderful man.

    • Roy Fujimoto
      Roy Fujimoto 2 months ago +1

      @DSA I just cried for billy and ali with smiles and sympathy for my memories/88years and still hanging around for more.

    • Lydiaanderson623gmail Lydiaanderson623gmail
      Lydiaanderson623gmail Lydiaanderson623gmail 6 months ago +1

      @Hello Bill how are you doing

    • DSA
      DSA 6 months ago +1

      Beautiful 💕

    • Allyson Hanks
      Allyson Hanks Year ago +4

      Hello Bill, how are you doing. I hope you are safe and in good health. Looking for a new friend and i saw your pic here. I hope you don't mind thank you.

    • bangladeshibusinessman
      bangladeshibusinessman 2 years ago +3

      four eleven forty-four maybe he was on the bus , was it a bus carrying one person ? Lol

  • Sandra Bigler
    Sandra Bigler 3 months ago +2

    What a wonderful and beautiful tribute to a well deserving and honorable man!❤

  • RoxyLa
    RoxyLa 2 months ago +1

    What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute 🙏❤️

  • tim ringgenberg
    tim ringgenberg 3 months ago +4

    You can tell they were true friends. Billy had a real love for him and Muhammad for Billy. They were brothers in life. What a great tribute by Billy.

  • sevenirises
    sevenirises 3 months ago +3

    Such a beautiful tribute to the love, laughs and loyalty between two friends. I know Ali was smiling.

  • Prentis Davis
    Prentis Davis 3 years ago +814

    My dad lived in Richmond,VA and spoke to Ali while leaving a restaurant. When my dad moved to Chicago, Ali was in Washington park and recognized him. Even told him where he had seen him before. Awesome dude!

    • Lrees John
      Lrees John 5 months ago

      Hello 🤚🤚🤚

    • Gail Taitoko
      Gail Taitoko Year ago


    • anne Sonnenberg
      anne Sonnenberg Year ago

      @batchelerjr ok

    • Entertainment n Entertainment
    • batchelerjr
      batchelerjr 2 years ago +22

      Great story. I was plucked out of cali and spent 2 and 3 grade being bused into a different school zone in Louisville. During a school assembly Ali showed up because some of his nephews and nieces were there. I was the token cute white kid on the front row. He looks down during q and a. Says You....you down there. Mickey Mouse....what's your question? I didn't understand the gravity at that age. But I do now.

  • Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez 2 months ago

    Thank you. 🙏❤️🙏

  • Ionut Marius Cojocarasu
    Ionut Marius Cojocarasu 5 months ago +8

    *Great speech...! Smiling with tears in my eyes! R.I.P. ALI!!!*

  • G-Man
    G-Man Year ago +24

    That came from deep within Billy's heart.. an amazing eulogy.. the greatest of all time will live on in our hearts and minds.

  • Theo Kgapola
    Theo Kgapola 2 months ago +2

    What an amazing and sublime narrative of the recollection of a great person; Muhammad Ali. For me, this is an epiphany on the great news relative to the "Champ" apropos his life, attitudes, world views, values etc, etc. This is a tribute par excellence in my view. "Ali might be gone but he lives on" through the good legacy he left. I feel like I know Muhammad Ali better than I thought I did all along, after this outstanding eulogy; by his "little brother"(sic) - Billy Crystal. Oh yeah, a well deserved paen for the great Ali. Billy Crystal relates his narrative with such ease and clarity - yes he is also a 'champion' in story telling and communicating in general ; a big up to Billy. Muito Obrigado!!
    Theo Kgapola {Benoni}

  • noam65
    noam65 2 months ago +3

    What a wonderful tribute. What he said was true. Ali could oblige be fully appreciated from having lived in his lifetime. To know the context in which his achievements, great and small, within the arena or without. For me, his greatness was in his poetry and his humanity. He always served the larger cause, through his religion, from that to humanity as a whole. Though not well formally educated, he was made among the wise. There will never be another like him. He was an original, and an inspiration. I can only say to him, if I had that chance, "thank you, and well done, sir, go to your rest. We will pick up the torch and carry on."

  • j.galasso
    j.galasso 4 months ago +2

    What an amazing witness, to an amazing man...

  • Danaventhiran Pathmanathan


  • mraza9
    mraza9 3 months ago +3

    Absolutely beautiful. God bless Billy and Ali. Lovely and genuine relationships.

  • Pok Shark
    Pok Shark 4 years ago +1592

    The best quote...
    "He is gone..but he will never die.. he was my big brother.."

    • Brendon Miratana
      Brendon Miratana 2 years ago


    • Mike Fabian
      Mike Fabian 2 years ago +3

      @mike michael There's nothing stupid in what he said. You just don't understand.

    • DLS
      DLS 2 years ago +1

      @Omegaweapon116 I'd give anything to be able to give a eulogy like that.

    • ๖ۣۜ KENNEXS
      ๖ۣۜ KENNEXS 3 years ago +10

      "Builder of bridges, rather than walls."

    • mike michael
      mike michael 3 years ago

      @Κώστας Καπερνέκας man that's stupid

  • Willy Bear
    Willy Bear 4 months ago

    To all that hear this presentation from much time ago from Billy Crystal.
    Great example of a speech from the heart. Joins most of all people to feel multiple folks in warmth of a person that unifies their own lives.
    May we all feel the warmth.
    John K. Dixon Jr.

  • Robert Carbone
    Robert Carbone 29 days ago +1

    A well crafted and delivered eulogy to a close friend. Ali must have been smiling and applauding Billy Crystal; a champ in his own right. Thank you Billy. I can listen to this over and over and never get tired of it.

  • Dr.RL Ellis
    Dr.RL Ellis 3 months ago +3

    This was the greatest tribute of the Human Kind ❤️ ♥️ 💙 🙌

  • Mark N
    Mark N 6 months ago +8

    Just found this now!! What a beautiful tribute to such an amazing man! Mr. Ali, will always be the greatest in my mind! Loved him!!

  • Mir Khan
    Mir Khan 2 years ago +717

    This was probably the most beautiful and heart touching eulogy I've ever heard!👌👍

    • JaCory Matthews
      JaCory Matthews Year ago

      Eulogy’s of real heroes

    • Jonny B
      Jonny B Year ago

      It rivals Maya Angelou’s recording for Nelson Mandela’s passing.

    • Z06Ronald
      Z06Ronald Year ago

      This one, by Rabbi Michael Lerner: clip-share.net/video/JXFxE46mt4g/video.html

    • Lennie Watson
      Lennie Watson Year ago +1

      @Rex Perkes That one had me crying like she was a family member.

    • Wallace Trisler
      Wallace Trisler 2 years ago

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  • idoug99
    idoug99 2 months ago

    One of the best remembrance speeches ever. What a man Ali was!!

  • jamsjr44
    jamsjr44 3 months ago +1

    I still watch this a few times a year and it is inspiring. People are capable of great things if they want to be!

  • Trevor Grimley
    Trevor Grimley Year ago +15

    One of the greatest men of all time, and I would loved to have met him. What a great loss it's been for the world.

  • T Leonard
    T Leonard 9 months ago +1

    Until I just watched this, I had missed the level of impact that Ali had. While I despised his "draft dodging", and his disrespect of his opponents, I can see how I may have viewed part of who he was incorrectly. Rest in peace Mr. Clay.

  • bugder
    bugder 5 years ago +291

    This was the best eulogy I have ever heard.
    Billy is a legend to be recon with, his talent lays not only his performance but also in his crystal clear humanistic outlook which should be an infectious disease that spreads out as a hay fire surrounding the world just like a glow of love.
    Thank you, Billy, for bringing Muhamed Ali back to life.

    • Mark Jackson
      Mark Jackson 4 years ago +3

      I can't recall a better one. Find the one Tom Hanks did for Michael Clarke Duncan,..it's pretty moving and funny (odd combination BTW) too.

    • Connie Sufridge
      Connie Sufridge 4 years ago +1

      Fox news

    • CK C
      CK C 4 years ago +8

      I certainly agree with u - Awesome eulogu from the great Billy BUT awesome comment from YoU - 👏

  • Lee Griffiths
    Lee Griffiths 6 months ago

    Amazing Eulogy - Ali was and will remain the Greatest !!

  • Adam cantu
    Adam cantu 2 months ago +5

    Straight from the heart, eloquent delivery, thank you for sharing.

  • sema navidi
    sema navidi 4 months ago

    The absolute best speech ever, thank you Billy.

  • William Price
    William Price 5 months ago +1

    What a fantastic Eulogy, Billy Crystal you are amazing. I wish I had met the champ. God bless you for doing such a wonderful thing.

  • Tlaloc
    Tlaloc 6 months ago +20

    “I shook up the wooorld..I shook up the wooorld…I shook up the woooorld…!!!”
    Indeed he did! R.I.P. The Greatest of all time.

  • H Max
    H Max 6 months ago +1

    Nice. Incredible eulogy for an incredible man. Very moving.

  • Moonlight Graham
    Moonlight Graham 2 days ago

    He fought through sport, politics, philanthropy, etc. He challenged and questioned motives. He was a fighter. He was the GOAT.

  • Jon Streng
    Jon Streng 3 months ago +7

    Wow 😣😲😳. Who would have expected that. Crystal was just a brilliant comedian but man did he have a great heart of gold. What a wonderful tribute.

  • GodisGreat
    GodisGreat Year ago +199

    An emotional speech. This man was so lucky to be chosen by Muhammad Ali as a friend. I wish I could like this video more than once

  • Umberto Flocco
    Umberto Flocco 2 months ago +15

    I loved Ali as a kid.Never forget his fights as a 10 year old boy.

    • Dan Macklin
      Dan Macklin 3 days ago

      @Lance Repp too bad the left is still backing a president who famous for making mistakes and being too old

    • Lance Repp
      Lance Repp 29 days ago

      All friends of Obama! And his mentor Bill Ayers! The founder of the weathermen!

    • Lance Repp
      Lance Repp 29 days ago

      Some praise for killing men on a Brink's truck robbery as well as blowing up and burning the Capitol in DC which the press barely reported on! Except the BBC! (British Broadcasting Company! ).

    • Lance Repp
      Lance Repp 29 days ago

      The members of the weathermen underground killed three men in a Brink's truck in New York City where the FBI sent out in a all out APV across these underground terrorists across the US! The weathermen were given pardons later for shooting a Brink's truck robbery men! (3) in NYC!

  • Rod
    Rod 9 months ago

    Loved the man and billy is right you had to live through that time to really realize how great he was.

  • deepak sharma
    deepak sharma 6 months ago +3

    one of the best speeches one could hear...straight from heart.

  • Oliver Grumitt
    Oliver Grumitt Year ago +9

    What a lovely and appropriate tribute to Mohammed Ali, Billy Crystal delivered his eulogy so well. A very special tribute to a very special man.

  • Warren Wintrode
    Warren Wintrode 5 years ago +2193

    "The most famous Muslim man in the world honoring his Jewish friend." Profound respect for a fellow human being, particularly in light of the current, mindless hatred and intolerance we see today. Wow.

    • Hashim'sYTC
      Hashim'sYTC Year ago +1

      May peace and prosperity be on all my Jewish, Christian and atheist friends. Love from a a muslim

    • Richard Genschaw
      Richard Genschaw Year ago

      so well said

    • Johnny Ray Baca
      Johnny Ray Baca Year ago

      Dear Reader:
      You know we’re just passing through this world to get
      to The next, whether it be Heaven or Hell. “YES!”
      There is a Hell!!!
      Most people do not want to know this
      BUT IT’S TRUE. Like it or not, there is a HELL!
      And “YOU” make the choice.
      You may be thinking to yourself:
      I’ve lived a good life.
      I’ve never hurt anyone.
      I am no different than anyone else.
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      God has seen every sin we have ever committed.
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      Every one of us.
      Be willing to turn from sin and REPENT.
      Believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and
      rose from the dead as the ONLY atonement.
      He took your punishment for your sins.
      Through prayer invite Jesus Christ into your
      “What to pray?”
      “Dear God, I am a sinner and I need your
      forgiveness. I believe that Jesus Christ shed His
      blood and died for our sins. I am willing to turn
      from sin and invite Jesus Christ into my heart and
      my life as my personal savior.”
      THAT’S IT! Now your off to a good start
      surrender your life to Jesus…. get a bible and read
      it every day and do what its says, to get to know God
      better, also tell others about what Jesus Christ has
      done for you.
      Don’t just take my word for it! Look this stuff up in
      the bible for yourself.
      1. Revelation 20: 10
      2. Revelation 21: 7
      3. Luke 16: 19….Through...16: 31
      4. John 3: 35
      5. Acts 2: 38
      6. 2nd Peter 2: 21
      Please don’t go to Hell. You won’t like it. You
      can’t just try it for a weekend...ITS FOREVER!
      You are not promised another day on Earth.
      Tomorrow might be too late. Heaven and Hell are
      both F O R E V E R!!!
      And it’s up to you which one you’ll choose. I tell
      you this not because it’s my law, but because it’s
      God’s law and it’s that simple.
      In Hell you are awake and there is no rest. You get
      to feel continual torment FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!
      Sorry there’s no sugar coating this!
      “But” the truth will set you free.
      I’m not asking you to go to my church or give me one
      thin dime, I’m just asking you to turn to God..... JESUS

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Year ago

      @Elthenar bin laden was infamous

    • Submariner FXDC2013
      Submariner FXDC2013 Year ago

      @Unknown Warrior you mean invasions you imbecile not battles. Battles are fought with honor, invasions and terror attacks have no honor and are inline with the Pedo-prophet’s teachings

  • bush master
    bush master 5 months ago +5

    Billy, this was absolutely the most wonderful and heartfelt eulogy that I've ever heard. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. I've always loved your work, but this is truly exceptional to say the least. I'm sorry that you have lost both Howard and Ali in your lifetime. Peace be with you, Little Brother.

    • Alan Jones
      Alan Jones 5 months ago

      I watched Michael Stipe on the Nirvana Rock and roll Hall of fame induction, thought that was great but this kicks it out of the park. You are gorgeous by the way.

  • Lisa Holverson
    Lisa Holverson Year ago +18

    Ali was one of a kind. There will never be another one like him and those of us were lucky enough to see him were truly fortunate. He is truly missed!!

  • Brad Thurkle
    Brad Thurkle 2 months ago

    Beautiful words Billy. We all miss him so much. There will never be another Ali.he truly was the greatest🤜🏻🙏🏻🤛🏻

  • Frank Baird
    Frank Baird 6 months ago +1

    Wow. How amazing. When I grew up I was taught his name change was totally unnecessary, that his stance against the war was wrong, and it was right that his title was taken away. I now know that Ali was completely in the right and the establishment was completely and shamefully wrong.

  • R G
    R G 2 years ago +135

    This eulogy is so uplifting, and inspirational to watch and listen. Billy and Ali shared something special, and it clearly shows that whatever background you come from, or religious beliefs you practice, you can still be close lifelong friends. Love the “little brother” and “big brother” relationship that they shared!
    Billy, you are a treasure as much as Ali was “The Greatest”.

  • Beamish Pirikahu
    Beamish Pirikahu Year ago

    a beautiful eulogy ❤️❤️

  • Username
    Username 5 months ago +1

    A heavyweight with lighter feet than featherweights, quicker hands than lightweights, going against conventional boxing with his chin up, hands down, moving backwards, and the first to use the “heel” approach in boxing. Greatest of All Time.

  • Chris Yates
    Chris Yates Year ago +1

    This speech made me cry. Thank you for sharing.

  • anywaythewindblows89

    “Introduce yourself as one of his dearest friends.” Well, he’s not wrong.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 4 years ago +286

    Pure class and elegant speech mixed with high emotions...One of the best ever

    • 4orrcountry
      4orrcountry 3 years ago +2

      @Robert James Chinnery Zero - the same as you're getting for appearing here. Nitwit.

    • When Doves Fly
      When Doves Fly 3 years ago +7

      @Robert James Chinnery fool

    • SilentKnight43
      SilentKnight43 3 years ago +9

      @Robert James Chinnery You really don't get life, do you? Pity.

    • Robert James Chinnery
      Robert James Chinnery 4 years ago

      how much was he paid for ridiculing a person at their funeral?

  • Rosie Rosebud
    Rosie Rosebud Year ago +11

    i have seen this before.. i watched it again a moment ago... this is one of the best eulogies i've ever heard.. we need more of these two people... billy crystal a white jewish man , and muhammad ali, a black muslim........ best friends for over 40 years... we are in sad times... the most divided in our country in my lifetime..racially, politically and socially... we need to get back to where these two men were.. where we use to be.... there is only one race.. the human race.. float like a butterfly...sting like a bee..
    rest in peace ali ❤ jan 2 2022

  • John Stagl
    John Stagl 6 months ago +1

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you, Billy. That was so well articulated.

  • Cathleen Lovette
    Cathleen Lovette 3 months ago +1

    Beautiful tribute ❤️

  • tefenstrat
    tefenstrat 5 months ago +2

    This is great. I never really knew much about Ali until I saw the recent Ken Burns documentary. It was then I knew he was an amazing person and human being. Now I will tell you a true story that only a few people on earth know about, these days anyway. Back in the time when the boxing commission had banned Ali from boxing professionally because he had refused to go to the Vietnam war. My Father was a part time boxing promoter ( and free thinker) here where I live in Washington state. My dad had put together a deal to have Ali fight on an Indian reservation in the northern part of our state. Now keep in mind this was way way before there were any casinos on Indian reservations. The deal was basically all done and my father even had a contract from Wide World of Sports to televise the fight. I got to talk with Muhammad a couple of times on the phone ( I was only about 12 years old at the time). However a couple of months prior to the fight taking place the Colville Indian tribe called my father and said they decided not to allow the fight because they had kids in Vietnam. Now there may be a few non-believers out there but I still have the newspaper articles about it taken from the Seattle Times news paper.

  • Bob the Builder
    Bob the Builder 3 years ago +571

    He wasn't the hero this world deserved, but he was the hero this world needed. Gone but he will never ever be forgotten.

    • Mike Rodgers
      Mike Rodgers 6 months ago

      @Mary West Ali was a racist hypocrite and a draft dodger. I honor no such person. Honor better fighters like Joe Louis.

    • Mary West
      Mary West 6 months ago +2

      @Mike Rodgers Muhammed Ali was no coward. He was a realist. He lived his life with honor. A good. Man.

    • Mike Rodgers
      Mike Rodgers 7 months ago

      @Acentrixes Allah is fake. There's only Jehovah. Praise be to him.

    • Acentrixes
      Acentrixes 7 months ago

      @Mike Rodgers Allah is great

    • Phoebe B.
      Phoebe B. 10 months ago

      @Mike Rodgers Yet you're still here commenting about him.

  • Dennis Boozer
    Dennis Boozer 6 months ago +2

    Thank you Billy Crystal and Muhammad Ali thanks for his memories. Thank you for the message of peace and hope. We all can come together. Thank you Muhammad Ali rest in peace

    • trevorjennings72Gmail.
      trevorjennings72Gmail. 5 months ago

      Hello Dennis, how are you doing today, hope you’re fine and safe from the Virus??

  • Kris Wright
    Kris Wright 10 days ago

    I'm not crying ( yes I am ), you are! Thanks Mr Billy, and thank you Champ for all you do!

  • Graeme Hill
    Graeme Hill Month ago +6

    Even after all these years Ali truly was the greatest.

    • angel
      angel Month ago

      nope frazier

  • Billy D
    Billy D Year ago +2

    Years ago when I was a kid I was watching Ali on TV with my grandpa. He told me to watch Ali close because there will never be another champion like him. Turns out he was right. I still remember that almost 50 years later.

  • John H
    John H 6 years ago +791

    Well done Billy. You're a genius to make some many laugh at such a sad time.

    • Andrew Cribbin
      Andrew Cribbin 4 years ago

      He was a good man

      PHAROAH TONY JOHNSON 4 years ago

      John H Yeah right. Give him a Grammy. He stole the mutherfukin Show.

    • luvatune
      luvatune 4 years ago +2

      made me laugh but also brought tears....well done Billy and farewell Ali

    • William Millard
      William Millard 4 years ago +2

      Well done Billy.❤️

    • Douglas Skaalrud
      Douglas Skaalrud 4 years ago +2

      I think a lot of funerals follow that theme now. My uncle was a guy who said the funniest things and provided fodder for a two hour funeral that people left with their sides aching from laughing so much.

  • F&VEE STUDIOS DJ Frankie Fedora Tagarelli

    This is an amazing classic that never gets old !! What a beautiful friendship between the 2 of them

  • Igor BT
    Igor BT Year ago +27

    We need more Mohamed Alis that stand up against the "eternal war" that bleed not only our soldiers, but to another human, another families in the world. And we need more Jewish that think like Billy with this message of friendship that transcend nationalities and religious beliefs.

    • East Bay Man
      East Bay Man Year ago +1

      The vast majority of Jews do think like Billy. We love Billy. We are searching for a way to reclaim our heritage as people forced out of Europe for not being white and build alliances with other minorities. Ali understood that. Everyday Jews understand that even if we have lost our traditions. We can always pick them up again in the inspiration from people who have nothing but faith to sustain them.

    KHANIVORE Year ago +1

    This has to be the best eulogy I've ever heard....

  • Feline Fine #tessaslegacy
    Feline Fine #tessaslegacy 3 months ago +2

    This is one of the best 14 minutes of my life. Thank you Billy and Thank You Big Brother. ♥

  • Zeeshan Haider
    Zeeshan Haider 3 years ago +215

    Greatest Speech about 'THE GREATEST", Just Beautiful...
    Rest in Peace Ali.

    • JR South
      JR South 3 years ago +3

      Pure true friendship

    • Zeeshan Haider
      Zeeshan Haider 3 years ago +3

      @Dan Richardson True

    • Dan Richardson
      Dan Richardson 3 years ago +6

      Wow i cry because ali was more than a boxer. He was love world wide all religions and races. He was a humanitarian. He never shy away from affliction. Few people on this planet that didn't need money to make him rich.

  • wes s
    wes s 3 months ago

    This was precious - just like the man himself.