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ITZY "CRAZY IN LOVE" Album | Behind The Scenes

  • Published on Oct 1, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • ITZY "CRAZY IN LOVE" Album | Behind The Scenes
    ITZY The 1st Album "CRAZY IN LOVE"
    Find ITZY "LOCO" on
    MelOn orcd.co/crazyinlove
    Apple Music apple.co/3APw0gk
    Spotify spoti.fi/2XMtUzT
    [ITZY Official]
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  • Satu Persen - Indonesian Life School

    Yeah, ive been following ITZY from Dalla Dalla era and they were improved so much!

    • all althaf
      all althaf Year ago +27

      Ternyata mimin satu persen juga MIDZY wahh seneng deh😁

    • Lutfi Firmansyah
      Lutfi Firmansyah Year ago +4

      Lah min

    • all althaf
      all althaf Year ago +18

      @Robin Skull u r everywhere

    • kokola
      kokola Year ago +9

      Wah mimin satu persen juga midzy

    • MasterMultitaskerZed
      MasterMultitaskerZed Year ago +3

      @all althaf haters like this don't deserve ur time responding to them hahaha it's better to just report them as harassment XD

  • Uthman Haneef
    Uthman Haneef Year ago +2189

    this is how MV behind-the-scenes should be done. Interviewing the producers, directors, choreographers and artists in-depth really allows to appreciate the album even more, and shows how much work is put into these projects. My respect for the girls and all the people working with them have reached a new high thanks to this video.
    they deserve all the success

    • Clarenz Guiñez Tampos
      Clarenz Guiñez Tampos Year ago +11

      I couldn't agree more!

    • nul
      nul Year ago +5


    • V
      V Year ago +3


    • Sentia Arnanda
      Sentia Arnanda Year ago +5

      It's always nice to see behind the scenes of a project. Because from there we see a lot of invisible sides. ITZY has worked hard!

  • kaye
    kaye Year ago +1482

    Jessi didn't lie when she said "itzy is so down-to-earth". They are nothing but pure angels, they are so kind and humble. They deserve all the love they received, and continuously receiving.

  • tenshi -
    tenshi - Year ago +173

    "I don't want us to be remembered as merely a group that dances well, I want ITZY to grow as a distinctive and charming group and a group that people look forward to and support" this hits different

    • Elle Misha
      Elle Misha 11 months ago


  • phoeniX
    phoeniX Year ago +549

    Yeji has this good command of leadership in the background and her skill can be noticed here in the processes. and Lia is so sweet during hard times like unwanted pouring in the set💗

  • 윤영훈
    윤영훈 Year ago +7

    있지 고마워요

  • Merri Ame
    Merri Ame Year ago +2883

    Yeji studying cat movements and monitoring the members, Chaeryeong asking how they all could match Yuna's limited movements, Yuna's maturity as a performer despite her youth and cuteness... they're so impressive T_T

    • MasterMultitaskerZed
      MasterMultitaskerZed Year ago +31

      So truuuuu!! They keep growing as a team & we get to see them working hard along with the ITZY TEAM STAFF MEMBERS

    • S K Y
      S K Y Year ago +4


    • Ruby Playz
      Ruby Playz Year ago +6

      @Robin Skull Your opinion if you cannot say anything nice don't say it

    • itzy
      itzy Year ago +6

      They literally sound n work like a ceo here. Legit dude they sound so bussiness like

  • 大好き猫
    大好き猫 8 months ago +7

    14:06 ユナちゃん 本当に辛かったと思うけど これ見るまでは本当に知らなかった😭
    ファンに気付かれないようにダンスするなんてカッコいいしオンニ皆 本当に優しいですね🥰💕

  • Anshita Jain
    Anshita Jain Year ago +432

    You can really see how Yuna is such a wise and confident person. Being 19, she displays such wisdom and confidence. Yuna-ya, fighting! We love you and please take care of yourself T__T

  • erwin john
    erwin john Year ago +773

    This might be the "dope-est" behind the scenes I watched. It's like watching a Netflix Documentary. Props to the creators of this clip. Every process was well documented.

  • Dwi Rahayu79
    Dwi Rahayu79 Year ago +219

    wow!! is this Netflix?
    This is ITZY's best behind the scenes, I hope JYP will maintain this quality for all its artists.
    For ITZY they are amazing, don't mind the haters, be yourself and enjoy life well. Good luck and good luck to all of you guys (^^)

  • Yeasin Chowdhury
    Yeasin Chowdhury Year ago +155

    Chaeryoung is so pretty
    Yeji's eyes are a definition of pure cat eyes
    Ryujin is the Goddess
    Lia didn't lie when she said she is a princess
    Yuna is literally so cute

  • Libby Basnett
    Libby Basnett Year ago +5855

    i love the netflix feel to the behind the scenes , im so proud of itzy

  • Nicole Rodriguez
    Nicole Rodriguez Year ago +73

    This is the most satisfying behind the scenes of an MV Ive seen so far. We got to see the actual “behind the scenes” where the staffs are recognized and working hand on hand for each MV. They even showed how each scenes are made from the 3d planning, the ingress, everything! This is too genuine, Im becoming more of a strong Midzy each day.
    Never regretting being a Midzy!! Hardworking artists deserved all the love in this world. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Haydis
    Haydis Year ago +245

    The saddest parts here is Yuna's neck problem and when it started raining non-stop. I felt really sorry for them in both situations. Fighting! Keep up the good work ITZY! We're here to cheer you up! :D

  • 디알엑스
    디알엑스 Year ago +3

    있지 멤버분들! 좋은 노래 들려주고, 무대에서의 멋진 퍼포먼스를 우리한테 보여줘서 정말 고마워요. 그걸 가능하게 만들어준 스태프분들에게도 정말 감사하다는 말씀을 드리고 싶어요. 사실 대부분의 사람들은 멤버분들이 가장 완벽하고 아름다운 모습이 담겨있는 무대 영상만을 보잖아요. 그래서 어떻게 그렇게 예쁘고 멋질 수 있었는지에 대한 과정을 잘 알지 못하고 결과만 보았던 적이 많았을텐데, 이렇게 어떤 노력을 거쳐 지금 보고 있는 무대가, 뮤직비디오가 나올 수 있었는지 알게 해주는 영상이 있어서 참 좋다는 생각이 드네요.
    누군가에게는 사소하디 사소할 3~4분이라는 시간을 위해 정말 많은 노력을 하신 있지 멤버분들과 스태프분들 수고 많으셨고, 여러분들의 멋진 삶의 한 켠을 엿볼 수 있어서 영광이었습니다.
    언제나 행복하세요. 있지 분들, 스태프 분들, 믿지 분들, 이 영상을 시청하신 모든 분들 다!

  • Jan
    Jan Year ago +99

    It's cool how they showed and included the directors, managers and staff behind the MV. You can clearly see the support and the teamwork they have with each other.

  • shii
    shii Year ago +8

    I'm not very emotional nor do I cry easily, but the waterworks just keep leaking out when I see how hard ITZY worked for us, and how much care had been put while in the creation of this CB. They are the first girl group I have stanned and they'll continue being my absolute favorites

  • Bend Chiek
    Bend Chiek Year ago +666

    Yuna said "The stage is only evaluated by the things that are seen and not the process" really hits a lot. Truth hurts. That's why we're so happy to see the behind the scenes because we know how Itzy and Team Itzy really worked hard for this comeback. I stan the right group!

    • Armblinkzy
      Armblinkzy Year ago +15

      One of my favorite parts in the video.

  • Melrose Delos Reyes
    Melrose Delos Reyes Year ago +17

    after 4 months, this still touches my heart. they've worked so hard and I'm glad they're getting everything that they deserve. looking forward to the next comeback! ITZY, MIDZY, NALJA!!

  • もも
    もも Year ago +16

    정말 여러분 수고 많으셨습니다ㅠㅠㅠ정말 멋진 무대를 보여주셔서 감사합니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • mohd fazrul
    mohd fazrul Year ago +75

    YEJI is the best LEADER in KPOP INDUSTRY.

  • Myoui ketchup
    Myoui ketchup Year ago +4

    When Idol make comeback people always tend to praise the Artists.. but watching this I want to praise Itzy with the whole production team.. They're amazing.. working hard to make this perfect.. Good Job guys.. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • hefeibao
    hefeibao Year ago +126

    "The distinct characteristic of GenZ is their confidence and frankness." Well said.

  • Faliq Attar
    Faliq Attar Year ago +2766

    *It's looks like a short documentary. I love this kinda content. What a long journey. It's not easy to debut. Even, after debut all of you're also facing the hard time that we as a fans didn't know about it. Thanks for enduring everything and continue to work on this path. As a fans, I'm truly appreciate that. Thanks Itzy for making me happy all the time. I hope all of you also can enjoy your life and getting a good rest.*
    "I'll be waiting for the next, next, next album from Itzy"

    • Rene Van Reneson
      Rene Van Reneson Year ago +6

      @Robin Skull brother why you even make promo in kpop? thats not really the right target group. Your music dont sound bad just let the bass hit harder but what do i know

    • Chino Dela Cruz
      Chino Dela Cruz Year ago +5

      @Rene Van Reneson he need views hahahaha

    • Samantha Kim Manoban
      Samantha Kim Manoban Year ago +1


    • tsikenwing
      tsikenwing Year ago +1


  • KP F
    KP F Year ago +4

    Thank You ♡♡ Terima kasih banyak untuk ITZY, staff dan orang-orang yg sudah bekerja keras di project ini. Sehat selalu ♡♡

  • Faith
    Faith Year ago +7

    Honestly, I look back on some of these videos like wow, it’s been that long already? ITZY has grown so much within little yet also long time. It is crazy to think that there are so many other groups still debuting after them. They have definitely gotten far and I’m grateful to witness their growth and how much they can really inspire someone. They are a great fit for this generation. I hope for more of their greatness

  • dreams
    dreams Year ago +3

    It's great to see the people behind hits like these, I appreciate all the hard work of everyone. Team ITZY fighting!

  • SonicAwareness
    SonicAwareness Year ago +70

    14:35 “Nothing is more upsetting and sad than when your body doesn’t work the way you want it to.” -Maknae Yuna, wise beyond her years

    • M H
      M H Year ago

      Hows that wise

  • Tommy-yem
    Tommy-yem Year ago +6

    That synchronise that swag that prettiness wow thank you itzy

  • galangster
    galangster Year ago +337

    Yeji really is a professional. Goes to her members scenes and monitors them, studies the song through movies to catch the emotion of it, studies out her individual scenes before she does them. That is leadership. 👍

  • 이성님
    이성님 Year ago +2

    멋지다 있지.. 울 애들 진짜 요새 여유 잘 느껴지고 도 잘하려는 게 와닿아서 팬으로서 행복하고 뿌듯하다 항상 응원하고 못하든 잘하든 결과가 좋든 말든 항상 응원하고 있고 행복했으면 좋겠다 그리고 류진이 원하는 것처럼 ㅎㅎ울 애들 더 잘 될 거라고 난 믿어😘

  • k m
    k m Year ago +4


  • s h
    s h Year ago

    Penampilan kalian selalu menakjubkan👑👑👑👑👑

  • kpop.O.O.
    kpop.O.O. Year ago +6


    • Liz h
      Liz h Year ago

      Es lo mismo q yo digo xq no hay subtitulos en español

  • Shane Christian Ebias Gelogpi Ebias Gelo

    Hwang Yeji
    Choi jisu
    Shin Ryujin
    Lee Chearyeong
    Shin Yuna
    ✨ ITZY✨

  • 신나유😺
    신나유😺 Year ago +6

    있지와 스탭분들 얼마나 고생 많았는지 알 수 있어서 뭉클해진다.. 우리 애들 너무 수고했고 특히 유나ㅠㅠㅜ아직 성인도 아닌데 아픈거 맴찢이야...꼭 건강 잘 챙겨서 오래오래 활동하자!

  • ZEPETO ALOJI editor tut tempest fan

    im so proud of you itzy of your album
    good luck stay safe midzy

  • ㅇㅇ
    ㅇㅇ Year ago +4

    승승장구하자ㅠㅠㅠ잇지동생들아 진짜 멋지고 최고 응원할게요~~~❤️❤️❤️

  • quokkach
    quokkach Year ago +2

    Your hardwork will never go unnoticed. Itzy fighting!

  • Android85
    Android85 Year ago +34

    21:52 Every Midzys are welcome to listen wholeheartedly from this point. You choose well, you choose Itzy. 😍

  • No Way Man by MNL48 is top-notch.

    ITZY has a very special place in my heart. I have been with these girls from the start, before the actual start, actually. I knew all of them pre-debut. They were all the girls I wanted for JYPE's next girl group back then so I was really happy when they all got in the debut team. I told myself, "I'm gonna support these girls all the way." Let's keep flying and trusting each other, ITZY! You are all doing great now. You are meant for greater things in the future and MIDZY will make sure that you'll get there.

  • yiahn
    yiahn Year ago +368

    I’m sobbing 😭 they really grew up a lot and as a midzy I couldn’t be more proud of them
    Thank you for working so hard and never giving up ITZY!!

  • BlinksArmy OnceMidzy
    BlinksArmy OnceMidzy Year ago +30

    Everyone's effort behind their MV and album is just priceless

  • enha_sthetic_007
    enha_sthetic_007 Year ago +2

    🥺🥺😭😭😭I love yeji I love Itzy I love their staff they are supporting the girls we can do it fighting OMG how cute and adorable 🥺😭💖✨

  • Kwon Eunbie_07
    Kwon Eunbie_07 Year ago +43

    This video is responsible of making me appreciate the whole album more.

  • Charles
    Charles Year ago +25

    I didd nottt expect for this netflix type of behind the scenes documentary like. WAHHHHHH Bravo ITZY members! Thank you dear staffs and managers! you all worked so hard for this. The MV and the song are the best. Too gooodd but the people werent ready for it. This song and MV blew my mind!

  • fa ≷
    fa ≷ Year ago +1

    Terima kasih Itzy dan team Itzy!! Midzy sayang kalian banyak banyak ❤😊

  • freedumb
    freedumb Year ago +11

    잘하는줄 알았지만 오늘 더팩트 시상식 라이브보고 진짜 대단한 실력들이란걸 새삼 느꼈어요ㅠㅠ 진짜 여덕질은 안하는데 입덕할거 같애...

  • Agust밍윤기D MA
    Agust밍윤기D MA Year ago +5

    Calidad de documental... Realmente a penas ves el MV de Loco te da la sensación que fue un gran trabajo a realizar , relacionando lo que es la música y la coreografía ... Muy profesionales son todos , Itzy y el equipo de producción, filmación , todos!
    La manera en que se animan es muy agradable

  • sweet tooth
    sweet tooth Year ago +3

    So proud of itzy. Stanning them is the best decision i've made after being a kpop casual listener since 2013.

    • sweet tooth
      sweet tooth Year ago +1

      Big respect and appreciation for the whole team too, thank you so much

  • Tommy-yem
    Tommy-yem Year ago +2

    Daebak... Chaeryeong you are already that group even more... You will forever be a meaniful group to me.. Forever is the deal❤️

  • 하나리오♡
    하나리오♡ Year ago

    완전 대박났지~~~ 초대박! 있깅이들~ 수고했어~~ 좋은노래 들려줘서 고맙고 앞으로 있지 믿지 날자!

  • 여긴 아마 존로로로존

    울 있깅이들 컴백준비하느라 수고많았어♡♡♡ 로꼬활동 아프지말고 건강하게 잘 마쳤으면 좋겠다♡♡♡ 뮤비를위해 힘써주신 스탭분들 진짜로 감사드립니다!! 그리고 로꼬 라는 띵곡 만들어주신 별들의전쟁 작곡가분들께도 진심으로 감사드립니다!!!ㅎㅎ 있지 로꼬 go!!!♡♡♡♡

  • Shine_1105
    Shine_1105 Year ago +1205

    *The stage is only evaluated by the things that are seen, and not the process*
    - Yuna
    Why does it makes my heart ache for this babies? 😥

  • sadalien10
    sadalien10 Year ago +69

    You know I feel like LOCO is much more addicting than all their other songs.

    ALLIE Year ago +22

    As someone that has followed them since debut, it's crazy to see how much they have improved. I'm so proud of them 🥺💕

  • Ayush Madane
    Ayush Madane Year ago +4

    I listened this song many times but my favorite part is when ryujin sing oh gosh. I love this when ryujin sing oh gosh

  • Android85
    Android85 Year ago +9

    16:53 a happy Yeji is the best! 😍🤗

  • Jujai Suiza
    Jujai Suiza Year ago +30


  • Misa
    Misa Year ago +910

    When Chae said, “I want Itzy to be recognized for more than just being good dancers” that hit hard. These girls are AMAZING dancers, one if not the best in the Kpop scene, but they should be and need to be recognized for their other qualities and talents as well. They work so hard and deserve it. I love this group. Keep supporting them. I believe they have the potential to become the next huge kpop GG.

    • D Brasko
      D Brasko Year ago +26

      But It's very difficult to not notice how well they dance. They literally have 4 very athletic and powerful dancers in the group. It's a very powerful first impression they forge upon first timers. Not a bad thing at all tbh

    • 지한
      지한 Year ago

      Can you give the time stamp?

    • Syifaa Syafiah
      Syifaa Syafiah Year ago +7

      @D Brasko you mean 5.?

    • Lil Cuh
      Lil Cuh Year ago +8

      @D Brasko *5 very athletic and powerful dancers

  • Sovarani
    Sovarani Year ago +23

    Lia's leg movement after dance break part has become so iconic

  • Tommy-yem
    Tommy-yem Year ago +3

    Wow... Seeing this I could really see their hard work like real really effort but when I saw the final result its very satisfying that I could see there talent and professional ability in it... Wow itzy wow.. Thank you for your hard work I love you so much

  • Jujai Suiza
    Jujai Suiza Year ago +3

    After watching this, I feel like I am going to love and respect them even more. Seeing them work so hard and so passionately just to give us great music and amazing performance, makes me want to cry. Admit it or not, there are not many fandoms who are as spoiled as midzys. ITZY LOVES US SO MUCH. SO PLEASE, HELP US GIVE BACK TO THEM BY STREAMING HARD AND VOTING. THAT'S ALL WE CAN DO NOW. PLEASE LET US UNITE AS ONE FOR ITZY. ITZY, MIDZY, LET'S FLY!!

  • Starry sky
    Starry sky Year ago +20

    i love how they show the process of filming and the thought process behind it too. they show all of the staffs that work with them, and episodes while filming the mv. not just funny part ones that other usually does.

    RED QUEEN Year ago +2


  • 갑분정현
    갑분정현 Year ago +15

    진짜 있지의 자신있는 당당함이 좋다고 생각합니다. 그리고 매번 컴백을 대중들에게 낯설지않은데도 익숙하지않다 이런 멘탈로 하는게 리스펙합니다. 이래야 새로운 도전을 할수있으면서도 초심을 지킬수있다고 봅니다. 있지 믿지 날자!

  • coco
    coco Year ago +14

    Kudos to ITZY members, staffs, to everyone who worked so hard for this album and comeback‼️💖

  • Lalalari
    Lalalari Year ago +5

    Loco is the Song that got me into Itzy😳 I knew others already but through Loco I fell in Love with Itzy♥️

  • Mark Jodan Berlon
    Mark Jodan Berlon Year ago +7

    this is the best behind the scenes that ever kpop produced. real set up and less green screen i really love the production..

    LUVPLAY Year ago +2

    They really work hard fightingg! love yah ITZY!

  • ambryyy
    ambryyy Year ago +3

    i’m so proud of yuna for working so hard :( she’s too young to deal with this . they’re also human and they deserve to rest. jyp pls give them proper rest. this can affect their health too

  • Palenciaga
    Palenciaga Year ago +169

    Lia's smile will be iconic forever, NGL

  • devoted to kyungsoo
    devoted to kyungsoo Year ago +3

    itzy is so amazing and always gonna be

  • Jas Bacarisa
    Jas Bacarisa Year ago +13

    This is the first time I see them making a M/V with BIG SCALE AND LESS GREEN SCREEN! I mean! They really did great and I love the Whole Album!! CONGRATS ITZY!!!!

  • marismarimare
    marismarimare Year ago +2

    Dear JYPE, we need MORE of this type of videos for the next comebacks ! With love, Midzy

  • Puna Maharjan
    Puna Maharjan Year ago +5

    Itzy cheering and thanking staff 🥺🥺❤❤

  • Rana Yr
    Rana Yr Year ago

    ITZY always doing well , thank you for working hard every one, fighting

  • 성이름
    성이름 Year ago +5

    얘들아 너희가 최고야 ❤❤❤

  • Snezаna Maleva
    Snezаna Maleva Year ago +3

    They work so hard and its pays thanks itzy for the good work 🤍🤍

  • Hwangshin Fury
    Hwangshin Fury Year ago +2

    I love them sm. Kudos to all the staff and production team for the hard work and efforts. Lastly to ITZY girls who really work hard also.

  • Евгения Чеботникова

    Мне так радостно за девочек, что они работают с действительно крутой, современной командой профессионалов не следующими за тенденциями в музыке, а создающими их. Начиная с продюсирования песен для альбома и заканчивая сетами для съёмок клипа все на высшем уровне. Как по мне, но кто бы что не говорил про JYPE, одно ясно точно - в этом лейбле работают невероятно крутые люди и на него подписаны самые выдающиеся исполнители. Уровень компании среди большой тройки явно выше на голову. Их песни добавляешь в плейлист и они не надоедают, клипы поражают воображение, а артисты заставляют тебя их стэнить. Никогда не думала, что скажу это, но браво JYP и спасибо за хорошую музыку 👑❤️

  • MasterMultitaskerZed

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  • Philip Nguyen
    Philip Nguyen Year ago +2

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    It soooo cool

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    Also... *LOVE LOVE LOVE* that they're shining a light on the people who make all of the magic happen.
    Edit ; *Ryujin really wants the MV to reach 100M .* Midzy , do your thang ♡

    • Misa
      Misa Year ago +5

      I feel maybe down the road in a couple years, a movie/documentary would work better. Right now they’re still very young in the Kpop scene but I will definitely agree, I’d like to see one too.

    • Urgh
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    • Misa
      Misa Year ago +1

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  • Elaiza Praise Milana


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