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The Chef - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 32

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Minecraft food is boring, time for an upgrade.
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  • Alan Becker
    Alan Becker  17 days ago +6394

    Director's Commentary and Reaction!! 🍽🥞🍕🍔🍟🍩 clip-share.net/video/mwVBo26FcME/video.html

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 17 days ago +21662

    Love the fact that 5 highly skilled stickmen that probably went through one of the most life threatening events in their life can still loose to a humble chef.

    • Eliot
      Eliot 17 days ago +1245

      Well, they weren’t trying to *actually* harm the chef… except for [REDACTED].

    • lightning
      lightning 17 days ago +654

      he cooked them fr fr

    • Swaggavibe
      Swaggavibe 17 days ago +544

      He said let me cook yall physically

    • That1Kid
      That1Kid 17 days ago +323

      @Eliot not trying to harm him? They busted out swords, wym?!?

  • kongogoe
    kongogoe 7 days ago +536

    I like how every season in these series start off as small, funny skits, but progressively turns into intense and action lore

  • Patifaha
    Patifaha 8 days ago +781

    The fact that Alan manages to show the stick figure's personality without making them talk just amazes me.

    • Alessio Merchan
      Alessio Merchan 6 days ago +29

      Orange : The Leader
      Yellow : The Creative
      Red : The Animal Lover
      Green : The Altruist
      Blue : The Smartest (and the Masterchef)

    • HansJoe
      HansJoe 6 days ago +9

      ​@Alessio Merchan blue more like a brewer, and also still a masterchef (and he's addicted to nether wart)

    • Error404
      Error404 6 days ago +6

      ​@HansJoedrug addict

    • Uncertified Man of Culture
      Uncertified Man of Culture 5 days ago +3

      ​@Alessio Merchan Blue is more like the Chemist

    • Alessio Merchan
      Alessio Merchan 5 days ago +6

      So... Blue is the Walter White and the Addicted too.

  • toastyboi
    toastyboi 4 days ago +277

    Its pretty nice that throughout the episode, Blue was already making his own master cookbook, that only thing left that he needed was the chef's approval.
    (Too bad Green was just too hungry and exhausted to feel any sort of accomplishment.)

    • Paradise Dreams
      Paradise Dreams 4 days ago +33

      that punch at the end was DEEPLY satisfying

    • bepis
      bepis 3 days ago +21

      @Paradise Dreams it was so strong the chef became peter griffin

    • FLEX FF
      FLEX FF 3 days ago +8

      @Paradise Dreams that punch was personal :D

  • Landrace
    Landrace Day ago +15

    I really wish minecraft was half as interesting and mechanically complex as these shorts make it out to be. It's such a fun and enjoyable exploration of what very well could be.

    • oza angelora
      oza angelora Day ago +2

      omg does that mean u cant really do half of what alan does in the real game? if that's true then damn they did such an amazing job playing with the resources..

  • Yahyathegamer749
    Yahyathegamer749 2 days ago +52

    The fact he turned actual cooking into Minecraft is just nuts
    Using Minecraft items to make these food items is just amazing to watch
    The Cauldron being used for boiling
    The iron trapdoor and fire combo being a stove
    Shovels being used as spatulas and spoons
    I just love it!

  • Popplio Does Pokemon
    Popplio Does Pokemon 17 days ago +3688

    One of the only minecraft animators that didn't become overly child friendly. Please never change Alan

    • izzy batiz
      izzy batiz 17 days ago +428

      not too child friendly, not too adult only, simple happy perfection

    • long w lenguyen
      long w lenguyen 17 days ago +243

      @izzy batiz perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    • Pui Mercado
      Pui Mercado 17 days ago +113

      Yeah they don’t put “stickman running from gartten of ban ban 😮😮😮

    • otherlego
      otherlego 17 days ago +24

      I’d say this channel is pretty child friendly I’m not sure if you guys know what that means

    • POTaTOs
      POTaTOs 17 days ago +133

      @otherlego yeah but the point is that it didn't become cringe and didn't pamper to a younger audience and become boring to the older people who watch him.

  • Ana Lexcy Orendain
    Ana Lexcy Orendain 3 days ago +136

    Only real chefs would appreciate the master chef for giving them the journey to do it theirselves.

  • HeVVodka
    HeVVodka 6 days ago +160

    As we can see, more chefs actually needed in this world. They're very useful.

    • Demiaz
      Demiaz 4 days ago +7

      Public schools are in great need. Great food means happier students, which means (hopefully) better learning environment.

      CAIN4LYFE 4 days ago

      make sure that the chef overloading does not happen or else it will end up spoiling the broth😉

    • DUCKles
      DUCKles 3 days ago

      but i can’t really imagine nether wart pizza on a chef’s cookbook

  • Pineapple Kid
    Pineapple Kid 22 hours ago +4

    I’m so glad Alan and his team decided to make the Minecraft tools 3 dimensional now, it’s such a nice touch.

  • Nugcon
    Nugcon 8 days ago +243

    Love how they made cooking in Minecraft feel satisfying. Incredible animation and sound design

  • Scilent0
    Scilent0 Day ago +8

    I'm so happy to be seeing some culinary techniques in this series! I'm so glad you had such accuracies with it too!

  • TeslaX106
    TeslaX106 17 days ago +3446

    I love how Blue has a profound revelation about the nature of being a chef and then Green just punches the guy for selling them an overpriced book cover, and the other 4 just chow down.

    • Jonathan Herr
      Jonathan Herr 17 days ago +204

      Or more that he got them to make the book themselves?

    • Anttank101
      Anttank101 17 days ago +273

      When green just punched the villager out of the blue, it made my brain did a 360 turn around. I was shocked and then the other four stickman just started eating after green punch the guy only added to the shock and confusion.

    • 彩色糖果
      彩色糖果 17 days ago +299

      @Anttank101 honestly I’m not even surprised, out of all this went through. It’s like hunting for treasure, when u found it inside is just a sentence saying the ‘the treasure and richness is the adventure that went throughout the way’. Like good and all but cmon that’s what I went through it initially.

    • Smt64 Productions
      Smt64 Productions 17 days ago +134

      That reminds me the time Red pranked them by spawning a rabbit and Blue smack him with his diamond helmet

    • Darcy Dreaming
      Darcy Dreaming 17 days ago +79

      I'd probably react the same way tbh. Like, if you want me to find these things out myself, just say it

  • Killa!-Killa!
    Killa!-Killa! 7 days ago +90

    This feels like a massive love letter to mods like farmer's delight.

    • 。小绿苦力怕
      。小绿苦力怕 6 days ago +11

      Im pretty sure that texture on tomato seed is exactly from fd

    • tartos84
      tartos84 4 days ago +5

      @。小绿苦力怕 yeah but ingame they grow on the floor like wheat instead of walls

  • Ethaniel Immune Dionach
    Ethaniel Immune Dionach 5 days ago +90

    I love how he managed to successfully strike down 5 diamond swordsmen with a simple kitchen knife

  • Duke Zipper
    Duke Zipper 4 days ago +45

    Damn, after this video I really wanted an update in Minecraft that adds cooking of this level, I would like more food, more recipes and more cooking equipment, and if possible a new type of villager: chef, It is thanks to him that you can get some unique cooking ingredients. It would also be cool if residents sold special dishes depending on the biome. God, I hope the Minecraft developers do something like this in future. :)

  • Quintin Joker
    Quintin Joker 8 days ago +111

    Alan really did a “Maybe the real cookbook were the dishes we cooked along the way”

    • Potato_tomato
      Potato_tomato Day ago +2

      Which makes me wonder what if green didn’t screw up the donuts would he still give the fake book?

    • Serperus Greenager
      Serperus Greenager 18 hours ago

      @Potato_tomatoGreen would still have the right to be pissed and punch the chef and eat the food

    • Razak
      Razak 10 hours ago

      ​@Serperus Greenagermy guy was so HANGRY, we cant blame him for that lol

  • Anneliese Linnemann
    Anneliese Linnemann 2 days ago +8

    I loved this episode! Allen Becker is an amazing storyteller. All that food looked good enough to eat 😋

  • Ella Luv
    Ella Luv 16 days ago +3332

    I love how blue is genuinely interested in the culinary arts while everyone else just wants something to eat.

    • Jolie Gunn
      Jolie Gunn 16 days ago +162

      Blue: interesting! Green: I hate u ugly villager chef *punches him* FOOD om nom nom! Red: om nom nom! Yellow: yes time to eat! Nom nom! Second: hey I'm hungry too! Om nom nom! Blue:....... BRUH.....

    • William Benito
      William Benito 15 days ago +32

      So that’s his specialty

    • AgentDuk
      AgentDuk 15 days ago +5


    • Owen
      Owen 15 days ago +4

      So true

    • ThisGuy_32
      ThisGuy_32 15 days ago +24

      Everyone else wants to eat especially Green... He's the one who's been trying to eat and is the one who punches the dude.

  • Al PatingitTU Gacha
    Al PatingitTU Gacha 9 days ago +44

    Blue really is the master of cooking simply by listing everything he need.

  • Jace In Space
    Jace In Space 8 days ago +25

    Would love a minecraft mod like this cooking, just making it more dynamic and adding more options and not just crafting. I know Pam's Harvestcraft exists, but it doesn't do much to this level.

    • TheRoundus
      TheRoundus 7 days ago +4

      Farmer’s Delight.

    • IantoAndIvory
      IantoAndIvory 2 days ago

      @TheRoundus That plus plenty more Delight mods. (Delightful, Nether's Delight, etc)

  • JunoWhom
    JunoWhom 3 days ago +13

    Alan- I've enjoyed your work since Animator vs. Animation was uploaded to NG in 2006. These have come a very long way. Very pleasing. Thank you for continuing to make neat and interesting things. Everything is so fluid. I especially love the sound design.

  • Rusty R
    Rusty R 7 days ago +11

    Dude a web series based off of a game managed to world build even more than the game itself, with the different types of food, recipes, and cooking skills all shown and revealed. Along with that items are being given uses that aren't offical.

    • Abigail R.
      Abigail R. 15 hours ago

      Ikr, it’s amazing!!! That’s gotta be the definition of fair use right there :)

  • Tactical Ren
    Tactical Ren 19 hours ago +2

    This group needs more food mods. Maybe one of the future episodes should involve the addition of mods.

  • Kristoff
    Kristoff 17 days ago +10074

    As a cook myself, I'm glad we're having an episode that is based on cooking and food. Thank you, Alan!

    • ZBread
      ZBread 17 days ago +93

      When Red put water in the oil fire, I was expecting it to explode 😭😂

    • wwatermelon15
      wwatermelon15 17 days ago +5

      Good luck!

    • ༻𓊈𒆜𝟘𝕣𝕖𝟘𒆜𓊉༺
    • Default1
      Default1 17 days ago +2

      @yasyer gaming ih.... wibu 🗿

    • 1HO10 ANDRE
      1HO10 ANDRE 17 days ago +21

      The fact that green was hangry and the rest of them were. still I felt a bit devastated he 1 punched him😭

  • _FiveEdits
    _FiveEdits 8 days ago +12

    Crazy how cooking in Minecraft could be truly amazing like this, but the devs just won't give us this level of development

    • Duke Zipper
      Duke Zipper 4 days ago

      Well, the developers will probably do something like this in the future, and yes, you can download the mod if you want now. :)

  • Kazzoey
    Kazzoey Day ago +1

    The way the food was made creatively breaking the laws of Minecraft without any mods is so cool

  • Faiz
    Faiz 17 days ago +1985

    I like how the gang immediately resorts to violence on the villagers they saved, over a cookbook.

    • Ziggified
      Ziggified 17 days ago +32


    • JwX
      JwX 17 days ago +89

      Hey, he ain't dead so it's fine... I think

    • Mikblues_14
      Mikblues_14 17 days ago +121

      Hunger does change a person

    • Nguyễn Minh Đức
      Nguyễn Minh Đức 17 days ago +93

      that punch was personal

    • Green
      Green 17 days ago +77

      “Your not you when your hungry”
      -Wise man

  • Lucas Barros Pereira Sousa

    Realmente disfruté este sabor de la cultura gastronómica, muchos espectáculos.

  • Visual Coder
    Visual Coder 5 days ago +8

    im literally paying attention to the ingredients to see if the dishes they make are genuinely good

  • M Kosmala
    M Kosmala 7 days ago +16

    I think the chef let him land that punch. I think at some level he had the, "I'll get my laughs, but I'll deserve the outcome" mindset.

    • Stealthlock
      Stealthlock 2 days ago +1

      This is such a good headcanon to be honest, I’ll take it, it’s mine now

  • medicine189
    medicine189 2 days ago +1

    I too find vanilla Minecraft food tasteless, so this was a very enjoyable episode!

  • lamp
    lamp 16 days ago +447

    i am someone who works in the culinary field and this was an absolute delight to watch!!! cooking isn't just about the final product you make, it's about immersing yourself in the diverse range of cultures they originate from and i think that was so well done here!!

  • IceCube
    IceCube 2 days ago +7

    The Villager at the end really pulled off the Family Guy death pose

  • coldReactive
    coldReactive 9 hours ago

    I like the fact you included the flashback detail in the "Real time" version for season 3.

  • Easter Bunny
    Easter Bunny 3 hours ago

    Its amazing that every stickmen has their own profession. Orange loves to draw and animate, red likes animals, yellow likes technology, green loves music and blue likes planting and cooking.

  • Walker
    Walker 4 days ago +14

    The fact that they made macarons is very professional, its one of the hardest baking desserts in the world!

  • Zuzkaanicka Kazimirove

    I love your animations. This is one of my favorites, I would also like to be able to animate like you 🤩

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh 17 days ago +479

    love how the chef has reactions fast enough to keep up with five trained stickmen while protecting his food and then just gets blindsided by green

    • Blitzercyb
      Blitzercyb 17 days ago +18

      Green just went "screw you! I'm eating this now!"

  • Crypton Ardun
    Crypton Ardun 6 days ago +9

    15:20 This scene seems to be like in Masterchef. I feel that vibe. Nice work on your animation! Even through non-verbal communication, we understand the story.

  • KK L
    KK L 8 days ago +3

    I love how Alan can make a great story without any talking

  • JoJo [Doom Slayer]
    JoJo [Doom Slayer] 2 days ago +3

    I think Alan wants to tell Mojang to make a cooking update…

  • Roblox walkthroughs
    Roblox walkthroughs 16 hours ago

    Imagine this was a test for TSC to see how reacts to challenging adventures

  • N.S.C.L.E.P.C
    N.S.C.L.E.P.C Day ago

    Alan representing other cultures better than Disney lol

  • Christopher Scherer
    Christopher Scherer 17 days ago +477

    The mixture of both items found in mods like the pots from Farmer's delight and the abstract usage of vanilla items like using scaffolding as a pasta press, really makes it feel like these are actual living creatures playing Minecraft inside your computer

    • Mono Bao
      Mono Bao 16 days ago +7

      When I saw the food I was like nah it's farmers delight

    • Act_Eve
      Act_Eve 16 days ago +3

      Blue is the guy in the group with a 100 irl days played in the Crucial 2 modpack

  • Focus Pugilist
    Focus Pugilist 5 days ago +5

    A well deserved reaction from Green for this whole "Maybe the real treasure..." shtick.

  • Xander Gaming
    Xander Gaming 2 days ago

    Honestly, I would love a cooking mod for Minecraft like this

  • Cauê Corredor
    Cauê Corredor 2 days ago +2

    This video is extremely satisfying to watch, thank you very much Alan Becker you are amazing :)

  • TheRoundus
    TheRoundus 7 days ago +5

    I have no idea of the significance of it, but I like that all the cooking utensils are differentiated from their combat counterparts by just being gold.

    • Stealthlock
      Stealthlock 2 days ago

      Too much blood on the diamond stuff XD never use the gold stuff so it’s perfectly clean (just my guess anyway)

    • SPEx
      SPEx 14 hours ago

      The only reason would be gold being unreactive to almost anything. However it bends way too easily, so not sure why it's being used as knife blades
      A more logical selection would be iron or maybe brass, since I don't remember steel existing in Minecraft

  • SmilingGamerYT
    SmilingGamerYT 13 hours ago

    i love how they can do things you cant even do in minecraft

  • karim heddane
    karim heddane 16 days ago +695

    i like how alan never runs out of ideas , mojang should hire him

    • Leo Ember
      Leo Ember 16 days ago +4


    • Absolute
      Absolute 16 days ago +6

      If they did, we wouldn't be watching

    • I’m a Bird
      I’m a Bird 16 days ago +20

      He’s got a whole team backing him up, this isn’t just an one man show anymore. To get this quality, Mojang would have to hire all of them

    • ninja 8224
      ninja 8224 16 days ago +6

      If alen does get hired he would post only once a year

  • Mr Caia.
    Mr Caia. 8 days ago

    Love how you can portray anything here through body language.

  • Spicy_Spoons
    Spicy_Spoons 6 days ago +14

    Really didn't expect Green to just knockout the chef. That had me laughing in the middle of class 😅

  • Pawierfer
    Pawierfer 18 hours ago +1

    Es simplemente cine , me encanta cada animación y soy como verde 😂❤

  • killerKatz1984
    killerKatz1984 6 days ago +3

    Was not expecting that ending lmao. What a way to end the video XD
    Well done, Alan Becker!

  • Gregory's Den
    Gregory's Den 3 days ago +1

    I dont know if Alan did this intentionally, but the gold tools for a cooking station makes scence. seing how gold is a microbacidal metal it means it stays clean, wich is usefull espically for cooking.

  • Kingconrad45
    Kingconrad45 17 days ago +889

    The fact that Alan can make the eating look so appetizing when they don’t even have mouths is impressive

    • Maxylium
      Maxylium 17 days ago +42

      And the fact that he made a 16x pixel food look that good, like props

    • Just a fan
      Just a fan 17 days ago +5

      @Maxyliumand the fact he made edible food

    • PilotInTraining
      PilotInTraining 17 days ago +4

      ​@Just a fan they made the food so good the chef took a bite of the tamale wrapper 💀
      Alan becker is amazing tho

    • PilotInTraining
      PilotInTraining 15 days ago +1

      @shaka-wv2nk bro what

    • Maxylium
      Maxylium 15 days ago +1

      @shaka-wv2nk why ?

  • [revoked_information.exe]

    Surprised that no one mentioned Blue’s pizza and the Chef’s reaction to it

  • Lee Xuan Yi
    Lee Xuan Yi 8 days ago +3

    I like how they reference different culture in the world while trying to find the foods.
    Also the ending is just funny.

  • ThomasDeWierdo
    ThomasDeWierdo 5 days ago

    Now I want a farming and cooking update for Minecraft.

  • ProBallerGaming
    ProBallerGaming 7 days ago

    I love how blue cooks food for his friends Bkue is a very good chef

    JACOB A. LAI 6 hours ago

    The structures look so textured with different blocks!

  • Zia Chung
    Zia Chung 17 days ago +2215

    It's always a pleasant surprise when Alan gives us these videos. He's what Hollywood should be like. Actually caring about the viewers and what they make

  • JVMonge
    JVMonge 8 days ago

    This is really well done I love it!

  • Matheus Rodrigues
    Matheus Rodrigues 5 days ago

    Well that was a unexpected ending,at least blue is now a chef

  • Vedant Singh
    Vedant Singh 2 days ago

    Minecraft should hire this man
    He can make different types of food for it
    He can even make skin for villagers

  • Leon On
    Leon On 7 days ago

    *This is 200% better than MasterChef!*

  • person
    person Day ago +1

    Maybe the real cookbook was the friends we made along the way.

  • Commodore James
    Commodore James 16 days ago +491

    Gotta pass the Iron Chef award to Blue for all of his hard dedicated work.

  • Boi
    Boi 7 days ago +1

    Since yellow is the redstone engineer, I wonder what happens if it realizes that the Create Mod exists

  • 뭐임마
    뭐임마 8 days ago

    와 이 5명의 스틱맨들을 전부 하나하나 멋진 개성을넣다니 대단합니다

  • Daniela Reus
    Daniela Reus Day ago

    Suas animações são impressionante espetacular

    • Abigail R.
      Abigail R. 15 hours ago

      Not sure if you know English, but…what language are you speaking? It looks like a Romance language but I don’t recognize some of the more unique vowels. (I like linguistics if you can’t tell 😁)

  • justZacky
    justZacky 6 days ago

    Nah, Alan got the mods installed 💀
    Jokes aside, great animation as always! The end got me by surprise, lol!

  • Nasri Zaim
    Nasri Zaim 8 hours ago

    How nice of alan to download mods for them

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 16 days ago +445

    Alan is a paradox. His works keep getting better but none of his earlier works are worse. A truly awesome artist and storyteller (Him and everyone else that worked on this)
    I'm glad I've been watching since the Original Animation vs Minecraft

    • Leo Ember
      Leo Ember 16 days ago +1


    • Arik Rex
      Arik Rex 16 days ago +1

      never realized that before, but I can't unsee it now

    • イカの嵐 (Storm Squid)
      イカの嵐 (Storm Squid) 16 days ago +2

      Only since AVM? I've been watching since Animator VS Animation 1 or 2, he's improved a lot from those days but the originals still stand the test of time!

      PROPLAYEN 16 days ago +1

      I feel like AvA 2 still holds up to this day

    • DarkAlicornKingDoom
      DarkAlicornKingDoom 6 days ago +1

      Alan is not a paradox, he just has a good level of consistence and quality.

  • Aiden Gaming Channel

    Fun fact:the taller your chef hat is the higher your level in the kitchen

  • EncryptMussel00
    EncryptMussel00 6 days ago

    He's more creative than mojang itself

  • Lycris genarator
    Lycris genarator 3 days ago

    Really alan becker needs a food game simulator out of this!!

  • Mohammed H
    Mohammed H 6 days ago

    All that just for a book cover,
    He deserves more one punch.

  • Jaky TMK
    Jaky TMK  3 days ago

    Alan definitely just downloaded the farmer’s delight mod

  • Matt
    Matt 17 days ago +282

    The amount of research that probably went into creating this episode and making the recipes seem as authentic as possible to their homes of origin in the real world translated so well into Minecraft must have taken a very long time. And it all made for an incredible episode!
    ...That ending, tho... Sheesh...

    • jeronimo heuchert
      jeronimo heuchert 17 days ago +1

      Alan is blue (da de di do do da)

    • Костик Логинов
      Костик Логинов 17 days ago +3

      Ending killed me 😂

    • wikiuser92
      wikiuser92 17 days ago +8

      Green did not appreciate the idea of soul searching when his Hunger bar was dropping like a stone.

    • ThatOneGuy
      ThatOneGuy 17 days ago +4

      Honestly, I would’ve punched that guy too if he made me do all of that for a cover of a book.

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian 17 days ago +2

      Not gonna lie I would have punched him too

  • Kanazaki Tom
    Kanazaki Tom 8 days ago +1

    Classic Alan xDDD I have never expected that ending...

  • peepy kủt SZ Dseggyt

    I'm not a chef or a person who knows how to cook but I know how to make a dish and I will gladly cheat them for the food and get a shot from green, it's better than I thought :)

  • Salbia Wa
    Salbia Wa 3 days ago

    8:21 at this point, the humble chef knew that his lesson didn't go well. Maybe this is the reason why the chef give a fake masterchef book at the end

  • 岩盤
    岩盤 9 days ago

    It doesn't end with just a moving story, and doesn't forget the gags. This is why I can't quit Clip-Share

  • Ethan Skerrett
    Ethan Skerrett Day ago

    Wow could you imagine he had the ingredients all along.

  • YourFriendlyNeighborhoodNPC
    YourFriendlyNeighborhoodNPC 16 days ago +622

    At this point, Alan should just be sponsored by Minecraft to make these videos. He’s practically giving them new players.

      KEITH HARRIS SUWIGNJO 16 days ago +14

      They did it with Element animations so I don't see why not

    • Baked Toast
      Baked Toast 16 days ago +21

      the only problem that I see with it is that it might be a bit misleading since they do a lot of things that aren't possible in the base game

    • Black Smeim
      Black Smeim 16 days ago +8

      More like the modded Java communities tho. He's practically given us a summary of "Farmer's Delight" for example here.

  • Agent Phoenix Animations

    I am getting Hungry watching the video. Great work, alan.
    Man someone needs to make a mod out of this episode. A Cocking mod would be fantastic

  • Prykros
    Prykros 7 days ago

    My favorite episode used to be the lucky blocks one, but now its this one.


    *Let's just appreciate how much a lot of time he puts in these awesome videos to make our day, huge respect!* 😆 👍

  • KingBread
    KingBread 4 days ago

    for the 10 year anniversary of avm we should have a free for all with all the major characters!

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    • nightlibra
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      The chad Blue: Hmm i wonder what this would taste like in a stew?

    • MicaiahBaron
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    • Petrr miseur
      Petrr miseur 15 days ago +1

      @MicaiahBaron I was commenting more about the new skins. But yes that is a concern.

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