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Five Tips To Making A Viral Game

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +2

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  • Third Age Games
    Third Age Games 3 years ago +50

    You went from being totally unknown to me, to being my favorite youtube channel. I get so much great, useful, practical information from your videos. Please, please, please, keep it up.

    • 1mikhaelone
      1mikhaelone 3 years ago +1

      THIS is so true for me as well! I just stick here because you give so much! I am about to start my work in a game studio next week and I have already decided to support you on Patreon once I will get my money for my work. It is like this cardial thing when you just feel like: ok, I need to give back. Keep it up! :)

  • Aaron Arriaga
    Aaron Arriaga 4 years ago +3

    Thanks for pumping out all of these great vids Thomas. They help me a lot. I’m a 27 year old with a wife, son, full time job, and full time student going for game design. Your living my dream and I feel as though your giving me all the encouragement, knowledge, and advice I need to move forward. Your the best man. Keep on keeping on.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +1

      Thanks Aaron. Way to go on pushing forward and not making excuses. It can be easy with a wife and a child to feel like you are not allowed to pursue your passions. Trust me, with a wife and a daughter myself I often feel money is a priority. But I think being a loving parent and spouse while also pursuing your passions is really what's most important. Keep it up!!

  • JuankQuinteroMejia
    JuankQuinteroMejia 3 years ago +5

    I like how he includes bloopers in the video and even edits them as if they were part of the video, its really interesting and it makes it feel like a real face to face conversation or monologue, for example:6:22

  • Ricardo Miranda
    Ricardo Miranda 3 years ago +1

    Hi Thomas I’m enjoying your videos. When you’re developing a new game, do you do any form of user engagement testing using a minimum product or do you just waterfall your development to release...

  • CubeCrafter360
    CubeCrafter360 4 years ago +1

    Your games look really interesting and I'm watching a lot of your videos. I'm working on my own games as well although I'm not really into the genre of your game. I like shooters and open world games but they are nice overall. Keep up the good work

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago

      Thanks so much Cube! That means a lot! I love a good shooter and open world game :) Hard to make with a tiny budget, but maybe one day!

  • Franco Soler
    Franco Soler 4 years ago +19

    You're a great inspiration for me as a rookie indie developer and each video you upload is better than the other, thank you a lot.
    i apologise for my english level.
    greetings from argentina.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +2

      My wife and I talk about Argentina a lot! We'd love to visit, and try and travel once a year. Perhaps we'll head that way next year! It's encouraging to hear you mentioning the videos are getting better! Believe it or not I don't always feel that way!

    • Andres Vasquez
      Andres Vasquez 4 years ago +1

      A ver qué día hacemos una colaboración

  • osama alabdulqader
    osama alabdulqader 6 months ago +2

    1. Make it sticky
    2. Give the player agency
    3. Variability
    4. Make it recognisable
    5. Game feel

  • Jason Azevedo
    Jason Azevedo 3 years ago

    I enjoy seeing another developers perspective.. lots of love to you man!!

  • DGonzalez Tutoriales Unity en Español

    About Hollow Knight's breaking elements and you "slowly changing the world"... I felt kinda cheated when I discovered that screens go back to original state when you come back to them. So you can smash everything but that's not saved, so you don't actually change the world at all. THAT would be a small detail that I'd really loved. :'(

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago

      I can imagine having these elements save might make the world, especially when backtracking, feel empty and boring. But really great idea!

  • Melissa Huerta
    Melissa Huerta 2 years ago

    Awesome video, your tips are really helpful!

  • Benjamin Beltran
    Benjamin Beltran 4 years ago +2

    The creator of Earthworm Jim is Doug TenNapel. This Perry guy was just his boss. Who pretty much forced Doug to sell the character to him. As a solo artist you shouldn't spread this misinformation because Doug is the real artist he is one of us, David Perry was just a clever businessman. You can confirm it by looking at Doug's other works. They all share the same style.

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +1

      Perhaps co-creator or owner would better suit you? Wikipedia: "Doug TenNapel's simple sketch of an earthworm that he presented to Shiny Entertainment. Impressed, David Perry and the rest of Shiny bought the rights to Earthworm Jim from TenNapel, and started developing the game. From there, TenNapel would work on doing the game design, creating level ideas, and voicing Jim's character, while Perry and the other programmers created other characters and game mechanics." I'm not "spreading misinformation". And we're not some closed group.... David is "one of us" just like Doug is. Clever businessmen and artists are on the same team in games, believe it or not. Without businessmen, you wouldn't have the amazing indie title's we have today, including Pinstripe (thank you Armor Games). David and his team bought the idea and programmed the game. Finally... is it really possible to be "forced" to sell an IP? Instead, perhaps look at it as a mutually agreed upon contract, where David was responsible for a huge chunk of the work, and honestly made this thing a reality.

  • Tanmay Hinge
    Tanmay Hinge 2 years ago

    Genuinely great tips!! Thanks

  • City Wizard Games
    City Wizard Games 3 years ago

    Hey man love the content. Just a heads up, OUaC has 2018 as release date on steam.

  • Luoti Games
    Luoti Games 4 years ago

    Really good tips! The first tip got me thinking, because I feel like I have forgotten my imagination somewhere! BTW here's a joke: What did the art teacher say to Thomas? "You use Thomas Brush" BA DUM TSSS!

    • Luoti Games
      Luoti Games 4 years ago

      @Thomas Brush You're welcome! Yes it's a pun ( Thomas = too much) :D

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +1

      Whoa whoa whoa! Was that... was that a pun????? :D Thanks for the kind words -- really means a lot!

  • Filippeus
    Filippeus 4 years ago +1

    Sir, I got a question. I am starting making games (2d indie games), but I have a very low budget. So I am not sure, if I can download Photoshop, Premiere, and other expensive programs for free and then develop a game for 5$... Or would you recommend me to use some free programs?

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +1

      I know it's very difficult to afford programs like Adobe Photoshop. Is there any way for you to fit it in your budget though? It really is absolutely required for anyone wanting to get into digital entrepreneurship. I'd make it a priority, if possible. Are you a student? Perhaps you could get a discount!

    • Filippeus
      Filippeus 4 years ago

      @Blobfish I fully agree with you, but I got solid skills in these expensive programs, which I have cracked, but I don't know, if I can develop a game, that would cost 5€ using these cracked programs... ://

  • M0hamedBassem
    M0hamedBassem 4 years ago

    One of the greatest youtube channels about indie game development I swear : D

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +1

      That means a lot to me M0Hamed, thank you so much.

  • TheCivildecay
    TheCivildecay 3 years ago

    I think Enter the Gungeon has the best pitch: a game where you fight guns/bullets with guns by shooting them with bullets that shoot guns :)

  • yashaswi ponnur
    yashaswi ponnur 3 years ago

    your content is very helpful especially ppl like me. who is an indie game dev from India. where indie dev is a taboo

  • Evoleo
    Evoleo 2 years ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but game feel is not a thing that promotes your game. It certainly makes player experience better and all that, but how does a potential player know if your game has a good feel? Makes no sense to me

  • dijjidog
    dijjidog Year ago +1

    thomas: makes serious video
    jonas: watup it's jonas making gamez w/ u and i decided we just gonna make a viral game today, easy pezy no problem

  • Neusaap 5
    Neusaap 5 4 years ago

    Hey thomas could you livestream so more again i used to really like it!

  • emanuel tejada coste
    emanuel tejada coste 4 years ago

    Hello and thanks for your motivation videos, i love them ... this is something important, did you do your web page ? You know about web development ?
    Hi from Dominican Republic

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago

      I love the DR. My wife and I went there in 2013. Hope you're well Emanuel! Yes, I know web development (HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS) however I just use Squarespace now lol. It's so much easier and lets me focus on things a bit more important! Thanks for the question!

  • Anders Lundbjörk
    Anders Lundbjörk 4 years ago +21

    "an innocent boy in a dark and haunting coma" ... "fun idea to think about" ... well I guess we've got an explanation for the satanic intro voice ;d

    • MaxCreedZ
      MaxCreedZ 3 years ago +1

      Im glad im not the only one who thinked about it!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +2

      Anders Lundbjörk 😑

  • KazakovOleg
    KazakovOleg 3 years ago

    Holy shit... I played coma back in the day.

  • Longshots
    Longshots 2 years ago +2

    why am i the only thing that doesnt think "A boy in a coma" isnt a sticky idea, i mean, what am i supposed to think?

    • DOSRetroGamer
      DOSRetroGamer 6 months ago +1

      I also couldn't imagine how there could be any gameplay at all 😃
      But I guess it's more like being in a dream than a coma

  • METAL SOURCE studios
    METAL SOURCE studios 4 years ago

    More daily videos bro!

  • Dheeroj Kumar Koiri
    Dheeroj Kumar Koiri 4 years ago +2

    I love this Fucking 5 Reasons Series Keep It Up!

  • Dan Reut
    Dan Reut 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for all your advise, I really hope that one day we can meet and talk )))

  • Leonardo Fraga
    Leonardo Fraga 3 years ago

    I was so happy when I saw the vídeos in the description, and wow I already watched both :D

  • Jordan Knipe
    Jordan Knipe 4 years ago +2

    love your videos!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +1

      Thank you so much! If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know!

  • Zac Bergart
    Zac Bergart 3 years ago

    nice video... thanks

  • Chris Fibich
    Chris Fibich 4 years ago

    Some game feel references:
    Juice it or lose it - clip-share.net/video/Fy0aCDmgnxg/video.html
    Secrets of Game Feel and Juice - clip-share.net/video/216_5nu4aVQ/video.html

  • Rondras
    Rondras 3 years ago

    Maybe do this when you have a viral game.

  • Danya Butler
    Danya Butler 4 years ago +11

    When do i know when to start a kickstarter?

    • Danya Butler
      Danya Butler 4 years ago

      Atmos Games thank you!

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago +10

      Great question. Maybe I'll do a video, but a good rule of thumb is when you have a solid demo you'd be happy to show to someone like Jacksepticeye. If you're willing to let him show it to the public, and you're in need of money, go for it!

  • Jean-Noel Seneque
    Jean-Noel Seneque 4 years ago +4

    Earthworm “Jim” ;). Good example. Thanks.

  • Chuwi Kitten
    Chuwi Kitten 4 years ago

    Can you make a video of your computer set up ?

  • khan bhai
    khan bhai 4 years ago

    Hey Atmos which ur games in play store happy to know.....

    • khan bhai
      khan bhai 4 years ago

      @Thomas Brush game name plz happy to know..

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago

      Steam. Xbox, Ps4. Switch. :D

  • khan bhai
    khan bhai 4 years ago

    Ur awesome man

    • khan bhai
      khan bhai 4 years ago

      @Thomas Brush what is time in ur country bro😎

    • khan bhai
      khan bhai 4 years ago

      @Thomas Brush hey make tutorial of games and one of them bubble shooter most popular game in world so make a tutorial of bubble shooter..,. Happy to see reply..

    • Thomas Brush
      Thomas Brush  4 years ago

      Thanks Rehana!

  • Ludvig
    Ludvig 3 years ago

    That high pitch noise in the music is disgusting

  • Into The Wilderness
    Into The Wilderness 4 years ago

    These titles are getting kinda clickbaity. :/

    • Beard or Die
      Beard or Die 4 years ago

      The thumbnail photos feel more goofy whereas your content is not goofy. It's helpful and professional. But if you're feeling silly, be silly. Do you.

    • Havoc Games
      Havoc Games 4 years ago

      How? :/

  • DGonzalez Tutoriales Unity en Español

    "poopboy" :D :D

  • nexovec
    nexovec Year ago

    People who make viral games don't watch videos that tell them how to make a viral game.