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A NEW Sapphire Smartphone?! - Ultra Rugged or Ultra Premium?


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  • Ankit Kasi
    Ankit Kasi Year ago +8064

    Hearing scratches a level 8 with deeper grooves at a level 9 is just unbelievably therapeutic XD

    • Campbell Snaddon
      Campbell Snaddon 7 months ago

      Be a killer tee shirt

    • Doc842
      Doc842 9 months ago

      no the fuck its not
      idk why i click on any of these videos ever its unbelievably irritating every time

    • Lost Somewhere
      Lost Somewhere 10 months ago

      This is great but the slight dissatisfaction that I read this before hearing it lol

    • Rocks YT
      Rocks YT 11 months ago

      i needs
      What is the price and sales in any country

    • Tyler Williams
      Tyler Williams Year ago

      @DTM CENTRAL Yeah after I finished the video

  • Bear Arbogast
    Bear Arbogast Month ago +9

    Still using the Kyocera duraforce pro 1 ,still going strong , and just ordered the pro 2 arriving today, dropped mine off a 13 story building roofing and it was just fine lol, I love this phone

    • Denise Lisboa
      Denise Lisboa Month ago +1

      dude XD glad the phone survived hahahha

  • Fasla Iqbal
    Fasla Iqbal Year ago +3044

    "Scratches at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9"
    I feel a disturbance in the force

    • Sketti Boi
      Sketti Boi 2 months ago

      I was expecting it to have very slight scuffing at 9 or even nothing at 9. Unreasonable expectations adjusted, Tq yet again JRE.

    • tikket
      tikket 5 months ago

      @Dank Meme you would need a diamond screen for that

    • Fire Goose
      Fire Goose 11 months ago +1

      @Dank Meme It'd be the other way around.

    • Dank Meme
      Dank Meme Year ago +7

      Can’t wait for “scratches at level 9 deeper grooves never”

    • O9_Lemonade
      O9_Lemonade Year ago +11

      Execute Order JerryRigEverything

  • Austin Monteith
    Austin Monteith Month ago

    Definitely going to be getting one of these. I'm tired of all these weak phones

  • Shawn Whalen
    Shawn Whalen Year ago +92

    Kyocera is a premium Japanese electronic company, they specialized in Industrial ceramics, so building Sapphire components is right in their wheelhouse. They are an Industrial Ceramics and electronics juggernaut! Their Vintage Stereo Equipment is also great.

  • Trollfessor
    Trollfessor Year ago +1544

    I really wasn’t expecting jerry to pull out a whole damn brick of sapphire

    • Tikkaguy 1
      Tikkaguy 1 9 months ago

      @P G he says he buys the phones. Very rarely does a company send him a phone

    • Tikkaguy 1
      Tikkaguy 1 9 months ago

      @Engihere he goes by both , he even said so and has no problem it

    • Mike Pawlik
      Mike Pawlik 10 months ago +2

      7:43 "...cooking crystal at high temperatures for several weeks is pretty awesome science." Walter White would like a word.

    • Ben
      Ben Year ago +1

      But it was in the thumbnail.

    • ok
      ok Year ago +1

      @Trollfessor kind of obvious. Ever hear of context clues?

  • Cjham
    Cjham Year ago +3075

    Nokia: "finally a worthy opponent!"

    • imnoob__BG
      imnoob__BG 5 months ago

      @Jones Thomas

    • 1erickf50
      1erickf50 5 months ago

      Real Nokia: Amateur :v

    • VIBaJ 16
      VIBaJ 16 5 months ago +1

      @D IS FOR DREAM Or he commented once and youtube just duplicated it. That has happened for me

    • EvoPenguin
      EvoPenguin 9 months ago

      It's not worthy to fight with nokia 😂

    • coroc sat
      coroc sat 10 months ago

      Memes aside nokias pre shit now

  • David Des Autels
    David Des Autels Year ago +37

    That's a incredible job. It's amazing to see Kyocera still around after all these years, they always make impressive products.

  • hihibecky
    hihibecky Month ago

    This phone is overkill but I love it

  • Micah
    Micah Year ago +163

    This is awesome. I'm a utility guy everytime and I'm tired of so many curved screens busting from being dropped on a grain of sand

    • Anchor's Valves
      Anchor's Valves 5 months ago +1

      Because this product had the highest rates in cloning history of smartphones 😂

    • walkin dude
      walkin dude 11 months ago +1

      @RedEmpire did not swap it. the crack is still the same, unchanged despite my best efforts to increase it's spread, and the issue with the constant freezing seems to have gone away with an update. the only problem i'm having anymore is every once and a great while it complete freezes up, black screen, and wont shut off or do anything. holding the power button and one of the volumes hard reboots it and it's fine for a time after that. overall decent phone, strong af. camera quality is android.

    • RedEmpire
      RedEmpire 11 months ago

      @walkin dude did you swap it for another one? and did the replacement one have any issues?

    • BlueCollarMage
      BlueCollarMage Year ago +1

      These phones have average cameras, but they even have a tooless SD slot so I typically forgive it.
      They do honor that warranty, by the way! Kyocera is a good company!

    • walkin dude
      walkin dude Year ago +1

      hold off and read more reviews. i bought it because i had the old one which i dropped off a 70ft tower onto gravel. it survived the fall with a chunk taken out of it, but it got wet again after that and screwed up the screen. so i upgraded to this one, more expensive 5g phone, and i'm going to take it back and have a discussion with these people. the phone constantly freezes up. every other time i pick it up i have to put it to sleep and unlock it again over and over just to check the weather or write a text. and it took a 70ft fall for my old one to crack the screen, this one cracked within 3 weeks of having it, and it happened while it was in my pocket! not a happy camper.

  • Noodlemonster
    Noodlemonster Year ago +1675

    Zack: "Wonder why a person would have diamonds in their pockets"
    Zack a few seconds later:
    *pulls out a solid block sapphire*

    • Jeremy Hanson
      Jeremy Hanson Year ago

      @Silvio F. Junior my favorite part is the actual rarity vs the perception of rarity with diamonds.

    • Silvio F. Junior
      Silvio F. Junior Year ago +1

      I do work in a jewerly store, and sometimes, literally, I have some diamonds in my pocket.

    • Jiehfeng
      Jiehfeng Year ago

      @Jeremy Hanson No worries man, this is just small talk anyway. :)

    • Jeremy Hanson
      Jeremy Hanson Year ago

      @Jiehfeng I'm a pretty smart guy, I also work in repair. I was watching the video with a preconceived understanding of what smartphone glass is made of, what a duraforce cellphone is, and I was just watching for entertainment value. I really was just trying to be funny. Apologies.

    • Jiehfeng
      Jiehfeng Year ago

      @Jeremy Hanson ...You would still have to read the whole thing to get it

  • Invoked Albaz
    Invoked Albaz Month ago

    I need this phone cuz I’m always having to replace my iPhone 7 Plus screen. Thank Lucifer you taught me how to replace the battery and screen or I’d be fucked.

  • Collin Emery
    Collin Emery Month ago

    Him: “scratches at a level 8 with deeper grooves at a level 9”

  • Javs Javs
    Javs Javs Year ago +23

    You know there's very few people that can make a 10 minute video about scratching a brick of glass an plastic seem super interesting and entertaining. Jerry is amazing

  • Mona Swearingen
    Mona Swearingen 4 months ago +2

    I have an older Kyocera, and yes it's a tank, and I love it. Got tired of dropping phones and needing to get them fixed or replaced. They only thing I don't like is the sim card tray, it's hard to get the sim card to sit nicely in it.

  • Jase 89
    Jase 89 Year ago +8

    Good to FINALLY have a manufacturer deliver the start of good screens. If i see another gorilla glass or apple pie screen claiming to be something other than glass.... itd be too soon. After all, i have learned that glass is glass and glass breaks😉. Great video Jerry as per👍🏼

  • MirtheN Emrys
    MirtheN Emrys Year ago +8

    Had the first Duroforce Pro, love that phone. Found that camera button useful at waterparks/pools taking pics of my kids. Could do it as snap a pic, or start/stop video recording depending on what the camera mode was set to. Of course, when it was released it was already well behind on hardware/software... which quickly got worse. Phone still works like a charm, and has no noticeable damage to it after years of abuse from 2 people using it(my son uses it now). Just software/hardware wise... its a little slower then you would like.

  • Aaron O'Rand
    Aaron O'Rand 6 months ago +1

    I had the dura force 2 and it was amazing. Glad to see the new version is as good as the last.

  • walkin dude
    walkin dude Year ago +11

    I just bought this phone. I had the old one, dropped it from 70 feet onto gravel. it survived the fall with chunk taken out of the screen and side, and continued to function, but the screen began to blossom and became unresponsive when it got wet. so i upgraded to this one, thinking it would do me good as well. i am very disappointed. constantly freezes up for starters. every time i use it i have to put it to sleep and wake it up several times to continue to interface with the phone. and the super duper scratch resistant sapphire shield super screen is already cracked. happened while in my pocket. right on the hole they cut out for the speaker. phone is a lemon.

    • Dandoo Man
      Dandoo Man 10 months ago

      @y y maybe crane operator or window cleaner, I guess it would be much higher fall in this two cases, but there definitely are jobs that involves this kind of risk haha

    • y y
      y y Year ago +7

      wow. May I know what kind of stuff do you do in life that involves a risk of dropping your phone from 70 feet?

  • Harnai Digital.
    Harnai Digital. Year ago +8711

    *It scratches at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9*
    That line is definitely a rarest line I've ever heard from his mouth.

    • Fynboeren
      Fynboeren 4 months ago


    • Linas
      Linas Year ago

      @J L don't go to the comments if you don't want spoilers

    • シRyder
      シRyder Year ago

      Actually that would be “it scratches at a level 9 and deeper groves at level 10”

    • Federico Cao
      Federico Cao Year ago

      Totally agree with you mate

    • aeyde
      aeyde Year ago

      Wait was it mouth or month? I think month

  • Even Stevens
    Even Stevens Year ago +1

    Why I haven't heard of this brand in a long time but good to see they're still around and doing something nice like this I too would like to see what they come up with next and I might have to look into buying this phone

  • Underdog Rising
    Underdog Rising Year ago +338

    "Cooking crystal at high temperature for weeks is awesome science."

    • Bharath
      Bharath 10 months ago +2


    • tibor29
      tibor29 Year ago

      Who the hell is Jerry?

    • Errorgabe_08
      Errorgabe_08 Year ago +1

      @jeztik you are goddamn right

    • WSP_DS12
      WSP_DS12 Year ago +1

      @Jorg Jorgensen Zach*

    • jeztik
      jeztik Year ago +7

      might as well change those Rs in his name to S and befriend a dude named Walter at this rate

  • Legacy 4x4 and Off-Road

    Watching this video on my duraforce right now... Really solid phone, however camera cannot record anything past 1080 unless you want 1 fps footage, minor screen issues with refreshing and losing touch ability (until you turn off and back on), still usable and very sturdy however. Perfect if that's where your priorities are. I got mine the week they came out (I'm a welder)

    • BlueCollarMage
      BlueCollarMage Year ago

      Same, not without its flaws but worth it.
      I'm a machinist.

    • Kenshinn999
      Kenshinn999 Year ago

      @Empyreal you need to specifically disable Vulkan in Brave Flags settings, a quick Google search will show you how to do that

    • Mr Fox
      Mr Fox Year ago

      @Empyreal I use chrome or opera, opera is a nice browser

    • Legacy 4x4 and Off-Road
      Legacy 4x4 and Off-Road Year ago

      @Mr Fox shit i should probably update mine haha

    • Mr Fox
      Mr Fox Year ago +1

      Haven't had any screen (user interface ) issues since the latest update, duraforce pro 2 here

  • Robert Sipe
    Robert Sipe Year ago

    I've had my duraforce pro 2 for 2 years plus and other than the battery starting to wear down more quickly as of late, but still lasting better than some smartphones I've had in the past, it has been fantastic. I work construction and the dust is constant. I have dropped it hundreds of times. The screen is as perfect as it was on day one. I do keep a protector on it but I probably don't need to. It's a little slow with the processor and memory, I'm hoping if I get this new one that will change somewhat. I sure do wish and would pay more to have a really good processor though...

  • उत्कर्ष विश्वकर्मा

    Finally , he said "scratches at level 8 and deeper grooves at level 9" , I can die peacefully now..

    • Titan CoDM
      Titan CoDM 5 months ago

      Uthkarsh vishwakarma... Me too.

    • Yuvraj Singh
      Yuvraj Singh 7 months ago

      @psychopath rob Yeah I know

    • psychopath rob
      psychopath rob 7 months ago

      @Yuvraj Singh Nobody because it would shatter instantly. Sapphire is the best material for screens because most people don't have level 9 objects anywhere near their phones. It wouldn't get scratched by sand or mud because sapphire is harder than the minerals. Its slightly softer than diamond and iamond is so hard that it is too brittle.

    • Yuvraj Singh
      Yuvraj Singh 11 months ago +1

      @PiNKiE PiE diamonds have a level 10 hardness but whose gonna make a diamond smartphone screen

      THE COOL BROS Year ago +1


  • Mustachio
    Mustachio Year ago

    I'd really like to see an automatic center punch to the screen test for the more durable phones. I'm really curious to see if that phone would be any more shatter resistant then normal phones. Or just go caveman and whack it on a big sharp rock or something idk

  • Lestify
    Lestify Year ago +11

    “*Scratches at a level 8*”
    *Has headphone jack*
    *Camera lens protected by more sapphire*
    This phone is perfect.

  • creatia
    creatia Year ago +2

    So I have this phone got it 2 weeks after you made this video and may I say this phone is amazing extremely resistant dropped this a dozen + times and it hasn't cracked at all because of the design and I love it considering I can be a little reckless. There is only one issue I have had with the phone and that is don't let it get to warm otherwise it may get a little difficult to use when it come to the touch feature on the screen. Thank you so much for making these videos.

  • Ńąš Åb
    Ńąš Åb 2 months ago

    Can you please perform a durability test of Nokia 3310.

  • Zakary McLeod
    Zakary McLeod 6 months ago

    My s22 ultra scratched within a week of having it. I'd love a sapphire screen. I wonder if anyone makes a sapphire screen replacement for the s22 ultra, and if everything like the finger print sensor would still work.

  • L.,
    L., 10 months ago

    i would definitely pay more for a phone with sapphire glass, as the only damage my phones tends to get is scrathes from sand, which is 6-7 on the scale.

  • I G O R
    I G O R Year ago +215

    I've been waited my whole life to hear this
    *"It scratches at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9"*

  • Y.Mendonça
    Y.Mendonça Year ago +636

    "Happy wife, happy life." Wise words my dude.

    • Taro Baap
      Taro Baap Year ago

      Miserable wife, freedom in life. 😁

    • Minos
      Minos Year ago +1

      @SIBIDOP (WANTO) if you need some to make you happy that’s average, if you’re the type who could be happy alone you’ve reached what most people think to be impossible. Not having you’re actions affecting someone else is bliss.

    • Ankur Gupta
      Ankur Gupta Year ago +1

      It's really hard to find an ideal wife nowadays. But if you do then try your best to make her feel special. It will definitely make you happy.

    • Neon Playz
      Neon Playz Year ago

      @Kreemp A.I. whats ur pfp tho

    • Kreemp A.I.
      Kreemp A.I. Year ago

      @Yoppai we'll make it one day brother

  • FwelStars
    FwelStars Year ago +1395

    "Scratches at a level 8, with deeper grooves at a level 9." Holy crap, very rare but very awesome.

    • Some One
      Some One 9 months ago

      1001th 👍

    • walkin dude
      walkin dude Year ago +5

      screen may not scratch, but it sure does crack. had it for 3 weeks and it cracked in my pocket, right on the hole they cut out for the speaker. also the phone constantly freezes up. like, every single time i use it it'll freeze, i have to hit the power button, unlock it again, and then can continue. this can happen multiple times in a single text.

    • Andree Mar Mabutas
      Andree Mar Mabutas Year ago

      We've lived long enough 😌

    • Alejandro Pérez
      Alejandro Pérez Year ago +4

      And cracks at 20cm fall.

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson 5 months ago

    You just helped me find my next phone! I've been looking at the Samsung's, and the iPhones and all the reviews are about 50/50! That just seems pretty crappy to me. So, This is a PHONE! I had a Kyocera way back in the beginning of the mobile phones coming out. I only gave it up when they stopped supporting the OS. Very sad too, it was a great phone. It even had a COAT! A little leather coat. :)

  • pasquale libassi
    pasquale libassi 18 days ago

    I've had the pro 2 (non 5g) for about 3 years. It was great until the update before last.since then the phone has been shutting itself off at the worst times. Then when attempting to restart, it will shutdown again after the Verizon screen. Sometimes as many as 50 times (not exaggerating). Kyocera does not respond to emails, and if you're lucky enough to speak to a human, they are no help at all. Eventually trying to get you to send in the phone. Depending on what they find they may charge 450 dollars (last tried about 6 months ago.) The operation of the phone has always been clunky and the camera is kind of embarrassing. What has kept me from replacing is this amazing screen. I'm a fleet mechanic and I am extremely rough on phones. Drop them off the top of trucks. Screwdrivers, guns and knives in my pocket, still totally pristine condition. Now after looking at Kyocera's latest model, I see they moved away from the sapphire glass. I'm now thinking about Samsung Xcover. Any suggestions?
    BTW, when I finally do retire this phone, I'm going to hit the screen with a 22lr. Partly to see how the sapphire reacts, partly for all the times it left me trying to restart it for an hour while I should have been doing everyday tasks.

  • Joe Spencer
    Joe Spencer 6 months ago

    Thank you Jerry rig everything after watching this video I went and got a Kyocera duraforce ultra 5G phone and it is awesome I dropped it four times the first day I owned it and still working great really enjoy your videos looking forward to seeing you next videos!

  • brucelikesrock
    brucelikesrock Year ago

    unbelievably, I hope they advance the technology to making this screens more affordable, I hope the usual phone manufacturing company jump on this trend

  • Saumyadip Mukherjee
    Saumyadip Mukherjee Year ago +3062

    Imagine Jerry losing his wife's ring and getting scratched with level 11.

  • Michael J. O’Neill
    Michael J. O’Neill Year ago +73

    “Scratches at a level 8 with deeper grooves at a level 9”
    I never thought the day would come.

  • Reeator
    Reeator Year ago

    Yes, I would like to have a Saphire screen on my phone
    I'm using an Oppo Find X2 Pro with the ceramic back, which doesn't have a single scratch on it... Yet
    I would like to not have to use a screen protector so a sapphire screen option would have been nice, I'd pay for that

  • Dondee
    Dondee 9 months ago

    I had a customer come in with one of these with a smashed screen. Wondering how they did it.

  • Allon Vorlete
    Allon Vorlete Year ago

    Now this is a phone I would choose to buy. Hope the insides and os are just as good as the outside.

  • I don't know
    I don't know Year ago +5473

    "We start seeing scratches at level 8 and deeper Groves at level 9"
    Today,we humans,have evolved

  • Arsh
    Arsh Year ago +8

    Its so satisfying to finally hear no scratches at level 6 and 7

  • Gregory Barger
    Gregory Barger Year ago +1

    I have a Dura Force 5G UW and the rear cover over the camera cracked in three places. The front holds up Great. I am a cattle farmer and was building fence leaned up against T post and screen cracked like a car window when hit by a pebble. So the back cover is not as depenable as claimed.

  • HurricaneWanderer
    HurricaneWanderer 8 months ago

    I watched this video on my Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 when it was first uploaded. Now I rewatched it 11 months later on my Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G. Not to mention that my first cellphone was a Kyocera Phantom back during my senior year of high school in 2005-2006.

  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 Year ago

    I did see somewhere that you should test that tool. Put it on a piece of metal and see if it registers a 10. According to my admittedly limited research, there's a few of those tools out there that are little more than a box with pretty lights that are little more than a limited continuity tester.

  • Metra Force
    Metra Force Year ago +720

    Pretty rare to hear Zack say: *Scratches at a level 8 with deeper grooves at a level 9*

    • Metra F40PH Railfanner
      Metra F40PH Railfanner Year ago

      Well sapphires are really durable, but glad to hear that! Like he said plastic has level 2 durable, while glass is 6 with Sapphires are 8 and diamonds 10. And how did I find you here?

    • J L
      J L Year ago

      Thanks for the fucking spoiler

    • OTU - One Time Unbox
      OTU - One Time Unbox Year ago +2

      First time seeing the scratch testers of level 8and 9

    • Utkarsh Goel
      Utkarsh Goel Year ago

      @TROL lol might have been edited, I can't tell😏

    • TROL
      TROL Year ago

      @Utkarsh Goel anyways, I’m exhausted XD

  • bzacon
    bzacon Year ago

    How did I miss this until Facebook served me a Kyocera ad for your teardown? Thanks for doing one, Half of my smartphones have been Kyocera and the teardowns are really helpful as I always end up having to replace the USB port on the bottom.

  • denny
    denny 10 months ago

    Thanks for the upload. Great hardness comes at a great cost, shatter vulnerability. I was waiting for a drop test or a emergency shatter thing you find on buses but oh well

  • Sunhan Eren
    Sunhan Eren 5 months ago

    yeah I love that phone but the photo sensor seems a little on the low side compared to other new phones

  • Iceberg Lettuce
    Iceberg Lettuce Year ago

    Considering buying this phone, I was a little skeptical of it's durability claims when reading through the website but now I'm sold

  • trosc
    trosc Year ago +50

    It's like Kyocera made this thing almost "Jerry-proof". Almost.

    • WSP_DS12
      WSP_DS12 Year ago

      But the keyword is of course, *Almost*

    • Xwtek
      Xwtek Year ago +1

      And yet Kyocera forgot to make their phone backs scratch resistant.

  • Dekoth-OGN
    Dekoth-OGN Year ago

    I own a Duraforce Pro and have been on the fence as to if I want to just go with the II or the ultra 5g. I'm not certain I want to spring for the extra money the 5g costs because we don't have real 5g in the US and because I don't actually care about it anyhow. Either way my first gen has been an amazing phone and I couldn't be happier to have abandoned samsung since they decided to become crapple 2.0. I do need to make a decision soon though, I'm sick and tired of dealing with micro usb and my car stereo/nav refuses to work half the time because it isn't usb c.

  • M
    M Year ago

    I would've lost $1,000 betting against this thing. I was sure it was gonna scratch at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.

  • Keoni
    Keoni Year ago

    This has almost sold me on this being my next phone. But that CAT phone with the thermal camera is kind of noseing out front. First company that makes an ultra ruggid with thermal, infrared and UV is getting upto 2k of my money.

  • Jyoti Singh
    Jyoti Singh Year ago +859

    Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  • Red_Bearded_Dad
    Red_Bearded_Dad Year ago

    I have a Citizen Blue Angels watch with a sapphire crystal. I've worn it nearly every day for 8 years and the crystal has zero scratches... and I've wacked it a few HARD times on door frames and walls. The stainless bezel has some decent nicks/scratches, but sapphire crystal is crazy strong!

  • Trevor David Jones
    Trevor David Jones 4 months ago

    I obviously love the tear downs, but I get extra hype when this man goes into the science 😆😆!!

  • Egg Salad samich
    Egg Salad samich Year ago

    Finally.... a phone made to pass tour standards.. I want a phone that can be this tough

  • abba2566
    abba2566 Year ago

    Very cool! Although isn't Sapphire more brittle than glass (so more susceptible to cracking or smashing) - which is why a lot of phone manufacturers don't use it

  • ahmed zaki
    ahmed zaki Year ago +242

    Scratches at level 8 and deeper grooves at level 9 is such a step forward for humanity .. we all salute u Zack.

  • ƒ™ CARNAGE
    ƒ™ CARNAGE Year ago +33

    Jerry: Loses the ring*
    Cambry: Starts disassembling Jerry*😂😂😂

    • iron
      iron 10 months ago

      @BrickiestBricks#1Fan Ok we get it. You guys always have to comment this.

    • kazoo
      kazoo Year ago +3

      “As you can see Jerry scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7”

  • Mike Knapp
    Mike Knapp 10 months ago

    I haven't watched this guy in a while, it's never a dull moment.

  • Johnny South
    Johnny South Year ago

    I have had and still use the older version of this phone I have to say it's 3 years old and no scratches on the screen it spent a whole weekend in a 6 foot deep swimming pool when it fell out of my pocket I will be upgrading to another one thanks sir and you two be safe

  • Daniel Basler
    Daniel Basler 3 months ago

    this phone works perfectly had it for a week so far 😊

  • t0dmacher
    t0dmacher Year ago +12

    I bought a Nexus 6P at launch. Your video was one of the first I watched after I bought it. I was a touch salty, because I loved my new phone and didn’t like seeing a flaw out of the gate. I’m grateful, because I took care to never sit on it. You also earned a sub with your objective testing. Fast forward to now.. and I’m anxiously awaiting my Jerry Knife. Thanks for all of your great work, and the entertainment you’ve provided!

  • JVS
    JVS Year ago

    You should start testing "fall resistance" that's what happens most with our smartphones

    D.I.Y LISANDRO Year ago +562

    Imagine he accidentally cuts himself and says "ouch" in his calm soothing voice 💀

    • Cruu Cruu!
      Cruu Cruu! Year ago

      and says, humans scratch at level 0 with deeper grooves at level 1. 😂

    • AustinSlayer227
      AustinSlayer227 Year ago

      “...ouch. My blade gives me scratches at a level 6 with a deeper groove at level 7.”

    • A S
      A S Year ago

      I exhaled twice

    • Matthew Price
      Matthew Price Year ago


    • Breenseaturtle Gaming
      Breenseaturtle Gaming Year ago +1

      @Skul ohh verified person

  • Max Labelle
    Max Labelle Year ago

    Hey hey Jerry.
    Love your videos.
    I was thinking maybe a cool video would be to order a few knockoff phone from China and take them apart to see where they cut corners.
    Thanks 👍

  • Lukas svärdkvist

    My watches are all made out of sapphire glass. I have used them drilling concrete, going through thin tunnels and banging my watch against the ceiling, abusing it completely ridiculously where normal wear is not included. It's not scratched, it's flawless, but the titanium bracelet is ful of scratches. Sapphire glas withstands everything, where nothing else does

  • Jyotin E
    Jyotin E Year ago +710

    "It scratches at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9"
    - JerryRigEverything, 21st May 2021

    • ErickHatesBMC
      ErickHatesBMC Year ago

      the world is ending

    • Adrian Vasquez
      Adrian Vasquez Year ago +2

      Someone missed the durability test of the HTC U Ultra

    • Andrew Collins
      Andrew Collins Year ago

      Wow parrot you said exactly what he said 🤣🤣👏👏👏

    • Zain
      Zain Year ago +7

      @Bobert do not cite the deep magic to me, I was there when it was written

    • The Otter Space
      The Otter Space Year ago +6

      @Bobert yeah but it's as rare as Halley's comet

  • Annihilator Gaming
    Annihilator Gaming Year ago +22

    I have waited my whole life to hear it scratches at level 8 and deeper groves at level 9. Finally😸😸

  • Ajay Nath
    Ajay Nath Year ago

    Jerry :"Protection is a good thing"
    Also Jerry : Uses knives and other sharp tools without any protection.

  • KL Nguyen
    KL Nguyen Year ago

    I hope they use premium rubber for this phone since rubber melts quite drastically over time.

  • Jp Zunno
    Jp Zunno Year ago

    Love this phone, may have just found my next phone!

  • Martino "enigma of reddit" Doni

    Even on a sapphire phone video he still manage to snuck into “scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7” 😂😂

  • McDonnell-Douglas DC-10
    McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 11 months ago

    As said in that Dell Rugged Extreme laptop review,
    "You could literally stand on this thing, and it's not going to care."

  • Minh Vu Nguyen Viet

    Wow, did not expect Bitdefender to sponsor this vid. Yeah great protection and privacy but I would not say it does not compromise my device. Bitdefender eats up disk usage like hell with HDD drive. But still im a big fan of Bitdefender.

  • Zach Berg
    Zach Berg Year ago

    I had a kyocera duraforce pro 2 for 13 months and during the 13th month charge port broke and needed a new one. Got this and the person working the store was amazed i like the off brand phones. Had it for 2 days LOVE IT.

  • Mental Newb
    Mental Newb Year ago

    Would LOVE to have sapphire as my screen!

  • Scott Morrison
    Scott Morrison Year ago +216

    This will be the most intense teardown video ever made. Just skipping the heat gun and starting with a hammer and a chisel.

    • ttullie
      ttullie Year ago +1

      @KingKhaos high powered laser? He needs the Death Star

    • SlipknotFan 22
      SlipknotFan 22 Year ago +4

      that won't work, he would need a jackhammer

  • SεgaDisηεγUηivεrsε

    Did my ears hear correctly? Scratches beyond level 8?! Sometimes I am glad to be living in this timeline. Also, would had loved to know how much that phone costs! Especially since it's by far the most durable phone to ever exist on this channel!
    Edit: Looked it up myself and really only $1,200 for it!? I'm about to get me one then, lol!

    • SεgaDisηεγUηivεrsε
      SεgaDisηεγUηivεrsε Year ago

      @JoshuaPK I'm in the US, and I've mostly seen those phones listed for $1,200+, but are from different websites.

    • JoshuaPK
      JoshuaPK Year ago +2

      I'm not sure where you are, but in the U.S., Verizon has this listed for $899, or $37.something per month.

  • anthony Rocha
    anthony Rocha 7 months ago

    I have this phone it's not bad it puts up with my abuse on phones pretty well I'm definitely excited to see what they come out with next

  • Charles Lanier
    Charles Lanier Year ago

    I got the first one you did in 2018 the duraforce 2 the camera lens broke from a drop at work it fell right on a nail sticking out of a board. But all around this is one tuff phone. Not a scratch on the screen even with all the dust. Speaker could be louder. I do work on a construction site. It's hard to hear the boss sometimes.

  • James Holden
    James Holden 11 months ago

    I'd love to have a phone that doesn't need a case to stay safe anymore. Hopefully by the time the Samsung S28 comes out, it will have sapphire

  • Shourya Gupta
    Shourya Gupta Year ago +479

    The world is ending....no scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7...💥🌋

  • Paul MvN
    Paul MvN 8 months ago

    My only complaint is the occasional glitch in the touch screen. The DuraForce Pro 2 didn't have any issues with the screen even with wet and greasy fingers.

  • Loli KingUwU
    Loli KingUwU Year ago

    Used to own a Kyocera phone. Was great for a week, then the phone slowed down like crazy and struggled to do anything

  • Leonaldo Brum
    Leonaldo Brum Year ago

    Thanks Jerry for alerting me to this marvel I didn’t know about. One more jewel coming to my home (to keep company to my wife’s excessive collection) 😃

  • TheDeathmail
    TheDeathmail 6 months ago +1

    I beg to differ about it being durable... plastic might scratch easier, but it's also less likely to break...
    The most durable phone would be one with a plastic screen that won't break as easily with a hard screen protector... giving the best of both worlds... with the screen protector being easy to remove...

  • Davin Mickelson
    Davin Mickelson 6 months ago

    I bought this phone with the highest of hopes in Kyocera, the sapphire screen, and it's water resistance. No case needed and I brought it swimming. No scratches!
    WARNING: Anyone considering this phone should look up all the overheating problems people experience while charging and the temporary (won't start) bricking problems. I'm thrilled I got $350 when I sold it back to Verizon. Research this phone before buying.

  • Seth Setiadha
    Seth Setiadha Year ago

    If there's battle between this phone and fold 3, will definitely watch it till the last remaining screw

  • Kert
    Kert 4 months ago

    Honestly, I'd love to be proposed to with a sapphire phone 😳

  • gtone339
    gtone339 10 months ago

    Wish Samsung makes rugged versions of the S22 like the previous S4, S5

  • Daniel sharma
    Daniel sharma Year ago +283

    This will be taught in history lessons. On 21st may we saw scratches at level 8 with deeper grooves at level 9

    • John Lucas
      John Lucas Year ago +1

      Yeah, this is the 3rd of 4th phone here with sapphire glass.

    • Niraj Singh
      Niraj Singh Year ago +3

      The previous phone from Kyocera also had a sapphire screen

    • Sameer Tiwari
      Sameer Tiwari Year ago +27

      Also the day in 2017, when htc u ultra was tested.

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox Year ago +3

    Got the duraforce pro 2 in 2019 cause of your review on it. Still working fine and scratch free. Only issue I have is with the charging flap. The jack flap doesn't get used a whole ton. The flap on the charging port still closes, just a touch loose. If you use the wireless charging feature that'd be a non issue.

    MemesREDACTED Year ago

    Its interesting how soft aluminum is but how incredibly strong aluminum oxide is

  • Anton
    Anton Year ago

    Dear MrJerryRig,
    I would like to see a phone made with sapphire glass on the front and a full titanium body. Premium style, not like those phones who look like a CAT device. In particular, the design should comprise a complete titanium encasing (even the interior, under the display, with only a small hole for the ribbon cable), waterproof resistance and if it is necessary to include wireless charging the spiral should be put outside the case covered with more glass. Do you think is something feesible?