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i tried to get a new all time rebounder in nba 2k21

  • Published on Aug 1, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • KOT4Q
    KOT4Q  Year ago +295

    Instagram: instagram.com/kennybeecham_/

  • Gus Fochtmann
    Gus Fochtmann Year ago +2015

    Kenny don’t realize how crazy it is to win roty averaging like 3 ppg

  • Gabe Macwilliams
    Gabe Macwilliams Year ago +620

    You should put everybody that ever won a mvp award together in the same draft class and see who the true mvp is

  • RJ
    RJ Year ago +303

    All credit goes to Ed Davis, this wouldn't have been possible without that legend 🐐

    • SomethingWithZ
      SomethingWithZ Year ago +8

      Really though, why does signing Ed Davis feel so in character for a team like the wizards to do?

  • hannah
    hannah Year ago +166

    "He averaged 6 rebounds? That's 6 too many" LMFAOOOO

  • KJ Bell
    KJ Bell Year ago +253

    HOF Snub + Kenny's reaction to Eugene winning MVP was so pure I love it 😭

  • Rico
    Rico Year ago +50

    21:18 i love how kenny just ignored the fact that zion dropped 78 points in a game.

  • Mini Sketchy
    Mini Sketchy Year ago +3688

    Video Idea: Make every players lowest statistic 99

    • Hygge
      Hygge Year ago +53

      Oooo good idea

    • Cale Ryan
      Cale Ryan Year ago +388

      Ben Simmons becomes Curry

    • Billy Scott
      Billy Scott Year ago +13


    • Brennyn
      Brennyn Year ago +162

      That would be a good idea but would take forever to set up 😂

    • Billy Scott
      Billy Scott Year ago +14

      kenny u GOTTA do this

  • Dat Nguyen
    Dat Nguyen Year ago +256

    Challenge for Kenny: The triple 3-peat: Go win a 3-peat with 3 different teams

  • Ye Et
    Ye Et Year ago +76

    Kenny you can change their training so that they focus on one statistic. Foe example you could literally take all their training out of every other stat and put it all into rebounding and their rebounding would take a massive leap.

  • Monty McCann
    Monty McCann Year ago +64

    I find it hilarious how he didn't notice Karl Anthony towns had the three-point record

    • him
      him Year ago

      Look now he wins 3 point contest

    JVIBE Year ago +262

    “what if we win a championship too!”
    “we got swept”

  • the GOAT
    the GOAT Year ago +14

    You gotta make this a series, each time making a player to lead all time in a certain stat, that would be fire

  • AlexMB
    AlexMB Year ago +451

    Can’t believe they did my guy Eugene Krabs like that, HOF snubs for sure

    • Rhett Goode
      Rhett Goode Year ago +13

      For sure for a HOF snub

    • Justin Nathanael
      Justin Nathanael Year ago +29

      Legend has it that Eugene go on to make a restaurant at the bikini bottom after his nba retirement

    • Lenny Biker
      Lenny Biker Year ago +18

      @Justin Nathanael “the sea bound rebound

    • Iffan Skillz
      Iffan Skillz Year ago +1

      am i missing something? his name is Eugene Harvey-

  • Tharun Venkatesh
    Tharun Venkatesh Year ago +55

    My man Eugene really won rookie of the year averaging 4 points per game 😂🤣

  • Alprince Cruz
    Alprince Cruz Year ago +78

    Crazy thing is at the beginning if someone averages 19rpg for 15 years to beat wilts record while wilt only played 13 years

    • Bargun
      Bargun Year ago +2

      Well on top of wilt being an absolute god, the game was faster back then.

    • Abdul Aziz
      Abdul Aziz Year ago +2

      Wilt was soo tall and athletic COMPARED to the nba players back then. I wonder how he would actually play in this time of nba

  • Kelmond Ng
    Kelmond Ng Year ago +37

    "Kuzma avg 6 rebounds? that's 6 rebounds too many" kenny cracks me up

  • Gavin Audette
    Gavin Audette Year ago +89

    21:40 kyrie retiring a celtic has me dead lmaooo

  • Randy Groves
    Randy Groves Year ago

    Love this man Kenny so much. I've never seen someone who gives off those good typa vibes as Kenny does. Keep doin what u do Kenny I'm here for the ride.

  • CowboysCentralz
    CowboysCentralz Year ago +297

    The second chance challenge:
    Put Anthony Bennet back in the NBA and get him to be a HOF player

    • Miami
      Miami Year ago +2

      I hope he sees this

    • Dalen
      Dalen Year ago +1

      goal is to

    • Cfhurdkudwqf
      Cfhurdkudwqf Year ago +4

      Clique productions basically did the same thing

    • Denlan Harmoning
      Denlan Harmoning Year ago +1

      Reset the NBA to that year too 👀

    • Austin
      Austin Year ago +1

      This is a great idea, it'll take him weeks to finish this so we'll get days worth of content

  • Luka Pajic
    Luka Pajic Year ago +17

    Challenge idea: have one player at every position be the all time leader in one category. For example point guard is the all time assist leader, shooting guard is the all time scorer and so on.

  • Weird Kidd
    Weird Kidd Year ago +87

    Kenny: “He did all this no all star, no hof?”
    2k: “but he was a 80 overall, 90 or nothing.”

    • Vellstraus
      Vellstraus Year ago +2

      not even HOF...this game is dumb

    • le potatoSC
      le potatoSC Year ago +1

      He was MVP and no allstar bruh

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L Year ago +4

    “He didn’t make the hall of fame!” Gets me every time

  • David Evans
    David Evans Year ago +11

    Hey Kenny do you know what i would love to see is like a 2-5 minute gameplay of these guys just to get an idea on how they play 💜

  • TheBigAristotle
    TheBigAristotle Year ago +5

    Kenny, you can go to Player Training and control what stats develop specifically. For example you can remove a Center's development in ball handling and put all the points in rebounding instead

  • Leighton Halldorson
    Leighton Halldorson Year ago +570

    Kenny’s tendency to say “shot tendency” is at 99 😭😭

  • Asa Arnold
    Asa Arnold Year ago +1

    Another defense of Kenny is that wilt played in an era where the pace was at an all time high, also adding to Wilt’s rebounding chances

  • Evan Schaffer
    Evan Schaffer Year ago

    Hey Kenny long time sub!
    Another thing you can do is go to player training and you are able to choose what a player focuses on during like practices and stuff throughout the season. So you could have your player focus completely on rebounding or completely on stamina or whatever. And that should help them progress through the season as well. You can also set the intensity for how they’ll train!

  • Ugene12
    Ugene12 Year ago

    Its about time we Eugene's got some love in 2K 🏀🏀

  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker Year ago

    You should definitely work on the athleticism if you want more rebounds as well. Lateral quickness makes a big difference. Also I would do untapped potential until he was an A+ and then do it one more time. If you hit start while looking at the roster and go all the way to the right then you will see what his potential is at. Just because it's an A+ doesn't mean he will be a 99

  • Alexander LaGrutta
    Alexander LaGrutta Year ago +1

    So we just not gonna acknowledge how Zion dropped 78 21:15

  • Jean-Nicolas Vander heyden

    HOF SNUB. Keep it up Kenny, love the content. We proud.

  • Stravilight
    Stravilight Year ago

    honestly, your content has sort of revolutionized nba2k content in a good way. I wouldn't expect to see this type of content a year ago. Keep it up!

  • Tharun Venkatesh
    Tharun Venkatesh Year ago +3

    You da GOAT Kenny! You’ve been grinding the content on all your channels lately, keep up the great work!

  • Mike Unlimited
    Mike Unlimited Year ago

    You should know from other rebuilds that you need players who can't score, more misses equals more boards

  • Denmark
    Denmark Year ago

    This may be the most difficult challenge yet, but can Kenny get a player to average double digit Steals? Maybe even for multiple seasons.
    (I'd hope it would be a Guard, but a Wing or Big works as well.)

  • Alexis Gaganas
    Alexis Gaganas Year ago

    Video idea : take an undrafted prospect and turn them into the all time scoring and steals leader. I know it seems quite hard so an other option would be to try and turn one undrafted prospect into the all time leading scorer and another one into the all time steals leader . Peace !!!

  • Carter
    Carter Year ago +102

    When you’re watching a Kenny video and your favorite team wins a chip it lowkey feels good

    • Vanessa y Orlando
      Vanessa y Orlando Year ago +2


    • JJ
      JJ Year ago

      Wizards fan?

    • Carter
      Carter Year ago +5

      @JJ Twolves

    • JJ
      JJ Year ago +2

      @Carter ah, I'm a bucks fan

    • Freddie Webber
      Freddie Webber Year ago +1

      Always love seeing Raptors win a chip in his videos

  • Mason Schu
    Mason Schu Year ago

    Kenny tryin to explain what he’s doing. Also Kenny: “Yo me and Kawhi are like matching!!! Wow”

  • Timur Rishi
    Timur Rishi Year ago

    AWESOME VIDEO loving these types of different challenges, a HOF Snub for sure

  • Headlinez
    Headlinez Year ago +7

    26:03 are we just gonna ignore that Killian Hayes is an All Time Great Point Gawd?

  • A Twerking Gif
    A Twerking Gif Year ago

    Love these longer videos! Btw whenever you were trying to calculate the math you didn’t take into account playoff statistics

  • Bigolrayden420 _
    Bigolrayden420 _ Year ago +1

    Hey I started watching your videos late 2020
    So I started on most of your new 2k21 stuff but in my Recommended I got a Vince Cater rebuild in 2k20 I think that’d be sick to see in Next Gen

    • Bigolrayden420 _
      Bigolrayden420 _ Year ago

      My bad not rebuild in next gen but re simulate his career

  • Alfonso Muner
    Alfonso Muner Year ago +146

    Video idea: turn a rookie with less Than a 45 shooting tendency into the scoring champ (You have all his career to complete it)

    • Battle Of The Bricks
      Battle Of The Bricks Year ago

      This is good idea

      PUZZYPOUNDER420 Year ago

      Fire idea brodie

    • Dayton
      Dayton Year ago

      if you wanted to make it harder you could do the worst shot tendency in the draft to scoring champ

  • Jakob Ballint
    Jakob Ballint Year ago

    Kenny should make this a mini series where he tries to turn either a regular draft player or an undeafted player into the greatest scorer, the best “blocker”, best passer etc. just to see what crazy stats they can get

  • Baseline Baller
    Baseline Baller Year ago

    kenny is the only my league player i watch dude found a way to make something boring so fun i love the guy

  • Matt Stone
    Matt Stone Year ago

    The reason wilt got that many rebounds is because they all used to shoot way more shots per game than they do now. They also weren’t as good shooters so they missed way more. Turning the shot clock down to 20 probably made it close to fair

  • TudaFTW
    TudaFTW Year ago

    You can go to player training and change the slider to 100 in specific categories and set intensity to very high. It’ll make it easier

  • Joe Tumia
    Joe Tumia Year ago

    Video Idea: Now this would be either a long vid or parted but the KG Challenge: basically get a player to be in the top 50 in all career stats (pts, reb, ast, stl, blk) it has to be a young player (24 max) that hasn’t had an all star appearance yet

  • Arthur M
    Arthur M Year ago +146

    The Michael Jordan Challenge: unretire a player and you have to win mvp before they retire again Attempt 3

    • Chris Grant
      Chris Grant Year ago +6

      That’s a great idea

    • 50STARTV
      50STARTV Year ago +2

      I like this one!

    • Jeremiah Stubbs
      Jeremiah Stubbs Year ago +4

      Nah lowkey jus pull LeBron out retirement as soon as he retire and rebuild around him

  • A Melder
    A Melder Year ago

    Video idea - Every year have the players from the all nba first team either retire until there is people like let’s say Ricky Rubio or somebody is the first team. Or you could have them be traded to the five worse teams from that year, go to the power ranks and see the five worst teams and trade to those five based on who needs what. Hope if you do it is a fun vid

  • Ragnar Ingdorsson
    Ragnar Ingdorsson Year ago +25

    Challenge: Win a championship with any team but you have to accept every single cpu trade offer

  • Genghis Conn
    Genghis Conn Year ago

    Wilt played in an era with insane pace so dropping the shot clock kinda makes it an even playing field

  • Terra-Ball
    Terra-Ball Year ago

    I managed to do this when I was trying to get a random player to the hall of fame. The guy ended up leading like every all time category except stuff like assists and 3s made. Mans also managed to win 13 chips in 11 years

  • MadDogHux
    MadDogHux 10 months ago

    Crash the glass makes the whole team rebound, which limited your success. Also defense stats would generate more rebounds too.

  • Ant_1of1
    Ant_1of1 Year ago +236

    Since you basically created the best defending center ever, create the best defending guard but with steals and blocks

    • No-Jam Ostrich
      No-Jam Ostrich Year ago +2

      getting a guard to win dpoy maybe??

    • Dashboard Money
      Dashboard Money Year ago

      @No-Jam Ostrich ben simmons wins it every few times

    • CallMeJimPickens
      CallMeJimPickens Year ago

      I mean, Ben Simmons is a guard so it aint that hard, so have a 6 footer win DPOY (it’s like if CP3 won DPOY).

    • Darling Boy
      Darling Boy Year ago +1

      Davion Mitchell about to win DPOY in Sacramento 🥵

    • No-Jam Ostrich
      No-Jam Ostrich Year ago

      @Dashboard Money forgot about him tbh, i was thinking for a dude under 6’6” maybe to win dpoy

  • Ryan Yooya
    Ryan Yooya Year ago

    You should take all of your best or favorite teams that you've rebuilt, and put them in one playoff bracket and see who comes out on top. Duplicates can exist.

  • Aidan Needs Help
    Aidan Needs Help Year ago +1

    Video Idea: this one might be a little hard but get one player to lead nba history in as many statistical categories as possible good luck 🍀

  • Colin Bradham
    Colin Bradham Year ago

    challenge: do a rebuild your allowed to do whatever you want change what you want don’t matter, but when you use the trade finder you have to choose between the first 3 trades that pop up NO EDITING THE TRADES

  • BennyBrook
    BennyBrook Year ago

    Kenny keep coming in clutch bro, helping me get through University

  • WhyNot0531
    WhyNot0531 Year ago

    The challenge might've been a lot easier if he traded for bad shooters with high tendencies. More missed shots means more rebounds.

  • Grimm LaStand
    Grimm LaStand Year ago +443

    Hey Kenny, just want to let you know that when you are doing player mentorship, you need the mentor to be old. a 21 year old will struggle to learn anything from a 25 year old

    • Slater Bayliss
      Slater Bayliss Year ago +34

      is this real? does this actually matter in 2k?

    • Joeygames413
      Joeygames413 Year ago +4

      @Slater Bayliss idk

    • Alex Escutia
      Alex Escutia Year ago +6

      @Slater Bayliss supposed to it says it should be someone that’s a bit older

    • Foxfroste24
      Foxfroste24 Year ago +49

      It does, I usually go free agents at the beginning of the year a sign a vet on the minimum or fir cheap with the most badges available for that position or for a specific player. He’s solo purpose on the team is to mentor

    • Foxfroste24
      Foxfroste24 Year ago +4

      It it really helps especially in developing prospects for long term

  • Firepig
    Firepig Year ago

    You know it’s gonna be a fire video when Kenny puts that hood up

  • Jake Langee
    Jake Langee Year ago +6

    Challenge: Try to make a full rotation of players that have all won the same award. (8-10 man rotation in regular season)

  • Camera House Studio
    Camera House Studio Year ago +2

    Day 1 of new challenge: Make a team that goes 0-82, then the next season keep 5 of those players from last season, give them minutes and win the championship.

  • Lupin Barnert
    Lupin Barnert Year ago

    You can always go back to the wheel and pick the team, then trade for the prospect. They're hovering around the 77 on a good day, so shouldn't be impossible to trade for with little assets/picks. Maybe up the draft class quality?

  • Sam Smulyan
    Sam Smulyan Year ago +2

    You should try to make the best defender in NBA history. Look for a small forward that can block and steal or a shooting guard

  • Ibraheem Al-Attar
    Ibraheem Al-Attar Year ago +48

    “What if we get a championship too..we got swept” 😂😂

  • johnny xiong
    johnny xiong Year ago

    How about trying to get a guard in top 10 career blocks or rebounds? Seems like a good idea coming off from this video

  • daddyjenkins
    daddyjenkins Year ago

    Another fire upload from the goat keep up the good work Kenny 🔥🔥💯💯

  • Ben Blowers
    Ben Blowers Year ago

    Kenny you should’ve done run and gun instead of crash the glass. By crashing the glass you’re making everyone go for boards, splitting up the rebounds. If you run and gun, all the gaurds will get ready to run, leaving your center and maybe power forward, meaning more rebounds for the big guy

  • Poolie
    Poolie Year ago

    Kenny: picking his player and analyzing his player
    Kenny a bit later: LOOK AT ME AND KAWHI!! WE MATCHING

  • Landon Costa
    Landon Costa Year ago +2

    21:18 Zion was so close to 81 points

  • Gus Fochtmann
    Gus Fochtmann Year ago +53

    Kenny don’t realize that he was lookin at assists for the 1st game😂😂

    • Esam Z.
      Esam Z. Year ago +9

      It didnt even matter cuz it was still 2 lmfao 😂

  • Nate Wheeler
    Nate Wheeler Year ago +1

    Video idea: Take a player from an nba draft to get the leader of two of the main statistics (points, assists, rebounds, block, steals) to make it harder do 3-5

  • Ricky
    Ricky Year ago +1

    Kenny did most points, rebounder/block, assist leader. All we need is the most steals then we need a team build with all those names for a career sim where the don’t leave the team. Or on separate team

  • Riley Peiritsch
    Riley Peiritsch Year ago

    your face when you noticed you was matching kawhi .. priceless :)

  • Vincent Santo
    Vincent Santo Year ago

    You are awesome my guy!!! Please make a post-Lowry raptors rebuild!

  • Mitchell Koch
    Mitchell Koch Year ago

    Mad respect for not switching players at the beginning

  • Beef Boss
    Beef Boss Year ago +66

    Challenge idea: Get RoCo to win a scoring title

    • Eric Soto
      Eric Soto Year ago +7

      This is gonna sound stupid but ive been a basketball fan for 9 years (im 15) and i still have no clue what a scoring title is.

    • Beef Boss
      Beef Boss Year ago +3

      @Eric Soto oh no worries lol. It just means that you plead the league in scoring that year.

    • Eric Soto
      Eric Soto Year ago +3

      @Beef Boss thats what i thought but i just never remembered to look it up

    • Bougee_D
      Bougee_D Year ago +2

      @Eric Soto you lead the leauge in ppg. Curry won the scoring title averaging 32.0

    • Aden Khan
      Aden Khan Year ago +2


  • Lincoln Henderson

    “He’s almost 7 foot and even I can out rebound him” -Kenny 2021🤣

  • Cade Snethen
    Cade Snethen Year ago +6

    “I look like a Goof ball” might be my favorite Kenny Quote

  • NBA2K Swiss
    NBA2K Swiss Year ago +1

    He needs to use Training that's like 10 times as good as rebounding camp or mentorship

  • Daniel Kasprick
    Daniel Kasprick Year ago +1

    At 26:06 Zion had 78 and the MVP guy who averaged 42-7-7 dropped 73

  • Xavier Pinkney
    Xavier Pinkney Year ago +2

    The Reality Where Grayson Allen Is Your Power Forward

  • CasCereal
    CasCereal Year ago +8

    Kenny deserve all the love he gets for real man ❤️

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic Year ago +2

    Always love seeing that DOOM support from you Kenny. RIP the illest villain.

  • Nathan Sinclair
    Nathan Sinclair Year ago

    Mannnnn I was watching this thinking Kenny mess around and break more records. Turns out he did 😂
    HOF Snub

  • DonkeyPunch
    DonkeyPunch Year ago

    Yooo KOT4Q. In the video you started talking about him regressing. Since you were doing fantasy draft anyway, you can also edit the players peak start and Peak end, making it like 38 years old. he’ll continues to progress until then.

  • Jaedon Taylor
    Jaedon Taylor Year ago

    Make a team from the rookies. You can pick anyone from round 1-2. But you can only pick three from the top ten. The three from the top ten you pick cannot be traded, THEY CANNOT BE TRADED. But anyone else can be traded, good lucky! Love the videos!!

  • Strudes
    Strudes Year ago

    Challenge: max out everyone's defensive stats and play until some team scores over 100 points.

  • Jookie
    Jookie Year ago +14

    Okay, before I watch the actual challenge part of the rebuild, I’m predicting that Kenny is gonna fail. No way he beats Wilts numbers.
    Edit: goddamn! Good stuff Kentrell!

  • Donnell Perkins
    Donnell Perkins Year ago +1

    Ay Kenny you gotta do this challenge again without the rule changes to see how possible it actually is

  • Coribajori
    Coribajori Year ago +1

    Hey Kenny, great video!! Can you make a video where you beat every all time record in one video

  • Max Cherry
    Max Cherry Year ago +2

    Video idea: give a rookie 99 boom, 0 bust and 25 potential and see how he does

  • Simon
    Simon Year ago

    Zion just chilling with 78 points in a single game 21:17

  • DogWitDaButter
    DogWitDaButter 11 months ago +1

    Wilt chamberlains rebound record: hmph.
    Some random dude who randomly joined the NBA: ”I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream.”

  • Dabaja 19
    Dabaja 19 Year ago +191

    day 4 of asking kenny to do the “stat padder challenge”
    draft any player and try to get him to lead the league in pts, rebs, asts, stls, and blks (averages) you got as many years as you need you dont gotta do it all in one season

  • Aven Strobel
    Aven Strobel Year ago

    Been here since the jit literally never get old of you first thing I go to on my break at work or late at night. Love the called game and Kenny channel too🤙🏽

  • Axel Mademyr
    Axel Mademyr Year ago

    Kenny: What if we win a championship too!
    Also Kenny 2 seconds later: We got swept...