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Great Hitler joke from Dana Gould

  • Published on Jan 14, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Nido the King
    Nido the King Month ago +11585

    Eva: "Would you still love me if I was a worm?"
    Hitler: *BANG*

    • MAFTAAstudios
      MAFTAAstudios 14 days ago


    • Aga Be
      Aga Be 22 days ago

      Eva is his cousin

    • Raltz010
      Raltz010 Month ago

      Eva:"would you love me if i was a worm?"
      Hitler:"as long as you are not jews..."

    • Milim Nava
      Milim Nava Month ago

      10kth like let's gooooo

    • Ayy Shaddy
      Ayy Shaddy Month ago

      @André 😂 even better

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez Month ago +815

    Adolf: Braun is such a unique lastname Eva: Oh its actually short for Braunstein

    • Joe S
      Joe S 24 days ago

      Yo we should start having last name nicknames. It’d be confusing at first but we’d get used to it

    • humanforotherhumans
      humanforotherhumans Month ago

      @Edwin Martinez Does the spanish get it?

    • MIC LIS 🐾
      MIC LIS 🐾 Month ago

      Holy 💩💀

    • Söt Gråvarg
      Söt Gråvarg Month ago

      @Our Lord And Savior George Carlin Its nein not nien

    • Resender
      Resender Month ago

      ​@Our Lord And Savior George Carlin Nein*

  • the_next_rev
    the_next_rev Month ago +463

    Couldn't make it to LUNCH. Idk why that has me so cracked up lmfao

    • Blue_King6457
      Blue_King6457 24 days ago

      It’s the “ What did she say?” For me lol

  • Htet Win Khant
    Htet Win Khant Month ago +3281

    Bruce Banner making jokes in his spare time.

    • Chinedu Opara
      Chinedu Opara Month ago +1

      @Pabitra Naubagh Well that's his secret... he's *always* angry 😅👍

    • Pabitra Naubagh
      Pabitra Naubagh Month ago +1

      When he is not angry

    • Nikeyterang
      Nikeyterang Month ago +1

      And that's how he coexist with hulk

    • Chinedu Opara
      Chinedu Opara Month ago

      I thought I was the only one who noticed the outfit!

    • jiauy jiauy
      jiauy jiauy Month ago

      isn't that him?

  • M Imaad Iqbal
    M Imaad Iqbal Month ago +159

    We spent half the short wondering where he was leading us. Was not disappointed😂

  • WitherDude
    WitherDude Month ago +54

    Man I was wondering “where is this going?” And then “marriage is hard” ahh that’s were it’s going

    • Gwyn
      Gwyn Month ago +1

      ​@Geoffrey Okronglyjaded asf ☠️

    • Geoffrey Okrongly
      Geoffrey Okrongly Month ago +2

      To reality. That’s where.

  • TopG_ Napoleon
    TopG_ Napoleon Month ago +1155

    “Stalin probably has a bigger bunker”-her 😂

    • georgy ekimov
      georgy ekimov Month ago +1

      @TARAN well it's definitely bigger

    • TARAN
      TARAN Month ago +5

      @georgy ekimov and better moustache

    • georgy ekimov
      georgy ekimov Month ago +4

      And a bigger rocket

    • Mat
      Mat Month ago +3

      How’s Josephine?

  • Michael Elliott
    Michael Elliott Month ago +78

    The set-up is gold. The punchlines, priceless.

  • Vacazion —
    Vacazion — Month ago +12

    Now that’s how you spice up a marriage joke.

  • LeoVids
    LeoVids Month ago +2507

    Finally someone giving Eva the credit she deserves.

    • Rampart
      Rampart Month ago

      ​@hagestad they were still an empire. Just not like how it used to be with total control and influence

    • Kjeld
      Kjeld Month ago

      @Resender ss ilsa

    • Resender
      Resender Month ago +1

      ​@Kjeld who doesn't know Eva Braun?

    • Podomus
      Podomus Month ago

      @Anti-HyperLink I’m American

  • c's on w e e d again
    c's on w e e d again Month ago +12

    I gotta say, that's a hell of a hook for a Clip-Share short

  • hakasims
    hakasims Month ago +35

    She probably said, “Dear, the Soviets are outside”

  • The Retro Speculative
    The Retro Speculative 2 months ago +8055

    I'd like to think that Eva did do the Jewish voice too

    • Brendan Pratt
      Brendan Pratt 29 days ago

      ​@Krotas,Deity of Armed Conflicts probably because comedians make jokes and stuff

    • Brendan Pratt
      Brendan Pratt 29 days ago

      ​@elektrik_exekutioner damn you should tell east coast Jews to stop talking funny if they dont have an accent 😂

    • Brendan Pratt
      Brendan Pratt 29 days ago

      ​@elektrik_exekutioner wow and if a British person is born in China they don't have a British accent therefore the British accent doesn't exist, right? real Einstein over here

  • teriyaki chicken
    teriyaki chicken Month ago +2

    I love how silent the audience was

  • double2helix
    double2helix Month ago +5

    The final boss of "I hate my wife" jokes

  • Finance Guy Flies 612AB
    Finance Guy Flies 612AB 2 months ago +5037

    To be fair, you kind of lose faith in your plan to conquer the world when you realize you can’t win an argument

    • rawr
      rawr Month ago

      @Troubled Sole yes

    • Vasil Hristov
      Vasil Hristov Month ago

      He never had such plans.

    • Penn
      Penn Month ago

      Shit... Thats true

  • Napoleon Fontanosa II
    Napoleon Fontanosa II Month ago +20

    Eva said, "Not now. I've got a headache."
    Adolf answered, "You call that a headache?!?!?!" 🤯

  • Lilian Thiriet
    Lilian Thiriet Month ago +14

    The fact he sounds like Jordan Peterson makes it a 1000x times funnier

    • Patches Gaming
      Patches Gaming Month ago

      He doesn't even sound like Jordan though, sounds like the stereotypical Jewish-Italians you see in movies. "You call this a synagogue?🤌🤌"

    • Sh.Ge.Del.
      Sh.Ge.Del. Month ago +2

      He even walks like him

    • JackAlope!
      JackAlope! Month ago +5

      And looks like Mark Ruffalo while sounding like Jordan Peterson!

  • J-Bone McSwiggans
    J-Bone McSwiggans Month ago +1388

    "What did she say" was hilarious

    • Tomatonater
      Tomatonater Month ago

      @Your Pringle Dealer no shit

    • Your Pringle Dealer
      Your Pringle Dealer Month ago +1

      ​@Tomatonater Hitler wouldn't have liked that

    • Anon Ymous
      Anon Ymous Month ago

      The Greatest Story Never Told
      for all those who think for themselves

    • Bob Marley
      Bob Marley Month ago

      nice profile pic buddy hahaha

    • Tomatonater
      Tomatonater Month ago +13

      She sounded Jewish

  • JimLahey
    JimLahey Month ago +4

    I don't often watch a short twice.... but when I do... its because it's FCKING HILLARIOUS!

  • UtterWeeb
    UtterWeeb Month ago +3

    The punchline was all I needed to make my day a bit brighter 🤣

  • Kitch G
    Kitch G Month ago +663

    "Marriage is hard"....
    -- didn't see that coming 🤣🤣

    • Your Face
      Your Face Month ago

      Should hear Greg Giraldo's bit about it. Guy was struck by lightening like 6 times. "GOD couldn't kill this man, send in the experts".

    • HH
      HH Month ago +2

      Shit funny but real talk ✊🏽✊🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Ilia Figueroa
      Ilia Figueroa Month ago +2

      Not the case, dude, i replied because it was so obvious that i don’t even know why anyone commented anything about it. 😆

      KALABUR Month ago +4

      When people can't tell sarcasm through text

  • Michael Cobaugh
    Michael Cobaugh Month ago +5

    Mandela endured 27 years in prison. One week after being released he couldn’t stand being married to Winnie and divorced her.

  • J- Rukkus
    J- Rukkus Month ago

    I needed this laugh today

  • Cultist-of-the-Blue-Oyster

    That’s probably the cleanest Hitler joke I’ve ever heard. Jerry Seinfeld clean, ironically enough

    • Xbulelo - Profound Punk - Gamer
      Xbulelo - Profound Punk - Gamer Month ago

      I thought that too. Great routine. I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Cultist-of-the-Blue-Oyster
      Cultist-of-the-Blue-Oyster Month ago

      @Christopher Owens this comment has “vote blue no matter who” written all over it. Unfortunately I am not referring to “blue” as in Blue Öyster Cult which is in fact the greatest band of all time

    • n3b
      n3b  Month ago

      For sure

    • Christopher Owens
      Christopher Owens Month ago

      Fun Fact: It is believed that Hitler was a self hating Jew who was turned down on multiple occassions by the Jewish art community and this in turn spurred wrath in him towards his people. It is very possible. It's been known for example for homophobes to be severely repressed & closeted homosexuals. Also if he wasn't a Jew but it's well known that he was turned down by the Jewish art community that could still have spurred anger in him. It is rumoured that Trump tried to swindle a Mexican business man & when that man didn't allow Trump to take advantage of him, Trump vowed to "destroy" his country. He didn't succeed in destroying Mexico but his entire election focused on Mexico & Mexican immigrants, despite the fact that Mexican immigration to the U.S. has been at a negative for years meaning that Mexicans have migrated home on their own account yet Trump still made Mexican migration his platform. Also it needs to be noted that Trump did not win the popular vote. The majority of Americans were disturbed by his racist tactics. He won because we have the Electoral College which only requires you to have 173 Electoral votes.

    • Jorge
      Jorge Month ago +1

      @Jan-Willem Bavinck yeah you weren’t clear. Peace

  • K M
    K M Month ago +2

    Ricky Gervais “that was a shit honeymoon”

  • Söt Gråvarg
    Söt Gråvarg Month ago +1

    Eva: "Baby I dreamed of you cheating on me with my sister"
    Adolf: "Ah crap" *muffled gun noise*

  • Artur Karpinski
    Artur Karpinski Month ago +575

    Nelson Mandela endured decades in prison but had to get divorced from his wife.

    • Mc Flying
      Mc Flying Month ago

      @Childfree Single and Atheist Nelson by any actual real account was nothing close resembling a saint. Quite far from it. I’ll leave it at that.

    • B Johnston
      B Johnston Month ago

      @Graham Whent we can only hope...

    • Deke King
      Deke King Month ago +1

      @Childfree Single and Atheist regardless they became strangers to each other.

  • James Holder
    James Holder Month ago

    That was a good delivery. Well done sir

  • jerr
    jerr Month ago +1

    lol funny as hell . he owes me for my busted ribbs

  • Me
    Me Month ago +812

    He realized he was going to have to split the world with her, if he were to proceed

  • MIKE D
    MIKE D Month ago

    You're such a good man Adolph!!,let's go shopping later...

  • John Lime
    John Lime Month ago

    The delivery is just absolutely perfect.

  • Kye Rafferty
    Kye Rafferty 2 months ago +2866

    This is 100% the best Hitler joke that has ever been told.

    • Yeoh
      Yeoh Month ago

      @Topjunkie Nice dream

    • rrs
      rrs Month ago

      I can think of nein jokes better than this one...

    • Leon Stanić
      Leon Stanić Month ago +1

      "The greatest joke ever told"

  • 지석
    지석 Month ago

    Punch up line was spectacular

  • Cryothermalice
    Cryothermalice Month ago +1

    Thank you for the advice uncle ben

  • Hilltop
    Hilltop Month ago +282

    Eva: "Adolf, ze dull colour of zese gray walls are attrocious."
    Adolf: "Had enough of your shit, I'll paint it the sad musician special." *pulls out a Luger*

    • Ilia Figueroa
      Ilia Figueroa Month ago

      You won me to it!
      I was gonna post the same!
      It was a measly .32 ppk.

    • wilberth Chavarria
      wilberth Chavarria Month ago +1

      And then he proceeded to pain the walls with his grey

    • stephen echavarria
      stephen echavarria Month ago +1

      This deserves more likes

    • GC
      GC Month ago +3

      It was a Walther PPK in 7.65mm.

    • Panda
      Panda Month ago +1

      The bad guy gets to write History because he won

  • SSterminator
    SSterminator Month ago +3

    she probably turned out to be one of the art teachers that rejected him

    • kapteinzilla
      kapteinzilla Month ago

      No she i think Hitler was almost twice her age

  • Gravy
    Gravy Month ago

    The guys delivery and voice work well together

  • Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods 2 months ago +1609

    I heard she was constantly on his back about how Stalin's camps were bigger too.

    • Emre Karatas
      Emre Karatas Month ago


    • Jaymes Mustaine
      Jaymes Mustaine Month ago

      @Grayson JD oh god so funny

    • BiggusDickus
      BiggusDickus Month ago

      England invented the Concentration Camps during the Boer War..

    • Blegh Blargh
      Blegh Blargh Month ago

      @croccandbaultorcure It's the yt algorithm auto-nuking comments. And this goes beyond advertisers. They're curating speech and thought for political motive.

    • Birdie
      Birdie Month ago

      Big Stali took us Gals to a couple Farms, there were open rooms for days. And you call this a bunker 💅💅

  • Ephraim Phiri
    Ephraim Phiri Month ago

    "... marriage is hard...!" The punchline!!!😂😂😂😂

  • morella walker
    morella walker Month ago

    I freaking luv dana gould, one of the funniest comics ever!!!

  • C S
    C S 2 months ago +514

    Long pause…. “Marriage is hard”.
    Perfect delivery. 😂

    • Job Brown
      Job Brown Month ago

      so good lmao

    • Andre Scarlet
      Andre Scarlet Month ago +1

      I was snort-laughing before he even said a word

    • Asaf
      Asaf Month ago +1

      I came for this like wtfff That was on point

    • Wahinies
      Wahinies Month ago +5

      90% of comedy is timing. That pause had my mind going in all difference directions and then it hits... Just perfection.

  • Focus_Gaming
    Focus_Gaming Month ago +1

    Yo careful don’t get this guy too worked up… he may turn into the Hulk.😂

  • Max MF
    Max MF Month ago

    That's so funny, my friend's Argentinian grandpa would have loved that one.

  • Captain Casey Jones
    Captain Casey Jones Month ago +247

    It's like someone mashed together Mark Ruffalo and Lewis Black.

    • Gary Oak
      Gary Oak Month ago

      @Philip Calvin I’d probably rather watch the room.

    • Philip Calvin
      Philip Calvin Month ago

      @Gary Oak look it up. Top quality cgi

    • Gary Oak
      Gary Oak Month ago

      @Philip Calvin never heard of it.

    • Gary Oak
      Gary Oak Month ago

      @Philip Calvin I don’t watch shitty movies.

  • Julian Riviera
    Julian Riviera Month ago

    "Hail Honey I'm Home" Canon ending.

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez Month ago

    I'm tearing up 🤣

  • Devil'sAdvocate
    Devil'sAdvocate Month ago +164

    "you need to stop hanging out with your friends so much..."

    • CosgroveMe
      CosgroveMe Month ago +2

      Yeah women want to control your life and then you have to ask permission if you want to go do something. F that!

    • Claudius Odermatt
      Claudius Odermatt Month ago +4

      lol too true

  • Gabriel Queiroga
    Gabriel Queiroga Month ago

    Eva was a deep cover assassin with the perfect alibi lol

  • rgrif777
    rgrif777 Month ago +1

    Hilarious! Marriage is hard!

  • JR Villanueva
    JR Villanueva 2 months ago +170

    He asked her. "What do you want to eat today?"

    • Steve White
      Steve White Month ago +2

      "after that crappy wedding, cyanide!"

    • Isaiah Webb
      Isaiah Webb Month ago +2

      ​@David Wilks you don't?

    • GGGold
      GGGold Month ago +2

      @David Wilks you don’t?

    • David Wilks
      David Wilks Month ago +4

      @GGGold you keep hamburgers in a pantry?

  • Penuel Yahu Codiyah.

    I didn´t expect being laughing at the end :))))

  • Igor Mironov
    Igor Mironov Month ago

    Man’s got a point😂😂

  • Asheesh Gill
    Asheesh Gill Month ago +76

    Eva: ”do you still love me”
    Hitler: BANG

  • CC3193
    CC3193 Month ago

    My husband and I recently got into it over the pronunciation of the letter 'H' ! I was gobsmacked how he was saying it. He laughed at my insistence & was incredulous. We both dug our heels in, and actually began yelling, so I up and left the dinner table 😮He wouldn't speak to me for a couple of hours after that either. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and I was right though 😂

  • Theophrastus Bombastus

    Clip-Share has been trying to ram this short down my neck for the last week and I've managed to actively avoid it all this time
    Until it shows up in a random scroll just now.
    Well done youtube. You win

  • Steve Tyner
    Steve Tyner 2 months ago +182


  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams Month ago

    He lived a full life

  • Sangs P
    Sangs P Month ago

    Didn't expect that later! Now that's comedy

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago +237

    They took "till death do us part" a little more seriously back then.

  • Mikael Hall
    Mikael Hall Month ago +2

    Facebook blocked me 30 days for sharing this.

  • Lylee cow
    Lylee cow Month ago +1

    Genghis Khan: "WHAT THE FUCK."

  • Frosty 13
    Frosty 13 Month ago +49

    That one guy: laughing 😂

  • Johnmy Cruz
    Johnmy Cruz Month ago

    it's hard to guess that punch line. 😁

  • Akash David
    Akash David Month ago +1

    I never expected this🤣🤣

  • Max Banh
    Max Banh Month ago +121

    He should’ve got accepted in that art school.

    • Johny What?
      Johny What? Month ago +1

      He also survived WWI multiple times and was obviously praised for his speeches. It seems that he became terribly arrogant and egotistical as a result.

    • Altus Talent
      Altus Talent Month ago

      Because all that Hitler needed in life was structured art lessons to assuage his genocidal premeditations

    • Savage8285
      Savage8285 Month ago +6

      Well, he did paint the walls, one could say

    • Hgff Fdfh
      Hgff Fdfh Month ago +2

      i agree, then israel would not excist.
      That is the saddest part

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Didn't see know where this was going, this joke is a gem! 🤣

  • NiceGuySam
    NiceGuySam Month ago

    Not me at school with my volume up all the way and opening youtube.

  • sebastian oviedo
    sebastian oviedo Month ago +73

    He’s asking the real freaking questions lol😂

  • Beans
    Beans Month ago

    Gex do be spitting facts


    wasn't expecting that punchline.

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F 2 months ago +467

    That was perfect

    • benjamin3290
      benjamin3290 Month ago +2

      No, it’s a lazy joke

    • B.b. Gun
      B.b. Gun 2 months ago +2

      @generic username You’re right. It’s also a ripoff of Chris Rock’s Nelson Mandela divorce joke. And Chris did it better.

    • E Bray
      E Bray 2 months ago

      "what did she say??"

    • generic username
      generic username 2 months ago +6

      Good, I'd say. Perfection requires a harder hitting punchline, this was kind of underwhelming, given the setup.

  • Sadao Mao
    Sadao Mao Month ago

    that setup though

  • Tyrone Henderson
    Tyrone Henderson Month ago

    Eva: sorry babe, I can't cook ☕️

  • bws1971
    bws1971 Month ago +7

    I've had this on loop for at least 10 minutes. It's so good

  • Heavy Joe Chipman
    Heavy Joe Chipman Month ago

    At least he's outta that van in the woods.😵❤👍

  • Jaedano Eugene
    Jaedano Eugene Month ago

    I’m dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Julie Ann Myers
    Julie Ann Myers Month ago +17

    "What did she say?"
    Comedy genius.
    "You call this a bunker?"
    Pinnacle of human achievement.

  • Francisco Baca
    Francisco Baca Month ago

    That caught me off guard hahahaha

  • ammaar got game
    ammaar got game Month ago

    Now that, is mind blowing.

  • Josh Bonilla
    Josh Bonilla Month ago +33

    “My sistas bunka… Now THATS a bunka” 🤣💀

    • David Rengifo
      David Rengifo Month ago

      I lost it with the Jewish accent 😆 🤣

  • _Slickerz Entertainment

    “Steiner did not attack” -Eva
    Hitler: *death time*

  • Jennifer Mills
    Jennifer Mills Month ago

    This guy is awesome!!!!!!!!

    JB THECOOK Month ago +7

    You know everyone was in the crowd wondering" Umm where is this going?"

  • Tim Blasco
    Tim Blasco Month ago

    This is terrific

  • Shehzad Alam Alam
    Shehzad Alam Alam Month ago

    Sadly he ended like that

  • HedgeWolf23
    HedgeWolf23 2 months ago +334

    Was not expecting that

    • D T
      D T 2 months ago

      ​@El Arvo eyyoooooo

    • El Arvo
      El Arvo 2 months ago +4

      Did nazi that coming

    • Pablo T-R
      Pablo T-R 2 months ago +2

      Non sequitur jokes with proper setup! They make some of the best stand up, video skits, comic strips, etc! 👌

  • Jesus Christ lives
    Jesus Christ lives Month ago

    And yet I love him. I love everyone.

  • Klipz
    Klipz Month ago +1

    His pronunciation of "Braun" lmao.

  • James Elrod
    James Elrod 2 months ago +448

    This is textbook comedy perfection.

    • Fronzel Neekburm
      Fronzel Neekburm Month ago

      @Jelmo being predictable isn't necessarily bad -- even if you could guess the gist of the punchline, it was still a great delivery and phrasing, and unless you're psychic you aren't going to know what the delivery and phrasing are gonna look like

    • Profile
      Profile Month ago +2

      Even had to do the long pause to create uncomfortableness so when he finally said the trite punchline people were relived to have something.

    • Syo
      Syo Month ago +1

      You might want to go back and organize the text you wrote into smaller blocks.
      Big blocks of text can intimidate readers.
      If you split your message into smaller chunks (kind of like how I'm doing it), the whole message will be easier to read.
      God bless you

    • benjamin3290
      benjamin3290 Month ago +1

      Not really

    • Rafael Formiga Santos
      Rafael Formiga Santos Month ago +1

      ​@Jelmo only predictable if you are married

  • John B
    John B Month ago

    *_”ITS GOLD JERRY, GOLD!!”_*

  • Mitch Cash
    Mitch Cash Month ago

    She said "Eternity together".

  • Foolish Genius
    Foolish Genius Month ago +4

    That was an amazing pause

  • shuroom57
    shuroom57 Month ago

    "Seinfeld's van! Seinfeld's van!"

  • Simonocerous
    Simonocerous Month ago +1

    Classic! 😂😂😂

  • BlazeNBA2K
    BlazeNBA2K Month ago +24

    Wow dude that's the best unexpected joke from that great delivery

    • Fronzel Neekburm
      Fronzel Neekburm Month ago

      Lol i saw the punchline coming, you could tell what he was getting at before he got there, but I obviously didn't know how he was gonna say it. You're right dude, perfect delivery. MARRIAGE IS HARD. Lol.

  • Somewhat Baffled
    Somewhat Baffled Month ago

    Clip-Share censored me sharing this joke. They must be in on the whole marriage scam.

  • Wicked Weedle
    Wicked Weedle Month ago +1

    Surprised the Clip-Share bots didn't take this down immediately for "hate speech" the moment he said evil mustache mans name. Being famous really protects people on Clip-Share. For that i am jealous. Not because famous people have a lot of fans but because the Clip-Share bots ignore them. I wish that could be me.

  • Wonko The Sane
    Wonko The Sane Month ago +8

    "You forgot to put the trash out. And my mother is coming to visit, day after tomorrow."