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I tried an INCOMPATIBLE drive with the PS5

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Sony recently launched their first Beta system update for the PS5, which added high speed M.2 SSD storage expansion support. Some journalists have been quick to criticize this as being too difficult... but does Microsoft's Xbox really have the better solution here, or was Sony right all along?
    Recommended M.2 SSDs for your PS5
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    0:00 Intro
    1:12 The benefits and drawbacks of choice
    2:39 Microsoft's offering
    3:13 How about internal storage?
    3:42 Drive requirements
    4:09 How to install an M.2 SSD into the PS5
    5:38 Note about heatisnks
    6:35 Games only note
    7:32 Gameplay
    9:11 What happens if we install an incompatible drive?
    10:13 Using a drive that doesn't meet the minimum speed
    10:27 Linus Drop Tips
    10:30 Using a drive that doesn't meet the minimum speed
    12:45 How can this be made easier for consumers?
    14:32 Conclusion
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Year ago +2456

    These SSDs are compatible and will play well with games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, as long as they meet the speed requirements.
    Even drives that don't meet the spec (older/cheaper gen4 drives) will still play well with _current_ games. But if you're buying a new SSD, the extra $20 - $30 for a drive that will meet specs and maintain its performance outweighs buying a cheaper, slower drive.
    As games evolve, load times will probably become more optimized for high speed storage or in-sequence loading, which could be problematic for slower drives.
    Gen3 drives are entirely incompatible regardless of storage size.
    In terms of heatsinks, your drive will need one as per Sony's recommendations, since there's no airflow in the M.2 compartment in the PS5. Many drives have built-in copper heatsinks that are better than nothing, or will sometimes come with an additional heatsink in the box. Otherwise, even a cheap, generic low-profile heatsink from Amazon will help ensure the longevity of drives. It does need to fit within the space though. Full drive requirements are here: www.playstation.com/en-ca/support/hardware/ps5-install-m2-ssd/
    - JB

    • Shim Chacko
      Shim Chacko Year ago +27

      When is LTT screw driver coming 😁

    • k
      k Year ago +6

      I'm not here

    • ControlShiftEscape
      ControlShiftEscape Year ago +12

      Eyeballing IO performance is not really helpful... You could at least check some load times...

    • Tyler
      Tyler Year ago


    • Sasanth Bollineni
      Sasanth Bollineni Year ago

      @Shim Chacko prebutt warmed or not?

  • Tree's Company
    Tree's Company Year ago +236

    I love how any news outlet called this a hard upgrade. I don't think they've ever seen the lengths people have gone to to service their own consoles in the last 25 years. Gamers are determined folk

    • Lewa Nuva
      Lewa Nuva Year ago +7

      It's the same as a PS4 upgrade and I never heard anyone say that was hard

    • Roberto Abud
      Roberto Abud Year ago +12

      the hardest part of this is getting the outer shell off thats really it

    • Andrew Slota
      Andrew Slota 7 months ago +4

      @Lewa Nuva ps4 was harder with more screws and usb drive to put Sony update on it

    • NotC
      NotC 3 months ago +1

      @Andrew Slota I upgraded a PS4 and a ps5. The ps4 is faster, getting the panel off is annoying

    • viperdemonz jenkins
      viperdemonz jenkins 3 months ago

      yea do not get how anyone can call that a hard upgrade, it is simpler than a PS4 SSD upgrade and that is simple.

  • ShivaVarun Adicherla
    ShivaVarun Adicherla Year ago +516

    I really like linus's approach of clearly explaining the pros and cons on both PS5 and Xbox sides.

    • Wesley Rhoads
      Wesley Rhoads Year ago +17

      Simply just buy both

    • Steven Hurdle
      Steven Hurdle Year ago +27

      He missed a key advantage for the Xbox, its external storage is hot-swappable.

    • Zenspathcom
      Zenspathcom Year ago +9

      Hot swappable between systems too...so I'm thinking of getting a Series S for my room & just transfer the digital titles between rooms with my Series X on the 2 cards I have already. :)

    • moby1kanob
      moby1kanob Year ago +8

      yeah but mostly the PS5 pros...I put in my 980 Pro with the beta load and its amazing. Just as fast as the internal storage speeds. SONY killed it on this one.

    • Steven Hurdle
      Steven Hurdle Year ago +2

      @moby1kanob Probably faster. Digital Foundry's testing found that read speeds were similar across the board, but that the internal storage was slower for write speeds (for drives that meet Sony's standards).

  • Micah V
    Micah V 3 months ago +22

    As a Series X owner, I like the freedom of the Sony storage system. I think it’s incredible smart to use PC components to upgrade consoles. Microsoft easily could have done that, as they are literally the first thing installed on nearly every SSD sold! Additionally, the price of those seagate cards is a bit insane

    • Faber
      Faber 3 months ago +9

      I was expecting them to get a large price cut by now. I'm not paying $360 for 2TB of Series X storage when my 2TB PS5 compatible SSD was only $125.

    • Aron Sanders
      Aron Sanders 3 months ago

      @Faber what ssd you talking about? Most gen 4 drives that are 2 tb are like $180 minimum

    • Faber
      Faber 3 months ago +1

      @Aron Sanders Netac NV7000 is as low as $100 while the XPG S70 Blade can go down to $130. I'm converting to USD, I'm sure it depends on your country.

    • Aron Sanders
      Aron Sanders 2 months ago

      @Faber oh I don't ever consider those worth buying, not durable enough

  • A N
    A N 17 days ago +1

    I watched a lot of these tutorials on Clip-Share before I installed mine. Linus is exceptionally clear about the steps and gets to the details in seconds. There’s a reason LTT is on top.

  • Chubby Adler
    Chubby Adler Year ago +15

    I think the main reason we don't have a certification process for add-on drives is because Sony hasn't fully tested the external storage option at launch, and is still testing now. There may be more specifications to check, and maybe a certification badge once all the science is substantially complete, and the proper drives do begin to proliferate the market.

  • DragoFX_
    DragoFX_ Year ago +4626

    - "All you need is your SSD of choice"
    - Yeah
    - "A screwdriver"
    - Yeah
    - And of course, a PS5
    - 🗿

    • Collins Mudau
      Collins Mudau Year ago +56


    • Alec Vogel
      Alec Vogel Year ago +42

      They aint even hard to get. For me they drop daily around 8am - 10am in the UK

    • Deadly_Mir
      Deadly_Mir Year ago +28

      PS5 i would constantly go to local stores, such as Walmart and GameStop if you live in the US and nag them about it. I see xbox's in stock every time i go to walmart get lunches for work and sometimes a ps5 or 2.

    • DragoFX_
      DragoFX_ Year ago +13

      @Alec Vogel there no daily drop where I am they just retail randomly and by the time I get one in stock I would probably have used the money for something else anyways, rip.

    • graphicsgod
      graphicsgod Year ago +7

      I was ok, till he said PS5. Then I was like oh.. and then I got sad.

  • Thomas Staples
    Thomas Staples Year ago +12

    Love that you tested both drives inside and outside of the recommended Sony specs. Showing my props and support by purchasing the Mandscaped Linus package. I think more channels should do these co-branded or limited run practical product opportunities. Like Gerald Undone when he did the Purple Undone Kondor blue HDMI cables. I bought like 5 of those.

  • Tom Bowen
    Tom Bowen Year ago +8

    Regarding resolution you have two measures, one you might be unfamiliar with is temporal resolution (the hz or refresh rate). This, as you can probably guess, measures the frequency of data points or refreshes. We use this when describing things like the temporal resolution of EMG signals : ) this means that their slider of resolution vs image quality will be FPS vs pretty-value. Hope this helps!

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Year ago +2

      That is right, but nobody thinks of the framerate in games as resolution. Quite the opposite, where reducing rendering resolution increases framerate. Referring to the framerate as temporal resolution will just be confusing for most users.

    • Tom Bowen
      Tom Bowen Year ago +4

      @HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul oh 100%! I'm not standing by it as a means of use as it's deffo confusing for most. It was probably just a game dev being pedantic lol

  • Rafael 2105
    Rafael 2105 Year ago +4

    Maybe the reason that you can't record and save images into the extended storage is because the system is always recording in the background so it needs the internal storage to do that reliably. That's just a guess. Nonetheless you should be able to move the data into it afterwards if that is the case.

  • indigo
    indigo Year ago +8

    You should definitely put the cover back over the SSD slot, it's there to keep hot air from escaping into the rest of the system. There are exhaust slots inside the cavity that work with the negative pressure cooling design.

  • MBPhilip black
    MBPhilip black Year ago

    I do hope Xbox do eventually source storage out to more companies than just Seagate but there are different storage sizes available now being 2tb, 1tb and a 512gb SSD on the way the smallest being £130 on Amazon I think. And at least on Xbox we had a next generation storage device at launch but I'd rather have 3rd party options.

  • SP
    SP Year ago +1253

    Sony said that they would be making a list of compatible drives for the PS5. My guess is, it will be available after the beta program ends.

    • Jaryn H
      Jaryn H Year ago +48

      @Demetre well yeah, but I mean some people like having huge game libraries. In addition games are huge. Look at WZ 1/10 of storage. Only time will tell with newer games.

    • TheFrontyardScientist
      TheFrontyardScientist Year ago +83

      @Demetre please tell me you’re joking. Hdd on ps5? Lmaoo.

    • Cullen Fitzgerald
      Cullen Fitzgerald Year ago +20

      @Demetre the intention i see is that the internal m.2 interface is a faster, and more mechanically secure, interface than an external USB hard drive, especially further down the road in the PS5s life span.

    • TheFrontyardScientist
      TheFrontyardScientist Year ago +34

      @Demetre HDDs are not even compatible with the ps5. You’re either lying or have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • vedx1
      vedx1 Year ago

      underrated comment

  • Krystan Honour
    Krystan Honour 5 months ago +35

    Interesting comment at 5:59, recently I upgraded my ps5 and the sabrent rocket 4 plus came in a kit with a custom heatsink which replaces the metal heatshield inside and totally screws in place (neat solution), they even sell that heatsink seperately.

  • Rômulo Ruas
    Rômulo Ruas Year ago

    Internal SSD controller has support for more priority levels than standard SSD controllers, so if the controller is bombarded with lots of requests, the internal drive will be able to handle pressure better.
    In other hand it might be that having more raw performance (above 5.5GB/s) might compensate this.
    Time and if developers will actually use this feature will tell.

  • debunkthejunk1
    debunkthejunk1 Year ago +7

    5:51 - It's been designed so the fan draws air through the fins, across the SSD and out the other side. You need the plate to channel the air. You can just grind the fins on the heat sink down so drives like the Gammix S70 will fit.

  • Auron Blade
    Auron Blade Year ago +29

    Always put the ssd cover back when swapping out your ssd. That cover is required for the PS5s cooling to work correctly.

    • Antares 8001
      Antares 8001 Year ago +3

      Am I missing soemthing? From what I can see it's literally just a piece metal that doesn't appear to be thermally connected to anything in any meaningful way and it is in turn just covered by a plastic side panel. If anything it's gonna act as an additional thermal insulator between the SSD and whatever minimal airflow might reach that space.

    • Auron Blade
      Auron Blade Year ago +10

      @Antares 8001 from my understanding (keeping in mind im terrible at explaining) the ps5 pulls air through the whole unit and by leaving that hole uncovered it lowers air flow to other parts of the unit. Imagine cutting a hole halfway down a straw. If you suck on it, air flow between the hole you cut and your mouth would be higher than below the hole you cut. You might not fry you ssd, in fact itd probably be cooler than usual but somewhere else in the ps5 isn't getting optimal air flow and may overheat instead.

    • DXC
      DXC Year ago +8

      @Antares 8001 basically creates negative air flow so that it gets cooled. Sony designed it that way so you definitely should put that piece of metal back on.

    • Victor Ascencio
      Victor Ascencio Year ago

      Or buy a sabrent ps5 heatsinks

  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann 3 months ago

    Are there any SSD options on the market that match the performance of the PS5's internal but in higher capacities?
    I'm sure they would be very expensive but it would be interesting to see if we can really upgrade the balls on this thing.
    ps. I think the inability to save videos/pics/saves on the secondary SSD deserves further explanation. It seems like an unnecessary and forced limitation which makes me suspicious. Perhaps having certain files on a removable drive introduces a security risk. I would guess that people could take those save files away, find a way to modify them, then reintroduce them into the PS5. This could be used to get unearned achievements or potentially even find an exploit which could gain access to the PS5 OS or even playstation network.

  • Ian Hsieh
    Ian Hsieh Year ago +372

    The hardest part of installing a M.2 ssd in a PS5 is to find a PS5.

    • Lewis Holmes
      Lewis Holmes Year ago +3

      They're really not that hard to get if you're patient. I've managed to get nearly 20 so far (I don't scalp them, I've gotten them for friends and family and made no money on them). You just need to find a good stock checker for your country and be quick when a notification comes through.

    • pulse
      pulse Year ago +1

      @Lewis Holmes I swear I thought you and the guy who commented above were BOT comments since he said follow 'XYZ' person for 'ABC' stuff just like how you see it in the crypto bot comments. Also, you guys apparently use real names (your own names) which was made it suspicious even more (those crypto bots all have real names).

    • Revener666
      Revener666 Year ago

      5 PS 5's :) clip-share.net/video/ifAm3Vp0JnU/video.html

    • Trizzy
      Trizzy Year ago +3

      If ur still looking for one ur not trying hard enough lol

  • Generalkidd
    Generalkidd Year ago +238

    Interesting that it's not a speed requirement but just a PCIe Gen 4 requirement. I wonder what would happen if you used a SATA to PCIe Gen 4 adapter (if such an adapter even exists)? Would that trick the PS5 into accepting a SATA SSD?

    • amicloud
      amicloud Year ago +182

      Could we, through a bunch of adapters, trick the PS5 into accepting a parallel floppy drive?

    • DarkHaven
      DarkHaven Year ago +4

      Hell no bro. It requires at least a 5500mbs ssd. No data comes when close to that. No ps5 games will run on an ssd less fast then that. Hence why it needs to be a gen 4 m.2

    • leeeeni
      leeeeni Year ago +73

      @DarkHaven you watched the video? he put a slower gen 4 drive and it still worked.

    • DarkHaven
      DarkHaven Year ago +5

      @leeeeni yes a slower gen 4 m.2. Not a sata. And while the slower ones might work you’ll get worse performance for any game running on that ssd because it’s not fast enough to do what the ps5 ssd does. Only the Samsung 980 can outperform the ps5 that I know of

    • Brian Kim
      Brian Kim Year ago +18

      @DarkHaven theres also wd black sn850, crucial p5 plus, seagate firecuda 530, aorus gen 4, and sabrent all have ssd speeds that far outperforms ps5 ssd.

  • Paul Sim
    Paul Sim Year ago +2

    Hmm i think the main issue Sony is fighting with is the limited number of priority levels pc ssds have. I think the internal drive has 8+vs3 or 4 in a m.2
    Also i remeber there being mutterings that you might need a 7Gb/s to be more comparitable to the internal deive.

  • blademasterzero5295
    blademasterzero5295 2 months ago +1

    This video helped me realize that I was running on borrowed time with the SSD I had installed on my PS5 (DRAM-less, HMB instead). Upgraded to a Corsair MP600 Pro NH, which I’d originally bought as an upgrade to my PC boot drive. Both my computer and PS5 should be solid now

  • John Paul Bacon
    John Paul Bacon Year ago

    Interesting. I am curious as to how all of this is gonna turn out in the long run. Maybe Sony did this to some sort of difference between a Console and Pc's.

  • grindelwaud
    grindelwaud Year ago +1

    There are different kinds of reolutions in a signal, one of which can be temporal resolution, e.g. fps. More commonly used for high reoslution audio, but applicable to video signals as well

  • tipoomaster
    tipoomaster Year ago +462

    Yeah that notice on installing a slower drive makes total sense. It'll work for most games so it lets you use it, but if a future game comes up that really uses the PS5 mandated speed, you'll just have to swap over to the internal drive. No biggie, totally makes sense.

    • roler roleris
      roler roleris Year ago +35

      Theoretically there shouldn't be anything wrong even at slower speeds, things just might load slower. I cant really imagine what kind of game feature would break from having slower storage, at most there would be obvious texture pop-in or lower quality textures.

    • Kinihun25
      Kinihun25 Year ago +3

      Yeah but Sabrent top of the line SSD which is just as good as everyone's is dropping in price, you can get it for about $150 in some stores, and 180 on Amazon. Soon the others will follow

    • Kinihun25
      Kinihun25 Year ago +16

      @roler roleris for 3rd party games yes, but first party games in the next few years will use the speeds of a 5.5 gb read speed in future games

    • mike n
      mike n Year ago +16

      @Kinihun25 lol i hope the "speed" cap is something that is not seen until the end of life of the system. it would be pretty funny if in the end you didnt need the speed... at all and the only way they could make that marketing hold true is by forcing users to have the "suggessted" m.2 despite the games not requiring it, which honestly wouldnt surprise me if it did.

    • Kinihun25
      Kinihun25 Year ago +3

      @mike n you will need it for games coming out soon like GTA VI, Spiderman 2 etc. From what I heard about GTA VI, the sandbox is going to be the whole State of California. I don't know if it's true but I believe it Because GTA V is huge

  • Bruce McCluskey
    Bruce McCluskey Year ago

    Using the beta system software could allow that older Gen 4 drive to be used. However. When using the official system software release that drive may not work at all because of the lower transfer rates.

  • iFrankStevens
    iFrankStevens Year ago

    Always super helpful. Uunderestemate how easy you explain things. Thank you Linus! Now I know how to upgrade properly!

  • BockworschtSoldier
    BockworschtSoldier Year ago +34

    I like this approach of storage expansion Sony made. Allow customers to choose and use standard issue pc parts and not overpriced "Upgrade Kits".
    02:03 I have exactly this drive in my PC. Loooooots of space to install games.^^

    • Welshmanshots
      Welshmanshots 11 months ago

      Then again at least you know what upgrade kit you need, imagine buying the wrong drive and wasting money.

  • Telengard Forever
    Telengard Forever Year ago +1

    It's insane how fast storage has become.

  • User u
    User u Year ago

    Thanks for the video :) If opening any electronics (including microwaves), be sure to unplug the device and allow time for capacitors to discharge to avoid shocks (the time can vary greatly for this and in some cases capacitors could recharge based on electromagnetic properties of the capacitor or circuit so be careful). Electroboom's (search for this channel and a guest one time for Linus Tech Tips) seem good at explaining more electronic safety in depth and are interesting to watch.

  • PopuForm
    PopuForm Year ago +115

    Thank you Linus for being the only major tutorial that properly shows how to remove the side panels.

    • Flash357
      Flash357 Year ago

      He isn't the only one or the first.........

    • Mr Mangbro
      Mr Mangbro Year ago

      EmperorXtreme clout chaser ?

    • The Big Sad
      The Big Sad Year ago

      Digital foundry?

  • Blaine Lichty
    Blaine Lichty Year ago

    It would have been beneficial to actually have proven that the game was actually installed on the M.2 SSD. Games are installed to internal storage by default unless you specify which drive new installs should land on. You can definitely verify where a game has been installed from the home screen and looking at the basic info of the game(options button). Since there was no mention (that I heard, prove me wrong) that it was verified or the default install location was changed that everything was tested using internal storage. I think this would be a good candidate for a re-test and an update provided with new results, same or different.

  • Braino87
    Braino87 Year ago

    When you did the gen 3 8tb you could have tried a gem 3 2-4 tb size to see if it was the size it was rejecting or the gen model.

  • Cailen Franze
    Cailen Franze Year ago +29

    As much as I agree that m.2, especially in the PS5, is super easy for LTT viewers, as an employee at Best Buy I can tell you the average consumer will have issues with this and will complain that it's not simpler. The number of people I've had come in and not know how to even do things like pair a controller or check the power switch on the back of the unit it astounding. The general public is NOT tech literate, quite the opposite actually. People are relying on everything to be plug and play to such a degree they don't even know how to change their fridge water filter or think "internet comes from the wifi box" and doesn't require any subscription or ISP. This is the level the average consumer is at and I unfortunately think it was a mistake for Sony to assume people can do this on their own.

    • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname
      Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname Year ago +6

      People who are *that* helpless won't be capable of installing the Xbox expansion drive, either. I've had toys as a child, that were made for kids, with more complex procedures required to replace the batteries. It's just a screwdriver.

    • bonbons525
      bonbons525 11 months ago +3

      nope, it's easy enough, it's a mistake for people to have become so dumb and too lazy to try to figure it out or learn a thing or two.

    • Thundereagle97
      Thundereagle97 10 months ago +2

      The average consumer is not what you're seeing. The average consumer doesn't go to Best Buy for help with their electronics

  • Angel H
    Angel H 5 months ago +14

    Thank you for the heads-up on the PS5. This video was very helpful. I'm not buying a PS5 until March or April anyways. Hopefully by then Sony will have better options for us all.

    • Joe Gonzales
      Joe Gonzales 5 months ago +6

      this video was also over a year old so things have changed in the SSD market

    • Ludwig Lane Studios
      Ludwig Lane Studios 4 months ago

      Dude this video was uploaded in August 2021, which is a year amd a half ago. Things got even more expensive due to government spending and inflation. But the products that are worth the money have always been good- but that's the problem for a lot of people- they always were expensive. I bought my ps5 in February 2021 and I LOVE it. It's amazing in all levels.
      Just recently, I caved in and bought a Samsung P980 Pro SSD 2TB card, which costed half the value of what I paid for the PS5 ($250), which is damn hefty and overkill, but it's getting used.
      The P980 is great only if you buy the heat sink with it, because it WILL overheat and fail if you don't buy it. Things cost money- especially nice things that work.

  • AbleGia
    AbleGia Year ago

    This has probably already been noted among the four thousand comments, but that heat shield cover really should be reinstalled. From what I have read it seals the SSD chamber that then works with the cooling to create a negative cooling flow across the SSD. If you look there are small vents across the bottom for this.

  • Johnathan Hernandez
    Johnathan Hernandez Year ago +188

    The test with that slower rated drive would have been perfect to see with Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart...would love to see Linus test that drive out with a game that truly utilizes the SSD for gameplay.

    • Ale Zuvic
      Ale Zuvic Year ago +14

      Exactly my thoughts! Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a cross-gen title that should play well in PS4 too.

    • Tasana Sriwattanarothai
      Tasana Sriwattanarothai Year ago +1

      Sony said Ps5 can use only ssd sony certificate(almost same speed everydrive). I'm not sure other slower can use it.

    • Zakparamir
      Zakparamir Year ago

      Read the pinned comment

    • Mitchell P
      Mitchell P Year ago +5

      @Tasana Sriwattanarothai I’m not sure that you know how to English

    • 3ig
      3ig Year ago +4

      DigitalFoundry already tested that game on a slower drive ... and it works kind of ok.

  • The_usual_icy [Asacoco Air-type]

    Wow installing that SSD is..... Unexpectedly consumer friendly!
    Thumbs-up linus!

  • H0NEYL00PS
    H0NEYL00PS Year ago

    I'm not sure if it's just me doing it wrong, but I think you need to do the part where you register for the beta and input the key first. I just connected a compatible drive and couldn't get passed a message that prompted me to turn off the PS5 and remove the drive. I've signed up for the beta, so just waiting on the invite now.

  • Ian Robbie
    Ian Robbie Year ago

    I'm a newcomer to LTT's videos but have found them very watchable and entertaining.
    Excellent video with one small caveat. Sony's approach means that you can install a theoretically slower drive and use it as a storage device. If you encounter problems in the future, it takes just a few seconds to transfer stuff back and forth from internal to external so you can still play the problematic game. It's a far better way than the proprietary approach taken by Microsoft.

  • Jaco aVo
    Jaco aVo Year ago

    This might be a stupid question, but could you install like all your FPS games on an SSD, and have all your RPG games on another, and then seamlessly swap from one to the other with just a quick swap & reboot ? Or does the PS ask to format when you reinstall the previously used SSD ?

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin 6 months ago

    The Nextorage drive w the large heatsink is currently the best bang for the buck by far for an upgraded SSD. The specs are excellent & so is the price at just 100 if you catch it on sale, which it currently is on Amazon.
    Nextorage is a subsidy of Sony & the hardware in this SSD is top notch. It's just as good if not faster than the Samsung 980 Pro which is more expensive and does not come with a heatsink.

  • lucas davey
    lucas davey Year ago +2245

    Imma just quietly watch this whist pretending i can afford an ssd let alone a ps5 lol

    • 5G Tower 1000%
      5G Tower 1000% Year ago +42

      you can get 1tb ssds from crucia for under 70 bucks here in Germany, probably on sale in other countries too

    • Matt Black
      Matt Black Year ago +2

      Hahaha..... same ☹

    • RichieDoo
      RichieDoo Year ago +46

      @Demetre that's not expensive either... get a job and save up.

    • Pedro
      Pedro Year ago +29

      @RichieDoo In latin america 70 euros it is like, half the minimum wage

    • RichieDoo
      RichieDoo Year ago +35

      @Demetre okay.. save a dollar a day or something. It's not unachievable with that mentality. No need to tell me to shut up, when I had no idea you were under 18.

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer Year ago +3

    I completely agree with you Linus! I was thinking of that SN850 from WD and i was immediately up for a 2TB (4TB is just too expensive). I think 2TB, if you have the money is the perfect solution for now. I don't have any more in my PS4 Pro to be honest. So for my PS5 2TB should be plenty for now. Thinking of that WD or FireCuda. I just want to have the fastest so i guess that's that Seagate? I did like the look of the WD but in the end we won't see that drive, unless we mod the PS5 in some kind of transparent panel lol. Anyway, for now, i'm good. But i am planning on upgrading that drive very soon. Another plus is that there won't be shortages with those drives!

    • Miguel131291
      Miguel131291 5 months ago

      I recently bought the 850X 2tb I was running 2tb on my ps4 (personally I prefer to keep everything digital) so this was a really good option. But tbf I was tempted with an SN770 at the time but when I saw the speed requirements I thought, even though it may work now, probably in the future say 2-3 years games will be bigger and a quicker reading speed will make the difference

    • Laurent de backer
      Laurent de backer 5 months ago

      @Miguel131291 I have the SN850 which is already 2000MB (2GB) over the required readings. So it's already really fast. I have the 2TB and i'm planning on getting the 4TB. The drive i got was About 1,5j. ago. The read/write speeds are higher again already. And not one game has needed those requirements so i think i'm good. The only benefits the higher read/write speeds might have right now is on pc. 🙂 I still buy my game physically. As i think this is the way to go. (For now at least.) Digital might be the future but i'm happy we still live in a world with options.

  • TRD Chris
    TRD Chris 4 months ago

    The hardest thing for me was figuring out how to take the stupid cover off, but once I figured out how to do that it was easy. I'm also experienced no issues without a heatsink

  • Ben Lindsay
    Ben Lindsay Year ago +2

    I'm interested in getting an NVM.e drive for my PS5, but I'm honestly thinking of waiting until 5.0 comes out in the next year or two. I would rather overshoot Sony's specs than run the risk of wasting my money accidentally undershooting how demanding games could become toward the end of the generation... that is assuming that Gen 5 will even run on a PS5.

    • Antares 8001
      Antares 8001 Year ago

      AFAIK the PS5 won't support PCIe 5.0, so your fancy probably much more expensive 5.0 drive is only gonna run at PCIe 4.0 speeds anyway. And seeing as the better 4.0 drives are already right up at the limits of the standard your 5.0 isn't gonna perform any better.

  • Bradley Whais
    Bradley Whais Year ago

    If I were to make a grading system for drives, I would make a letter grade but also put a plus or minus telling the consumer what side of the range the drive is on. A consumer who wants top teir hardware would get an A+ or B+, while budget drives would be B- or C-, and midrange being in between.

  • mikeall
    mikeall 3 months ago

    You probably can't store that stuff on the additional drive because those background tasks are handled by the co processor. It might be that only the cpu/gpu are physically wired to the additional slot. I may be 100% wrong but it's just a guess. The ps4 was the same way if you hooked an external drive up. It only let you load games to the additional drive.

  • TheAnoniemo
    TheAnoniemo Year ago +234

    DigitalFoundry has a great analysis of the M.2 performance compared to internal and external drives on the PS5, for people wanting a bit more of a technical view.

  • AjSliter Productions

    I count 2 linus drop tips and 1 linus throw tips. 2 M.2 SSDs and 1 ssd box might have been harmed in the making of this video. ;).
    I am glad that manufacturers make most SATA and M.2 SSDs to survive the torture Linus gives them unlike hard drives. If Linus dropped hard drives too much, they most likely would be dead or at least not working correctly at this rate.
    By the way, from an earlier video, your cat is also learning from your drop tips, but it is also part of the cat's behavior to see if prey is dead that they push things off tables. They just want to see if the thing they are tracking is just faking death or is really inanimate. This leads to some pretty funny things between cats and their Humans!

  • texasslinglead somtingwong

    980 pro is a great photo video editing drive , no stall in loading and saving big files. Love it.

  • Churros con tomate

    On my opinion, I think using a closed approach for a storage expansion on consoles guarantees correct performance on games without issues. Also in Spain, the price difference between Xbox series SSD and Samsung SSD 980 PRO less than 2€. Will price go lower on SSDs? Of course. Will price go lower on Xbox SSD? Who told you it doesn't.

  • noirnit.
    noirnit. Year ago

    Its a matter of time that people will make a list and tutorial guides for the ps5 upgrade. Also SSD moved from console and pc to consumer-market console and pc so itll be a matter of time for companies to start brand them since its a niche commodity for most people to buy a 200$ drive for a ps5

  • D827 Kelly
    D827 Kelly Year ago +1

    One thing Microsofts approach does give is hotswappable storage, which is nice. Hopefully with time they'll come down in price, but I'll remain skeptical for the time being. Theres another channel that has doen some testing with changing the internal ssd in the xbox series consoles and got mixed results i believe, it can be done, but there are some limitations and obviously the security MS employs.

    • Jeremy Lindemann
      Jeremy Lindemann 3 months ago

      Why would that matter?
      You wouldn't want or need to hot swap the internal SSD and any outside storage would be via USB so it's redundant to say hot-swappable.

    • D827 Kelly
      D827 Kelly 3 months ago

      @Jeremy Lindemann you can't run series games off usb was my understanding. The hot swap was in relation to the external ssd socket. You can't hot swap with nvme either internally on the series or the extra slot on the ps5 for expansion (note that you can't replace or upgrade the ps5 internal ssd, it is soldered and not changeable without skills most won't have, this does make the series better long term potentially if ssd replacement becomes necessary)

  • RC-1290
    RC-1290 Year ago +23

    As a game developer it is beneficial to have a guaranteed spec, so you can be sure that if your game runs on one console, it will run on all of them... more or less. More hardware variations, more time spent testing on various types of hardware.

    • FeniX_TX_
      FeniX_TX_ Year ago

      If you are a third party developer I doubt it would matter much though right? As long as the minimun speed the PS5 will allow is the same or higher than Xbox's 2,4 GB/s there shouldn't be an issue, I could realistically see some mid-late gen first party games only allowing internal or faster externals though.

    • RC-1290
      RC-1290 Year ago

      @FeniX_TX_ yeah, I suppose you could list that as a requirement on your game, but at that point it's not much of a feature for Sony.

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis Year ago +2

      Just one more reason why this is a such a bad idea. We're going to see Sony fix this awful design choice on future iterations of the PS5, mark my words.

  • arranmc182
    arranmc182 4 months ago

    LTT Labs should start an open standard for SSD's speed and companies can send in drives to LTT Labs and they will bench mark them and give them a rating, you could even make a tool to thats free for personal use and small fee for business use that will rate the drive and give it an LTT Labs rating, but this would all be on the basis that any driver LTT Labs gets for testing they can keep 😉.

  • Josh Styles
    Josh Styles Year ago +34

    Try it (the slower gen 4 drive) with Ratchet and Clank Rift apart, where the game is designed around having the super fast SSD to bounce between full game worlds in an instant.

    • Ersanven
      Ersanven Year ago +4

      Digital Foundry did, it works fine.

    • Jirayuth Porka
      Jirayuth Porka Year ago

      It will be fine because ultimately, it's still a somewhat linear games. With some trick deployed. Not a totally full on open world games.
      We will have to wait a couple more years for a proper testing environment.

    • Josh Styles
      Josh Styles Year ago +1

      @Ersanven they tried it with a fully compatible drive that meets the specs. What happens if you use a slower gen 4 drive that doesn’t meet the spec.

  • The Internet Helpdesk

    It was so much easier a few years ago. On my Xbox, I got a usb3 external case and installed an older 500gb spinning rust drive. It's still going fine today, running GTA and outer worlds flawlessly.

    • Gregory Norris
      Gregory Norris Year ago

      Based on other comments here it looks like you can still kinda do it like that but you'll have to transfer the games to internal storage when you want to actually use them (PS3 could perhaps play off an external directly). Unfortunately external drives just aren't fast enough for direct storage and I think the desire for direct storage is higher than the desire to use external drives (unless you really like those long elevator rides and security scans).

  • Kaegan Thornhill
    Kaegan Thornhill Year ago

    I have a strong hunch that Sony will put out and update later down the line which will allow You to save screenshots and video clips onto the Aftermarket SSD.

  • Half Dead
    Half Dead Year ago

    Should have tried with a QHD gen 4 drive. That Corsair MP600 Core that you mentioned is one. See if even that is "good enough".

  • Z S
    Z S Year ago +221

    I've been building computers for 13 years, and currently work in tech support.
    I'm reminded every day about why I shouldn't underestimate the general population's ability to look at literally anything, and cry "Too hard! Too much work!"

    • nexxusty
      nexxusty Year ago +40

      Yup. 3 years of IT Repair in store environment.
      People are incredibly dumb and lazy.

    • Dralor D
      Dralor D Year ago +6

      I remember back in the day, A woman had 2, 5 1/4 drives. She came in cuz the cd she put in it didnt work. So after that she tried a 3 1/2 floppy in the second drive and it didnt work.
      That was not a special day back then.

    • Byron C. NIZMO
      Byron C. NIZMO Year ago +7

      So do you guys attempt to teach them anything? I bet if you needed your house rebuilt and tried you would fail and need to call a crew like the one I work on amd we wouldn't sit around and call you "dumb and lazy" for not knowing how to do our job.

    • Z S
      Z S Year ago +23

      @Byron C. NIZMO Yes, Just, that's overall the point of what I said. After attempting to show, teach, walk through, explain, etc. there is a general attitude of "Too hard. Too much work. Too complicated."
      We're not just sitting here saying shit like "All you have to do is reseat the M.2 SSD, then boot into the BIOS and make sure it's detected. Good luck. K thnx bye".

    • Grounded
      Grounded Year ago +4

      @nexxusty I think that's a bit unfair. People all have their own talents and remember that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Would you take the time to learn about yeasts so you can bake a bread or do you entrust a baker to bake it for you? There's a reason why YOU work in IT, and not those people you mention.

  • Jeffrey Photonboy

    *Sony will/should*
    Have "PS5 compatible" labels right on the box for supported SSD's, as well as INSTRUCTIONS in the box for both PS5 and PC installation. Hopefully including instructions (once supported better) on how to more easily MOVE GAMES between onboard SSD, M.2 SSD and a USB hard drive.

  • Serinn
    Serinn Year ago +10

    Thank you Linus. My car microwave is so much better with its SSD upgrade. Playing Skyrim on something as mundane as a main console, PC or Fridge wasn't doing anything for me in my busy lifestyle.

  • nick H
    nick H Year ago

    You should do a video on SD cards speeds. Personally I think it’s confusing now a days and I’ll buy a “super fast” SD card and not notice any difference between the older SD cards I already own.

  • redvail
    redvail Year ago

    It’s videos like this that I’m grateful to have this channel. I’m expert in computers, but not bery knowledge/can offer “trail & error” test. Also, a PS5 & Xbox owner.

  • Ameel Beesony
    Ameel Beesony Year ago

    Is gen4 vs gen3 the issue, or was it the 8tb rather than up to 4tb? Linus, could you please verify and confirm?

  • Se7enthson
    Se7enthson Year ago +982

    I love how there is a tiny little chapter dedicated to Linus's drop skills lmao!

    • Bluecitycloud
      Bluecitycloud Year ago +11

      Bro I read this comment right when it happened

    • Mike Wade
      Mike Wade Year ago

      Linus dropping stuff + screws etc. Makes me like M$ plug N play more so.

    • One Up
      One Up Year ago +1

      He has the best drop skills, makes me wonder if on his wedding day he dropped his wife walking through the door.

  • Sohan Bag
    Sohan Bag Year ago

    you should put an extra heat sink because gen 4 m.2s produce a lot of heat and if its overheating too much then you will have to face problems like bad performance and data loss

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    The SSD retention screw on mine was EXTREMELY over tightened and had to be replaced as it stripped almost instantly.

  • Marley
    Marley Year ago

    Hello great video, but I would like to know if there is no need for the heatsink? Since the Sony recommended it ... Doesn't it reach a certain temperature which leads to the risk of burning the ps5? I would also like to choose FireCuda 530 since it is one of the best, and I would like to know if I need the heatsink, because there is a big difference $$$ between without and with the heatsink 😉 let me know bye

  • Meda Purnama
    Meda Purnama 19 days ago

    It's far more easier today, I think now you can store clips and media files on the M2 SSD with no problem. You can also just plug in any SATA SSD via USB but you can only store PS4 games and media files on it. PS5 games can only be stored in the internal and M2 SSD.

  • SPADEZxDawson
    SPADEZxDawson 5 months ago

    I actually just installed the 1 terrabite firefox drive and a funny thing that happened was the nail that holds down the spacer fell into the ps5 dust port, so I had to look throughout my ps5 then I finally found it

  • UndrLVLd
    UndrLVLd Year ago +11

    User friendly approaches are great, but as a proud member of the nerd community being forced to be more technically involved is much appreciated!
    Great video as always!

  • Socalju
    Socalju Year ago +2

    Linus : it’s very easy to do, watch me do it…
    Also Linus : installs a SSD with no heat sink

    • Asmodeus
      Asmodeus Year ago

      Not that big of a deal for m.2 drives

  • Cayman W
    Cayman W Year ago

    I would give it a try on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. That was one of the first games that was a true exclusive and that’s due to the load times. Feel that would shed light on if the SSD backup drives speed is interfering

  • Fraser Hansen
    Fraser Hansen Year ago +6

    The PS5 has a weird thing where you have to go into the console setting and force performance quality for the settings to appear in games which is probably why you couldn't select it in Dirt 5

  • Ermanno Russo
    Ermanno Russo Year ago

    i think even when you push a game you do not need that much bandwidth anyways at full time but rather boosts as it loads some areas or textures. in some games

  • ZeroHarmony
    ZeroHarmony Year ago

    You'd think people would be able to easily do this but I talk to several people a week who have jammed their sim card in their phone because they put it in the wrong way or thought sim trays are just optional. I'm sure there will be a few broken consoles from the average person trying to do this sadly

  • Ryan Guest
    Ryan Guest Year ago +6

    It feels like a good compromise would be allowing you to use it like a usb drive, purely to store games when you aren't playing them, and use the accelerated read/write speeds to make exchanging data with internal storage a faster process.

    FAIRPRINCE1 Year ago

    Thanks man!
    Thanks for making it easy, where as other Clip-Sharers are being an #ass and just skipping the whole part of installing an M.2
    No wonder #Linus is a Global #1 Tech reviewer 💐💐💐

  • Coxy_Wrecked
    Coxy_Wrecked 4 months ago

    It was a great choice of Sony's use an M2 Nvme as their storge of choice and now prices are tumbling.
    What was a £250(1tb) 2 years ago is now less than £100(just installed 2tb in mine which cost £135).
    Meanwhile the Seriex X/S is lumbered with a slower proprietary SSD solution that is currently retailing at £185.

  • Daniel Clements
    Daniel Clements 2 months ago +1

    I got the wd black 2tb licensed drive. The 990 pro was higher plus that firm ware issue steered me away from it

  • George Dobinson
    George Dobinson Year ago

    just thinking about drives with a heatsink attached. do you need to replace the silver shield to activate it or could you just run it without? surely having the heatsink would be preferable to removing and having that shield installed?

  • Greg Steele
    Greg Steele 7 months ago

    Does anyone actually run games from their additional memory? How do you find it compares to running from the base memory? I've been using extended memory as more of a library. I swap in whatever games I'm playing most to console memory and leave the rest on the extra memory. It takes less than a minute to swap most games. Much faster than re-installing something.

  • Random Anime Reviewer
    Random Anime Reviewer Year ago +427

    Sony- please buy brands we made compatible.
    Linus- No
    At least they might not make the same mistake as the PS Vita

    • Munjee
      Munjee Year ago +12

      It's about low specs not brands

    • Ahamed Houwari
      Ahamed Houwari Year ago +31

      To be fair Sony has let you use off-the-shelf drives for all it's home consoles since the PS2.

    • Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶
      Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶ Year ago +3

      I have a big sd card in my vita, but that wasn't an option until later.

    • Munjee
      Munjee Year ago +9

      @Ahamed Houwari which is a real surprise since they are typically very anti consumer, with their proprietary connectors ,different for every thing and memory cards that were the same on everything, it took them forever to get SD cards on their cameras

    • Jasmine Czerwik
      Jasmine Czerwik Year ago +16

      @Munjee tbf the PSP supported Mini-USB, the DS3, DS4 and DualSense all supported generic USB connections, and the PSP's memory cards were at least somewhat more ubiquitous at the time

  • Cap'N. C
    Cap'N. C 6 months ago

    Sony need to update that in future models because the SSD being soldered and having to replace the board is insane. We as consumers/gamers need to advocate for that change for our investments sake

  • Viksters115
    Viksters115 9 months ago

    I really don’t see a problem here. Sony has given us all the information we need. Just simply get an m.2 ssd that matches the requirements or exceeds them slightly, just to be safe, and you are ready to go! It’s really simple and there is no need for certification from Sony to let you know if the ssd is right or not, just make sure it matches the requirements. And if you are not sure they recently released their own ssd and you can just get that if you want to be extra safe.

  • VR4nic
    VR4nic Year ago

    For the life of me I don’t understand why SSD makers don’t put a window on the box so you can see the actual product inside the box. I bought a 2TB Samsung 980 pro from Best Buy and received a toe nail clippers in the box! Wow talk about a freaking stressful situation! I can see this happening on eBay and definitely on Wish but not from Best Buy!

  • shaun stegall
    shaun stegall 10 months ago

    I'm late to the party but I just bought a firecuda ssd, it was marked down from $220 price, and I'm loving it so far.

  • merelyanillusion
    merelyanillusion 5 months ago +3

    The hardest part for me was removing the cover

  • Thomas Jager
    Thomas Jager Year ago +16

    That speed requirement might have a significant buffer in it. Sure it might not hit that (especially as it fills) but a slower drive would likely be even slower in the worst cases.

    • Zaid
      Zaid Year ago


  • N Alder
    N Alder 5 months ago +3

    In the long run, this breaks absolutely nothing. The specifications set are there for the quality of the system in it's lifetime, so we're therefore at the mercy of 3rd party components performance, not someone's ignorance of what works best, if at all without official certification. I know we still have to label gasoline as flammable, but FFS even that can be googled.

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 2 months ago

    I am a technician and work on consoles primarily and sure enough we do have customers willing to pay for the SSD upgrade, maybe 3 per week. You can compare Sony to Microsoft as much as you want, but I see a lot more PS5's come in for repair over XBOX and there are a few common issues which Sony don't seem to be addressing in the newer generations.
    As the newer generation motherboards are releasing, the changes seem to be influenced by budget, the boards are getting smaller and likely cheaper to manufacture. Perhaps this is a test exercise in preperation for the PS5 slim?

  • Major Kursk
    Major Kursk Year ago

    The Firecuda 530 runs very hot and should be used with a heatsink as should all ssd boards installed on a PS5 console.

  • TechImaginist [Vijay Malayil]

    Really useful video. This is why the tech industry looks up to Linus.

  • Chad Bednarczyk
    Chad Bednarczyk 2 months ago +1

    I just bought a 2tb compatible m.2 drive with a heat sink for 160 dollars so prices are coming down which is nice.

  • jeff
    jeff Year ago +14

    Thank you for including the step of needing a #1 Phillips screwdriver. You can make do with a 'normal' Phillips in every other case, but Ive found you really do need the one for that.

  • Frank Noonan
    Frank Noonan Month ago

    Thanks Linus, this was exactley what i was looking for =)

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh Year ago +7

    The idea of an actual drive vs a card from Microsoft is much better. With the drive. You could pull it out and use it I'm another device if you need.

    • K
      K Year ago

      It's not better in terms of consistent performance and heat maintenance that's guaranteed with the Xbox option. Which is pretty big.

    • D
      D Year ago

      Yeah true, you’d have to reformat the drive and wipe the files though

  • WatchyouTube
    WatchyouTube Year ago

    Leaving the cover off defeats the purpose of being there which is the pressure cooling design so that plus the correct size heat sink will help keep your card cooler