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THE NIGHT SHIFT: couples bathtub q+a

  • Published on Jul 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we take a little excursion deep into the mountains surrounding mammoth lakes, rip a rugged cycling adventure to burn some mukbang fat, and link back up with lana for a wet and wild fan questions segment.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Comments • 4 927

  • LYNO
    LYNO Year ago +5324

    Imagine not knowing who Lana rhoades is and then finding out her job then searching her up imagine how good that will be

  • Marissa Green
    Marissa Green Year ago +248

    No one gives Lana enough credit for how funny she is! Fav couple for sure

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams Year ago +3

    Love you guys keep up the good work so proud of you Mike your killing it man keep it up and stay focused you have so much to be thankful for. You literally started from the bottom and look at you now ontop so proud of you and giving the good vibes to others to overcome anything 💪💪❤️❤️🙂

  • Deven Brown
    Deven Brown Year ago +1

    I love when people don’t change when they turn on the camera. Mike always seems down to earth and easy goin. Love the vids

    HEINO Year ago +2

    Made me laugh sm😂thanks you two❤

  • Vincent Matos
    Vincent Matos Year ago

    I love the both of you guys. Great chemistry. Wish I could be in a vlog with the two of you. Great job guys

  • דרור צ'ביק

    You guys are an amazing couple!! Love to see that your personality is Cristal clear and you guys awesome

  • Milan Aleksovski
    Milan Aleksovski Year ago

    This is a beautiful vlog Mike, you the man. Much love

  • WilliamNot
    WilliamNot Year ago

    I always listen to Mike on Impaulsive and I now since I have binging his videos here. I’m becoming a fan of him, I love the mature content and Lana! Keep it up

  • Samia Aguilar
    Samia Aguilar Year ago +458

    Miles teller LITERALLY has the same vibe as mike. He would be the definition of a PERFECT casting job.

    • Shelfr
      Shelfr Year ago +1


    • chiefATS
      chiefATS Year ago +1

      Long Liner, age has nothing to do with anything. It depends on the role, makeup, and attitude of the actor.

    • Long Liner
      Long Liner Year ago +1

      He’s only 2 years younger tho😂😂

    • Allen
      Allen Year ago +1

      Yes we must get him to notice mike

    • MR.SP33DO
      MR.SP33DO Year ago +3

      Agreed also looks like a younger version of mike

  • Nini
    Nini Year ago +2

    Positively surprised that Mike's favorite city to live in would be Florence. He and Lana should go there someday. Speaking from personal experience it's the perfect place to go as a couple because it's incredibly romantic. Plus the city just has a very genuine and positive vibe, the people there are very friendly and there's many fancy places to eat delicious food🇮🇹

  • Mizshell Mxioi
    Mizshell Mxioi Year ago

    I love Mike's down-to-earth way of relating to his audience...
    Also way to evolve; by digging in deep, to move through his past traumas.

  • WiscoJrRacer
    WiscoJrRacer Year ago +1

    You make great vids and I’m a roadie myself and I am happy to see cycling is bringing you happiness and that you are spreading the word that cycling is a great sport

  • Josiah Schmidt
    Josiah Schmidt Year ago

    Hey Mike, proud of the direction you're taking 👍

  • Mark Vasko
    Mark Vasko Year ago +195

    Hey Mike, just FINALLY ordered your book. Hardcover of course. I'm a recovering addict from the same 'evil little pills' that you struggled with. I've been clean for 12+ years now. Your story and your current lifestyle are truly inspiring. Keep up the great work, and I cant wait to receive my book in the mail! I wish it was autographed though! Maybe someday I'll meet ya in person and get it signed!!

    • Brandon
      Brandon Year ago

      Glad you're doing good however. Hope all is well and have a good one.

    • beatsxlucas
      beatsxlucas Year ago +1

      galactica games hahah so true

    • Stuart Kauffman
      Stuart Kauffman Year ago +1

      good for you

  • Amber E Cook
    Amber E Cook Year ago

    Just watch your story on impaulsive and it hit and hard and i can relate to so much of what you said. MASSIVE RESPECT

  • admin
    admin Year ago +2

    this needs to be a daily series

    SLAAT Year ago +21

    Mike makes me realize the good in this world

  • JizzusBro
    JizzusBro Year ago +2

    9:16 The fact that Mike respects her and cares about her is what makes him so great! He is a true man and im happy to see him happy with her :)

  • What's That?
    What's That? Year ago +32

    *The way that Mike has made a career out of nothing is so awesome man*
    He's not only helped in turning Logan's career around, but he's also showed everybody starting from nothing that *anyone's dreams can become reality.*
    Mike's story is a mad crazy one, and I really hope some production company can make a feature-film out of his life story.
    *Him and Logan have both majorly inspired me in creating my own channel and pursuing my dream of entertaining people.*
    Thank you for all of the awesome content guys.
    Keep it up!

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith Year ago

    Can you guys post more often bc this really helps me and I love you guys so much

  • Shyanne Scott-Winstead

    I love how awkward and adorable Lana is! Great Couple.

  • Alexandra Upton
    Alexandra Upton Year ago

    Keep the cycling content in there- love it!!

  • Lukic
    Lukic Year ago +452

    Imagine lanas son hoping on the hub then seeing his mom and he is like:👁️👄👁️

    • Hakeem Francis
      Hakeem Francis 10 months ago

      Bruh you a time traveler

    • Brett Melnyk
      Brett Melnyk 11 months ago +3

      you are in the future man

    • Lukic
      Lukic 11 months ago +4

      I fuckin predicted lanas pregnancy

    • V1LLA
      V1LLA 11 months ago +1

      future man

  • PK Studios
    PK Studios Year ago +246

    David is the guy that in everyone friends group where he thinks he's the coolest one 😂

  • SourD13537
    SourD13537 Year ago +5

    Dude I was just saying this that if Mike had his videos on the Maverick club I'd join. Don't get me wrong I'm subscribed to both of you but Mike is the reason I am subscribed. Logan's dope super badass and entertaining, I just am very similar to Mike now n same with Mike's past! So, I'm stoked for more content from you bro!

  • Zach Hollis
    Zach Hollis Year ago +1

    Ok but why are they such a wholesome couple
    Why do I wanna be their neighbor in 15 years invite them over to the cookout
    They are so great together!!!!

  • Kingmillz React
    Kingmillz React Year ago +2

    I actually see the reason why Mike sees past Lana's past she is an amazing person anyone will love to have around she is down to earth and I kinda like her as a good human....

  • The Philly Hillbilly’s
    The Philly Hillbilly’s Year ago +1173

    Mike literally looks like a Walmart version of Adam Sandler

  • Luke N
    Luke N Year ago +47

    Keep up the grind mike, let’s get this legend to 2 mil.

  • Oscar steve Lopez

    The support she gives you. It’s awesome to see that

  • Robert Donnachie
    Robert Donnachie Year ago

    Never knew anything about the two of them till the book , great book n great couple, well done guys , now on the nightshift . All the best fae Scotland x

  • dorocknroll
    dorocknroll Year ago

    I love your humor guys!

  • Mr. Brett
    Mr. Brett Year ago +3

    Mike: I don't wanna make ppl uncomfortable
    watching my content...
    Also Mike: *cuddles Lana ever 3 minutes*

  • James Rayson
    James Rayson Year ago +5

    On a real note you are one of the most real and relatable people on this platform keep up the amazing work my guy 👊🏻

  • Subscribe to an Egg
    Subscribe to an Egg Year ago +95

    Miles Teller is literally the PERFECT choice for you holy shit. His quick wit and personality YES

  • fraser davies
    fraser davies Year ago

    You’re really motivational man , don’t stop anytime soon

  • Charliezer Carasquillo

    Perfect balance, love this channel!!!

  • Carnage
    Carnage Year ago +2

    Just finished your book it’s amazing it actually changed my life thank you

  • Miss Paige Lee
    Miss Paige Lee Year ago +645

    Miles Teller is literally the PERFECT choice for you holy shit. His quick wit and personality YES

  • Melanie Jean
    Melanie Jean Year ago +2

    I’m really glad he mentioned that he had a call with a new therapist & is bringing awareness to dealing with trauma from the past

    SHARKY ORR Year ago

    Just ordered you're book can't wait to read it 😊

  • alexa Dannelos
    alexa Dannelos Year ago

    I really love this q+a vlogs

  • Kevin Wing
    Kevin Wing Year ago +6

    I don't know if Mike's Bike's is ever gonna be a thing, but you should totally 100% make it a thing

  • Dark King
    Dark King Year ago +763

    Why every time Lana look straight at the camera I feel like she starin straight at my soul

  • Courtney
    Courtney Year ago +3

    Mike has become such a mature guy since this relationship lol, he's like a father now

  • Subscribe to an Egg
    Subscribe to an Egg Year ago +30

    Miles teller LITERALLY has the same vibe as mike. He would be the definition of a PERFECT casting job.

  • NintendoMaster
    NintendoMaster Year ago +1

    Almost 2 milion!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Cuck_N_ McGuckin
    Cuck_N_ McGuckin Year ago +500

    Miles Teller is my absolute favorite. He he would play the part I’d definitely buy that movie!

    • Melinda
      Melinda Year ago +1

      I would literally watch anything with Miles Teller in it and it would be such the perfect fit

    • Javier Rincon
      Javier Rincon Year ago +1


    • Tom
      Tom Year ago +2

      Yo Miles Teller would be fucking perfect

    • Marc Sanderson
      Marc Sanderson Year ago +1


      SPACE COWBOY Year ago +2

      Miles Teller would definitely play the part so perfect... he’s one of my favorite actors

  • Dr Miester
    Dr Miester Year ago

    Mike your content is fire and the book is incredible.

  • Callum Booth
    Callum Booth Year ago

    Mike when your head is in the right place do you think you would ever make your own little podcast? Maybe with anonymous people sending you messages through some app and get therapists on to talk with you bout peoples issues. I just feel like the way you say and do things really speaks to people and if any youtuber was to be a life raft for people with issues it would and should be you.
    Love the videos and the merch keep up the creator grind

  • Manuel Overhoff
    Manuel Overhoff Year ago +199

    I dont even know why but mike beeing a cyclist just fits🍤

  • Miguel Sousa
    Miguel Sousa Year ago

    The episode with Alissa Violet is long over due! And it would also be awesome to see you again with Banks, you have such an amazing chemistry

  • SurferDolph Bro
    SurferDolph Bro Year ago +1630

    pewds: Who is lana rhodes?
    9 year olds: “noT To bRaG bUt iVe sEEn heR nAkeD”

    • Jayden Wiggins
      Jayden Wiggins Year ago

      @NoImaginationMarc it is definitely not

    • League Of Ivern
      League Of Ivern Year ago

      So original, never saw this before

    • Shaan A XII key
      Shaan A XII key Year ago

      @NoImaginationMarc how old are you now ? 15 is too late kids won't understand why they got morning wood 😂

    • NoImaginationMarc
      NoImaginationMarc Year ago

      not a dad. just don't think it's good for little kids to watch that shit. I didn't watch until I was 15

    • SurferDolph Bro
      SurferDolph Bro Year ago

      @NoImaginationMarc When did you start watching porn?

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago

    I’ve always said Miles Teller would be such a fire actor to play mike. Looks, mannerisms, his acting, tbh it’s the perfect match. Could be his best performance on god.

  • Coralie Gourde-Cabot

    Legit I love her personality so much I want a friend like Lana 😭

  • NBA
    NBA Year ago +18

    Imagine your wife gets home from work and says “Honey I had an amazing day at work today🥰” lmfao

  • Fred Fuller
    Fred Fuller Year ago

    Mike is really taking his thumbnail game seriously 😂

  • holy bruv
    holy bruv Year ago +221

    i can’t wait til the day where i can say”who remembers the old paper night shift sign”😂

    • TN3
      TN3 Year ago

      Bro if that’s the day you can’t wait for that’s pretty sad

    • EYEAN
      EYEAN Year ago

      Andrew Sleep uhm wOt

    • Arsh Hassan
      Arsh Hassan Year ago

      @Andrew Sleep tf do you think does simp mean?

    • ACE
      ACE Year ago +1

      @Andrew Sleep bruh ?

  • Thisthat XOTWOD
    Thisthat XOTWOD Year ago

    I feel like a show would be better for the film adaptation of your movie. Your life was packed with such constant action, a show would be able to tell so much more than a movie. excited af either way!

  • Operenec
    Operenec Year ago +1

    OMG why did i just watched the vlog where logan introduced you two and started crying cause its so romantic 😭❤️

  • Clyde Mccray
    Clyde Mccray Year ago

    Just got my Night shift shirt in. Damn that is one fine quality T-shirt. I am fixing to order a few more for my buddies for Xmas presents. They are worth every penny. Tell Lana that Clyde says hi!

  • Cam Obrien
    Cam Obrien Year ago

    Huge fan mike. Fifth vital was one of only books I finished cover to cover and could read it again in heart beat. What you have done and become is an inspiration for people who come from the same shit you came from.

  • Steelers Gang
    Steelers Gang Year ago +1642

    Mike's 1 lucky guy.... His bestfriend is worth over $20 million and also his girlfriend is worth over $20 million lol.... must be nice

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦 Year ago

      @Steelers Gang Bruh I just said he's 19 bc that's the thing that we see

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦 Year ago

      @Steelers Gang Why you racist bruh

    • Steelers Gang
      Steelers Gang Year ago +1

      @Fadi 🇲🇦 and when did I say I was a JJ fan boy?? And I'm not a fan boy period. I like JJ and Logan and Deji and Mike. But cant stand Jake if you mus th know!!

  • Kuro
    Kuro Year ago +1

    3:12 how dare you insult us, I’m always here for your funny as moments and also for all the inspirations you can give us... and plus, what if Amara is not here, we are also here you, it’s not like shes diff than you, we love you mike.
    No homo.

  • Brooklyn Barks
    Brooklyn Barks Year ago

    Lana seems like the sweetest most genuine intelligent strong independent woman the full package AND happens to have that 💣 🐱 Any man or other female who puts her down is jealous they don’t have her or have a 💣 🐱 like her👋

  • TallyChart
    TallyChart Year ago +1

    i was watching this with my dad in the room and he heard the question about sex and he was like: “why are they asking that question” and i said quietly: “you know why dad”

  • Shoichi uwu
    Shoichi uwu Year ago

    AYO respect to the man being a glizzy gladiator and being confident

  • HollywoodLife
    HollywoodLife Year ago +417

    Just finished Mike's book and its insane! Miles Teller would be perfect casting 👌🔥

  • Chad
    Chad Year ago

    Big mike getting some love. Great to see

  • Shaun Cruz
    Shaun Cruz Year ago +11

    plot twist: we actually enjoy mike and his content with/without Lana 👊🏽

  • DKS Tries
    DKS Tries Year ago +3

    Lowkey always been here for mike more than Lana, but their chemistry on camera is very entertaining 🤘🏽

  • Peter Hambo
    Peter Hambo Year ago +144

    "Don't go to clubs"
    *Gets kicked out of one to avoid the spread*

  • Camoh
    Camoh Year ago +1

    Me watching this video is like if mike saw me floating on a hotdog floatie, in a lazy river, drinking a nice blue slushy from a $1,200 slushy machine on the tippy top of a mountain in Yosemite national park.

  • emin eroglu
    emin eroglu Year ago

    Im here because i love your videos!

  • sherrysynthesis
    sherrysynthesis Year ago

    Don’t worry about what other ppl do, focus on improving yourself.

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez Year ago

    Who else likes the video before it even starts 😂

  • Sir Insect
    Sir Insect Year ago +1

    well in that case, MIKE IS THE GLIZZY GOD HIMSELF

  • Gille Quetua
    Gille Quetua Year ago +39

    Imagine Lana carrying Logan's baby since they both want to have kids lmao 😂😂

  • 0000
    0000 Year ago

    This show feels so personal and so relatable, btw can I play the kid you?

  • Scot Frazier
    Scot Frazier Year ago

    You guys are awesome

  • Logang
    Logang Year ago +1

    You’re the only channel on this bitch to get 2 mil views and have 2 mil subs. Good on you mike. You got a bad bitch with a lovely personality and you guys bounce off each other so well

  • robinOF loxley8
    robinOF loxley8 Year ago

    3 words that describe this channel “BUTTERY FUCKING TOAST!” 😁 keep grinding bro #inspiration

  • Dustin Vangeison
    Dustin Vangeison Year ago +9

    I’d love to see mike surf a big wave with Jamie O’Brien. Talk about comedy Hahahaha

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Year ago +63

    Lana: drives a Lamborghini.
    Also Lana: it don't pay much

    • TikTok Ms
      TikTok Ms Year ago

      @Shayla P it pays well

    • Nico Villar
      Nico Villar Year ago

      also money from ig, she is like an ig model

    • Shayla P
      Shayla P Year ago

      Well Only Fans is where the moneys at because it’s subscription based, actual porn doesn’t pay very well. Only a couple thousand per scene basically

  • __
    __ Year ago +2332

    9 year olds: “noT To bRaG bUt iVe sEEn heR nAkeD”

    • Brian Perea
      Brian Perea Year ago

      @Yvng_Greenbean dammnnnnn. U developed early

    • Yvng_Greenbean
      Yvng_Greenbean Year ago

      @Brian Perea some have. i did when i was 10. like fr no cap not to sound weird but when i was 9 it didnt shoot out but when i was 12 it did but now im 13. just saying whats true lol

    • Christian Lima
      Christian Lima Year ago

      Brian Perea i would argue otherwise

    • paul masterman
      paul masterman Year ago +1

      Ummmmmmm well I think it's not the 9 year old I think it's the creepy 45 year olds

  • Aztek Warriors
    Aztek Warriors Year ago

    i think it cute whenever Lana laughs she scrunches her nose.

    MODERN KILLER Year ago

    Im here for you content Mike doesn't matter who's In the video

  • Courtney Rasmusson
    Courtney Rasmusson Year ago +2

    Miles teller would be the perfect person! You said it and I just imagined I would watch in a heart beat

  • Zetox
    Zetox Year ago

    Ayo Mike wish you all the best with ur relationship with Lana you got something what everybody would want xD

  • Danny Lee
    Danny Lee Year ago +4

    6:49 mikes face 🤣🤣

  • Thai Montana
    Thai Montana Year ago

    A film with Miles Teller playing Mike would be AMAZING

  • daniel_erskine8
    daniel_erskine8 Year ago +103

    Plot twist: Lana didn’t want to bath with mike she wanted to bath with the duck

  • Patricia Susan
    Patricia Susan Year ago

    I love Logan Paul he makes me so happy and everyone knows 🥺😍😃

  • Jeff
    Jeff Year ago +7

    6:45 Lana’s reaction to that tweet is priceless 🤣🤣. She tried so hard to keep her cool 😎

  • Clippi
    Clippi Year ago

    Love this channel cause after I watch a video I can beat it to the hub

  • smack450
    smack450 Year ago

    Think you need to make a night shift room where the walls are covered in NightShift Signs that follows from all over the world make and send you, very cool for you and them.

  • Andres Bobobobo
    Andres Bobobobo Year ago

    I love Lana a confident QUEEN 😫

  • Coalixer
    Coalixer Year ago

    Video starts at 5:22 and ends at 6:41

  • Bubble Nugget
    Bubble Nugget Year ago +479

    Logan wants kids, but Josie does not.
    Lana wants kids, but Mike does not.
    *thinking what I’m thinking?*