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  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Zachary
    Zachary 2 months ago +4947

    "Against my better judgment, I love you." is the most romantic thing in the world.

    • Lu
      Lu 2 months ago +80

      Mr Darcy is the most beloved Austen hero for a reason

    • very confused
      very confused 2 months ago +4


    • Ainsley Jordan
      Ainsley Jordan 2 months ago +13

      that’s what i’m saying! “even though you lied to me about never having dated before, ghosted your ex girlfriend, ghosted me twice, possibly threw your friends under the bus, asked me to be official after a month of ghosting and then broke it off 7 hours earlier, never apologized, told your friend you were going to write an apology letter and never did, never talk to me, and demonstrated pretty well that you don’t know how to communicate and never saw me as a person worth anything, i still love you!” and i know how bad it is i just don’t fucking care because i’ve been in love with him for a year and we broke up like 8 months ago and i can’t stop loving him even when i spent 6 months on someone else, even when i get tiny crushed i just can’t. he hurt me so much but i want him to do it again. he’s my everything.

    • Johanna
      Johanna 2 months ago +14

      @Ainsley Jordan Hey, it's normal to be hung up on someone for a year or more. That doesn't have to mean he is the love of your life. Can I ask how old you are?

    • Carmen María CM
      Carmen María CM Month ago +6

      Austen reference, i see there is people that appreciates the classics here😉

  • Sexy fun time in 3d
    Sexy fun time in 3d 2 months ago +3960

    She is reallllly good at doing 'crazy eyes'.

    • LuckDust
      LuckDust 2 months ago +72

      I wonder why😂

    • Tone Luy
      Tone Luy 2 months ago +34

      Ooor are they natural ..
      Edit: I love her

    • C B
      C B 2 months ago +22

      Eyes are the window to the soul

    • cchutney
      cchutney 2 months ago +17

      Probably a bit too good, but her overall non-verbal communication skills are outstanding.

    • Grant
      Grant 2 months ago +9

      She’s probably a crazy person behind closed doors lmao

  • Melisa Capuchino
    Melisa Capuchino 2 months ago +3533

    It's super romantic to me. I mean, a prenup is like a condom for your marriage. Just like there's a possibility of getting pregnant while having sex or catching an STD, there's a possibility of getting a divorce after getting married. You're just ensuring that if it happens, the separation will be on your terms and not on the state terms. You're protecting yourself from the law, not your partner.

    • Shane Donohue
      Shane Donohue 2 months ago +66

      At that point, why even get married?

    • JaySuitSunday
      JaySuitSunday 2 months ago +214

      ​@Shane Donohue I guess legal benefits for tax returns or something? Idk😂

    • Hemant Kumar
      Hemant Kumar 2 months ago +69

      Finally, a sane woman.

    • ghjgme
      ghjgme 2 months ago +59

      Based on my parents divorce, it's highly dependent where you live how effective prenups are.

    • Melisa Capuchino
      Melisa Capuchino 2 months ago +238

      @Shane Donohue to not leave your partner and/or kids without any legal benefit or protection if something happens to you. Either sickness, death, a disability. Marriage is a practical decision, don't let Hollywood make you think otherwise. If you're in it for the romance just get the outfits, make a photoshoot and throw the party. Leave the state and the law out of it.

  • Caitlynn552
    Caitlynn552 2 months ago +168

    I don't remember where I saw this phrase, but I think it sums up the reason for a prenup perfectly: The person you divorce is not the same as the person you married.

    • LMP
      LMP 7 days ago

      Yikes sounds like me & the end of my 4.5yr relationship lol

  • Amaranthyne
    Amaranthyne 2 months ago +1280

    Get a prenup people. Marriage is already a legal contract. If you are going to sign a financial contract you should read it and negotiate terms. At the very least it is a good way to discuss financial obligations and expectations. Better to do it while you’re still in love than when you hate each other.

    • Jon Runescape
      Jon Runescape 2 months ago +23

      Yeah or just don’t marry someone where questioning life together is uncertain…

    • Dietwald Claus
      Dietwald Claus 2 months ago +86

      ​@Jon Runescape you never know what the future brings.

    • Amaranthyne
      Amaranthyne 2 months ago +22

      @Jon Runescape I.e. don’t get married.

    • GhØØst
      GhØØst 2 months ago +8

      If they don’t have that figured out already then they’re going to get divorced. If you ‘spring’ a prenup on someone, it tells them you love your money more then them.

  • Janell Siens
    Janell Siens 2 months ago +337

    My unpopular opinion; Pre nups ought to be the norm and requirement before any marriage can happen (and free to get one). If you dont want said pre-nup you sign a waiver.

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX 2 months ago +11

      Marriage is already a govmt sanctioned legal contract that you need a lawyer to back out of, I don't see why that contract shouldn't be amended to automatically provide financial protections.
      If the spouse with little/no money or assets wants security then they should get a job and provide it for themself.
      IMHO both spouses should always work so that no parent can be overly favored by the children for having more time to spend with them - it's not fair on the one bringing home the bacon at all in those situations.

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 2 months ago +10

      Those would just be nuptial agreements and That's what marriage already is, we did the thing you're suggesting.
      If we wanted them to be different they would be.
      Believe it or not economic based domestic abuse and similar problems is more of an issue then "gold digging" according to the public opinion and law And so the default is to protect people from that.

    • Maui Randall
      Maui Randall 2 months ago +5

      ​​@Mountain Nomad VFX Okay well we're not going to force people to live how you would prefer and fuck anybody who doesn't.
      If a person has your philosophy they can get a prenuptial otherwise there are financial protections for the person who would be at risk of being an immediate poverty if they leave the potentially abusive marriage.

    • Destiny C
      Destiny C Month ago +1

      Or let people be and if necessary they can get post nups because personally I don’t think it’s the right way to start a marriage. I intend to commit to my fiancé for life and I believe a pre nup makes a marriage feel like a business. It’s great if it works for other people but that’s not how a lot of people view marriage and I just think it’s takes a lot of the emotion and meaning out of getting married. I think if you commit you should trust someone until they give you a reason not to then a post nup makes sense

    • 29lmpa
      29lmpa Month ago +3

      If you dont sign a prenup the state gives you one by default

  • ArtemisMoon12
    ArtemisMoon12 2 months ago +308

    A prenup is basically not for the people in love who trust one another- it’s for the people you become in a divorce. Those people have no love. They have no trust. It’s the gift you give yourself by at least looking out for your future selves with the love you have in the moment. You love this person right? So you don’t want them to get screwed over in the future. So sign a prenup so you aren’t the person to do it.

    • Tanaya
      Tanaya 2 months ago +4

      Love this

    • Benjamin Reyes
      Benjamin Reyes 2 months ago +8

      A prenuptial agreement is for people who want to protect their assets Incase one decides to cheat

    • ekklesiast
      ekklesiast 2 months ago +2

      unfortunately prenups do nothing. they can easily be nullified in court

    • Malachi Wilt
      Malachi Wilt 2 months ago +1

      Um no lol, it's to prevent the women from taking all the make shit if something were to happen, always sign a prenup

    • KingSupreme
      KingSupreme 2 months ago +2

      I guess. But for me it would be much more selfish. And not selfish in a bad way, I don’t think. I need to make sure I’m not getting fucked over and forced to live a much more depressing life in case of a divorce. Especially as a man. Simply too risky to go without. Id get a prenup because I care about my future. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. If you’re not looking out for yourself, the legal system isn’t gonna do you any favors (again, especially for men). And if it’s one of those divorces where you end up hating each other, then the other person will probably be happy to take as much as possible.

  • Bud Hartrampf
    Bud Hartrampf 2 months ago +165

    A marriage license is a contract through the state, a prenup is a contract with just your partner. It also means that each person is their for love, not what they can get out of the other person.

  • MacNeil
    MacNeil 2 months ago +355

    My issue is, if the man wants a prenup, don’t expect me to be a stay-at-home mom or take a backseat in my career. My financial security will be one of the top priorities.
    Saw my mom get stuck taking care of the kids, which was a huge blow to her career. Then when they separated, she was in an awful place financially AND career-wise 🤗

    • Larry Berry
      Larry Berry 2 months ago +85

      You realize a prenup is just a contract laying out terms. It could say anything agreed between the 2. It doesn't just automatically say "If we get divorced the man gets all the money and property".
      "My financial security will be one of my top priorities". Then you probably want a prenup. One that doesn't say the man gets all or half of your money that you are relying on for your financial security. Or one that says you split everything down the middle. Or one that says you keep everything seperate and each keep your own assets. Or one that says you get everything (if you can get him to sign that). Or any infinite things that you can both agree to.

    • Miracle Ace
      Miracle Ace 2 months ago +11

      ​@Larry Berry holy crap you know what your talking about 😯. Good stuff

    • Emma
      Emma 2 months ago +21

      @Larry Berry not at all what the original comment was, but you do you girlie

    • lesson learned
      lesson learned  2 months ago +29

      This! Women need to make sure they are protecting themselves from being in a bad situation if the marriage doesn't work out. Sadly being a stay at home mom isn't valued in society and is looked at like a vacation from being a productive member of society. It's sad because being sahm is the hardest job in the world, having to be available to your kids 24 hours a day is exhausting.

    • MacNeil
      MacNeil 2 months ago +27

      @Larry Berry I understand it’s more so you can come up with the “terms” of the divorce instead of the state deciding for you. Just when I hear men talking about prenups, it’s usually in the context of, “So when a women leaves she doesn’t get what you worked so hard for!”
      I’ve just seen some women leave their careers for their families, and then when their husband leaves them, they are left without any work experience for years, and it’s difficult to get back into the workforce making the same money they did before taking a hiatus. Let alone abandoning the advancement in their career they would’ve made if they stayed with their job/career.
      Important for both parties to be smart all-around I guess. 😊

  • Xiao and Yoimiya simp
    Xiao and Yoimiya simp 2 months ago +226

    As someone who has seen my mother father and aunt go through 5 divorces in total (6 if you count my parents' divorce separately) get a prenup. It just makes sense And for those of you who say "Why marry if you're considering divorce before even marrying?" That's especially when you should discuss these terms, before committing to it so you have your future secured. A prenup isn't the lack of trust, on the contrary, it is respecting your and your partner's rights and wishes

    • GrizzlyMac-tight
      GrizzlyMac-tight 2 months ago +13

      Exactly.. it says nothing about how u think ur relationship will go. All it does is remove the government from the equation.
      If a person can't understand that and is taking offense to a prenuptial they probably had bad intentions to begin with, or are just ignorant

    • The plural is actually "asparageese".
      The plural is actually "asparageese". 2 months ago +16

      Yeah, my mom always taught me that contracts are like seatbelts; they're not for "because", they're for "in case". Anyone who's too prideful/immature to recognize that best practices are always a good idea is someone who's too prideful/immature for marriage IMO

    • Patsk88
      Patsk88 2 months ago

      Know what makes even more sense? Not getting married!

    • Avi
      Avi 2 months ago +5

      Its like having life insurance...you dont get them because you are a pessimist but for that rare chance that if you do die your family can grieve and not care about the rent. Otherwise it can take years off their lives as well.

    • barvdw
      barvdw 2 months ago +3

      ​@Patsk88 getting married can protect you and your offspring in case of death and illness , it's not like there are no advantages to getting married. It can also help to lower the estate taxes due, depending on the jurisdiction you live in, or how much taxes you're owing as a couple.
      Your standard marriage certificate might not be your best possible marriage contract, though, because yes, there are differences. My parents married with a prenup, still happily married 40 years later, btw, but when my father went through a bankruptcy, my mother was not involved in it, and her assets were protected.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 months ago +264

    Many years ago, a coworker, who also farmed with his dad and grandfather, was told unless she signed a prenuptial agreement he could no longer farm with them, as there was a possibility that she could get some of the farm in a Divorce settlement. She signed, and it was a good thing, because the ended up getting divorced down the road.

    • Ileana
      Ileana 2 months ago +2

      Good for her

  • Owen Nilens
    Owen Nilens 2 months ago +23

    Depending on your country or state a prenup or marriage with separation of goods can also be a good way of shielding your partner from your debt

  • Sherly Huse
    Sherly Huse 2 months ago +37

    A prenup is a safety net. I think not getting one says "I'm only here to take ur $" tbh. You know who sold me a house for $50,000, took the $, then sold my house out from under me? My own mother. You know who didn't show up to see my grandparents for 10 yrs, including when they were on their deth beds cuz our dad started asking him for rent after he turned 25 and still didn't move out? My brother. If my own mother can steal my money/house, and my brother can stand idly by as his grandparents pass, begging to see him... some man you met on the streets is definitely capable of doing worse 🤷‍♀️ (works for anybody, but I usually have this issue with men. They seem to think being the man entitles them to financial decisions... even if it's not their finances... 😳)

    • Swiss Army Knight
      Swiss Army Knight 2 months ago +6

      Marriage is a legal contract, a prenup is just negotiating the contract in advance. Prenups should protect both parties, for exactly the reasons you listed.

    • encycl07pedia
      encycl07pedia 2 months ago

      Did you forget how to spell "money"?

    • Sherly Huse
      Sherly Huse 2 months ago +3

      @encycl07pedia did you forget how to spell encyclopedia?

    • encycl07pedia
      encycl07pedia 2 months ago

      @Sherly Huse You got me, Sherly. I was sure that "encyclopedia" had two digits in the middle. You're certainly the first person to bring it up when I've embarrassed them.
      Given your name, I'd say your skill is hereditary.

    • Sherly Huse
      Sherly Huse 2 months ago +2

      @encycl07pedia says the genius who thinks I think money is spelled "$"? Did you think you got me? 🤔 your brain is a scientific mystery. Curious.

  • Nia C.
    Nia C. 2 months ago +53

    It's super romantic to me!!! It feels like saying "I love you and care about you enough that I never want to be like those people in the middle of a bitter divorce, I want you and I both to have exactly what we've agreed to have in the event that one day we change as people or our feelings change, I would want you to have peace of mind and know that you won't have to fight me for whatever it is we grow together during our marriage, I would want you to be happy even if it can't be with me." It's like the ultimate show of love for me

  • DASH. Remember Life.
    DASH. Remember Life. 2 months ago +18

    A prenup says, “I want YOU, not your money.”

    • HealingThroughChrist
      HealingThroughChrist Month ago +2

      No really. It says "I don't trust you". Why marry people you don't even trust. In fact, why did you even propose if you don't trust them?

    • DASH. Remember Life.
      DASH. Remember Life. Month ago +7

      @HealingThroughChrist you clearly haven’t experienced the wrath of a high conflict divorce being driven by a person that no longer wants to be married to you, without a prenup…LOL! If you LOVE someone you’re signing the prenup to say if we do divorce…I don’t want your money, or assets if the unfortunate unintended divorce happens. But guess what!? If you DO stay married you both enjoy the fruits of your spoils and God’s blessings.

    • E R
      E R Month ago +2

      Well, for one person it does. For the other person it says, "Sign this to prove you're not a gold digger"

    • DASH. Remember Life.
      DASH. Remember Life. Month ago

      @HealingThroughChrist LOL! Ok dude

    • SerNoddicusTheGallant
      SerNoddicusTheGallant Month ago +3

      @HealingThroughChrist Actual highschooler mentality. A prenup is like car insurance, when you drive a car you trust yourself not to crash but if youre not stupid you make certain youre insured incase you do

  • Magick Evans
    Magick Evans Month ago +7

    "I bet you half my shit I'll love you forever"

  • Russell Feirstein
    Russell Feirstein 2 months ago +7

    Being emotionally compatible, sexually compatible, and how to raise kids compatible doesn't necessarily mean you and your spouse will be financially compatible, even if you assets and jobs/income match up pretty good too. So, ya, pre-nup thumbs up, which rhymes in more than just one way.

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose 2 months ago +2

      If you want your partner to be financially independent from you you can't have a stay at home spouse. That's the issue, a lot of guys want to keep finances separate, but also have their spouse depend on them financially. That's why women are put off by it.

    • Russell Feirstein
      Russell Feirstein 2 months ago

      @Scarlet Rose what I meant by financially compatible is the "way you spend money and save money" , no so much stay at home vs working

    • SerNoddicusTheGallant
      SerNoddicusTheGallant Month ago

      @Scarlet Rose Your terms are acceptable.

  • Jesi Harper Cardosa
    Jesi Harper Cardosa 2 months ago +31

    That’s actually a pretty interesting and useful reframing of that conversation…”I wanna make sure that should we need to part ways, that things are as pre-sorted as they can be to streamline this process for all parties involved. I care about you (and me) so much, that I wanna make sure we’re both taken care of even if one or both of us can’t find the skill set to do so in the future.” ❤

  • Jim Stoesz
    Jim Stoesz 2 months ago +5

    I think that prenups are unromantic on their own because they speak to a lack of trust that I really don't think of as romantic, but creating a safety net for IF your spouse betrays you means you can love them less cautiously day-to-day, which is more romantic!

    SZRLM 2 months ago +3

    Just saying, if I was ever lucky enough to marry Taylor, I'd totally understand signing a prenup. She's going places and I'm a fuck up 😅. Protect yourself.

  • alice cruse
    alice cruse Month ago +3

    a prenup shouws you care about giving eachother agency and independence and promising support basically even at a time where the relationship might end and you hate eachother. it shows you care about the future together and apart. it is very romantic. more people should do it. not just people who think they need to protect their assets. the clauses you can define are very important and the boundaries you define will help you understand your marriage and partner better. i have seen marriages fall apart because of things that could have been fixed by those discussions being had. if you never need it its great for your relationship. but it can save you a lot of pain and time in the unfortunate event you do need it. like health insurance it'd be great if you didn't fall sick and think you're being very healthy but you still can fall sick so get it anyways doesn't mean you're hoping to fall sick.

  • Kuare
    Kuare Month ago +1

    I think a prenup says I love myself enough to not be stupid. Which is a good thing, actually.

  • ArchTurtle
    ArchTurtle 2 months ago +2

    A prenup is signed either way though...you either make one for yourselves in case of a divorce, or you sign the one the government auto generates for you. Prenup isn't malicious, it's for you both

  • Who Dunnit
    Who Dunnit 2 months ago +5

    Prenups are so useful, even if you stay together till the end. Prenups can save you from serious debt and bankruptcy in the case that one party falls into it or passes away early.

    • barvdw
      barvdw 2 months ago +2

      Exactly. That's what happened with my parents, still happily married after 40 years, btw, but they would have both been screwed without a prenup after my father's bankruptcy. It was bad enough as it was, but could have been even worse.

  • BeautyAllAround
    BeautyAllAround Month ago +2

    Better to talk about the "what if's" while you're in love than when you hate each other's guts 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  • Another Generic Gamer

    I will say this until I die, “As long as you hold on to the right to divorce, a prenup isn’t what’s suspicious when it comes to trust”

  • HexInTheLilyPond
    HexInTheLilyPond Month ago

    A prenup says, “I love you and I don’t want to leave you destitute if something goes wrong”

  • LifeTheExperience
    LifeTheExperience Month ago

    I gave her a prenup. I even made her write it up. Just so she could see what we were splitting. During a move somewhere, we lost it and had to sign a postnup but then the terms were changed, at least on my end. Trust or don't... in the end, the whole relationship was worth money or property when you get down to it.

  • Wolfie Crimson_OwO
    Wolfie Crimson_OwO Month ago +1

    No, it means "I'm gonna marry you, and I'm going to make sure I don't take half of your belongings if we ever get divorced"

  • MichaMichaMicha
    MichaMichaMicha Month ago +2

    I think it’s just mutually accountable - and super hot. It says to me “I hope this lasts, if not - let’s agree on how we value each other, how we would ideally end, and how to care for each other financially through that- in case shit gets messy, and we can’t handle engaging rationally”

  • Martha Jackson
    Martha Jackson 2 months ago +2

    A prenup is like a car insurance. You hope you never need it but if you intend to buy a car then you better have one.

  • Ricky Martin
    Ricky Martin 2 months ago +3

    That's how you know you love that person

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton 2 months ago +1

    i cant wait to see her in New Zealand.

  • A J
    A J Month ago

    His names not Jason it’s Karma *Run*
    Got me dead 😂😂

  • Blake Skolnick
    Blake Skolnick Month ago

    I also think it can be romantic if u think abt it as there is no longer an ulterior motive for us to get married besides our love and also if one of us does not have this incentive, than we can leave without worrying

  • Scotts
    Scotts 2 months ago

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • Mushroom Gremlin
    Mushroom Gremlin 2 months ago +1

    I’m gonna marry you for you not for what you have is what it says and I love it ❤

  • Dan Johnston
    Dan Johnston Month ago +1

    A Prenup Says
    " I know what you are like, and I love you anyway "

  • TheRedScourge
    TheRedScourge 29 days ago

    Never sign an agreement with someone who will be rewarded for breaking it.

  • Soe Clark
    Soe Clark 2 months ago +2

    I wish I would've had a prenup with my ex. Hands down, would've walked away and felt so good with it.

    • Nj Njhjh
      Nj Njhjh 2 months ago

      So what you're saying is your single?
      I love The Tempest btw.

  • Loanoka Harbor
    Loanoka Harbor Month ago +1

    Nah, a prenuptial says, I trust you now, but things might change that I cannot trust you in the future...

  • TinyTigerTamer
    TinyTigerTamer Month ago

    I’ve watched my parents fight all my life. They are a prime example of a couple that should have gotten divorced a long time ago.
    When I get married someday, I want a prenup to protect myself from the kind of abuse and control that I grew up seeing and experiencing.
    Because I never want to be so worried about finances that I stay in a relationship that is unhealthy or dangerous.

  • Patrick Pelletier
    Patrick Pelletier 3 days ago

    Prenup says “I want to marry you….. but I think we will get divorced”
    Then you shouldn’t be getting married!

  • Hannah🤍🌸
    Hannah🤍🌸 2 months ago +1

    It’s a reassuring thing to both parties tbh. Very smart to do imo but for couples not always easy to talk about with each other

  • Mascãdá Del Pántiòn
    Mascãdá Del Pántiòn 2 months ago +1

    A pre nuptial agreement honestly sincerely doesn't mean anything in any way if you marry someone you love

  • Deathshot1203
    Deathshot1203 2 months ago

    It’s a safe scape, so many people fall in love and get married saying it’s going to be forever to end up getting a divorce, everyone has fears

  • Bianca Vie
    Bianca Vie Month ago

    😂😂😂no dead ass😂 like I wanna die with you but if it doesn’t happen and one of leaves then go out the way you came😂

  • John Southerland
    John Southerland Month ago +1

    get a prenup, if your girl balks at getting one that is a sign that she is already preparing the marriage so that she will be able to leave with your money. If she truly loves you she will sign a prenuptial with you

  • yoshisbro08
    yoshisbro08 2 months ago

    She’s mad funny, I haven’t gone to a comedy show in years but now I want to. Hope she goes to Dallas soon. Would love to see a live show.

  • Kathryn Myrick
    Kathryn Myrick Month ago +5

    Prenups are romantic in an odd way. It’s like saying, “even if you one day betray me, discard me, or grow apart from me, I want you to have a good future because of the love I have for the person you are now.”

  • J R
    J R 2 months ago

    One day in the not too distant future, we are gonna look back and say, ‘remember when people used to get married’

  • George H
    George H 2 months ago +6

    Prenups are also especially romantic when one person is extremely rich. The other person who signs it is saying "I love you and not your money".

  • dmale79
    dmale79 2 months ago

    She's pretty good at this stuff. I bet if she really wanted to she could do this for a living

  • D 🖤
    D 🖤 Month ago

    In a way, they are romantic - I'm so sure we're gonna stay together that I'm gonna make sure I get NOTHING if I leave - It's a great way to show that you're not with someone for the $ 💵

  • paracetamolicecream
    paracetamolicecream 2 months ago

    Prenumpt is more like 99% trust rather than 0%. I don't care how poor I am or how in love I am I'm getting that signature or we're not doing it

  • The Editor
    The Editor 2 months ago +1

    I love how she does the crazy eyed look, cracks me up every time 😂

  • Miaow McDonald
    Miaow McDonald 2 months ago

    you’re the best! 😂😂😂😂

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams Month ago

    My wife and I are both attys. I told her we should 100% do prenups. You know to protect her. Turns out getting one of those done is incredibly invasive and really not worth it. Unless you plan on cheating, stealing money, or stealing custody.

  • 🎵& the Band Played On..🎵

    Idk how it took so long for me to find your stand-up, but damn, you're goooood at it. Thank You!!!for the Laughs, girlfriend, I've been seriously lacking in the lol factor for a while now .

  • Richie Godsil
    Richie Godsil 2 months ago

    A prenup is "Cool let's get married and financially intertwined AND there's no monetary incentive to screw each other over down the road..."

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 2 months ago +15

    I think it means more "I love you for you not your money "

      DARTH VADER 2 months ago +1

      There is atleast one in marriage who loves their money more if they are going with prenup

    • KingSupreme
      KingSupreme 2 months ago +2

      @DARTH VADER it doesn’t necessarily mean you love money more, at all. It means you’re protecting your future self. All the love in the world won’t protect you when you get served divorce papers. The definition of better safe than sorry.

  • Charles Castillo
    Charles Castillo 2 months ago +1

    I think refusing to sign a prenup is a red flag. If you can't look past the "unromatic" aspect and insist on no prenup or no marriage, then it just looks like you're either trying to take their stuff, or you don't trust they won't leave now that the threat of divorce can't be used to keep them around. If you can't trust a partner you've agreed to marry without a prenup involved, then you're not ready to marry them.

  • Syco Forever
    Syco Forever 2 months ago

    😂😂😂I’ve said this it’s basically a written promise and if they let you down to what you’ve both agreed your entitled fairly. I wish everything came with a prenup 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • riK
    riK Month ago

    If you really trust a person you'd marry them even without signing a contract that makes you share your shit.

  • twan
    twan 2 months ago

    I agree. My wife used to make so much more than me, I divorce her and cheated on her and took a huge pile of money after the break up. I took the house, the car, and so much money. Tactical tbh.

  • lovelessissimo
    lovelessissimo 2 months ago

    Nothing is more romantic than posting monthly payments to someone you hate.

  • Zeus & Athena
    Zeus & Athena 20 days ago

    Tell them we're doing a prenup to protect you, & our possible kids. You don't want anything to happen to those hypothetical creatures that'll be the cause of our breakup.

  • Billy Donuts
    Billy Donuts 2 months ago

    Everyone should have one. You can’t trust time against beauty, friends that break up marriages. People look worse later and become worse in character as they age and long for the honeymoon again or to be worshipped or to have a woman appreciate the dating and not need a pool

  • Michelle Aljunaidi
    Michelle Aljunaidi 13 days ago

    A prenup protects everybody involved. You can think you married the love of your life. But guess what you might not be the love of their life. People in committed married relationships do some hellish stuff. So don't be caught off guard. My friend got divorced after being married for 6 years. She was glad she had a prenup. Her ex tried to take everything including the house she paid for 3 years before their marriage. His side chick said the house was in a good school district for her children.

  • Jthanson
    Jthanson Month ago

    In fairness, not “AT ALL”
    It’s more like “I have too much at risk to trust you ENTIRELY”

  • totsiee
    totsiee Month ago +1

    If people are too scared of prenups then don't get married. Divorce is a big possibility especially in western society and without a prenup things get messy.

  • Atom Knight
    Atom Knight 2 months ago +3

    If she doesn't want a prenup. She isn't the one

    • HealingThroughChrist
      HealingThroughChrist Month ago

      If you want a prenup, you shouldn't marry her. Why would you marry someone you don't trust?

  • ɨ -{ƧΛЯΛI}- ɨ
    ɨ -{ƧΛЯΛI}- ɨ Month ago +1

    As a woman, I'd actually prefer this. I also don't want my shit taken away, thanks.

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby 2 months ago

    Holy s***, that's a good line.

  • bdub1200
    bdub1200 2 months ago

    You should do “Legion of Skanks”. Luis would love you

  • Zach
    Zach 2 months ago

    Prenups are to make sure my shit stays my shit if my girl ceases to be my girl.

  • Price Rowland
    Price Rowland Month ago

    This is such a good punchline 10/10

  • very confused
    very confused 2 months ago

    Ah hahaha Taylor you so good at it!!

  • madman2u
    madman2u 2 months ago +2

    But seriously. A prenup is not for the people you are now. It's for the people you may be if the relationship turns sour. You want the division of assets to be fair, should that happen. To do otherwise is to breed resentment and court death. You really don't want your spouse to seriously contemplate the reality of a divorce not being an issue if you are not there to get one.

  • Apocalypse Aiesha
    Apocalypse Aiesha 2 months ago

    I think a prenup is just logical regardless of income but Taylor made it funny.😆

  • Svengali
    Svengali Month ago

    Prenups are a good thing. unfortunately my country has no way to do so. Add every scenario and how to deal with it. Most Romantic document ever

  • Todd Marryatt
    Todd Marryatt 2 months ago

    If you are the one with the money in the relationship, it's romantic.....your partner won't have the same opinion. If you don't cheat, then a prenup is not a factor.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 2 months ago

    Prenups are definitely for being with someone for who they are. Not for what they have.

  • Brian Kepner
    Brian Kepner 2 months ago +1

    The prenup should be talked about on the first date. So no sudden surprises. Yeah I had to learn the hard way

  • Andrea Martinez
    Andrea Martinez Month ago

    I call a prenup marriage insurance.

  • CyberIgneel
    CyberIgneel 2 months ago

    eh, I choose to see it as “Let’s not give you a ludicrous amount of incentive to stab me in the back” rather than a lack of trust

  • Abbadox 3
    Abbadox 3 Month ago

    fun fact: 50% of all divorces end in a divorce.

  • Alina I. Grad
    Alina I. Grad 2 months ago +1

    I have to mention that prenups are weird for people outside of the US. Or at least in my case, in the country, I come from whatever you had before the marriage is still yours after a possible divorce.

  • Defec Tec
    Defec Tec 2 months ago +1

    Don’t be socially pressured to not get a prenup, a lot of people today just want to use you

    • SerNoddicusTheGallant
      SerNoddicusTheGallant Month ago

      As long as the prenup is on fair terms you shouldnt need to be pressured into it.

  • Serenity
    Serenity Month ago

    Technically you have a pre-nup anyways even if you don't do your own. It's just decided by the state. If you want your own terms in case the unthinkable happens, I don't see why it would be bad. Once I learned this I realized it's not about romance at all. Love is not a legally binding contract, but marriage is.

  • Lavinia Beasley
    Lavinia Beasley 2 months ago +1

    She is hilarious 😅 😂

  • D S
    D S 2 months ago

    Get a pre and postnuptial to keep the state out of your business. Especially for guys. Seriously looks at the marriage stats. If the woman says no, complains, says oh we don’t have anything, whatever. Dump her and move on 😊

  • Larissa
    Larissa 2 months ago +1

    Prenups are a must, let your shit stay yours and this includes debt

  • mothman lol
    mothman lol Month ago

    A prenup to me says I want to marry you for you completely separate from your assets and I believe in my commitment to stay married to you so much so that I’m willing to get nothing else from it

  • JonFromWA
    JonFromWA Month ago +1

    The thing that Johnny Depp didn't do.

  • Veterancon
    Veterancon 8 days ago

    When I was 22 and my wife was 19 both in the military we got married . My mother in law wanted us to get a prenup, we had nothing literally, not even the money to pay for the prenup.
    My mother in law has since re married another rich man and never mentions
    Prenups . We have been married longer than anyone in her family at this point.

  • Non Ya
    Non Ya 2 months ago

    Prenups is preparation for possibly the worst day of your life.

  • Jacob Richter
    Jacob Richter Month ago

    It's not that you don't trust them, its because you aren't acquainted with the future them, so obv you gotta protect your neck 🤷

  • Dean Green
    Dean Green 2 months ago

    They say prenups aren’t romantic.. but signing a contract with the government.. that is right? 😂

  • Star Frog
    Star Frog 2 months ago

    prenups actually protect you from your spouse's debt collectors in the case of your spouse's death so yea prenups are a good idea