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INSANE Crowd Reactions | Critical Role Live @ GenCon C2E73 Highlight

  • Published on Mar 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • One of these days, I need to attend a live show. The energy of the crowd is insane
    Song by Ross Bugden Music
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  • Diode
    Diode 3 years ago +1293

    I love how everyone comes into the stage all hyped up and badass...and then Mercer just walks in like:"Oh hi everyone!"

    • TheFrozenFlame
      TheFrozenFlame 2 months ago

      @flamingkitten1 I mean he's freaking Matt Mercer, he doesnt need to do anything to be a badass.

    • Gman
      Gman 2 years ago +3

      @flamingkitten1 I doubt that. He's a dm.

    • Daniel Wilson
      Daniel Wilson 3 years ago +11

      I suspect this is how they've shown up to some of their normal games and he's just used to this

    • Tweakicizer
      Tweakicizer  3 years ago +80

      @flamingkitten1 yet Matt always gets the loudest applause.

  • Quadraxis
    Quadraxis 3 years ago +1216

    Liam's entrance onto the stage gave me chills. I love the way he casts Wall of Fire and that it's become one of his most signature spells.

    • royy164
      royy164 Year ago

      I still come back to this episode just for that. Chills!!

    • Johan Häägg
      Johan Häägg Year ago +1

      It is a really old fotball sign for ”going down the middle”…

    • Thisjus10
      Thisjus10 Year ago +3

      haha I read this, and then the same thing still happened even tho I was there!

    • buddy318
      buddy318 2 years ago +15

      Super late to this comment, but just had to point out the absolute pimp stride on his way out as well. Smooth from every pore.

    • Perry Carters
      Perry Carters 3 years ago +113

      I love Caleb's affinity for Fire magic. As an added bonus, his new personalised spell(Widogast's Web of Fire) is a VERY interesting spell that makes a lot of sense for Caleb as a character, as it is effectively a Fireball that cannot hit friendlies. I can imagine as he was designing it, he thought "Nobody else I care for will die in my flames"

  • Lucinda The Artist
    Lucinda The Artist 3 years ago +1607


    • Jacob Ireland
      Jacob Ireland Year ago +1

      @Troglodytarum If your idea of fun is ruining a show for other people please just stay home. Thanks.

    • TheTop HatNerd
      TheTop HatNerd Year ago +1

      I’m just waiting for one of the replies to say “your welcome”

    • whitestoneandy
      whitestoneandy Year ago

      Honestly that was great

    • ejano Crowsnatcher
      ejano Crowsnatcher Year ago +4

      I thought he said "more math mercer" 'xD oops

  • j c
    j c 3 years ago +1647

    nothing was better than the entire audience singing your turn to role in the beginning

    • Scott Horton
      Scott Horton 3 years ago +1

      @prideling Is there a recording of that?

    • lona west
      lona west 3 years ago +6

      Saw the vid of it on Twitter, It was so well dont if i didnt know better i would have bet real cash it was rehearsed, but NO that is just HOW GOOD CRITTER ARE!

    • prideling
      prideling 3 years ago +12

      I see your intro song and I will raise you one simultaneous "Uk'otoa"

    • RubySage718
      RubySage718 3 years ago +4

      If this doesn’t happen every time they do a live show...I would be very sad 😥 Cause I wanna sing with everyone

  • CoinWater
    CoinWater 3 years ago +551

    2:08 Travis in the background looking at Laura walk on stage is ALMOST as cute as Laura herself.

  • oathkeeper65
    oathkeeper65 3 years ago +875

    I was half convinced that Matt was gonna kill Beau and Jester during the first hour of a live show. It was amazing.

    • Peter Senior
      Peter Senior 3 years ago +8

      @Skeptical Caveman Since they can't bite while holding someone in their mouths Remorhazes are ambushers by nature and wouldn't care to stick around to kill everything, harrying powerful adventuring parties and recover to live another day. Beau would have been carried away and devoured if Nott hadn't stepped in, leaving her dead with nothing short of a True Resurrection spell to bring her back.

    • Min/Max Munchking
      Min/Max Munchking 3 years ago +4

      I mean Remorhaz is basically a monstrous centipede that radiates fire. It's supposed to be a fight with deadly consequences.

    • Skeptical Caveman
      Skeptical Caveman 3 years ago

      @oathkeeper65 I doubt more than one character would have died.

    • Skeptical Caveman
      Skeptical Caveman 3 years ago +3

      I really doubt Matt would dragged her away from the battlefield. The burrowing was mostly for dramatic effect.

    • Luke James
      Luke James 3 years ago +23

      @Skeptical Caveman you're right, but Beau's body was about to get dragged away underground. No body, no ressurection for a very, very long time.

  • Echo__32
    Echo__32 2 years ago +154

    "Please don't kill me on a live show"
    Matt: *Proceeds to tell everyone that it burrows underground*

  • Nerdy By Nature
    Nerdy By Nature 3 years ago +739

    I never understood why Talisen didn't dress up for this

    • Matthew Betts
      Matthew Betts 2 years ago +26

      Liam said a really easy way to remember how to spell Taliesin's name. Ta-LIE-SIN.

    • shimmyking4
      shimmyking4 2 years ago +120

      what do you mean? he had the best costume
      he came dressed as Talisen Jaffe

    • Meredith Leiss
      Meredith Leiss 2 years ago +13

      Ikr! 😂😂

    • wuzzy
      wuzzy 2 years ago +18


  • Yes Indeed
    Yes Indeed 3 years ago +828

    I still can't get over Laura and Travis having a little husband wife kiss on stage.

    • LadyKB_Ham
      LadyKB_Ham 2 years ago +6

      Jeremiah Sutheim I know right? It’s even better when you know he gets such a kick out of cute stuff. When he was voicing Mori in Ouran Highschool Host Club, there was a lot of outtakes where he just burst out laughing at how cute Honi was.

    • Stephen Pike
      Stephen Pike 3 years ago +5

      Of course, the Brian/Sam embrace will cause me to buy thousands of dollars worth of eye bleach...

    • Yes Indeed
      Yes Indeed 3 years ago +2

      Jeremiah Sutheim Holy Shit I love that!

    • JS
      JS 3 years ago +45

      You can kind of see Travis's face when Laura comes onstage, and he has the most ridiculous heart eyes expression @ 2:08

    • Yes Indeed
      Yes Indeed 3 years ago +16

      omegagilgamesh it’s adorable, they are both adorable. Travis is a hunk

  • sleepy lad
    sleepy lad 3 years ago +546

    Are we just going to ignore fjord wrestling the momma worm with the clutch strength checks?

    • Stinger Johnny
      Stinger Johnny 5 months ago +1

      @Crem2057 To be fair, I’m pretty sure that would all be fixed with a healing spell, and his orc constitution probably helped as well.
      Plus it shows how much he cares about Beau, that he went through so much pain to save her.

    • Dragon Archive
      Dragon Archive Year ago +6

      "It's like being back with Avantika!"

    • Oranges 369
      Oranges 369 3 years ago +15

      Gotta love that s t r e t c h i n g damage

    • Crem2057
      Crem2057 3 years ago +13

      @Kathy Lennerds Oh same, I expected him to have dislocated arms for sure, shame he didn't RP that out but it totally could've happened. I guess the golgi tendon reflex came in handy for him.

    • Kathy Lennerds
      Kathy Lennerds 3 years ago +28

      Honestlyy the fucking body horror of him feeling his fucking ligaments tear gave me all sorts of gross shivers

  • MJA
    MJA 3 years ago +628

    I've said it before and will say it again. If I was bleeding out on the battlefield and needed a clutch save, the one guy I'd want in my party is Sam Riegel.

    • Jordan Peterson (no, not THAT one)
      Jordan Peterson (no, not THAT one) 2 years ago +6

      Sam has this odd way of using spells that is highly effective, but not always as their intended purpose. He is a true bard for out-of-the-box thinking.

    • Aimee Pollock
      Aimee Pollock 3 years ago +49

      Well you’d either be saved or die in annoyed amusement.

    • evertime123
      evertime123 3 years ago +63

      E x p l o s i v e
      A r r o w

  • Sidekick Salohcin
    Sidekick Salohcin 3 years ago +503

    Yooo, what about Fjord and Caleb fishing the worm back out? That was so sick

    • Zeter Zero
      Zeter Zero 3 years ago +22

      Was mvp of that fight. Saves Beau and Caduceus with what amounts to half a class. Maybe less!

    • Ronquixote D. III
      Ronquixote D. III 3 years ago +19

      ford was a mighty rod to calebs fisherman

    • ManBearPigeon
      ManBearPigeon 3 years ago +79

      Right? I mean I know there were a lot of great moments, but Fjord had two huge clutch moments while being unable to use magic. Not even an honorable mention?

  • BlueChord
    BlueChord 3 years ago +291

    I feel the person yelling "Thats you're wife!" at 7:41

    • Adam Sherman
      Adam Sherman Year ago


    • Christina Henderson
      Christina Henderson 2 years ago +5

      I feel like 7:40 is a better time stamp for that line

    • Stormageddon
      Stormageddon 2 years ago +31

      @Firan25 no, it’s just funny

    • Firan25
      Firan25 2 years ago +2

      I get it. But is matt supposed to take it easy on her because he's married to her?
      if that where the case he would have had Keyleth survive her Goldfish incident without needing to use Revive.

  • Qlipothian
    Qlipothian 3 years ago +814

    "I'm a mammoth I don't care" This needs to be a T Shirt.

    • Aimee Pollock
      Aimee Pollock 3 years ago +5

      Stellermeerkat don’t forget it’s holding a giant lollipop with its trunk.

    • Brady331
      Brady331 3 years ago +7

      I was thinking of "Fuck it, I'm a mammoth" for a shirt

    • Grey Shard
      Grey Shard 3 years ago +1

      @Stellermeerkat i too was disappointed that she turned into a brown mammoth instead of a blue one. Think Laura would have been even more enthusiastic as she went.
      Pity that it only lasts an hour, i could picture them Mammothing around and wolf-stomping.

    • Stellermeerkat
      Stellermeerkat 3 years ago +6

      A sparkly blue Mammoth with pink tusks. With or without worm viscera.

    • erbgorre
      erbgorre 3 years ago +5

      i got wool for days, son.

  • Azure Balmung
    Azure Balmung 3 years ago +289

    I like Brian backing away from Sam at first, then realizing he's not getting out of it and just going in for the hug xD

  • Lysianthia
    Lysianthia 2 years ago +42

    "Fuck it, Im a mammoth. I dont care" Words to live by. I love Laura so much

  • lynne216
    lynne216 3 years ago +166

    I was lucky enough to be there, and this actually brought tears to my eyes, reliving the experience of for the first time watching the show with other people who gasped, screamed, laughed, and groaned when I did. And for the first time, singing the theme song with others instead of just to myself. If there's any way I can get a ticket next year I'm going back.

    • Mary Z
      Mary Z 11 months ago

      We didnt even know we were living through the good old days. I was there too, it was magical.

  • Logan Talley
    Logan Talley 3 years ago +192

    Don't forget Fjord whipping the Momma Remorhaz and pulling it out with Caleb's help using Bigby's Hand right before Nott saves Beau with Phantasmal Force. Beautiful teamwork from those three and some insane luck from Travis to pull the creature out just enough.

    • Stinger Johnny
      Stinger Johnny 7 months ago

      @Kurtis Letterman Plus the cats paw just fits him better

    • Snake Bite
      Snake Bite 2 years ago +1

      Oh shoot!!!! I've been trying to figure out what cats ire is for days!!!!! Thank you for being smarter and more knowledgeable, because I've been trying to figure out what they meant when he first cast it and said "we discussed" for so long!!

    • WaveShock007
      WaveShock007 3 years ago +11

      Fjord's TRUE POWER was unleashed here. Ukatova was holding him back

    • Kurtis Letterman
      Kurtis Letterman 3 years ago +7

      Bman Yeah, he didn't want to step on scanlans style with copying bigbys hand.

  • Randy Mcgee
    Randy Mcgee 2 years ago +51

    Sam: We're getting kinda good at this, I don't think anyone's gonna die
    Matt: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Latch
    Latch Year ago +11

    "And then... It burrows underground"
    Sam and Travis: Shock
    Laura and Marisha: On their feet in horror
    Caleb: Fucking laughs

  • ZHLodhi
    ZHLodhi 3 years ago +159

    Until she came out on stage I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with Laura all over again! Travis really rolled a nat 20 there :D

  • WarBacca 101
    WarBacca 101 3 years ago +129

    5:37 you can almost see the loading wheel as Laura tries to process this new development

  • Frog with Sunglasses
    Frog with Sunglasses 3 years ago +273

    For those that don't know, the name of the 'worm' is Remorhaz.
    A pretty cool and creative monster for arctic encounters to you GMs all around

    • GMdelsXT9 - Gaming
      GMdelsXT9 - Gaming Year ago

      I mean it doesn't sound too bad 🤷
      *looks it up*

    • Dulio
      Dulio 3 years ago

      Talos's Remorhaz is the worst

    • Peter Senior
      Peter Senior 3 years ago +1

      @Frog with Sunglasses riiight. I can just hear those two words in my head when I read em lol. Saying centipede or anything like that sounds too sciencey huh. And the video uses Worm so I guess it's okay

    • Frog with Sunglasses
      Frog with Sunglasses 3 years ago

      @Peter Senior Yes, I know that
      I only edited the text to say worm, without apostrophes, because it sounded too "Well, actually" for my taste

    • Frog with Sunglasses
      Frog with Sunglasses 3 years ago +1

      @Optimal Jo Keep the faith undying, and the rest follows suit

  • VulpisFoxfire
    VulpisFoxfire 3 years ago +126

    Laura has entirely too much fun as a raging mammoth. :-)

    • Magi V
      Magi V 3 years ago

      @TheSilverPhoenix100 I'm sorry, but VEX and UPTIGHT?? Are you sure about that lol

    • TheSilverPhoenix100
      TheSilverPhoenix100 3 years ago +7

      Next Campaign id love to see her play a fighter or barbarian and really round out her characters from regal and uptight Vex, to cute and bubbly Jester, to pissed hulking death machine

    • Lily Storz
      Lily Storz 3 years ago +7

      You can never has too much fun as a raging mammoth

  • Dairycream5
    Dairycream5 3 years ago +127

    The "lord have mercer" was so good and I miss that from campaign 1.

  • GMdelsXT9 - Gaming
    GMdelsXT9 - Gaming Year ago +14

    5:49 Nott: I don't think anyone is gonna die this session.
    7:41 Also Nott: I take back what I said before. Someone's gonna die.

  • Wizard Man
    Wizard Man 2 years ago +21

    I love how they all have their quirky intro walk ins and then Matt walks on with a wave, a slight bow, and a motion to the rest of the cast. Reminds me of a 1800's magician or something along those lines.

  • El Nido de Travis
    El Nido de Travis 3 years ago +419

    7:25 he is just sipping on the players tears while they all struggle Matthew Mercer more like Murder Mercer Imma right?

    • SentiNel090
      SentiNel090 3 years ago +14

      @SoftGirl #lordhaveMercer more like.

    • SoftGirl
      SoftGirl 3 years ago +15

      Maurice Khliefat #mercerhavemercy

  • LoopDeLoop
    LoopDeLoop 3 years ago +56

    This episode maybe wasn’t the most RP heavy, but it was perilous and emotional all the same. I’m very happy to have caught it live due to it airing 2 hours earlier than usual.

  • rmorganslade
    rmorganslade 3 years ago +119

    7:13 The reactions OH MY GAWD

  • Joshua Hicks
    Joshua Hicks 3 years ago +68

    You honestly should have added Fjord being an absolute unit in here.

  • French Toast
    French Toast 3 years ago +31

    I loved when they all chanted Fjord’s name

  • Lucinda The Artist
    Lucinda The Artist 3 years ago +39

    My god I love their outfitts xd freaking Gothic rock and then Luara is a sweet Lolita AND THEN SAM. SAM IS JUST. BEAUTY

  • Shen N. Annagins
    Shen N. Annagins 3 years ago +26

    Can we all just agree that Sam is actually iconic?

  • Lucas VerBeek
    Lucas VerBeek 3 years ago +55

    Man really? No love for my boy Fjord? He was so clutch that episode.

  • Atheb41
    Atheb41 Year ago +3

    Lauras scream when the worm burrows underground with Beau haunts me

  • Rashaunda Spears
    Rashaunda Spears 3 years ago +62

    Matt looked so good with eyeliner

  • Oscar Rincon
    Oscar Rincon 3 years ago +19

    I have never seen anyone as extra as Sam and I love him for it lol.

  • Kay Sea
    Kay Sea 3 years ago +86

    I like how you did this video in the same style you did last year's GenCon video. Like a nice little throwback from your evolution of presentation to now.

  • Aaron Lew
    Aaron Lew 3 years ago +51

    Everyone else: Cool entrance.
    Jester Bias: JESTER!!!
    Sam: Sam

  • SoftGirl
    SoftGirl 3 years ago +358

    Be me. Is into goths. Is bi. Entire cast is goth. Me: I see this as an absolute win!

  • kaukze
    kaukze 3 years ago +47

    let me tell you it was way louder in that theatre than the audio lets on

  • well,
    well, 3 years ago +47

    Hold on, did Laura choose her dice to match her aesthetic

    • Nighthawk
      Nighthawk 3 years ago +1

      she that crazy.

    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer 3 years ago +7

      She said on Talks that she only used purple dice because of the whole theme.

    • skinnypete1982
      skinnypete1982 3 years ago +6

      This shouldn't be surprising.

  • Samuel Stensgaard
    Samuel Stensgaard 2 years ago +3

    You know Liam, the seasoned actor, and Travis, and the ex football player, just live for these live shows.

  • Mark D'Asaro
    Mark D'Asaro 3 years ago +49

    9:30 Laura Bailey is a Beast.

  • pamplemoussejuice
    pamplemoussejuice 2 years ago +4

    i love how everyone else walked out on stage and looked and acted badass and then matt comes on and goes :D

  • Dr Plasma
    Dr Plasma 3 years ago +16

    -Matthew, please, have mercy.
    -Does this looks like the face of mercy?

  • fredslipknot9
    fredslipknot9 3 years ago +20

    Jester being Stampy the mammoth is the cutest

  • ARice
    ARice 2 years ago +8

    imagine sending this to the crew in 2015
    right before they started streaming
    "oh yeah thousands of people are gonna watch your game on a stage"

  • Apollo24
    Apollo24 3 years ago +85

    Sam PLEASE I can only take SO MUCH *FLAMBOYANCE!!*

  • M Rod
    M Rod 3 years ago +44

    They are all rocking the goth outfits, with the exception of Sam lol

    • SailorSaturn10
      SailorSaturn10 2 years ago +1

      @Alex The Axolotl No he heard "goth" and thought it meant "golden moth" lol

    • Alex The Axolotl
      Alex The Axolotl 2 years ago +6

      M Rod Sam misheard and thought they said moth

    • Majulyrete
      Majulyrete 2 years ago +2

      No one told Talisen to dress up

    • Colton Powell
      Colton Powell 3 years ago +7

      Idk "Flamboyant Maiyan God" seems better than Goth.

  • wickedpissa25
    wickedpissa25 3 years ago +18

    Goth Marisha looks amazing!
    She should dress like that every day!

    • Jody Markgraf
      Jody Markgraf 3 years ago +5

      I was going to say that her lip color was EVERYTHING I LIVE FOR.

  • Justin Murray
    Justin Murray 3 years ago +81

    6:00 We all know Matt slept on the couch that night.

  • Joseph O'Donnell
    Joseph O'Donnell 3 years ago +281

    Wow did not notice Sam's glowing bulge the first time I saw that entrance and now I can't stop seeing it

      FL4MING R4VEN 3 years ago +17

      It's a weird flex, but it IS Sam.

    • firearrow31
      firearrow31 3 years ago +14

      How do you manage to miss it?

  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed 2 years ago +7

    “Fuck it, I’m a mammoth, I don’t care.”
    -Laura Bailey, 2019.

  • Johan Häägg
    Johan Häägg 2 years ago +2

    Just me that dubbled over at Lauras expression for like 4 seconds before she realises what just happend when Caleb turns Jester into a mammoth 😂

  • Glorious Phantom
    Glorious Phantom 3 years ago +17

    Everyone: “I loved ____ part it was so cool/funny”

    • Death by Konami
      Death by Konami Year ago +1

      I know right, wherever Ashley was watching from at that moment she must've really been enjoying the show. The Mighty Nein made her fiancee wear a bizarre costume and she loved every minute of it.

  • Madhur Dhingra
    Madhur Dhingra 2 years ago +6

    Everyone goes to conventions to see Reigel's Costume live.

  • LeighisTired
    LeighisTired 3 years ago +13

    Someone should have told Brian about dance belts

  • jamjamjoe
    jamjamjoe 9 months ago +1

    Good of Taliesin to share all his clothes with the rest of the cast

  • Comicsluvr
    Comicsluvr 3 years ago +2

    Sam went from 'I'm so glad you taught me this game!' in the first campaign to being a tactical MASTER in this one!

  • silent Alpha
    silent Alpha 3 years ago +7

    Left my boy fjord out in the cold huh? He was the MAN on this mountain !!! Man on a mission , sheeit

  • bonnieutah
    bonnieutah 3 years ago +22

    when the monster burrowed under ground I jumped out of my chair! at home!

  • Mad Method
    Mad Method Year ago

    You can hear the audio being forced into deep equalization as the noise levels of the cheering explodes when Sam walks into the light.

  • You Can Disney Too

    This was the exact moment I fell for Liam's character concept.

  • FairyDream
    FairyDream 2 years ago +1

    Travis gushing over his wife at 2:10 dawwww those two are serious relationship goals. And dame they all really be pulling off the goth style, diggin Travis and Matt with guyliner

    • VegetaLF7
      VegetaLF7 2 years ago

      Seriously. I love how much those two are in love with each other. Like we've seen happy couples together, but rarely do we see a married couple just so openly in love still.

  • Zoomscoping
    Zoomscoping 2 years ago +2

    Should've implemented the moments where Fjord makes ALL of his saves. I'm pretty damn new to DnD, but making all of those strength saves was something special.

  • David Vanmeter
    David Vanmeter 4 months ago

    I wish I never stopped playing in 1999!! This is awesome!!

  • Page
    Page 2 years ago +2

    Everyone: ok the outfit-theme for this one is [x]!
    Liam: did you say cosplay?
    Sam: did you say ~Fabulous~?

  • Esper
    Esper Year ago +2

    Someday, I WILL save up enough to show up to one of the live shows. : )

  • Leaf
    Leaf 2 years ago +1

    Aww when Mercer entered the stage, Marisha was definitely expecting a kiss~

  • Isaiah Welch
    Isaiah Welch Year ago +2

    I watch this video, and the whole "Beau Goes Unconscious" section is hilarious. Serious af, but hilarious.
    What makes it hilarious? Marisha Ray, after being told the Mama Worm "burrows underground," just does this shimmy, then disappears under the table for a bit.
    I just gotta know: Why is no-one talking about this!? Lol

  • ASalty Em0
    ASalty Em0 2 years ago +1

    Laura screaming always gets me

  • Will Krause
    Will Krause 2 years ago +2

    I'm waiting for one of these where Talisen actually dresses up, and looks "normal", lol

  • SharkShocker
    SharkShocker 3 years ago +77

    I only just noticed Travis in the background XD

    • RikuVAnueva
      RikuVAnueva 3 years ago +1

      Fuckin’.........they’re so cute.

    • skinnypete1982
      skinnypete1982 3 years ago

      Thx for pointing that out, I missed it too.

  • darkrose light
    darkrose light 3 years ago +3

    Please don't kill me at a live show.

  • an actual cat
    an actual cat 3 years ago

    Travis is such a mood. All the time

  • Sarah Teter
    Sarah Teter 3 years ago +4

    Needs the audience singing and the howls!

    G3MKN1GHT Year ago

    After all this time, I finally get the joke about Brian's outfit

  • wickedpissa25
    wickedpissa25 3 years ago +15

    And to think... all of this is because of a birthday party.

    • Aimee Pollock
      Aimee Pollock 3 years ago +1

      Who’s birthday?! Is that why they’re dressed as goths?! It’s a great look but I’m very confused (probably because of Sam).

  • First Last
    First Last Year ago +2

    I am brand new to this whole scene, like literally I have never played D&D and i have never seen Critical Role until like 2 days ago. So... has anyone made these stories into like animated series??

  • Jasper Fox
    Jasper Fox 2 years ago +1

    Wait. Was Sam the only one that didn’t raid Taliesin’s closet for this convention?

  • joseph sawa
    joseph sawa 3 years ago +26

    The whole crowd saying ukatoa was cool

  • ALioness-w-NoRegrets

    At first I though Sam was gonna come out as a belly dancer with those wings.

  • Zarie Silversky
    Zarie Silversky 3 years ago +6

    Sam is the Ferris Bueller of the group

  • Sean
    Sean 3 years ago +5

    "Wow, guys! We're getting really good at this!! I bet no one dies..." Famous last words - he should get beaten up by Jester for that!!

  • Jesse VanWagner
    Jesse VanWagner 3 years ago

    Such a bad ass episode. Everybody always brings their A game to the live shows.

  • Petrikillos
    Petrikillos 3 years ago +4

    Sam just made me die. I cannot take this much xDD

  • Ivory Hammitt
    Ivory Hammitt 3 years ago +6

    who else thought the bag was Laura's new dice collection?

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 3 years ago +25

    Resident DM girlfriend re-evaluating her life choices, beginning with the "girlfriend" part.

  • Tyler F.
    Tyler F. 3 years ago

    Wow Laura in this is..... Just.... WOW

  • Joe McIntosh
    Joe McIntosh 2 years ago +3

    I miss these nerds so much.

  • Draco wolf
    Draco wolf 3 years ago +56

    5:31 BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!

    • Draco wolf
      Draco wolf 3 years ago +5

      @RubySage718 Laura: O_O...Did...he just say what I think he said?
      Tal: Yep
      Laura: LOLZ I'm about to turn into a mammoth LOLZ

    • RubySage718
      RubySage718 3 years ago +5

      Draco wolf I just love it that it takes Laura a few seconds to react that she is a mammoth now.

  • Mellow NES Superstar
    Mellow NES Superstar 2 years ago

    Matt is a God. Idgaf what anyone says. I would give my first born just to sit at that table! ❤

  • Pourpel
    Pourpel 3 years ago +17

    2:18 aww that's adorable

  • starfire
    starfire 2 years ago

    This whole sequence was so clutch. I feel like Vox Machina hit harder, but M9 has more flexibility and utility, even if their plans go down the drain sometimes

  • Funky Kunk
    Funky Kunk 3 years ago

    So are we gonna ignore how Brian has just become Bruno by using Sticky Fingers?

  • RhinosAreGreyPigs
    RhinosAreGreyPigs 3 years ago +3

    Liam just looks like a 2019 Vax

  • Frosconso
    Frosconso 10 months ago

    If Sam was an animal, he would be a paradise bird...

  • Brutus M.
    Brutus M. 3 years ago +20

    Sure, and when I went running around yelling "my trunk is everywhere" I got arrested for public indecency. Pfft.