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World's Highest Gear Ratio (in 60 seconds)


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  • ZMorea
    ZMorea 3 months ago +49340

    I just want to see him spin the last gear and see how fast the first one spins

    • Mc Tobi
      Mc Tobi 13 days ago

      If the materials were strong enough you would need almost infinite energy for that

    • Plat Plays Games
      Plat Plays Games 19 days ago

      @Alternate it wouldn’t spin if it’s broken, though

    • Matthew Heinlein
      Matthew Heinlein 26 days ago

      Right! I don't think it's technically a gearbox since that wouldn't even work...

    • Ray
      Ray Month ago

      He can't spin it but If he could it would litterally make the one that he's spinning have litterally over10000000rpm

    • Landon Brown
      Landon Brown Month ago

      Yeah you get a better workout what’s your point?😂

  • Tyler akerfeldt
    Tyler akerfeldt Month ago

    I can tell by the rigidity of this gear box that it wouldn’t survive more than 5 gears spinning with any amount of speed at once, let alone 169

  • deebznutz100
    deebznutz100 Month ago

    This video leaves a question in everyone's mind. You have to include what happens when attempting to turn from the other side. An if successful example and an answer of reality.

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan Month ago

    What I've learned from all of these video's: there's not as many atoms in the observable universe as we think their are

  • RegularStreamer
    RegularStreamer Month ago +1864

    When the entire universe gets ratio'd by one small gearbox
    Edit: wow 1k likes, thanks a lot.

  • Lobo Cuatro
    Lobo Cuatro Month ago +1622

    Cut to a different scene. He comes back in a Time Machine and tells himself, “Hey, stop spinning your gears. You created a Time Machine.”

    • Mediocre VR
      Mediocre VR 16 days ago

      @Indig0Zero Every instance of time travel leads to an infinite paradox of your past (or present) self cutting to a different time. Cool idea, but we don’t know just yet what a paradox could do to a person, nonetheless the world.

    • Weird I Am
      Weird I Am Month ago

      @Indig0Zero yeee there r to ways or more which my tiny brain cant handle to think of

    • Indig0Zero
      Indig0Zero Month ago

      yah bcuz you cant change the past, or there is a very very VERY high chance you would create a paradox :,)

    • Weird I Am
      Weird I Am Month ago +9

      But then he did it again as he didnt listen to him as his future self did it

  • Ахмет Шайманов

    If every atom in the universe contained a full universe in itself, the gear ratio would still be 100000 times larger than all the atoms in every little copy of the universe combined

    • Bald
      Bald Day ago

      ​@Shorty tjayyour balls must be itching from this!!!!!!!!

    • Shorty tjay
      Shorty tjay 2 days ago

      holy shit

  • agni
    agni Month ago

    what If u rotate the very last gear ; will the first one move at the speed of light ??
    or it's like you have to rotate this thing first to get a start or end

    VIKANUCK Month ago

    I would say just hook up a solar power battery to it, and let it run in a glass bubble forever and ever until like 12,000,000 years from now, people are waiting to see the 47th wheel start to turn or something haha 😂

  • kevin galley
    kevin galley Month ago

    Pretty sure no one knows how many atoms are in the observable universe.....but that's pretty cool...kind of.

  • Krelios
    Krelios 2 months ago +61

    Its amazing in physics that such a simple thing is still so complex at the same

    • ShadoeFax1986
      ShadoeFax1986 Month ago +1

      Everything is complex when dudes like this over fucking complicate it

    EXTRA VAGANZA Month ago

    Pretty sure if the last gear is moving you will unlock the universe mystery.

  • Lee Chowning
    Lee Chowning Month ago

    Guess how long it will take to spin this last gear... Mathematically or physically? Because the physical sciences answer's pretty simple. How long is no. The torque is just too high for anything short of titanium.

  • Cop Kill Cop12
    Cop Kill Cop12 Month ago

    Or you could just spin all the colums and it would just take 4 mins for all of them to spin

  • Sebbe kartellen
    Sebbe kartellen Month ago

    A 100thousand hp container ship engine should
    Have enough torque to turn the last gear. But the gears needs to be made out of a material that is like 100 times stronger than vibranium otherwise they will break

  • VicarBrador
    VicarBrador 2 months ago +1107

    That's impressive. He built something that has a clearly defined use but is literally impossible to use as intended.

    • MentalCasanova
      MentalCasanova 8 days ago +1

      ​@Jason Vazquez it's a 10/1 gear ratio. That's just called counting.

    • Jason Vazquez
      Jason Vazquez 18 days ago

      I don't really get the point of building a physical representation of this. Wouldn't it be better to have a digital version on a computer so you can put in different factors like speed of rotation and passage of time to really see what might happen? I'm sure it would be difficult to program but not impossible right?

    • Marius G
      Marius G 23 days ago

      I saw someone else building a similar gearbox with Lego. He made the point the last gear is actually turning slower than its proton decay

    • Matthew Vaughan
      Matthew Vaughan 2 months ago

      @Dawud Townsville What useful insight did you gain?

    • Dawud Townsville
      Dawud Townsville 2 months ago

      ​@Matthew Vaughan it is as a teaching tool

  • Master Bait
    Master Bait Month ago +1

    Our grandparents use this gear to go to school in their bicycle 🚲

  • Wheels
    Wheels Month ago

    Spin the last gear to make the first gear go fast enough to create a nuclear black hole

  • Alex L
    Alex L Month ago +1

    Bro the second he said atoms in the observable universe 😂

  •  generalh104
    generalh104 Month ago

    made one of these and tried to spin it from the other side
    everyone started lagging

  • Krissada Sittichan
    Krissada Sittichan 2 months ago +794

    Imagine the torque of the last gear, you could probably move the whole universe with that much torque

    • Pelufaz
      Pelufaz Month ago +1

      @William Brandon Davis are you gonna say something or delete your comment ?

    • Comrade Crusade
      Comrade Crusade Month ago +1

      ​@William Brandon Davis Bro really said don't vote for being right 💀

    • karl marx
      karl marx Month ago

      ​@William Brandon Davis bro said go back to school but said the dumbest shit ever himself

    • Josh Willis
      Josh Willis Month ago

      @William Brandon DavisI guess gear reduction is just a myth then. I think you need to go back to school higher or lower gear ratios definitely change torque.I’m a diesel/heavy equipment mechanic I’m very familiar with hp and torque and how they work together.your right tho changing gearing doesn’t change hp of an engine or Motor but it does change the torque

    • Zemrokk plays
      Zemrokk plays Month ago +1

      ​@William Brandon Davis you should've stayed in school because that is literally the opposite from the truth😭😭

  • Mind Artifex
    Mind Artifex Month ago

    Just spin the last one and open up a portal to another dimension.

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy Month ago

    If you will spin last gear you will create portal to other dimensions

  • caryn morgan
    caryn morgan Month ago +134

    He's the reason why time feels like it's going by so fast

  • Obsidoo
    Obsidoo Month ago

    To Put That In Perspective,
    The Gear Ratio Is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x (89 zeros) More than The Amount
    Of Atoms in the universe

  • D0S81
    D0S81 Month ago +8

    can you do one that works the opposite way where one rotation of the first gear spins the last gear superhumanly fast? maybe even using different materials for structural integrity?

    • Ch Olera
      Ch Olera Month ago

      You can, but it's just a matter of how strong the material is and how many gears. Either way the gear will snap and will go through several walls in the building.

    • Muhammad Hameed
      Muhammad Hameed Month ago

      That will tear the universe apart

  • Sir Perfect
    Sir Perfect Month ago +1

    God: rotates the entire gear box in one rotation

  • Eric Archambault
    Eric Archambault Month ago

    "There are 10 million million million million million million million particles, in the universe, that we can observe. Your mama took the ugly ones and put them in to one nerd"
    - Stephen hawking

  • TS
    TS Month ago

    Can someone explain to me (as someone who has no idea) what the hell he's talking about and how this works please

  • marek O999
    marek O999 Month ago +87

    You know it is serious when they start to talk about the amount of atoms in the universe

    • marek O999
      marek O999 2 days ago +1

      @pamela stefaniotis well someone is cranky did you not get your full 8 hour sleep

    • pamela stefaniotis
      pamela stefaniotis 2 days ago

      Someone forgot to tell smarty-pants that the universe is not made up of atoms,it's made up of dark and grey matter,you arrogant earthlings only use a little over 10 percent of your brain ,and you live on a planet that is a type zero civilization, this is why ET won't talk to you idiots,ps thought travels faster than light,

  • Generic Side Character

    If it was made from an incredibly resilient material and you connected the last gear to an incredibly resilient material object with a strong line of some sort. Imagine the speed in which you could pull it if you spun the first gear with an extreme force. Now of course this is all hypothetical and none of these things exist, but just imagine. Imagine the first gear spinning at like 9000rpm.

    • Generic Side Character
      Generic Side Character Month ago +1

      @SugarRushWeen I’m saying, imagine if you spun the slowest gear at like 9k rpm.
      Also, the fastest gear would spin a lot faster than just 1,000,000 rpm. That’s literally nothing compared to the gear ratio. If you spun the slowest gear at 1rpm, it would literally spin the fastest gear at 10^169 rpm. That’s 1 followed by 169 zeros.

    • SugarRushWeen
      SugarRushWeen Month ago

      It would be a lot more than 9000 rpm🤔 it would be a lot more than 1,000,000,000 rpS!

  • Vinay Varma U
    Vinay Varma U Month ago

    Him: touches the last gear wheel..
    The machine: Bruh! I'm broke now.
    Abu Tate: Hey brokie, What color is your Bugatti ?

  • Imad_Alhabsi
    Imad_Alhabsi Month ago

    will it fit in miata ?

  • Dustin8or t90
    Dustin8or t90 Month ago

    Spin the last gear and be the first person to discover ftl

  • love_craft
    love_craft Month ago

    you just connected a bunch of gears? it would break before a tenth of the gears would turn. you could add thousands of gears it makes no difference.

  • ???
    ??? 2 months ago +41

    i like the part when he tells us how long it will take to spin the last gear fully

    • Cody Osborne
      Cody Osborne Month ago

      Longer than the universe will exist. It's literally impossible to spin the last gear without breaking the box or the laws if physics.

    • Mark Giroux
      Mark Giroux Month ago

      Calculate it. He gave you the gear ratio... If you spin the first gear once a second, it would take 10^169 seconds for the last gear to complete one rotation

    • ???
      ??? Month ago +1

      @Dark Angel thankus for doing the math

    • Dark Angel
      Dark Angel Month ago +9

      Well, he actually implied that. He would have to move the first gear at the speed of light for the last gear to even spin before the heat death of the universe, which is esteemed to happen in about 1.7(10^106) years. That is an inconceivable amount of time.
      To sum it up, the last gear will take at least 1.7(10^106) years to spin.
      EDIT: once again, this is presuming he is somehow able to spin the first gear at the speed of light. Which he won't be.

    • പേരില്ല
      പേരില്ല Month ago +2

      You made me watch it again

  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese Month ago

    Get them all moving, get yourself up to 85mph I think it was, and go back and fix the timeline!!

  • apppelll
    apppelll Month ago

    Or you just calulatef wrong because adding ans mulitplying velocity isnt linear as one would thinks, like einstein told us. It only looks linear with small uncertainty when adding small velocity numbers, so everybody does it this way.
    But if you get velocity numbers over lightspeed you should recheck the fine print under the used formulas

  • Joshua Rayfield
    Joshua Rayfield Month ago

    Wait wait....all that printing, and no crank?

  • -That_Guy-
    -That_Guy- Month ago +12

    you created the worlds first transmission capable of withstanding the speed of light. Get this man a Nobel Prize

  • Liuaknenone
    Liuaknenone 2 months ago +1278

    Showed this to my wife so she has a better understanding of how long it’s going to take me to finish everything on the to-do list

    • Jesse Scott Gunn
      Jesse Scott Gunn Day ago

      Gold imma try that

    • Lana Chiu
      Lana Chiu 2 months ago +1

      Just four person bullying a kid, nice job youtube

    • Christopher Johnston
      Christopher Johnston 2 months ago +1

      It wouldn't take as long if you weren't watching Clip-Share shorts ( ͡❛ ₒ ͡❛)

    • TaterTotBoi
      TaterTotBoi 2 months ago +2

      ​@galaxy guy r/woooosh

    • IkarusFD
      IkarusFD 2 months ago +4

      2 people somehow missed the joke

  • HighiqMike1
    HighiqMike1 Month ago

    I can’t wait for the heat Death of the universe for the last gear the spin

  • * MedicLucky1 *
    * MedicLucky1 * Month ago

    Pair this with nuclear fusion

  • Giraffe FlavoredCondoms

    Question, how much force would you have to exude on the last gear to move the first one at all? (assuming the gears are indestructible of course)

  • Divyansh Prajapat
    Divyansh Prajapat Month ago

    Can you spin the Last Gear⚙️.. 😬

  • Matthew Shick
    Matthew Shick 2 months ago +3577

    "How much torque does this thing make?"

  • Rafael_81q
    Rafael_81q Month ago

    How do you know everything works properly

  • Falsegame
    Falsegame Month ago

    Spin the last one to discover the time machine theory

  • Cadis Estrima De Raizel

    I wanna see you spinning the last one to see how fast the first on spins but with durable gears that could handle the speed of rotation

  • Alpha TNT Playlist's
    Alpha TNT Playlist's Month ago +407

    90% of the gears be like: why are we even here?🤣

    • Jordi Mas
      Jordi Mas 3 days ago +1

      @justin Because there's no need to mount them to record the video and then unmount them

    • justin
      justin 3 days ago

      @ROCKETT89 why wouldn’t they be connected

    • ROCKETT89
      ROCKETT89 6 days ago +1

      They are probably not all connected.

    • William
      William 19 days ago +3

      **Sad music**

    • Zyrrah
      Zyrrah Month ago +15

      Just to suffer! 😭

    POKER_PRIME Month ago +351

    Him : Spins the last gear
    Aliens : A meteor shower is comming towards us

  • Curiosity
    Curiosity Month ago

    So you built a broke gearbox ?

  • Emer O’Reilly
    Emer O’Reilly Month ago

    Seems like it ain't gonna hold up without you holding it together, hope you got good healthcare

  • Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson 29 days ago

    I'm curious how much force it takes to turn the last gear. Can you even spin the last gear first without breaking it?

  • Piotr Kubiec
    Piotr Kubiec Month ago

    Correction: world's highest gear ratio you know about.

  • ish the fish
    ish the fish 2 months ago +3652

    Me:spins the last gear
    The black hole I created:

    • Messerstolfo
      Messerstolfo 2 days ago

      @Giovani Trevisan me personally i could spin it thats just me tho

    • Cain !
      Cain ! 22 days ago

      ​@NotoriousEgg89 no materials in earth that withstand it

    • NotoriousEgg89
      NotoriousEgg89 Month ago +1

      @Nadim Hamade not even if you started it up slowly and assisted it spinning faster and faster? Are we only encumbered by materials at that point?

    • Nadim Hamade
      Nadim Hamade Month ago

      Your not strong enough to spin it.

    • NotoriousEgg89
      NotoriousEgg89 2 months ago +2

      ​@Edward Scottis that our only limitation though?... in theory this could break physics (if we had a hardy enough material and maybe a dyson sphere or two but hear me out). A transmission working it's way up the gears.. would eventually get there no?.. or at least worth an attempt? Someone show me some math on disproving this gearbox with an out side power source that can shift up gears as they spin couldn't get that first wheel to spin faster than the speed of light‐obviously assuming some magic material could handle it.

  • Supernova
    Supernova Month ago

    But there is no heat death of the universe it has an ice death

  • MagesIncorporated
    MagesIncorporated Month ago

    Well I took a stab at guessing before continuing the video, and got almost the right number coincidentally. I made an assumption that there were about 200 gears in the box and that they’d have a gear ratio of 6:1 (I didn’t remember what it was from the old video), and got 4.27 x 10^155. So way closer than I had any right to be

  • Gobi
    Gobi Month ago

    But the fact is you will never reach infinity.

  • Tnt Tron
    Tnt Tron 4 days ago +3

    you know something is stupidly large/high when they go “the number of particles in the observe able universe is…”

  • Cruxair
    Cruxair 2 months ago +2906

    Task: beat the universe at something
    Mission accomplished

    • Rassesse
      Rassesse Month ago

      ​@Leopard _3a1 You really don't get it holy

    • Leopard _3a1
      Leopard _3a1 Month ago

      @Rassesse no, it physically cannot, there is literally just not enough, dota 2 has lots of combinations for sure, but those combinations are not more than all atoms in the universe

    • Rassesse
      Rassesse Month ago

      @Leopard _3a1 Dota 2 still beats it not even close lmao you can't even compare

    • Leopard _3a1
      Leopard _3a1 Month ago

      @Rassesse there are rubik's cubes with so many permutations you can't even write the number, it's so big that it's impossible to write in the entire universe, there aren't enough atoms for that

    • Leopard _3a1
      Leopard _3a1 Month ago

      @Rassesse and if that's still not enough for you, The 100x100 has a number so big that I can't even write here on Clip-Share, and that's just 100, and it's the ordinary type, not even like the zettaminx, which has 12 sides, and a ridiculous amount of pieces

  • Brian Anders
    Brian Anders Month ago

    L + ratio
    The ratio:

  • KierCarlo
    KierCarlo Month ago

    I want to have this

  • Blend
    Blend Month ago

    friction and momentum: I'm gonna end this man all careey

  • [sub_for_luck]
    [sub_for_luck] Month ago

    As what my physics professor always say: "ignore surface friction and inertia." Then spinning the last gear might actually be possible. 🤔

  • deeez00
    deeez00 2 months ago +2865

    1000 years from now someone will find this and think it's some kind of countdown to Armageddon.

    • Pesky Logic Chillinsky
      Pesky Logic Chillinsky Month ago

      Another version of Mayans laughing at humanity lol 😂 2012 everyone! 2012! Oops he was dyslectic… it’s in 2102 lol 😂

    • Metatron
      Metatron Month ago

      Maybe first like that was antikythera??

    • Liam Woodman
      Liam Woodman Month ago +1

      @Darth Uri depends on the plastic type. Some lasts longer than than that.

    • Darth Uri
      Darth Uri Month ago

      ​@Liam Woodman no it doesnt, it desintegrates after about 70-200 years

    • Christian Daniel Volante
  • Vincent Hermes
    Vincent Hermes 6 days ago

    Even if the first gear would rotate at 1000 times the speed of light, we still are in the range of more than 10^100 years for the last gear to turn once

  • Філодромід

    I wonder if it is possible to spin the very last gear like a pedal on a bicycle, and if possible, how quickly will the first one spin?

  • Zen
    Zen 24 days ago

    It's more understandable to say that the amount of energy you'd need to exert upon that mechanism is more than available in existence.

  • eif
    eif Month ago

    Is it possible to make gears from titanium or some other strong element, and rotate them from the opposite end so that a high rotation speed is obtained?

  • SulphuricPotatoe
    SulphuricPotatoe 2 months ago +4037

    “Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!” *spins last gear*

    • Narrativeless
      Narrativeless 20 days ago

      @Diogo Castro It'll have effect so faint that you wouldn't be able to tell
      That friction is not enough to stop it from moving completely
      It'd still move, like, few atoms a second xd

    • Diogo Castro
      Diogo Castro 21 day ago

      @Narrativeless no really static friction is still stationary. It wouldn't budge xD

    • Narrativeless
      Narrativeless 21 day ago

      @Diogo Castro Well, not completely, but yeah, it'd take a lot of time
      So much in fact, that you'd think it's not moving at all

    • Diogo Castro
      Diogo Castro 21 day ago

      @Narrativeless static friction would stop it from having any effect unfortunately

    • Narrativeless
      Narrativeless 21 day ago +1

      @Diogo Castro You can just use gravity to make the last gear spin at some point
      low force applied contineously may work, it's just a matter of time until that plastic starts spinning

  • theoneway22
    theoneway22 Month ago

    That is really freakin interesting! Thank you! Youve gained a subscriber!

  • Real Person
    Real Person 3 days ago

    if we just made the gear to be harder to break, what would happen if we spin the last one?

  • Jae games
    Jae games 25 days ago +1

    You’ve created a Time Machine what a great concept we need to study further 🎉🎉🎉

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    The Camera Man: I got you fam

  • Wdfididthisalready Effoffwiththisbuchit

    "and he said when the final gear makes a full rotation, humans may finally find peace, knowing that they measured time succesfully"

    • Wahyu Dyatmika
      Wahyu Dyatmika 2 months ago

      But can we actually find peace by successfully measure time?

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. 10 hours ago

    To make the last gear spin once would take more energy than there is in the universe.

  • Terrazine
    Terrazine Month ago

    Please start with the last gear, no one wants to start with the first gear.

  • j Oliver
    j Oliver 20 days ago

    If you want it to go back in time you have to spin it from the other end….fast enough to generate 1.21 gigawatts.

  • Richard Tenison
    Richard Tenison Month ago

    The amount of torque that last gear could produce would be monstrous

  • Natalia
    Natalia Month ago

    It's fairly easy to make something's RPM exceed the speed of light by abusing gear ratios. Just rotate the last gear one time per second and the rotational speed of the first gear will well exceed the speed of light. Either that, or there will be enough friction to turn the air into fire given infinite tork from the engine and infinite hardness in the gears.

  • the perfect chex
    the perfect chex Month ago

    What would happen to the first gear if you could somehow spin the last gear? If that's even physically or scientifically possible 🤔

  • King PufflePuff
    King PufflePuff Month ago

    He was spinning the second gear and the first gear was already going crazy. If he spun the third or fourth one (if he even could), i reckon the first gear would probably break.
    It would be cool if someone could make a virtual simulator with infinite torque to see how fast the first gear would spin if we spun the last gear even at a snail’s pace.

  • Hypnotic
    Hypnotic 24 days ago

    Can you attach it to a fast motor and see how many it spins over the course of like a day?

  • Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg 21 day ago

    How quickly does it break a gear when you spin the last one?

  • lasie55
    lasie55 26 days ago

    I have a better question for you, where in that intricate gearbox of yours, would it stop, if you spun both ends?

  • René Casaña
    René Casaña Month ago +1

    Calculate how much energy would be required to make the last gear turn once

  • Sollux Captor
    Sollux Captor Month ago

    So if you spin the opposing end very gently, would the starting end break?

  • The Kansan
    The Kansan 2 months ago +6665

    "hey let's put that on a bike" -kyle

    • jamal
      jamal 5 days ago

      @The Kansan true

    • Durk Banks
      Durk Banks 21 day ago

      @theJman it would be limited but it will be better than any other bike ever

    • Durk Banks
      Durk Banks 21 day ago

      I can’t be the only one who thinks that

    • Bad name
      Bad name 21 day ago

      why me 😭

    • Narrativeless
      Narrativeless 21 day ago

      @theJman Yeah, but this comment is obviously a joke

  • Brian Koenig
    Brian Koenig Month ago

    If you managed to get the last gear spinning do you think it would explode on the very first tooth moving

  • Bobo Won
    Bobo Won Month ago

    ok but what happens if you start by spinning the the last gear? will the first one spin super slow or will it just explode?

  • griff Hall
    griff Hall Month ago +3

    I was watching this video and then my neighbour came and we watched it together. He said that this video changed his life and touched his heart. I then went and rented a projector in a big field and all my villagers watched it and it changed their lives too. We all are so grateful.
    Thank You for this video….

  • Piglet
    Piglet 24 days ago

    So if you start spinning the last gear, will it make the first gear spin faster than the speed of light? 🤯

  • Hodgepodge the cardboard wossum

    If it were even remotely possible, it'd be fun to see the last gear be input

    • William Wood
      William Wood 2 months ago

      Just gotta make it out of nuclear spaghetti

  • Adam Berg
    Adam Berg 21 day ago

    Okay, but if you spun the other end, which gear would be the first to break? There's a limit to how fast any gear can turn.

    SKiPPY RADCLiFF Month ago

    Can't you make a special gearbox that will turn that 1st gear insanely fast?

  • Blaze
    Blaze Month ago

    What is the amount of force needed to spin the last gear first?

  • BlAckH0le
    BlAckH0le 5 days ago

    Who else wants to see him destroy the entire thing by spinning the last gear?

  • StrobeLightGaming
    StrobeLightGaming 2 months ago +1199

    God these are the videos when I tell myself “you have to set yourself a daily time limit for Clip-Share”

    • YumYum
      YumYum Month ago

      I’m on board with that idea. I’m gonna be done for the day now

    • Bob Dixon
      Bob Dixon Month ago

      Yeah, think about it? He set himself a limit of how much minutiae he could allow himself in a week and figured in that week, a gear ratio of 10-169 power.

    • The Unforbidden Fruit
      The Unforbidden Fruit Month ago +1

      True, just watched the most inefficient invention ever... Impressive at first but impressively wastes energy.

    • Anton Šuštar
      Anton Šuštar Month ago

      Me too....

    • Matt Sepik
      Matt Sepik Month ago

      Fr! It’s 2am. Why don’t I just go to sleep? 😂

  • Rainbow Diamond
    Rainbow Diamond Month ago

    Assuming the gearbox was completely indestructible how much force would it require to spin the last gear