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Fixing a Viewer's BROKEN Gaming PC? - Fix or Flop S2:E3

  • Published on Jan 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Another broken system makes its way into the studio! Will this one be fixable? By the way, if you live in the Orlando, FL area and have an issue with your rig, apply to have it (possibly) fixed for free today! gregsalazar.com/fix-or-flop
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    SPONSOR: Snag an OEM Windows 10 Pro key and use code 'SKGS' for a sweet discount: bit.ly/Win10SKGS
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  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  Year ago +351

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for the continued support on this channel. Your viewership allows us to continue doing what we're doing for our community. To that end, we've also started a Clip-Share Shorts channel for super-cuts of videos like these as well as organic 9.16 content for mobile devices. We've hired an editor and will be adding videos on a near daily basis: bit.ly/3HchXou

    • Marco - The GPUtuber
      Marco - The GPUtuber Year ago +2

      Subbed. Let's goooooo!

    • Doramy_plays
      Doramy_plays Year ago

      Yooo WASUPP

    • Cornelius Antonius
      Cornelius Antonius Year ago

      The integrated Graphics on the i7 3770K are way better than with that R5450 relatively speaking.

    • exxor9108
      exxor9108 Year ago

      I once had an Athlon X2 build from as far back as 2011 that I kept up until 2017, that also died this way. It basically destroyed everything, excluding the ram. My motherboard, CPU, GPU, and storage. All of it died except for my ram.

    • Marc Dowell
      Marc Dowell Year ago +2

      The guy had a PCI power plugged into the EPS... That's what killed the system.

  • Jonathan Sullivan
    Jonathan Sullivan Year ago +925

    This series just took a crime documentary turn with the weird transition to the shady parking lot deals for older tech. Love it.

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James Year ago +8

    The fact Greg went and found some replacement parts from the era speaks volumes about how far he's willing to go to get something working, that I can respect.

  • Alvin853
    Alvin853 Year ago +246

    The HDD might be salvage-able if there is important data on there. HDDs have protection diodes (TVS diodes) to protect the sensitive components from power surges, usually causing the diode to fail but everything else to be saved. With some basic soldering tools the diode can be removed and the drive works again, though it no longer has any protection, so better get the important data off of it quickly.

    • Ronan Waring
      Ronan Waring Year ago +4

      Expensive though

    • Karanbir Singh Bhullar
      Karanbir Singh Bhullar Year ago +1

      it'll be expensive though

    • Holden VT series 2
      Holden VT series 2 Year ago +8

      You can also swap the board from another drive on to it.

    • Lucian004
      Lucian004 Year ago +41

      @Ronan Waring well yeah... thats why he said "if you have important data"

    • shane eslick
      shane eslick Year ago +2

      like MANGtech VT suggested I have done a PCB transfer from another Same Spec Drive to get the files off when the PCB was the failure point.

  • freeman239
    freeman239 Year ago +60

    It's amazing how often PSU's are overlooked in builds, ending up being considered last and cheapen'd out on, but they are the most important, and critical, component of any computer.

    • Vítor França
      Vítor França Year ago +2

      Bros don't get a cooler master/corsair/evga/msi psu and then start crying bc they PC fried

    • Ilijas Ramic
      Ilijas Ramic Year ago +3

      I think its because people buy case and psu together. Also it can be because some countries have insane high prices. Corsair rm series lets say. In my country 650w costs 130e while in some other countries it costs 90.. Calculate 20-40+ euros on each parts. It adds up in total. I cant blame some people because i know how it is. Getting +50e on top vs what most countries have is kinda bullshit.

    • Nicolo 2524
      Nicolo 2524 Year ago +5

      @Vítor França no you just need to look what OEM is the psu like seasonic, Super Flower ecc...

    • HayLoThere
      HayLoThere 10 months ago

      @Nicolo 2524 that is a huge factor but the company selling it could have messed It up if it was a sketchy company

    • Nicolo 2524
      Nicolo 2524 10 months ago

      @HayLoThere i think they never open the psu after it goes out of the factory

  • Christmas Crustacean
    Christmas Crustacean Year ago +15

    I really love how old hardware is transformed so easily by upgrading the case, a 2012 blue LED heatsink and the blue ram heatsink with modern RGB fans really makes this build pop.

  • lexah
    lexah Year ago +34

    Just wanna say Greg this is the only set of youtube videos I truly look forward to watching these days and I really mean that, I always love the opportunity to learn something new so I thank you very much :)

  • Matt Bodkins
    Matt Bodkins Year ago +117

    Love watching the fix or flop videos… even got my 17 year old son into it who’s planning on going on to collage for computer programming/coding and he has his own gaming pc he loves messing with and wants to upgrade it…. Your channel is great with such good information and knowledge to share… keep up the great work man

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  Year ago +27

      I really appreciate it, Matt! All the best.

  • yoplaitmajor
    yoplaitmajor 7 months ago

    Reliable PSU is a MUST. Thanks again, Greg. Enjoying this series and seeing people get upgraded. Love to see that MSI is supporting this series!

  • Jason Jia
    Jason Jia Year ago

    You are so generous for fixing these builds for free, even upgrading when needed. I just hope you're aware that it's possible people could be taking advantage of said generosity for free fixing/upgrades.

  • varanidguy
    varanidguy Year ago

    I'm not saying this to lay it on thick or anything, but you're a damn good guy for doing a series like this. Some would argue "but he makes money from the videos!" and why shouldn't you? You're doing a real valuable service for these viewers. Good on you, man!

  • mina
    mina Year ago +4

    Love how dedicated and 100 you keep it with every type of build that is thrown at you. Great video as always!

  • crzyces1
    crzyces1 11 months ago

    I love this series. As a professional PC/Net Tech for 20 years who started on Win 98 machines (well, before that, but not in a professional capacity) I certainly became overly familiar with FDISK'ing all day long, pluging in every darn wire individually including that darn USB's before they had plugs with each wire already inserted, and well before mass header plugs. I swear, I used ot have _"Red, White, Green, Black"_ nightmares. Anyway, being spoiled over the last decade I've certainly gotten lazy, trying to skip steps to the problem I _know_ it is, just to be wrong and move on to the next one I _know_ it is because it is just so easy to neglect the fundamentals, which often take longer on an individual basis if it happens to be the last thing you try, but more often than not it isn't, and over the long haul certainly saves time. Though this doesn't quite take me back to early modern Windows PC's, it's certainly reminded me of a few _good_ habits_ to get back into like _"If a restart after resetting the RAM, GPU, and re-plugging all the power wires doesn't work, unplug it all and work up until it no longer boots which I always seem to do as a last resort now as opposed to one of the first ones. Bad habits lead Ed Sheeran to late nights sleeping alone. They lead me to late nights not sleeping at all!
    SO thanbks for the reminder that no, I'm really not that smart and though things have certainly advanced a ton, troubleshooting and bringing a PC back to life has not.
    Oh, and I have one of those _Ultra_ cases. Not that one in particular, but me second non-Voodoo gaming PC uased one. I still have it in my closet or basement. Loved that case. My first acrylic side panel case as well. They were Tiger Direct's stoe brand. I got mine with a PSU for $50 USD, including the 650 Watt (It was a 750 Watt but listed 650 as the _preferred_ operational draw or something weird on the side of the unit). I bought it when Ivy Bridge first released and that darn thing lasted all the way up until about 9 months ago when it finally *popped,* just as this guy described, after 15 or so years of being on almost 24/7, 2 years of a 2700 and a 580, 2 years of the 2700 and a 5700, then 9 months of a 5800 along with the afore-mentioned RX5700. That thing was a tropper. Heh, I've been through 4 units since, though 2 were because Thermaltake is apparently pretty loose with their modular wiring and sent me 2 Power Supplies, each with a bum aux board power wire which fried one board and the other fried the PSU. Then I grabbed a Corsair 650, but saw an EVGA something-or-other 850 Platinum that was a tier 2 for $90 and just grabbed it since I figured I'd have to get one when the new GPU's released anyway. I guess that's technically 5 PSU's, though 2 worked fine, and 2 were probably fine Unit-wise but somehow ended up with mislabeled or mismatched wires, which even for the same brand and model is a no no with modular supplies.
    Anyway, love the series, and thanks for reminding me of the basics. Also, I love what you've decided to do with a lot of your excess components. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with TT'ers selling their samples when they no longer need them, or keeping them all for further testing until thy're completely obsolete, or mining with them, whatever, but it's really nice to see someone with the integrity and kindness to put them in your fans PC's as free upgrades. Whether it's something small like a $50 case or major like a $500 GPU, idk, it just gives off a great vibe, something we definitely need more of right now.

  • Matt Simme
    Matt Simme Year ago +17

    I had that same Z77 Extreme4 motherboard and i5 3570k in my build I built back in 2013 after graduating from high school! Man, seeing that brought back memories! Really solid stuff that lasted me until I upgraded summer 2020.

  • Zaphran2020
    Zaphran2020 Year ago

    New subscriber! I always like these types of videos for education. I know alot of stuff but it's always easy to miss a point or 2 and it's just pure fun to watch the successes of fixing broken pc's!😁

  • waste
    waste 6 months ago

    These videos are just amazing after doing a build yourself. It's like endlessly feeling the triumph of FIXING something, again and again

  • Roland
    Roland Year ago +14

    Great video Greg, thanks for tip on checking if hard drive is bricked - feeling the disk drive to see if it spins
    What sucks about this situation is that you had to give him practically a new computer as the only thing salvageable is the Ram, thats a bummer

  • Joseph Merts
    Joseph Merts Year ago

    I LOVE this series and you literally saved me HUNDREDS of dollars tonight! My computer did a normal windows update before I shut it down for the night. Then I noticed it started back up with a black screen. VGA light was on the mother board. I was about to lose it and try all kinds of trouble shooting, then I remembered your words... clear the CMOS. Of course I tried reseating the GPU first but you saved me time, sanity and MONEY! Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Claus Bohm
    Claus Bohm 10 months ago

    Amazing how a case can make crappy components look great! Great clarity on the issues ... your channel is very visual and informative.

  • Alex Lau
    Alex Lau Year ago +43

    Love watching this series! It teaches a lot and I learn a lot about pc’s from this series! Also glad I’m early to this video

  • Kawaii M4A1-S
    Kawaii M4A1-S Year ago

    I really like this series, it's very entertaining to watch while I eat, am bored, or while i'm doing online school. On top of that, you've been pumping out episodes really fast for S2 so far, and that's really nice to see as well. Been watching the channel for a while, and have watched you grow. I still love your content all the same, and I think it's definitely gotten even better. Keep up the great work man :)

  • Jhang Gaming
    Jhang Gaming Year ago +1

    As a IT and Computer technician I found this much more informative, fun to watch and much more reliable than my own notes that I study 😂 I love this series and thank you for the great learning experience Greg wish you all the best!

  • arokh72
    arokh72 Year ago

    I love this series. It's a change up from the build videos and reviews your peers make, plus it keeps your content fresh and engaging. Though I do find it interesting that there's enough busted PCs in your area to make, at least, 2 seasons worth of content.

  • Arjay Abad
    Arjay Abad Year ago +2

    This series is so satisfying to watch, Greg, you're so organized with fixing rigs and I have learned something new in every of your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Dustin Baxter
    Dustin Baxter Year ago

    I'm new to your channel but have watched about four of your videos now, and I have to say I'm pretty stoked with your knowledge and troubleshooting skills. I've seen so many other channels that I'm unhappy with because of little quirks. Thank you Greg!

  • Phil Benton
    Phil Benton Year ago +4

    You are a really good hearted man for doing that sort of thing Greg. Love your content.

  • Stan The Man
    Stan The Man Year ago

    If I ever became a prof that teaches about computer, I would definitely use this series as an education material thingy. You're really informative and you replicate the problem which is the one of the most important thing in troubleshooting.

  • John Houseman
    John Houseman Year ago

    I love how amazing the old tech looks with a few changes like the case and power supply.

  • mike1972
    mike1972 Year ago

    YOUR AWESOME Greg I so wish this world had more like you not selfish and/or greedy the world would be such a better place. props go to you keep up the good work man.

  • Zalyx
    Zalyx Year ago

    You really go above and beyond for these builds! Love to see it.

  • Naviss
    Naviss Year ago +39

    Great episode, Let it be a good lesson to any would be builders, Never skimp on your PSU! It's the heart of your system.

    • 99Teutons
      99Teutons Year ago

      Except in this one
      The user would be better off if they just used the PSU that came with their case
      Instead of going for third party ones

    • Daytimerocker
      Daytimerocker Year ago +2

      @99Teutons Why isn’t this a lesson to never skimp on a good power supply? He needed a new one for his new GPU unfortunately he chose a crappy unit. Had he got a good one this wouldn’t have happened hence it being a good lesson.

    • 99Teutons
      99Teutons Year ago

      @Daytimerocker yes it is definitely a lesson but I've had a corsair and a cooler master psu crap on me before i ran out of funds and decided to use the one that came pre installed with my case
      It's been 3 years and it's still going strong the Corsair one took the mobo with it
      (I'm nowhere suggesting that you should pick generic PSU that came pre installed with the case but it's definitely a really random case for PSUs to Break even if bought from a reputable company)

    • ShadowSpark220
      ShadowSpark220 Year ago

      Yeesh, a PSU crapping out is the worst. Had an Antec EarthWatts one go pop on me once; I was damn near lucky it didn't destroy the entire platform it was powering, let alone caught fire. This is why I swear by Corsair PSUs, though I'd also stick to other well-established brands like EVGA or ThermalTake.

    • Spido68
      Spido68 Year ago

      @Daytimerocker how do you know he went for a bad unit?

  • Mr.Darkcore
    Mr.Darkcore Year ago +11

    Popping noises are always fun to hear from a pc! 😂

  • Willie Thornton
    Willie Thornton Year ago

    Need a whole 52 weeks series of this fix or flop. is one of my favorite things to watch on Clip-Share keep up the good work

  • Das Looney
    Das Looney Year ago +1

    Loved this episode! It shows how important quality parts are, especially the power supply! And what can happen when it goes bust. While the CPU was a tiny downgrade and the SSD wasn't the same capacity as the bricked drive, it's no cause for complaint. Bet the owner was happy to receive a much faster booting WORKING computer! Good job Greg!

  • backslide311
    backslide311 9 months ago

    Really enjoy this series, keep on making them.

  • Delta-38
    Delta-38 Year ago

    I am immensely enjoying your videos having experienced few of the issues myself over the years. You have to include reaction videos. I'm dying to see how they react to the upgrades.

  • 100xKOKOx442
    100xKOKOx442 Year ago +4

    HI Greg, just wanted to say thank you for all that you do on your channel! I learn a lot from the PCDC and Fix or Flop videos. Love how thorough you are. You explain every step of the way and why.

  • nagz06
    nagz06 Year ago +5

    I encounter weird and uncommon problems watching these series which increases my knowledge on troubleshooting PCs. 👍

  • TheRjp814
    TheRjp814 Year ago

    Honestly love watching your videos, learn about the dos and donts and realize my build isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s amazing how you break stuff down to simple terms for us thank you

  • Astroworf Craig
    Astroworf Craig Year ago

    Love this series. Not only do I learn something, but I enjoy seeing people being helpful.

  • Kyle Hicks
    Kyle Hicks Year ago

    Love this series. Very helpful and definitely helps people troubleshoot their own build. Keep it up!

  • Joe Koch
    Joe Koch Year ago +1

    Thank you for another great video! Showing the whole process comprehensively is very relatable but also very interesting content in those tricky situations. Keep up the work Good Sir!

  • JBT Music
    JBT Music Year ago

    id love to see a series identicle to this, but for fans. fan covers shipping and return label, you pimp their old builds get a few sponsors to handle the hardware if it's an option. and then have the fan FaceTime you when the new pc arrives for their reaction and then for you to further explain what you've done to it

  • Ericlegacy
    Ericlegacy Year ago +43

    This is the first episode of FoF where I feel uneasy about this PC. It's not totally impossible for all those components to go bad at the same time. I've seen it happen before in my line of work. There were just a lot of small red flags that this viewer staged this setup for a free upgrade. Seems like a lot of these parts could've been all put together with the knowing that they're broken.

    • falsify
      falsify Year ago +6

      imagine he just bought it dead for about %20

    • c Marco
      c Marco Year ago +4

      Not sure i mean this build wasnt that bad i7 ..ddr3cheap build make sense that he tried to cheap out on psu

    • DK ProTek
      DK ProTek Year ago

      1000% agree

    • John Carter
      John Carter 5 months ago

      @falsify Or free. I would have recycled the whole mess. After a power pop, I wouldn't put the memory into a client PC. The rest was trash.

  • Kai-Made
    Kai-Made Year ago

    the z77 board you had would have been a spiffy upgrade for that possibly damaged board. It also with the most recent bios update supports nvme boot.

  • François
    François 10 months ago

    Pretty much created an entirely new build! Greg, you are a generous man!

  • DirtyGerty
    DirtyGerty Year ago

    dude you are amazing for doing this... its amazing you are fixing these PC's for people for free.... you are a good person dude!

  • Issa Nesheiwat
    Issa Nesheiwat Year ago +233

    Something seems strange. Im not quite convinced his new PSU fried his cpu and motherboard. Whatever was found between the cpu and motherboard pins takes my vote for frying his system. Maybe the viewer also changed his cpu and didnt check for debris when installing? Im not sure

    • Rich White
      Rich White Year ago +56

      I've seen systems get seriously wrecked when a PSU goes. Heck, I've had it happen with my daughter's old P4 build, when she was a little girl. It smelled like something was burning. When I opened the case, I was expecting to see a small fire in it from the smell. Thankfully, it wasn't on fire. It obviously bricked the motherboard and the CPU, since it destroyed the socket. When the PSU went, it literally fried the socket and there were melted bits in it and the CPU had scorch marks. The HDD, GPU, and memory were all fine. She was lucky I had another P4, PSU, and motherboard on hand, and I had her rebuild it as a learning experience. As a bonus, she had fun building it with dad.

    • Issa Nesheiwat
      Issa Nesheiwat Year ago +16

      @Rich White Im not saying that a faulty PSU cant wreck havoc on a pc. It definetly can. Im just saying that having that debris between the cpu and the pins can easily cause a short and fry the motherboard and cpu, which is what we're seeing here.

    • Steve King
      Steve King Year ago +7

      was it a fireside gigabyte psu?

    • QuantiSoldi
      QuantiSoldi Year ago +67

      I almost think he sent in known dead components, as well as a cheap nasty old case and sketch psu, just to get a free upgrade

    • Issa Nesheiwat
      Issa Nesheiwat Year ago +26

      @QuantiSoldi its kinda what im thinking too

  • C-WEST Camping
    C-WEST Camping Year ago +1

    Congrats on 800k subs Greg. I am hooked to you're videos ever since trouble shooting an issue with my Memory cards. Now I do most pc mods myself thanks to your content

  • blackbomb
    blackbomb Year ago +3

    This build was such a glow-up, it was such a good work. When I was a child, my dad and me found out the hard way that a bad PSU fries all the components... we went through two CPUs, so you can bet the lesson was learned. The people who fixed our PC never changed the PSU, and until it fried up, we really had no idea why it was happening.

    • QuantiSoldi
      QuantiSoldi Year ago +4

      Idk, this one is a little bit suspicious. The bent mobo pins with all the debris and dead cpu doesn’t make a ton of sense, like you would’ve had to remove the cpu at some point for all that shit to get there. But what really doesn’t make sense, is the dead hard drive (unless it died in transport or something) hard drives generally have surge protections and other things, so I doubt a psu popping would kill one. Combined with the old nasty case, and sketchy power supply, it almost feels like he sent in a bunch of known dead or shitty components to score a free upgrade (or at least, a working build)

  • Seevan Maroge
    Seevan Maroge Year ago

    Just finished watching one of your other episodes and I gotta say that seeing your videos keeps things interesting, you are very thorough with your work and they way you present everything makes things simple for others that don't know much about computers. Keep up the great work bud.
    Toronto viewer.

  • Justin Jansen
    Justin Jansen Year ago

    One of my very first builds was with this z77-ud3h motherboard and a Gigabyte GTX 680 Super Overclock. (Card was wild back in the day)
    The more you learn the more confused you get with PC repairs. I find myself saying WHAT WHY more now than I did 10 years ago.
    Very entertaining content and I enjoy watching all the videos in this series!

  • Jeffery Black
    Jeffery Black Year ago

    I absolutely love seeing you trying to revive old hardware. Back in the day I was right there with that guy... Needing to keep the old boy running. Thank you for the valiant attempt.

  • kelseyshea
    kelseyshea Year ago

    Really enjoyed this episode of fix or flop! Full of new info I didn't know before. And the dark blue and black color scheme is soooo nice

  • The Gamer Dad
    The Gamer Dad Year ago

    It's stuff like this that I fear will happen to the systems that my wife and I have at some point. These videos give me more and more reassurance that I can diagnose and fix them when and if anything occurs. Funnily enough just before the time of posting this comment, my wife's PC had a rough time trying to post, but we got it up and running again.

  • Mark Leo
    Mark Leo Year ago +3

    Always loved your series, a great escape from being stuck at home thanks to Covid!

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon  Year ago +1

    This is such a great concept. And I love how you are just straight up honest on how you make money. New sub.

  • Red From Da 713
    Red From Da 713 Year ago

    The new case made this looks like a beast of a build!

  • Timmy B
    Timmy B Year ago

    Love watching your videos Greg, been playing on laptops for years (mainly for the portability) and finally got a PC a few months and have been trying to learn everything that I can and your videos are very helpful. Keep up the good work!

  • Chance Dreamscape

    Love your series. This is the 2nd episode I've watched and I'm hooked. I've learned a lot from the two that I've watched. Keep up the great work! It's really nice to see someone focused on helping his local community. You're a good person.

  • Qing Yuan
    Qing Yuan Year ago

    Seeing this video pop up on my home page this morning instantly made my mood brighten, amazing videos! Thank u for this experience Greg.

  • EMT
    EMT Year ago +17

    Had a power supply pop on me recently, so I've been looking forward to an episode like this! Fortunately for me, the build works just fine after getting the RMA'd PSU.

    • EMT
      EMT Year ago

      @Cracky No, I steered well clear of them. It was an EVGA SuperNova 750 GT

  • Nando Samdi
    Nando Samdi Year ago

    I think it would be a great ideia if u make a video rating components as power supplies and etc based on it's quality according to price, take care!

  • Riley Williams
    Riley Williams 9 months ago

    you've definitely taught me some troubleshoot skills appreciate the knowledge

  • Jads147
    Jads147 Year ago +1

    Im currently using the core i7-3770k. An 12600kf is on the way. Almost 10 Years on 1 CPU and its still powerfull enough for most games! Hopefully the new one turns out to be as good of a buy.

  • Rob Mikels
    Rob Mikels Year ago +1

    Great job, Greg! You did that PC's owner, a solid!
    I'd say, the step down to an i5 is non-consequential, as the i7 was borked... wasn't any hyperthreading, happening with that chip 😩 Having used, a system older than this one, for many years, watching youtube, playing retro games, and being able to operate a small, eBay store, with it, I can understand the usefulness of having access to even, the most basic of computers. It's really cool, what you do with this Fix or Flop series, Greg, because you never really know, what these people's situations are like...some people never even have access to $250 to fix their broken pc or buy an affordable laptop from Staples....

  • Phillip Duncan
    Phillip Duncan Year ago +1

    At thee beginning the owner stated he bought the new power supply because he bought a new video card that needed the 8 pin power. He went on to say he swapped out the new card with the one he sent you. With what you provided to him he should be good to go with his new video card. Good video. I look forward to these posts. Keep up the good work.

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 Year ago

    Wow, blown CPU's are a rarity, in fact the only times I've seen CPU's get destroyed is from Lightining damage/Surge from storms and 1 instance of a cup of coffee going down the top vents (Yes they placed coffee on the top of the computer). Great video! I still have a 3770 the non K version and that i7 will still run anything, the Z77 platform is what limits you by not having those modern frills.

  • boastyy
    boastyy Year ago

    Great job Greg! The video brought back memories of when I had a power surge in a thunderstorm and it took out my motherboard and power supply. Amazingly the cpu was still ok and nothing else was damaged. Had to buy another motherboard and psu and also most importantly a surge protector. Learned my lesson, surge protectors installed everywhere in the house now lol.

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    Ronnie Lamkin Year ago

    Great job. I love your series. This happened to me when I put a fan hub in. It burnt out everything and I'm just now getting my rig up and running. This was also possible because of your video on updating bios as I was staring at a black screen for three days. X570 boards aren't compatible with Radeon graphics out of the box.

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    • John Carter
      John Carter 5 months ago

      Unless the user is willing to pay for that sort of data recovery effort, the labor isn't worth the end result. You can get a PNY 250GB SSD for $20 and have two minutes of labor. If labor is endlessly free, that's not a real market solution.

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    TikyX Year ago

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    Scoot Year ago

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    Replacing the old board with another one is less interesting from the perspective of learning if it's feasible to try and repair these kinds of issues.

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    badfiShv Year ago

    Thank you for doing these Greg! I recently upgraded my PSU to a EVGA SuperNova and upgraded my graphics card to a 3080 and shortly after those upgrades my new PSU bricked. I followed the steps you do to find the issue with it. You aren't kidding either when you say buy a reputable PSU, otherwise I am sure my entire system would have gone down with it. But luckily everything is currently running smooth with the addition to a new PSU.

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    Ionut Ghita Year ago

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    • Nima Master
      Nima Master Year ago

      That's a possibility, but bear in mind not everyone can afford to upgrade every two or three years. A 3rd gen platform is still really solid for average everyday tasks and can even handle most of the games fairly well paired with a 1050 ti or a 1650

    • TheUncleshady
      TheUncleshady Year ago

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    DEPUTYGETSOME 9 months ago

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  • LP Conserv
    LP Conserv Year ago

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    SIG3L DUNC4N Year ago +48

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    • Disposable_Hero
      Disposable_Hero Year ago +1

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    • Disposable_Hero
      Disposable_Hero Year ago

      Bobbybob Mounts and bays, some are in the PSU enclosure access from the back of the case. These are for people who have HDD.

    • Anthony Long
      Anthony Long Year ago

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    • Anthony Long
      Anthony Long Year ago

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  • CrumbMan
    CrumbMan Year ago

    That's really sad that so many parts died all at once. But something for the future you maybe didn't know before: I wouldn't recommend testing a CPU you still want to use in a motherboard that is potentially dead after a PSU blew something up. If the board is in fact damaged it could also take the CPU you're putting in there later with it (if something in the VRM area shorted out for example). Maybe get an old Pentium or something like that from a scrap pile and use that for testing if you can.
    Anyway I still love the series and am looking forward to the next episodes.

  • ThwackF15
    ThwackF15 Year ago

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