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How Good are the New Pokemon from the Teal Mask?

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • WolfeyVGC
    WolfeyVGC  16 days ago +142

    Check out the patreon! www.patreon.com/WolfeyVGC

    • id10t
      id10t 16 days ago +1

      holy shit i was before the pinned comment

    • Gilvader x Shin
      Gilvader x Shin 16 days ago

      Wolfey, not sure if this is a spoiler, finish the dex as early as you can. I think glimmering charm is kind of a big help.

    • CH3WY Quesadilla
      CH3WY Quesadilla 16 days ago +2

      Only waych a few minutes in. Wish u did ur research cuz things you should have def. Mentioned. Like hospitality works once. And dipplin can use eviolite.

    • Vesper
      Vesper 16 days ago +1

      Applin can hold an eviolite

  • Good_Old_Johnny
    Good_Old_Johnny 16 days ago +4158

    Fun fact: Dipplin can hold the eviolite, which takes it’s defences higher than appletun, which does also mean it will evolve next dlc, which might make it actually viable and not a gimmick

    • Earthborn
      Earthborn 16 days ago +278

      I heard about this, but does it actually work this way in-game right now or was it something dataminers found in the files to be eventually implemented with the Indigo Disk?

    • falinks propaganda
      falinks propaganda 16 days ago +463

      ​@Earthbornit works in game iirc

    • Myhairhasamindofitsown
      Myhairhasamindofitsown 16 days ago +301

      I'm really looking forwar to this, but at the same time it's kinda unfair to appletun and flapple. if it does get an evolution, I hope future games can also give these two an evolution too.

    • PhoenixGamerHD
      PhoenixGamerHD 16 days ago +75

      does this work on pokemon showdown? PLEASE TELL ME IT DOES

    • Fábia Aquino
      Fábia Aquino 16 days ago +43


  • Mercury39
    Mercury39 16 days ago +1949

    2:49 Yes Matcha Gotcha hits both opposing Pokémon, has a 20% chance to burn each target and heals 50% of the damage dealt. Incredibly strong move!

    • Howling MoMo
      Howling MoMo 16 days ago +114

      whats even better is later in the video theres a clip at 28:00 showing it as a spread move

    • Shuji
      Shuji 16 days ago +62

      It’s basically scaled and giga drain but it hits all enemies

    • bruce potter
      bruce potter 16 days ago +50

      @Howling MoMoat 3:17 he USES FOOTAGE of it hitting both

    • J42
      J42 16 days ago +77

      @bruce potteraudio recorded before footage.

    • killercat
      killercat 16 days ago +1

      Basically heals 100% on 2 targets

  • Stick
    Stick 16 days ago +1149

    The apple being competitively viable is crazy

    • jjmmmmm
      jjmmmmm 16 days ago +34

      The issue with applin is that it's got the Zac/Zam treatment

    • All-in
      All-in 16 days ago +20

      Hes dipplin into the competitive scene! (Pun intended)

    • Hot Foot Bunny
      Hot Foot Bunny 16 days ago +81

      Dipplen is most likely gonna get a evolution too which is even more crazy (if your confused, it's been discovered that dipplen can use a evolite and there is a empty spot where dex number is)

    • 🎀Yammie Stuff🧶
      🎀Yammie Stuff🧶 16 days ago +2


    • Tyquil825
      Tyquil825 16 days ago +27

      It’s actually able to use the eviolit

  • Galarticuno
    Galarticuno 16 days ago +260

    Ursaluna’s new ability is just “I can hit anything” and that’s kind of insane

    • Neoclassical
      Neoclassical 16 days ago +42

      Definitely seems like it was balanced as a story mode boss first and foremost

    • The Faustian Jester
      The Faustian Jester 16 days ago +14

      Chaos Chaos

    • GreyVictory1510
      GreyVictory1510 16 days ago +19

      To be fair, it is basically Scrappy + Keen Eye, which is nice. But nothing crazy. You don't gain accuracy on your lower accuracy moves as far as I know. You just ignore stuff like double team and you are immune to sand attack.

    • Paul Rance
      Paul Rance 16 days ago +30

      The ability to hit ghost types with fighting and normal moves more than makes up for it though.

    • frank caggiano
      frank caggiano 16 days ago +9

      ​@GreyVictory1510but also to be fair, they could have just given it either keen eye or scrappy, with scrappy of course as the base story ability, rather than a combo of both. I like it personally, but it is kinda weird to combine abilities like that on a single mon (outside of like, horse+onion-head)

  • depressed fish
    depressed fish 16 days ago +670

    You forgot something massive about Sinistcha. It get imprison. afaik the combination of imprison and rage powder on a Pokémon is exclusive only to Sinistcha. This means that it can stop amoonguss' redirection, making it much less of a factor in battles. It also gets life dew, in case Hospitality and matcha gotcha weren't enough health.

    • Trever Leach
      Trever Leach 16 days ago +69

      Oh wow, that’s interesting. Could use it as a trick room/imprison Mon with rage powder and either Matcha Gatcha or Shadow Ball.

    • Kuroser
      Kuroser 16 days ago +65

      Sinistcha is a fucking insane support pokemon

    • Rean411
      Rean411 16 days ago +66

      Sinistcha has mad 4 move slot syndrome.

    • Snailmix
      Snailmix 16 days ago +53

      The Chad Sinistcha set:
      Sinistcha @ Leftovers
      Ability: Hospitality
      - Matcha Gotcha
      - Strength Sap
      - Life Dew
      - Grassy Terrain
      My team will be healed whether you like it or not. My man’s is a walking hospital

    • Antonio Casique
      Antonio Casique 16 days ago +16

      @SnailmixI would even go as far as to say you can swap out grassy terrain for something else and just run it with rillaboom. However depending on the meta maybe those two on the same team might not be good

  • NixAvernal
    NixAvernal 16 days ago +305

    Some other things that I want to add
    - Matcha Gotcha is a spread move (hits both opponents) and has a 20% chance to burn.
    - Dipplin is affected by Evolite so we know it has an evo in the upcoming DLC. But still for now it can run Evolite to bump up it’s defenses
    - Should be somewhat obvious but Ogerpon’s Tera type cannot be changed - it’s locked into whatever type it’s mask gives (base form Teal Mask being Grass btw)
    - Embody Aspect triggers on switch in. Yes, like last Gen’s intrepid sword/shield. If you have Zacian flashbacks, I’m sorry.
    - Most importantly, it’s been researched that any of Ogerpon’s masks gives a 1.2x boost to **all** of it’s moves. Basically it has a Griseous Orb in it’s item slot that works in all of its moves.

    • Un amante del chispop
      Un amante del chispop 16 days ago +13

      I did not know about the last one

    • Xavier Ward
      Xavier Ward 16 days ago +34

      Ogerpon's masks are a lot better because Giratina can't be in origin form and hold the griseous orb anymore, the most unnecessary nerf ever made

    • Slimeonian
      Slimeonian 16 days ago +21

      ⁠@Xavier Wardthe Griseous Core gives the same Ghost/Dragon boost that the Griseous Orb does. Same with the Adamant Crystal and Lustrous Globe

    • Gianluca Sustache
      Gianluca Sustache 16 days ago +2

      The last two are very interesting

    • Nick Hunt
      Nick Hunt 16 days ago +9

      The fact that it gets a 1.2x boost to its moves is a game changer for me. I was worried that because it had to hold its mask that you were effectively losing the held item but since it gives it a boost that's so worth it now!

  • Jahnavi Valleru
    Jahnavi Valleru 16 days ago +637

    8:46 Dipplin can actually hold the Eviolite, meaning you don’t have to stay with just attacking moves, but also it buffs defense to

    • Twilight Chomper Enthusiast
      Twilight Chomper Enthusiast 16 days ago +20

      Is that actually true? If so, GF either messed up code some way, or there’s a planned evolution for Dipplin that dataminers never found coming in the Indigo Disk or something. If anything, I’m assuming that it’s just a bug.

    • ScreamingRain
      ScreamingRain 16 days ago +112

      @Twilight Chomper Enthusiastin the code there’s an empty slot right after dipplin showing that there noght be an evo

    • Twilight Chomper Enthusiast
      Twilight Chomper Enthusiast 16 days ago +14

      @ScreamingRain That’s interesting! Now I’m hoping that the other two get evos, but they got gigantimaxes. But who knows? Duraludon got one…

    • User
      User 16 days ago +31

      ​@Twilight Chomper Enthusiast duraludon can gmax yet it can evolve
      Unlike megas, gmaxs arent a seal that cant be broken for a pokemon evolving

    • figgy
      figgy 16 days ago +12

      @User I mean at this point megas probably aren't a seal for anyone getting an evo either. They've just yet to feel the desire to give a new evo to one.

  • Lugical
    Lugical 16 days ago +144

    Ogerpon also gets a 1.2x multiplier on it's attacks when using the fire, water and rock masks, as compensation for locking you into an item where the grass mask doesnt

    • Breimen Cox
      Breimen Cox 16 days ago +9

      yeah I think in terms of the damage output you can achieve with the grass mask its probably the best one for that role. Given it can benefit from its mask still while also holding an item gives it a massive boost and with the right set up can turn it into a horrifying sweeper

    • Eugene Marshall
      Eugene Marshall 16 days ago +1

      Outside of terastalization?

    • mr fish
      mr fish 16 days ago +12

      @Eugene Marshallyeah all moves get boosted even without tera

    • Eugene Marshall
      Eugene Marshall 16 days ago

      @mr fish Why?!

    • SoaringRaven
      SoaringRaven 16 days ago +4

      @Eugene Marshall cause you are locked into an item using any of the mask

  • Joseph Fritz
    Joseph Fritz 16 days ago +143

    Bloodmoon Ursaluna can learn vacuum wave, a fighting type priority move, that can hit ghost types like Gholdengo for super effective which is pretty good for a slow pokemon.

    • Aga W
      Aga W 16 days ago +8

      In my opinion, this would be the reason for Bloodmoon Ursaluna to be more viable than regular ones. Cause it can at least still do sth out of trick room

    • LucarioKnight B
      LucarioKnight B 15 days ago +3

      Crazy happy to see Vacuum Wave as a TM. :)

  • Iann Smith
    Iann Smith 16 days ago +233

    Due to data mining and testing with evolite, it appears that Dippin will have an evolution. That's probably why its stats are ok at best

    • Leavanny Gaming
      Leavanny Gaming 16 days ago +30

      It literally has the same BST as the other Applin evos.

    • Will
      Will 16 days ago +7

      ​@Leavanny Gamingthe spread is subpar though

    • Leavanny Gaming
      Leavanny Gaming 16 days ago +57

      @Will Of course it is. It's covered in syrup.

    • ThatMan 666
      ThatMan 666 16 days ago +7

      I can see how this correlates to Dipplin being Kieran's Ace Pokémon who (spoilers)
      may take an antagonist role in *The Indigo Disk.*

    • Ajay Persaud
      Ajay Persaud 16 days ago +4

      that's true, but right now in game eviolite already works, all but guaranteeing an upcoming evolution@Leavanny Gaming

  • Hidden Power Leaf
    Hidden Power Leaf 16 days ago +414

    Matcha Gotcha does hit both opponents, source : playing on casual ladder and getting hit by it

    • FlygonkingVGC
      FlygonkingVGC  16 days ago +5

      Can someone get this comment higher up for everyone to see. It’s important info

    • Sparx the Heliolisk
      Sparx the Heliolisk 16 days ago +32

      Also would like to confirm that it hits multiple, this time from a Tera Raid- and it heals 4 times when it does hit all 4

    • Trever Leach
      Trever Leach 16 days ago +5

      @Sparx the Heliolisknah I think its only hitting the raid boss, but because it has such a high health pool you are getting much more recovery.
      Regardless, it is a spread move for certain.
      Edit: nvm I realized you were saying when it is the boss. Dang that sounds impossible to kill lol

    • frank caggiano
      frank caggiano 16 days ago +6

      ​@Trever Leachthe worst part of raid Sinistcha using it is that the animations take so long I actually lost when it had like 1% because it took 45 seconds to do the animations for Matcha Gotcha for both its turns and time ran out lmao

    • tCAL
      tCAL 16 days ago +1

      @treverleach19 looks like the matcha gotcha and yes it hits both opponents

  • Tyson Vienneau
    Tyson Vienneau 16 days ago +67

    I want to add a few things
    Sinischa's second ability is Heatproof, making it's fire weakness a neutral move. It should be used in singles
    I think the rock mask on Ogerpon is actually good. Rock type moves are kinda scary with how effective they can be at hitting things hard, and it's signature move is basically a stone edge, with 100% accuracy on a Pokémon as fast as Lycanroc. Take that as you will
    Update: So it's just been brought into light, but Ogerpon's masks that are needed to change forms have been confirmed to grant a 20% power boost to all attacks, meaning it hits even harder with attacks. Yep

    • Justic
      Justic 16 days ago +1

      Gotta remember that rock mask has the same type as Cradily, a Pokemon that, all things considered, is a lot better than just looking at its typings seperately would have you guess.

  • Mel and Patchy
    Mel and Patchy 16 days ago +411

    I heard Dipplin can hold Eviolite, and if so, that's insane

    • Jahnavi Valleru
      Jahnavi Valleru 16 days ago +9

      This is true

    • TheBT
      TheBT 16 days ago +30

      ​@jahnavivalleru Placing all bets, coding error, spoiler or both.

    • Justin Kassel
      Justin Kassel 16 days ago

      That's insane add stell tera on top to resist a ton of types you are good

    • Amatsuo
      Amatsuo 16 days ago +31

      ​@TheBTits a Spoiler.
      The Index skips a slot after it.

    • Diego Medina
      Diego Medina 16 days ago +4

      ​@AmatsuoYeah too specific to be a bug.

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 16 days ago +52

    New Pokemon talked about
    Sinistcha 0:15
    Dipplin 5:19
    Ursaluna-Bloodmoon 9:21
    Toxic Chain Intro 14:36
    Okidogi 14:53
    Munkidori 16:57
    Fezandipiti 20:03
    Ogerpon 23:28

  • Aldo Libreri
    Aldo Libreri 16 days ago +10

    Some notes on the first 3.
    1) Matcha Gotcha is a spread move and it’s 20% burn on each target.
    2) Diplin can use Evolite, making it one of the bulkest Pokémon around.
    3) BM Ursaluna also gets Moonlight, so you can run a bulky set to make it a hard hitting tank and heal yourself up when you’re low. It’s basically if Snorlax was a special attacker, got more stats, and was given a second type.

  • Doctoon
    Doctoon 16 days ago +152

    I swear to god if the Dipplin evo is named Tripplin I’m gonna do a backflip. Mark my words.

    • Endershock1678
      Endershock1678 16 days ago +6

      I'm hoping it's called Double Dripplin.

    • mr fish
      mr fish 16 days ago

      Hold up you’re onto something

    • Johnny Boi
      Johnny Boi 16 days ago +1

      we need your clip then, or it never happened. :D

    • Cameron
      Cameron 12 days ago

      i believe you man

    • Cameron
      Cameron 12 days ago +1

      my money’s on dripplin because it means like triple but also has drip
      in it like how dippin means double but also dip

  • President Togekiss
    President Togekiss 16 days ago +20

    Correction: Rage Poweder is not grass type. Amoongus is grass type but the move itself is bug type.

  • Zen Fishy
    Zen Fishy 16 days ago +32

    On the topic of Dipplin, I think it's worth mentioning that Dipplin actually works with the Eviolite which adds a ton of bulk on top of the already decent defenses

  • Frosty
    Frosty 16 days ago +23

    One important thing missing, ogerpon apparently gets an around 20% hidden boost to all of its attacks when it's wearing a mask, meaning the fire mask is probably the best moveset

  • RegiTrioTrio
    RegiTrioTrio 16 days ago +53

    Polchagiest evo has a lot of potential from what I can tell. Ive only used it on my playthrough but still it seems incredibly good for doubles. Its ability and move set are solid. I hope its good.

    • Roflmao6173
      Roflmao6173 16 days ago +9

      That thing is an annoying pos in Raids (as the raid mon), matcha gotcha being spread recovery makes it eat up SOOO much time whenever it uses it cause for some reason you are required to sit through every single recovery while being unable to select an action

    • Howl
      Howl 16 days ago +10

      @Roflmao6173this is basically my no.1 complaint of raids in general. So much stuff can eat up the timer while I can do nothing

    • Slipstream
      Slipstream 16 days ago

      Shell bell, pop bomb maushold ftw

    • Endershock1678
      Endershock1678 16 days ago

      It has a ton going for it.
      -Heals on Switch-in, meaning it can be an amazing support pivot with pokemon like Lando.
      -Learns life Dew, meaning it can heal its teammate even more.
      -Heals itself and weakens enemies with Strength Sap.
      -Can heal itself and burn two enemies with Matcha Gotcha.
      Honestly, I'm excited for thsi pokemon. If it had just a bit of bulk, it could be downright overwhelming.

  • ShirkingViolet
    ShirkingViolet 16 days ago +29

    One thing to note about Dipplin: People did some testing and it turns out an eviolite works on it, implying that it will get an evolution in the next DLC. This lines up with the datamine that shows that there's an empty space in the dex between Dipplin and the next pokemon. We probably haven't seen the line's full potential yet.

  • KidVandal
    KidVandal 16 days ago +24

    Dipplin becomes more viable while holding an Eviolite (yes, it works) - it allows Dipplin to run status support, which synergizes well with its natural immunity to spore and powder moves

    • Alan Mira Anime
      Alan Mira Anime 16 days ago

      I wonder how good Dipplin evo will be in the next DLC

  • marcelo sandoval
    marcelo sandoval 16 days ago +203

    Dripplin is going to evolve, and I'm going to love it

    • Amatsuo
      Amatsuo 16 days ago +10

      I wonder if it will be a syrupy flapple & appletun fusion.

    • Mr. Squidopus
      Mr. Squidopus 16 days ago +15

      @Amatsuo It is technically two of the little wyrm creatures in one apple, so that is very possible!

    • Quaxsuke HigashiKata
      Quaxsuke HigashiKata 16 days ago +2


    • M TABLET
      M TABLET 16 days ago +11

      @Quaxsuke HigashiKata Dripplin

  • Valerio
    Valerio 16 days ago +74

    Wolfey as always brings us high quality content

    • Cyril
      Cyril 16 days ago


  • Henrink the kind old dog
    Henrink the kind old dog 16 days ago +4

    I really like seeing a bird that's not a flying type. Gives a little variance

  • Davider94
    Davider94 16 days ago +5

    Fezandipiti also gets access to Dual Wingbeat and Tail Slap which have a chance to activate Toxic Chain with each hit, and I think it's kinda dope

  • Da Dog Got A Tie
    Da Dog Got A Tie 16 days ago +6

    It's worth mentioning for dipplin that it's been confirmed to get an evolution in the next dlc because eviolite works on it which would make it actually really bulky

  • iiDeviilzzHD
    iiDeviilzzHD 16 days ago +80

    Not only does Matcha Gotcha deal damage to both Pokemon but it also thaws you out of being Frozen!

    • Endershock1678
      Endershock1678 16 days ago +23

      Considering what happened in the last regionals, this is comedically relevant.

    • Miffed Kitten
      Miffed Kitten 16 days ago +2

      Huh? I thought it thaws target not user

    • Endershock1678
      Endershock1678 16 days ago +8

      @Miffed Kitten Certain moves thaw user. Scald did in previous gens, so Green Tea Scald thawing isn't really surprising.

    • Dawn's Buneary
      Dawn's Buneary 13 days ago

      What the heck is matcha anyway?

    • steegen
      steegen 12 days ago


  • Tom Grazel
    Tom Grazel 16 days ago +2

    just an FYI for anyone wondering, Dipplins ability essentially multiplies accuracy by (4/3). For example it would change Hypnosis from 60% to 80% accuracy

  • RanserSSF4
    RanserSSF4 16 days ago +4

    thing to note is that Ursa Bloodmoon learns Vacuum Wave, so it can use priority to hit most things for decent damage, even against ghosts due to Mind's Eye. This can effectively allow it to hit things even without trickroom. Issue is, is it worth it for your 4th move?
    Also the fairy/poison mon I've surprised that wasn't mentioned was that it learns beat up. Beat up with Toxic Chain increases the chance of badly poisoning a opposing pokemon

  • Mango_Therapy
    Mango_Therapy 16 days ago +2

    Wolfey forgot to mention that even though Bloodmoon Ursaluna has a lower special attack than regular Ursaluna’s physical attack, it can’t be slowed down by intimidate which is pretty big.

    • Mojo OhNo
      Mojo OhNo 16 days ago

      And if Neutralizing Gas Weezing comes in, it isn't immediately declawed without it's ability.

  • Weener Eh30
    Weener Eh30 16 days ago +3

    im not a competitive pokemon player but i love seeing your videos too how complex pokemon can really be. keep up the great work

  • william garmon
    william garmon 16 days ago +2

    I think a video going over the returning moves and who gets them would also be pretty cool

  • Jordan Stevenson
    Jordan Stevenson 16 days ago +2

    Just wondering but do you think safeguard might see some usage with the introduction of the loyal three and toxic chain? It just seems like a possible way of shutting down one of their abilities

  • Mega Cj
    Mega Cj 11 days ago +1

    Im really looking forward to how the new mons play out. I feel like Dripplin will have some really good use in making other pokemon far more potent, such as Maushold. Guaranteed 10 hit Popbomb doesnt seem like something that should be slept on. Especially if you can actually use eviolite on it like a lot of people are saying. To me it seems like a very unorthodox support mon that will fly under thr radar until someone uses it in a way we don't expect

  • Kenneth Kjen
    Kenneth Kjen 16 days ago +9

    Ogerpon also gets a 20% damage boost to all moves when wearing one of the 3 masks

  • Tornadey018
    Tornadey018 11 days ago +1

    The cool thing going for Munkidori is fake out + chance of poison, so that's cool.
    Edit: Fezandipiti getting Icy wind + poison chance is crazy

  • pokeplayzgaming
    pokeplayzgaming 16 days ago

    We love you wolf! You are so informative and entertaining

  • Rae Vivian
    Rae Vivian 16 days ago +1

    I would love to see a video were Wolfey only uses new DLC pokemon on a team. With mons like Sinistcha and Dipplin, I feel like Wolfey could get more success with them than most.

  • 0verl0rd
    0verl0rd 16 days ago +1

    A healing spread move with Calm mind and 20% burn chance is terrifying

  • Josh Berg
    Josh Berg 16 days ago +1

    I'm excited for sinistcha and fezendipiti, especially since it learns a bunch of moves that hit multiple target like dazzling gleam and heat wave and icy wind

  • Carl Hocker
    Carl Hocker 16 days ago +20

    It's important to note that for some reason, Dipplin can use an eviolite

    • Will
      Will 16 days ago +6

      That's because it will evolve in dlc 2

    • Isaiah Olaru
      Isaiah Olaru 16 days ago +1

      ​@WillInto TRIPPLIN
      (This is just a name idea, not a confirmed name)

  • Keihzaru
    Keihzaru 14 days ago +2

    Fun fact about Syrup Bomb, it is one of the few moves this gen whose appereance changes if the user is Shiny, as it will shoot yellow syrup, but that's not all, the speed reducing effect visual of the move will also be yellow.

  • Miralis
    Miralis 11 days ago

    Also keep in mind that standard Grass Ogerpon can use any item she wants. She doesn't have to waste the slot on on a mask. Like the Fire one is pretty good with Moldbreaker for example but really wants to hold boots but can't and thus gets stealth rocked hard.

  • biguzivert
    biguzivert 16 days ago +1

    some missed things: ogerpon gets super power not cc, so not as good. also he apparently gets a 1.2x multiplier to his attack stat when holding either of the 4 masks. this is why i enjoy the rock form because having a broken rock move is actually really good

  • Xavier Ward
    Xavier Ward 16 days ago +2

    Hospitality is one of those abilities where if its not surprisingly good its totally useless, so here's hoping Sinistcha is the only mon who gets it as the generations go on

  • Slick_Rick Gaming
    Slick_Rick Gaming 16 days ago +1

    Id like to mention some more info on Matcha Gotcha
    1. Its burn chance is 20%, so not as bad as scald but the healing makes up
    2. Its also a "bullet" move, meaning bulletproof Pokemon (like Kommo-O or even Ursaluna) are safe

  • SnapClub
    SnapClub 16 days ago +3

    I’ve heard that the Eviolite works on Dipplin which means there’s a high chance of it evolving next DLC.

  • TarBeast
    TarBeast 16 days ago

    Ogerpon has a lot going on, can't wait to see what people are coming up for it, who knows maybe someone will make a competitive rock type Ogerpon

  • The_Godbodor
    The_Godbodor 16 days ago

    One thing that has me excited about Ogerpon is that it's stats are good, so we are gonna be seeing it a lot anyway, but with its masks changing so much and all (but rock really) being strong in their own ways means that Ogerpon will probably be one of the most flexible pokemon in top level of play that we see

  • Raynman Plays
    Raynman Plays 16 days ago +1

    What about hitting your other Pokemon with a Syrup Bomb in a Trick Room setting? I guess it would be mostly useful vs another Trick Room team, but you could use it on a Pokemon that's really on the edge of being a good Trick Room Pokemon, but its speed is higher than you'd prefer.

  • BrotakuDon
    BrotakuDon 16 days ago

    Just as a note, Sinistcha also has the hidden ability "Heatproof". That may be less interesting than hospitality but it certainly isn't a bad second option. Also, if I'm slotting a Poison/Fairy type mon on my team it is 100% always going to be Galarian Wheezing.

  • San_
    San_ 16 days ago +2

    6:49 should have been noted that Dipplin's stats are so low because it will get another evolution in Indigo Disk (it currently can use Eviolite).

  • JJ
    JJ 16 days ago +23

    the ogerpons are actually incredible

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 16 days ago

    I have yet to play this gen, but I'm still watching Wolfey explain everything. :) Keep it up!

  • Jacob Cannon
    Jacob Cannon 16 days ago +1

    Ogerpon is awesome, such a fun design and I'm so glad they didn't just give it INSANE stats--great stats yes, but nothing that makes it too crazy. It has so many tools, and can be played so many ways! Just wish each game had more than 1 in it.

  • Magma
    Magma 15 days ago +1

    This video (through Patreon or just on the main channel) makes me really want to see Wolfey go more in-depth on certain Pokemon, meta or otherwise

  • SnakeAssassins
    SnakeAssassins 16 days ago +5

    a combo I'm actually really curious about the effectiveness of is using syrup bomb on your own ursaluna for trick room, like a speed version of that annihilape population bomb strat

  • AbyssGamingYT
    AbyssGamingYT  16 days ago +4

    Personally i think alot of them can be more usefull but they will get nerfed or buffed in the later dlc

  • TheRazer456
    TheRazer456 16 days ago

    ive been testing a bulkier setup on the fire type ogerpon with icy wind and trick room support for speed control, and it can live some pretty surprising things with some investment in the right spots. And the attack boost on tera along with the mask itself giving 1.2x damage means its not weak by any means which I like personally for the teams I end up building.

  • MajinTV
    MajinTV 16 days ago +7

    Something missed about dipplin is that in game it gets a buff from eviolite. This was tested and from datamines it has a possible evolution in its dex so it seems to all point towards an evolution but for now having eviolite is nice

  • The_Godbodor
    The_Godbodor 16 days ago

    Ogerpon is cute, so I'm glad it has so much versatility and such good stats and movepool. The other new one I was hoping good things for is Fezindipity, so hearing it could be pretty solid and the best of it's trio really makes me excited to see it in competitive

  • mork
    mork 16 days ago

    dipplin is really good support with his ability being essentially evasiveness intimidate, a signature move that lowers speed for three turns, and being awsome looking.

  • Elijah Cooper
    Elijah Cooper 16 days ago

    I think running rock type with SD Tera to get the Def boost and have ttar to set up sand sounds like a fun team

  • J42
    J42 16 days ago +20

    Some *important* notes:
    Macha Gotcha hits both targets, with around 20% burn chance.
    Dipplin CAN run eviolite.
    Each mask held by Ogerpon boosts all attacks 1.2 times(as much as expert belt without having it be super effective).
    Okidogi gets snarl which can be very big.

  • dr xavier
    dr xavier 16 days ago

    The fact Dipplin is bassically confirmed to evolve since Eviolite works means its defense stats are gonna go even higher

  • Noram54
    Noram54 16 days ago

    Hope to see another video about the new abilities, and moves pokemon got

  • Xsaintdog
    Xsaintdog 16 days ago +1

    Im pretty sure green mask ogerpon can hold a item so if ur going for a attack set you can run green mask ivy cudgel and sweep without needing much setup

  • tdog
    tdog 16 days ago

    Idk if its already mentioned or not but Weavile (and most likely Sneasel) can learn Knock Off now thanks to it being a TM. I didn't teach it Knock Off but did see Can Learn under it

  • Lucifurious
    Lucifurious 16 days ago

    Matcha Gotcha hits multiple targets, atleast that is what I have seen in raids against it. Also I think Dipplin can also use Eviolite, so its bulk can be a bit more also we might get an evolution later

  • NeoTalon
    NeoTalon 16 days ago +7

    fun fact:
    ingame Shiinotic is actually listed as a Mythical right now due to it's JP name being similar to Marshadow's JP name.
    also Okidogi just comes off to me as, Green Dog Incineroar designwise, idk why

    • Jamtone
      Jamtone 16 days ago

      He reminds me of tony the tiger. Theyre Grrific.

  • edmg7
    edmg7 16 days ago

    I'm interested in ago the new grass Pokémon. The others I just want a viable strategy to counter.

  • Rebecca Huber
    Rebecca Huber 14 days ago +1

    I am going to get the DLC at the end of October at the latest and I'm am excited to try blood moon Ursaluna because it's like ursaluna, which I already love, but a better special attacking version that looks sick, so hyped. :)

  • Tréncha Stymrí
    Tréncha Stymrí 16 days ago +1

    I like how when you were talking about Follow Me on Ogerpon and how good the move is, the replays shown in the background are two situations where Follow Me was used and functionally was completely useless.

  • eva
    eva 16 days ago

    a team idea that i think could be good is fezandipiti with dazzling gleam and icy wind, with gothitelle next to it with heal pulse. shadow tag and toxic chain could have really good synergy. (edit- i just tested it on showdown and got a forfeit)

  • eworm
    eworm 16 days ago

    I find it very interesting that the only two non-legendary Pokémon they've introduced in wave 1 of the DLC are both clearly geared towards double battles.

  • The_Name_Changer
    The_Name_Changer 16 days ago +4

    I feel like the meta will require each team to have a Pokémon with gastro acid if blood moon ursaluna becomes dominant, which can be a problem as it wastes a spot for a move / Pokémon.

  • Lechonk ridaaaaaaa
    Lechonk ridaaaaaaa 16 days ago

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with a core of hearthflame ogerpon, clefairy and empoleon (who finally gets competitive instead of defiant). Experimenting with the last three, but kommo-o has been working well with life dew clefairy

  • kahanebarkenat
    kahanebarkenat 15 days ago +1

    We need in depth analysis of ogerpon! It seems so versatile and customizable!

  • BoredWeazul
    BoredWeazul 16 days ago +1

    will you talk about the returning pokemon? especially with Empoleon getting Competitive and Shiftry getting Wind Rider, im sure there are a bunch of other returning pokemon getting new abilities or moves

  • melkyrion
    melkyrion 16 days ago +2

    What if you use Dipplin to lower your own pokemon speed in trick room team?

  • OmegaAlpha01
    OmegaAlpha01 16 days ago +3

    I think the biggest omission that hasn’t already been brought up is that Ogerpon gets Encore. Makes the support variant that much scarier

  • Francis
    Francis 16 days ago

    This is actually a great video for someone like me who doesn't play the game anymore but still curious on what's new.

  • Jen Grace
    Jen Grace 16 days ago +1

    I'm surprised there was no comment about the combination of Toxic Chain and Beat Up on Fezandipity. In any format, having so many different instances of damage means that with a 30% chance to Toxic with it's ability, you're almost guaranteed to put any target you want on a timer.

    • Jamtone
      Jamtone 16 days ago +2

      Add kings rock, and gives it a good flinch chance.

  • Ace Palomino
    Ace Palomino 16 days ago

    If you’re able to get the setup, running scope lens + focus energy on the grass ogerpon makes ivy cudgel crit every time. I’m experimenting without scope lens cause of knock off but if you’re able to get up grassy terrain with rillaboom or bring out a chien pao, I was able to one shot many mons that resist grass with adamant max attack ogerpon.

  • I'm creating this just to comment

    Yoooo, really love the production on this one! It feels like the corporate feel on it has been toned down, actually reminds me somewhat of the casual chaotic vibes I came here for. Love the upgrade in production quality, keep it up!

  • Kilian Lindlbauer
    Kilian Lindlbauer 16 days ago

    Sinistcha also gets heat proof as hidden ability, so no longer weak to fire

  • Gerardo Leon
    Gerardo Leon 16 days ago +5

    The teacher who chaperones you talks about bringing terastralization to other regions with the crystals on the top of the oni mountain, with a better look attached to it like these masks replacing the crowns, would you like it to become a base game mechanic going forward?

  • Galathorus
    Galathorus 15 days ago

    Great video! I try to comment more and more on videos to show support!
    Really good break down for me who is trying to get back into Ranked but still have not gotten the DLC myself so now I atleast know what to look out for! :)
    Keep the videos coming Wolfey!

  • meepswag35
    meepswag35 16 days ago

    Did you know that dipplin can hold an eviolite? Apparently it’s evolution is coming sometime in the future, maybe in the indigo disk b/c it does get the correct amount of def and sp def increase from it from eviolite when holding it

  • Nathan Plomion
    Nathan Plomion 16 days ago +1

    Ursaluna bloodmoon can be played with 252 ev hp and defense and 4 in spécial defense with +def and - atk nature then play it Leftovers or heavy duty boots with blood moon, earth power, calm mind and moonlight along tera fairy (i use it in single and it is disgustingly good)

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    What you forgot to mention with the toxic chain ability that monkidori, okidogi, and fezendipiti share is that it badly poisons, not just poison meaning every move has a 30% to toxic which is really strong

    • StrapMiners
      StrapMiners 15 days ago +4

      Citation: fezendipiti also gets tail slap, but either it's bugged or it only works for one hit moves because ive never gotten toxic with it

  • NoahDoesStuff
    NoahDoesStuff 16 days ago +1

    I heard Dipplin can use the eviolite, so it might be a glitch but it might be because dipplin might evolve again. I don't know for sure.

  • Zifny
    Zifny 16 days ago

    Honestly i think bulky support based Ogerpon is gonna be the way to go

  • IMN_Fauler
    IMN_Fauler 16 days ago +17

    Dipplin probably will get an evo next dlc

  • ashwin garg
    ashwin garg 16 days ago +1

    I get so excited every time he uploads
    Keep up the good work 💯

  • Jooticus
    Jooticus 15 days ago +1

    something deep in my brain keeps telling me that sinistcha and comfey together on a team would work very well

    • Jooticus
      Jooticus 15 days ago +1

      unkillable cleric comp incoming…

  • macaroniii03
    macaroniii03 16 days ago

    I really like your delivery in this video. in most of your videos it seems pretty clear you're reading a script, but in this one you seem more casual and coversational. I like this a lot, would like to see your other videos be like this

  • Male_Maid
    Male_Maid 16 days ago

    i think another setuo move thats super viable is focus energy given ivy cudgel will be guaranteed to crit with it.