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Comments • 6 018

  • chalana mohottige

    No one-
    Simon - Portuguese! Portuguese!

  • Archie Kitching
    Archie Kitching 10 hours ago

    My spider sense are feeling demonitization

  • Suzie Giannikopoulos
    Suzie Giannikopoulos 16 hours ago

    josh rehearsing into his t-shirt was gold 😂😂

  • Tierra
    Tierra Day ago

    15:42 NUT

  • PJLyptd Farrell
    PJLyptd Farrell 2 days ago

    Im Irish and if i heard someone talk like ksi id be scared

  • PJLyptd Farrell
    PJLyptd Farrell 2 days ago

    Im Irish and if i heard someone talk like ksi id be scared

  • Kern
    Kern 2 days ago

    on 14:56 tobi and ethan dont hit the fist bump

  • isiaha reardon
    isiaha reardon 2 days ago

    Harry’s leg is over Simon’s leg

  • BeeZee
    BeeZee 4 days ago

    i think they smoked the wacky tobaccy

  • Harry May
    Harry May 5 days ago +1

    10:25 I think Simon likes Harry’s leg 🦵

  • Brink Zenco
    Brink Zenco 5 days ago

    Shittest scouse accent ffs😂

  • Sweoza
    Sweoza 5 days ago

    wtf is scandinavian, I live in Sweden

  • BoomBoomMC17 Gaming
    BoomBoomMC17 Gaming 5 days ago

    1:58 here is proof that Ethan isn’t related to Kon

  • Vaibee Beats
    Vaibee Beats 5 days ago

    10:20 Harry's leg on Simon's?

  • Space
    Space 6 days ago

    any find it scary how KSI goes from happy looking at vik to IMGOING TO KILLUCUNT at 15:10

  • Gen zi
    Gen zi 7 days ago

    Australians don’t fuckin sound like that

  • Noice Toits
    Noice Toits 7 days ago

    Scouse accents aren’t high pitched 😂

  • Rufus Thoburn
    Rufus Thoburn 7 days ago

    20:00 harry getting analy impaled by the green tick

  • eve dxvlin
    eve dxvlin 8 days ago

    The way I can tell how long ago this vid was is by looking at how fat Ethan was lmao

  • BrandonBlox YT
    BrandonBlox YT 8 days ago

    15:52 Ethan sound like a native born American

  • Prime Prince
    Prime Prince 9 days ago

    There is nothing like an African accent. Africa is a whole continent. One would think the two with African roots would be able to point that out...

  • Grcoop Noob
    Grcoop Noob 9 days ago

    If it’s welsh uve got to have but on the end

  • Pedro Asif
    Pedro Asif 10 days ago

    What is Josh's obsession with South Africa?

  • Collin Cox
    Collin Cox 10 days ago

    why is harry's leg on simon at 10:51

  • CactusKai
    CactusKai 12 days ago

    3:19 what the fuck happened to vik???

  • Hannah Travers
    Hannah Travers 12 days ago

    Simons scouse accent is sick
    Ethan at 16:00 playing catch 😂

  • Scott Falkirk
    Scott Falkirk 13 days ago +1

    When they don't know the accent
    I'm Scottish-
    Question)Do we really sound that wierd?

    • Zoey Bustard
      Zoey Bustard 3 days ago

      Scott Falkirk no we don’t (I hope)

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 13 days ago

    Ethan does a good American

  • Belle xo
    Belle xo 13 days ago

    i fully guessed the german one

  • closse dawson
    closse dawson 13 days ago


  • closse dawson
    closse dawson 13 days ago


  • closse dawson
    closse dawson 13 days ago


  • closse dawson
    closse dawson 13 days ago

    bruh i fucking love tobis australian accent

  • Zdan Beats
    Zdan Beats 14 days ago +2

    Outro song: AWTO - My Life

  • Lois Krol
    Lois Krol 14 days ago

    Their scouse is rubbish

  • Jess P
    Jess P 14 days ago

    yes guys! 🤣🤣

  • Jason Lyons
    Jason Lyons 14 days ago

    They do know that literally no Australians sound like that

  • Kira Armour
    Kira Armour 15 days ago +8

    How come Harry is giving off “where’s Waldo” vibes?

  • Amber Gregory youtube
    Amber Gregory youtube 15 days ago

    My mum is from burmmie

  • Jimmy V
    Jimmy V 15 days ago

    8:15 Vik.exe has stopped responding...

  • Alan Ahern
    Alan Ahern 16 days ago

    8:40 I was skitting.

  • Libenyane Majara
    Libenyane Majara 16 days ago

    JJ is so dumb😂

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang 16 days ago +34


  • Alana Fajeyisan
    Alana Fajeyisan 17 days ago +3

    Harry’s Chinese accent sounded french

  • MacD Games
    MacD Games 17 days ago

    They really don't know what a Scottish accent sounds like

  • Da_Matorix Yt
    Da_Matorix Yt 17 days ago +6

    Anyone else notice that Harry’s leg was on Simon’s?? 💕

  • GTam aAk
    GTam aAk 17 days ago

    I saw jamaica n the thumbnail I click
    vikk i so disapointed

  • Jezza
    Jezza 17 days ago +6

    Why does Harry have a tennis ball in his nuts

  • ashton molloy
    ashton molloy 17 days ago


  • Andreas Andersson
    Andreas Andersson 18 days ago

    outro song?

  • Declan Dolan
    Declan Dolan 18 days ago +3

    when you enter the special ed class and they are reading 7:50

  • Marleen Dunne
    Marleen Dunne 18 days ago +2

    I’m Irish and by JJ’s accent I’m actually offended 😂😂

  • CraigStar1548
    CraigStar1548 19 days ago +1

    I'm Scottish and this is just offensive

  • Knightwing795 The space gamer

    ksi face 0:04

  • Wise Whispers
    Wise Whispers 19 days ago +1

    When Vik said Chinese
    Harry was like 👍 6:49 and 6:57 😂😂🔥

  • umesh mistry
    umesh mistry 20 days ago

    I'm a bit concerned about Simons mancunian accent cause I'm from Manchester 👌

  • Liam bazza
    Liam bazza 21 day ago

    Legit any one who’s not scouse.... they go qukkk at the end go hi pitch or ask ye to say chiken nuggets

  • Gessi
    Gessi 21 day ago

    The african one was funny 1:00

  • willhelm udit
    willhelm udit 21 day ago +1

    Ethan: *does perfect russian accent*
    JJ: Japanese?

  • Max
    Max 22 days ago +1

    16:47 that was the worst Irish accent ever

    • Vyk
      Vyk 20 days ago

      yeah man i dunno how they figured it out xD