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His Head Was About To Explode😧

  • Published on Dec 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Fermion
    Fermion Month ago +911

    The ref, his corner, and the ringside doctor ALL failed this fighter. Throw all of them in the trash.

    • Clifford Santos
      Clifford Santos Hour ago

      ​@becca doyle wmho was she fighting over there

    • coffee
      coffee 17 hours ago +1

      @Iray Z ok? And fuck this barbaric sport this is how all humans are if pushed in a corner, and people make money off this crap

    • coffee
      coffee 17 hours ago


    • Mike Johnson
      Mike Johnson 21 hour ago

      You got that right!! What the fuckin hell was that?!

    • Michael Ray
      Michael Ray Day ago

      Fight should have been stopped!!!!!

  • Paul Caney
    Paul Caney 20 days ago +383

    Can't believe the ref allowed this, he should never be able to oversee a fight again

    • Brendan Martin
      Brendan Martin 16 hours ago


    • Downhill 64
      Downhill 64 Day ago +1

      Totally agree, blood clot just waiting

    • AbdulMueed Saleh
      AbdulMueed Saleh 4 days ago

      ​@Randomshitstormz r u sped?

    • loudaddy2001
      loudaddy2001 4 days ago

      ​@Randomshitstormz, have you been in a lot of fights, Rand? 🙄

    • Fermion
      Fermion 6 days ago +2

      @Randomshitstormz Did you not see that fighter constantly getting blasted in the face, offering little resistance? Forget the lump, it's the fact that the fighter was obviously in no condition to properly fight back.

  • LH
    LH Month ago +123

    “I got my referee certification from a Corn Flakes box.”

    • shaun michael
      shaun michael 7 days ago +1

      More like I was taught how to be a ref from Ivan drago

  • The Texorcist LIVE Podcast
    The Texorcist LIVE Podcast 23 days ago +230

    Referee's full time job is a funeral director.

  • James
    James 2 months ago +4844

    If he dies.. he dies.
    - Refree

    • Harley & Us
      Harley & Us 2 days ago

      Bruhhhh this comment cracked me tf up 😂😂😂😂😂 hilarious

    • d t
      d t 4 days ago

      This cracked me up

    • shaun michael
      shaun michael 7 days ago

      Exactly what came to my mind this ref obviously learned how to referee from Ivan himself

    • JH
      JH 9 days ago

      ​@MyNoSkips nobody cares if it was spelled wrong... stop being a jerk. It was a rocky refrence.
      And yes I know it is spelled reference

    • Patrick Lee
      Patrick Lee 13 days ago

      FloridMiston, why have you loved this comment?

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +20

    Ref is like: " wait i wanna see if he actually grows a second head"

    • SimplyJ5
      SimplyJ5 28 days ago


  • Icemotion
    Icemotion Month ago +29

    holy shit dude's a fuckin warrior

  • R Teal
    R Teal 23 days ago +139

    That man is a soldier !!! He took that beating but never fell and never quit. There is no shame in losing when you stand in there like that. Mad respect

    • Skateboarding Jesus
      Skateboarding Jesus 3 days ago +1

      "Muee-toy" fighters are like that.

    • Ray
      Ray 7 days ago

      it's called "brain injury"

    • Chuckygeorge
      Chuckygeorge 7 days ago

      Id say hes an idiot. He put himself in there for some stupid reason.

    • Pope of dope
      Pope of dope 7 days ago

      Bull shit. He isnt soldier, he was dumb ass

    • R Teal
      R Teal 8 days ago

      @sydwaters1681 - is your user name actually a combination of "Syd Barrett" and "Roger Waters" ??
      If so ( and your profile pic appears to confirm this)
      then respect to you. Most people don't know that the character "pink" from "The Wall" (album and movie) was a mash up of Roger Waters and Syd Barrett.
      Of course I'm sure that you know all of this. Lol.
      I seen them twice during "Momentary Lapse of Reason" tour. Though it was an incredible show and David Gilmore was in rare form , without Waters it didn't feel like Pink Floyd.

    D CRACKA Month ago +3

    I remember when this happened in a boxing match, Hasim Rahman head swole up so damn big and he kept fighting even tho it looked like his head was about to give birth....Those guys are warriors!

    • Ser Golden hand the Just
      Ser Golden hand the Just 28 days ago

      yeah Holyfield using the top of his head like a missile. Rahman hematoma was way worse than this

  • Candy Coated Poison
    Candy Coated Poison Month ago +20

    Might be one of the biggest displays of heart despite all the jokes in the comment. What a soldier.

    • OneOfYahs
      OneOfYahs 9 days ago

      Imagine if the ref gave you a mirror mid fight. I'd bet you'd stop. That's not heart. That's being delusional.

    • J C
      J C 12 days ago

      No way. How is that a display of heart? It's not like it was hurting him. It was just swollen with blood. Big deal. That ain't heart. 🤣

  • Charlie Yellowstone
    Charlie Yellowstone 14 days ago +22

    That referee should be held accountable for allowing that fight to go on with that type of condition that kid was in.

  • TheInvincibleBBTHA
    TheInvincibleBBTHA Month ago +5

    That sound effect you used makes the fight so more enjoyable and satisfying! Do more of those!

  • Vincent Pasceri
    Vincent Pasceri Month ago

    George Mann- THAT'S
    HEART !!!

  • Edin Simic
    Edin Simic 2 months ago +157

    Thats white boy is a fkn warrior huge respect to him the ref should def be fired

    • muddy hotdog
      muddy hotdog 4 days ago

      ​@SANDWICH BHOY which bone in your leg isn't weight bearing? sorry not calling you on it, genuinely just curious. seems your whole leg is a structure that bears weight

    • Price2Pay
      Price2Pay 9 days ago

      Whys he a boy ?

      SANDWICH BHOY 10 days ago +1

      @Tanus-AZs Finest i had a broken jaw and a hairline fracture in a non weight bearing leg bone and still finished,but oh boy, when the adrenaline wears off I experienced pain like never before

      NOTASNOWFLAKE6NM88 10 days ago

      U wanna talk bout respect then call him a WHITE BOY HES A WHITE MAN got it blavk boy or whatever the hell u are in sure ur a black so if I was to call u a boy u would start to cry victim

    • Hung Tran
      Hung Tran 11 days ago

      F ..da warrior,shity term,I don't knw how ,ref,corner ppl,docs,can allow it to happen so long,I rather be called a Wimp and quit rite away,Than be called a Warrior,of stupidity,..Lucky to be alive.😁

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson Month ago

    Smokin joe! His uncle is my Muay Thai coach I love that guy 😂

  • Michael Toms
    Michael Toms Month ago +2

    “it was a moo-ee thai fight” 😂😂

  • Jason Dreamboat
    Jason Dreamboat Month ago +1

    Man I wish I could learn Moo-ey Thai

  • Vini SThrill
    Vini SThrill Month ago

    Ref's bet was on the fight going all the way 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ass Ass
    Ass Ass Month ago

    I got phantom pains just looking at that. Like I was grabbing my head watching this

  • Bishopman 2
    Bishopman 2 Month ago

    "...a second head." Lmao

  • vermili0n
    vermili0n Month ago +18

    Both guys are warriors, especially the white guy. Took a hell of a beating and still kept going until the end…

  • tiffa 01
    tiffa 01 Month ago

    My mate had a lump like that in same place a few years ago
    Died 2 years later of a tumour in the exact same spot

  • Uttam Kumar
    Uttam Kumar 2 months ago +2446

    Ref: F*ck off fight is not stoping until I get my check.

    • JR Hunter
      JR Hunter 5 days ago

      @ezdfiant it's your bizznutts.

    • ezdfiant
      ezdfiant 8 days ago

      @JR Hunter that's your business...

    • JR Hunter
      JR Hunter 8 days ago

      ​@ezdfiant insurrector cumchoi???

    • JR Hunter
      JR Hunter 8 days ago

      ​@ezdfiant connector bum toy???

    • XX crump
      XX crump 9 days ago

      @Rogue☆Akatsuki I think he's a teen that uses like the word like every other word like all the time.

  • Just .
    Just . Month ago

    My vein on the side of my head swelled up a tiny bit after lifting weights one day. Tbh I thought it was an non ruptured aneurysm

  • Iqbal Syahab
    Iqbal Syahab Month ago +6

    in the end of the day, your healthy physique is what make your life wonderfull.

  • Ray Seto
    Ray Seto Month ago

    The poor guy kept his right hand down most of the time 😢

  • Nyyomm M
    Nyyomm M Month ago

    I already knew who was going to lose before it started

  • Realt Tife
    Realt Tife 2 months ago +4055

    When refree has taken his degree from online classes then this happens

    • Mimi Lamm
      Mimi Lamm 3 days ago +1

      Maybe the Google response to this type of injury will help settle the arguments...lol
      Hematomas may be something to be concerned about. They can cause serious harm and if they get large enough, they may cause blood pressure to drop. They can even lead to shock, a life-threatening condition that happens when organs in the body don't get enough blood or oxygen.

    • cowboys from hell
      cowboys from hell 5 days ago

      Ante Delija win one milion dolar in PFL, boli ga kurac

    • MMM: Middle-aged Muay Thai Man 👨
      MMM: Middle-aged Muay Thai Man 👨 8 days ago

      @Aaron Page ohhh, I see. You needed some proof? Ok. This is me after I snapped my forearm in half...with NO anaesthetic (other than gas n air!)

    • Aaron Page
      Aaron Page 10 days ago

      @MMM: Middle-aged Muay Thai Man 👨 stop it.

    • Aaron Page
      Aaron Page 10 days ago

      @Louis N stop it.

  • Feature
    Feature Month ago +1

    “ it was a moo-eee thai fight” 😂

  • Kyle Mcgregor
    Kyle Mcgregor Month ago

    Respect to him

  • Trevor Rijke
    Trevor Rijke Month ago

    Dang respect though man went the distance

  • whatsyourAOL
    whatsyourAOL Month ago

    Ahh yes...i hate when a "vein" blows up like a second head 😂

  • kewltony
    kewltony 2 months ago +3487

    If you guys need a cornerman to throw in the towel I'm available.

    • Nicholas #51
      Nicholas #51 8 days ago +1

      Please make sure you are also formidable (ideally bigger and stronger than the fighter), because sometimes they get mad if you throw it and they want to keep going. You need to have the power to defeat them if things come to blows.

    • Tony Martin
      Tony Martin 10 days ago

      Boy, you ain't kidding, somebody needs their ass burnt up for this

    • Paulie Walnuts
      Paulie Walnuts 11 days ago

      ​@Drako2015 ever punch a water balloon? That's what I'm picturing.

    • sol cutta
      sol cutta 11 days ago

      @Amon Chambers I was thinking same thing If was me I'd no longer use that side fist , the guy wasn't fighting back...but his opponent instead targeted it..guess that's why we aren't fighters and they are.. I have more compassion.

    • Amon Chambers
      Amon Chambers 13 days ago

      Word. Everyone was responsible for stopping it at that point. I think if I was his opponent I would have avoided hitting him there again. We all want to win but we aren't there to literally kill the guy. His corner must have been fresh outta towels

  • Mike Oxsmall Clips
    Mike Oxsmall Clips Month ago

    Bro the sound effects every time they hit each other 😂😂

  • Fire in The Sky
    Fire in The Sky Month ago

    I wasn't paying any attention after he called it Mooey Thai 😂

  • zach McIntire
    zach McIntire Month ago +21

    This man showed amazing heart and deserves all of the respect in the world why didn't the red stop that fight tho?

  • Marcus Compton
    Marcus Compton Month ago

    I love all combat sports but hate seeing things like this happen with all my heart!

  • MM. Doom
    MM. Doom Month ago

    "he knew the job was dangerous when he took it"

  • Sean MacGuire
    Sean MacGuire Month ago

    I've always wondered how that happened

  • Logan Faircloth
    Logan Faircloth Month ago

    I’ve trained with smoking joe! He’s a beast

  • The Wandering Samurai

    If I were the ref and I saw that on his head I’d immediately stop the fight to get it checked out.

  • Alok P
    Alok P Month ago

    George doesn't look like a professional fighter but he took it like a pro

  • Ironmover
    Ironmover Month ago

    Man!! ,, wanting your guy to win at all cost is what I’m seeing here,,, dude has hematoma action activated.

  • Don Blocher
    Don Blocher 16 days ago +31

    George shows he has more heart than most men.

    • John Alonzo
      John Alonzo 5 days ago

      And more head too. Definitely more head.

    • peter coleman
      peter coleman 9 days ago

      no brain

    • Lou Cypher
      Lou Cypher 9 days ago +2

      ​@J C gotta agree it was stupid, if i felt my head like that I'm outta there, period.

    • J C
      J C 12 days ago +2

      I think you mean more head 🤷
      How is that a display of heart? It's not like it was hurting him. It was just swollen with blood. Big deal. That ain't heart. 🤣 It's stupidity.

  • Craig Davis
    Craig Davis Month ago +1

    Poor job on the referee man. SMH!!!!

  • Roy Briggs
    Roy Briggs Month ago

    EXACTLY WHAT does a Referee DO?

  • Billy Western
    Billy Western Month ago

    I grabbed the side of my shit just to make sure 😳😂

  • Alexander Jr. M. Gaspe

    and He's a World Champ now😎

  • Fingerz
    Fingerz Month ago

    Life’s Short term memory just halved

  • justin herndon
    justin herndon Month ago

    Wow that was brutal

    CB__ESPORTS Month ago

    I too got beaten by a guy like this and it swelled in the same place

  • Alien Soup
    Alien Soup Month ago

    Wow. Who didn't call that fight? Stellar job! Hope he didn't suffer too much brain damage for that ref's "bonus."

  • Garage Grunt
    Garage Grunt Month ago

    There is a difference between “brave” and “dumb”…

  • Odiee99
    Odiee99 Month ago

    This narrator is Pure Gold. 😂😂😂

  • Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow

    Ended up looking like the Elephant man 😱😱🤪

  • Jeremiah Saenz
    Jeremiah Saenz Month ago

    Also lost half his sensibility 😐

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    When the ref's had a bet on the newcomer

  • Beardedpower
    Beardedpower Month ago

    These Moooey Thai fights are brutal

  • Robert Shafer
    Robert Shafer Month ago

    A “mooey tie” fight.

  • supernewuser
    supernewuser Month ago

    They had to stop the fight just to give his second head a name.

  • X V
    X V Month ago +1

    I didn't hear no bell.
    -Randy Marsh

  • Satan
    Satan 2 months ago +816

    “Mooeeey type fight” lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣 why did that crack me up? 🤣

    • James Sunderland
      James Sunderland Month ago

      ​@Florid Miston maybe use your fookin voice? It's the least you can do

    • J A
      J A Month ago +2

      "Moo" in my cultures slang means "shit" so it was double funny for me 😂

    • Florid Miston
      Florid Miston  Month ago +25

      I don't know. This voice generator is also getting on my nerves now.😐

    • Emmitt Maximus
      Emmitt Maximus Month ago

      @Deus Vult no shit

    • Emmitt Maximus
      Emmitt Maximus Month ago +1

      @Greg Tavarez yes we are all aware he commented bc it was funny bruh 🤦‍♂️

  • NoDamage
    NoDamage Month ago

    You can tell most these people in the comments used to watching UFC 😂😂

  • beat s
    beat s Month ago

    Jo has serious power for a Thai surprised kid took that many shots

  • FreeOurTateBrothers

    Ah yes, Moooey Tai fights are the best.

  • Jesus Viramontes
    Jesus Viramontes Month ago

    Why woul they let this fight keep going... after watching this know i know how you can get a second head!

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago +1373

    The hell was the ref doing

    • Mimi Lamm
      Mimi Lamm 3 days ago

      ​@Jamie Walsh it is very dangerous. One that size can cause a severe drop in blood pressure & cause you to go in shock & then die.

    • Ahmad Ismail
      Ahmad Ismail 10 days ago

      ​@Nick Yang one has almost all the same ref as ufc

    • Name Name
      Name Name 13 days ago

      His job ? If his head didn't swell no one would care ?

    • Travis Halford
      Travis Halford 15 days ago

      ​@GEOFF HENIG 😂

    • NoVlogs
      NoVlogs 15 days ago

      @Externity Well I think all those referees are trained for their job. I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing.

  • Louise Sumrell
    Louise Sumrell Month ago

    That's the right side, genius.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago

    You as a fighter are responsible for defending yourself. I saw the fighter not defending blows to the head. I agree the ref shoulda called the fight that fighters life is in danger.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    Moooowy 😂😂😂

  • foggelman
    foggelman Month ago

    Mooey tie fight 🤣

  • Mujamil Sheikh
    Mujamil Sheikh 2 months ago +357

    It is not only the ref
    It's also their team how can they let him die!

    • Laur
      Laur 16 days ago

      Yeah. But you gotta remember: Think about how hard fight fans shit on refs for early/late stoppages. It's kind of worse for cornermen. If the fighter feels that it wasn't the right call, throwing the towel could create friction between them and their corner.

    • Grimmy空所
      Grimmy空所 Month ago +1

      It's called hematoma he's fine it happens in most fight

    • j f
      j f Month ago +1

      @Anish David damn,fair enough. Hope he recovered okay and this didn't leave permanent damage. I guess when its am injury that bad you can only feel comfort in knowing it could have been worse...as in his head could have fell off lol

    • gh
      gh Month ago +1

      literally people always blame the referee but never their cornermen they can also stop the fight at any time 🤦‍♂️ lol

    • Anish David
      Anish David Month ago +1

      @j f I agree but that comment was made by the same guy who fought this match... I checked his profile which is open by the way... That's why I'm saying he's not dead... Yet..

  • Ocious
    Ocious Month ago +1

    *Anyone else randomly just started watching shorts and now it’s just a everyday thing?*

    • Gabriel Gabriel
      Gabriel Gabriel Month ago

      Its a trap. Total waste of time. Life=collection of times, shorts = waste of life

  • The Stanley's
    The Stanley's Month ago

    How do you let that guy continue? Arent they supposed to err on the side of fighter safety? Jesus

  • Lazy guy
    Lazy guy Month ago

    Refree: he is still breathing

  • Imhotep Ra
    Imhotep Ra Month ago +1

    throw the damn towel!!!

  • Indemniman 162
    Indemniman 162 Month ago

    Fight should have been stopped, even though that damaged fighter was Balls !

  • Yeonwoo
    Yeonwoo Month ago +14

    “Muwi tai fight” 💀

    • Red balloon
      Red balloon 7 days ago

      Copying the guys comment from above 😂😂

  • WatchingNow
    WatchingNow Month ago

    that looks so bad, damn. hope the guy was ok.

  • Chv Hndrtntlr
    Chv Hndrtntlr Month ago

    Did he recover after that or got brain damage and can't be athelete again?

  • Bison Thomas
    Bison Thomas 2 months ago +35

    “ a mooy tie fight “🤣🤣🤣

  • Haider Shah
    Haider Shah Month ago +1

    Poor guy looks like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit now.

  • Geo Mag
    Geo Mag Month ago

    Wow this is super dangerous

  • Tinotenda Muguti
    Tinotenda Muguti Month ago

    The swelling looked like his second head

  • Gui Ying
    Gui Ying Month ago

    "It was a moo eee tie fight..?"
    Like wtf..
    In Thailand, for audience, this fight would've been stopped..

  • Gerald McWilliams
    Gerald McWilliams 2 months ago +417

    Ref should be fired

    • SRR
      SRR 27 days ago

      @Robert White You must’ve never fought before. This is how you get sever brain damage the ref is supposed to stop the fight when a injury is this severe. It also isn’t just America it’s almost every country just because you are ignorant of professional fighting and fighting in general doesn’t mean you are right. What a idiot

    • Robert White
      Robert White 27 days ago

      why should the ref be fired ? it's a fight. not every country has the same rules as america. stop being a sensitive little b. they know what they are getting into doing this

    • Daniel Saragih
      Daniel Saragih Month ago

      No he should have been promoted. White men indeed need some reality check. Now coming to thailand thinking will get some free women huh hahahaha

    • SRR
      SRR 2 months ago

      @Nick D fr

    • Nick D
      Nick D 2 months ago +1

      should probably be charged
      what a dog shit ref

  • AustinHalo
    AustinHalo Month ago

    Damn the worker shortage is everywhere now, they don't got a ref, a corner man or a competent promoter who should of stopped the fight.

  • Willo Lol
    Willo Lol Month ago

    "it was a Mooee tai fight"

    HGE_DEAD-EYE-- Month ago

    Must've been Steve Mazzagatti

  • papa smurf
    papa smurf Month ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how he said muwey thai

  • Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen Month ago

    It was A muuui tayeeeee fight🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gary Hyndman
    Gary Hyndman Month ago

    A second head. LOL

  • Keiko Barbosa
    Keiko Barbosa Month ago

    Did he survive?

  • neeraj nongmaithem
    neeraj nongmaithem Month ago

    Shame on his team to not throw the towel. A fighter might feel like he can continue because they are full of adrenaline but the conrrnman are supposed to know better

  • Elite Clapz
    Elite Clapz Month ago +107

    I would have been scared to hit him🤣🤣

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    He looking like Martin. When he fought Tommy Hearns

  • ONUP
    ONUP 7 days ago

    Respect to George for having a fighter ❤️

  • Golden Assassin
    Golden Assassin Month ago

    I think it's time for the physician to stop the fight

  • Troy Wiggins
    Troy Wiggins Month ago

    Moo-ey Thai 😂

  • Ross Garry
    Ross Garry Month ago

    I went to high school with this guy